Sep 25, 2017

Grand Prix de clôture SNG: Alinghi 1st & 2017 D35 Trophy Champ

All imags Loris von Siebenthal / D35 Trophy., more at their fb page.  Alinghi won the last event of the 2017season, the Grand Prix Cloture held at SNG.

The Swiss team also won the 2017 Trophy winning 8 events out of 9 held during the season.  Overall D35 Trophy positions available here.

Alinghi also won the Bol d'Or , so Bertarelli is closing a perfect run on his D35.
Official web

Below results of this weekend regatta:

Grand Prix de clôture SNG 2017
1 SUI 1 Alinghi 5 14 1 1 1 1 1 9
2 SUI 6 Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier 16 22 6 4 2 2 2 6
3 SUI 7 Realteam 20 29 3 2 4 9 6 5
4 SUI 11 Swisscom 21 27 4 6 5 6 4 2
5 SUI 4 Zen too 24 32 8 8 7 5 3 1
6 SUI 8 Racing Django 24 31 5 5 6 7 5 3
7 SUI 9 Mobimo 25 34 9 3 3 4 7 8
8 SUI 2 Okalys 27 36 2 7 9 3 8 7
9 SUI 5 Phaedo 2 36 45 7 9 8 8 9 4

Sep 24, 2017

Dutch A-Class Nats 2017 @Hellecat: Coen de Koning Champ

Image by Laurens Morel , more at his Fb page.
Coen de Koning, former x2 F18 World Champ, crowned himself this weekend as the 2017 A-Class Dutch Champ. 10 races held at Hellecat , 6 bullets for Coen. PJ Dwarshuis finished in second place , both racing DNA F1.
Third place overall for Jaap Straakenbroek on a Vision A-Cat / Saarberg. A good highlight was Caroline van Beelen scoring two bullets with her Nikita. Full results available only  at the Dutch Assoc Fb.
Mischa Heemskerk did not participated of the event.

UKS Navigo F18 & A-Class Open, Sep 23-24 2017

All images UKS Navigo Catamaran Club, Sopot. More pics & at their Fb page. Last event of the 2017 organized by the UKS Navigo , Club which held the 2017 A-Class Worlds. Nice to see Tymek & Anna Świtajska racing again F18 (they went to Denmark) and also Kuba Surowiec sailing with Kasia Goralska. Tymek & Kuba finished 2nd & r3d respectively in the A-Cat Worlds in the same venue some weeks ago.
Clearly both might be targeting a Nacra 17 campaign, no doubt they can can do really good in the N17 MKII foiler.
But the F18 is really the place to start and become competitive in double handed racing.

Tymek & Anna (who also raced the A-Cat Worlds) won over Kube & Kasia after 6 races, with 5 bullets for the winners who raced an Exploder Scorpion but also have more experience sailing the F18 as noted on their Denmark Worlds trip.

In the A-Class Jacek Noetzel won all bullets and a DNF in the first race.
Find full results at

Sep 23, 2017

French Nats @Hyeres: Mazzuchi & Lisignoli lead

Comments by James Baeckler, in line with what I've  been writing for a while on the a shorter DS foot and lately on Brewin's new sail past days:
"The Italian team of Mazzuchi & Lisignoli seems untouchable in light wind using an Oxo decksweeper sail prototype which is not as extreme in foot size as some others designs, thus leaving a large corridor for both crew to pass under the boom when tacking. A possible design to regroup all F18 sailors whit this sensitive evolution.

