Nacra 17 Worlds 2014 at Santander Day 2 Info & Prov Results Here

Nacra 17 Worlds @Santander 2014, Day 2: Images by Sailing Energy

All Images Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy - Full Gallery at
Results pages not working that good. Prov results & races completed per fleet at

A-Class: Swiss Nats 2014 for Sandro Caviezel

Nacra 17s @Santander Worlds 2014: Day 2

Wind has allowed today for the Racing to start after a first day without wind. Currently the Nacra 17 fleets are completing first race. Check updates in our Twitter account & bar to the right.
Update: That's it for today. 2 Races for Yellow and 1 only for the Blue fleet. Pics later.

Official website

Race 1 Yellow:
1- Besson, 2- Mulder, 3-Bressani, 4-Cammas, 5-Lange, 6- Waterhouse
Race 2 Yellow:

1- Besson, 2- Jones, 3-McGregor, 4-Ogerau, 5-van der Velden

Race 1 Blue:
1- Buhler, 2-Saxton 3-Laugier, 4-Wilson, 5-Pietromonaco

Provisional Overall Results  Here

GC32s @Marseille OD 2014: Images by Sander van der Borch

All Images GC32 / Sander van der Borch.  Full Gallery at | Sander is a Lucky guy, he got one of the best Pro Foto xassignments for 2014: Shooting the GC32 Racing. And like the first foiling event held in Austria early this year, he took some impressive shots.

Spoke to Macca the other day, and he told me more boats are being sold, not a rare thing considering the blasting performance of this 32' flying beast.
Heemskerk reported assembling their new one and going foiling with ease on their first session.
I have a onboard magic Marine racing video of PJ from Dna , will publish later.

If Laurent and Macca can continue to organize their events in windy locations, and not inside "stadium racing" windless locations , this show could become as entertaining as the ASP live streaming on those selected locations that have launched the Pro Surfing another level. 

Replacing the X40s it is just a matter of waiting next season to start...
Final Day report  below sent by The Great Cup -
Armin Strom blitzes Final Day
"The Great Cup press release issued on 14/09/2014
Flavio Marazzi and his Armin Strom Sailing Team crew came out all guns blazing today to claim first place in the GC32 foiling catamaran class at the inaugural edition of Marseille One Design.

A light forecast didn’t look promising for the fourth and final day’s racing on Marseille’s Roucas Blanc, but the breeze filled in and built to around 15 knots at lunch time and the race committee was able to squeeze in four races before the final cut off of 15:00 local time.

For the first time in this regatta, the sea breeze today was from the southwest, blowing into the bay

EXSS @Istanbul 2014: Team New Zealand 1st

Nacra 17 ISAF Worlds 2014 @Santander: 15-20 September

Image sent by Edwin Lodder. Qualification races will start today. 10 Spots for Rio will be assigned this year with 5 left for 2015 Worlds and the rest reserved for the continental ones.
Besson-Riou, Bissaro-Sicouri, Bundock-Curtis among the favorites. Locals Iker Martinez & Tara Pacheco won the last event but might not race as Tara got injured 2 weeks ago.
From Argentina due to a cut of planified fundings from our local Sailing Fed only double Tornado medalist Santi Lange with Cecilia Carranza as crew will race to secure a slot for Argentina.

Santi has 52 and is the oldest guy racing at Santander to our knowledge. An example & motivation to the kids starting their Olympic dreams.

Official Website with Tracking & Live streaming at
Follow Updates at the Twitter bar to the right

GC32s @Marseille OD 2014: Images by Antoine Beysens

All Images courtesy of Antoine Beysens. Day 3 Report posted here

Luna Rossa Foiling AC45 x 2

Click Image for Video. Source and details at Luna Rossa. Next step on one of the Milestone design in Sailing History. When The AC45s were launched I thought they wont stand +25knots with ease, but the design proved that it could handle 30knots breeze with ease and also provided some of the best fleet racing ever seen in any class.
Now Luna Rossa makes both their 45s fly. As previously Oracle & Artemis did.
Next ACWS 45s series should and surely will be done in flying AC45s,  but nothing confirmed officially yet

GC32s @Marseille OD 2014: Day 3

Images Sander van der Borch / . - Press Release sent by The Great Cup /// 13/09/2014 - GDF Suez - unstoppable in the light
The Mediterranean took on a different complexion for day three of GC32 foiling catamaran racing at Marseille One Design with the wind dropping below 10 knots for the first time this regatta.

