Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2015: Dutch comeback

Image: Christophe Launay / Fédération Française de Voile - Full gallery at - Beyond those two above in red lycras that always win one day before the medal race... interesting results with the Dutch crews coming back to the top spots as when the new Olympic Class started to race in 2013.
The Netherlands teams were untouchable at the time. Then they disappeared from the performers list, and now they are starting to get on rhythm again.

Big stakes are being held in the Australian team with Bundock-Curtis (1st photo above ) on a great reaction under pressure after a bad event at Palma and a so so start at Hyeres.  Tomorrow Medal Race.

Top ten below, full results here

Pos Sail Number Crew Race Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total Net
1 FRA 1 Billy BessonMarie Riou 8 3 1 1 12 3 12 1 -14 9 5 69.00 55.00
2 NED 244 Mandy MulderCoen de Koning -25 24 3 4 4 2 5 15 6 4 13 105.00 80.00
3 NED 243 Renee GroeneveldSteven Krol 2 6 18 12 2 18 8 7 -20 1 12 106.00 86.00
4 GBR 254 Ben SaxtonNicola Groves 16 7 4 7 13 8 4 14 15 -18 1 107.00 89.00
5 DEN 199 Lin Ea Cenholt ChristiansenChristian Peter Lübeck 4 8 6 6 18 6 10 18 11 6 -20 113.00 93.00
6 AUS 242 Darren BundockNina Curtis 14 5 14 14 8 -16 2 11 1 13 15 113.00 97.00
7 AUS 3 Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin 6 1 19 2 10 17 9 3 -26 24 9 126.00 100.00
8 FRA 065 Moana VaireauxManon Audinet 3 9 -28 15 21 5 23 6 9 8 2 129.00 101.00
9 GER 211 Paul KohlhoffCarolina Carolina Werner 19 2 (ufd) 8 1 11 11 2 5 30 16 145.00 105.00
10 CAN 271 Luke RamsayNikola Girke 18 15 17 9 6 1 17 8 7 -19 7 124.00 105.00
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GC32 @Marseille 2015: Images by Sander van der Borch

G4: Keeping Herreshoff's Amaryllis Spirit Alive

Images Jesús Renedo / Gunboat & Sharon Green / - Many have been written on the G4 Capsize, to me it was a possibility on the program (once they decide to get the weapon airborne) and even on a full wide open for all to see first testing at Voiles St Barth event.

The drawback was the full upside down final position. The incredible aspect was a quick recovery and minimal damage, sine sail battens reported. Do you remember how Oracle AC72 ended on a frontal pitch at SF? pieces all over the bay.

Being such a targeted machine, the G4 remains unscathed , I received at least 3 comments on contacts wanting one, all experienced catsailors, which is the clear target for the G4,

If Peter tells you this is an all go for everyone Racing-Cruising cat, he will be not telling you the whole picture , and I'm 100% it is not the case, being himself a long time catsailor , A-Class included. In any case, the boat itself defines its target.

Beyond the $ to buy it, and as I've been saying with the FP & F20 , these foiling boats are Not for everyone (got a builder private mail complaining about that statement too..but I'll be irresponsible to tell the contrary), and the same concept applies to the G4: Someone with experience must helm & crew if you are gonna push fro foiling & racing in the breeze.

This is a weapon as never seen before, and the image that struck me most was how the G4 smoked a big pompous monohull in the capsize video, I can imagine the feeling of the owner, on his big boat being left in oblivion in a whisper by a 40' Racing Cat which happens to be quipped, (paraphrasing Mischa Heemskerk) with "a fridge, a sink, a bar, two queen size beds, two single beds, a stove and a toilet "... quite useful for those relaxing moments between Island to Island hope as they are doing now from St Martin to Antigua to continue racing & testing program. (Photo above left)

The G4 racing at Voiles de St Bart also reminded me again of Nathaniel Herreshof's Amaryllis Cat, built and raced more than 100 yrs ago and how he was banned for life to race against the logs monos of that era after wiping out the fleet in a race held in the 1876 Centennial Regatta held at NY yacht Club.

Check that regatta report by Cupexperience and how Herreshoff almost capsize at the end;
"Just as we needed to come to grips with the catamarans sailing in the 34th America’s Cup, the 35 yachts entered in the New York Yacht Club's 1876 Centennial regatta were puzzled by Herreshoff’sAmaryllis. Thousands of spectators came out on the excursion steamers that beautiful June day. The New Yorkers were celebrating 100 years of US independence and thinking about the third defense of the America’s Cup, to be sailed later that summer.

