Dec 10, 2016

ESS Sydney 2015: Day 3 by Jesús Renedo

All great images by Jesús Renedo/Lloyd Images / Extreme Series Press - Jesús like Sander have found the sweet spot for the GC32s (& AC45s for van der Borch too) on the flying cats transitions (gybes etc). Click images for HQ & Slideshow Excellent images by Renedo. More at

Day 3 Live replay at
Alinghi leads, full results at

GC32 Extreme Series Sydney 2016: Day 3 Live replay

Source: Exreme Sailing Series

Dec 9, 2016

GC32 Extreme Series Sydney 2016: Day 2

All images Jesús Renedo / Lloyd Images / Extreme Sailing Series. More here -
Day 2 report
Results after Day 2

1 Alinghi 67
2 Oman Air 65
3 Red Bull Sailing Team 62
4 Land Rover BAR Academy 57
5 Visit Madeira 51
6 SAP Extreme Sailing Team 49
7 RNZYS Lautrec Racing 44
8 Team Australia 38

Dec 8, 2016

GC32 Extreme Series Sydney 2016: Day 1

All images Jesús Renedo / Lloyd Images / Extreme Sailing Series. More here - Yesterday talking with an Arg crew who will sail the GC32 Series in Europe next season we were talking on how safe and steady the GC32s are, and the little frontal capsizes I've seen so far if any... until this morning! When we saw BAR's bareaway capsize.  That is a hard one.

More info at
Results after Day 1 Sydney:

1 Alinghi 11 12 11 34
2 Oman Air 10 9 12 31
3 Red Bull Sailing Team 12 7 10 29
4 SAP Extreme Sailing Team 6 8 9 23
5 RNZYS Lautrec Racing 7 6 8 21
6 Land Rover BAR Academy 9 11 DNF 20
7 Visit Madeira 8 10 DNF 18
8 Team Australia 5 5 7 17

Sailing Legend Paul Elvstrom passes away at 88

Photo: Elvstrom Sails / . -- Sailmeker , Four Consecutive Gold medals in sailing , multiple World Championships in at least 5 diff classes and he ended his competitive career sailing Tornado with his daughter in the Olympics. A wise and talented sailor as few.

Olympic Career:
- Rome 1960 Gold Finn - One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) men
- Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Gold Finn - One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) men
- Helsinki 1952 Gold Finn - One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) men
- London 1948 Gold firefly class mixed

- 4th Tornado Los Angeles 1984
- He attended a total of 8 Games: 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1968, 1972, 1984, 1988

some classic wood Tornado footage from Paul & his daughter:

Below text from ISAF hall of fame inductee which reflects the story and his true caliber:
Paul Elvström retired from Olympic sailing more than 20 years ago. But he remains the most successful Olympic sailor in the sport and the person whose name is most often mentioned when the best sailors in the world are asked to name their heroes. He is a person who is held in the highest regard as a sportsman, a man of integrity and a man of great skill.
It began in 1948 when, aged just 20, Paul Elvström won his first Olympic gold medal. It was the days when the Firefly was the Olympic single-handed class.

When the Finn was introduced, Elvström made the top of the Olympic podium his own winning the Finn gold in 1952, 56 and 60. That record of four Golds has yet to be equalled and Elvström remains one of just three Olympians across all sports to have won four consecutive gold medals in the same Olympic discipline.

And he went on to compete in a further four Olympics, just missing out on a Star medal in Acapulco 1968 and a Tornado medal in Los Angeles 1984 when sailing with his youngest daughter Trine.Paul Elvström

He is still the only sailor in the world to win the world championship in five different classes.

But while Elvström was and is still many peoples' pick for the greatest ever sailor, the Dane made an impact off the racecourse too. His series of books on the racing rules - with their wallet of small plastic boats - became the racing sailor's bible for several decades. And he applied his skill and intelligence on the racecourse to the design of components that bear his legend even today - the Elvström self-bailer is still found on Olympic boats, and other grand prix boats at the leading edge of the sport. The Elvström Lifejacket was also the first that was designed and produced for active sailors across the world.

Paul Elvström pioneered techniques for hiking and ideas for training for sailing that paved the way for the modern athletic sport. And Elvström sailmakers - founded in 1954 - are still winning races to this day.

In short Paul Elvström is a not only one of the world's most talented sailors, but also a wholly rounded and intellectual sportsman who has achieved so much - not only in his career but with huge imprint on the sport which continues to exert an influence nearly 60 years after he first won gold.