Three races were held this morning with the wind hovering around 5 knots at sea level. Thankfully there was more aloft

ISAF Youth Cat: Nacra offers their new '15'

When a company is on a winning streak they seem to nail every move.
Days ago Goodall Design rejected the possibility for the Viper F16 & OD  to become the new Youth ISAF multi.

Now Nacra grabs their original F16 hull, that was enlarged to become the Nacra 17 Olympic Multi, but this time they chopped off some cms instead of adding them... and voilá: Here you have the new 'Nacra 15'.

I think this time adding a new boat to the lineup is not ideal. Henry Demesmaeker and many other youths in Belguim, France and US have shown that the F16 platform is perfect for Youths aiming to compete at top level. So I don´t see a long term compromise for this boat.

The F16 platform has a good growing established Class, and even a market for older sailors to sail solo , Mixed or two light male crews.
Thus having a boat that is not restricted to ISAF Worlds, will add chances to gather new fleets and boats could be sold afterwards to a wider public than say the SL16 or the previous Youth Multi the H16.

So, if Goodall Design does not wants the Viper, and Nacra puts up this nice but somehow not ideal solution, maybe Matt Mc Donald can put forward his Falcon F16 as a bid to become next Youth ISAF Multi, and manu Boulogne can do it with his Cirrus Q also.

Whichever the brand, is clearly that any F16 will do the job. Brand finances and how to protect their own wealth  it is another story of course and there lies the question on why Nacra didn´t went for their F16 platform as the Youth Multi choice.

For ie in Argentina, if a Youth wants to start the Olympic path , he or she, will need to buy in the process an SL16 for Youth events, then a Hobie 16 for Panamerican continental Medal sailing events and then a Nacra 17 for the final Olynpic stage...
ISAF needs to solve this asap, and unify concepts targeting common sense and efficient decisions towards sailors benefit.

On the technical aspect, the boat looks like a little weapon with curved boards and finally some winglets, feature we were demanding for the Nacra 17 since day 1 here in CSN.
The problem is they've chosen an already old style winglet position used previously in the A-Class.
Now all new A rudders are placing the winglets at the rudder tip.

Later 1 to 1 comp on the Nacra F16, N17 and this new 15 feet.

More pics at Nacra FB

35th Americas Cup: Press Conference Replay & Report

Earlier today a Press conf was held in London. Below official press release sent by Americas Cup.//
"It's one of the most important times in an America's Cup campaign. The beginning. Get things right in the early stages, and it will be easier later.

That's the position the sailors representing the six America's Cup teams were taking on Tuesday during a press conference in London as they assessed how they’ve played the opening gambits in their campaigns for sailing’s oldest prize.
With the entry deadline just one month behind him, Franck Cammas is leading a new team for this America’s Cup, Team France, which hopes to unite the talent and expertise in the country to build a team capable of taking on the best in the world.

“We have the sailors, we have the technology and we have the engineers to do well in the America’s Cup, but we need to join everything together under one flag,” he said. “We have a good start now to launch the team but we need to keep pushing to find everything we need to be strong as we move towards the future.”

Speaking to a home audience, Ben Ainslie told the media his team would draw

GC32 Course Racing @Marseille One Design event 2014

Image: Sander van der Borch. The GC32s are currently the number 1 OD foiling 30 footer racing Class, More boats are being delivered this year and I foresee a long successful run for this boat. Magic Marine team led by Mischa Heemskerk will participate this time along FP Flying Masters Gurvan Bontemps & Ben Amiot who will race in team GDF Suez.
Check some impressive images by Sander from  past event for 2014 at the Austria Cup at

Press release sent by 'The Great Cup': 
"Racing for the GC32 one design foiling catamarans of The Great Cup continues next week in the south of France. Four GC32s will compete in their own class at Marseille One Design, a brand new event backed by the Ville de Marseille in the build-up to it being European Capital of Sport for 2017. In this, the GC32s will race alongside the new Diam 24 one design trimarans, plus the J/80, SB20 and Longtze monohulls.

