Nacra 17 Worlds 2016 @Clearwater: US Team Selection Status

Photo: Laurens Morel / - The Spanish Team is using  Worlds at Cleawater this week plus Palma & Hyeres. I think the US selection should have included one more event too. After four years of dedicating your lofe to a such tough Olympic dream you need the toughest selection process you can get. Sarah & Matthew above got the slot for USA.

Nacra 17 2016 Worlds official web
2016 Worlds starts today Monday. Current US selection points are as follow below. Source US Sailing
Crew Pos @Miami WC Pts behind Leader
Bora Gulari – Louisa Chafee 12th -
Mark & Carolina Mendelblatt 20th 8
Step Hudson & Dalton Tebo 27th 15
Michael Easton & Katie Pettibone 28th 16
Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead 29th 17
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A-Class: Punta Ala Worlds 2015 by DNA Part II

Once more the right dose of  footage by Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema, Punta Ala was the perfect stage to film this. What else to say? Eye Candy footage. Just watch some of the most skilled & talented sailors in the World (from any Class) outhere blasting Tuscany waters. Sailing starts 1:30-

We had some good foiling sessions past days here in BA but with some chop, handling it forces you to be more active and develop a higher degree of finesse, that is why talented guys putting the hours like Arg 21 will be sailor to watch at Medemblik, he is flying here a la Mischa/Ashby without a doubt.

This weekend a rookie told me: "But why I'm not foiling right away?" ... I told him, if you want easy foiling go sail a Moth or call Michele for a Stunt 9.
The As right now provides sailors the greatest challenge you can get of any racing sailing machine. It is good? Well, it is what it is, and we are having so much fun doing it that I will leave discussions to others right now.

Also believe that the A is an excellent training platform for any other Class, specially F18s or Nacra 17s  when you don´t a crew available. When I go back to the F18s, I have 'spare time' for each maneuver, giving you additional control and sensitivity.

AClass Midwinters 2016: Nick Bowers clip

I've been sent this video link but the embed is only available at - Another great clip from Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema , watch it at

Diam 24: Team Concise Racing @Barbados

Video sent by Robert Gullan / . Take a good look to the video, current thumbnail doesn´t do justice to this little jewel of a clip.
Diam 24 sailors seem to have lots of fun racing together fast multis in the Tour de France a Voile. Spindrift & Groupama were also participating last year on the new tour . The Diam 24 was selected to replace a former fleet of monohulls.

This is the new multihull racing format coming: Sailing with 3/4 crews on Cats or Tris. Some interesting projects going on in the background,  GC32s are already here for a while but are expensive  and who needs foiling either way to enjoy Multis? We keep having a blast with F18s and the entire range of cats and I wont mind be onboard Team Concise Diam 24 on video below!
A Diam 24 package starts at 55,000 Euros.

Team Concise MsBarbados Diam 24 racing out in the Mount Gay Round Barbados coastal series. I
R Gullan is the skipper, this session was their first training for the Tour de France a la Voile which will take start in July.

Rob follows CSN since the early days and he reports that Barbados was an amazing place to go sail, especially as it was so cold once back in the UK.
Follow Team Concise campaign at &

A-Class - Ronstan Midwinters 2016: Bailey White 1st

Imagess & video coverage by -  Bailey sailed an Exploder with J/Z boards and a custom Decksweeper sail from Bach Wilson / Carolina Sails.
Bach is Bailey's friend also sailed the event and is planning to build a dedicated  Decksweeper for C board As. Good to see new builders in the A-Class as we are seeing now in the F18,  Check for videos by Stephen Hansen . Nick Bowers cut will be available later (Two drones were available).
Report by Bailey White including some words by Randy Smith about the pass away of Larry Woods Sr. . Top ten results below plus link to overall. --
"The 2016 Ronstan Midwinters at the Upper Keys Sailing Club turned out to be much bigger than we expected and even more fun.  What started with registration just breaking twenty turned into 35 boats as they just kept showing up on Friday.

