Jan 21, 2017

AC35, Artemis Road to Bermuda: Push Button Foiling

New large and hard L foils are bit radical as we know so they need a dedicated trim control panel to work properly. Check video above an explanation of such system by Francesco Bruni . Artemis engineer, Matt Davis, talks about people saying this Cup has gone "too technical" and I think they went too far this time.
For those of us who have the luck to learn to foil beachcats without any wands or automatic control, say 'foiling purist', an automatic button system providing you the stability the foil design cannot deliver is simply a shortcut.

More thought, testing, CFD and drawing board hours (more engineering finally) are need to achieve an all round stable flying foil design.
Needless to say even more hours and brains, were due if you take the imposed One Design out of the game. Someone in the AC needs to race F18, latest A-Cats or even Moths to know box rules work just perfect and adds major interest and development which were part of the AC since Day 1.

Better Bring on the GC32s at Garda, that is sailing at its pinnacle right now. Long Live TNZ Js and A-Cat Z foils.
With this AC45 Turbo / AC50 Foil control panel you still have to push the right button at the right time, but this feature right there belongs to motorsports.

Next Cup just made them unmanned and for a sole 'sailor' to control the boats from shore with a virtual sight eyewear + remote control , just like those drone races...

Jan 18, 2017

First GC32 Championship: Feb 27-March 5 @Muscat, Oman

Photos: Renedo/Lloyd/Renedo  / GC32 Racing Tour / Extreme Series -  The GC32  Racing European Tour and the Extreme Series teams will join their teams for the first unified Championship (or unofficial Worlds) and after seeing the GC32s at Garda in 2016, this event may deliver more excitement than the ACWS or even the AC Finals . The Argentine GC32 team 'Codigo Rojo Raicng' will not be there this edition, but the team manager and Captain, Lucas Gonzalez Smith will be assembling some boats and racing to get experience for the team first GC32 European Tour event at Garda 2017. The Arg team will be present next year unified Championship on a location yet to be decided.

GC32 Championship web:  www.gc32championship.com -  Below press release sent by GC32 Racing.
Inaugural GC32 Championship coming up next month
GC32 Championship press release issued on 18 January 2017

A joint gathering of the international fleets of GC32 one design foiling catamarans is to take place at the GC32 Championship in Muscat, Oman over 27 February to 5 March 2017. This will be the first occasion ever that the GC32 Racing Tour and the Extreme Sailing Series™ fleets have combined to lock horns on the race course. The GC32 Championship 2017 will be one of the largest ever gatherings of one design foiling catamarans.

The winning team will be crowned GC32 Champion for 2017 and will receive the GC32 Championship Perpetual Trophy.

The GC32 Championship 2017 will be held out of the Al Mouj Marina (aka The Wave, Muscat; for many years sponsor of a team on the Extreme Sailing Series), on the outskirts of Muscat, where Oman Sail has its headquarters. The event will precede Act 1 of the Extreme Sailing Series which takes place over 8-11 March.

Run by the GC32 International Class Association, the joint organising authority with Extreme Sailing Series organizers and owners OC Sport, and hosted by Oman Sail, racing at the GC32 Championship 2017 will take place over five days, from Tuesday, 28 February until Sunday, 5 March, with a layday on the Thursday and practice races held on Monday, 27 February. A maximum of five races will be sailed each day, dependent on conditions. Two races areas will be used for the event: ‘Alpha’ - off Al Mouj Marina and ‘Bravo’, further along the coast, off Muttrah, Muscat’s old town.

Flavio Marazzi, President of the GC32 International Class Association commented: “There are a lot of GC32s in the world now and ideally we want them all to join in. It would be nice to get all the different teams at the same event for once. It will be fun to sail together.”

GC32s currently are campaigned by teams from France, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, USA, Japan, New Zealand, China, Oman, Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey and Argentina.

The aim for the GC32 Championship is for it to become an annual event.

OC Sport's Andy Tourell, Event Director of the Extreme Sailing Series, commented: “Each of the two circuits has its own position in the sailing world, but with the GC32 you have a one design platform so getting as many boats as possible on the start line is fantastic, it amplifies it for everyone competing.

