BAR Nacra 20 FCS Training

Ben Ainslie Racing has chosen the Nacra 20 for their team flight training. Oracle & Artemis have their FPs.
Check a real impressive pitch + flight crew stunt at the end.

NACRA 20FCS 2014: First Look

In May when I traveled to Carnac Eurocat, the Nacra 20FCS was not still in series production. Nacra following the trend set by the Flying Phantom and post AC flying frenzy decided to launch their own 'beachcat' double handed foiler based on their Nacra 20 platform.
I told you I will have available the entire quiver of flying cats in my backyard in 2015 and now the Nacra FCS has arrived.
Just first looks shows excellent quality built from Nacra, with Harken hardware , Hall Spars mast and fine detailed finish in the whole product. Only little 'complain' again is that they need to equip this F1 with a mandatory carbon snuffer to remark even more this kind of special cat weapons. More detailed pics later as done with the FP.

Boat was sailed yesterday, I will put my head together and will go for some footage tomorrow and some sailing later in the week to compare with the FP and give you first hand feedback on both boats. Production FP is coming in January and we will make our own Long Distance raids and benchmarks.

Before any sailing, and as first looks I must say a truly impressive well put & clean package by Nacra, without a doubt their finest product yet. Congrats to Peter, Gunnar, Fer and the Morrelli & Melvin team. 

I requested to Gunnar the FCS racing schedule for 2015, still waiting for news. Check the Interview with Peter Vink & Ferdinand van West on the FCS development at

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Preliminary NOR , Schedule & Early Entry fees

Links sent by Jens Uwe Tonne. Next F18 Worlds will be held in Kiel , July 11-18th,  2015.  We will see for sure a re launch of the Class after the first seasons of the new Olympic Class, which we all celebrate and support.  Nevertheless the F18 remains the top Open double handed non restricted performance ground to match your skills against the very best sailors in the World, we hope to have several N17 Mixed to join us this time and for the Nacra Class to re schedule any overlapping event.  

Check preliminary NOR at
Official website

Dates & Fees Early Entry Fee Entry Fee Late Entry Fee
Ages Jan 15th Jan 16th-
Apr 30th
May 1st
Age over 23yrs  200Euros   250Euros   400Euros 
Age under 23yrs*  150Euros   150Euros   250Euros 
*Both team members born on or after 1.1.1992

A-Class: IACA Rule Clarification

Official Communication from the IACA  regarding an individual request. No local association related and no official rules changes requests have been received. Current IACA rules are staying put, and all builders and sailors are developing & training withing the known status quo scenario towards Punta Ala Worlds 2015. 
Stament published at IACA official website


The Technical Committee (TC) was presented with a list of questions by an A Class manufacturer in September this year for clarification. The TC discussed and following a unanimous decision by all participating members a reply was forwarded to the manufacturer. Our answers were obviously not what the manufacturer wanted to hear so under a manufacturer’s rights, under ISAF regulations, he presented a proposal to ISAF for clarification. They have now given their answer and under ISAF regulations all members must be notified.
The correspondence to ISAF involved 4 questions, 3 will be addressed. The 4th question was a 49-question paper presented to ‘assist’ the TC in making its decision. Both the TC & ISAF did not respond to the fundamental 49 questions that manufacturer could easily find answers for.

1. A diagram was presented showing a hull appendage entering from the top and exiting

New Book by Gilles Martin-Raget: The Legend of the Sea

Gilles has been providing top material for a while, specially on his AC assignments. He is launching a new book , take a look , there is no better way to support these Pros than buying out their first quality stuff.
Gilles: " I just wanted to remind you that I had the pleasure to publish this year "Vu en Mer" / "The Legend of the Sea", co edition by Editions du Chêne (FRA) for french language and Blomsburry Publishing (UK) for English version

It can be found in regular book stores  or ordered through Amazon from those links:


May I take this occasion to wish you a wonderful holiday season
With many thanks
Best regards
Gilles Martin-Raget

Black Friday

Past Friday I had a total blackout, head literally exploded, a vertiginous syndrome arose after launch, went to sleep, headaches, dizziness  and never woke up again, except crawling to broom for some nasty vomits. It was awful scenario without being able to move the head or seat, or stand up.

