Martinique Cata Raid 2015: January 26-31

Pierrick Contin has made famous the St Barth Catacup with his great pics, and also is working on promoting Martinique Cat Raid. Several top F18 riders participating like Charles Haineville,  Manu Boulogne, WIlliam Sunnuncks , Antoine Joubert and others. Entry list here.
Preview pics from training at Pierrick's  FB page.
Official website at

GC32s Key West: Excellent drone Cam video by Alexander Jackson

Video via USACA.- Check beggining and also 5:10. Definetely on of the best drone videos I've seen, uploaded by Alexander Jackson who race the GC32 with team Leenbarca. Check his  YT Channel here for more videos from Key West.
Additional info & pics at
Gitana Team has acquired a GC32 to race in Europe, pics at Gitana Team Twitter

Key West gral Rsults at Here

GC32 Final Results :
1.SUI 3 ARMIN STROM Flavio Marazzi 3 1 2 3 2 2 1 2 1 2 19.0
2.FRA 007 ZouLou Erik Maris 2 3 3 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 20.0
3.USA 128 ARGO Jason Carroll 1 2 1 2 1 3 3 3 2 5/DNC 23.0
4.NED 25 Leenabarca Alexander Jackson 4 4 4 4 5/DNC 5/DNC 4 4 5/DNF 5/DNC

Australian F18 Nats 2015: Waterhouse-Goodall lead

Image:  Humpy Bong yacht Club  FB . -
No sailing images available at the moment. 

The 20 boat fleet is racing final day. Tight fight for the lead with 2 top teams like Jason Waterhouse - Brett Goodall  and Brett Burvill - Ryan Duffield and   two different designs, both Australian built: Goodall Design C2 & Windrush Edge built by Brett Burvill .
So  the Builder title also at stake.

Top ten below. Full Results at

Rank Sail No Boat Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Total Nett
1st AUS 313 Goodall Design Jason Waterhouse Brett Goodall (3) 2 1 1 1 1 1 3 (4) 17 10
2nd AUS 502 Windrush Brett Burvill Ryan Duffield 2 1 (7) 3 2 2 (4) 1 1 23 12
3rd AUS 60 Snowbo Chris Brewin Richard Brewin (bfd) 4 2 (ocs) 3 3 3 8 6 85 29
4th AUS 1668 Sea Swift Jamie Leitner Brad Collett (11) (10) 4 9 9 4 2 2 2 53 32
5th AUS 504 Grubby Dong Lachlan Gibson Paul Raymond 1 8 3 4 (13) 5 7 6 (9) 56 34
6th AUS 101 Kamikaze Greg Wyers Kez Stevens (8) 5 6 2 8 6 5 (9) 5 54 37
7th AUS 37 Royston Capital Chris Boag Tom Salt 7 3 8 6 (10) 7 (9) 5 3 58 39
8th AUS 252 Damn Lucky Gavin Parker Mark Parker 9 7 (11) 7 5 (17) 6 7 7 76 48
9th AUS 1676 Bearing Away William Lucas Tarrant Green 4 (13) 5 8 6 11 10 11 (13) 81 55
10th AUS 26 Longboard Bar and Grill Michael Guinea Brendan Torpelund (17) 11 (ocs) 5 11 9 8 4 8 101 56

Gunboat G4 #1: Getting there

Official news by Gunboat: "The first of the GUNBOAT G4 series is another step closer to launch. The hulls have been painted Gunboat electric orange and the coach roof has been permanently installed. Glass installation is underway and systems installation continues to progress. JB Braun and the team at North Sails are working fervently to complete the flying cat’s sails. Sights are set on a spring debut at Antigua Sailing Week. Want to learn more? Check out the full specifications and contact Meg Minetree for pricing and delivery details."

Ben Ainslie Racing: Foiling the Nacra 20FCS at Bermuda

Images BAR FB.- Ben Ainslie has been racing in Bermuda for years, local knowledge will help his project to bring the Cup back to England. Being the first to start foiling at the 2017 will help that dream even more.

