Formula 18 Nordics 2014: Registration Open

The Nordic F18 fleet (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark)  is growing each year. In 2013 they had 40 boats racing the event:

The 2014 Nordics will be held on August 15-17th, at Vallensbæk Sailing Club (Copenhagen)
NOR & Registration Link available at

Formula 18 @San Francisco: Sequoia Open report

Report sent by Cherie Sogsti / "Inaugural Sequoia F18 Open a hit in SF Bay Epic racing conditions greeted Formula18 sailors in Redwood City, California last weekend for the inaugural Sequoia F18 Open on April 12th. There was a little bit of everything in the four races PROs Dustin Fox and Heather Ouellette pulled off: memorable gusts, tight starting lines, a few ebb-tide waves, fights with marks, a 360 penalty turn and a capsize to top it all off.

Back to the Olympics II: Flying the N17 by Lange

Image: Francisco Vignale. -- Past week we had an interview with Darren Bundock on his return to the Olympic Arena. Now for Hyeres we'll see another ex Tornado medalist returning to the rings field. Santiago Lange will be racing with Cecilia Carranza, (former Laser olympian) this second stop of the 2014 Isaf WC Series.
Before going to Europe I had a chat with him, as always really down to earth & humble guy for being one of the best Arg sailors ever, with several World Titles, 2 Olympic Medals and some AC campaigns under his belt.
Argentina will have 3 Nacra 17 crews at Hyeres, and maybe a 4th for Santander. 

This is going to be an interesting match up for Santi against the new guys, although this will be his first event on the Nacra 17 Class. Ceci , now crewing  had a good N17 season last year as helm.

Hyeres WC starts this April 19th. Event websites:

Entry List

On the pic , we've seen the Nacra 17 going airborne, but this is the best still picture so far. Taken by Francisco Vignale published in Santi's FB
It also shows how fruitless is to trying to ban foiling/flying with constant curved foils and no winglets.

GC32 News foils: Pics by van der Borch, details by Fischer

All images  / GC32 Click for slideshow & HQ.--
If the Flying Phantom was the boat being tested fully and showed excellent stable flight performance past months, now the GC32 takes that game to the 30' realm. This boat is demonstrating improved foiling even from the AC72s, taking account the breeze they are foiling upwind. Check video I published two days ago at
There is also no doubt that the Extreme Series sould migrate their foils too next year, maybe they'll change the boat?

Sander van der Borch is at location taking some incredible pics as always, Also I asked FP & GC32 designer, Martin Fischer, to describe in short these new foils.
"Hi Martin,
Here are some comments on the foil development carried out for the GC32:
For the GC32 we wanted a foil set-up that:
1 -  Allows downwind and upwind foiling in moderate conditions
2 -  Allows proper racing with foiling boats
3 -  Provides good safety margins and proper foiling at a reasonable price

We therefore went for a configuration that has a relatively low take-off speed (upwind foiling in moderate conditions) and that is inherently very stable in heave and pitch. We are aware that a very stable configuration with a low take-off speed has a lower top speed, but compared to a non-foiling setup we are quicker anyway at high speed. 

So the goal was to configure the boat such that she can beat her non-foiling competitors even in lighter winds. This approach is similar to what we did on Groupama-C for the Little Americas Cup.

To do proper racing with a foiling catamaran it is important to be able to concentrate on tactics and not only on "keep flying". On a boat without hydraulics it is therefore important to achieve stable foiling without permanently adjusting the foils. The usage of the foil adjustment on the GC32 is basically a "set and forget". The crew can adjust the foil rake during sailing and they will obviously use that possibility to adjust for the wave and wind conditions and as a function of the true wind angle, but there is no need to permanently trim the foils.

We achieved this by working a lot on the strut (vertical part of the foil) and tip (horizontal part of the foil) angle and on the wing section shape used in different areas along the span of the foil. The engineering was done by Brett Ellis from Sydney."

Martin Fischer


All Terrain Foiler

Artemis back to training at SF

Glad to see this team with Ian Percy and Nathan Otteridge holding together for another campaign, with some new faces including AC Youths sailors.

'Radikal T26' Tri by Perspective Design

Phil Roullin from Perspective Design sent a link to their FB Page showing the progress of their Radikal T26 Trimaran. The first boat is matching the render with smooth modern lines. They have built the entire set of molds, hulls are full carbon with Infusion laminate process.

Folding system a la Farrier is becoming standard, and provide a versatile alternative for Marinas and transport as featured also by Tony Grainger's new Trimaran line.

We will get more details with Phil soon. Check their T26 FB page here.

More pics below.

A-Cat: Q&A with Hervé Ledue, French Champ & Europeans coordinator

Local knowledge. Besides being the 2013 French A-Class Nat Champ, Hervé is also coordinating efforts for the incoming Europeans to be held a Cercle Voile Bordeaux from June 20 to the 29th. There are more than 100 boats confirmed already and the limit this year will be 120-130.
Last year he beat Heemskerk , Chris Field and other top guns at Hyeres to take the French Crown. Now he is dedicated to organize this 2014 Europeans that are going to be a key event for the Class in terms of defining a future long term path.
For the first time also fleets will be split and Hervé is expecting to fill the 130 boat mark.

