F18 (& F16) Belgian Nats 2015: Northrop-O'Brien Champs

All images by Catacare.be - Simon Northrop & Josh O'Brien are on a winning streak, they won F18 UK Nats 2015 some days ago and now the travelled to Belguim to win over the top locals like Patrick Demesmaeker-Gilles Tas who recently won the F18 Dutch Nats 2015.  Thus we can affirm the British crew are the top notch F18 sailors at home and in the 'LowLand' area right now. Looking at their shirt it seems they also won in the F16s..?
Another win for Simon's Hide Sails Kent, which provided Northrop with the performance needed to win several events during 2015 as reported in the UK Nats post linked above.

With this win plus Saxton & Groves also taking this weekend Nacra 17 Europeans. the British sailors are putting on the water what England left on the field in current Rugby World Cup at home.
That was painful & hard to see even for an Argie! (But well I leave angry blind fanaticism for politicians & ignorants, if only people could learn from Veterans...)
Again quite happy for Simon, and I agree with you mate: 2015 is going to be difficult to top. But you have a once in a lifetime chance to win the F18 Worlds in .... Buenos Aires , Argentina! That would be quite an accomplishment, don´t you think? But is not going to be that easy eh! The local Argie fleet is on a Mission  for 2016! Official 2016 Worlds web at www.f18worlds2016.org.ar/
Additional Info & pics of the F18 & F16 Belgian Nats sent by Laurent Verbeek/Catacare.be:
"Past weekend we have had our Belgian F16 and F18 Nationals. We had very light weather forecast and on Saturday this only allowed us to have one race. From the beginning Simon and Josh from the UK took the lead in the F18 class. On Sunday we were much more lucky and could sail 4 races with wind between 5 and 12 knots, flat water and sun!

After 5 races Simon and Josh were still leading the ranking in the F18 class followed by Wim Deca and Koen Cleeren who are the first Belgian crew. In the F16 class, Henri Demesmaeker and Alec Bague showed they are well deserved European Champions and they took the first place.

You can find a report on the weekend on the international F18 website page: f18-international.org

Pictures of the event can be found on Belgian Multihull Association Facebook
Movie of the event here: youtube.com/watch?v=LrRUJMsYQmQ

Full results F16 here: www.osrc.be/files/Result%20F16.pdf
And results F18 here: www.osrc.be/files/Result%20F18.pdf

More images below...

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BAR Launches AC45 'Turbo' version

AC45s 'Turbo' are the ones with crew cockpit and modified to match AC72 from San Francisco plus latest design developments towards the AC48s which will race for the Cup at Bermuda in 2017.
The AC45 'F's , for Foiling are the standard spartan former floating AC45s with new foils.

Like Oracle & Artemis 'Turbo' versions , this Ben Ainslie Racing 45 looks like a weapon too. Definitely the best looking racing boats and even the most efficient due to their size/final speed ratio ever built.

Artemis versions in a quick comp: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2015/07/artemis-ac45s-overhauled-turbo-vs-v1-f.html

Legal Help

All these years I've been trying to help and connect many people in the background that have contacted me for x or y reason. And for me it's been a pleasure to be able to lend a hand to new projects, sailors and to promote our great sport.

I've always received good vibes from all in exchange, but recently I've been hit really low by someone I trusted. This hit is affecting my ability to continue normal daily life and would like to ask for the first time ever some help from the readers, this is NOT some monetary help as some other hard faces have asked but simply some legal counseling preferably in the US.

Sorry to bother with this, but I've never been so mad in my life, in the past I have left many issues or problems let by , but I wont let this one go that easy, I'm tired of doing charity for people who don´t need it. So if any sailor/lawyer is reading this please contact me at catsailingnews gmail com.

Italian "Classic A Union": 2015 Season report

Last year a branch of  former Italian A-Class sailors formed a new association based on the floating/skimming mode the official A-Class boats had before Mischa & Team New Zealand started seeking for new heights.