Few paid any attention to Herreshoff’s 24 foot long curiosity, which was described in the press as a “half-liferaft cigar boat” and a “sea monster.” Amaryllis got off to an unspectacular start in light air for the 20 mile race off Staten Island, but when the breeze freshened after almost two hours of racing, Amaryllis began to show her “wonderful speed… passing yacht after yacht as if they were anchored,” according to the New York World’s account of the race.

When Amaryllis was unable to point high enough to pass a boat to windward, Herreshoff would dive off to leeward and sail right through the other boat’s dirty air. As the breeze freshened more, Amaryllis “kept jumping along” moving like a “frightened porpoise.” When only theSusie S remained in front of her, things got more entertaining. Herreshoff powered up and flew pastSusie S at about 20 knots, but then almost pitchpoled. Amaryllis stood

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2015, Day 2: Images by Laurens Morel

The Quest for the Full Foiling A-Class: Arno Terra's 'Flying Carpet'

Arno Terra's Flying Carpet concept, Cads by MV / . Click image for actual size, ---
I've been exchanging mails and technical chats with Arno since the early  CSN & then DNA days where this web was showing the boat first steps thanks to Landy & Felix telling me a new A-Cat was being launched. Arno is an experienced A-cat sailor and with PJ they broke new grounds in the A-Class delivering boats in series production, in the process the Dna has won last 3 WC-

After leaving DNA last year Arno wanted to go a step further on what he and the Dna team along Mischa achieved on the foiling ground with the first J foils. That work  launched the class to a full foiling path with a first milestone being Ashby , Burling  and Tuke refining their concept to win the 2014 Worlds in foilign mode downwind, where Nathan Outteridge also showed excellent flying performance (specially in in the low range winds winning with ease some races)  using Jakub's Exploder J version, and the T rudders that were used by Dna and others later on their flight development.

With foiling boats now a reality , after many said As will never fly on  Martin Fischer first racing attempt with Jakub's boat in 2011(they were the racing / flying pioneers in the A-Class) boat builders and top sailors alike are seeking to improve current versions and now the target has clearly become a full foiling A in upwind / downwind modes while seeking the earlier flight possible , just like the Moth.

With this Background, experience and goal in mind Arno has come out with his brain child , the  'Flying Carpet' concept.

The only problem is that beyond he is good sailor with many years on the A, and having achieved top technical skills & knowhow on the Dna project, Arno can't  draw a circle on paper!  

So I offered help to put his ideas on to, a working functional 3D CAD-

I grabbed my already drawn A, and started refining to Arno's concept & ideas. Then with Arno's clear knowledge of foil design and functionality I draw from scratch several new foil versions based on Arno's precise data.

The concept was to have a refined A-Class hull , smaller than current DNA & Exploder , minimizing aero drag, assy hull bottom to maximize foil span, angled front beams, precise beams forward positions , special tramp,  Z boom a la latest Moth, shorter mast height, straight traveller, sail area and overal dimensions (that is a 3D sail also in the cad/render done by the simple but effective Sailcut, a great tool to dimension and draft your sails) , and many details Arno will describe next.

I put some long hours into drawing CAD lines plus details, and then some on rendering, the first draft results can be seeing above. (AC48 hull renders was scaled from this A)

Below Arno presents his his 'Flying Carpet' concept in detail.
'Flying Carpet' by Arno Terra :
"Terra’s Flying Carpet presents the first upwind foiling A-class cat
Foiling downwind on the J and Z boards is great but the time for a full foiling A-class cat has come. I want to bring this new technology to the A-class community and it seems the right time to do it.
It is not a minor upgrade it is a totally different concept and makes foiling easier, faster and more accessible. It is the first A-class designed purely for upwind foiling. It is the boat I want to sail myself and see my friends on.

Once you realize that upwind foiling is possible and that is both the natural and inevitable way to go you enter a new design box. Bigger foils are no longer slow upwind but faster as you will foil most of the time, hulls can be smaller as you no longer need long high volume noses, you can get rid of the curved traveler etc.

What will be delivered is simplicity, good handling, a better aeropackage and better systems. This makes allround foiling happen in 5-25 kts, both upwind and downwind. Not only for the pro’s but for anyone in the A-class community.

The new boat will not get up the foils in 5-6kts either as with any foiler you need 7-8 kts to get up but

Nacra 17s @Hyeres ISAF WC 2015, Day 1: Waterhouse-Darmanin lead

A-Class NED: April 18th @Muiderzand 2015 by van Staveren

GC32s @Marseille 2015: April 20-26th

Image: Loris von Siebenthal - With Alinghi & spindrift joining the the game, the GC32 this year will be even more interesting to follow. It was already pure adrenaline with 3-4 boats last year. Martin Fischer's design is the Star of the racing circuit only below the AC boats.

