Nacra 17s @Palma 2015: Bundy's daily Log in Pics

All images by Darren Bundock. Currently along Nina Curtis in Palma to race Princesa Sofia 2015. Australia already have the slot for Río, but still to be decided who will represent the Aussie flag. Follow Bundy at & -

Offiical Championship web at

XS35 Racer Cruiser Launch

CSN has been receiving weekly visits from as they are linking many of our posts. So I mail them to thanks the links and it happens to be XSSailing website is mainained by Randy Reynolds, fom Reynolds Design, builder of the XS Cat series.

More info coming but Randy sent me a preview of a new launch, the XS35: "We will have a press release soon I think you will like – we just splashed a new XS35 racer / cruiser - The Turbo version of this boat has been clocked at 17.9 knots in 8 knots of wind in flat water and smooth seas. Boat pictured above only has the standard rig, but it will be a sweet ride!

For World Wide sailing news visit , they have a daily updates and links to many sailing news websites. 
To contact Randy & XS Cats go to XS Cat series , or calll them at Us Ph#  800-366-8584

Cat Sail, News & Design...

The F18OP project goes full forward and before a final routing, I sent the CAD to Marc Menec  & Gonzalo Redondo , two AC Cup level 3D & CFD specialists.

Marc is an expert 3D Engineer and grabbed my hull cad (render at this page top header) for a little virtual "sanding"to check surface is smooth previous the 3 axis router.

A pleasure to work with him. Instant  feedback by Skype screen where he was showing  live the work done in 3DSCATIA, to discuss no the fly  any detail, question or feedback.

More info on Marc's work and his 3D Engineering next week-
To contact him go to

AC35 @Bermuda: Smaller but Mighty Foiling AC45 might finally be the boat?

Photo Sander van der Borch - If they end racing with the 45s how many teams we will end having? Alinghi? Red Bull own team? A Land Rover one? Muscat? Peyron's Energy ?? Hey I might tell Lange to put an Arg team too..!? 
Two weeks ago I wrote : "If the 45s were already one of the best designs ever made, the AC teams are transforming them in even better boats, right now there is not major weapon around in the sailing World than these modified ex floating cats...." Check article with backlinks to AC45 initial design concept.

Bring on the 45s-  

Update: Luna Rossa is not happy at all with the change, and it is understandable now they had the experience behind and the budget for the AC62s :
Press release sent by Americas Cup-Media -  
"The competitors and organizers of the 2017 America’s Cup are planning to implement a series of rule changes to dramatically reduce team operational costs, primarily by racing in a smaller boat.

“After reviewing prototypes of the new AC45 sports boats being tested on the water over the past several months, it is clear that if we raced smaller boats in 2017, we could dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing any of the spectacle or the design, engineering and athletic challenge fundamental to the America’s Cup,” said Commercial Commissioner Harvey Schiller.

“We have a responsibility to think of what is best for the long term health of the America’s Cup as well as improving the value equation for team principals and partners. Racing a smaller boat in 2017 and beyond is a big step in the right direction.

“The existing operational costs of teams is much too high with a boat like the AC62. We discussed making this change

Diam 24 'Week': Banque Populaire footage by Easy Ride

Armel Le Cleac'h, skipper Banque Populaire, training in Diam 24, at Port-La-Forêt / Britanny, France by -
Tour de France a la Voile has changed from Monos to this VPLP designed Trimaran, times are a changing... Tour official web:

Hobie Europe: Racing Calendar 2015

Image: Pierrick Contin - Below major Hobie Racing events in Europe for 2015. Original pdf at
  • 14-15 March Regata Nazionale Presso East Bay e CVAT - Tiger & Wild Cat Cup 2015 -Dragoon Cup 2015  Anzio, Italy H16/Dragoon/Ti/WC
  • 4-10 April German Hobie National Youth Training - organised by -  Limone sul Garda, ITA H16
  • 1-3 May Eurocat -  Carnac, FRA H16/Ti/WC
  • 1-3 May Regata Nazionale presso Svagamente - Tiger & Wild Cat Cup 2015 - Dragoon Cup 2015 -  Pescara, ITA H16/h16spi/Dragoon/Ti/WC
  • 22-25 May Hobie Austrian National Championship -  Rust, AUT H16
  • 22-24 May Hobie Cat French National Cup -  Toulon, FRA H16/Dragoon/Fx/Ti/WC
  • 23-25 May Supersail Tour-1/2015 -  Grömitz, GER H16/Ti/WC
  • 31/5 - 2 /6 HC 16 National, HC 16 spi National,