Below report of the Italian "Classic A Union" sent by Riccardo Mellina  Gottardo & Teo di Battista.
"It is for sure a countercurrent situation the one that characterized the first season of regattas of the Italian catamaran class “Unione A-Classica Catamarani”, because in a time when all sailing fans do nothing but talk of foil, flight, liberalization of the same and so on, it was hard to imagine that a class that closes on purpose in its rules to all sorts of opportunities to fly on 'water could be so successful.

The UACC has drawn from a reservoir of purists of sailing and catamaran in particular that still love to feel the flow of the waves beneath their hulls and to choose the correct side of the course, without much caring of the update of their own boats, thing that in the flying boats of today is taking over in the knowledge of tactics, strategy and navigation which the old fashion of sailing ever taught us, instead focusing attention on what every racer can spend in terms of time and money in maintaining always its own catamaran pace with the sweeping changes that marine engineering, driven also by the enormous expenses of teams in America's Cup, will lead to our catamarans, main philosophy of UACC is in fact to return to give importance to the sailors and their skills at sea rather that their boats, as well as each sport worthy of the name should do.

In addition to the boats the great innovation of the UACC it was in the format of their races, which recorded unanimous praise, in fact the races, thanks to a modern regulation, were very competitive until the last mark, funny and attractive, also the part on the ground was not underestimated making the races attractive to fans and media.

The racing season of the UACC began in May with the first national race in San Benedetto del Tronto, at the local Navy League, which has recorded more than twenty participants, which shall remain constant throughout the events, with the victory of Stefano Casadei, was then held in June, the first Italian championship at Nimbus Surfing Club of Marina di Pietrasanta, which saw the Tuscan ruler Alberto Farnesi, who then repeated his success in the next race in July at the Compagnia della Vela in Rome of Bracciano Lake, the last race of the circuit took place in Bellaria-Igea Marina at the sailing Club Rio Pircio which was won by Teo Di Battista who on this occasion was also honored as overall winner of the whole circuit.

The 2016 season will see many updates of the format both on land and in water, and will have their stops in the same location of the previous year, with the only difference that the headquarters of the Italian Championship will be San Benedetto del Tronto, also, thanks to the numerous contacts with sponsors by the class itself and the individual clubs, will be a goal of the UACC, in line with their philosophies, diminish, if not eliminate, the registration fees for individual races, thus rendering them more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Already next year the class will put the challenge to attract more and more foreign competitors and help many other countries interested in setting up their own local class, exporting its philosophies and its format.

One can therefore define a success that the class led by President Teo Di Battista has in a single year attracted a total of sixty members and an average of twenty members to race numbers will surely increase since 2016". --

F18 ARG: Buenos Aires Week 2015

2016 Worlds venue at the Yacht Club Argentino facilities located within Buenos Aires City Downtown & Port area. Buenos Aires Week is the major event in South America with more than 500 boats from different Classes , all racing together a la Kiel Week.
The local F18 had a peak in 2011/2012 when 11 Arg crews flew to LA Worlds and we are slowly building it again with new sailors and the old guard towards next year F18 Worlds in Argentina.
Official Worlds web is online: www.f18worlds2016.org.ar

Speaking of the Old Guard, Juan Faustin , one the founding fathers of the Class and Juan Martín Benitez (Phantom), one of the first 29er kids to enter the local F18 and the best crew until he dedicated more hours to his studies , are leading after 8 races. Glad to see both performing, beyond being good sailors they are also two great guys who put plenty to form the local F18.
The Nr 1 local crew and also part of the initial F18 Arg members, Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (Nacra Infusion) scored 5 bullets out of 8 races but had two dncs which relegated them to 3rd overall with one discard. Results pending to be updated.

Next weekend we will have the 2015 South Americans at the same location within the same championship second week of racing, but scoring two different regattas as we did in 2011.
I'm still boatless, but working on assembling a good platform / mast & sails combo here and there with several providers to start racing again on my own F18.