Worst feeling ever, I thought I was done for good ...lying freeze in the floor, code red, ambulance came and took me to our local hospital. medication, pills, intravenous , rest , tomography, MRI,  and almost 2 days to being able to change position or standing up again.

Back at home again now, I will be updating at easier pace, but some really good news coming regarding the F18 OP launch work that is my main project right now along the one-off A-Class . stayed tuned.
In the meantime thanks to all as every year for following and those great pm I constantly receive. For me is a pleasure to maintain this web and I know many enjoy reading it.

All somehow stable now but out again to medics  to see wtf is going on. (might be the Exploder flight training?...he..)
Have nice year's end plus holidays, and all the best in advanced for 2015.

Extreme Series Sidney 2014: Alinghi 1st

Image Gallery at Full report  at - "Alinghi crowned 2014 & Sydney champions in the best day’s racing of the year

December 14th 2014
It is mission accomplished for Ernesto Bertarelli’s Swiss team Alinghi, as Morgan Larson and the team grabbed victory with both hands at Act 8 Sydney, and with it the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series™ title – and Larson’s words say it all: “We’ve had an amazing season with an amazing team. To win the season and the Act on the last day in the conditions we had here in Sydney,"...

M32 2015 Tour

Press Release sent by Pippa Phillips. -- The new 2015 M32 Series Multiple Regional Series with a global footprint
"At the heart of the new M32 Series is a simple philosophical approach – to enable talented sailors to compete in the fastest, most dynamic and competitive sailing events in the world, but at an affordable cost and thus on a regional basis. The new M32 Series fills an obvious void in the current sailing marketplace between the budgets needed for small boat dingy racing and the seemingly inaccessible world of large professional competition.

The new M32 Series sets out to provide a platform that is commercially viable for the teams, partners and sponsors as well as being exciting for the audience. For the amateur sailor, it provides a path for new, aspiring teams looking for a stepping stone to a career in professional racing and delivers them exciting and challenging arena-style racing that is attractive to the sailors and sponsors alike. For the professional racer, the new M32 Series delivers the highest levels of competition against their fellow accomplished sailors, themselves looking for a new series to complement their existing programs such as America’s Cup, Olympic Sailing, Extreme Sailing Series

Nacra 17 South Americans 2014 @Rio

Rio: Qualy warm up for Bundock & Waterhouse at Sail Melbourne

Bundock-Curtis & Waterhouse-Darmanin are the top 2 Aussie crews towards the internal qualifying for Rio 2016. The official system has not being defined yet but with the spot for Rio granted by the two crews at Santander Worlds (both finished in positions to guarantee a slot)  we will surely see a tough Match Race between them. Although they will need not to overlook the others Aus boats in the process.

With the French super team, the Australian qualy will be one of the most interesting to follow, as either winner will have chances of podium in 2016. Experience vs the Young Guns... who will prevail? 

I predicted several winners in the past but with Jason latest A-Class performance (2nd behind Ashby at Bordeaux) plus the 3rd place with Lisa at the 2014 N17  Worlds and the years both have sailing together against Bundy Legend  and a  World Champ Match Race & Olympic silver medalist like Nina Curtis  I rather pass any prediction comment this time around...

Report at

Pos Sail Number Crew Race Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total Net
1 AUS 3 Jason Waterhouse 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 -3 3 14.00 11.00
Lisa Darmanin
2 AUS 242 Darren Bundock -3 2 3 2 1 3 2 1 2 19.00 16.00
Nina Curtis
3 AUS 158 Euan McNicol 2 3 2 -4 3 2 3 2 1 22.00 18.00
Lucinda Whitty
4 AUS 156 Paul Darmanin -4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 35.00 31.00
Lucy Copeland
5 JPN 157 Hiroki Goto -5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 45.00 40.0
Wakako Tabata

A-Class: One-Off building process by John Lindhal & Larry Woods

Foam core thickness, laminate schedule, costs, and more valuable info for home / custom builders provided by John Lindhal and Larry Woods on a Q&A I posted today at IACA's web:

GC32 2015 Circuit

Image: Sander van der Borch. C32 Racing Tour 2015 - dates and venues. More info at
"For 2015, its third season of racing, the GC32 foiling catamarans are to compete around Europe on a five event circuit known as the GC32 Racing Tour.