A-Class: NSW State Championship for Steve Brewin

Image: Julie Hartwig - from 2015 Aus Nats - Another win for Steve sailing an Exploder with 'Z' boards , as pictured above. Scott Anderson went back to standard C ones, as many are doing in Europe within the info I have. Foilers have an edge as shown in Bordeaux and all latest events (if you are good enough to control downwind flihgt & drag upwind), but equal good sailors in floating mode are still giving the flyers a run for their money in each race, making for some interesting design choices.

From 5 races, Brewin won 3, Anderson & Sinclair with Cs won the other 2. Making yet another reason for the Class to stay together.

Read complete report by Bob Griffits I posted at IACA official website:

Diam 24: GDF Suez Training Session vid

UK: F18 TT @Datchet Water SC for Northrop-O'Brien

Diam 24 Training Session by Launay

Alinghi joins the Foiling GC32 Show, a step forward to AC36?

Alinghi is finally  stepping up. After winning the X40 series now the team makes a good decision joining the GC32 gang.  The Martin Fischer design is only surpassed by the AC45 and the AC62/72s.  We might have an Arg crew on the circuit this year. Image Left: GC32  & D35. More at
GC32 Racing Tour 2015
27-31 May: Austria Cup - Lake Traunsee, Austria
24-27 June: Cowes Cup - Cowes, UK
29 July-2 August: Kiel, Germany
27-30 August: Rome Cup - Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
30 September-3 October: Marseille One Design - Marseille, France

Read more about the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour at:

Press release by GC32: Extreme Sailing Series (global), Alinghi is proud to announce that it will compete in the 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour. The team will also again race on Lake Geneva on the D35 circuit.

Alinghi is also delighted to announce a number of new official partnerships with some of the very best Swiss companies and brands, including SWISS airlines, HYT Watches, Planzer and MarinePool, while it is similarly delighted to confirm the renewal of its partnership with the Manotel Hotel Group.

The Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour
Alinghi, created by Ernesto Bertarelli, won the America’s Cup in 2003 in Auckland under the colours of the Société Nautique de Genève. In doing so, it set a double precedent in the history of the world’s oldest sports’ trophy: A first victory on its first attempt; and the first ‘European’ team to bring the ‘Auld Mug’ back to the continent since the first competition in 1851.
On behalf of the Société Nautique de Genève, Alinghi then organised the 2007

On board Diam 24 with Armel Le Cléac'h by Launay

F18 Argentina, San Isidro Labrador 2015: Smith - Heuser Champs

Photo: Matías Capizzano - Another event for Cruz & Mariano winning one of the 'Triple Crown' events in the local Calendar.   This team is on a roll:  Arg Champs & US Nats Vice Champs in 2014 . 
Total control for them racing the 'Tuluka' Nacra Infusion in 3 days of mixed conditions at the San Isidro Labrador 2015 Regatta, organized by Nautcio San Isidro, a great performance with a 12pts gap with second place.  Both will represent Arg at Kiel Worlds 2015.

Second & Third places were hihgly disputed and defined only in the last race with Volker-Juan Martín Benitez grabing 2nd and Blando-Quagliotti 3rd, Faustín-Aragones 4th and Krevisky- Juan Cruz Benitez 4th on an irregular regatta end scoring 1,10,1,10 !?

18 boats racing, great start for the local Class. We will target 30 boats for Nats in November.