“Muscat has been chosen this year because the Extreme Sailing Series has been going there for the last seven years. That time in the year has historically delivered some incredible sailing conditions. Plus we have all of the infrastructure and support from Oman Sail, which will provide the platform for an amazing championship event.”

Christian Scherrer, Class Manager and Manager of the GC32 Racing Tour, said: “I am very much looking forward to the first combined GC32 Championship and seeing the two fleets of the GC32 Racing Tour and the Extreme Sailing Series racing together. It’s a long-awaited step in the development of the GC32 Class. We hope that Oman will live up to expectations and lay on some good weather for us."

Oman is the perfect venue for yacht racing over the winter months in the Northern hemisphere. Typically off Muscat a sea breeze builds to 10-12 knots and occasionally as much as 15 in the afternoon, developing a slightly choppy sea state – perfect conditions for foil-borne catamaran racing – while the air temperature is in the low 20s, similar to that of summer time in Europe.

In addition to the main GC32 Championship title, there will be a separate ranking and trophy for owner-drivers taking part.

US A-Class : 'Bluster on the Bay Regatta' for Matt Keenan & Craig Yandow

Good to see Matt Keenan weighting quite more than Bailey White and foiling in light winds with the Exploder A15 vs a D3 to win the regatta by one point. Good results for the class as seen at the past weeks Australian Nats  performance by Brad Collet and Steve Brashaw and their respective modified A13 / A15 vs Brewin & Bundocks D3s. The floaters though maintain their drive in super light winds but foilers are getting airborne earlier each time.

Craig Yandow won in the Classic division. Top 5 results for both cats below.
Some videos of the light weather foiling by Rob Daniel / Jill Nickerson / Red Gear Racing available here
Check report below sent by Bailey.
Bluster on the Bay Regatta
By Matt Keenan and Craig Yandow

"The first annual Bluster on the Bay Regatta turned out to be a huge success thanks to all the classes and sailors that attended. US Hobie Division 8 in conjunction with Red Gear Racing and the Magnuson Resort, organized and hosted the first annual “Bluster on the Bay” regatta. Nearly 70 multihulls of varying classes crowded the resort and clean waters of Tampa Bay. The A’s had the strongest showing with a total of 25 boats, followed closely by the timeless Hobie 16s (22

Jan 17, 2017

New Foiling Trimaran by Cirrus

New Foiling Trimaran by Manu Boulogne, code name "Project M" .  Amas are without a doubt (in my mind at least..) Cirrus R F18 hulls, which shows  L foil placement in the central plane. This is somehow strange for a new project as we've seeing on the A-Cats where span is maximized on the board bottom exit to outwards.

But also might be a simple built/structural convenience to place the boards in the center plane, as this project has no inwards span restriction as the As (150cms from each Z board tip), and maybe maintain F18 hulls usable too.
Manu will also launch an updated Cirrus R2 F18 , which already shows a bow cut , and I don´t think it will have any further mod, maybe a convertible box ?

This Cirrus Trimaran features T rudders and seat wings.
The L foil used in the Project M render resembles latest design we've been seeing from Bermuda AC45 Turbos. Leaving out  Team New Zealand J or L/V  shape.  The AC45 Turbo and AC50 have active rake trim controls, thus they can go for that less forgiving hard L shape (remember first Oracle AC45/AC72 foiling attempts...)  so we don´t know yet which trim control, if any this Cirrus Tirmaran will use.

Total lenght of central hull might be near Diam24? We'll see, in any case this foiling Tri looks fast and high flying machine.
Happy for Manu Bouglone , one the great guys the beachcat community has around, continue to innovate.