The 2015 GC32 Racing Tour schedule:
27-31 May: Austria Cup - Lake Traunsee, Austria
24–27 June: Cowes Cup - Cowes, UK
30 July–2 Aug: TBA - Germany
27-30 August: Trofeo di Roma - Rome Fiumicino, Italy
10–13 September: Marseille One Design – Marseille, France.

The season kicks off on the mountain-lined Lake Traunsee in Austria,

Flying Phantom OD & Long Distance Circuit 2015

OD Circuit & Long Distance events for the FP in 2015 plus a Youth circuit with Red Bull. Sent by Phantom International--
The Red Bull Foiling Generation
From the spring of 2015, the famous energy drink company Red Bull will organize an international circuit for youth sailors between the ages of 16 and 20. This circuit, which has been given the name of the “Red Bull Foiling Generation” will be raced with Flying Phantom catamarans and will include multiple events around the world with one in France. 

Details concerning race formats and registration procedures will be issued shortly. The “Red Bull Foiling Generation” is a true revolution in the world of sailing as it provides youth sailors with a unique opportunity to step into the world of flying multihulls.

Main events on the 2015 calendar
- April 29th – May 2nd EUROCAT in Carnac, France: FP One Design racecourse & Long distance race
- June 6th ROUND TEXEL in Texel, Netherlands: Long distance race
- June 8th – 14th in GENEVA, Switzerland: FP One Design racecourse
- June 27th – 28th RAID EMERAUDE in St Lunaire, France: Long distance race
- July 1st- 5th FOILING WEEK on Lake Garda, Italy: FP One Design racecourse & Long distance race
- July 17th-25th TRAVEMUENDER WOCHE in Travemuender, Germany: FP One Design racecourse
- September 4th – 6th RAID DES CORSAIRES in St Malo, France: Long distance race

Full press release at

A-Class Worlds 2015 @Punta Ala: Venue Information & Class status

Image by Serena Scary. Sascha Wallmer on the Scheurer G7, 1st at the 2014 Italian Nats, that were held at the same venue for next 2015 Worlds, Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy.
Check Punta Ala venue details & weather/course conditions with Italian Assoc Sec , Stefano Sirri at

Class Status:
With the Italian fleet being able to attend this time I think the 100 boat mark can be reached, as for several reasons none was present at Bordeaux 2014 Europeans in July, where nevertheless we gathered +100 boats. A good sign of the health of the A-Class beyond all the reasonable discussions on the shock of having your usual floating boat now going airborne a la Moth and  overnight.

Said this many times , but is worth posting again: From my experience I would be still hooked with the As

St Barth: Best of Catacup 2014 by Easy Ride Videos

Speaking of Pros shooting videos... Best of Catacup 2014 by Easy Ride Videos. Edit & Shoot: Easy Ride with Théo Reynal

Amateur Sailing Video Shoot & Editing

When posting first quality video material sent by EasyRide Videos, Wanaii Films , Beau Outteridge Productions and the short film Productions by Catarina Jentzsch and Johannes Obermaier I usually wonder on the equipment they used and their stabilization system/workflow. At Carnac I saw an impressive innovative personal hanger rig system for DLSR shooting. But they used fixed lens with a short range that ended not matching the incredible stable footage quality.

There are also some more conventional rigs, and more simple ones like Glidecam HD Series.
The Pros above are using a range of Cameras from Canon 5D to Sony FS700. DLSR are being used on the sensor full 35mm size that provides higher quality than even some Pro camcorders.

For sailors and coaches to shoot from a rib the best prosumer cam  I've seen / researched so far is the Sony NX30. That offers a self stabilizing physical lens optic, this is not optical usual stabilization but the actual lens frame moving like with a gyro system inside to keep the shot stable.
Higher end cameras from Sony do not feature this gyro system and rely

Building the Stealth plywodd Foiler by Barry Marmion

Pics sent by Barry Marmion from the Stealth plywood Foiler featured yesterday:

For the F18 OP I contacted Tony Grainger that was developing a foam plank system, pre cut, to build one of his Trimaran amas, to adapt it for an F18/A-Class hull. Still waiting for more info on the project for home builders. 
Meanwhile Barry is using the good old plywood system in a great way to build  a modern flying cat.

