M&M Rapido 60 Trimaran

Tris are fast, but at this size for an offshore cruiser, comfortable wise and on reliability (amas connections, remember Groupama's capsize) I would stick with a fast cruising Cat. In any case this Tri looks like a weapon. Rapido 60 Trimaran designed by Morrelli & Melvin. More info at www.rapidotrimarans.com
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GC32 Tour 2016 @Riva del Garda , May 23-26

Photo above; Malizia - Yacht Club Monaco training on Lake Garda. Photo ©: Jacopo Salvi - PR sent by Icarus Media. // This will be the owners Tour. The Extreme Series will also sail GC32s but on a separated series.
GC32 Racing Tour 2016 sets sail on Lake Garda
"The 2016 GC32 Racing Tour gets underway later this week with the first of two regattas on one of the world’s most magnificent regatta venues, Lake Garda. The GC32 Riva Cup will take place over Thursday 23rd May until Sunday 26th May, from the Fraglia Vela Riva in Riva del Garda, on the Italian lake’s northernmost corner.

In addition to its natural beauty, nestled within the Italian Alps, Lake Garda is renowned for its

F18 CRO: 2nd Murter Island Challenge 2016

 Another great set of images & scenery from the  Croatian F18 fleet for the 2nd  Murter Island Challenge 2016. Check more pics at the F18 Croatia fb - This place deserves urgently a Worlds/European Chanmpionship.

'Florida 300' 2016 : Final Results

Image by Damon Linkous / Thebeachcats.com - Reports & official race web at Florida300.com/
Pic gallery by thebeachcats.com

Timed results here

F18 Fleet
1st Turtle Mojo - Cirrus R - Dick McDonald and Dave Ingram
2nd Irrational Again - Nacra F18 - Sergey Duko and Anatolly Duko (13 yrs old)
3rd Team Tiger - Hobie Tiger - Jacob Keilman and Brett Robinson

Inter 20 Fleet
1st Miami Yacht Club White - Mac Agnese and Ian MacDiarmid
2nd Miami Yacht Club Yellow - Leandro Spina and Guz Zuloaga (first leg Taylor Palmer)
3rd Miami Yacht Club Orange - Raul Lopez and Maximo Nores

Open Fleet
1st Buoy 44 - Modified Tornado -Brian Lambert and Will Rottgering
2nd Key Sailing - Nacra 20C - Kirk Newkirk and Tom Whitehurst (lowest overall time)
3rd Cyberspeed - SC20 - Craig Van Eaton and Mark Herendeen

A-Class: Perfect 'Garage'

Having a brand new DNA F1 & an Exploder AD3 in your gear is already a dream come true, storing them fully rigged at your local club is like too much. Being Italy and me a family man I would just add a Ferrari FF and you will have the perfect garage.

The interesting thing to know is which one he'll select for Medemblik.....
Photo: Paolo Penco / Classe A Italia

D35 Trophy: Open de Versoix for Team Tilt

Photos: Loris von Siebenthal - Glenn Ashby will join Team this season for their GC32 campaign. This weekend the Swiss team went racing the D35 lake machines at the Open de Versoix, beating Ernesto Bertarelli/ Alinghi for 1pt overall. Full report (french) at http://d35trophy.com/news/

Net Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9
1 Tilt 31 41 9 3 1 2 6 10 1 8 1
2 Alinghi 32 39 5 5 6 1 7 2 6 2 5
3 Swisscom 34 43 4 9 3 7 4 4 3 6 3
4 Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier 36 46 3 10 7 5 1 1 10 7 2
5 Mobimo 37 46 1 1 4 6 9 8 8 3 6
6 Ladycat 39 50 6 2 2 9 8 3 5 4 11
7 Racing Django 40 50 2 8 10 4 3 5 2 9 7
8 Zen Too 43 53 10 7 8 3 5 7 4 5 4
9 Realteam 47 58 8 4 9 10 2 6 7 1 11
10 Okalys 62 72 7 6 5 8 10 9 9 10 8

European Kiteracing Championships 2016 @Cagliari: Day 5

Press release & video Sent by ICARUS Media // Watch the video above, pretty good. Check also the diff vs the Formula floating kites on speed and handling.

Cagliari, 21st May, 2016 – It has been a very intense competition day, with nine rounds for the entire

Florida 300 2016

All images courtesy of Damon Linkous / Thebeachcats.com - Damon is covering the event live, check his web for more shots at http://www.thebeachcats.com/pictures?g2_itemId=120738 .