We already saw how good this guy is on the AC45 Series and if they can get a good AC62 design they will serious contenders for TNZ, Artemis & Prada to challenge Oracle in the Finals.

Erwin & Jaap Flying their Phantom : 2nd Session at Hellecat

Sent by Erwin Kerstens & Jaap Straakenbroek.  The original video (embedded below) was filmed one handed on an Iphone and it wasn´t that good to publish. I asked them the file and I managed to trim & stabilize (and same music as requested ;) some good sections to confirm what I've been telling you since my trip at Carnac: This boat is Rock Solid stable.

Althoug Erwin & Jaap are experienced A-Class sailors but  they are not expert FP sailors like Ben & Gurvan we use to see in the videos, or freaks like Outteridge for ie, this only to remark how the boat reacts to any level of foiling experience, or the lack of it. Beyond the stable platform is clear in the video these two Ned sailors know how to sail on their refined helm and handling. This is their second session and having some serious airtime.  It seems also there are already some controversy on the local Netherland rating to be assigned to the FP... more info next weeks. 

Remember the Eurocat at Yacht Club Carnac has also a great round the Island raid, don´t miss it this 2015 season.
"Herewith a video with stable foiling of our new Flying Phantom sailing at The Haringvliet - Holland, Catsailing Club Hellecat.
Filmed single handed by Rob Klootwijk at 5 januari with 3 Degrees Celsius and about 14 knts wind speed.
Nice day of practice and a lot of progress compared to the previous day! Very nice cat to sail and an amazing experience so far!!

We will keep you posted and enjoy reading your site….keep up the good work!!!!
With kind regards,
Team Zeeland - The Netherlands

Jaap Straakenbroek & Erwin Kerstens

F18 2015 Season Teaser by the French Assoc & Easy Ride

While the Olympic Class is seeing a process of people selling their boats as many countries have their riders for Rio rather defined, the F18 class is gatheringg great momentum again with record entries for Kiel 2015 Worlds and the news of builders like Goddall Design selling out their entire F18 production till July as informed today.

Helping the movement we have the F18 French Association, that has been working on promotion for some years with these top videos from  St Barths. 
2015 teaser vid sent by James Baeckler / F18 French Assoc made by Easy Ride"Please found bellow link for our new 2015 class video waiting next week to realize a fully new website.

In this video we are also presenting our 2015 National to be held from  14 to 17 of May in Loctudy (Brittany) and introducing 2016 European Championship dates from the 5 to 13 of July 2016 in Brest giving 4 months for shipping to Worlds in Argentina!"


F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Charter boats available

Image: Jasper van Staveren - Good move from  Nacra, as they have made arrangements with local German dealer to offer Infusions MKII to charter. Price is 2750euros. 4 Boats initially available. Details at

Last week I contacted Brett Goodall for C2 charters for an Arg crew, as the Goodalls are always trying to provide alternatives like in LA and Ireland last year, but 'sadly' he told me no C2 will be available this year for Kiel as he has sold the entire C2 production till July. Good news for Goodall Design and specially for the F18 Class , building momentum again.

Hobie 16: Keeping the Spirit Alive

Video by Hobie Class / Gary Jobson - I started sailing in a Hobie 16 and without a doubt there is no other OD Class that can match the comradeship and competition level, plus being an excellent learning platform. If you can sail & race a Hobie 16 above 16knots you are ready to sail anything.

I hope Hobie as a company and a Class can look forward to maintain those great values in the long term, as creating H16 new fleets from scratch is rather rare nowadays.
I would definitely launch a new Hobie daggerless 16 for the long long term to being able to form these new fleets  to keep the Hobie way alive for many years to come.

GC32s @Key West 2015: Day 2

Images and Full Report at - Day two at Quantum Key West Race Week was a long one.
"The RC attempted to run a race in 5-6 knots in the morning, but this was canned after the wind turned inside out on the first run, leaving even the speedy GC32s floundering.
Thankfully patience paid off and the wind filled in after lunch. Two races were held in 8-12 knots, which for the GC32s meant flying a hull upwind, crews hiking hard and fully foiling on the downwinds, hitting 20+ knots in the puffs.

