Dec 13, 2017

Nacra 15 Youth Worlds 2017 @Sanya, China: Day 3 Results

New Flying Phantom version for 2018 : The 'Ultimate'

In April  2017 I published an article wondering if the new Nacra 17 MKII was going to become the ultimate racing foiler. Preliminary tests & footage looked great, specially the foiling gybes by Bora Gulari & Helena Scutt. That great initial drive later was put down a bit on the actual performance of the MKII on the course race, with reports on being slower than the MKI upwind for ie in some conditions. Flights downwind remained really good, and the Live racing we saw from Kiel were excellent.

But Upwind foiling performance is not there yet , neither in the A-Class or other foilers. The Ultimate foiler cat needs to achieve 100% upwind flights which were only done by the AC45 Turbo & AC50s (the AC72 did not foil 100% upwind by any chance).
That is the target of this new Flying Phantom. Neither the FP Elite or the Nacra F20 have reached this tough goal.

The massive mainfoils , reduced weight and windage plus new DS sails might provide this new FP 'Ultimate' version, with the holly grail many designers are searching for beachcat racing foilers.

It will achieve that goal as seen at Bermuda by the AC50s? We don't know yet, thus the question mark remains.
Lets see if  the 'FP Ultimate' can walk the talk of its branding name. Looks a weapon , so it could be the case. We'll see.  Hulls & Foils were designed by  Gonzalo Redondo / D3 Applied Technologies.

Below a QA I did with Alex Udin on the announcement of this new FP Ultimate version:

- Which was the main reason to launch a new FP version? This looks like the Ultimate production foiler, aside its branding name.
Alex Udin: The last AC50 have achieved a major mile stone for foiling cat especially in therms of the upwind performance and in maneuvers. We believe it was a good opportunity to introduce some of these new design features and adapt them to small foiling cats.

- Main goal is to foil 100% upwind , from which wind speed you guys foresee an efficient foiling upwind VMG ?
The Ultimate has a lot more righting moment as compared to the FP Elite due to the new boards, it is making a big difference up wind. The VMG is up 15% higher upwind as you can see on the plot. The boat starts foiling upwind efficiently from 8 knots of true wind speed.

- Z boards solution are still not providing a 100% upwind solution in the A-Class nor in the Nacra 17 MKII. That was the reason to keep developing over TNZ 3pt foil system orig concept? Were Z foils even an option for the intended 100% upwind foiling target?
AU: From day one we believe 4 points set up with Z boards is great for a more user friendly program

Dec 12, 2017

In Memoriam: Ian Farrier

All images - Ian Farrier passed away this week. If there is a sailor & designer who has influenced the Sailing community and market towards Multihulls, Farrier is at the top of that list along Hobie Alter, as his F-27 American Sailing Hall of Fame introduction duly acknowledge.

The other day discussing a new project with an experienced designer he used Farrier's innovation as an example to follow and told me when I was trying to keep some conservative approach : "Remember no one on the planet had heard of a folding trimaran until Farrier built one. They’ve sold over 3000 production boats - not counting home builds and custom builds."

A folding Trimaran is such a clever solution, here in Argentina, where we have a huge monohull sailing market, all Marinas are only prepared for monos, and getting for a cruising multi it's pretty expensive, same scenario Farrier found back in 1974 when he launched his Trailer Tri and later patented his own designed folding system.
Neither to speak on trailering such a fast multi over the road. Just a perfect solution and greatly implemented.
1st image above depicts two trailerables boats, the choice is more than obvious.

I've visited his web plenty when I start getting into multis and our first builts. Ian shared lots of technical info. His plans helped many to build their own Trimaran. Getting people building their boats its not easy, so his expertise & experience were key to the home builder movement success.
That blue Dutch built F-22 by Menno van der Zijpp was always one of the coolest Multis I could find on the web. Check Menno's building blog at Labor of  love as few others.

He also was the designer behind the Corsair line, you can read the complete history at his web in links below.

Latest years Farrier stop selling plans for home builts and put focus on a quality production series of his F-22. A foiling version was also tested and offered.
His legacy is immense, and he truly deserves a special place in Sailing & Multihull history.