Dec 7, 2016

Flying Phantom Series join GC32 Extreme circuit

The Flying Phantom Series continues to gather momentum, I was there at Carnac in 2014 when Alex and the team was launching a sole FP into a long distance race. Lots of work done Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot and others sailors to get the juice out of FP.

The Flying Phantom right now is the only production foiler that has managed to create a real fleet racing OD series, and now they will join the Extreme Series racing along bigger sister GC32. Both designs by Martin Fischer.
Only concern on the Extreme Series stops , is that contrary to the GC32 Racing Tour, they select venues on "stadium racing" and not on wind conditions, so maybe a drifting FP wont be that exiting if wind does not cooperates inside city bays.

For the rest a great push for the Flying Phantom, another project which exposure was born here in CSN. Below Press Release sent by Alex Udin
Extreme Sailing Series™ adopts the Flying Phantom Series

In 2017, the world-renowned Extreme Sailing Series™ is set to become the place to fly as it boosts its foiling portfolio with the liveliest small catamaran out there, the Flying Phantom.

Adding the exciting Flying Phantom Series to the line-up at some of its global events will see another

Dec 6, 2016

A-Class Arg: Weekend Lake Sailing & Racing

Sailing Photos: Karina Feijoo , more at her FB page.  Sunset pics: Club Regtatas Chascomus-  Now that many of us will also sail & race again A-Class we wanted to have some good sessions in a place without little or huge chop, thus we travelled to Chascomús Lake this weekend to search for the perfect A-Class venue.

On Saturday we had a great day racing in 20knots with all the crews pushing hard. 20knots on the Rio de la Plata is tough, but here it was rather easy to handle for us. I went for a conservative foil rake on the A14 / JZ, enough to maintain bow up , foiling came with pure speed.  The Dnas (F1 & 15) didn´t foiled all the way down neither, but we all had some adrenaline downwinds.
It was super fun and quite physical.

Racing Downwinds in the F18 for the helm are rather 'relaxed' as you are inside no trap, with the crew doing all the hard work. In the A-Class you leave the comfortable couch position to go out trapezing and work even more.

It is a demanding ride, but plenty of fun. From the 3 races I managed to pass an F1 in one , I was going downwind with better angle, after I passed him with a foiling gust, the F1 crew went for it full throttle pushing to the limit,  I was in control on a better vmg until my crossbar unhooked from the tiller pin meters from the finish line.... lost by a boat lenght! Great fight to the finish line.

The A14/JZ/Landy DS  was competitive in that wind range, more hours and better boat preparation and I you can aim for more.
The F1s were rockets, as the Dna 2015, Saubidet took a bullet also and his downwinds were impressive super stable and fast, the Dna 15 was as competitive.

Older boats like the A14 or Dna 2013 (all here have Z boards upgrades) are excellent platforms and in the right hands might challenge new boats incertain coinditions. But is clear newer designs have an edge and they are even easier to foil.
Nevertheless buying yourself the latest 35k boat wont get you a podium by itself. You need to train and learn.

In this aspect an older A-Cat  are still a good investment. This weekend the Moths and their cheaper brothers raced together at the Yca. The info I have is 10-12knots were required to start flying for the alternative fleet.

In the As you can still have a guys passing you in 8knots like Mischa & Ashby did in Punta Ala, but either way you have a working floating machine that goes forward and its plenty of fun not only for racing, an aspect I've been pointing out on the As, which are also great recreational or freeriding cats.

Back at Chascomus: On Sunday we had an excellent early session, and wind came down for one of the races to a flat downwind, with some gusts. It was a Punta Ala situation where races were won on  the ability for Mehl to foil in 7knots gusts to eat the course at once.

Second race increasing wind with some great downwinds in super flat waters with same results.
Finals were: Mehl (F1), Saubidet (DNA 15) , Rodger (F1) , Bonomi (F1) , Armesto (DNA 15), Myself (A14), Berberian (Dna 2013), Santos (A15)

After last race we went for some free sailing in just perfect conditions that can be seen in video I shot above.
In the end some of the best A-Cat sailing we've done. Ride above is one of the lasts before going in as we had to prepare trailers to return to BA. But it was to keep sailing till 7-8pm

We had a great weekend and we'll return in February for a Long Distance around the Lake.

Dec 5, 2016

I-Fly 15 new soft wing @Salon Nautique Paris

This version of the I-Fly could make some waves with a 8.4mts mast. Still I don´t like wands to race on cats (Optimized 4pt foiling will be the best compormise solution in the future) but with the info we have on the S9 doing good at Garda on a multi class race, if this I-Fly can perform in a similar way we could start seeing the recreational wand system cat foilers stepping into the racing arena. Still much to be tested and proven on a regatta (a multiclass Long Distance for ie) like the I-Fly and soft wing itself but a good bet from them.