New F18
This week I will publish info & more pics on the Exploder F18, happy to see some are already ordering theirs and I have the info that a top sailor will race one at next Australian Nats.

On F18 sails alternative we now have:
- Simon Northrop's Hide Sails set,
- Marton Balasz (former Ullman hungary) who has taken over Soldano's work with a new branded name Loft, "1 Design Sails"  (name used by the great Georgio Zuccoli in the past) ,
- Felix Egner working on a new Landenberger F18 set,
- The proven Infusion sails by Performance used by Gunnar & Fer on their last two World Titles
- And the North US excellent sails made for Mike Easton & Tripp Burd for the Falcon, we have a set here provided by North Arg which is being tested on an Infusion.

After Argentina 2016, we will have Denmark 2017 confirmed. On future Worlds  I wondered when the Class will return to Punta Ala for an F18 Worlds. The venue is just a perfect place to race and have some nice vacations. After Ireland, Argentina & Denmark we have our Nordic & Austral and expansion quota covered.

For me host every incoming A & F18 Worlds at Punta Ala.
I will try to attend after recovering from this year trip!... Only of course if I can get some miserable millionaires paying their due debts...

GC32s @Marseille: Alinghi 1st & Oman takes 2015 Series

Nacra 17 Europeans @Barcelona: Day 5

Image: Laura Carrau / BISC . Day 5 Sailing pics pending. -- Happy faces I imagine today like Lin Ea Centholt's above, as the fleet finally went out to race after two days of no sailing at Barcelona International Sailing Center. Four races held today and the two top spots remain the same with Saxton-Groves  & Bundock-Curtis in 2nd. Danes Norregaard-Viborg climb to 3rd and also the experienced Italian crew of Bissaro-Sicouri gained some places for a 4th overall.
Official web: www.nacra17barcelona2015.com

Top ten below, full results at nacra17barcelona2015.com/en/default/races/race-resultsall

GC32s @Marseille 2015: Day 2

All images by Sander van der Borch / Bullit GC32 Tour --
Ok... this guy is really good and I have no more adjectives left for Sander's shots. He always grab some special moment when you can shoot 1000 similar pics of a foiling GC32 he comes out with these two. Take a good look at Oman/Outteridge one, it seems like a Delta Force Unit preparing to jump from the Sikorsky Black Hawk with the Pilot on cruising mode and in full control while the crews... well check their faces. Click all images for HQ.

Day 2 Results , report and more images at www.gc32racing.com
D2 Video wrapup below...

St Barts Catacup 2015

New Edition of the most exclusive catracing event in the World. Above teaser for 2015. Bowers footage is unique but these steady shots above of the F18s at St Barts are as impressive, super stable steady cam.
On this year top riders attendance to the event Carolijn & Darren will back to the Island after both racing in the past with Jeroen van Leeuwen, details at stbarthcatacup.com/gbr/

Nacra 17 Europeans 2015 @Barcelona: No Racing for Days 3 & 4

Photo left Laura Carrau/BISC: Bundy taking care of his foils. -
No racing yesterday at Barcelona due to high winds and waves, today postponement due to no wind at all.

- Current results after six races at nacra17barcelona2015.com
- Additional info  & videos at Barcelona International Sailing Center FB
- Live Tracking (when wind permts..) www.tractrac.com
- Image Gallery by Laura Carrau at nacra17barcelona2015.com

Nacra 17 Europeans 2015 @Barcelona: Day 2, & Santi Lange's health news

Holland Composites launches & updates G4 #2

Doc sent by Holland Composites update on the G4 formatted to the post below.
Good to see the project is still alive and HC have addressed additional systems and some modifications like dagger case placement to this breakthrough piece of equipment, aka The weapon all hardcore Catsailors with the $ would have.
Looking back to that capsize now it looks so slow motion when I was expecting at the moment a spectacular frontal pitch or something like that.

The G4 was a special project since Day 1, and it continues to be an unique and niche targeted as none other big Cat out there.  Lest face it, if you want to cruise only you go for a Lagoon, if you want to do offshore crossings you go for a Catana. If you want to  race & foil you go for a GC32.