Read his Q&A at

Ruler of the Seas

GC32: New Wings Performing & foiling Upwind

This is looking pretty good, with the AC72s, C-Class and the Flying Phantom design & testing experience behind, the GC32 gang (Macca, Mischa Heemskerk and others) is achieving some impressive out of the box flights on their newest foil setup,  inherited from cats mentioned above.

They flew in 6 knots with the L rudders days ago, and now they've upgraded to the finished T ones. They even end foiling jib/spi only on at halyard failure returning to shore...
So now you have the 18-20s plus the 30' foot production range covered. Nice work from the GC32 Team. They can match up now with the TNZ SL33s now.

Check GC32 website at & 

Gunboat: Engineers, Designers & Prod Eng required.

As I know many industry students and pros check this web, I asked Peter Johnstone if he wanted to post this search here too. Glad to know they are in full business looking for more people.
Contact Gunboat and send your CV to kmiller (at) 

If you're hired don´t forget to give me a call in the future to get a ride on the G4..!

Back to the Olympic Arena: Q&A with Darren Bundock

All images Jesus Renedo . Click images for slideshow.  | All being said about Bundy by now, so just go ahead and read this quite interesting Q&A on his return to the Olympic Class with Nina Curtis.
CSN: Second event on the Nacra 17 and already in the podium with the toughest fleet till date. How do you feel about the new Olympic Class now after being present in the last T medal at Beijing?
Darren Bundock: I like the new Olympic class and from the current fleet sizes (72 entries in Palma & 82 registered for Hyeres) it is working. The boat is fun and its exciting, especially downwind. For me I'm just enjoying racing again and having fun after the Americas Cup. Olympic sailing is where the real racing is.

There are a few boats that are sailing really well and I guess after 12-18months in the class they should be. Billy and Marie (FRA) were the stand outs on how they sailed & then Vittorio & Silvia (ITA), Thomas & Tanja (AUT), Iker & Tara(ESP) & Matais & Natalie (SUI) are clearly the fastest boats on the race track. These boats are setting the standard and we are currently far from their level just yet. We have some work to do.

It is evident that the class, rules and enforcement has a long way to develop compared to the Tornado to handle the pressures as the Olympics approach but this should develop with time, I feel this is the biggest hurdle for the class right now. The class also needs to consider how to handle the fleet sizes if ISAF insists on split fleets as the system used in Palma is not the fairest and once qualification is over Silver fleet get shafted with the race schedule and conditions. This won't encourage the participation and big fleets for long. I feel the F18 four fleet round robin system is much fairer and way more efficient on the trapezoid course.

I am getting the feeling I am representing the older generation with a lot of the Tornado fleet now on coach boats. I remember when my original crew and I was referred to as the kids in the Tornado class when we first started campaigning.

The mixed sailing seems to be working and the boat park is much easier on the eye than the old Tornado boat park.

- How about the boat itself? You wrote that you rather like it.
I think the boat is ideal for what ISAF is trying to achieve and that being mixed sailing. It is a challenging, modern and as we saw from the images from Palma quite spectacular. I am quite impressed with the boat and find it a lot of fun to sail and its easy to get around on shore. I am loving the double trapeze downwind and the boat feels very fast. I don't think anyone is getting the most out of the boat just yet. From the short period I have spent in the class there seems to be so many different modes to sail the boat and it is important to be changing gears as the breeze changes and also the water state. The curve boards are for sure the feature that makes this boat and and with the addition of some small lifting T rudders the boat would have be amazing.

- Is the N17 setup sensitive to min changes, and how is compared to the T ones in terms of fine tuning and getting diff performance results.
The Tornado and the Nacra 17 are two completely different boats.
The Tornado was half a meter longer so greater waterline length, 40cm more width and righting moment making the platform more stable. The Tornado had a more tear drop mast section so the mast rotation is not so critical. The T was 30kg heavier and the main difference is the very inefficient centreboards compared to the longer curved lifting daggerboards of the 17.
Don't get me wrong I loved sailing the Tornado and miss it but the 17 is

F18, Cirrus R: New Sails test

Good video (Click image or check below) to see sails & mast behavior from the top. Manu also put a tell tale near the mast cam where the apparent is well marked. Manu Bolougne is training and racing for a while with his son Jean, and they went about 2 weeks ago to test their new Performance Sails set,  that are going to be the factory delivered brand from now on with the Cirrus R.

F18 Eurocat 2014: May 1-4 @Yacht Club Carnac

Image by Franck Guicquaid, Eurocat 2011. The F18 Class has many big events, but the Eurocat is always the first of the season and part of the Grand Slams of the IF18CA. Where all new designs and teams are tested looking towards each annual Worlds, that this year will be held in Ireland , check for details.

The Eurocat also has C1, C3 & C4 Classes where F16s, Tornados, and other 20 footers like  M20s, Nacra F20c participate together in the Long Distance event. This year the FPhantom will be there too to aim for the Raid crown.
Last year we didn´t had many pics from the org but I might be reporting live this year for the first time, so I will try to get some good ones. Such events must have a Pro taking images though.