About 15 boats made a week of it and enjoyed flat water, mid teens winds, and warm tropical weather all week.
The club put a lot of effort into making sure we had a good time with home made food and great
work all around.  They are already talking about next year.  Skip Kaub and his finance Melania made the event possible by hosting enough boats at their home to keep things comfortable at the club. 
Thursday’s foiling clinic started with video and set up review at the club led by me.  It was a good time for people to ask questions and share their insights on what was working and not working.  A lot of talk on rudders, getting the boat up, etc. UKSC prepared several drills for both foilers and classics and got us all on the water but a storm system brought us in quickly. 

Friday’s weather gave us high winds and big gusts at the beginning of the day.  The club postponed

Nacra 17s @Miami ISAF WC 2016: Mulder & de Koning Champs

Image Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing. - Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin entered the Medal Race leading the pack  6pts ahead of SUI and 8pts with the Dutchs.  The rest of the top ten didn´t had chances to win the event.

In the Medal you only have 10 boats racing so you might think starts are a little bit easier to handle. This time was not the case for the Nacras 17 at Miami WC. Santi Lange-Ceci Carranza went for a pin start which looked good in the beginning but ended with a penalty and the Australian team just got left behind by the fleet as they drifted behind the committee boat after an incident with Vittorio & Silvia.
It was hard to watch. Being dead last it was game over for them , but the future Olympic champs (if not Rio , it will be the next) started to recover from way back to give themselves a second chance for the title.

Meanwhile Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning went for a temporary lead in tricky no trap sailing conditions. They finished the Medal Race in 3rd place, tying in points with Jason & Lisa who scored finally a 7th. The tie breaker went for the Dutchs though and the were crowned champs.
Mandy & Coen are coached by Mischa Heemskerk. The Dutch teams (Mischa, Beggeman & Visser were also racing) had the best start of this new campaign in 2013, they were simply dominating the regattas on a great previous work done with the new Nacra 17s promptly delivered by the factory at home.  Later that gap ferformance simply fade away, peaking again in the last stage towards Rio is the best thing that could happen to Mandy & Coen.

The Nacra 17 fleet is super competive, Besson & Riou have won last Worlds Championships and look untouchable in the key events, but no one has a medal granted.

I asked Iker and he confirmed that the Spanish Team will define their selection in coming 2016 Worlds at Clearwater, together with Palma & Hyeres.
The US selection is led by Gulari&Chafee, Clearwater will be final event of the selection.

You can watch the Live replay of the MR at

Top Ten below, Full Rresults here

Pos Nation Sail Number Crew Race Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Total Net
1 NED NED-3 Mandy MulderCoen de Koning 1 7 9 3 12 15 8 2 7 15 11 15 2 6 -16 6 135.00 119.00
2 AUS AUS-2 Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin 19 3 3 4 3 11 2 -22 8 11 4 10 5 15 7 14 141.00 119.00
3 SUI SUI 220 Matías Bühler MatíasNathalie Brugger 3 -26 5 20 7 16 3 14 5 2 3 1 19 9 4 18 155.00 129.00
4 GBR GBR 042 Lucy MacgregorDavid Evans 26 6 12 -33 21 1 4 18 3 9 5 11 10 4 26 12 201.00 168.00
5 ARG ARG 226 Santiago LangeCecilia Carranza Saroli 11 1 44 10 4 (48)
9 23 20 6 2 2 11 1 10 16 218.00 170.00
6 GBR GBR 060 Ben SaxtonNicola Groves 21 2 4 -36 13 8 24 3 25 16 12 12 17 12 1 2 208.00 172.00
7 AUT AUT 277 Thomas ZajacTanja Frank 22 -40 6 5 19 13 11 20 16 4 18 5 16 2 15 10 222.00 182.00
8 ESP ESP 28 Fernando EchávarriTara Pacheco 6 30 26 -42 16 4 15 9 2 10 7 9 14 23 11 4 228.00 186.00
9 ESP ESP 246 Iker Martinez de Lizarduyjulia RITA ROMAN 17 20 1 11 10 22 22 12 1 3 16 23 1 8 -32 20 219.00 187.00
10 ITA ITA 307 Vittorio BissaroSilvia Sicouri 2 14 18 19 15 10 17 17 11 20 6 4 -27 7 24 8 219.00 192.00

Martinique Cata Raid 2016: Manu & Vincent Boulogne Champs

Miami Medal Race Live

You can go back in the time Line and watch from the start. Including interviews with lange, Jason & Lisa and Mandy & Coen.

