F18: Archipelago Raid 2015, Day 1 by van Staveren

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AC45s @Gothenburg: Practice Day by van der Borch

Gitana Tam IMOCA 60: Blasting offshore Video

WEAPON . More Info in previous post.

Gitana Team IMOCA 60 by Thierry Martinez

All images Thierry Martinez / Gitana Team . These sets of photos are some of the most spectacular sailing shots I've seen. Check full gallery at Gitana Team website www.gitana-team.com -
Also check 180° Test video below with skipper Seb Josse.

Gitana Team is leading the Offshore racing R&D. Fitting their MOD70 with foils & now doing the same with the IMOCA60 Mono.  The team seems focused to win every major incoming Ocean crossing like Vendee Globe & Jacques Vabre.

Regarding the Mono development I think designers are reaching a point where they better just split the hull in two.. having a boat with two rudders, two side foils, a canting keel which tries to replicate a Multi righting moment, is becoming rather 'awkward' in in the sense if you want to achieve more performance & speed you just have to go Multi as the Americas Cup did.

Of course they are trying to win its own Class but imagine an AC90 going this way? It would be hilarious. Don´t get me wrong, these developments are great, and new Mono foil assisted designs looked tremendous weapons, I just would focus on less complicated solutions needed for Gitana MOD70 than having such a reliability critical aspects like canting keels, and else mentioned above.

Next IMOCA oceanic race might not be won by the most extreme and fastest design in the end but  by the those finishing in once piece...

Techinal Data sent by Gitana-Team Press:
Longueur hors tout : 20.10 m
Longueur flottaison: 18.28 m
Largeur : 5.70 m
Tirant d'air : 29 m
Tirant d'eau : 4.50 m
Déplacement (poids) : 7.6 tonnes
Poids du bulbe de quille : 3 tonnes
Surface voilure max au près et au portant : 290 m2 / 490 m2
Nombre de voiles autorisées à bord : 8 ( 1 grand-voile, 7 voiles d'avant)
M2 d'espace de vie : 10 m2
Nombre et type de dérives : 2 dérives foil
Source de production d'énergie à bord : génératrices couplées au moteur diesel + hydro-générateurs

Architectes : Guillaume Verdier / VPLP Yacht Design
Chantier : Multiplast (Vannes)
Safrans: C3 Technologies
Dérives : Heol Composites
Quille : AMPM (La Mothe-Achard)
Mât : Lorima (Lorient)

Début de construction : Septembre 2014
Mise à l'eau : 7 Août 2015

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015: Macif Trimaran first sail

IMOCA 60/Tornado/F18/FP sailor, Francois Gabart will participate in the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre with the new Macif Trimaran designed by VPLP. Last edition Gabart abandoned on a dismast of his IMOCA 60.
The Transat Jacques Vabre recalls past 'Route de Cafe', a 5400 miles Atlantic crossing from Le Havre to Itajaí, Brazil. Official web  transat-jacques-vabre.com/en/course

Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015: Sweden Series for Burlin-Bengtson

AC45s @Gothenburg 2015

Plenty to see for this second foiling AC45 event  ... NOT

C-Class Little Cup 2015: September 12-20th

Image: Alex Udin. The C-Class Little Cup 27th will be held this September. Pity it's schedule together with the A-Class Worlds at Punta Ala to be held September 5-12th, as is clear it brought  some overlap on sailors that could attend both events, like known A sailor Thomas Paasch who will be sailing  Team Sentient Blue C-Class. More info on the event next week.  Franck Cammas won last Little Cup with Groupama Team. Check C-Class label below for past articles.

Check Official website www.littlecup.org
Location: Lake Geneva , Société Nautique Geneve

- September 6-11
- Thursday 10th September
12:00 Mandatory presence of all teams and C Class boats
Welcome Briefing for all Teams
14:00 training Day , C-Class branding
- Friday 11th September
Last Day for issuing C-Class measurement certificates
- Saturday 12th September
12:00 Team Briefing
- Between 13 and 20th September
Little Cup Races.

