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A-Class: Learning to Foil the Exploder (Part III)

Unusual cold rainy winter this year, so not much sailing. The F18s have been racing and training for the Worlds past months, but the 'Panzer tanks' can sail in almost any condition, with the F18 you can go out and charge +25knots and hard chop/waves.  With the A for me the plan is always to enjoy , easy going style. I've been out with breeze and waves but equipment care is a concern, more when is not yours...

Past Tuesday I could get a good climate window, along baby sitting helping Mom with our 2 months beautiful girl (and third child). 18° Celsius , rather flat with a nice North Eastern, not super steady but excellent to test only for the second time a winglet upgrade I made to the Exploder A14. (check pics left)

First time out with the new wiglets was some months ago, a similar but colder day. That day  when the breeze came up I couldn´t control the bow down attitude (it was crazy a la AC45 Turbo). After the upgrade I maintained previous symmetric section winglets rake as a starting point, but the new assy section from Jakub & Gonzalo is way too efficient and I couldn´t pitch level the A, not even with boards at full back position.

I had to come back and set less rake (outwards transom) to level bow, and use less foil rake too.
The setting stayed there for many weeks, until Tuesday I went out again with mentioned conditions.
12knots maybe of wind, good pressure for moments, it was ideal to test the new settings.

I immediately noticed a leveled and higher flight, without hard dropdowns or sustentation loss from previous winglets.
Once up you could work your mainsheet and body trim to keep height, also the flight felt much more solid and the new trim from first sail out was pretty safe pitch wise. Previously I had to lift mainfoils a bit to get better pitching stability, as seen in Learning part II.

Another great thing is how the winglets maintain the flow when you helm rather hard, with a little sideways small chop you need to 'drive' along them together with sheet trim.
I'm using now an F18 8:1 system, but the rope is touching center block at exit from the base (top cuad is not rotating that freely) so the sheet in-out is not that smooth as before, which is critical for fine tuning sensitive while airborne.

If you watch Learning to Foil the Exploder part I and Part 2, you will notice in this clip that I'm able to maintain a clear flight much longer, which is result of more hours, but I assign major improvements to the winglet upgrades, also part I has original 2014 foils, which I might test again along these new elevators.

- Foiling Tips
I've been asked for tips to learn to foil... better watch video the British A-Class Association has posted in yt,  the best clinic I've seen yet with Chris Field explaining at detail all concepts and how to address your first flights. Video embedded below.

From my learning process experience I can tell you again: Put lots of hours , latest equipment is not necessary at all.
Start going out with 6-9 knots, put boards in full rake and force the boat to literally 'willie' downwind or try to take off, with that wind strength you have not much risks , and you can feel how the boat reacts, so will get comfortable and learn to react.

- Winglet Trim
Depending on winglets version you might want to go from +1 to -1° rake.
As described above if you have a bow tendency to pitch, you need less winglet rake: Trim outwards transom from your current position.

In contrast if you have to much pointing up and poor control go for a more neutral rake: Inwards transom (from your current position).
Winglet rake elevates or push down your transom, which affects directly your pitching stability.

What I found with these new wingltes is that they override the board rake trim, pretty incredible such a tiny wing can rule over bigger more area main foils.

- Board Setup
After your winglet trim, board setup is easier as can be done while sailing, concept is the same:
Rake foil back and your nose will rise, uncleat fully and you will level down the platform.

Neutral rake in both systems is always faster.
But then again , for those starting I recommend to force foiling in light to medium winds, and progressively start going out with more breeze.

- Trveller position: As pointed out many times, and  at least in the Exploder I found opening widely the traveler gives you extra lateral stability, you fight less to cross level the platform. Check videos how open I always trim it.
On the Dnas  I've sailed here, it doesn´t work that good, you need a more centered trim.

- Speed
As are pretty fast, I reached 19knots that day (or 35,5km by Sony cam gps) , in 12-13 knots is quite a bit. You feel much adrenaline, but you need to go for it and push even harder to have better control, if you doubt and freeze yourself the boat will take command and get ready for a crash or pitch if sailing above medium range winds.

Spare me that shouts/laughs on the video...! But it is always a great sense of accomplishment when you realize you are starting to control flights. having no automatic system is harder but more rewarding in every way. More when you have that immense river and wind conditions for yourself, is called 'Buenos Aires' for a reason..

Will do more sessions  to find best winglet trim and then will sail with Felix / Landy's decksweeper, which will provide surely more stable flight.

- Upgrades
The good thing of current A-Class devel is that you can do upgrades and keep the boat uptodate, when funds available I will go for a Z10 foil upgrade. For the time being two new winglets replacement made plenty of difference with a little investment.

Contact Jakub at to get your set (only winglets are need to updrade, I kept old rudder blades). There is also a newer version of these winglets, curved and with bulb.
Felix will get you a new Deck Sweeper or will cut your old one: , your local loft can modify old ones too as we did here.
Always wear helmet and life vest, our official provider is Forward WIP.

Thanks to their support plus Dna, Scheurer, Dynaflex, IS&D3 and all CSN past sponsors, I'm able to dedicate my life to sail cats and to maintain this website, which by the way I feel really privileged on that fact, more in current global times...

- Pro Expert Tips
Find below  tips fro a Pro and real expert like Chris Field / British Assoc foiling Clinic / - Photo: Chris at Punta Ala Worlds 2016 by


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Italian & German F18 Nats 2016 @Circolo Vela Arco: Day 0

Pics & links sent by Allessandro Pelliccia - Good iniatitve by the Italian & German associations to join events and gather more boats (50-60 F18s)  specially at Circolo Vela Arco, which usually provides great conditions, needless to speak on the scenery, for the F18s and also for the A-Class slring championships. Pics from today, I recognize those bow in the mirror... ALso good to see girls racing in the F18, here in Arg right now, the best crew is youth Eugenia Bosco who is winning races no matter the helm she sails with. More info next week after Arg local event ends.
Garda Racing starts tomorrow.

Links to follow the event:
facebook formula18 Italia
twitter @18_formula
streaming YouTube Formula18 Italia
tracking U-Track
facebook Circolo Vela Arco

Soft Bank Team Japan: First Foiling Tack

Video Source: Soft Bank Team Japan -  The hard L foils are elevating the game plenty for next Americas Cup at Bermuda. With the lessons learned from SF , AC teams are optimizing foil shape & sections to pursue the holly grail of 100% foiling time.
Little changes make great diff, on Tuesday I could test new Exploder Winglets and it's incredible how affects foiling. More later on this, preparing a post / video.
Nice to see Barker, Draper and Softbank Team pushing the limits, wait for them to have Waterhouse onboard...

Long Distance @Lac de Joux 2016

Photo: Swiss Flying Phantom Series
Last weeks I received a mail asking if an A was a good Long Distance racing machine. I replies that in my view it has a limited range in calm downwind (no spi) or high winds where an F18 or even the Flying Phantom / Nacra F20s can handle plenty of breeze and waves.

Below report sent by Sandro Caviezel who along Sascha Wallmer participated in the 50e Bol d'OR de la Vallée de Joux  with really good result for an up & downwind course for the G7 against other double handed foiling or bigger cats.  Still the Flying Phantom remains more versatile for a Long Distance, but it seems if you can race in a Lake in Switzerland or any other rather reasonabke wind range then you might have a good chance to put your A-Cat to a test. 
Long distance race in Switzerland. 
"At the start we could not yet fly with the Scheurer G7 A-cats but as the wind picked up a little, we could close the gap to the other flying boats. But amazing how well the A performed in the end.

Lac de Joux is a little lake in the Alps ( Map)

The race was a pure up and down as the wind was in the direction of the lake. We had to make three rounds (top mark at one end of the lake and bottom mark on the other). Conditions were light to medium. 
At the start there was not enough wind for the A-Class to foil so we lost quite a lot as it was a downwind start and we got passed by all the boats with Spinnaker up.... 
But just a few minutes after the start we could start foiling,  wind strength was changing all the time so hard to give a value but it was around 10 knots with puffs up to 15knots and some lulls with less than 5 knots. 

It was impressive how we could keep up with the other boats. Downwind the Flying Phantom were faster (vmg) but upwind we could catch up quite a lot. There were also monohulls racing and so there was one Moth competing. It was the fastest boat on the track. Downwind the difference was not so big but upwind the Moth was just gone.... 

It's a pity that the monohulls only had to do 2 rounds around the course and the catamarans 3 as in the last round there was less wind (So maybe the Moth would have dropped of the foils from time to time). But in any case it makes no sense to compare the different boats - it was just pure foiling fun and really cool to have all the different boats on the race course."

Top 5 Multi  Real Time
1. Flying Phantom 2:22:54
2. Nacra 20 Carbon (C-boards) 2:23:50
3. Flying Phantom 2:25:00
4. A-Cat Scheurer G7 2:25:23

Top ten Multi Corrected - Full Results Multi here
Pos Sail Crew
Boat Class Handicap Real Time Corrected Time
1 1 CAVIEZEL Sandro Scheurer A 0.981 02:25:23 2:28:11:94
2 11 WALLMER Sascha Scheurer A 0.981 02:28:14 2:31:06:25
3 51 MINARDI Jean-Richard LABERENNE Guillaume Nacra Infusion 1 02:37:46 2:37:46:00
4 108 DUFOUR Emmanuel CHIOVINI Stéphane Ventilo Pulso 20 0.963 02:32:45 2:38:37:13
5 902 VAUCHER Michel FROIDEVAUX Thierry Ventilo Pulso 20 0.961 02:32:30 2:38:41:33
6 190 VEZ Laurent Flyer A 0.989 02:36:58 2:38:42:75
7 21 BARBARIN Bruno SCHMIDT Cédric Flying Phantom 0.89 02:22:54 2:40:33:70
8 1702 KERR Aurore POTTIER Arthur Nacra F16 1.035 02:47:12 2:41:32:75
9 5SUI SCHNEITER Alex JONSSON Kristoffer Flying Phantom 0.89 02:25:00 2:42:55:28
10 223 BEGUELIN Laurent MOTTIER Frédéric Tornado
0.944 02:34:12 2:43:20:84

F18 Italian & German Nats 2016 @Garda , 25-28 August

Aove: video at Arco from 2014 --- Info sent by Alessandro Pellicia / Formula 18 Italia : "From 25th to 28th of August the Italian Nationals and German Open Championships will be held at Arco Alto Garda.
We will have tracking on board in every boat and if possible a start live tracking on Formula 18 italian Youtube channel."

Stunt 9s will be avaiable for Testing @Newport Foiling Week, Sept 8-11

Sent by Charlie Mayer: "The two S9s from Texas will soon be in Newport for The Foiling Week event, September 8-11.
We'll have a couple of guys from the S9 Foiling Team Texas to show you the boats also Michele's friend Federico to race and help out.

If you would like to get on the list to trial one of the boats, please pm (Charlie Mayer) me at charliepmayer gmail com".

Rio 2016 Olympics: Medal Race Live Replay

Those in the US go to
Our coverage & reports of Rio 2016 Olympics:

A-Class Dutch Nats @Hellecat 2016: PJ Dwarshuis Champ

A-Class 2016 Polish Nats: Tymek Bendyk Champ

M32 Exhibition @Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Perth

Sent by Susan Ghent / Video of the event here
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Perth hosted the M32 Interclub Swan River Exhibition Race Series

"The M32 Interclub Swan River Exhibition Race Series drew a huge crowd to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to watch the spectacular catamaran racing. Spectators enjoyed the magnificent view from the Club grounds and live video display on large screens around the venue. Perched high on Keane’s Point, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club is ideally positioned to showcase the exhilarating M32 racing in the natural amphitheatre which is Freshwater Bay. Expert race commentators Ed Fethers and Ben Durham added a professional touch to the day. For those who could not get to the venue, the afternoon streamed live on YouTube. Watch the replay here.

A group initiative between M32 Australia and four sailing clubs in Perth, each of the boats represented a local Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (RFBYC), Royal Perth Yacht Club (RPYC), South of Perth Yacht Club (SoPYC) and Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC). Sailors from a variety of backgrounds both young and old raced alongside each other. It was great to see well known match racing sailors working together with Etchells, dinghy, keelboat and even a few multihull crews. It showed that the M32 is easy for any sailor to make the transition on to the boats and sail them well. David Mills from M32 Australia mentioned, “The M32 is built with simplicity and having only a few control lines is easily powered up making it quite easy to transition from one to two hulls.”

Racing started off slowly with sunshine but a very light south westerly wind. It doesn’t take much to

Rio Olympics 2016, Nacra 17: Waterhouse & Darmanin

Photo: Beau Outterdige / Australian Sailing Team.  - We told you many times Jason & Lisa were Olympic Medal 'material', check Jason's interview from October 2010"...I wrote in the past that Jason was going to be the 2020 Olympics Gold Medalist, but with Lisa they are accelerating time frames and already targeting Rio 2016..."

The Wonder kids from Australia were too close to destroying my prediction by a full Olympic cycle. They were so close for the Gold at Rio, but they should fell highly satisfied on their achievement.
Filling  Bundock & Ashby shoes is not an easy task, Australia long time tradition on Multis has been honored plenty and this Silver Medal is only a preview of things to come.
Jason will continue working also now towards Bermuda 2017 with Softbank Team Japan, and I'm sure he will be given AC50 helm position. He should either way.

Congrats also to coach Andrew Landenberger. what a busy past years for Landy, managing as President the greatest change/turmoil the A-Class has endure since its foundation (transition towards foiling) and in parallel being head coach for the Australian Nacra 17 team.

Being a Tornado Olympic silver medalist himself (along Mitch Booth) Landy provided his long time experience & knowledge to an already fast crew, but as we all saw, Olympics need special preparation and mental skills. In the Medal Race Jason & Lisa went for it fully showing they were indeed prepared to assume the great responsibility they were assigned.

Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin  on their first Olympics: A Silver Medal.
Start counting......

Rio 2016 Olympics, Nacra 17: Lange & Carranza

To end the Olympic weeks nothing better to view again the interview made by World Sailing to Santi & Ceci after the Gold. Ceci did not have health problems but I can assure you it was tough campaign for her too as I wrote on Tuesday.
You can read hundreds of reports, but watching the story being told by them provides you a real dimension of what they've achieved at Rio.

Rio 2016 Olympics, Nacra 17 Medal Race Day, Lange & Carranza Champs

Update: Sorry for the delay on the final data, but I just couldn´t believe what happened in Rio.... Forget about twits while racing, that medal race was too much to bare for us , remember about being Argie and suffering? Try to watch the race again, someone will make a movie on Santi Legend Lange's life and this Gold Medal along a focused & tough sailor like Ceci who was key today for their gold.

Full report & regatta sump up next along pics.

Great racing by all specially the top 3 in this MR, Gemma & Jason, Jason & Lisa and Thomas & Tanja, full respect for Billy & Marie as posted in Twitter earlier and sorry for our friends Vitto & Silvia. Only words right now for the French & the Italians is: Just look at Santi history, still much left for you guys.

Final top 10 results & Twitter feed below , full at

Rio 2016 Olympics: Day 8

All images Sailing Energy / World Sailing - Locals Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze currently in 3rd overall. Next shot: Lange kids, who scored today an impressive 8,2 & 2 series, the last one was head to head with Burling & Tuke,  both boats way in front the rest of the fleet.
The ARG crew went from 16th to 5th overall, but a protest by IRL mins ago put a dsq in Race 7.

Nevertheless a great performance under pressure for Yago & Klaus, it is not easy carrying the Lange name around, less in an Olympic regatta, but these two Argentinian youth showed today great guts and drive to put those numbers against a fleet filled with top notch Americas Cup talent , earning a deserved respect on their own sailing skills, as already did in last 49er worlds held in San Isidro.
Once on shore a local major sport network interviewed them while their father washed ARG 49er... that was surely one the greatest scenes & memories these games will leave.

Artemis crews Nathan  Outteridge & Iain Jensen were way back in standings before the day started but once more the Australians got back, I recall by now several low starts for them will later recovery to top 3.

In the 49er FX  fleet SPA Echegoyen & Betanzos lead after 9 races, two bullets for the day, second place for Maloney & Meech from NZL and third BRA Grael & Kunze.

Laser Medal Races were postponed for tomorrow to lack of wind, with sudden & late 25knots gusts.
Full results for all classes at

Rio 2016 Olympics, Nacra 17 Day 3

All great images by Sailing Energy / World Sailing , full gallery at WS fb  -- Images by Capizzano Here .
Unbelievable what Billy & Marie are doing, also needless to praise 'grandpa' Lange & Ceci Carranza plus Jason & Lisa who keep leading. All being said in previous posts, specially and specifically on Day 2
Still much to go:  3 more races and the Medal Race pending.

But what a great day! Do you want to know what it means to be an Argie? Just watch Del Potro semi match against Nadal... and then watch Basket vs Brasil today, all happening at the same time along Nacra 17 races. Argentina = Suffering , in any imaginable aspect you can think off, being sport, life, country. I have a strong heart though!
We are a disaster as mentioned many times, but from time to time we give ourselves a break, I still remember 2004 Olympics: Gold in Basket, Football and Bronze in Tornado.

Do you want to know what happened (& why) today Saturday in the Nacra 17 Class? Just read my analysis and report from Friday (Day 2) and copy-paste in space below:
Full results below and at
Live updates: Saturday marks the third day for the Nacras 17 at Rio 2016 Olympics - Links to results & tracking below website main banner.

49er - Yesterday I watched the 49er races ,  in awe seeing the Danish crew missing the last mark before the finish leading Burling & Tuke. But the second the Kiwis showed they have an extra gear.
Two bullets for them on both races completed. 49er Results Here
Sailing Energy gallery at World Saling Fb  & by Matias Capizzano at his fb web

- Nacra 17  HQ Images by Sailing Energy & Day 2 Report  Here
- Follow Day 3 Live updates in our Twitter account.

Update: Billy & Marie 1,1,&2 imagine them without a broken back for Besson...  then Lange-Carranza applying medal hunting mode, read our Day 2 report & analysis and you'll understand how things developed today:

Later Day full report + pics.
Day 3 Results  after 9 Races, also available at

Rio 2016 Olympics: Nacra 17 Day 2, New Generation Charging

Impressive set of pics, all images courtesy of Daniel Smith / World Sailing & Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy Photographer Team. Click images for HQ & Slidehow. Thursday gallery for all classes at World Sailing Fb. Some complained on the venue with reason on the water problems, but in the end Rio is really a special place --

Nacra 17 Day 2 , Four Races completed in the breeze.
A tough day at the office for the Olympic sailors. Rio provided the wind power to complete 4 races with the Nacras 17 reaching 20knots downwind.
The fleet (or at least the majority of it) has been sailing, competing & training for 4 years preparing themselves for such conditions. The high wind specialists had their day with windsurfer Nicole van der Velden & F18 World Champ Thijs Visser dominating in the first and last race of the day , both bullets for the Aruban crew.

In between the wonder kids from Australia, Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin showed us that indeed they were prepared to compete in Rio for the medals, two bullets of their own in the 2nd & 3rd race of the day to grab the lead of the Olympic regatta.

The British squad had a great team during the campaign, the internal competition gave an additional drive to Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves. Scoring upto now all top 5 minus the discard (a 7th...!) they have put themselves in tie for the lead with the Aussies.

The new generations have done their catracing performance experience mainly in F18 , also in the F16, and two of them put pedal to the metal to climb to third overall, Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri started the day with two protests wins from yesterday, but it was clear the Italians are hunting the podium on the water, placing three consecutive 3rds and a 7th in the last race of the day.

New Zealanders Gemma Jones & Jason Saunders had a progressive performance: 7,5,4 & 2 to secure a fourth overall. SUI Matias Buhler & Nathalie Brugger had sadly bad day: 6,19,11 & 18 or a 7th behind AUT Zajak-Frank.

All crews in the top 4 are young powerful sailors who had shown already excellent performance including wins during the last 4 years campaign, you need to add inherited longtime catsailing skills before coming to the Olympic arena for AUS & ITA. Handling & speed pay high dividends when the breeze is on, relegating a bit tactics and long time know how.

But the 'old' guard went to Rio to keep their glory alive. Tornado legend Santi Lange and Ceci Carranza weren´t going to let the kids to steal the show opening a difficult gap to hunt in coming days.
Lange himself told our major sport network he had a tough day on the short course (also remember he comes from a lung surgery). He was happy still (he should) on their good average performance_ 13,2,12 & 6 , an excellent result for the day considering the talented kamikaze youngsters he had in front.
The Argentinians stands in 5th overall in medal zone for the moment.
Still 6 races to go and the final double point Medal Race.

So the pressure will go now to the new generation top guns in the top 4, leading the fleet and with discard margin for them all they are set for great things, but this is the Olympic Regatta, at the end of the day the kids will need to combine their speed with temper , knowing there is a guy who has won medals in the last two Multihull Olympics and will try to apply cruising mode upto the MR to play his final cards.
The Aussies have another 'old Fox' to help them out, Tornado Olympics Silver medalist Andrew Landenberger is coaching them. SUI is also backed by Landy's Olympic teammate, another living Legend like Mitch Booth who raced against Lange at Beijing.

With the actual scenario being described above, it's still necessary to mention that if one crew demonstrated handling, speed and Master winning tactics to the point of being untouchable in the past four years those sailors would be Billy Besson & Marie Riou.
They cannot be taken out of the equation or analisys, they literally destroyed the competition in any condition and venue you can think of,  they are only being restricted now to dominate at Rio due to Billy sudden back disk problem. The French are holding 15th overall.

Lets put it this way: Someone at the end of the event will 'owe' them a Medal.
Day 2: Follow live updates from our twitter bar below. Above links for results & tracking embedded and fixed in every CSN page below main banner. Report from Day 1 at   -

Full report later along pics when available. Results after today's 4 races below & here

fb video