Ben Ainslie Racing implements Flying Simulator

Every tool will help, but as we've seen at last Cup with the 'CFD & Simulation Kings', you'd better also put the designer onboard BAR AC45 or their Nacra 20 on a 20knots days, and they will get all the feedback they need...! --
 Full text at :

 ..."James Roche came to Ben Ainslie Racing from McLaren Applied Technologies, where he had worked on the design of the skeleton sled that Lizzy Yarnold used to slide to gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics. ...

...The simulator would link the Sailing Team – who would use it as part of their training – and the Design Team; creating an important feedback mechanism between the two core parts of the performance team well in advance of the launch of the Cup boat. It also provides an equally important feedback mechanism within the Design Team’s own processes.

“We are trying to run the simulator as part of the same project as performance prediction. The models that we use to calculate theoretical data on how a particular design of boat will perform are exactly the same models that the simulator uses, so there is a positive feedback loop between the two as we refine them.”...

F18 Chilean Nats 2015: Kovacevic-Kovacevic Champs

The Chilean fleet continues their preparation towards the first F18 Worlds to be held in South America in 2016 at BA and incoming 2015 event at Kiel. 
Many of them traveled to LA 2012 and they've been raising their level every year. 2015 crown for the Kovacevic bros. Championship held at Lago Rapel with mixed wind conditions for the 8 races competed.

Full Results Here.
More images at F18 Chile FB Page

FP Red Bull Foiling Generation Session pics

Artemis AC45 @SF by John Navas

Another must see video from John Navas, follow him in twitter at -  Artemis AC45 training at SF.  Although they are testing the boat out of the modifications shed, It looks like their first stepped foils were more stable than current version. But I doubt that version foiled upwind.   Check foil rake too at 1:49

If the 45s were already one of the best designs ever made, the AC teams are transforming them in even better boats, right now there is not major weapon around in the sailing World than these modified ex floating cats.
The low freeboard design (but mixed with with appropriate width volume) have shown excellent margin in the AC series in +25 knots racing in UK and other windy venues, beyond I thought they wouldn´t pass the test when first launched.

Current beachcat foiler designs like FP & Nacra are not 100% foiling targeted designs, as both comes from floating mode camps (F18 & Nacra 20 flaoting version) , so without a doubt new foilers arise with refined hulls with less volume / aero drag optimized.
The AC45 looks like already designed in this regard, and continue to confirm what a great boat  Oracle past technical team lead by Mike Drummond has delivered.

Read about the AC45 concept on a Q&A we did with Mike in Feb 2011 at

Designers involved in the AC45 initial concept were:
- Michel Kermarec – appendages, general design
- Manolo Ruiz de Elvira – hull
- Dirk Kramers – general design, structures
- Joseph Ozanne/Mario Caponnetto – wing aero
- Scott Ferguson – wing structure
- Mike Drummond – general design input

A-Class: 2015 Ronstan Midwinters

Video by Bruce Mahoney training at Key Largo in his DNA 2015 platform.
2015 Ronstan Midwinters will be held March 6-8 at Upper Keys Sailing Club, Key Largo, FL. NOR & Entry list at IACA official website.

Flying Phantom chosen for Red Bull Foiling Generation

16-20yrs old seems a little low range. If they want youth with experience to Race the FPs, they should have put a limit of say 22-23.
The FP and Nacra are easy to sail up to 8-10knots, above that these boats are not for everyone and you need previous good experience in any racing Class. Even with floating hours behind I've seen live here on the 20s some pretty tough moments for guys with plenty of F18 years on their back.

Above 8knots you need to know what you are doing helming & crewing these foilers.
If you have the 'feeling' and manage to grab the pace, they are a dream to sail also above that limited wind range.

Gunboat G4: Progress March 2015

Image: Peter Johnstone .. Who is more than ready to test sail her along PJ & flying Maestro Mischa Heemskerk. Remember this vessel above will sport foils a la FP/TNZ...

Italian Sailing Federation recognizes the UACC

Sent by Lallo Petrucci & UACC
"With the approval of the request for affiliation by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) decided during the last federal council it was officially recognized the newborn Unione A-Classica Catamarani (UACC), class association that gathers inside all owners of catamarans Class A-Classic .