Overall after 2 races :
1 ITA 69 Mazzuchi/Lisignoli
2 FRA 5 Martin/ Gate
3 ITA Fantasia/ Recalcati

Tomorrow west wind 15/18 kts is expected, we will see if that Decksweeper is confirming to be superior in stronger wind too"

Sep 22, 2017

Dutch A-Class Nats 2017 @Hellecat: Day 1 by Laurens Morel

Great images courtesy of Laurens Morel /, more at his Fb page. Day 1 Results pending, check Dutch Assoc fb site  & Hellecat Fb for updates

M32 North Americans 2017 Preview

Image & M32 North Americans 2017 Preview report sent by Laura Muma -
Star-studded Lineup Arrives in Chicago for  2017 M32 North American Championship
CHICAGO– Sept. 22, 2017 – The iconic skyline of Chicago will set the stage for the 2017 M32 North American Championship as 11 teams descend upon the Lake Michigan lakefront to battle it out this Saturday and Sunday.

While the M32 Catamarans are perhaps best known for their use on the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) , the primary focus of the North American Class has been owner-driver “series” racing. In fact, lead-up regattas to the North American Championship included a four-event Miami Winter Series, two stops in Newport including the NYYC Annual Regatta, the Harbor Springs Ugotta Regatta in July, and the Chicago Regatta hosted by Chicago Yacht Club earlier this month.

Hosting M32 Series racing the weekend prior to the WMRT Chicago Match Cup also comes with a

F18 Cirrus R2 Convertible dagger case at French Nats measurement

More productions news from the F18 that is gaining discussions again like the old good times...! And that's a sign of a renewed health as people are buying new sails , brand  new boats like the Cirrus R2 convertible or the Scorpion by Exploder after Mischa's Title.

You'll see how number of new boats this year will rise, and not by any magic action but as a straight result from the builders/Lofts (& sailors) own investment in producing new alternatives for current F18 sailors and attracting new ones.

Here in these pics taken at the French Nats 2017 site, the Cirrus R2 is being measured and convertible dagger case being inspected.
As you see there is nothing you can declare as illegal, so it is a transparent solution as I stated many times.
Also remember the Class has officially voted in favor convertible platforms and epoxy. New concept and rules waiting final implementation by the Class mgmt. On the convertible new rule it simply means not banning an F18 for having say case cap above or a slider or an additional clamcleat. There is no need for a rule indeed, but good to have it formally written. On epoxy is not indispensable as you seen in the R2 above , I will built mine in standard vynylester too. If implmented (already voted yes) will expand the construction use already permitted with wood cores.

On the R2 above in the end this is a new F18 being sold. We will following the French Nats event , French Assoc FB here

Design details on the Cirrus R2 convertible here  and here.

Sep 21, 2017

Video: D35s @Grand Prix Alinghi de Crans 2017

Video above is from the Grand Prix Alinghi , won by the host, results below. This week the last event of 2017 willl be held at SNG. (Société Nautique de Genève)
D35 keeps being the King of the Lakes, even against foilers as seen at this season Bol d'Or & Lake Balaton Round.

Official Tour web

Results Grand Prix Alinghi
1 SUI 1 Alinghi 24 30 2 1 1 1 3 6 5 5 1 1 4
2 SUI 6 Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier 25 30 3 3 3 2 1 3 1 2 2 5 5
3 SUI 4 Zen too 34 42 4 2 4 3 5 2 4 3 8 6 1
4 SUI 8 Racing Django 36 44 1 5 2 5 4 3 8 1 5 2 8
5 SUI 7 Realteam 49 57 6 6 5 7 8 1 2 8 7 4 3
6 SUI 11 Swisscom 52 62 7 4 6 4 10 7 3 4 4 7 6
7 SUI 9 Mobimo 62 71 9 8 8 8 2 4 9 9 3 9 2
8 SUI 2 Okalys 63 72 5 9 9 9 6 5 6 7 6 3 7
9 SUI 5 Phaedo2 73 82 8 7 7 6 7 8 7 6 9 8 9

Sep 20, 2017

Extreme Series @San Diego 2017: Harbor Island, October 19-22

Phoot: Lloyd Images, Press release sent by Ryan Hall / Extreme Sailing Series 
Global, high-speed sailing championship comes to America’s Finest City for the first time; thousands of spectators expected over four-day festival along Harbor Island

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 20, 2017 – Promising a spectator experience and festival atmosphere unlike anything local sailing enthusiasts and sports fans have ever seen, the Extreme Sailing SeriesTM is set to make its debut in San Diego next month.