This G4 is One of a Kind and falls somehow in between the 3 concepts with focus on performance, with all the preparations and experience you will need to aim for that purpose.

Check below some interesting technical data and Mischa's updated comments on the G4 sailing modes and how were the sail and foil test stages done so far plus Shannon Falcone experience sailing it back to US mainland from St Martin-
>>The G4 the true performance cruiser catamaran that can fly.<<
"Lots of things have happened in the last months but your last memory could still be the spectacular capsize. As we are in the middle of the build for G4 #2 and we  attended the first Boat Show, we thought it be a good moment to give you all an update on the G4.

Short recap: Holland composites designed and produced the 4 time world champ DNA A-cat and was the first to bring efficient foiling into the Class. Based on that hull shape and by using the same pre-preg / nomex autoclave production process we designed the first ever 40 foiling cruising cat (in St Martin named as the first flying fridge!) Gunboat had a few bigger models and was looking for a smaller more performance driven cat in their series.

The DNA design team is led by Holland Composites’ managing partner Pieterjan Dwarshuis and beside him exists out of Industrial designer Rudo Enserink and top Cat sailor and foiling specialist Mischa Heemskerk . Rudo hasn’t a sailing background at all, which is very refreshing to think out of the ‘Yachting box’.
Doug Shickler of ST yacht is our partner for verification and optimising structural matters .

St Martin will never be the same after last April 2015.
Many of you followed our first steps in foiling a 40 ft cruising cat (6 berths, head, sink, fridge and fully equipped outdoor galley) in a rough sea state like no AC cat would survive. Beautiful pictures where taken and some nice and impressive video where shot. Then we flipped and all went silent but the work never stopped behind the scenes. Check video below with Mischa’s comment on the capsize :

Shortly after Peter Johnstone and Shannon Falcone did the crossing from St Martin to NC 1300 nm in 5 days. Shannon gave a presentation of this magnificent cruising trip on the G4 during the foiling week. Great video of his experience with the G4 : www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsIdGZenJWE

This tough trip delivered heaps of good info about the behaviour at sea . Great experience for us to optimise the boat in all details .
We engineered new systems to make the boat easier to sail shorthanded, more safe and more relaxed.

What’s new from build nr 2 onwards:
Design of hull and construction will not be changed, we simply had no structural issues at all in the structure, though the structure was tested to the extreme several times including the capsize !

The foiling worked pretty well out of the box. Dagger board position has been brought 35 cm more forward for even better balance during the flight.
Hydraulics are added for easier control of board up and down as well for the daggerboard and rudder rake settings. (Photo 5 hydraulic up/ down/rake )

Using more hydraulics enables us to integrate safety systems that react on pre-set heel angles.
Automatic and fast quick releases are developed for safety.
Using hydraulics makes the deck plan more clean and handling possible for a shorthanded crew, even while racing.
By using electrical winches for hoisting sails we will give you more cruising convenience.

Isn’t there a weight penalty when all this systems are on board? Yes and no. We were already very lightweight and we carried a lot of excess water around in the big oversized daggerboard trunks we built in boat # 1 for tuning reasons . The hydraulics will brings some extra weight , but the reduction of weight because of the smaller trunk , and optimised layup of the structure the boat will become even lighter then the first boat !
Ready to sail with hydraulics for less then 3 tonnes displacement!

Nr 2 being built as we speak.
The customer for # 2 will get the new systems on board and production is well underway.
All composite parts are manufactured, we have started assembling and plan launching before the end of this year. We can give you a scoop to, colouring will be “Ferrari red” how cool is that.

So now you know: the project is still alive and actually has changed from an unbelievable project to a series build performance cruising yacht that foils.

Would you like to have more information don’t hesitate to contact us at DNA@hollandcomposites.nl
Our state of the art facility is in the middle of Holland with airport just around the corner. Please come and give us a visit during the build of one of the G4’s, we are happy to show you around and give you all information you want.