The catamaran A-Classic is a rethink, with a box rule more restrictive, of the already known Class A, a boat that it has had over the years a remarkable expansion in the world thanks to a very open regulation and therefore to large differences between boats and materials, which could develop without restriction except for the measures of the boat, the sail area and weight.
Just the opening of this regulation has led in recent years to a revolution inside the class, still in progress, which will bring with good chances the A-Class to become in a short time a class of boats full foiling.

It is precisely because of this revolution that a group of fans of catamarans and sailing

AC35: Oracle AC45 at SF by John Navas

Great footage by John Navas  , showing the modified Oracle 45, foiling gybe included. Good also to see how forward the dagger foil cases have gone in the new Oracle & Artemis 45 versions we remarked weeks ago

Peter Burling will helm For Team New Zealand

MOD70: Phaedo 3 wins RORC in Record time

Sent by  Richard & Rachel / - Lloyd Thornburg's Phaedo^3 has finished the RORC Caribbean 600. The finishing time was 20:35:30 AST. The boat finished the race in 1 day 9 hours 35 minutes and 30 seconds, beating the previous record by 6 hours, 35 minutes and 35 seconds.

A-Class: 2015 Measurement Guidelines by Graeme Harbour

Graeme is current IACA Technical Committee Chair. Based on the Class Rules, Rules Guidelines and his experience as measurer at 2014 Worlds @Takapuna and recent Australian Nats. Doubts on new developments and how they measure? Check Graeme's guide.
Excerpt below, please read full text at IACA Website:
Letter to NAs & Local Measurers by Graeme Harbour:
The purpose of this email is to try and bring everyone up to date on any measurement issues and to make sure we all adopt a common approach to undertaking boat measurement on new equipment and equipment inspection at championships.
*Boat length & width, this is hull and rudder gudgeons only, other fittings attached to hulls such as foot straps, inspection ports, external transom reinforcement etc. must fit within measurements. ISAF has confirmed this.
*Dagger boards after exiting bottom of hull must not go outside 2.3m rule or inside .75m from centerline rule in all positions until fully down.
I found a number of new boats at our Australian Championships that had the tips of “J” & “Z” boards outside 2.3 m just after exiting the bottom of hull. There is a diagram covering this aspect in Measurers’ Guidelines.
* Rudder winglets, again must fit the 2.3 & .75m rules. We found a number of boats in New Zealand outside 2.3 m and skippers were busy cutting wing tips off...
* Cassette type dagger board cases. Unlikely to be seen but keep in mind that cassette does not need to be fully engaged in hull for 2.3m & .75m measurements to be taken...
Read Full guidelines text at

A-Class:All New Paradox 2015

Nacra 20 FCS Clinic at BA: Ferdinand van West Interview

Image: MV / Catsailingnews - Racer & Designer makes the perfect combo. Like his mentor Pete Melvin Fer is an active sailor at the highest level of performance. With Gunnar Larsen they were crowned 2014 F18 World Champs plus a Course racing title  at Carnac Eurocat.
Fer was here in BA for 4 days for sailing , coaching and an open Clinic he gave for he local sailing community. Above his view on event plus the work & plans at Morrelli Melvin & Nacra.

For more technical insights check his past Q&A on the Nacra 20 FCS project at

Great having him, excellent attitude towards the rookies & experts alike.  He enjoys sailing as much as we do, and it shows... above Fer foiling in 5-6knots after a good day of  double handed Nacra 20 FCS.

Olympics: Foiling the Nacra 17 at Rio by Mathias Buhler & Nico Aragones

Mathias Buhler sailing with Nathalie Brugger have achieved a 3rd place in 2013 Nacra 17 Worlds and they have established themselves as a strong contender. Nathalie has suffered an injury and Buhler (Arg-Swiss sailor racing for SUI) called our best crew, Nico Aragones (F18, 49er & AC45 experience) to help him with training and settings on the N17.

It seems the work & training is going rather well judging from this sequence... don't you think?
Images sent by Nico. Click to enlarge.