A-Cat Dutch Nats 2015 @Hellecat: Heemskerk Champ

All images Henk de Graad , 2nd pic PJ Dwarshius sailing Mischa's windsurfer rig.
Not much changed from  Saturday '5 Bullets' show at Hellecat for the 2015 A-Class Dutch Nats.
Sailors didn´t went out on Sunday on a high 20s wind forecast, but the committee was out waiting for them, only Alexander Zylka went out to race alone. The rest of the fleet got dns, overall lead was left untouched and Mischa was crowned Champ. Final results and additional report at Dutch Assoc FB

This event could become a milestone for the Class on rig/sail development, although we reported that Pete Melvin already sailed a similar setup at Takapuna and Mischa also used it before, it is the first time this setup can be assigned 'some' efficiency.

Mischa's designed sail/solution along his sailing/racing skills was an important asset for his dominance over Ashby. He reported now 7 to 11knots on Saturday, I asked him on the gap with Ashby and he commented on a 4 mins in a 37mins race and +35secs margin obtained only downwind in other race, timed officially.

Not many top sailors are sailing their own designed foils (Dna Zs) & sail to left the might Ashby wondering what happened. The Worlds will be a good final benchmark for Mischa's rig design, but if Ashby shows up with a windsurfer rig a la Heemskerk, be prepared to modify your boom and quote a cut for your current sail.
Checking PJ's photo, I think a double windsurf boom might be needed though.

Mischa reports on his tiny top sail head design helping to stabilize his DNA while foiling, having much concentrated cloth area down the foot, is depowering the top of the sail , which is a logical result of such design. 7-11knots was the range for the 5 consecutive Bullets over Ashby.

With more wind this design can be even more efficient, only doubt will be calm wind racing, where Mischa reports not having better results on him being 91kg, which is actually a lot for a 75kg boat.
Punta Ala is going to be a great event to watch and follow.
Last Photo Left: Richard Gladwell. Pete Melvin at Takapuna Worlds 2014.

Extreme Series: GC32s will replace X40s

Image: Sander van der Borch. We asked for it several times and they delivered.  The Martin Fischer designed GC32 will replace the X40s for next Extreme Series calendar. Right decision not going for yet another Class.
Read complete official report at extremesailingseries.com/news/view/gc32s-to-replace-extreme-40s-as-the-extreme-sailing-series-fast-tracks-to-a

Nacra 17s @Rio Test Event 2015: Waterhouse & Darmanin Champs

Images: Jesus Renedo / Sailing Energy / Australian Saling Team - The Australian kids are putting pressure on 3x World Champs Billy Besson & Marie Riou. Waterhouse & Darmanin are starting to compete with the French crew for the dominance of the Olympic Multi circuit previous the final stop in 2016.
At this Rio Test Event 2015 the crown was decided in the Medal Race between these two teams. Besson-Riou finished 2nd behind Zajac-Frank while the Australian Youths scored a 5th that secured them the title with a 5 pts gap.

The Australian team to my knowledge hasn´t defined yet who is going to represent them at Rio in the Nacra 17, but the peaking performance of Jason & Lisa, plus the former Olympic medalist Bundy & Nina wanting the spot , plus Landy (former Tornado Olympic Silver) as Coach, the Aussie Team is gathering momentum towards Rio in a brilliant and pretty solid way.

I hope to see Jason at Punta Ala Worlds in two weeks, he told me he will try to attend. Reviewing what he'd done past year at Bordeaux A-Cat Euros with few hours in the Class (2nd behind Glenn), he can easily now be again a threat to top contenders like Mischa,Brewin & Ashby.

Waterhouse is called to keep the Australian Multihull flag at the pinnacle of the sport, Olympic & Americas Cup included.
Read his interview we did some months ago and find out how also Lisa has been a key part of their success racing from H16s to the Olympic arena at catsailingnews.com/2014/10/jason-waterhouse-interview-youth.html