Pl Sail Crew From Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 1785 Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser YCA | YCA 27 -6 2 1 4 1 2 3 1 6 1 3 3
2 21 Pablo Volker- Juan Martín Benitez CNSI | YCA 45 4 1 4 3 -10 6 7 3 5 9 2 1
3 2016 Esteban Blando & Nicolas Quagliotti CVR 47 3 5 6 1 2 5 5 -9 8 2 4 6
4 747 Juan Faustin & Nicolas Aragones AGUILA 48 2 4 5 2 3 4 1 (dns) 4 3 11 9
5 6 Agustin Krevisky & Juan Cruz Benitez CNP 49 -11 3 2 5 4 3 4 6 1 10 1 10
6 666 Ian Rodger & Gaston Terrab CPNLB 59 5 6 7 6 6 1 -10 2 9 6 7 4
7 44 Diego Baialardo & Matias Huber YCSF | YCSF 90 9 (dnf) 8 10 7 8 2 5 3 8 9 dnf
8 2304 Andres Schapira & Agustàn Cunill CUBA | YCA 91 (dns) 10 3 8 11 11 17 10 2 4 8 7
9 1709 Christian Vilate & Martin Otero CUBA | YCA 95 12 8 (dns) dns 9 7 6 7 7 5 5 8
10 500 Gabriel Berberian & Juan Garcia Rodriguez CUBA 110 1 (dns) dns dns 14 15 9 4 10 7 6 2
11 3001 Santiago Rigoni & Sargento Cabral CUBA 128 13 14 11 7 5 12 12 13 12 14 15 (dns)
12 117 Diego Stefani & Gonzalo Ramos Vertiz YCU 129 10 11 (dns) 11 13 9 14 14 13 16 13 5
13 300 Sergio Armesto & Joaquin Duarte Argerich YCA | CUBA 153 14 13 12 (dns) 12 14 11 8 14 13 ufd dns
14 20 Toto Caputo & Suizo Mazza CNGSM 154 7 9 (dns) dns 8 10 13 11 dns 12 ufd dns
15 59 Federico Reim & Gonza Miranda YCA 164 (dns) dns dns dns 15 13 8 12 11 11 10 dns
16 165 Hernan Salerno & Franco Riquelme Antonetti CNMP 181 (21\OCS) 7 10 12 16 16 15 dns dns dns dns dns
17 1099 Gustavo Lamedica & Lucas Gonzalez Smith AGUILA 185 8 12 9 9 (dns) dns dns dns dns dns dns dns
18 1569 Laureano Marquinez Otalora & Leandro Marquinez Otalora AGUILA 203 (dns) dns dns dns 17 17 16 dns dns 15 12 dns
19 130 Alejandro Colombo & Guido Colombo YCA 231T (dns) dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns
19 360 Gustavo Rizzi & Herman Calcoen YCA | CNMP 231T (dns) dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns dns

A-Class: The ""Editor"" Learning to Fly the Exploder

Another great day of sailing here in BA. Today I left my friends on the FP & F20FCS and went to continue learning to foil the Exploder.

I can tell you one thing, the level of satisfaction or achievement on flying an A-class on current foil conf has no par.

Good video to see how dynamic is to sail  and handle foiling while learning, I had already better rides than today, but this one is nice to see the work load involved, including final shot.
Best sequence at 1:50.

FP ? F20FCS?  Those stable flyers out of the box are for 'rookies'! Don´t waste time and try to learn foiling one of these in current state of development, Historic times and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Martin -
Equipment: Exploder A14 with J + T Rudders 80cm, Saarberg Mast, Landenberger Radial sail

A-Class: Sail NC bids to host 2016 Words - 2015 Worlds: Unlimited Entries

Sail NC hosted the 2014 North Americans, and now is bidding to host 2016 Worlds, month suggested is May.  Pics left and video of the 2014 event at Sail NC by Ocean Images. -

Some local Arg sailors are targeting Punta Ala Worlds in Spetember also, we need to resolve charters though, I might go to report  this time and no sail.

And without a doubt many of us will attend to Sail NC if they are granted the organization in 2016, viewing Ben Moon report on racing the As and Surfing the Outer Banks is an offer I can reject. 