High Tide @St Malo by Easy Ride

Sent by Manu Duclos / -  "Hi Martin
In this moment at Saint-Malo we have the biggest tide of the century, so we took the opportunity to shoot some images in slow-motion!  Enjoy"

Nacra 20 Clinic by Fer van West at BA, Day 2 - 30knots (3 crews)

Nacra 20FCS: Stable Flight at BA , Feb 20, 2015.

Talking of subjectivity and opinions, on Friday I changed my mind over the Nacra 20 stable flight capabilities. Dead flat a la FP as I saw live at Carnac.
Perfect conditions of course here too, as the training days I filmed at the Eurocat, but an eye opener on how Nacra has not released yet a video showing what I filmed on these clips.

Today Fer van West  gave a Clinic with full house at our Club, and later many went out to sail on the 3 local 20s. 30knots GPS registered today with 3 persons onboard!

It is becoming clearer that purchase decision should be made on many factors including your crew weight in mind, plus the comments I've been making since day one on these production foiling boats on the critical customer service and delivery aspects.

Matchup still pending and I still think on crew weight & handling the FP might provide better control in higher winds and waves from what I've seen to date, but the Nacra 20 has shown, as you can clearly see in video above, how stable she can sail. Middle clip is from two first timer helms on the 20...
More info on Monday.

2015 Australian Multihull Championships

Australian Multihull Championships won by 'Mad Max' a Grainger design.
report & video sent  Ben Nicholas: "I thought you might be interested in having a look at a video I made of Mad Max on our way to winning the Australian Multihull National Championships.

The first part was filmed during race one where the wind was gusting to 30 knots.
The second part was filmed over a couple of lighter days.
Not as fast but shows some of the systems we use on the boat."

Full Results:

Buenos Aires, Feb 17 2015: "Good Winds" , A-Cats & Nacra F20FCS

We live in Buenos Aires, literally 'Good Winds' for Navigation. Video above is interesting to see the Nacra F20 FCS power upwind in floating mode, an Exploder 2014 with J & T Rudders vs a DNA with Dna J 2013 version plus 70cm T Rudders. Same Saarberg Mast & Landy 3DL. The Exploder guy manage some skimming + airborne time to pass it from behind. The DNA is faster upwind with that conf. Guys are training for Punta Ala.

Lots of A-Cat and F20 training here in BA. RAW footage of the 20 in good winds also to see actual non edited sailing.
But on flat days the guys are managing stable flights on the 20. Fer van West will give a Clinic in our club next weekend. Speeds recorded till now for the Nacra 20 are 26knots foiling and 19knots upwind floating vmg mode.

F18 Season start Feb 28th. Already managing details with CFD/ 3D specialists Gonzalo Redondo and Marc Menec to give final details to the F18 OP CAD, a final refined version by Pros for Jakub's routing in some weeks. More on this later.

Great week of sailing here in BA. I mainly did windsurf with the family, wife & kids. Marcos (9yrs) grabbed the sil for the first time and in 5mins he was sailing already. Really proud on him and Tommy WSurfing with Mom.

Windsurf gets me on shape, as trapeze downwind in the As is quite demanding in high winds.

AC35: Oracle Flying the modified AC45

Photos by Balazs Gardi @balazsgardi - Oracle launched the 'new' 45, and they sail with Artemis own in SF Bay. Source Team Oracle. If the AC45 Series was the best racing I've seen and proved how good this design was, I can wait to see the new foiling fleet in Action. 'T' Rudders are still there as the  C+L foil. Which team will arise with a new foil setup for the AC62s??  

Some in the A-Class are still playing with L Rudders, but beyond less drag I have feedback on extra workmanship / layups and not such good stability.  In any case no one has more resources than the AC boys, although we know they are not always on top of things, as shown by Oracle & Artemis early attempts.
Still nothing beats R&D/CFD plus real scaled testing as done by TNZ in past Cup.

AC35: Artemis Racing Launches Internship Program

Nice project for young sailor by Artemis Racing. More info at

FP vs Nacra 20FCS, BA Matchup: The waiting

The FP has arrived, well part of, but we are close to get the local 1 on 1 I've been talking about. Meanwhile the F20 crews are training hard and we will have Gunnar Larsen and Fer van West coming next weekend for a Clinic.
Will post later some videos from yesterday of the 20.