Marseille One Design is only the second regatta the GC32 catamarans have competed in en masse, since they became ‘fully foiling’ earlier this year. With the fitting of T-configuration rudders and J-profile principle lifting foils, the GC32s now sail air-borne in all but the lightest conditions and are effectively smaller versions of the AC72/AC62 catamarans used in the America’s Cup. However in comparison with their AC big brothers, the GC32s have relatively larger foils making then more straightforward to sail for crews of average ability and with soft sails, they have none of the logistical hassles of the AC72/AC62’s solid wing rig.

Despite the large size of its foils, the airborne GC32 has proved blisteringly

M32 Cup 2014 @Stockholm: Live broadcast & Schedule

Sent by Peter Gustafsson -  M32 Cup broadcasting live from season finale in Stockholm Sep 10-13:
- Three teams in the fight for the title
- Alite Sailing Team joins the Cup
- 100-race jubilee
- Live broadcast from the racing
- First ever event filmed in 4K

To end it’s second year, M32 Cup 2014 will be decided in four days of intense racing at Riddarjärden, right in the heart of beautiful Stockholm. The city is often referred to as Beauty on Water, or Venice of the North which is understandable, as the city is built upon 14 islands. This proved to be a great playground for the speedy M32s. Riddarfjärden and Norr Mälarstrand, where you’ll find our race village, forms a perfect arena where the crowds comes close to the action. Last year they asked for grandstands, and hopefully we’ll see even more people this year.

With 22 points separating the top three teams, there will be over 200 points to race for with double points on the last day. Wallén Race Team have been fast all year winning in Gothenburg and Malmö, but Lööf Racing Team won in Copenhagen last week and want to end the Cup on a high note. Rahm Racing Team, champions in 2013, have struggled after their win in Oslo. To mix things up, Speak@raceteam have started to win races, especially on short courses like the one in Stockholm.

New kids on the block is Alite Sailing Team, lead by olympic Tornado sailor Martin Strandberg. He was tactician for Lööf last year, and now he's back to beat him.

M32 Cup is all about racing full on between 14:00-17:00. This means lots of races on tight courses, and this week we’ll run race number 100 in the Cup. Might lead to some surprises? Above all it shows that the format and the boat works very well.

M32 Cup strive to generate some of the best content in sailing, and to make great content available to teams and partners. We’ve seen both Sail Racing and Panasonic using M32 Cup as a strategic marketing platform.

To take this even further, the event in Stockholm will be broadcasted live, both online and on big screens in Stockholm city.

Also, we’re attempting to shoot the full event in 4K technology (4 times the resolution as normal HD). This will be a challenging task, but also a way to drive technology innovation.

Updates during the event:
Photos and video:
Live broadcast:
Embed codes:
Live radio for spectators:

Media contact: Peter Gustafsson,, +46733304000

D35s Vulcain Trophy 2014, GP Grange & Cie: Alinghi wins again

Another win for Alinghi on the Vulcain Trophy Circuit 2014. Press Release (French) sent by Vulcain Trophy below standings.
Ranking 2014:

1 - Alinghi 13
2 - Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing 24
3 - Realstone 25
3 - Mobimo 29
4 - Team Tilt 33
6 - Zen Too 33
7 - Veltigroup 49
8 - Okalys 53
9 - Racing Django 64
10 - Oryx 64
11 - Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier 75

Doublé d’Alinghi, le champion incontesté
Alinghi impose sa domination et remporte le Grand Prix Grange & Cie en enchainant
quatre victoires. Cette première place le propulse sur la plus haute marche du podium du 
Vulcain Trophy 2014.

Pour la deuxième année consécutive

M2 Tour: No wind for Grand Prix Romain Gauthier 2014 @Rolle

Sadly no wind for the M2 fleet at Rolle. The crews went 'racing' the same to have some fun.
Press Release in French sent by M2 Speed Tour -

More info on the circuit at & fb/m2speedtour
Communiqué de presse:
TeamWork M2 Speed Tour - Grand Prix Romain Gauthier à Rolle

Faute de vent, aucune manche n’a pu être validée ce week-end à Rolle lors du Grand Prix Romain Gauthier, septième et avant dernière étape du TeamWork M2 Speed Tour. Grâce à l’implication du comité de course de la Société Nautique Rolloise, compétition de stand up paddle et de radeau ont remplacé la navigation pour les treize équipages.

