A-Cat: DNA 2014 smooth ride by PJ Dwarshuis

Video sent by DNA builder PJ Dwarshuis. Smooth rides on his new 2014 design. Same conf used by Ashby at Bordeaux. Four production builders are now offering foiling setups now: Exploder, Scheurer G7, Askell and DNA.
The beauty of the current proven foiling solution is that you still need to be a good sailor to fully take advantage of this mode while racing.

You can have stable foil rides for fun after some training and pitchs are almost gone. But as with downwind trap mode you need skills to make it work in the course. To me that should remain untouched, thus wands and other automatic/mechanical system should never be allowed in the A-Class.

I had a blast at Bordeaux in floating mode, and it was enough for me, but this is what we have now, so no much room that to adapt and enjoy the ride.
Sailor skills and the ability to maximize a non automatic flight control mode should remain key while racing though.

Right now foilers won in almost every condition as seen at Bordeaux, from 4 to 18knots. This is a great advantage the As have over the Moths, beyond the wider range of sailors weights an A can support.
Don´t get me wrong, Moths are incredible cool flying machines, I just like Multis better. 
Mastering both classes as Outteridge does would be the ideal scenario.

Moth Worlds 2014: Nathan Outteridge Champ

All Images Tom Gruitt / Yachtsandyachting.com - Full gallery, Report and Results at Yachtsandyachting.com. Nathan Outteridge is missing the A-Class World title to grab the ultimate Triple Crown (49er, Moth & A-Cat/Multi) to become officially the most complete sailor of his generation, and the greatest performance class sailor ever.
Got the chance to met him at Carnac in May, and fly the FP with him: Down to earth humble guy & pure talent.

For Sailing having this type of characters for the kids to look up to it is a bless for the Sport. Nathan, you need that A-Cat trophy on you shelve, next Worlds are going to be held at Punta Ala in 2015. Video below by Beau Outteridge.

Tornado Europeans 2014: Paschalidis-Trigonis Champs

All Images Martina Barnetova - Full Gallery at Tornado Class FB. Full Results pending at www.tornado-class.org/. Update. Report sent by Andrew Dowley:
"On day three Roland and Nahid defended their 2nd place with 2 firsts and a 2nd place in conditions between 6 and 11 knots. The Greek duo hat trouble crossing the start line because of a speedboat crossing the line seconds into the first race. They had to veer away and restart again, rolling up the field from behind, ending 4th behind the The Czechs David and Adam, Martin and Marc. Sarah and Jurgen Jentsch had their best result with a 6th and 2 further good results which means they have closed the gap to Maurer now 8th overall and Jentsch 9th overall.

The 2nd and 3rd races with a little more wind, downwind a flyer brought better results for Kostas and Dani nailing a 1st in the last race of the day.
The race officer Olaf Stormer, Lübecker Yachtclub, has done a great job so far, with start lines and buoys at perfect angles, sailing distances and race times all in tune with the conditions.

At 5pm the Trave Short Track races took place in front of 25.0000 spectators…. ( see results online) with 16 Tornados and a final heat of 4. prizes Ipads and more!

Day Four
The day began with strong rain showers and waiting for the competitors. By 10am it was clear that most probably we wouldn’t be sailing before 12, maybe not at all. At 11am Dani and Kostas decided to surprise us with an informal question and answer round, on tactics and any trouble shooting. The sailors had the opportunity questions to directly related to our recent sailing experiences. It was great, thanks Champions!

At 12am the waiting for racing was ended and 2014 had new European Champions. Dani & Kostas 1st, Nahid and Roland 2nd and Rusterholz and Baier 3rd. In Mixed, 1st place went to Nahid and Roland, 2nd to Maurer and Oldenburg and 3rd to Sarah and Jürgen Jentsch.

The fleet was lucky to get a glimpse of the sun for packing trailors and material, at 3pm the Prize Giving Ceremony took place in the Sailors Village by the Trave opposite the Passat.

Now most crews are heading home south, we wish everyone a safe trip home and look forward to next time.