Top ten below. Full results at http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/index.php
Pos NOC Crew Race Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total Net
1 AUS Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin 7 5 2 5 6 2 1 1 4 -8 4 10 55.0 47.0
2 FRA Billy BessonMarie Riou 3 3 7 8 5 3 5 -12 9 4 1 4 64.0 52.0
3 NED Mandy MulderCoen de Koning 1 4 10 6 2 4 3 4 (18)
1 7 18 78.0 60.0
4 GER Paul KohlhoffCarolina Werner 6 1 4 2 1 1 -13 10 6 13 5 12 74.0 61.0
5 NZL Gemma JonesJason Saunders 2 2 -14 1 3 13 2 6 2 10 13 8 76.0 62.0
6 DEN Lin Ea Cenholt ChristiansenChristian Peter Lübeck 4 6 1 7 -12 8 8 2 7 2 2 20 79.0 67.0
7 ITA Vittorio BissaroSilvia Sicouri 12 8 12 10 9 (18)
4 3 1 5 16 6 104.0 86.0
8 AUT Thomas ZajacTanja Chiara Frank 8 7 11 9 10 7 6 (18)
5 14 12 2 109.0 91.0
9 ARG Santiago LangeCecilia Carranza Saroli 16 15 6 3 8 9.4
9 9 (18)
7 3 16 119.4 101.4
10 ESP Iker Martinez de LizarduyMarina Lopez -17 17 13 11 7 5 12 5 3 3 14 14 121.0 104.0

A-Cat Dutch Nats 2015, Day 2: 5 Bullets for Heemskerk over Ashby

Image courtesy of Henk de Graad. - I've Been following the A-Catrs for some years, even before starting to sail them, reporting on  almost every single regatta world wide, and I cannot remember right now any single one where Ashby was denied a bullet 5 times in a row.

Mischa Heemskerk started sailing As at 2011 Worlds in Aarhus, and he already showed lots of potential which peak at Isla Morada 2012 where he was crowned World Champ over Landy in a pre hurricane wind event.
At Takapuna 2014 he didn´t had a good regatta and later didn´t attended Bordeaux 2014 Europeans,
Confirmed this year for Punta Ala Worlds in 2 weeks Mischa is sailing at Hellecat 2015 Dutch Nats with a non standard rig tested some time ago with not much results due to poor light wind performance.

Yesterday at Hellecat they held two races in light  winds and Mischa scored 5 & 4 , he is not a light wind specialist either way, but today with more breeze and having Glenn Ashby as the highest benchmark possible in an A-Cat regatta, Mischa smoked the day in perfect 9-11knots conditions and scored 5 consecutive bullets over Glenn, showing his equipment is responding in a great way.

Lets see tomorrow and also conditions at Punta Ala, but Ashby must be worried right now, as he still has to wonder how Brewin and the Swiss Scheurer Camp might have for the Worlds. Glenn &Mischa are sailing the same DNA / Z boards, L rudders platform , the main big difference is Heemskerk windsurfer rig/sail.

On their annual meeting the Dutch Assoc voted to keep Rule 8 in place, as Australia already did. The US bid might have trouble getting 2/3rds at Punta Ala.
Check more updates plus some impressive flights from Ashby in super light winds and Mischa with more breeze at IACA FB page:

Top 5 after 7 Races. Full results at Dutch Assoc FB:
1- Mischa Heemskerk Z DNA (5),4,1,1,1,1,1 Tot 9pts
2- Glenn Ashby Z DNA (3),1,2,2,2,2 Tot 11pts
3- Sjoerd Hoekstra 6,2,4,4,6,(8),5 Tot 27pts
4- Roland Weltholt (10),6,3,5,6,4,4 Tot 28 pts
5- PJ Dwarshuis (ocs),8,6,6,3,3,3 Tot 29pts

Rolex Fasnet 2015: On board Spindrift 2

A-Class: Arno Terra on Rule 8 & Max foil Span

Arno Terra must be one the most informed and experienced sailors & designers in the A-Class flying process we've seen last years. Together with Dna builder PJ Dwarshuis & Mischa Heemskerk they lead the path towards full foiling racing As.
One last comment I will add to this before Punta Ala: Removing Rule 8 main achievement will be leaving the entry level and older guys happy with the fact they will be able to fly in no time, (in straight line + tack&gybes extra handling hassle) without going to the long (but really fun) process on flying with current equipment.
That's  all you are going to achieve the next second you remove this rule.

Not much in fact regarding magic or winning solutions from night to Day. But a lot to measure if you keep development inside the Class and keep those wanting to enjoy flights without much hassle playing within legal environment.