Barry Marmion on the project: "... Stealth Aus, concept I developed with my son Brad who designed the hulls. I did not have a big budget so I built the 15' 6" hulls out of ply in my carport. I Glued 3 broken sections of A class carbon mast together and rigged it with a 2nd hand cut down A class main to end up with a boat costing $ 4,500.

After watching C class foiling Brad and I decided to design and retro fit foils to the Stealth. To construct the moulds we had 8 plugs (4 for each foil) made up using a router machine at RMIT, and then took moulds of the pugs. The 1st set foils I laid up had 10 layers of 200 gram carbon and a expanding foam core, they weren't up to the stresses and broke under the keel. The 2nd foils of consisted of 15 layers of C F with end grain cedar core They are still good a bit heavy (5 kg) each.

The epoxy glue for the foils was sponsored and supplied by Marine Timbers and the rest of the materials for moulds and foils cost around $ 2,500.
It has not been an easy development process due to the fact that Stealth was not built for foiling.. Breakages include ! set of foils, 4 rudder blades, 5 rudder boxes, had to reinforce the main bulkheads,

My thanks to Robbee who tirelessly developed the tuning of Stealth Aus"

Bimare launchs 'Classic' full floating 'Zero'

Bimare has been building As for decades. Providing local and international sailors a specialist builder factory alternative. Nowadays they have chosen to focus new developments in Michele's Petrucci Stunt 9.

And they are working for a new 'Classic'  floating Class based in their known Zero A platform. Bimare has always offered great cost bringing more sailors into the game. Only comment on this new Classic Association, is the small winglet feature will be allowed?

I have received in the past several feedback on the As like first  Dna going wild and pitching in high winds, even Nathan Outteridge told me he had some tough times in 20 knots while racing previous A gen.
In my personal experience I sailed/raced the floating Scheurer G6 with small winglets in 18knots at Bordeaux  without noticing any pitch motion, which was a great surprise for an A rookie. 

The issue on allowing small winglets might be, like  Scheurer G6 constant curved boards version, they can provide a skimming mode downwind.
If not allowed the Classic fleet might review the use of the first generation winglets as they are clearly helping sailors while sailing/racing in tough conditions.

To know more about the new Classic Zero and Bimare special offers contact them at

Forward Sailing: New Catalog 2015

Forward Sailing was the impact vest provider for several Americas Cup teams at SF, including Oracle and Energy Team in the 45 series. Along their helmets they provide the best stuff in the market in that range. With the new foiling multis, wearing a helmet and impact vest are a must, even for performance floating racing like the F18.
Forward has been supporting CSN for two years now, and it is a symbiotic relation (as I have with many, if not all CSN supporters) as I end buying them back stuff for myself and our local fleet. I met Remi Finiel at Bordeaux, and I was talking about the detailed design of the helmets & jackets, when he told me he was an Engineer.. and it shows.

For 2015 FS launched some new specific protection stuff, like an interesting hybrid drysuit.  Entire catalog here. For more info contact Greg Toubel at 

Mischa Heemskerk upwind foiling on DNA new 'L' rudders

Mischa has uploaded in his FB page a video reporting upwind foiling with new DNA 'L' rudders a la Fischer.
If so, this would be first proof of an A foiling upwind. 

Reviewing Mischa's record, (2012 World Champ and first legal efficient foiling on the DNA) we  foresee that Punta Ala Worlds will experience a new breakthrough development as seen as past Takapuna Worlds on the winning downwind foiling. And AC62s at Bermuda in 2017 will definitely fly upwind too under this development rhythm.  Video not available in yt yet, check Mischa's FB page Here

Custom 'Stealth' Foiler from Australia

Robbie Lovig & Barry Marmiom have put together some ideas I have received past months. Getting an A-Class rig on a shorter flying oriented platform/hulls.
They seem to be flying good, we'll wait for videos though.