One F20 suffered a dismast as seen in pic below, with the sailors setting up a jury rig to finish the stage. Damon reports: "We have a Dutch team (Dutch Rockerz) participating, skippered by Bob Henson head of Nacra Europe. They have already broken a mast on their borrowed Nacra F18 and sailed today on a borrowed replacement."

Florida 300 yt Channel here
Florida 300 official web: http://florida300.com/
Results: http://florida300.com/florida300

F16 Worlds 2016 @Knokke-Heist, Belguim: July 16-22

Image: Jasper van Staveren - Knokke Heist in Belguim was the venue for a great 2009 F18 Worlds which were won by Coen de Koning & Thijs Visser. For this year Formula 16 Worlds, the Royal Belgian Sailing Club will host a major cat event again, and  their local youth program will search for another title, Henri Demesmaeker already won the F16 crown with Jeroen van Leewen in 2013

2016 - F16 Worlds Registration f16worlds2016.com/registration
NOR: f16worlds2016.com/nor

European Kiteboarding Championships @Cagliari: Day 2

Photo above by Nicola Belillo - Full gallery at kitecagliari.com/2016-foil-european-championship-photogallery/ - - // I'm  currently drawing a Windsurf & SUP foil for some local friends who asked me to do one after seeing Kai Lenny's footage. But also I've been wanting one for Windsurfing for a while, left current draft. past years I focused on cat hull lines with teh F18 OP and a new A-Cat coming, now is time to learn about latest foiling tech.

On Kite racing foils, I will bring Luca Filippi's Banga Foil soon to Arg. Luca is an F18 sailor who built his own F18 too, and now is building Kite racing foils with great demand, his foil was designed by Gorgio Provinciali, an AC Cup engineer. More info on his project soon.

Below Press release & Video from the European Kiteboarding Championships 2016 at Yacht Club Cagliari sent by Icarus Media.
- Official web: kitecagliari.com/
- Results: kitecagliari.com/2016-event-results/
Poetto - Cagliari
"The Monegasque Maxime Nocher and Italian-Colombian Riccardo Andrea Leccese are sharing the lead after the first 10 races, run in the Mistral wind the first day and with sea brezze the second.

Cagliari, 17th May, 2016 – Tthe Kiteboarding European Championship – Formula Kite & KiteFoil

Stunt 9: New container heading to the US

It seems the two Stunt 9 boats Charlie brought to the US past months had a good impression on the local sailors. Now Michele Petrucci's is preparing a new batch of boats to be delivered to the Houston, Texas  in September. Six (6) boats sold for this new container and there is room for 2/4 more.
If interested to join the US local Stunt 9 growing fleet contact Michele directly at 12piedi (at) gmail.com or through his Fb page:  facebook.com/catamaran.stunt/?fref=ts.

Above the Stunt 9 in Texas doing 19knots. Great to see this concept having commercial success, Michele Petrucci , his catbulding family and the Bimare brand deserves it.

A-Class: Sopot Catamaran Cup 2016

All Images katamaran.sopot.pl. sent by Jacek Noetzel. Tym Bendyk won at Sopot (2018 Worlds venue)  sailing the 'AD3'/Bryt Sails. The new 'AD3' is the latest version of the Exploder A-Cat. Developed together with Gonzalo Redondo from D3 Applied Technologies. Conditions for all races went from 5 to 9knots and is remarkable to see how Marcin Badzio won over top Polish sailor Jacek Noetzel (AD3 / Brewin),  with a floating Scheurer G6/Landenberger.

I saw Marcin leading the pack upwind at Punta Ala and I'm wondering for a while what he might achieved sailing the latest foil tech. Together with Tym they've been performing for a while a now and both part of the future of the Polish A-Class looking forward to 2017 Worlds at Sopot.

Watch video above to see bendyk foiling in light winds, while other boats are going downwind full floating light winds mode.
Report by Jacek
"End of April / beginning of May is traditionally the beginning of the racing season at Sopot. This year, 28 catamarans from various classes participated in the event. Sunny weather and light winds made all sailors enjoying races. In A-class, the new Exploder AD3 allowed foiling in 8 knots of wind. 
The first place went to Tymoteusz Bendyk on Exploder AD3 / Bryt Sails, second was for the light wind specialist Marcin Badzio on a Scheurer, G6 and third place went to Jacek Noetzel on Exploder AD3. 
It was interesting to see new sail maker on A-class scene. Bryt Sails is well established company, very experienced in iceboat sails. Hopefully, know-how in high speed boats will work for flying a-class as well."
Full results here.
Photo gallery  at katamaran.sopot.pl/scc16.htm