Read more about Ian Farrier work & history :

Nacra 15 Youth Worlds 2017 @Sanya, China: Day 2

Amsterdam by Jasper van Staveren: Winter has Come

Dec 11, 2017

A-Class Arg Racing Dec 2017

Past weeks we've been racing As with part of the local fleet, 3 different weekends where we completed 10 races including a Long Distance. Yesterday was final day but a strong offshore breeze which set for a reach course back & forth forced us to cancel the start procedure. It was strong already but increased too much few mins before starting.
As a measure yesterday Santi Lange broke his Nacra 17 mast while sailing in this strong breeze, apparently no capsize, on Saturday on similar conditions but a bit less an F20 also broke mast but after capsizing.

On the A-Class racing we had Brewin's D3 vs some experience F1 guys, also a rookie on his new D3 and some older A14s/Dna 2013 / 2015.

Mehl on the 2017 World Champ Exploder D3 dominated but the F1s got some bullets and close performance, still Sergio is the most trained guy here, also a contender F1 , Julito Saubidet) got equipment issues in some races races.
I sailed  an A14 standard sail and J/Z. Upwind truly handicapped, but not much downwind to my surprise.
I managed to get races from the F1s and a D3 though. In the overall I finished second but results is anecdotic as not all participated in the 10 races plus some others couldn't show up. Still happy to put hours and preparing for the racing off season  to upgrade the A14 with Z15s plus a DS with boom. (Jan&Feb we have few or none regattas on vacations, but Mar del Plata Sailing Week)

Brewin's  D3 and other standard one showed great stable flights, Mehl was flying high and super smooth. In March we will start racing again , we have around 10-14 boats willing to participate.
The owner of the second D3 had an A-Class debut with +15 knots & waves, the guy is an experienced F18 sailor, but either way it was an impressive first day of racing for him. I assign part  to the stable / easy going D3 platform.
Foiling upwind for the leader payed only with breeze above +12-14knots.

Lots of fun participating in A-Class regattas, super dynamic and challenging when the breeze is on.

DS vs Standard sail was a match indeed in super light winds, I left the World Champ D3 in the dust... but only downwind , 5 knots of wind at the a long distance mid stage, later 2 knots more came in and the same D3 which was 3km behind put the Turbo mode on and almost won that race coming from miles behind. So its really no contest aside the foiling as the lighter crews were leading that race with DS sails. It is super proven concept in the A-Class.

In the F18 as reported past weeks, light wind hurt a bit to the DS crews, but it was their first regatta, a bit more practice and they will defend themselves better in future calm weather regattas to disappear later when a bit more breeze is on. (This analysis always taking same level of crews)

As a wrap up, you can enjoy A-Class racing with any good condition boat you can get, put hours on the course and when you nailed every bit of boat & course handling go for an upgrade.
New devels are making life easier in terms of handling  providing better more stable flights without compromising performance.

A combination which is truly tough to achieve.

Busy pasts weeks sailing/racing F18s & As, cutting the F18 DS, two new boat projects, some retrofit for one of my beachcat clients and a new coastal rowing design for my brother. Thus the low rate of posts in the period.
Next weeks I will go out to shoot  local Nacra 17s  MKII crews , will try to get some good footage  along detailed platform / foils pics.

New Decksweeper Sails Line by Phantom International

Along providing new DS sails for the Flying Phantom Elite & Essentiel Alex Udin has decided to enter the A-Class and also returns to the F18 with the new Decksweepers cuts.
The brand has also launched a new Windsurfing series.

Below press release on the Catsailing Decksweeper line sent by Phantom international /
Phantom extends Catamaran Sails Line with DeckSweepers
After announcing the launching of a new windsurfing sails line last week, Phantom goes on with another announcement as the company extends its catamaran sails line with a full range of DeckSweepers.

Before Phantom International became the pioneer and leader in foiling catamarans, founder Alex Udin designed high performance sails for famous boatyards and sailors such as Franck Cammas and François Gabart. Phantom catamarans sails notably won 3 world titles, 1 European and many national titles in Formula 18 Class.

Phantom has built a solid experience with new design technologie such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis, working closely with some of the best experts in the yachting industry.

Today we are extending our sails line with a complete range of DeckSweeper sails, as Alex Udin explains :

« The DeckSweeper concept was introduced a few years ago on the A Class, and these sails are closer than ever from windsurfing sails designs. They have lower centre of effort. This design limits induced drag (vortex) at the bottom of the sails, like the wingtips of a airplane, making the sail more efficient. Overall, it generates more driving force for less heeling moment ».