Date of launch is programmed for May 4-5 2017, check its dedicated fb page at facebook.com/cirrus.projectm 

Jan 16, 2017

Vendee Globe 2016/17: Day 71 highlights

Image & Day 71 (Jan 16) Video by Vendee Globe: Official web & reports vendeeglobe.org
Seeing Alex Thomson stunts and great marketing productions getting together with this current performance (24hs record broken from Gabart) completes a great package for Sailing.
For day 71 leader Armel Le Cléac'h (Banque Populaire VIII) and Alex Thomson  are split by 75 NM with 1.000 miles to the finish. So anything can happen

Follow Live Tracking tracking2016.vendeeglobe.org/gv5ip0/

Whisper @London Boat Show

Pics sent by Henry White. Click image left to enlarge. Henry comments they are working in collaboration with rope provider English Braids & Makerbot 3D printers.

Certainly the Whisper has a dedicated & special molding work on its platforms and on their parts too. The boat looks neat and high quality finish from the pics & videos we've published.

I still prefer Z foils even for recreational foilers, but is clear that the Moth x2 system is working as intended on providing easy and out of the box flights.

Check Henry White interview we made some weeks ago on the Whisper here: catsailingnews.com/2016/12/whisper-foiler-q-with-henry-white.html

Youth Americas Cup 2017: 12 Teams confirmed

Photo: Artemis Racing - Press release sent by Americas Cup media.
"Red Bull Youth America´s Cup Sport Directors Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher have announced the 12 teams of sailors aged 19–25 that have been invited to compete in the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in Bermuda. The two Olympic legends from Austria introduced the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2013 to identify outstanding sailing talent and provide a potential pathway to a career in the America’s Cup. With that continuing objective, in 2017 the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will for the first time use AC45 foiling catamarans, as used by the America’s Cup teams in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, for the fastest, most breathtaking action yet.

“The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup has changed the America’s Cup world – the teams saw that the new boats fit the young generation, who are very good at handling the speed,” says Steinacher. “The sailing leaders are picking younger sailors than before.”

An extensive trials process has taken place worldwide to identify the teams that will compete alongside the six teams affiliated to the full America’s Cup teams, overseen by Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher. Over 20 teams registered for the selection process, and the final six have now been confirmed, making a total fleet of 12 teams to compete in Bermuda in June 2017.

ORACLE TEAM USA, the Defender of the America’s Cup, will support and mentor both Team BDA, the Bermudian challengers for the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, and Next Generation USA, the American representatives in the 2017 events.

Bermuda typically offers exceptional sailing conditions in June, with sparkling flat water and favorable winds that make the Great Sound a prime location for foiling. At 45 feet, the AC45F boats are the same challenging watercraft used by professional sailors in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series. While longer than a city bus, they deliver exceptional speed – potentially over 35 knots – when they rise up out of the water on their foils.

This year’s Red Bull Youth America’s Cup teams, which for the first time include entries from countries such as Austria and Spain, are currently evaluating potential crew members and undergoing the training and preparation necessary to be ready for the rigors of the regatta. The teams will announce their six-person rosters in May, ahead of Qualification in Bermuda, when two pools with a maximum of six boats each will sail for a spot in the Finals. The top four teams from each pool will take part in the eight-boat battle for top honors.

“So far, eight sailors from the 2013 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup have found positions on America’s Cup boats, including Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, who were on the Kiwi team that won the first Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. They went on to become Olympic Champions and earn positions on Emirates Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup,” Hagara points out. “It’s going to be exciting to see the racing this time around with the added dimension and speed of foiling.”

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup gets underway in Bermuda this summer with Pool A and B Qualifiers June 12-16, 2017, followed by the Finals scheduled for June 20-21.

Broadcast: The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Finals will be streamed live on Red Bull TV. Red Bull TV is available on connected TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more. For a full list of supported devices visit this page.

Team List, Red Bull Youth America’s Cup 2017
(in order by nation)

• Candidate Sailing Team, Austria
• Team BDA, Bermuda
• Youth Vikings Denmark, Denmark
• Team France Jeune, France
• Next Generation - Team Germany, Germany
• Land Rover BAR Academy, Great Britain
• Kaijin Team Japan, Japan
• NZL Sailing Team, New Zealand
• Spanish Impulse Team, Spain
• Artemis Youth Racing, Sweden
• Team Tilt, Switzerland
• Next Generation USA, USA

Jan 15, 2017

Viper Worlds 2017: Jack Felsenthal & Shaun Connor Champs

Photo: LaFoto Marine. Some more pics along videos at facebook.com/viperworlds2017.
After a rest day and two consecutive non sailing days due to harsh winds the Viper Worlds could finally complete 3 more races for total of eleven for the championship. Jack Feisenthal & Shaun Connor from Australia are crowned 2017 Viper Class World Champs.