Delivering high-performance action close to shore and attracting some of the world’s very best sailors racing GC32 hydro-foiling catamarans on short courses in venues around the globe, the Extreme Sailing Series is coming to Harbor Island Oct. 19-22.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer was joined by local government and tourism officials at a news

New F18 Decksweeper sail design by Brewin

Images sent by Darren Flanagan, published at the South Australian Beach Cat Sailors.
Steve Brewin was the first sail maker to built and race himslef a modern Decksweeper on an F18. His knowhow & experience in the A-Cats was enough for Brewin to go for it.
Needles to remind that Steve on the 2017 A-Cat Worlds at Sopot with his own DS A-Class sail too.

This new DS F18 sail has a quite small foot size that permits the crew to pass no problem under or behind it. A feature I been writing about for a while now and yesterday too, for those worried on the handling alternatives for the crew.
Brewin DS Sail above is fitted on Ben Clark's Windrush Edge.

Darren (who sent the pics) also commented on the harsh tone of my Nacra DS post yesterday, he might be right but many know I write that way and in the end it is just a sport. Drama or really serious stuff are earthquakes at Mexico for instance. (Hope my friends there are all ok by the way).

With Decksweeper sail you can clearly see in this Brewin sail how open your options are to select a plan shape fitting your needs. A ban by now is nearly impossible ,  but those concerned  don't get that annoyed and continue sailing your standard rig.

What is needed to comprehend too, is that a ban on legal equipment really affects and annoy those already investing, so if you stand your position wide open for a possible ban, you need to expect an opposite reaction from those not wanting to lose their hard earnt $ spent on a 100% legal DS F18 sail from many of the loft already selling and offering them.

Also the pics show the new Allen 10:1 mainsheets blocks. I received a mail from them some months ago and didn't published , so here it is the new product by the UK hardware builder fitted in the Edge equipped with a no boom DS sail from Steve Brewin which is another  chance to reduce costs. The alternative sailing  no boom setup which is proven with a Crown in the A-Class Worlds at Sopot this year.

The Allen blocks I've been told by Darren too they have good costs compared to other solutions.
Below press release sen by Allen bros on their new 10:1 mainsheet sent by Jeremy Nicholson
Allen Launches New Mainsheet System For Big Cats
Available through chandlers and direct to the public, the new Allen A2069/A2169 “Quint” mainsheet system has been developed by the UK performance sailing hardware manufacturer with feedback from Team Allen sailors and the prototype has already won UK and European F18.

“We rely heavily on feedback from our Team Allen sailors and in particular Chris Rashley’s experience in foiling has already been invaluable to us in developing market leading products such as the A2030XHL”, explained Liz Adams, MD of Allen Brothers. “Chris came to us with a requirement for a mainsheet system both powerful and strong enough to cope with the higher loads associated with foiling A Class and Nacra 17.”

“It was also designed to be suitable for retro fitting on a wider range of boats. With a 10:1 purchase, combining upper and lower Allen patent dynamic bearing blocks, with five 60mm sheaves each. The lower block features Autoratchet and a cam cleat and fairlead for accurate cleating and easing under load. The system gives the performance catamaran sailor what they need at a price that they can afford.”

“The “Quint” is designed to work on a wide range of fast cats, from Tornados and F18s to the latest foiling A Class and Nacra 17s. It is powerful and robust, but is engineered to deliver the smoothness and feel required over long periods of hard use. Like all Allen catalogue products it comes with a lifetime guarantee and is manufactured in Great Britain.”