More info on the 2015 Marseille event check

Brian Lake Pro Kite Foils designed by Scott Graham (TNZ Design Team)

If you wanted to know, or at least see  little more of  what  Kite foilers are using, here you have a good look at Brian Lake's weapon. As I remarked today on the Eagle, I think we will see this type of foils refined for cats in the future, specially for personal foilers like Stunt 9
Here in BA I've published some shots of Gonza Costa Hoevel Kite foiling, Gonza has won the Formula WS Worlds past week and will aim now for the Kite Foil title. Gonza is foiling in 5knots with a similar board and a foil kite (no inflatable ribs)

Video shot and sent by Parker Shinn, I will contact them next week for more technical info, now back to cad & rendering.
"Hi, my name is Parker Shinn and I’m a big fan of your site!
I shot this video of my friend Bryan Lake who is one of the top kiteboarders in the world.

Bryan is riding a foil he made himself that was designed for him by Scott Graham who was the Designer/Hull & Appendages CFD for Emirates Team New Zealand.


ISAF Hyeres World Cup 2015 , French Team warm-up by Launay

Eagle Cat 20 Hydro Foiler

This might be the first set of foils aiming to what kites are doing on refining the foiling wings. Also windsurfing boards have a super stable ride with similar setup, no wands, but  full body trim & control , which is difficult to replicate (the crew influence on the flight by body dynamics) on a 20' double handed cat, but I think on a Stunt 9 things can get interesting.

Nevertheless the Eagle team seems to have achieve some quite stable flight as reported by Roland, will be interesting to see a video next. Kudos to Eagle for innovating that path that in my view could

Flying Phantom OD Racing @Eurocat 2015 with Besson & Cammas on board

US A-Class: HYC Elissa Speed Week 2015

Nice initiative by the US fleet gathering together all the toys and sail together as we are  doing here in BA
They organized course racing and a 500mts speed line pass. :
"On April 10-12, the Houston Yacht Club did a fantastic job hosting a new "Speed" division in its 29th Annual Elissa Regatta. The idea, created by A-Class sailors at the club, was to bring together anything that's small and fast so we could share our latest developments, and to race with no ratings on different types of courses. 

Classes included the A Cats, Foiling Kiteboards, Windsurfers and a Flying Phantom that just arrived the day of the event." ..

Check complete report and video links by Bruce Mahoney & Bailey White I posted at IACA web

F18 & A-Class Racing @Muiderzand, April 18th, 2015

Images by Olaf Kleijweg & Jasper van Staveren. No racing on Sunday for the F18 and A-Class due to lack of wind. 
- Great F18 Gallery by Jasper published on Saturday here.
- Full report by Jasper at

A-Cat pics by Oleg at Dutch A-Cat Assoc FB Dutch A-Cat FB
Results for both Classes at

WIP Foilers video : Stunt 9, Kite & Windsurf

Excellent clip from Stunt 9 photo session, sent by Remi Finiel. Video made by Horue Movie.-
To contact Michele mail him at

G4 Wipeout Video at St Barth by Jesús Renedo

Heli Video by Jesus Renedo - Typical dumb F18 sideways capsize indeed. Judge for yourself. Although they need to solve the full turtle final position. Floater/airbag at mast top like the AC72s wing for instance as they implemented at SF. Incredible that they only broke some battens after a fully upside down final stance.
The Racing G4 now needs the re work to use a possible Racer / 'cruiser' label, as we've been saying, this is a thoroughbred carbon racing weapon (more when they decided her to foil), specifically Targeted for ie  to sailors like my local friends with racing experience, with all the flying toys and the resources to buy it.

Comments by PJ: "Fantastic day of sailing ended with a dumb capsize.
Ticked that box of the test program too. Everything fine, mainsail only some broken battens, and my iphone didn't survive..
Need a quicker main dump valve on the hydraulics that's what we learned !
Only way to develop a great product even better is to test it ....

Image Sequence by Ultimate Sailing at

New Eagle 20 HF , double T Foiler a la Stunt 9

Errata: I took this boat for a 'Flyer' yard built  as the mail mentioned that word,  but it is Not, . 
This Cat (the new Eagle 20 hf) is developed and made only by Heiner Wolshofer from Muhr am see in Germany.

A 20' Foiler with double Moth T system like the Stunt 9.

The Gaeblers flew her this weekend,
More info when available. Image sent by Moreno Bourquin.

G4 capsized at St Barth

High bet with risks inherited as mentioned in many posts regarding the G4, but at the same very special targeted boat and things happens to those working and innovating, to avoid any risk you stay at home and better not leave your chair.
Not much info we'll wait for Peter's report that always are wide open and with details. 

The nice thing boat is upright and ready to go again. Good sign of built quality at least.
Will be interesting to see what really happened, as foiler do have an additional safer rider downwind on the lift and winglets control.
Minor injury reported to one crew reported.