In the first race ARGO won the favoured pin as the other three GC32s started on port. After a long haul out to the left, Jason Carroll’s team was clearly ahead, picking up a nice line of pressure along the port layline into the top mark and extended away from there with Flavio Marazzi’s ARMIN STROM Sailing Team picking up second..."

GC 32s:

1.USA 128 ARGO GC 32 Jason Carroll 1 2 1 2 6.0
2.FRA 007 ZouLou GC 32 Erik Maris 2 3 3 1 9.0
3.SUI 3 ARMIN STROM GC 32 Flavio Marazzi 3 1 2 3 9.0
4.NED 25 Leenabarca GC 32 AlexanderJackson 4 4 4 4 16.0

GC32s @Key West 2015: Day 1

Images & Report by GC32 Racing. Results Here-
"Quantum Key West Race Week set sail today with the GC32s playing with the ‘big boys’, sailing on the same course as but starting five minutes later than the Mini Maxis.

Two races were held in a light, patchy 6-9 knots, meaning that the tacticians had their work cut out to seek out the best pressure on the course. In these marginal foiling conditions, hunting down an extra couple of knots made all the difference, as ARMIN STROM Sailing Team skipper Flavio Marazzi put it: “It was hard to see the breeze, and which breeze would work and to make sure you started in the right position. Upwind, in 6-8 knots if you catch a little bit more you are around 4-5 knots faster immediately. So it makes a big difference.”

Race one was claimed by Jason Carroll’s ARGO Team, a fine achievement in their competitive debut in the GC32 class. Marazzi’s team came home third, which the Swiss former Olympic Star helm put down to taking too much risk which resulted in the boats on the right side of the first beat finding better pressure. However ARMIN STROM Sailing Team, which is the most experienced GC32 crew competing in Key West, came good to win race two.

However at the end of play on the opening day it is ARGO with two time Melges 32 World Champion Jason Carroll on the helm that leads Marazzi by a point. Erik Maris with his French crew on ZouLou is third and newbie Alex Jackson on Leenabarca is fourth.

Today it was only possible to foil downwind so those leading into the top mark were able to extend away down the run. Fortunately the forecast for more wind is looking more promising for tomorrow".---

GC32s Racing @Key West : January 19-23

Press Release sent by GC32 Racing Tour. More pics at -
GC32s in the starting blocks for Quantum Key West Race Week
"Foiling catamaran racing comes to Quantum Key West Race Week with the GC32 class joining the action this week at North America’s leading winter regatta. Held off the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, racing commences on Monday, 19th January and continues until Friday, 23rd.

For the GC32s, Quantum Key West Race Week is a stand-alone event and does not constitute part of the GC32 Racing Tour, which kicks off on Lake Traunsee, Austria on 27th May.

Flavio Marazzi, GC32 Class President and skipper of ARMIN STROM Sailing Team, explains: “It is a nice opportunity to showcase the boats in the USA, because many potential future owners are there. We have a one design boat which is fast and fun and Key West provides a chance to show what the GC32 can do in idyllic conditions.”

With this week’s forecast indicating winds of 15-20 knots most days, the GC32s will be reaching speeds of 30 knots and their crews will no doubt be quietly wondering how many scalps their nimble, flying catamarans can claim from the substantially larger Mini Maxi monohulls, that will be starting on the same course 10 minutes before them.

Four foiling GC32 catamarans, similar but smaller

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: 176 entries, 200 anyone?

Image: Windrush F18, Aus Nats 2013. This is getting out off the scale, I envisioned 180-200 and at this rhythm the Germans will reach 200 no problem as I know many are not still registered. Again check quotas by country and dates to confirm your participation within your local Class Assoc rep.
Entry List  Here

Meanwhile the Australian Nats will be held this January 23rd. NOR and details at

Gunboat G4 will Foil

One thing is seeing a render and wonder if these guys (Gunboat & Holland Composites) are really targeting the 40' carbon light cruiser to foil... but having an image of the 'TNZ' foil production mold is a big proof of their intentions.