Image & info sent by Arno Terra - "New rig for the iFly designed by me equipped with a Softwing designed by Giulio Ivani from Heru sails. Mast is a Saarberg, 8.4m, A-Class section with a Deck sweeper boom from Exploder.
Sail area including mast is 14.5 sqm

This is a a more powerful rig for a wide 2.55m boat, the high performance version of the I-Fly."
More pics at their fb page

MOD70s, RORC Transat 2016: Phaedo 3 floating mode wins over Maserati

RORC Transat 2016 might well be the first Oceanic race to match a foiler MOD70 (handicapped though with one ama equipped with flying foils) vs a traditional floating one.

The additional speed obtained by Maserati when sailing port ama down was not enough to overcome Phaedo 3 navigation and also great speed.Loick Peyron talked about having foiling Ocean Crosing multis, and Giovanni Soldini & Maserati have made that statement a reality. With of course the initial design / setup work done by Gitana Team who transformed a MOD70 into a flying machine.Below offical results. More info at

Pts Factored
Sail Boat Type of Boat Owner Sailed by Finish Time Elapsed Handicap Corrected Pos
Pts Factored
90 135 3 Phaedo 3 MOD 70 Lloyd Thornburg Brian Thompason 3 Dec - 01:49:55 6 - 13:39:55 1.98 13 - 00:10:38 1 90 135
84 126 ITA55 Maserati MOD 70 Giovanni Soldini 3 Dec - 20:54:23 7 - 08:44:23 2.024 14 - 21:43:16 2 84 126

Dec 4, 2016

New Phantom Essentiel @Salon Nautique Paris 2016

Photos Alex Udin, click images for larger size & slideshow - The render is now a real boat, specially the foils & rudders and how they implemented the optional wings and roler furler as the hulls are the same as the FP & 2016 F18 World Champ design .  This model might get more sales than the Flying Phantom. For details on the Essentiel check the Q&A we made with Alex Udin past weeks:
Below press release sent by Phantom International.
The Essentiel to be presented at the 2016 Paris Boat Show
For the launch of the new Flying Phantom Essentiel, the Phantom International website was completely redesigned, don't hesitate to visit to
discover the 2017 collection. The Essentiel will also be displayed from December 3rd to 11th Hall 1 Booth G58 at the 2016 Paris Boat Show.

She is fully foiling, she is simple, she is easy to use

The revolution continues, after the launch of the first production foiling
catamaran in the world 3 years ago, over 100 Flying Phantom are now foiling in 26 countries.

The Flying Phantom is a unique racing boat using the finest technologies from the aeronautic industry. Phantom International is now introducing a new range of high-end foiling boat oriented for freeride.

The Flying Phantom Essentiel is an 18’ all around boat easy to use, able to foil in a wide range of conditions and attract new people to foiling. This new boat is based on the expertise Phantom International has built up over the last 5 years being the pioneer in foiling catamarans.

The Flying Phantom Essentiel is foiling with both dagger boards down like we tested on the first Flying Phantom prototypes in 2012. This foil configuration makes the boat to be more user friendly and less physically demanding for the crew. She is able to reach 20 knots in 10 knots of wind ! The boat can be stowed on the beach as the dagger can be fully removed from the top. The L shape rudders increase safety for the crew if anyone falls overboard.

The Flying Phantom Essentiel is equipped with optional side wings in place of trapeze to improve crew accessibility.

The boat will be officially launched during the Paris Boat Show in December, production will start

Dec 3, 2016

A-Class Arg: 'The Search'

Although we feel privileged on the sailing conditions and our immense river, sometimes we want to foil no chop or mini chop at all, we have plenty of flat days at Rio de la Plata, but sailing As on a lake is the perfect venue for flying, so this weekend we headed to Chascomus, 1h trip from downtown Buenos Aires searching for perfect flat conditions, we arrived 4pm, but wind didn´t came in. Nevertheless we went out to enjoy a great sunset in the middle of the Pampas, to later have a great asado with first class local meat and good Arg wines provided by the local club.

Tomorrow we expect 12knots so action is coming, foiling kites are also came to race.

Dec 1, 2016

Americas Cup 2017, Artemis : Road to Bermuda S2/E9

Artemis continues to put hours in quality prods episodes to show their work. Some footage from Bermuda and Bruni showing the cockpit in detail at 5:53.