All the current R&D will continue in a progressive way but you will  give the chance to those with not much time to learn the new foiling techniques (which are not easy at all, although great fun involved)  to stay happy within the Class while the top sailors and builders continue the pursuit of  optimal flying mode with additional margin to try new designs.
Check previous post for Dutch Nats 2015 being held today and this weekend. Below Arno Terra's view on Rule 8:

Arno Terra: "Rule 8 effectively limits the development of the foiling A-class. Something which frustrates many. We already see people flee to full foiling boats or boards.
I do not want give my personal opinion here, just show how rule 8 limits further development and suggest two options to overcome this.

 -Rule 8 has two parts:
The put in from the top rule and the not closer than 75 cm to middle position of the daggerboard tip.
The put in from the top rule limits Moth style (active T-foils) and Flying Phantom style (uptip foils). Both type of foils lead to more stabling foiling than Z of J boards but at some cost.
With the uptip boards you have to raise the windward board to be competitive and the active boards do increase the complexity of the set-up as you need more parts.
The advantage of the active boards is the high drag to lift ratio of the foils,

A-Class Dutch Nats 2015: Day 1

Only one race held till now due to light winds. On another good proof of what we've been saying on the wind range, Jaap Straakenbroek with a standard C boards Dna won the race. The fleet is waiting for more breeze to complete additional races.

Photo left, new sail from Mischa Heemskerk for PJ Dwarshuis. He got a OCS on first race so we don´t know yet its performance. A similar setup was already tried by Mischa & Pete Melvin in the past. Detailed pics at Dutch Assoc FB

Update: 2nd Race for Glenn Ashby held in 2Bft as reported by Kees Krigjer. A little more wind and Glenn is already ahead the C top sailors. At Bordeaux was the same. He could hold ground (top 3) in the lightest of breeze.

Top 5 after 2R:
1- Glenn Ashby Z DNA 3,1
2- Jaap Straakenbroek C DNA 1,3
3- Mathias Dietz Z Exploder 2,5
4- Sjoerd Hoekstra 6,2
5- Mischa Heemskerk Z DNA 5,4

Full Results AFTER 2 at Dutch Assoc FB

Moth US Nats 2015: Day 3 by Nick Bowers

More first class quality filming sent by Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema.

Glenn Ashby @Holland Composites

Glenn Ashby is currently in the Netherlands to participate on the A-Class Dutch Nats 2015, he will be racing a DNA like at Bordeaux Euros & Takapuna Worlds 2014 , as a preparation towards Punta Ala Worlds in 3 weeks.
The boat on the pucture at Holland Composites (builders of the DNA A-Class) being laminated of course is not an A but the 2nd Gunboat G4 hull.

I'm waiting for some updates from PJ & Peter on the G4 project, but as we are seeing here another one is being built. More info soon.

Nacra 17s @Rio Test Event 2015: Waterhouse-Darmanin lead

Best of F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Jasper van Staveren Portfolio

All Images by Jasper van Staveren / www.sailshoot.com. This is Jasper best Portfolio yet, excellent shots from the 170 boat 2015 F18 Worlds held at Kiel, with much to see in each pic. Click for HQ, 1600px, Check for hundreds more at www.sailshoot.com/gallery-list.  Next 2016 will be held at home waters in Buenos Aires, web available soon.
From Kiel around 40 pics in this post, more below...

Fasnet 2015: Spindrft 2 Line Honours

Below Phaedo3 camp report sent by Rachel Jasperen. Multihull Results here
Overall Results rolexfastnetrace.com/Results/

Edit note sent by Rachel Japeren: "Note to all editors: An earlier release that reported Phaedo3 had won her class was premature and we apologise profusely for any confusion that might have caused.

Phaedo3 was second over the line and is provisionally second on corrected time in the MOCRA Multihull class in the Rolex Fastnet Race.

After a long, tactical duel in the uncharacteristically light winds of the 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race, Lloyd Thornburg's MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo3 finished 2nd on the water, mere minutes behind the 131-foot-long trimaran, Spindrift 2.

And while the winds may have been light, the racing in the 600-mile long run from Cowes, along the south west coast of England, around Ireland's Fastnet Rock and back to Plymouth was as fierce as ever. Thornburg, co-skipper Brian Thompson, and the rest of the Phaedo3 crew battled within sight of the maxi trimaran Prince De Bretagne nearly all the way back from the famous rock, and they were only able to pass the larger trimaran just before the finish off Plymouth.

