F18 Argentine Nats 2016: Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez Champs

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Nacra 17 Class members vote Full Foiling for Tokyo 2020

All images Laurens Morel / www.saltycolours.com - Right decision from the members. Of course is awfully tough spending and wasting money on boats that are now obsolete (Nacra 17 MKI)  but chances are Multihulls will still the show once more at Tokyo. Remember what we saw at Rio, not only on Lange's story, but how actually you can recover from dead last to a Gold Medal all done with speed and adrenaline.
Going full foiling it was the only path to follow for the cat community if it wanted to remain true to our innovation and leading legacy that can be back tracked to Herreshoff's Amaryllis.

With that being said, the Nacra company now better start delivering, this might be last chance to reposition themselves and put their reputation up again.

Below Press Release sent by Nacra 17 Class.
On the 19th of October the Nacra 17 class members assembled for an electronic Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). Three topics debated were
a) an update to the class constitution
b) advertising
c) whether or not class members recommend full foiling for 2020 or not

A presentation covering the proposed changes to equipment, pricing, and procedure was shown to 50 members in attendance over the course of 2 hours. Details of how the boats would be made stronger and more consistent were included. Also shown was three pricing options for a mk 2 Nacra 17 was presented which can be downloaded here: http://49er.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=df2d2bf709ec92475cd1c89d5&id=f87652be8c&e=19378512bf

The three options for equipment going forward are:
a) retrofit a mk1 boat to go full foiling for 7,900 euros
b) Buying a new platform for 14,500 euros, retaining the ability to sell the mk1 platform for a next cost of about 7500 euros
c) Buying a new boat for 24,250 euros, an increase of about 2000 euros from the mk1 price

Following the presentation was a discussion with questions and answers from class members and leadership. At the close the meeting, voting was opened to class members. 89 members voted from the total membership of 132, above the 40% threshold required to form a quorum. All of the motions passed, with the advertising and constitution motions receiving 87% support or higher. the major question of whether to recommend to World Sailing whether Nacra 17 should go fully foiling for the 2020 Olympic or not was a closer vote, but ultimately passed 48 votes to 33, for a 59% support level.

As such, the Nacra 17 class has sent a letter to the head of the Equipment Committee of World Sailing with the class recommendation. Class president, Marcus Spillane, will convey this position at the World Sailing Conference next month in Barcelona. Equipment of the updated configuration will become available following confirmation from World Sailing Conference of their position on the matter. Team wishing to get onto the waiting list for mk2 equipment should be in contact with the Nacra Sailing head office.


Red Bull Foiling Generation 2016 Finals @Newport: Olivia Mackay & Micah Wilkinson Champs

Some excellent shots from Newport, where the Red Bull 2016 Finals took place this weekend. All pics by Red Bull Media House. Official web: http://foilinggeneration.redbull.com/

Later when available official report & full results.

Goodall Design: Viper new Looks & a Flying version coming

New Viper looks , sent by Goodall Design. Most interesting is the Viper foiling version to be launched next year. I saw some pics of tests made in Aus, at the time it was a 3pt TNZ Foil conf, now they might go for a 4pt A-Cat foil setup as adopted by the Nacra 15/17?
The look & feel conf  for the Viper is cosmetic, no need to modify the water lines/shape as in the F16 the Australian boat keeps winning, and for a flying version the new deck design will put the already proven displacing hull as another attractive alternative in the growing foiler market.

Renders & press release sent October 3, but didn´t published as they requested to wait them to release first) by Goodall Design.
2017 Viper Facelift!!
Since 2008, Goodall Design has produced almost 300 VIPER catamarans and sold these into over 20 countries around the world. Now, after almost 9 years, the Viper is getting a new look.

New foredeck lines and bow profile are most obvious on the new Viper hulls, which will be available for delivery before the 2017 sailing season.

“As the designers and sailors, we believe the VIPER still outperforms all other catamarans in the category and see no reason to significantly modify the underwater shape of the hull.” says Brett Goodall.

All hull modifications are cosmetic and have been approved by the Viper International Class Association so will be immediately accepted into all class events.

The locations of beams, beam bolts and chain plates have not changed, so new hulls will be interchangeable onto existing platforms. This will offer an upgrade option for current sailors.

The most exciting feature is all hulls will be manufactured with concessions built in to allow for an easy upgrade to the Flying Viper (more information on this to come in early 2017).

Nacra 17 MKII Foils preview

Roughly the shape , dimensions and position of the Nacra 17 MKII  foil package. Have some confirmation on being pretty close though by more than reliable sources.  I founded some time today to finish the sketch along the F18 Worlds prep, next post will show comp with curved foil/case pos and old rudders.
I have talked to some locals sailors who sailed Nacra 17 and also Nacra F20 and they have concerns how the new foil system will work on waves.
I told them the A-Cat 4pt system works really good in chop. In high breeze and short waves the Nacra F20FCS with 3pt foil system a la TNZ has some tendency to lose grip and fall flat hard, reason why the local F20 owners put the beast in skimming mode or lower the TNZ J foil.

Video above the MKII can be seen doing rather good in reported 24knots and waves, but those are not at all as our steep chop either way.
Check more new videos being uploaded at the Nacra 17 Class website.