Update: Info I have is, sideways capsize, that is clearly some handling error, as no cat , Ttransoceanic Tri or whatever can handle overpowered or not releasing for x reason.  

Remember t Virbac Paprec MOD70?

As Santi Lange told me when asking about Cats/Tris for the Volvo: " Multis gives you a clear measure of the handled power and you can react accordingly, in Monos  they push hard in 30knots and they end breaking them"

More info tomorrow.

Update from PJ:  "Fantastic day of sailing ended with a dumb capsize.
Ticked that box of the test program too. Everything fine, mainsail only some broken battens, and my iphone didn't survive..
Need a quicker main dump valve on the hydraulics that's what we learned !
Only way to develop a great product even better is to test it ...."

Peter in FB "Awesome team. Awesome boat. Climb back on the horse and keep riding. A dumb capsize by us...." Pics at Ultimate Sailing FB

F18 NED, 2015 Season, 1st event at Muiderzand, pics by van Staveren

F18 Archipelago Raid 2015: Bundy & Carolijn in, 3 places left.

Image: Love Strandell - This is one of the most famous raids in the F18 circuit. Been publishing with different names (Archipelago, Revenge, etc)  along the years but the incredible scenario remains the same.
Some entries left , check to enter.  Bundock will race again, this time with Volvo Ocean Race tour racer & wife Carolijn Brower, they might take Kyle as navigator holding the ipad. 

Bundy won the 2011 edition with Jeroen Van Leeuwen, check his report at

Les Voiles de St Barth 2015

Image Jesus Renedo / Gunboat - Text from Gunboat FB  :
"It’s really fun to be the last group starting, because its a blast passing TP52’s and the other big boats. We felt confident enough in the boat to pull off the port start, which we felt was the best point of attack. Most importantly, the boat behaved like a dream in the waves, we were very excited to see how well the foils calmed the sea state. The guys were in great spirits, everyone stayed motivated to push hard through the long course and we finished the day with huge smiles and high fives all around." -- Mischa Heemskerk after the first day of racing aboard the new GUNBOAT G4. Stay tuned for live updates from the racecourse today! "-- ///

Regatta official Website
Multihull Results:

Italian Style

Images: Laurens Morel - Prada might be out of the Cup, but the Olympic campaign still has the Italian flag well up & flying. My favorite Nacra 17 team is by far the Italian 'super stars' Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri. With the logistical and media support of Lambi Cesari they are on a mission for Rio 2016.

Finishing 4th at the 2014 Nacra 17 Worlds they have secured the Italian spot, and now they will compete against several other talented local crews to decide who will represent their country at next Olympics.  Same process pending for other top teams like UK, France, Australia & Ned.  Arubies, US & Spain  are still looking for a spot.

Vito and Silvia have been showing top level and they are well positioned, nevertheless still much to go . Lamberto has reminded me to follow their campaign at their official web and a new fb page.

I might go to Punta Ala in September and will check if they are between events to visit them at home.

Gunboat G4 @St Martin: The Video

Ehh. blab. .blal, bla;.."bla".... 
Just watch the video. Filmed by


No racing today , 20 knots , later decreasing. Club PRO prefered to race tomorrow with better forecast. Although Nacra F20 crews were ready and sailing. The FP team was missing in action. Only justification , little hours sailing together, but it was a no show.

Two of the F20FCS went to blast the South East, Cruz & Mariano put the spi up going for it. That is a direct result of the FP using it in every condition, I know Nacra is going for some updates on their Spi.
Kudos to them for pushing the limits. Juan & Nico went out too.

Lets see tomorrow if we can complete the challenge.
Spi image taken from coast, no quality but good to see how the foiled with Spi up in 20knts with the Nacra F20FCS.

FP vs F20FCS: Round 2 this weekend @BA & dates for F20 Clinic @Eurocat

Image: MV / Juan & Nico. - No much testing to show followed the initial one, although they have been sailing some mins together. But now this weekend the 3 F20 will race against the lone ranger FP on a Long Distance scheduled for SAturday.  I pretend to shoot/film, you will have the results also.
All weather permitting.

This season in Europe Alex told me they expect around 15 FPs for the Eurocat, and Nacra will be present doing a clinic like the one Fer van West did in BA this summer. Excellent move for Nacra there to be present at the 2015 Eurocat on April 30, 16hs , remember to attend if possible, "Champagne" sailing at Yacht Club Carnac.

In our local matchups: who will win? Tough to say still,  if a long reach involved or calm weather the 20 will shine, if a more traditional course racing mode (we will use a fixed mark) and good foiling conditions  then the FP might stand the F20 power.