-- Edit: I had a mail from Roland Whitehead on Marmion: "Just in case you didn't realise, Barry Marmion was the builder of the "Edge" era C Class cats. He is a master of cheap, light and very effective ply racing machines. A genuinely lovely guy from whom I learnt a whole stack really quickly. If you get out to Melbourne at some time, do not fail to go and see him!"
( I've beeng in the cat scene only since 2002, so I missed the good old C-Class/Mayfly/Icarus days. But without a doubt we are not missing this great Era!) --


Barry Marmion on the project: "... Stealth Aus, concept I developed with my son Brad who designed the hulls. I did not have a big budget so I built the 15' 6" hulls out of ply in my carport. I Glued 3 broken sections of A class carbon mast together and rigged it with a 2nd hand cut down A class main to end up with a boat costing $ 4,500.

After watching C class foiling Brad and I decided to design and retro fit foils to the Stealth. To construct the moulds we had 8 plugs (4 for each foil) made up using a router machine at RMIT, and then took moulds of the pugs. The 1st set foils I laid up had 10 layers of 200 gram carbon and a expanding foam core, they weren't up to the stresses and broke under the keel. The 2nd foils of consisted of 15 layers of C F with end grain cedar core They are still good a bit heavy (5 kg) each.

The epoxy glue for the foils was sponsored and supplied by Marine Timbers and the rest of the materials for moulds and foils cost around $ 2,500.
It has not been an easy development process due to the fact that Stealth was not built for foiling.. Breakages include ! set of foils, 4 rudder blades, 5 rudder boxes, had to reinforce the main bulkheads,

My thanks to Robbe
e who tirelessly developed the tuning of Stealth Aus "

Robbie Lovig:
"Just writing regarding a boat myself and Barry Marmion have been developing over the last few months. Basically its a plywood catamaran with an A Class rig running L/V foils and T-foil rudders. Barry built the boat and foils/moulds in his carport!

On the budget of a semi-retired builders income!
The toughest thing we've found is the amount of gear you break with the loads being generated.
I'm really impressed with this project primarily due to the lack of funding and how effective our trial/error method is working.

You guys probably have plenty of people trying to show you what they are upto with foiling, the big difference with this is the lack of funding behind the project.
We are maintaining stable flight off the breeze now and are skimming/flying upwind.
Will keep giving you running updates."

Robbie Lovig.


CSN - As Robbie points out, being a Custom Garage project makes this cat even more interesting. Also the TNZ J foil conf (I don´t know why so much issues with the names, 'J' is the perfect way to describe this type of boards in my view)
Beyond I support and encourage any kind of development, I really don´t like wands & complicated systems on cats.
Those are called for the Moths, the current perfect flying machines, although sometimes you need to swim to launch it... and are useless in 5-6knots, once flying the are untouchable right now.

Cats still have the best combo and the ability to experience a smooth ride in floating mode, an asset the racing A-Class should never lost imo. And as reported from my Exploder 2014 rides the current foiling learning process is a great and rewarding experience. Expect of course more development to get further stability and shorter time frames to handle long foiling rides. From the launching and sailing perspective I still prefer insert from the top solutions for single handed Cats.

Those plywood hulls look really good. I will get more info from Robbie, specially on the handling the 'Js' as it is was one of the key points we always have with Arno while discussing new flight developments.

2017 Americas Cup 35th will be held in Bermuda

Live announcement at

Nacra 17: Lange & Carranza training in Brazil for the South Americans

Santi Lange & Ceci Carranza had an impressive debut after a few months together in the new Olympic Nacra 17 Class, peaking at Santander Worlds where they ended second only behind the current indisputable Nr1 crew and the 2014 CSN Sailors of the Year Billy  Besson & Marie Riou.

The hardest working sailor in this team is definitely Cecilia, as they have defined she need to lose weight coming from her Laser sailing days.

So beyond the intense sailing sessions she is also on a full training program to adapt her body for the demanding task of crewing a powerful and lively cat like the Nacra 17.

Lange is 53, and pretty exited with this new campaign as he is fondly to comment, after his 2000-2008 campaigns having the opportunity to follow more closely his current road to Rio is a real privilege, as many of us here started sailing & racing cats on his Tornado Olympic rides.