Rolle, le 7 septembre 2014 - Le soleil et la chaleur ont fait le bonheur du public qui est venu assister à la septième et avant-dernière étape du TeamWork M2 Speed Tour ce week-end à Rolle. Le vent était quant à lui aux abonnés absents samedi et dimanche, aucune manche n’a pu être validée. Ce Grand Prix Romain Gauthier ne comptera donc pas dans le classement final du Team

UK M20 Foiler: Double T + Pivot

Images & Tehcnical Doc sent by Robert Govier. - While we've been pointing that pioneers like James Grogono and posterior likewise solutions have achieved incredible efficiency and stable flights, it was only until Team New Zealand launched the now defacto racing foiling setup, that Multis could start flying while course racing, they even won Americas Cup 34th.

Following the stable flight goal Michele Petrucci went for the double wand system a la Moth in the Stunt 9. And two UK projects followed suit. The custom Whisper UK foiler we featured weeks ago, and this new M20 from Sunnucks. That combines TNZ & Stunt 9 methods on raising the windward pivotal foil.

All are surely achieving stable flights, something that Grogono did with Icarus, and even the Mayfly, but all these ideas are yet to be tested in racing and all are comprised by complicated wand, or pivotal systemz and a high degree of drag in calm winds compared to the TNZ, FP, Nacra 20 conf. That also beats them in simplicity.

On the beginnings of Cat foiling I have a pending interview with pioneer James Grogono (Icarus) , that I will try to put together next week. Meanwhile read Will Sunnucks considerations and sketches on this new setup. Download doc Here

Where the Trail Ends

From Last year, but didn´t saw it before... Hardcore Nuts as they come. Even better than the Red Bull Rampage vid published before. To remove upper right sign, mouse over and click 'x'. Watch it full screen 1080HD
Check the slalom sequence.. Some locations are from our North, in Salta

UK Hurricane 5.9SX Nats 2014

Images by - Report sent by John Ready, Hurricane Class coach
2014 Nationals Report:
"Double Hurricane Action At Harwich Town Sailing Club – 2014 National Championships
Harwich Town Sailing Club hosted the National Championships for the Hurricane 5.9 Catamaran Class over the weekend of the 9-12th August. Twenty eight teams travelled from as far afield as Dublin Eire, Wales and Devon. Competition was particularly strong this year with six individual teams with previous National and European Championship titles behind them taking part.

Harwich Town SC proved to be ideally suited to host such an event with Harwich Green offering plenty of grassed area for rigging the boats and safe launching into the Harbour from the beach. The recently upgraded changing facilities and social area areas of the local club topped off the facilities for the visitors.

Racing got under way on schedule at midday on Saturday under the management

Route du Rhum 2014: Peyron swaps Vintage 'Happy' Tri project for BP

Images Sent by Christophe Launay: "Loick Peyron replacement skipper of Armel Le Cléac'h (he has to stand down from the Route du Rhum following a injury to his right hand) for "La Route du Rhum" on the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII."

Bad luck for Armel, and a standby for Loick's old style navigation project with 'Happy', I contacted Fred Eagle to confirm the news, and surely the yellow Tri will see action in future. Read about this project at LP Interview we did some months ago.

Loick will race against the former BPV , Tri  he sailed for the Round the World navigation and now in hands of Dona Bertarelli & Spindrift team. Yann Guichard will race solo the giant BPV, that was modified for this race in mind.

Left drawing published at LP FB : Happy vs BP and it is not even BPV now Spindrift..

Diam 24 @Port La Foret Grand Prix

Diam 24 Tri has been selected for the Tour de France a la Voile in 2015. Multihulls have dominated the scene in France for years but one of the major circuits like the Tour was done in monos. Now with the ACup, all top Pro circuits will gradually migrate to Multis, there is no point beyond Match Race, Volvo or some big OD classes to keep trying to promote sailing to new generations with slow boats.

I think Iker in his interview put it the perfect argument: "How are you going back to Monos in the AC when a spectators Multi might pass you flying bye while you race for the pinnacle trophy in slower boats?"