The combined Allen A2069/A2169 “Quint” mainsheet system is priced at £499 plus P&P for tracked courier delivery and is available on-line from, as well as from Allen stockists. The individual blocks are available separately, with the Allen A2069 priced at £175 plus P&P and the A2169 priced at £324 plus P&P. You can buy direct from

Allen Brothers has a 60 year history of delivering performance sailing hardware to world markets from its manufacturing base in Essex, UK. For further information on Allen Brothers products, go to

iFly 15 in full Production

Photos by CEC Catamran Europe Centra, more at their fb web -  The Ifly 15 is now taking its own path since its S9 related origins. Michael Miller reports in his web on these pics:  "... iFLY15 serial production, here from final assembly. We are now building up production capacity to deliver >50 iFLY15 in the coming 12 months..."

Foiling cats keep gaining market and taking a big chunk of of the catamaran sales pie, with a previously nonexistent alternative (Production foiling beachcats).

One known A-Class builder gets over those 50 a year no problem by now, but still  a good number projected for the iFly.

The S9 already has its own OD Class too aside recreational foiling.

Sep 19, 2017

New F18 Decksweeper sail by Nacra

Looking good, really like how 1D , Goodall and now Nacra/Performance Sails have chosen the Radial Cut for the new Decksweeper sails. They look just perfect like this new main by Peter Vink / Performance Sails.
Nacra have opted for a similar cut used by Goodall Design, maintaining a wider top for light winds.
Mischa's DS sail has a smaller head design.

My message to the US Fleet, is better to start cutting their sails for Sarasota Worlds 2018... Well, reading some of the US comments the DS offers no performance gain, so why worry then.

Either case there is no turning back at this point.

And if so, I will gather all those who bought and currently keep buying 100% legal Decksweeper sails and we will send the refund invoice to the IF18CA/US F18 Assoc. (And any other voting for a ban at this stage)

All OK with others having different positions, but they need to do it in due time, again, just after Mischa won the 2018 Worlds in Denmark.

On the argument on obsolete... I'm sure all those complaining are sailing Hobie Tigers, and have not updated their boats ever since. No need following their thought of line , Spirit of the rule and blabla.
Current sails can be updated for rather good costs , as we did in the A-Cats.
Remember also how Glenn Ashby won the 2015 A-Class Worlds with a re cut sail done two weeks before the event.

If you have doubts on usability and else please contact the IF18CA for them to send you the official report from the Archipelago Raid.

Also remember there are several options for foot sizes, and 1D have tested a smaller one with excellent handling alternatives.

I understand the concerns , I wrote here and showed how I will not be sailing myself a 1400mm foot for isntance. Also DS sails might have a tricky perf in lighter winds aside Mischas & Stephan, so it will be the choice of each sailor to update or not.

Additionally I have contacted Ken Marshack (66yrs old) to know how he managed to dominated the Americas F18 Championships in the breeze when supposedly  is so hard to handle the DS cut.

Sep 18, 2017

A-Class 2nd Trofeo Univela @Campione del Garda: Images by Martina Orsini

Hurricane SX UK Nationals 2017

Pics & report sent by Julian Reichert /
Hurricane SX Class Association. Photo left: Trevor Bawden (crew), Andy Bedofrd (Class Chairman) and Neil Connelly (helm). Man pic by Paul McKay.
Hurricane Nationals 2017 Report by Julian Reichert
18 Hurricanes descended upon the friendly Pagham Yacht Club on the south coast for their 30th National Championships across four days at the end of August.

This highly competitive fleet consisted of the usual mix of current and former champions, class stalwarts, very fast newcomers, UKCRA Youth squad and even infiltrators from sister boat, the Tornado, in the form of current National Champions Kevin Dutch and David Oakley. With a fantastic sailing area, a generally strong wind forecast and the banter flowing from the word go, it was certainly game on!

Unfortunately, the wind on Day 1 did not play ball. Ironically it was another hurricane, Gert, out in the Atlantic that pushed a low pressure front towards the UK bringing with it winds of more than 30 knots. The fleet sat rigged and ready for Race Control to lower the red flag and send us afloat. Just as the flag went down, even stronger gusts came through and so launching was postponed. Cue the hasty de-rigging of boats in order to preserve sails. After giving the wind every chance abate slightly, the Race Control eventually abandoned the days racing and opened the bar.