GC32s,1st Match Racing Event @Lake Traunsee for Minoprio

Images: Helga Nagl & Hans Feitzinger / GC32 Racing Tour Press.   - -The GC32s will have split tours this year with the Extreme Series and the European owners circuit.  Team Gropuama's Adam Minoprio with F18 World Champs crews Arnaud Jarlegan & Matthieu Vandame  won the first GC32 Match Race event at Lake Traunsee in Austria. Minoprio already had a good debut at Oman, adapting himself pretty quickly, now on the smaller GC32s he continue to train in foiling cats over his MR background.

And with the strong French sailing team behind  like Arnaud & Matthieu come from Peyron's great performers "Energy Team" from the AC45 Series of last Cup, and also continued to race with Guichard in Spindrift projects. Yann remember was also helm for Energy Team.  The French with Minoprio , Cammas and also a experienced design team are on a mission for Bermuda.

Official web & report at http://www.gc32racing.com/hat-trick-for-adam-minoprio-on-lake-traunsee/

Finals (match racing, best-of-seven):
NORAUTO v ARMIN STROM Sailing Team: 4:0

Petit finals (match racing, best-of-seven):
Team ENGIE v PROFS I Youth America’s Cup Team Austria: 4:1

Semi finals (match racing, best-of-five):
NORAUTO v PROFS I Youth America’s Cup Team Austria: 3:0
Team ENGIE v ARMIN STROM Sailing Team: 2:3

A-Class, Swiss Nats 2016: Mischa Heemskerk 1st

Graet pics , all sent by Aron Steimann / Scheurer Bootwerft. Mischa Heemskerk won the 2016 Swiss Nats held at Maccagno this past weekend. The Flying Dutch on his F1 scored 5 bullets and retired from the 6th race. Sascha Wallmer & Sandro Caviezel with the Scheurer G7 and latest foils devel finished 2nd and 3rd.

Sandro commented they are quite happy with their peformance on the G7 and that on the F1s  only Mischa got ahead of the Swiss Scheurer Team.
On upwind foiling Mischa got some airtime, Sandro got upwind flight too on a big lift reaching the windward mark, doing 18knots upwind  during racing, "crazy stuff!"  he remarks,
Penco, Franco, Roland, Mischa & PJ on the F1 and Sacha, Sandro, Helmut and Baier on the G7 with new foils also Marco Götz.

Roland Wentholt also with a good performance but had a crash with Franco and missed two races. Franco gave his own F1 to Roland to compete the rest of the series, that is what you call a gentleman beyond any details on the hit. We all know that is not a common action in the sailing world.

On the performance World top two A-Cat sailor,  Mischa Heemskerk, dominated on the F1/Mischa Sails, while Sascha & Sandro were confortable and consistent too in the top 3 during the regatta with the G7/Landenberger platform. So all camps rather happy at the 2016 Swiss Nats. Next big event previous Medemblik is Spring European at Garda.

Top Ten below, full results at unionevelicamaccagno.it/regate:

Crew Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Boat
Mischa Heemkskerk 5 1 1 1 1 1 ret DNA F1
Sascha Wallmer 12 3 2 3 2 2 x4 Scheurer G7
Sandro Caviezel 13 2 3 4 x5 3 1 Scheurer G7
PJ Dwarshuis 23 5 5 x8 4 7 2 DNA F1
Paolo Penco 24 6 4 6 x8 5 3 DNA F1
Bob Baier 34 4 dnf 9 6 9 6 Scheurer G7
Helmut Stumhofer 34 7 8 5 7 x10 7 Scheurer G7
Marco Goetz 42 10 10 7 9 6 ret Scheurer G7
Daniele Menegatti 53 9 6 10 18 ocs 10 -
Marco Gaeti 55 11 7 12 x14 12 13 -

F18 Croatia, 2nd Murter Challenge, May 20-22, 2016

The Croatian F18 fleet have a priveleged sailing area and they are focusing in expanding the local fleet. Also I think should pay them a visit for an incoming Worlds in the future.
This week they are organzing the second Murter Island Challenge. Find NOR below, more info contact Drasko Andric at F18 CRO Fb.