Check Sail NC bid I uploaded at IACA website:

- Punta Ala Worlds 2015

Regarding 2015 Worlds, the Italian Association has informed that the event will be Open, with no entry limit restrictions: More info at

The new web url for the 2015  Worlds at Punta Ala is

- On other A-Class news,  the French Nats 2015 will be held at Marseille , check

And finally the Swiss Assoc was present at the local Nautic Expo with a Scheurer G7 provided by Andy Scheurer

Sail NC A-Class NAs Video below

G4 Foil Stress Test @Holland Composites

The G4 is being sent to St Marteen to arrive March 26. The big question mark of this milestone boat for the industry will be its foils and a safe ride.

Builder Holland Composites above making a stress test over a G4 foil. Process description detailed in the video. Comments by PJ: "At Holland Composites BV we did this bend test on the G4 big lifting foil. 4600 kgf is a lot on a tip of a board I can tell you. Pretty scary to load it up like this , but no sign of any problem at all!
Looking forward to the first sea trials of the G4 in two weeks!"

Artemis AC45 Training @SF on March 13 by John Navas

While we were launching the FP here in BA, Artemis, (has two of them) was training on the big brother. Another high quality video by John Navas follow him at

Nacra F20FCS Clinic at BA by Ferdinand van West: Official Video

Great production done by a local TV crew for Nacra of the BA clinic done by Fer van West. Check sequence with 3 crews onboard passing close to the rib.

My posts and video on the Clinic:
Fer van West Interview
Pics Clinic & onboard video
Stable Flight F20FCS Video
Pics First Day

F18 Worlds 2015 at Kiel: Record 200 Entries

Image: Jasper van Staveren - The German F18 Association will host the biggest F18 Worlds to date with 201 entries confirmed. Inscription is now closed. Check crew list Here.

Great news for the F18 in current foiling times, our local class is seeing a revamp with new guys coming into the game towards 2016 Worlds to be held at Buenos Aires, which I pretend to race with the F18 OP built by Exploder with Cirrus mast/beams.
Top F18 rider was in BA this past weekend and saw first hand our nice wind conditions. We don´t expect to reach this incredible 200 mark ! But we will be happy to host the event and receive you guys.

In the meantime, around 90 days for the 2015 Worlds to be held at Kiel, Germany on July 11-18.
Official Website & NOR at

Flying Phantom vs Nacra F20FCS: Upwind Test at BA

It was an informal test after 1 day of launching the FP, no swap of crews for instance. We just tested like 5-6 times during the day upwind and downwind matchups.Video above is unedited 2:18 of upwind which represents the day perfectly. 

EDIT: As my good friends crewing the Nacra thought the report was assigning responsibility to them (all the contrary, they had the best handling and best speed of the day as reported)  I will simply put that in an informal first test upwind, 12-.14 knots, gusty conditions and some chop, the FP with Gurvan Bontemps as crew  won first round.

Flying Phantom vs Nacra F20FCS @BA, March 2015: First Blood

Well, we did it, a good informal test today with gusty 12-14knots. Lots of confirmations, but also things to be yet tested, and a great 'existential' doubt were the results left for this first day.

On Monday I will publish some raw unedited videos plus a full report.
Plenty of pics and more material to be gathered on tomorrow's sail out.

The Foiling Week 2015: Program Schedule

Press Release sent by Domenico Boffi / - The programme of Foiling Week 2015
"Following the experience of the inaugural event, the Foiling Weektm is pleased to announce an improved programme concentrating all events in one location, held over five consecutive days. It starts Wednesday, July 1st and ends on Sunday, 5th.

The format provides for the Forums to be held in the morning and the on water activities mainly in the afternoon with a Foiling Expo available throughout the week.

July 1st
July 2nd
July 3rd
July 4th
July 5th
Forum Opening
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Foiling Expo
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Speed Contest
Invitational Kitefoil
One Design races
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Invitational Kitefoil
One Design races
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Invitational Kitefoil
One Design races
Speed Contest
Foiling Expo
Long Distance
Foiling Expo
Endurance Race
Foiling Expo

On the water activities during the first three days will alternate between One Design races, an Invitational Kitefoil event and over the weekend, two long distance races:

One Design (OD) races for the Flying Phantom class,