Diam24 latest event was held at Port la Foret. Charles Haineville sent a report and video below.
Official Diam website at
"Here you have our last video filmed during the Grand Prix Port la Foret in DIAM 24:
-3 Days of racing at Port la Foret
- Perfect Conditions, 5 to 16 knots
- For the First time 10 Diam 24 were fight
- Reaching Start like in the America’s cup
- Two types of races : Warm up or Long Distance

PRB ( Vincent Riou ) won again the GP following by Cheminées Poujoulat ( Bernard Stam ) and Maitre Jacques ( Loic Féquet ) . Ramouna Energies ( Eric Hainneville ) Finished at the 4 th place Quite good for a no professional Skipper ( my father ;) ) We were very happy with the results.

The Next event for the D24 Ramouna Energies is le Trophée Atlantique Telegramme at Lorient ."

A-Class: Nikita Flight

Image Emil Landry. --  Weapon: Nils Bunkenburg designed the 'Nikita' in 2001, later he built the standard C curved boards for the As that were base for Dna Cs later Js, and Nils also was behind the  Nacra F20 original C daggers.
Besides the hulls being also a starting point for several current designs.

The Nikita is still one of the best looking As out there, as this great picture by Emil Landry shows. This design is almost untouchable in the light breeze, and now getting an indefinitely new life with the foil upgrade.(Exploder set)

Thomas Paasch won the Nordics 2014 with this Nikita, and the mods o the platform were done by Nils himself and Thomas. Tried to contact Nils several times for an interview, but never got reply. I will try again this week.

F18: Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2014

Images by Malcolm Hanes. Report sent by Mathias Soderstrom, text by Lars Linder. - The Swedish Archipelago Raid has one of the best sceneries you can find. I've done by now major events in the F18, A-Class & H16 , so I'm definitely missing to do this Raid. Chart map of Checkpoints used
Below report by Lars Linder:
"This year's Edition of the F18 raid in the Stockholm Archipelago was settled this weekend. Nineteen F18:s were on the starting line in this three-day raid event that was run for the fifth year since it replaced the more extreme Archipelago Raid. The concept of raid sailing fit the high-speed catamarans perfectly and the Stockholm Archipelago is the ideal playground where bold route choices often are rewarded with many places at the finish line. Teams that do not excel on the upwind-downwind course can still win a raid.

The concept is to find about 10 check points per day divided into two legs. The first leg took the fleet from the start in Stockholm to lunch stop in in the outer archipelago. The second leg went to the island Finnhamn where sailors had their base during the two evenings and nights. Sauna, dinner at a restaurant and real beds are part of the concept, allowing this raid to be both comfortable and yet adventurous for many teams.

The second day began with a long leg three to the North and then a relaxing lunch break at the flat, stunning Gillöga with hundreds of skerries and rocks. The Dutch team, who rested on the smooth, sunny rocks considered retiring from the race and remain in paradise. Everyone was enthusiastic and nobody wanted to break up. Start of leg 4 in the easterly downwind with gennaker offered new tactical challenges when boats on the wrong side of the line pushed up other boats quite a bit before falling off to a perfect start. The next check point led the catamarans right through the tight strait of Stora Nassa archipelago in good speed and double trapeze. The sign 7 knots was ignored, all were busy keeping track of rocks on their Garmin and iPad-plotters. On the next open water the boats spread wide left and right only to meet up at the next check point and a final, close race back to the finish line at base camp.

Last day was again sunny and a little more windy from NE. Leg five was tactically interesting downwind with stronger wind close to the small islands and a constant shift towards east. It was a long gennaker reach towards South to a check point that took more than two hours before turning East into a mine field of small islands. The last leg was a wonderful downwind in increasing 10-12 knot breeze over open waters with family sailors as rounding marks and tactical challenges towards the finish at the club house in Saltsjöbaden. Everybody were happy and had an adrenalin rush until long after the price giving ceremony was over. Raidsegling is the future of the F18 in Sweden and F18 is the obvious class for anyone who want to experience the adventure.

The most experienced swedish raid sailor, Thomas Ekefalk, won his second F18 raid in a row, this time as a crew with helm Mathias Söderström. The team won after overtaking 2 boats the last 300 metres of the last leg and on the exact same points as the superbrothers Claesson who ended up in second place. In third place was Team Bushi with Pascalidis (GRE)/Dyrssen (SWE) two points behind. The rest of the results are available on"

Nacra F20FCS Foiling Vid II

Finally a good video from the Nacra F20 FCS. Compared to what I saw and rode on the FP, the F20 seems to flight a little lower.
Nice to see two of them sailing together also.