Vendee Globe 2016: Le Cleac'h & Thomson from above

Incroyable ! La Marine Nationale nous a envoyé... por VendeeGlobeTV
Footage from the other end as Armel filmed onboard the French Navy chopter following him:

- Live Tracking at
- Rankings page at

Nov 30, 2016

Diam24 OD Updates

Photo: Jean-Marie Liot from Haineville Team - The Diam24 OD Class aims to continue its floating mode and it is the right path to follow, like the F18 we need top level multihull classes where anyone can race and sail from 5 to 25knots. Foiling devel is not right there for small cats to offer safe rides for every level. The 3pt TNZ foil set up is extremely fast but not for rookies above certain wind range and the A-Class 4pt foil conf, now adopted by Nacra 15/17 and Phantom Essentiel (to be seen at Paris next days) are in the right path but still need to demonstrate an easy going flight mode beyond the excellent and additional margin downwind provided by the foils lift.

So Diam24 OD Trimarans remains a great option, and as always I would certainly race with friends onboard, I think is the right size and perfect multi alternative to Melges fleets and the like.

Below updates sent by ADH Inotec / Diam24OD on the Class and why they wont be displaying a boat at coming Paris Boat Show.
« Nautic » : WHERE IS THE DIAM24OD? 
Objective 2017
To innovate and adapt to the evolution of sailing. To maximize your time for sailing and leisure by removing as many of the constraints as possible. Since the inception, our concept of the Diam24od offers an environment conceived to optimize your leisure time and dedicate it exclusively to the pleasure of sailing.

Thrilling sensations and speed, ALL for pleasure: it is the Diam24od « way of sailing ».
After 3 seasons, the Diam24od is satisfying all levels of sailors (multihull beginners, amateur speedsters and regattiers as well as the seasoned professionals – age doesn’t matter). Accessible for everyone and truly “fun”, she offers a wide range of use from high level regattas to festive long-distance sailing as well as simple day sailing. It is a boat with a universal appeal!

The Diam24od is full of tricks:
Some people only see innovation in sailing through “foils”. We have a different vision: our main

Vendee Globe 2016: Le Cleac'h & Thomson head to head

Video source: Vendeé Globe Twitter - Great footage taken onboard by Armel Le Cleac'h / BP VIII while the French navy salutes him near Kerguelen Islands. Alex Thomson / Hugo Boss is 13NM behind and Sebastien Josse  / Edmond de Rothschild , trailing  +600NM back.

Click image for current positions. Live Tracking at
Rankings page at

Oracle & North 3DI Tech

Source: Oracle Team US - Tech series might be the best media production of this cup cycle. Of course we cannot see boats racing but that's a minor issue...

Nov 29, 2016

Americas Cup Vid: AC45 Turbos Training @Bermuda

Video source: Americas Cup Twitter. Why you would use Youtube ??.. Detail apart, finally some seconds of the AC45 Turbos flying at Bermuda, excellent venue without a doubt.

MOD70s, RORC Transat 2016: Maserati port hull Foiling only

All pics RORC / JamesMitchell - Pics above (Click for HQ and bigger size)  show the starboard standard setup we described yesterday on Maserati being possibly in floating mode, and their port T rudder and L ama foil. Looking further in their gallery and after reading their own reports you can see now how they are racing with a combo of floating & foiling setups in each ama.
Thanks DL for the shout on this (port side foiling conf) yesterday.

Excerpt of Soldini Team reports: "...The race multihull record to beat was set by Phaedo3 just last year in a time of 5 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 3 seconds. It will be very much a two-boat battle between her and Maserati Multi70 as the latter will be attempting to get the most out of the “flying” L-foil and T-rudder working together on her port side..." Source Maserati Soldini web:

Latest onboard report by Soldini: " ...Giovanni Soldini gave us this snapshot of the situation aboard in this morning’s sat phone link: «We finally got out of the wind-less zone a few hours ago and we’ve started to really eat up the miles: we are making peak speeds of 35 knots on this dark, moon-less night. The boat goes silent when she flies and accelerates like a bolting filly. We’re absolutely delighted with our progress and how Maserati Multi70 is coping on the ocean waves which are much longer than in the Mediterranean. We are managing to foil in conditions that would have been unthinkable until yesterday. I can’t wait for the sun to come up to get a better idea of what’s happening».

- More at
- RORC Transat Live Tracking:
- Below , Giovanni Solidini reports 35knots of boat speed:

fb video