Wish you all fast foiling with save flights, DNA by Holland

Tanzacat 2015

Irish Open Multihull Championships 2015

Nacra 17 Europeans 2015 @Barcelona: Day 1

C-Class Cup 2015: Team Sentient Blue Interview

Images Pierrick Contin & Ricardo de Rosario.--
The C-Class is the pinnacle for racing cats development, their past work on R&D has set the basis for Oracle's key asset to win over Alinghi in 2010. Pioneers in Wing sail implementation the Cs have always attracted engineers from several aereas, specially  Aerospace background professionals like those behind Team Sentient Blue / www.sentientblue.com

The Team wanted to initiate the path towards designing and building their own C-Class. Participating at Geneva with a well proven boat like Alpha, was a good move and it will bring the team the chance to show in the future all the aeronautical know how being materialized in a brand new boat. Good to know they will also work with the As, a Class which is offering right now the biggest design challenge and is surprisingly being overlooked by many AC Teams,

Below interview with Tehcnical Director Saïf-Deen Akanni.
- CSN: Who were behind launching the team and which were the motivations behind the project?John Downey, Sito Aviles and I (Saïf-Deen Akanni) launched the concept of Sentient Blue. Sito is indirectly involved, as he is finishing the wing rigged and modified A Class at Balance Arquitectura Naval in Murcia, Spain, as well as his other projects in Dubai. The intention was to use Sentient Blue to demonstrate the ability to bring aerospace methods and tools to bear in a high performance, marine environment. In particular we focused on wing sails and hydrofoils.

The path we have followed so far is to understand what is currently being produced as state of the art

Nacra 17 Euros 2015 @Barcelona: Day 1 Live Track link

Photo: Laura Carrrau / BISC - Live Tracking at tractrac.com/web/event-page/event_20150928_NacraEurop/651/
Official Web nacra17class.com/europeans-2015-barcelona/
Entry List nacra17class.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Participants-dd-23-September.pdf

MOD70 Phaedo 3 'Cruising' at 35knots

September 2015. Phaedo3 breaks another speed record. Video below shot by Phaedo3 Navigator Miles Seddon while reaching 35knots.- /
Photos & Report by Rachel Jasperen
Phaedo3 smashes the Cross Channel World Sailing Speed Record
After achieving two world records last week, Phaedo3 screeched out of the Solent bound for Dinard, Brittany just before 9am on Tuesday 22nd September. A mere 4 hours, 49 minutes and 51 seconds later Lloyd Thornburg and his crew, heavily reefed, and in large seas crossed the line off Dinard smashing the record set by Lending Club 2 this April. Not only did the crew of Phaedo3 beat the larger multihull’s record, but they did it by over 25 minutes (still to be ratified by the WSSRC).

At a very rough finish line off the Northern Brittany coast, Lloyd Thornburg reported that their average speed on this course was 28.7 knots. They also recorded a top speed of 40.9 knots.
Crew on board for the record: Lloyd Thornburg, Brian Thompson, Miles Seddon, Pete Cumming, Robert Greenhalgh, Sam Goodchild and Warren Fitzgerald.

D35s: 2015 Trophy for Team Tilt

Press Release sent by MaxComm/Team Tilt
Team Tilt wins 2015 D35 Trophy after thrilling final showdown on Lake Geneva :
"Team Tilt’s D35 season victory went to the wire on Saturday with the final result coming down to the final leg of the final race of the season. Team Tilt managed to fend off Alinghi and third-placed Mobimo to win the regatta and the season trophy, with Alinghi finishing second and Ladycat, powered by Spindrift on the third step of the podium.

The 2015 D35 Trophy caps a dominant season on Lake Geneva for helmsman Sebastien Schneiter and the Team Tilt squad.

Geneva, Switzerland – 27 September 2015 – Helmsman Sebastien Schneiter and the Team Tilt squad put in a cool-headed performance on Lake Geneva on Saturday at the closing D35 Grand Prix of the season