A-Class: Learning to Foil the Exploder (Part 2)

Last year I published a video to show the learning process to get an A-Class airborne. It was March 20 2015. I did not sailed much after that. To Punta Ala Worlds I went to take pics and report. Last Wednesday I could sail again this season and Sunday a good Northerly was forescasted. I went to the club to sail the usual rather flat North winds conditions looking to achieve more flight hours. It was a good session with a borrowed Exploder A14 equipped with J/Z boards.

I tested the nose down trim tip Jakub gave me raising the boards 5-7cms and the boat felt quite stable & fast. In fact I used the cam gps feature and the fastest rides are the lower flights you can identify in the video when the 'humming' can be heard.

With bigger chop I should raise them again to fly over the waves, but with this North small side chop, the nose down trim worked really good. The foil rake, and the traveler position also can be seen in the video (I added a part when I'm not flying and I change the trim). For those starting to fly, my recommendation is to  open the traveler quite a bit. Tip I learned myself last year and I continue to give good  use, it's easier to level the platform once in the trapeze to start foiling.
Winglet angles: To tell you the truth I don´t know for these rides! I was so eager to sail that I set them the other day eyewise only.  Will check angle with phone level later to see actual settings this specific boat has.

Cunningham is completely loose in the video cause it's a borrowed boat and I don´t want to play much with it downwind after a pair of broken masts , but I should have removed wrinkles at least. Some are foiling full Cunningham to foil better.
With this second phase of the learning process I'm already looking forward to sail the new Decksweeper Felix is building for us. That will be the next step towards mastering the 'Art' of flying an A-Cat.

What a Joy is to fly these machines and I feel pretty lucky having the chance to experience such great rides.

Nacra 17s Miami ISAF WC 2016: Day 2

Martinique Cata Raid 2016: Stages 1 & 2 by Pierrick Contin

Nacra 17s Miami ISAF WC 2016: Day 1

F18 Australian Nats 2016: Day 1

Only one race held today in 'drifting' conditions.Prov top 3. full results pending, 40 boats registered: Van Kerckhof, Brett Burvill & Stephen Medwell. Steve Brewin is racing the Exploder with his sails, but no info on the rest of the fleet. Hope they get wind tomorrow.More pics at Aus Assoc FB.

F18 2016 Worlds: We've been testing the process and now the Registration is open, we' ll announce officially on Monday. Link & official web: -

New Cruising Cat from South Africa: X5 Sail

Sent by Tamas Hamor / Xquisite Yachts : "Hi, we’re a luxury catamaran manufacturer from South Africa and we just launched our first vessel. Some images attached plus the boat launch video. More info at hour website You can also visit us atat the Miami Strictly Sail show (11-15 February) "

Land Rover BAR 'Academy' to select Youth Americas Cup Team

The AC45 Youth Americas Cup was a hit by the AC management, glad to know they will continue with the project. BAR announce a new 'Academy' project to select the young sailors to represent them at next Youth event in Bermuda.

Source and full article at Land Rover BAR: "The British America’s Cup Challenger and Land Rover, the team’s Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner, have deepened their commitment to creating a sustainable talent programme in sailing with the launch of the Land Rover BAR Academy. This new initiative will find and support talented young British sailors, and create a pathway into the America’s Cup.

The immediate goal is to select a British team to compete in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup (RBYAC) in 2017. Raced in the same AC45F that the senior teams use for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, every America’s Cup Challenger and the Defender must enter a team into the RBYAC. The finals will be fought out during the main competition in Bermuda 2017.

The RBYAC is seen as an important pathway for young sailors into the Cup, and competitors will be hoping to follow the example of two of the sailors aboard the winning New Zealand boat in 2013 – Peter Burling and Blair Tuke – who are now on the Kiwi’s senior sailing crew..."