The Phantom DeckSweeper Sails Line
The new Phantom DeckSweepers line includes sails for Flying Phantom Elite Essentiel foiling catamarans, but also for F18 and A-Class catamarans (class-legal)

« At Phantom’s, our quest is to always go faster and smarter, while improving the design and durability of our products to always be at the pinnacle of research and development. We have worked hard to create sails that require no modification to your current boat. All you need is a curved boom, that you can fix on your existing mast, wether you have a FP Elite, Essentiel, F18 or an A-Class. »

FP Elite DS Mainsail
Dyneema Membrane
9 battens
Price: 3190€
+ Carbon Boom: 700€

F18 DS Mainsail
Radial cut / Pentex laminate
9 battens
Price: 2150€
+ Aluminium Boom: 560€

FP Essentiel DS Mainsail
Radial cut / polyester laminate
9 battens
Price: 1950€
+ Aluminium Boom: 560€
(no decksweeper jib for the FP Essentiel)

A-Class DS Mainsail
Dyneema Membrane
9 battens
Price: 1950€

All prices are ex-tax, ex factory Dinard, France

Dec 10, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World , Day 36: 2217NM Ahead of previous Record

Photo: Macif Course au Large. Today we cancelled a long distance in A-Cats as we had +20 offshore gusts as the course was pure reach, meanwhile Francois Gabart continues to cruise at  +30knots on a giant Tri around the World, Solo.,. talking about perspectives.

Not much to say for this record attempt status, numers speak fro themselves: 2929.25NM to go, Gabart is 2217.35NM ahead of Thomas Coville previous record.

Source & data:
- Tracking:
- Data:

Perfomance Sheet
- Average Speed: 27.3 knts - Last 24hs: 26.2 knts
- Max Speed: 39.2 knts - Last 24hs: 32.8 knts
- Distance: 24012.72 nm - Last 24hs: 629.8 nm

Dec 9, 2017

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift Racing heads to Brest

Spindrift Racing leaves La Trininte sur Mer to Brest and remains on Code Red (No start anticipated soon) but is hopeful for a window to start the Jules Verne Trophy challenge soon.  Meanwhile check the quality Inspired series produced by the team to know their crews. This time Christophe Espagnon.

Rest of the Inspired & Connect series available at
Spindrift Racing web:

Dec 8, 2017

New Vector 24' Cat by Viktor Brejcha

Viktor Brejcha is a young designer from Czech Republic, he has been working in several projects, including the VOR special inshore foiler along Schickler-Tagliapietra. Now he is pursuing to built his own 24 design, details sent by Viktor below.
Vector 24 , New trailerable catamaran in town?
I wanted to be yacht designer since I was a kid. Because I live in the middle of Europe in country where only few small lakes are located (Czech Republic - home country of legendary Jagr 68 and birthplace of the best beer), I didn’t have much opportunities. Whole my life I tried to contact shipyards and yacht companies around the Europe. Offered to work for free only to get experiences and contacts to Italian producers of sailboats during my study abroad. Nothing happened and took me seven years to grow up by myself. Finally, thanks to Dutch company ST Yacht and Doug Schickler who took me under his wings (or maybe better to say “under his foils”) I had a chance to work on recent projects and learn about processes in design and building of yacht. Together with self-study, huge passion for making something different and luck (few times), I became graduated industrial designer and architect.

Every designer has favourite style/design of boats. For me it is design of trailerable multihulls. They are fast, can be simple and you can transport them where ever you want. I miss that time of Farrier boats and designs. That is why I decided to design new range of small catamaran. This 24ft length catamaran is designed to be fast, easy to build, transportable and have a fun. Boat is designed for lakes and coast sailing. I still believe there are people who wants to travel with boats around the European waters, enjoy different regattas and have a fun. Sort of people who need boat for weekends with family but who sometimes desire about racing and sailing fast.

Boat is designed as concept of many variations. You can have just two floats, carbon beams and trampoline in the middle with top sails or you can have instead of trampoline composite panel for comfortable version with kitchen unit in the middle.

