Apr 6, 2015

G4 @ St Maarten: Off the Scale

Pics worth thousand words. This is a huge achievement by Gunboat & Holland Compsites / DNA team, Mischa Heemskerk included, I also want to name Arno Terra who was part of the project when it started.

Comments from Mischa: "The drawing came alive and handles great. Providing instant smiles on and of the boat.
First; Foiling Fridge!
Plus a sink, a bar, two queen size beds, two single beds, a stove and a toilet."

Greatest impact I had seen an image since that pic from TNZ AC72 foiling at Takapuna.

All images Gunboat. Full Gallery at their FB page


Mark Thomson said...

Very cool, but I'm curious how many people are required to sail this thing. In these photos I think I can see 7 people on board. Gunboat market their boats as high-performance cruising cats. Is this technology viable for that market?

olivier leduc said...

fairly sure it can be single handed if foiling is not attempted and autopilot is used. self tacking jib, electric drive and lightweigt sails will make it easy to use.. i guess?

JohannesMattia said...

2 can sail it. some more needed to get everything out of it. Autopilot can only handle normal boat speeds. It is a high performance cruiser. Not meant for long blue water cruises, but with these speeds, it will get you far in a weekend ;)

Skotty said...

Wow! What was the speed? Does it only foil downwind or also upwind? How much wind is required to start foiling?

catsailingnews said...

Mischa reports 32knots today. "more to come"

Skotty said...

Impressive! Have fun and take care!

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