Speaking about the Rio road, this time the Arg teams are being able to sail in the Olympic course quite often, it is a long car drive from Buenos Aires though, like 2600kms , but the chance to take their own boat and train in the Brazilian perfect climate and beaches compensate any long driving trip.

Next N17 events will be the South Americans to be held in Rio on December 9-11. NOR available here

CSN 2014 Sailors of the Year: Billy Besson & Marie Riou

Images Jesus Renedo /,  Billy Besson. -- 2013 CSN Sailor ot he Year was awarded to Patrick Demesmaeker over Billy Besson in a poll we did, after Henry winning the F16 Worlds at age 12 with Jeroen van Leeuwen.

Besson & Marie Riou dominated the first Nacra 17 Olympic season, crowning the year with the 2013 Worlds Title. Billy also grabbed in 2013 the F18 Worlds at Grossetto together with Jeremie Lagarrigue plus a participation in the Hydros C-Class foiling championships where they ended 2nd behind Frank Cammas-Groupama team.

In 2014 Billy and Marie continued their Nacra 17 reign with yet another World Title at Santander.

This weekend they grabbed the 2014 Abu Dhabi ISAF cup just to keep winning pace 2014.
Analyzing Lange-Carranza  past N17 World titles performance (2nd) I ended saying to anyone asking  that the Arg team were indeed '#1' of the fleet, as the French crew is currently sailing in another level, they are simply untouchable right now.

On top of that the French Olympic Squad has 3 more top level crews to define who is going to Rio: Ogerau-Vandame, Vairuex-Audinet (2nd & 3rd at Abu Dhabi) plus Franck Cammas.

Still much to go and final objective is Rio (where they won the Test event also) but right now Besson & Riou are showing they are the crew to beat towards the 2016 podium.

Their 2014 level and dominance plus their 2013 achievements put these two at the top of the list earning the 'Catsailingnews 2014 Sailor of the Year' award.

F18 Sailor Todd Christensen passed away

Sent by Jasper van Staveren. US F18 sailor Todd Christensen passed away. Todd as an active US  F18 member, he was 12th at the 2014 F18 U.S. Nationals sailing together with his borther-in-law John Hoag.

Words by Rich Vilvens:
"It is with heavy hearts, and great sadness, we report the loss of a super sailor, husband, son, and friend to all of us. Todd Christensen passed away November 20th 2014, at his parents home while recovering from major surgery. Starting at the age of 13, Todd was a big part of the Hobie Cat family, over time joining the International F18 Class Catamarans, and keel boat fleets as a member of the Shrek team.

Todd could do it all, from foredeck to skipper, on a large monohull, a fast F18 or master of the Hobie 16. As an engineer and master craftsman, Todd helped our sailing community immeasurably. From storing and transporting race gear, to modifying trailers for hauling as many boats as possible to events. In his spare time, he volunteered to man chase boats, help with youth programs, organize regattas, and hold various officer positions in our Division and Local Fleets."

You are welcome to join us in a celebration of his life on Saturday, December 13th at 2 pm at:
John Knox Presbyterian Church
109 SW Normandy Rd
Seattle WA, 98166

Volvo Ocean Race: Vestas crash updates

Glad to know the crews seems to be OK.
Official Statement below .  Check official news at


Team Vestas Wind reported that they had now deployed two life rafts as the stern of the boat was being beaten on rocks of the reef. The bow is pointing out to sea.
The team added that they were keeping the life rafts some 15 metres from the boat, which the crew could reach if necessary.

There were no plans to do this yet but the life rafts had been deployed now as they may not be able to do so later.
The current plan remains to abandon the boat at daylight with the assistance of the coastguard at Íle du Sud as well as Team Alvimedica.

We will update you further as more details become available.


At 1510 UTC, Saturday, November 29, Team Vestas Wind informed Race Control

Nacra 17 @Abu Dhabi 2014: Besson-Riou lead

Image Barbara Sanchez / Sailing Energy / ISAF . Billy & Marie as usual leading the pack aftere 6 races. Full Results at  More pics at Sailing Energy FB.