Another part of the project is price. I believe (and calculated) that this kind of boat can be made in Czech Republic for less then 40K EUR (exclude. VAT). At this moment, there is Czech client who is going to build the boat. But I dream little bit more. I dream about moulds and small series production. I dream about it so much that I will give up on margin for first boats to get enough resources to build moulds.

But I’m totally open for any cooperation and interest from outside!

Vector Catamaran
Length: 7,2 m (24ft)
Beam: 4 m (13ft)
Displacement: 1150 kg
Total number of berths: 4
Assumed cost: 40 000 EUR (exclude. VAT)
Designer: Viktor Brejcha

Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018: Cape Town In-Port Race Live replay

Watch the Cape Town In-Port Race LIVE!
Watch the Cape Town In-Port Race LIVE!

Don't miss a thing as the seven teams go head to head in what promises to be an epic sprint in front of Cape Town's Table Mountain!
Source Volvo Ocean Race

Source & Results

Dec 7, 2017

Gunboat 68: First Hull out of molds

So good to see this brand going forward. Peter Johnstone did a great job establishing it. Sadly some fantasy marketing like the G4 been offered as a cruiser-racer (since day one I remarked that was not the case for a foiling 40'cat)  , plus others mgmnt/factory issues created a perfect storm that caused bankruptcy.

But his legacy on the concept / brand lives on. Now Gunboat is being managed by a French multihull operation. Their new launch is the gunboat 68, which looks fantastic. When Johnstone launched the 72'renders I told him the A-Class / G4  bow style was not suited for cruisers of that size and they needed to do something diff.
68 above looks like an scaled Scorpion.

This 68 profile looks perfect, of course having 68' helps the lines, but still a great designed cruising cat.

Source Gunboat Twitter , more info on the Gunboat 68 at

Dec 6, 2017

F18, St Maarten Heineken Regatta 2018: March 1-4

Photos & info sent by Joris Vanden Eynde . Another excellent destination for F18 racing, this time St Maarten Heineken Regatta usually for bigger cats/boats now is also targeting beachcats.
"The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta offers different packages for the Beach Cat class, including entry fee, boat security, safety boats and accommodation for your team of 2. The Regatta Office can assist you with all your arrangements, including any transportation deals to get your boat to St. Maarten.

Two standard packages. Package 1 includes entry fee, boat security, a dedicated race committee and safety boats for only $ 400 per boat.

Package 2 includes all items of Package 1 PLUS accommodation for 2 persons for 5 nights (Wednesday February 28 – Monday March 5) for $ 900 per boat. Additional nights can be booked at an extra cost. The boats will be stored on walking distance from the accommodation.

Dec 5, 2017

Patagonia Cruising Dec 2017

Dec 3 2017, Patagonia Argentina. Location: Near Puerto Madryn / Rawson / Bahía Camarones.

Every year I get a set of great shots from our South. These are the best cats we've built. Fully equipped, and enduring the harsh Patagonian winds.  My friend & client is now building himself a 40'Alu Cruiser to extend their raids offshore the Argentinian coast.

Design for this new Alu cruiser was made by Volker Sr. , built  entirely in Aluminum. Generating this kind of passion for Catsailing is surely one of my best rewards.
Also another friend from the F18 has brought a Leopard 40, slowly we will get people here to start sailing Multis at every level.

Now I have another of my beachcat clients with whom we are analyzing to build a 30' for our local market here in BA. Of course if done it will be designed by Tony Grainger, who else if not? More info on that project soon.

For more post on Beachcat Cruising follow this link:

Dec 4, 2017

Banque Populaire 9 First Flight footage by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride

Seeing the efforts of TNZ to serve the Monohull flying fantasy, and comparing what the French designers, builders & sailors are doing puts the new Americas Cup design efforts to a second level or performance, like a B Class.   AC50s were top notch along these foiling Tris. TNZ/Prada concept hard to accept, better go with current IMOCA 60s Foilers solutions.

Great shots on this video sent & filmed by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride Videos .  Previous post on BP IX maiden flight here . Specs & foil images here.

Offiical BP Site

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : 1189NM ahead of Coville's Record

Strong winds & 3mts waves  in our South reported as the rescue vessels search for the Argentine Navy lost Submarine. Gabart puts good use to those conditions to extend gap vs previous record, now he is 1189NM ahead.