Organizer of the catamaran regatta '2nd Murter Challenge 2016 "are DSR Adria Sport and
YC “Dobro More”.
Jezera Village camp, Bay Lovišća, Murter, Croatia. Sailing area is in the Murter archipelago.
20th of May - 22nd of May 2016. The competition will take place on 21. 05. and 22. 05. 2016.
The regatta will be governed by the ISAF rules 2013 - 2016 ie. The rules of racing (Racing
Rules) and the sailing instructions.
The regatta is open to all catamarans not bigger than 21 feet with a maximum of 2 crew
members. All crew members of vessels reported to be verified in the national sailing
Registration will start at Monday, 09/05/2016. on the e-mail address DSR Adria Sport
DSRadriasport@gmail.com and the Facebook page DSR ADRIA SPORT.
Entry fee is 15 EUR per competitor and can be paid on the arrival, or by bank transfer to the

M32s, WMRT Copenhagen 2016: Taylor Canfield / US One Champs

All images Ian Roman / WMRT - First time for Iker Martinez on the M32 Match Racing Tour, and his team reached the finals. Great debut in the series for the Spanish sailor, and more than glad to have him attending Arg F18 2016 Worlds in October here in BA.

Copenhagen series won by Taylor Canfield / US One . Yann Guichard / Spindfrit reached the Semis, Official report at http://wmrt.com/canfield-cashes-in-on-martinez-mistake-to-conquer-copenhagen/

M32s World Match Racing Tour @Copenhagen , Day 4

Official web & Results at wmrt.com/results/copenhagen-2016. -  Guichard & Iker have a spot in the Quarterfinals. ---
More news tonight, off to the YCA now to assemble the F18 for weekend racing at 2016 Worlds venue.

Emmanuel Dodé & the Search for becoming a better Sailor

Versatility as a sailor comes with learning & experiencing different boats, not getting stuck in one Class (if one has the chance of course) opens your mind & enriches your sailing skills.
Emmanuel Dodé is a good proof on this, always looking to improve in every aspect. Coming from the Dart 18 to targeting the French A-Cat Nats Title in his first year, this Breton is constantly looking for new challenges and helping others in the process (like sailing&racing with disable people on Cats). After his good performances at past Eurocat in F16 and French A-Cat Nats (being a rookie in the Clas) I asked Emmanuel to tell us a little more on his passion for sailing plus his recent experience & future projects in the A-Class.
Emmanuel Dodé: "I'm 36 years old born in south of Brittany near the sea (the "Golfe du Morbihan" and the "Bay of Quiberon") Ophthalmologist as a living with a special passion for the sea and sailing, especially in multihull and especially in competition

I started to compete and helming with a Dart 18 bought by my father in 1996 when I was 16 with my young sister Marie-Caroline (4 years less than me) . Step by step like a self-educated I sailed in Carnac and read many sailing books, always dreaming about the French catamaran champions
During my medical studies, I had the pleasure and chance to sail and win 1 European championship (2006), 2 worlds championships (2008 and 2009) and 1 world vice-champion(2010) in Dart 18.

After this great experience in Dart 18 I moved forward to discover multihull racing with spinnaker with a Viper in 2011-2012 at the French National School in Quiberon (ENVSN) , with a preliminary test to form mixed team for Rio .

In F18 , with Fred Moreau we competed at Saint Barth Cata Cup (2012 and 2013) ,  2013 Worlds in Grossetto (2013) where I had a good qualifying stage (10th) and 33rd overall in the end with lots of mini successful actions, but not consistency to score a better final position,
Later a little run in Nacra 17 , for a small period of time but I was the first French sailor to have his own boat not being provided by the Federation.

During this period of participating in multihull with spinnaker classes I raced several times but never with the same person due  to diverse project problems and the availability of crews.

In the end I put my eyes and interest over the A Class because I have a lot of time to sail (I work hard to have time to improve my level in helming cats, which is my main target.
In the A Class I could sail alone at will , every hour on water is useful and rewarding plus the boat is a new challenge for me, more with the new foiling mode.

It's a very good boat in upwind conditions and with my experience in the Dart 18 I enjoy a lot sailing

D35s: Grand Prix Frey Geneve Acacias for Ladycat / Spindrift

Ladycat / Spindrift won first event of the D35 season. 7-8knots wind conditions but plenty of speed for the powerful D35s. Check the well done video above for some action, surely they have more proper racing than the NY AC45 regatta fiasco...!  Fleet of 10 D35s, report (in French) at d35trophy.com/

Full results below.