Second place for Emmanuel Le Chapelier & Theo Constance from France, and third overall for Daniel & Nathan van Kerckhof.

Official web and final report at viperworlds2017.com/2017/01/15/australian-viper-world-champions-crowned/

Top ten below, full results at rgyc.com.au/results/viperworlds/viparworlds/SGrp1.htm

pos Sail No Skipper Crew Tot R11 R10 R9 R8 R7 R6 R5 R4 R3 R2 R1
1 351 Jack Felsenthal Shaun Connor 13 1 2 3 2 [6] 1 [5] 1 1 1 1
2 1 Emmanuel Le Chapelier Theo Constance 22 2 1 1 3 [5] 3 2 [7] 4 3 3
3 422 Daniel Van Kerckhof Nathan Van Kerckhof 28 [Q] 3 6 1 3 [7] 1 2 6 4 2
4 345 Tayla Rietman Lachie White 39 5 [10] 9 [R] 1 6 3 4 3 2 6
5 313 Brett Goodall Campbell Mcewan 56 6 7 4 7 4 [12] 6 6 9 [R] 7
6 324 Zoe Greer Beau Delaine 57 9 5 2 9 8 5 [13] 3 [11] 8 8
7 243 Luke Donovan Michael Doherty 61 10 11 [13.0] 5 2 4 8 9 2 [13.0] 10
8 363 Lachlan Hughes David Hughes 61 3 4 8 6 7 [14] 4 [13] 7 11 11
9 369 Jack Challands Harrison Rietman 68 12 [12] 10 4 10 8 9 5 5 5 [14]
10 2216 Hugo Lottin Alexandre Gaborieau 70 7 9 7 [R] [13] 2 10 8 8 7 12

Jan 13, 2017

F18 2017 Worlds @Denmark: Registration Open

Photo: Manu Duclos / Easy Ride Videos  -  Registration process for the 2017 F18 Worlds is now open. Until February fee is 250, then 300 and late entry 350. Check below for more details. Registration link & official web: f18worlds2017.dk/entry-registration/

Photo above: Patrick Demesmaeker & Gilles Tas. Patrick is the Nr 1 European favorite for 2017 Title. He is simply dominating the Euro racing scene with the C2.  Current champs, Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez will try to charter a Phantom F18 and see to attend to Denmark Worlds as Pablo has a busy schedule with the Moth Worlds at Garda too.

On F18 boat launch news, Cirrus has showed a render of  R MKII version. Will try to get more info from the Boulognes, from the render it a deck bow area modification can be appreciated, and I don´t expect much other changes as the R was already performing. 

This year the Class will have another official World Title at stake, which is the Raid Worlds, to be held in Ausgust together with the Stockholm Archipelago Raid in Sweden. More info at stockholmarchipelagoraid.com/
F18 Worlds 2017 - Denmark
Entry fee until 28th Feb 2017: 250 EUR
Late entry fee 1st March to 7th June 2017: 300 EUR
Last minute entry fee 8th June to 10th July 2017: 350 EUR

Cancellation is possible until 30th June 2017. Full registration fee minus bank administration fee of 10 EUR will be returned. Send a mail to f18worlds2017@vallensbaek-sejlklub.dk stating Sail nr and name with cancellation request.

Maximum participants accepted: 200 teams

All competitors shall be members of their respective National Class Association, or the International F18 Class Association when there is no National Association in their country, and shall have their entry endorsed by the International F18 Class Association.

Viper Worlds 2017: Day 4 No racing due to strong winds

Yesterday the fleet got a rest day, but today Friday in Australia strong winds left the Vipers onshore too.