We've seen the 72s and the GC32s stable flights, so the technology is proven, although getting that package on a cabin cat will be a shocking sight if any, and I wonder of the logistics/systems to be implemented to handle such a machine, as is not targeted for a full racing crew.  

Click left image for more detail. More info of the production plans at

Stunt 9 Foiler: Production Series is On

AC 35th: Luna Rossa AC45 training at Cagliari

Moth Worlds 2015: Peter Burling Champ

Peter Burling was crowned today 2015 Worlds Champion, Outteridge who grabbed the title in 2014 finished second. Both are building what could become one of the greatest sailing rivalries of all times.
I hope to see both at Punta Ala A-Class Worlds in September to see see who is the complete Master, in 2016 we will witness also their fight for the 49er Gold at Rio which will crown one of them as the Nr 1 sailor of their generation.

Full results at

Banque Populaire VII: IMOCA 60 Foiler

Banque Populaire has been supporting sailing for years in giant Trimarans, now they target an IMOCA 60 designed by VPLP (Top Notch big Multi designers) & Guillaume Verdier (TNZ & Groupama C-Class). In a sense (and outside the IMOCA Class) trying to optimize monos to the limit may reach a dead end where the next step is just going with Multis for more speed.
Will try to contact VPLP on this one. Thanks Tibo for the link

Moth Worlds 2015, Day 5: Burling, Outteridge. McKnight

Phantom Delivery for Dutch A-Class sailors

Solid stable rides for the FP as usually. Local Arg guys still waiting for theirs, and me too, to shoot the 1 to 1 20FCS vs FP comp nobody has shown yet.

Moth Worlds 2015: Touch & go for Day 4

Testing the coinditions and Capsizing in Day 4 taht as reported yesterday racing was cancelled. Still waiting for today's news but it seems they didn´t race either as results are the same as yesterday:

Best Images of 2014 Portfolio: Christophe Launay

All Images Copyright Christophe Launay / -
Click for high resolution. Full complete gallery with 38 sent images at CSN FB. Thanks Christophe for a great 2014!

Moth Worlds 2015: No racing for Day 3 & 4

Image Thierry Martinez / Sea&Co . Lack of wind for day 3 and too much for the 4th one. - The feedback I got from Andrew Landenberger from Isla Morada A-Class Worlds 2012 pre Hurricane wind conditions was that they end racing in 32knots:
"I think in Florida the top of the wind range was 35 knots and we sailed one race with regular gusts of of 32 knots. Those behind did cartwheel on that day and I won that race. 

I think the advantage of the A over the Moth is that we can still slow down and sail safe if necessary.

That option in the Moth is not really there any more as once they are up then the speed is high even at the lower end of their range.  Even with the new foiling A's we still can depower the boards by lifting one or both so we should always manage to get home safely..."

He also commented he had never capsized while racing the As, but current transition foiling development might change that eventually. Meanwhile designers/builders and top riders continue the search for more stable A flights. 

Moths refined foiling development still has not provided perfect control in the breeze either as seen in Day 2, even for the top riders.
In the end in both Classes it is a sailor's decision to go out after if the race officer calls the fleet out to race on a day you consider out of your league.

Moth Worlds Day 3 Video: Many floating and a few foiling in race 7
Day 4 full Report at official web :
“To be honest, I just wake up every morning and make the best of it. I can’t control the weather,” said McKnight, the 2012 world champion. “I wish we could have stayed out this afternoon. It was 18-20 knots, sailable, but a big sea. It would have been fun though.”

A-Class: Australian Nats for Brad Collet

Image Julie Hartwig, more at
- Brad Collet won the 2015 Australian Nats at lake Coorathaba, Queensland, Australia with an Exploder & J boards.
50 boats and some top sailors like Ashby & Outteridge absent as the Moth Worlds are being held at Sorrento, Aus. Only Steve Brewin (Exploder & Explolder Z boards) aimed to compete in both events.
Second place for Graeme Parker with a Dna equipped with standard C boards showing how competitive in the overall the now 'Classic' configuration can be as we witnessed at Bordeaux with the Nikitas.