Boat nett Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 SUI 10 Ladycat / Spindrift 5 13 1 2 1 1 8
2 SUI 11 Swisscom 10 14 3 1 4 2 4
3 SUI 2 Okalys 14 24 10 5 2 6 1
4 SUI 1 Alinghi 14 23 9 3 3 5 3
5 SUI 5 Tilt 15 22 2 6 5 7 2
6 SUI 4 Zen Too 21 30 5 7 6 3 9
7 SUI 6 Ylliam 24 33 6 8 9 4 6
8 SUI 7 Realteam 25 34 4 9 8 8 5
9 SUI 9 Mobimo 25 34 7 4 7 9 7
10 SUI 8 Rcing Django 38 48 8 10 10 10 10

Formula 18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Iker Martinez- Fer van West & Matías Buhler confirmed

Photos 1 & 3: Carnac 2014. Above Buhler & Brugger by Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy. -- Yesterday I wrote chances were Iker was coming to BA, and today he confirmed by pm and also Nacra announced it on their fb.
Iker Martinez debut in the F18 was at Carnac Eurocat 2014 with Fer van West.  They won the course racing and 2nd in the F18 raid with an initial 1 to 1 with the FP. Iker is double Olympic 49er medalist and after an excellent campaign in the Nacra 17 he was out only on bad luck injury which left him out of the Spanish trials. Met him at Carnac 2014, and later we published this interview.

Fer came to BA for a a series of F20 clinics, and he is current 2x World Champ (2014 & 2015) and currently designing the future of Youth & Olympic sailing at Morrelli & Melvin.  Great to have both coming, as the local crews are training to race against the best.  Iker & Fer will be defending Nacra Infusion past 3 consecutive titles.

Another top Nacra 17 sailor, Argentine-Swiss Matías Buhler (3rd Nacra Worlds 2015 with Nathalie Brugger) is also confirmed to race in Buenos Aires. He will sail with one of the top sailors here as crew, Sergio Mehl on a Phantom.
Matías comes from the dinghy/monohull scene and went directly to sail Nacra 17 (after being part of Lange's 2008 coach team) for Switzerland with a great campaign so far and with chances for Rio,

F18 Worlds Official web www.f18worlds2016.org.ar

AC45s @New York: Ainslie tells it like it is...

Image: Ricardo Pinto / ACEA - "Amazing" , "Insane crowd" ? To me it was an embarrassment for the Americas Cup history. If you want to put on a show make some speed trials in front of the crowd, give them a something to cheer for,  and then carry on the races in the due area , providing the public with giant screens to follow the action if any.
No need to force such lame spectacle we've seen (those lucky ones..) past weekend.
I cannot understand neither how they worry for 5-10k? people and leave  World wide audience wondering what is going on. If any doubt,
I repeat Stadium Racing sucks.  NY was awful racing.

If any doubt listen to those who know a 'little' than any of us and read Ben Ainslie's article at the Telegraph: "In my opinion the last place on earth you would want to put a race course" -

M32s: World Match Racing Tour , Iker Martinez racing at Copenhagen 2016

Image: Ian Roman / wmrt.com - After being out for Rio Iker continues full racing schedule, chances he might come to BA also for the F18 Worlds.  Now focused on the World Match Racing Tour being raced in M32s. Full report at wmrt.com/olympic-49er-champions-set-to-make-their-tour-debut-in-copenhagen:
"...Martinez taking the helm of the M32 catamaran for the first time. While he has spent most of his career competing in monohulls, Martinez has spent the past three years campaigning in the Olympic catamaran class, the Nacra 17, although injury at the World Championships in Florida at the beginning of the year put paid to his hopes of representing Spain for the fourth time at the Olympic Games.

Now Martinez will draw on all that Nacra experience as he focuses on adapting himself to the demands of the M32 in the fiercest match racing environment in world sailing...
Qualifying Results: wmrt.com/results/

Defi Wind 2016

Défi Wind 2016 1300 windsurfers and the inverted race from Défi Wind on Vimeo.
1300 Windsurfers including Dunkerberk, Albeau, and one of my idols from my full windsurfing years , local sailor Francisco 'Pancho' Goya, PWA former World Champ and double back loop master all present at the 2016 Defi Wind edition. Source and more info at windmag.com/defi-wind.

Years ago I told the local guys they needed to go attend St Barts, and they did, now I think I'm to push for a trip to Gruissan next year.
I'm also playing around designing a winsdurf/sup foil, more info when first draft finished.

Defi Kite video below:

F18 French Nats 2016 @CN Pornic: Jolann Neiras & Antoine Rucard Champs