Thornburg was ecstatic at the finish:

“This is the most exciting race I’ve ever done! Between leading everyone out of the Solent and then battling with Musandam-Oman Sail and then Prince de Bretagne all the way to the Rock and making a mistake in letting her by.” In the breeze on the way up to the Rock, Phaedo³ was making 30 knots. “We wanted to get her [Prince de Bretagne] back, but we weren’t certain we could. Then we saw her almost overtaking Spindrift and we thought she might get in first. Luckily they were racing each other which gave us a lane to come in and start catching up.

“We were in sight of each other for most of the course. It was pretty amazing – a couple of hours ago we were still looking at Spindrift 2, the world’s fastest boat and strategizing about how to get past her….”
Previous Release: Phaedo3 scores impressive win in the 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race
After a long, tactical duel in the uncharacteristically light winds of the 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race, Lloyd Thornburg's MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo3 has won the highly competitive MORCA class and finished 2nd overall, mere minutes behind the 131-foot-long trimaran trimaran, Spindrift 2 (that's nearly twice as big as Phaedo3).

And while the winds may have been light, the racing in the 600-mile long run from Cowes, along the south coast of England, around Ireland's Fastnet Rock and back to Plymouth was as fierce as ever. Thornburg, co-skipper Brian Thompson, and the rest of the Phaedo3 crew battled within sight of the maxi trimaran Prince De Bretagne nearly all the way back from the famous rock, and they were only able to pass the larger trimaran just before the finish off Plymouth.

"What an amazing race!" said Thornburg shortly after the finish. "We had the much larger Prince De Bretagne and Spindrift 2 in our sights for miles, but we only started to reel them in as as we approached the Lizard. Then it was just a matter of who was able to find just a little more pressure. Anything could have happened as we approached Plymouth. The last 50 miles were absolutely a nerve racking, but I'm so happy and so proud of the guys."

Now that Spindrift 2 has claimed line honors, and Phaedo3 and Prince De Bretagne have finished, all they need to do is wait for the rest of the well over 300 boat-strong Fastnet Race fleet--including the MOD 70's Musandam-Oman Sail and Concise 10, as well as the Jim Clark's 100-foot monohull Comanche, George David's Rambler 88--to make there way into Plymouth.

And this win is even more special for Thornburg after the non-stop racing program he's been on since smashing the Caribbean 600 record aboard Phaedo3 this spring. Claiming the fastest elapsed time in the Transatlantic Race. And then winning the multihull class on corrected time in the Transpac aboard his original Phaedo catamaran only a few weeks ago.

"All of the races have been special," Thornburg added with a smile. "But winning in such a competitive class in something as iconic as the Fastnet is just a little bit sweeter. We're going to celebrate tonight!"

PtsSail BoatType OwnerSailed byFinish TimeElapsedHandicapCorrected% To Win
923Phaedo 3MOD 70Lloyd Thornburg19 Aug - 01:07:311 - 13:07:311.9713 - 01:10:26192
86FRA80Prince De BretagneMaxi MultihullCerafel BretagneLemonchois Lionel19 Aug - 01:27:331 - 13:27:332.0753 - 05:43:405.9%286
822Spindrift 2VPLP 131 TrimaranDona Bertarelli & Yann GuichardYann Guichard18 Aug - 22:57:411 - 10:57:412.2323 - 06:02:026.2%382

Q&A with Glenn Ashby by Tucker Thomson

So good having guys like him representing the Multis at the highestsailing  level. Glenn is simply Nr 1, and seems such a good guy.  If there is a benchmark to measure how good a sailor can be and specially a Multihull one, is his domination of the A-Class racing: Straight boards, curves boards, flaoting, foiling... it doesn´t matter, those are tiny details for the best sailors, as they always find a way to adapt and win with any equipment.

Glenn trained Spithill and grabbed the Cup as Oracle coach, with New Zealand he was too close at San Francisco, now his expertise and past Cup experience together with Peter Burling at the helm is just the perfect combo to take the Cup back to Auckland.