Check NOR & Schedule at Yatch Club Carnac

New Formula 16 by Duma Catamarans

New British cat on the market. It looks like a scaled  Wildcat with more vol. They have an F18 and an A-Cat projected. Will get more details later. For more info check their web

The Class gets another alternative with the current Falcon, Viper, Nacra, AquaRaptor and others. F16 Worlds 2014 will be held in the US , at Newport

A-Class: New Scheurer G7 foiling mode.

As you know I've been quite low profile on the A-Class discussions, publishing everything I recieved and looking for several points of view. After the Worlds I wrote that the Class had changed gears after the event, and that foiling was not a matter of discussion even under current rules. Right now if you don´t fly you don´t have a chance (if you are to par with the top sailors) thus the great  & justified concern from many people that loves the As. As I've been reporting excellent Formula Class racing for years, with too many designs avaiable to perform.

But when earlier today I received this material from Sandro Caviezel,

Nacras @Palma 2014: Day 5 by Jesús Renedo

US F18 Nats 2014: October 19-24 @Corpus Christi Yacht Club

Image: Tim Wilkes, Americas Continental 2013. In 2014 the US F18 Nats will be held at Corpus Christi Yacht Club in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas. CCYC Web at
You can find NOR at

Dates of Racing
19 October Sunday 1355 Practice Races
20 October Monday 1055 Warning signal first race of Day 1
21 October Tuesday 1055 Warning signal first race of Day 2
22 October Wednesday 1055 Warning signal first race of Day 3
23 October Thursday 1055 Warning signal first race of Day 4
24 October Friday 1055 Warning signal first race of Day 5

Nacras @Palma: Hard Pitch by Martinez Studio

Image by Martinez Sutdio / Sofia. Arg sailor Matias Buhler sailing for Swiss with Nathalie Brugger. Check Bundy's video here  or in previous post, where the pitch was caught on vid too, it seems forced by a press/org boat. Really dangerous stuff in those conditions.
Matías and Nathalie were 3rd at 1st Nacra Worlds. Both doing quite well with a 13th overall at Palma. Impressive coming from a skipper without much cat experience, impressive as this pitch!

Nacras @Palma 2014, Chasing the Elephants: Day 4. Besson, Cammas, Bundock & Bissaro

Oracle goes for 2 Flying Phantoms: Philippe Presti's Fly Test

Nacras @Palma: This IS Sailing, Capsizes included.

Great video sent by ISAF media coordinator Daniel Smith

Nacra 17s @Palma 2014: Day 3, Besson-Riou lead after 8 races

Great pic by Jesús Renedo More at his Fb web. Besson and Marie Riou lead over Cammas-de Turckheim and Bundock-Curtis. These 3 rookies are doing quite well......  Many capsizes today, check this video at Zajac-Frank Team fb
Silver fleet couldn´t race after the Gold got all the wind available for the day. More info and pics later. Full results at

Nacra 17s @Palma: Day 3 Live Tracking link

Image Martinez Studio. Cammas, Besson, & Saxton lead. Current Overall Results at
Follow Live Traking at

GC32: Getting Air Testing V2 Foils

As with the Flying Phantom, the first version os S daggers and L rudders didn´t worked as expected. Now the GC32 has upgrade to current FP setup and is finally foiling good, even in 6knots? Check more videos at

Nacra 17s@Palma 2014: Day 2

Gunboat G4 tooling @Holland Composites

Holland Compsites will be building the new Gunboat G4. HC is owned by PJ Dwarshuis,  who also builds the DNA A-Cat.

From render to tooling the project continues progress. A light cruiser carbon was already an achievement, now they want to make it fly also, whichever the case Gunboat is betting high on this boat. 

And a great challenge for PJ too. More info and specs on the G4 at

Nacra 17s @Palma 2014: Day 1 Drone vid

Nice Video by Nacra Sailing

Oracle to use Numeca for CFD

Computational system have proved the past Cup that are an excellent theoretical... help, each year developments make tank testing to be more depreciated in the design stage, but still nothing beats an on the water sail to validate your numbers & design. You can´t trust 100% your desktop numbers yet to design breakthrough features and just go racing to win the ACup, but without a doubt they are key to new developments and provide a good base for every kind of project. 
I've use the Marine CFD services provided by Ralph Moolenaar for the F18 OP and the Surfski design. Will use it next for the Racinf SUP.
Sent by OracleTeam Press: NUMECA, known as an innovative force in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software, will power ORACLE TEAM USA’s design team as an Official Supplier.
“NUMECA has partnered with ORACLE TEAM USA to provide the design team with a comprehensive CFD analysis solution in its defense of the 35th America’s Cup,” said general manager Grant Simmer.

“In addition to delivering advanced simulation technology through its FineMarine software suite, NUMECA will be a significant contributor to our modeling activities by providing key numerical optimization tools, expert technical support, and aligning its software development roadmap with the design team's modeling objectives.”

CFD has become critical for America’s Cup design teams as they move away from physical model testing to a combination of virtual design / performance prediction tools and on-water boat-on-boat testing.
“The CFD tool is important because it gives us an accurate description of the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic