Oct 19, 2017

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2017

Some of the images selected for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2017. Vote for your favorite at www.yachtracingimage.com/gallery/contest-2017/

Oct 18, 2017

A-Class North Americans 2017 @San Diego YC: Wrap-up video

Video by Moagel Pioneer Media Haus  / moagel.com & sent by Bailey White / US Class Assoc. Great video but leaves you wanting to see more footage, from Struble for ie. Excellent foiling conditions for this 2017 NAs held at San Diego Yacht Club.

- NAs 2017  Report by Bruce Mahoney here
- Results: here

2017 Saint-Barth Cata Cup on Schedule

Image by Pierrcik Contin - Great effort by the organization to being able to held this year edition. Press release sent by stbarthcatacup.com
The Saint-Barth Cata Cup On Schedule!
No one will soon forget that on the night of September 5 to 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma, one of the most devastating storms of the century, unleashed its full fury on the island of Saint Barthélemy. In the past weeks, with an enormous display of solidarity, the residents have been actively working toward the island’s reconstruction, with one common goal: that daily life should get back to normal. Motivated by that shared objective, as well as their energy and courage, the organizers of the Saint-Barth Cata Cup decided to maintain the 10th edition of the event on November 13-20, 2017. The challenge is huge, but with the support of the sponsors and encouragement from the racers, everyone felt it was important to bring such activities, as well as hope and joy back to Saint-Barth.

“The decision to hold this 10 th anniversary edition of the Saint-Barth Cata Cup or not after the

Oct 17, 2017

Argentine Código Rojo Racing' GC32 heads to Punta del Este

Video filmed & edited by Juan Faustín. I couldn't travel to test the GC32 in Europe, so my friends of the 'Código Rojo Racing' GC32 will bring it to the Southern hemi for us to have a good ride at Punta del Este this summer. The Argentine team participating in the GC32 Racing Tour will be training there towards the 2018 season.

French Foil Windsurfing Nats @St Malo: Images by Eric Bellande

Oct 16, 2017

Bordeaux Cataraid 2017: Images by Christophe Pit

GC32 Racing tour @Marseille OD 2017: Zoulou 1st, Real Team tour Champ

All images Gilles Martin Raget & GC32 Racing Tour press. - Pics & report sent by GC32 Racing Tour www.gc32racingtour.com
Champagne for Zoulou, caviar for Realteam Victors were crowned on this final day of Marseille One Design, also the last day of competition on the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour.

Esteban Garcia’s Realteam, skippered by Jérôme Clerc, is the winner of the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour. Following her victories at Riva and a ‘come from behind’ win in Calvi, Realteam’s third place at Marseille One Design was enough for the Swiss team to claim the overall Tour prize in 2017. Six points behind was American Jason Carroll’s Argo, just one ahead of Naofumi Kamei’s Mamma Aiuto! from Japan.

While Realteam’s championship victory looked almost secure this morning, Clerc said they had to

Oct 14, 2017

GC32 Racing Tour @Marseille OD 2017: Day 3

A-Cat North Americans 2017 @San Diego YC: Report by Bruce Mahoney

Images & report sent by Bailey White / US Class Assoc / Bruce Mahoney.  Bruce had a good Worlds at Sopot and continues to elevate his level. Back in 2015 North Americans he got second behind Matt Struble. At San Diego he was the only taking bullets from Mischa in perfect foiling conditions, a god sign of Bruce level. Below his report of past week North Americans held at San Diego Yacht Club.
2017 A Class North Americans
By Bruce Mahoney

The 50th Anniversary of the A Class North American Championship was held in San Diego Bay on October 5th-8th. Hosted by San Diego Yacht Club, the event was held on the Silver Strand State Beach which is halfway down Coronado Island. The sailing area was well protected with flat water and great racing conditions for the Classics and Foilers alike.

San Diego is a long way from the larger East Coast fleets in the US, but the A Catters saddled up and

Oct 12, 2017

Rapido 60' Trimaran Sailing @Hauraki Gulf

Yesterday we published a 42 foot Trimaran from Grainger, a performance cruiser. Rapido Trimarans / rapidotrimarans.com have gone farther in size with their 60' offering.  Designed by another multihull specialists like Morrelli & Melvin. This boat looks like a dream come true for those waning to cruise and go fast as possibly can be done for such wide internal space and accommodation distribution. Great design by Morrelli & Melvin. Check video above from the Hauraki Gulf with nice drone shots.

Ferdinand van West (former F18 World Champ working with MM) comments on the Rapido 60:  "The second boat got launched in NZ, I  sailed #01 in the Med the other day and we were doing 14knots upwinds whilst cooking in the spacious kitchen

One of the Rapido 60 Innovative solutions are the discontinuous beams which end in strong autoclaved beam bulkheads, providing a much better walk-through interior layout through the mainhull.

Its a really nice concept. A Cruising boat with lots of space to live but also storage and at the same time you have the performance of an F18".-
Below pics of  boat #1 lines, plus interior accomodations:

G32s @Marseille One Design 2017: Day 1

F18 Decksweeper by 1D

We've been publishing F18 Decksweeper Mainsails from Mischa, Goodall, Brewin & Oxo. This is one to the left is from Marton Balazs / 1D Sails.

After some initial tests & feedback Marton has come up with the first in-factory designed foot '' 'flap' I've seen so far. Till now in the A-Class for ie has been used it but as an add-on.

For this new F18 DS cut (Loft picture below) the flap comes from the original design. This feature its necessary when you apply full cunningham to your F18 mainsail, if not you will get a deformation as seen in some F18 DS first versions. Batten placement is key as we wrote in previous  post earlier today.

Below comments from Marton Balazs on his DS design. Plus some virtual wind tunnel tests we did with the Scorpion & his standard & DS sails. More material in the future about the tests. More pics & info on 1D go to fb web / onedesignsails.com
1D DeckSweeper Main Sail by Marton Balazs
I was working on our DS sail just right after the last Australian F18 Nationals but put it aside as the 1D team sailed normal mainsails at the Worlds. After the regatta, as many requests came from customers as well, I have finalized the first version and launched the first serial production sails.

The first sail got 4th on the Spanish Nationals on a Shockwave.

Due to other projects, I was running lots of analysis and looking for the effect of the gap between the tramp and sail, and how the snuffer disturbs the flow around the lower part of the sail and the interaction with the jib.

After this work, I had a quite good view to decide in which direction to go. I like the version with a boom as the structural studies gave me a more positive view on sails and shapes using it.

Many of our team members told us that we should try the boomless version as well. Now we go for it for the St Barth regatta coming next month.

After talking through the alternatives, we came up with newer dimensions and leech shape. Plus a designed kink which creates a flap on the decksweeper  foot. This translate to the DS foot always touching the tramp with zero cunningham and with full cunni as well, without killing the shape of the sail.

We have used this solution on other DS, like on ACat or iFly or even on custom sails for the Flying Phantom. The idea came from the AC wing, with a mylar closing the gap between the pod and the wing.

First, we used another solution, with thicker mylar, now the sail is elongated from its original design/cut.
We will see the results in St Barth next month.

Standard vs DS Mainsail flow on the Scorpion F18:

France AC50: ACEA/ Rcardo Pinto / Groupama France:

Oct 11, 2017

Super Foiler progress: Trapeze x 3

They Super Foiler continues its fin tuning stage. For a new concept is quite understandable to have an long process to know the beast and how it responds.
First time I see the 3 crews on the trapeze so they are clearly improving and learining how to sail this hybrid.

Official fb web www.facebook.com/SuperFoiler/

On the Decksweeper mainsail , check the foot/tramp area and watch how a mini flap (created by the right position of the batten. if placed at the vertice it will touch tramp with more cunningham applied) is being forced up by the wind pressure/tunneling created in that zone and losing a bit of efficiency. This is not looked for of course, maybe a more firm cloth is needed to prevent this.

Tomorrow we'll publish an article on the DS from 1D sails, and how they designed from factory a flap in the foot but to work with full cunningham in F18 platforms.

Grainger R42 - 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran

Another beauty from Tony Grainger.  This time a 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran.

LOA 12,8mts
Main Hull Beam OA 3,55mts
BEAM DWL 1,06mts
Beam OA 9,58mts
Aprox Sailing Weight 3.5 - 3.75 Tonnes

Sail Areas
Mainsail 58,1sqm
Jib 28.8sqm
Furling Gennaker 65sqm

R42 to Build at ACMY's in 2018
A project that explores the boundaries between a high performance cruiser and a lightweight racer. The R42 deploys a fine main hull with just enough concession to creature comforts below decks to ensure that planning a long term cruise is as equally realistic as mixing with the action at the front end of the fleet in a major race series.

The R42 is custom designed to a well thought through design brief from an experienced Australian trimaran owner. Construction will start at Jamie Morris's Australian Custom Multihull Yachts on the Australian Gold Coast early in 2018.

More details on the Grainger Designs web site www.graingerdesigns.net/trimaran-designs/r42-trimaran

Oct 10, 2017

"Le Defí Bimedia": Yvan Bourgnon, Northwest Passage 2017

Yvan Bourgnon is simply Nuts. after a round the World completed in Solo mode, this year he went for the Northwest Passage, named Challenge Bimedia (Defí Bimedia).
Official web for Yvan:  facebook.com/ybourgnon/ 
Defi Media web:  ledefibimedia.com/
A Mythical Route
The North West Passage

Since the 15th century  there was a conviction that there was a sea passage connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific by the North, the Northwest Passage is a mythical route for adventurers from around the world. During the Renaissance, it was the Venetian navigator Giovanni Caboto who realized that this path existed, unable to go to the spot to prove his theory. It took dozens of expeditions and even more sailors killed or disappeared before the Norwegian Roald Admusen reached in 1906 to sail from Greenland to Alaska with a fishing boat and two on-site winters .

During the 20th century, the Eskimo villages of the great north of Canada, on the Northwest Passage, saw boats, often accompanied by modern icebreakers. But this navigation remains particularly perilous and the accidents frequent

North of the Arctic Circle
More than 600 Km of Navigation
From Nome (Alaska) to Ingsugtusok (Greenland), Yvan will cross the Beaufort Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Baffin Sea. Sailing more than 600 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, Yvan will face cold and icebergs. Premature cooling of the area would immediately lead to a reconstitution of the pack ice and a risk of blocking its catamaran pure and simple. The risks of collisions with the ice and the pack ice will oblige Yvan to a permanent active watch.

More info at ledefibimedia.com

Fast Fibres 20' Foiler: First Sail

Photos sent by Bruce Beca - Its always nice to see how a project starts with a cad and ends sailing, which is indeed a major achievement already. Past posts on this project here.
Boat looks solid and well built. Color too, as the first I assigned to the F18 OP renders.
Bruce Beca from Fast Fibres: "We finally got our sails and eagerly hit the mid winter waters of Tauranga’s upper harbour last Saturday to try them out.

The results were filmed and you can catch up with the action by following the link.
The neat thing about the trial was almost everything worked the way it should and even though we haven’t got the boat “set-up” properly yet and don’t have any on-water time - foiling was easy, stable and fun. Max speed was a mere 19.9kts from 8-10kts of wind but that felt totally irrelevant, we kept it right side up and enjoyed sailing and foiling our new beast.

Watch the fun and enjoy as we did the first sail and first flight of Vitamin B - the new FAST FIBRES hydro20 as she takes to the water.
Some onboard footage of first try out: youtu.be/racoYIDtb6U

Bruce Beca
Fast Fibres

fb video