Perfomance Sheet
- Average Speed: 27.7 knts - Last 24hs: 29.1 knts
- Max Speed: 39.2 knts -  Last 24hs: 35.8 knts
- Distance:  20162.94 nm - Last 24hs: 699.3 nm

Official source & data:
- Tracking:
- Data:

Video below, set CC for captions, and click settings wheel for translation:

GC32 Extreme Series Los Cabos 2017: Alinghi 1st , SAP Extreme Tour Champ

All images by Lloyd Images. Report sen by Extreme Sailing Series. Great expereience for Tomko and the F18 crews onboard Lupe Tortilla Demetrio, excerpt from release below:
John Tomko (USA), skipper and helm of Lupe Tortilla Demetrio (USA): "It was a huge opportunity to be able to do this, racing with some of the best sailors in the world. I would never have dreamed I would have that chance. It was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed it. Getting to sail with the guys on our boat was a real pleasure for me, I feel like they're all a league above me so watching them learn the boat and get better and better was a tonne of fun."

Live replay from yesterday here
SAP Extreme Sailing Team triumphs in 2017 Extreme Sailing Series™

Danish-flagged SAP Extreme Sailing Team was crowned champion of the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series™, while Alinghi took home the Act 8, Los Cabos, presented by SAP trophy, in an electrifying season finale.

The wind tantalised the apprehensive teams, only filling in enough to run three scoring races in the final hour of the day. The Danes had victory in the bag by the time it came to the closing double-points race but the heat was still on between Alinghi and Oman Air in the war to win the first-ever Mexican Extreme Sailing Series Act.

For an ecstatic SAP Extreme Sailing Team co-skipper Rasmus Køstner this is a momentous occasion, as it is his first ever victory in the ultimate Stadium Racing championship since he began competing in 2012.

"It's a goal we've had for a long, long time, and it's actually the reason we started the project, so it is

Nov 30, 2017

Flying 40' Monohull concept by SEAir

After their mini transat , flying rib among other foiling vessels SEAir nows point higher to a 40' monohull. Renders & details below sent by SEAir /
Things are taking off in the foiling world. The new custodians of the America’s Cup have created another key landmark in foiling development with their announcement of a ‘fully flying’ monohull, the new AC75 which will be the new boat for the next America’s Cup. Also playing an important part in the development in the new hydrofoil world, SEAir has announced the first flying 40 foot monohull which will begin construction in 2018.

Following the maiden flight of the Mini 747 in 2017, SEAir, led by Richard Forest and Bertrand Castelnerac, has established itself as a key player in creating foiling flight solutions. With patented systems and two years of studies that allowed the Mini 747 to fly above the sea’s surface, SEAir’s design office looked at flying larger boats and have now created a foiling 40-footer (12 metres).

“Imagining a line of big brothers starting with the 40-footers, is becoming more normal for us. Our design studies and tests have also led us to ask some essential questions. Developing this type of boat takes a long time, there are no shortcuts. But it is clear that, whatever the size of the foiling boat, it will be faster than non foilers of the same size in most conditions” says Bertrand Castelnerac, co-founder of SEAir.

But the 40-foot foiling SEAir is more than simply a concept and already has 6 potential major clients around the world. This type of boat is well suited to both record attempts and offshore races as well as being an exciting looking boat. The first 40-footer is expected to be launched in late 2018/early 2019.

Sights set on the America’s Cup!
Having recently announced the design of the new boat for the next America’s Cup, the New Zealand Cup team has caused a stir, as well as paving the way for SEAir to become leaders in the field of foil design and build.

“The future AC75 ‘Full flying’ monohulls as announced by the New Zealand America’s Cup team reinforces SEAir’s efforts in foil research, particularly when it comes to canting. Because we are swinging the foil and not retracting it, we can achieve better stability with a lower centre of gravity. Given the complexity of the foils on the AC75, you then have to ask, who can build them? This is where SEAir’s experience in automated manufacturing of carbon foils comes into play. We have already discussed these issues with three different America’s Cup teams”, added Bertrand Castelnerac.

The future has taken off and is in full flight for SEAir with this flying 40-footer as well as some potential Cup projects.

SEAir is a partner of the Yacht Racing Forum which took place on the 27th and 28th of November in Aarhus in Denmark, a global event that brought together industry experts from the sailing world.

fb video