Steven Brayshaw, Dna & Z boards was 3rd and Brewin missed the chance of podium with a dnf plus an ocs on a 12 race regatta with only one discard (??). I think 12 races in the As are worth 2 discards.
But Brad won 4 races on his Js against Brewin Zs.

Foilers showed once again that can manage the entire wind range, but a good consistent sailor like Graeme Parker or Georg Reutter / Mathias Dietz in Europe can still give a headache to new flight conf on a light or mixed range wind regatta.

The reported standout, as I saw at Bordeaux, is the gap made by the foilers when they manage to get airborne, specially in the 8-11 knots range. And even bewtween foilers themselves. Check individual race times at

That is why I think the AC Teams are losing exceptional feedback and new developments not targeting the As as last Cup, as this is the  Class where new grounds can be made, there are some builders already looking to foil upwind, and I think the AC camp should be full time developing within current A Class rules, a perfect scenario to develop the winning card , as TNZ (then adopted by Oracle) did on a restricted and anti foil rule for AC34.

TNZ could have won the Cup with a better light winds performance on that race that was cancelled on the time limit.
Bermuda is expected to be a nice sailing venue, and San Francisco indeed was, but again all could have been defined on that a 8knots?  race TNZ failed to finish.

But the As builders keep full throttle  aiming for better control, early foiling and efficient upwind fight mode, exactly what we expect to see at Punta Ala 2015 Worlds in September. If anyone outside the AC camp can achieve that goal, he will surely will get a call next day to join an ACup Design Team....

Check complete local reports by Bob Griffits at
Final Day
3rd Day

Full results at
Additional pics and some vids by Mark Dawson at

F18 Worlds 2015:142 boats & counting, early entry fee ends Jan 15th

Image Jasper van Staveren, 2014 Worlds@ Irealnd. - If you want to take advantage of the early entry fee you have a few more days left, till January 15th, register and check entries  here.
Better hurry up either way cause Jens and the German F18 Assoc are targeting to beat entries record.

Also check with your local class Chairman on country assigned quotas and let the IF18CA know if your local Association will not use all slots for them to be re assigned.

Moth Worlds 2015: Day 2 Wrap-up Video

As Arno Terra pointed me out today, super developed airborne control for the Moths is still not avoiding hard pitchs. We'll see where A-Class development reachs regarding control, in the meantime and before full foiling, winglets already added safer rides in +18-20knots. 
I need to check pre Hurricane wind race  ranges again from Isla Morada A Worlds 2012.

With current A flying devel pre Z boards from Dna/Exploder foiling is still lateral unstable and pretty safe on digging the bow on the simple fact 4 foils are lifting you/bow up.

But I still have to gather feedback on latest foils devel and if frontal pitchs were reduced even further.

Some local guys in Arg are forming a Moth fleet, the feedback I got from them today is that Moths are tough and can stand capsizes without much or any breaking equipment.

Photo above: Franco Greggi who is leading the pack and organizing the fleet and Yago Lange today at Mar del Plata training for a first event with 4 boats. Yago is already competing against Burling & Outteridge in the 49er Olympic fleetwith his brother Klaus, he is starting to sail As, and now Moths, lets see if the kid can follow these two monster sailors career...

Moth Worlds 2015: Burling takes lead with 4 bullets

Christophe Launay: Year in Review

Having this kind of feedback from top Photographers like Christophe Launay is quite Nice as you have little others (1) complaining on the exposure I gave them on csn.

The rule of thumb I've seen through these years is that those Pro Photographers sharing their material (sometimes without any contract behind) are finally the most successful, and go figure but they usually have the best quality material. 

I'm quite lucky on having him and others making their images available to enjoy. Thanks to you Christophe for the great material during all these year, keep them coming.
Next week best 2014 images Portfolio from Christophe. 
Check his website at

"Hi Martin,
I made a little video/slide show for saying thanks to you and other people who's has been helping me out for years and as well to wish best health , happiness and safe sailing to all.
I hope you will enjoy it and you can share it!"