He will be also racing at Punta Ala A-Cat Worlds in 3 weeks, and this time I wont be sailing a like Bordeaux 2014 Europeans, so I will try to get some good footage from him sailing & racing as not much available , if any, of Glenn's foiling rides. Also will bother him with an interview.

Red Bull Foiling generation France: September 11-13 @La Grande Motte

Image: Phantom International. Vincent Guého has been involved in many french youth projects like AC45s, SL16 , French Sailing Fed and others, now is also behind the coming French stop for the RB Foiling Generation 2015, below Vincent comments on the status of the event in France. I also have a report from the Sweden series, will publish later in the week.
"Since last year, I'm working with Red Bull France to organize the French event of the Red Bull Foiling Generation. I wanted to introduce you to the team.
We've currently selected the 24 teams that are directly qualified for the event (this list will be published later), which will be held from the 17th to the 21st of October at La Baule (West Coast of France on the Atlantic Ocean). A Training Camp is scheduled on September 11-13 at La Grande-Motte (South of France on the Mediterranean Sea) to select 8 other teams, to make a 32 teams event.

The organizing sailing club is the famous Yacht Club of La Baule, and the Selection Committee is composed of these renown French sailors:
Thomas Coville (Team Sodebo)
Franck Citeau (Nacra 17 coach for the Olympics)
Sébastien Rogues (GC32 Team Engie)
Gurvan Bontemps (Flying Phantom factory sailor)
Manon Audinet (Nacra 17 top youth sailor)
Loïs Berrehar (F18 and offshore top youth sailor).

Fasnet 2015: Spindrift & Prince de Bretagne , "Neck to neck"

A-Class: New Zealand Assoc on Rule 8 removal

Images: Richard Gladwell / Sail-world.com from Takapuna Worlds 2014. -
The Dutch A-Class Assoc published a letter from  Brent Harsant, Chair of New Zealand Assoc regarding their position on the US Class bid to remove Rule 8.
Already commented many times on this, personally I prefer current status quo and maintain over the top, in the other hand when making this kind of critical decisions people need to think outside their own will and look at the bigger picture for the Class as a whole and mainly on its future.

The comfort zone many sailors have is already been broken by the foilers within current rules, Full floaters have gone their way with the a-classic and you can´t take the Class current form 'to your grave' cause its suits your preference, meaning you need to pass the torch to next generations, specially in a full development Class.

Right now the A-Cat official rules are standing in the middle and objectively limiting further development.
A group has gone full floating and now some are starting to fit their boats with illegal setups.
The sailors will to fly no restrictions seems the same in many places, for reference  in 3 different and isolated groups like US, NZ & Arg. No formal class here yet but all want to fit easy flight foils.

Australia, including Steve Brewin, has voted locally to keep Rule 8,  but Glenn Ashby is favor to remove it.
Steve's fear on hulls becoming non functional is easily prevented in my view maintaining

Nacra 17s @Rio Test Event 2015: Day 2

Image Sailing Energy. More at their Fb page. Paul Kohlhoff & Carolina Werner made their appearance in the Nacra 17 podium only at Kiel Week 2015, that event did not have the top riders racing with them but later and after a good Worlds at Denmark they managed to secure a spot for Germany for 2016 against the very best of the new Olympic Multi fleet.
Now at Rio Test Event 2015 they are leading a small but super talented fleet by 8pts after 6 races.
The fight for the Multihull Medals next year is going to be one of the most competitive in the Olynmpic sailing arena.

Top ten below. Full results at sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/index.php

1GERPaul Kohlhoff / Carolina Werner-614211159
2NEDMandy Mulder / Coen de Koning14-106242717
3AUSJason Waterhouse / Lisa Darmanin-7525622720
4NZLGemma Jones / Jason Saunders22-1413133521
5FRABilly Besson / Marie Riou337-8532921
6DENLin Ea Cenholt C / Christian P Lübeck4617-1283826
7GBRJohn Gimson / Hannah Diamond-1310944105037
8AUTThomas Zajac / Tanja Chiara Frank87-1191075241
9ARGSantiago Lange / Cecilia Carranza Saroli-16156389.6rdg57.641.6
10SUIMatías Bühler Matías / Nathalie Brugger513313-17116245