The Class ownership was taken by the sailors some months ago with the election of new president and manager. Marcus Spilane & Ben Remocker will try to find some room to defend sailors interests but ISAF/WS has already decided their ways, this is going to be the new Olympic boat for 2020.

As per Nacra the many times mentioned quality issues of the MKI which were vox populi,  the company along MM have addressed a new structural platform along new foils resulting in a new boat altogether.
The difference in performance of this new weapon compared to the MKI that compete at Rio can surely be related to what Glenn Ashby & Mischa Heemskerk did to the A-Cat floaters (and foilers alike) at Punta Ala 2015. When those two were up on foils in 5-7knots, it was another sport altogether.
A preview was published on Tom Phipps video where the MKII was foiling better angle and speed upwind that the MKI.
In terms of design, performance and appeal this new Nacra 17 might even set the new beachcat racing standard.

We hope Nacra have nailed the structural part this time, they have no more room for failures and together with WS should compensate  those who already invested and will continue to campaign with special discounts for buying new boats or kits.
More info soon on Class situation updates.

RedBull Foiling Generation 2016 @Newport: Quinn Wilson & Riley Gibbs 1st

All images: Red Bull Foiling Generation, Click images for Slideshow & HQ.  Seeing the kids going for it on the FPs was worth the effort for this restricted first series.  At Newport, Quinn Wilson & Riley Gibbs won the US Qualifier days ago and they will represent the locals at the Finals next weekend.  Check official Press release below,  Official  web foilinggeneration.redbull.com/

NEWPORT, RI (October 16, 2016) – There was drama on the water this weekend as the winds of
Newport Harbor were unforgiving in their ebbs and flows for the Red Bull Foiling Generation
US Qualifier. After two days of training and three days of competition on the flying phantoms,
Southern California based Quinn Wilson and Riley Gibbs walked away victorious. Beating out the
top fifteen 17 – 20-year-old youth sailing teams from across the country, Riley and Gibbs proved
themselves worthy of representing the US at the first ever Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final
next weekend also in Newport.

“Winning was a relief after a stressful event”, said the 19-year-old Quinn Wilson. “We’ve been

F18 Worlds BA 2016: Chilean Friends hit the Road

Our friends from Chile are preparing to cross the Andes , part of the fleet already in BA and have raced past event. Next Friday Arg Nats will start and we expect to have them sailing with us.

They are coming with 9 boats to the Worlds, The Chilean sailors were a fundamental part on the South American development of the Class, so we are more than happy to have them.

Preview of the Worlds after the Arg Nats coming weekend. Olympic sailor Matías Buhler is already training and along Sergio Mehl, the crew is also trained by Lange's coach Mateo Majdalani. They will be the crew to beat on their Phantom,  more after what we saw this weekend...

Flying Phantom Series Marseille OD 2016: Images by Martina Barnetova

Martina Barnetova always delivering, check the entire shot gallery at her Fb page .

On the racing Tim Morniac & Tom Laperche  tied with John Tomko & Jonhatan Atwood, winner was defined after the 3rd tie breaker. The French youths now directly sailing top of the line flying beachcats as the FP and the Texan crew showing as visitors the great level they have achieved.
Interesting now to see them race the Florida 300  vs the Nacra F20FCS now with that amount of fight hours behind plus a new matchup against Melvin from TFW Newport.

One of the interesting outcomes of this races was that Tomko & Atwood sailed no spi in the first races they won.  I remember some tests we did here FP vs F20 and no spi was not an option at all for vmg, but the US FP crew have shown in the course race that the AC mode is the  way to go in certain conditions for the FP.

Mareseille OD Results at marseille-onedesign.com/index/resultat
Below video by Tiger Productions. More info on the FP series here:

Marseille OD 2016: Cammas/Norauto 1st & GC32 Racing Tour Champ

All images Sander van der Borch / GC32 Racing Tour . Video by Icarus Saling Media. More excellent pics by Sander & Official web gc32racingtour.com/marseille-one-design-2016-media/
Five bullet day for 2016 GC32 Racing Tour champion

GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 16/10/2016
Franck Cammas and his crew on NORAUTO powered by Groupama Team France proved convincingly that their dominance of the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour was no fluke. On this closing day of Marseille One Design, held in at times in ‘top of the range’ conditions, the French team managed a perfect five-out-of-five score line. This left them a massive 24 points clear of American Jason Carroll’s second placed Argo.

On the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour leaderboard, NORAUTO’s only threat going into Marseille One Design was Sebastien Schneiter’s Team Tilt. The Swiss youth crew finished fourth, enabling Cammas and his crew to claim the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour trophy by a six point margin.

Flying Phantom Series Marseille 2016: Day 2 Vid

Having a first class product is already an achievement, getting its due media coverage is mandatory. And if there is one project or brand that knows how to promote their products and regattas is the Flying Phantom Project & Series.  Video by Tiger Productions.

The US Lupe Tortilla is leading after 3 races over a French FP fleet. Full results at marseille-onedesign.com/public/js/ckfinder/userfiles/files/RESULTS_%20FPxlsx.pdf

GC32s @Marseille One Design 2016: Day 2

fb video