Day 2 dawned with the wind still coming hard from the south west but the fleet had a renewed determination to take to the water with many crews sporting class sponsor Forward WIP gear for that

F18 Delta Lloyd Dutch Open 2017: van Dijk & de Waard 1st

F20 / FP September 2017 Flights at BA

Sep 17, 2017

GC32 Racing Tour Corsica Orezza Cup 2017: RealTeam 1st

All images Jesús Renedo / GC32 Racing Tour - Full gallery here Below official press release
Surprise victory for Realteam at GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup
An unforced error caused victory to slip through the fingers of Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco on the final day of the GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup, leaving the Swiss Realteam to claim their second event win on the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour.

While summery conditions initially gave way to an overcast sky and rain, out on the Bay of Calvi it was the most stable day with 15-20 knot winds. This enabled one round of the ANONIMO Speed Challenge and five races with reaching starts to be held.

In the ANONIMO Speed Challenge it was Jason Carroll’s Argo which made the fastest run today with an average speed of 21.21 knots for the two reaching legs and the gybe between.

“Finally!” exclaimed Argo helmsman Anthony Kotoun. “Yesterday we did a bad one, but today it

Sep 15, 2017

GC32 Racing Tour Orezza Corsica Cup 2017: Day 3

Pics & report sent by GC32 Racing Tour
.film Racing star of the penultimate day in Calvi
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 15/09/2017

Calvi was not making it easy for race officials on the penultimate day of the GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup. With the wind blowing 20+ knots in the morning and into the afternoon on the Bay of Calvi, the foiling catamarans were kept ashore until 1530. Their arrival on the race course then coincided with the wind simply vanishing. Fortunately patience paid off and finally a light westerly wind filled in, albeit under an overcast sky, enough to complete one round of the ANONIMO Speed Challenge and two windward-leeward races.

The ANONIMO SPEED Challenge was sailed as usual with guests perched on the front netting of the

Sep 14, 2017

GC32s Racing Tour Orezza Corsica Cup 2017: Day 2

ALl images Jesús REnendo / GC32 Racing Tour - Below report sent by GC32 Racing Tour /
Five bullet day for Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco
The silver flash, that is the GC32 foiling catamaran Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco, put in an extraordinary performance, posting a perfect scoreline on day two of the GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup on the Bay of Calvi, despite ultra-tricky conditions.

While the forecast indicated strong wind and big seas, more marginal than on day one, a smart call by

Juana Good Time Regatta 2017

Report & pics sent by Juana Rudzki /
Juana Good Time? Even with a Looming Hurricane!!
After 27 years of throwing this Juana Good Time Regatta, I can honestly say it may have been
both the worst and best ever this year. Hurricane Irma was barreling up the Florida peninsula
and threatening our area with one of the most powerful and scariest storms in history. Debate
was on, during that week before, as to whether we should cancel, reschedule, or go on with
the show. It appeared that Navarre Beach area would be spared of the worst of it, but as the
week progressed, the westwardly shifts had us concerned.

With over 80 boats pre-registered
and promises of blue skies and perfect winds in the teens, we decided to take our chances
and go on with the show. And our decision proved to be a wise one, as we ended up with
some of the most amazing conditions to date and a Good Time was definitely had by all!
Friday night “Late Registration and Smooth Sailing” party saw the Juana’s Pagodas property
covered up! Registration went smoothly and quickly as the party thickened, with Blue Chair
Bay Rum girls handing out free shots, Sailors’ Grill’s chef putting out a spread of munchies,
and excited old sailing friends and new catching up on the happenings since the previous
year’s regatta. It’s become an Old Home Week for lovers of multihull sailing. Sailor after sailor

fb video