May 12, 2015

Diam 24OD @Grand Prix Guyader by Christophe Launay

All Images Christophe Launay / -  Great fleet & images of 22 Diam 24 racing Grand Prix Guyader. Report in French at

Gold Feet Results:Classement général du Grand Prix Guyader :
Flotte Or :
1. CombiWest (Frédéric Guilmin) : 33 pts
2. Macif (François Gabart) : 54,30 pts
3. Dynamique Voile (Emeric Dary) : 56 pts
4. Made in Midi (Kito de Pavant)
5. West Courtage Ecole Navale (Simon Moriceau)
6. Prince de Bretagne (Lionel Lemonchois)
7. Dunkerque Voile (Loïc Fequet)
8. Fondation FDJ – Des Pieds et des Mains (Damien Seguin)
9. Vannes Agglo Golfe du Morbihan (Quentin Delapierre et Matthieu Salomon)
10. Radio Vinci Autoroutes (Jean-Baptiste Gellée)
11. Maitre Coq (Jérémie Beyou) :
Launay Online gallery with 46 images:
Launay Diary:  -  More images below.

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Parker said...

Pretty impressive. When are people going to start using the windward foil to produce righting moment? The Hobie Trifoiler was doing that back in the 90's and hit speeds in the 40knot (70 km/h) range. If the leeward foil can lift the whole boat and crew, then the windward foil should be able to generate more righting moment than two crew out on a trapeze. Dingy's are going to start looking more like ice boats one day with the crew strapped down in the middle

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