More info at the event fb: facebook.com/viperworlds2017
- Videos by VR Sports (cannot be embedded here) : viperworlds2017.com/videos/
- Picture gallery by LaFoto at photos.lafoto.com.au/gallery/vipers2017

- Current results here
- Official web: viperworlds2017.com/

Jan 11, 2017

Catsailor In Memoriam: Rick White

Photo: Rick White by Dafna Brown. -
Rick White passed away today, January 11th after a striking but brief cancer fight.

Catsailor: If you want to define the meaning of this word you just have to look further onto Rick's life.

There is a scene from Saving Private Ryan where a  veteran ask his family if his life was worth it, it's a striking moment as it makes one asking the same question: Do I'm wasting my life ? did I invest my time wisely, did I help others, did I work and shared experience and knowledge?

Well for Rick White the answers are quite easy to respond, Rick excelled in all his endeavours and he was even a top racer in several sailing classes. Many of us read his books , videos and tutorials like Catamaran Racing for the 90s, and also visited daily his Catsailor.com forums to learn more about this great sport.

Rick continued working for the sailing community a Vice Commodore in his latest club and formed the NA Hobie Wave Assoc some years ago, of course he led the fleet on the water too. Rick pushed and promoted many classes, and more of his achievements here, but always with an open mind, as with the custom racing sails they setup for the Waves of the Multiclasses regattas he organized.

Check Mary Wells words remembering Rick at catsailor.com.
Rick White had a great life, a Sailor, a Pilot , magazine editor and song writer, a teacher and a guide for many Catsailors in the US and world wide.

He will be remember as a truly legend that dedicated his life for the sport.

Sail on Rick.

Viper Worlds 2017: Day 3

Photos: Tom Smeaton & LaFoto - These are the pics published by the organization for today, check sequences at their fb web: fb.com/viperworlds2017/ - Day 3: Jack Feisenthal & Shaun Connor continue to lead after eight races. Followed by Daniel & Nathan van Kerckhof and Emmanuel Le Chapelier & Theo Constance.
A-Cat sailor Lachie White was injured with trap handle on a capsize on his eye, seems to be ok but at least one month rest has was given to him.
More info & videos at  fb.com/viperworlds2017/

Check Day 3 full report at viperworlds2017.com
Top ten below , full results at rgyc.com.au/results/viperworlds/viparworlds/SGrp1.htm

Jan 6, 2017

A-Class Australian Nats 2017: Steve Brewin Champ

Photo: Harrison Reitman -  No wind today t ocomplete more races and scores remain from Thursday. Steve Brewin is crowned 2017 Australian Champ followed in second place by Darren Bundock , Brad Collet, Stephen Brayshaw & Dave Brewer. All riding Exploders (edited on Brayshaw's feedback): D3, D3, A13/Z10, A15/Z10 & D3 respectively.

Great to see Collet on a modified A13. More info later on the update.

The Australian fleet is one of the key Exlpoder test fields, and feedback will now be delivered to the factory towards the Worlds at Sopot later this year.
We have an onsite report coming next week with additional insights of this week racing.

Top ten below, full results here

Pos Sail No Skipper Cat R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Total Nett
1 AUS 4 Steve Brewin Open 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 (ocs) 2 61 11
2 AUS 88 Darren Bundock Master 1 2 3 2 2 -8 2 1 1 22 14
3 AUS 10 Brad Collett Open 4 5 1 -6 4 3 3 3 3 32 26
4 AUS 25 Stephen Brayshaw Open 5 3 5 3 6 4 -12 2 4 44 32
5 AUS 1035 David Brewer Master 7 7 9 8 3 2 4 -10 8 58 48
6 AUS 308 Andrew Landenberger Master 6 6 8 5 8 5 5 (ocs) 6 99 49
7 AUS 14 Adam Beattie Open 3 4 4 11 11 7 -13 4 7 64 51
8 AUS 41 Matt Homan Open -15 8 7 7 9 9 11 9 5 80 65
9 AUS 31 Scott Anderson GGM 8 9 11 4 5 6 -18 16 17 94 76
10 AUS 321 Andrew Williams Open 11 -14 10 13 12 11 14 7 12 104 90

fb video