Austria is coming up next weekend at Achensee where 17 to 20 Tornados are expected, then the Torbole Trophy as German Nationals in September. Remember, come to Torbole as it is the last race before packing the container for Perth."

1st Viper Worlds @CVBErquy: Le Chapelier-Le Bouedec World Champs

Deserved crown for Emmnanuel Le Chapelier & Eric Le Bouedec, they literally swept the competition with 8 bullets out of 10 races crowning themselves as the best Viper crew in the World on a historic 1st event for the now Goodall Design OD Class.
Good coverage by the org with daily pics and results online. Check Full gallery and full results at CVBErquy.org/viper2014

Below report in French sent by Dominique Malecot:
"Emmanuel Le Chapellier et Eric Le Bouedec champions du monde de « Viper » à Erquy -
Les premiers champions du monde dans l'histoire des catamarans de sport « Viper » sont Français. 

Emmanuel Le Chapellier et Eric Le Bouedec (YC Toulon et YC La Trinité) ont survolé les 10 régates du premier championnat du monde de cette jeune série australienne organisées cette semaine par le Club de la Voile de la Baie d'Erquy (CVBE). Ils se sont classés huit fois premiers et deux fois cinquièmes.

Comme le règlement autorise les concurrents à retrancher les deux plus mauvaises régates, ils alignent huit victoires sur huit courses retenues !

Mais ils n'ont pas été les derniers, hier, à se battre farouchement contres les 36 autres participants pour augmenter leur avance. Courues dans des conditions de vent variables de secteur nord dominant, les deux courses d'hier ont été très tactiques.

Bord à terre ou au large ? En fait, ni l'un ni l'autre et ce sont les meilleurs observateurs des conditions locales, de l'avance des autres bateaux et du courant de marée qui ont réussi à creuser l'écart. A cet exercice, les belges Patrick et Henri Demesmaeker du Royal Belgian Sailing Club ont réussi à préserver leur deuxième place.

La troisème marche du podium revient à Michel Kermarec et Valentin Bellet (EV Rochelaise – CN Chatelaillon). Ils sont suivis des premiers australiens, Daniel et Nathan Van Kerckhof (Tanilba Bay Sailing Club) sur la douzaine qui ont fait le déplacement des antipodes. « Le comité de course a fait de son mieux pour exploiter les conditions de vent disponibles et personne n'a été lésé, ce qui est le risque par ces temps-là », rappelait en débarquant le président du CVBE Olivier Bovyn.

Hier soir, au moment de la remise des prix, les organisateurs soulignaient la très bonne ambiance de ces championnats. « C'était le vrai esprit catamaran » s'est enflammé Pierre-Charles Barraud du comité de course. Cet esprit va persister encore quelque jours en Côtes d'Armor et particulièrement à Erquy. Le CVBE enchaîne dès la semaine prochaine sur son raid de catamarans Costarmoricaine, support de la Coupe de France des Raids, qui permet aux équipages de découvrir les côtes de Bretagne Nord entre le Cap Fréhel et Perros Guirec. « Nous espérons que plusieurs concurrents du Mondial vont rester pour le raid », a déclaré le président Bovyn. Apparemment ses éspoirs seroont comblés."

Tornado Europeans 2014: Day 2

Image Martina Barnetova - Report sent by Andrew Dowley /Tornado-class.org. "A hotly contested day upfront in the 2014 Tornado European Championships with tough sailing for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. 1st place is securely in the hands of the Greek sailors who have set the bar high with 5 bullets from 5 races.

Full Results at tornado-class.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2014-tornado-european-championships-results-day-two.pdf

The great surprise of the day came from the team of Marc Baier (18yrs) and Martin Rusterholz, Swiss Champions who scored two well deserved second place finishes ahead of Team Gaebler. Roland and Nahid scored a 4th and 3rd place which leaves them holding onto 2nd place overall by one point. The other Swiss team distanced themselves to fight for 4th place. Heiko Söhle and Thomas Noll, the local heroes came 3rd and 4th in todays races.

Due to strong winds and a heavy 3m swell after two races the race committee decided to call it a day.
It’s still the Gaeblers who have a firm grip on the mixed crown followed by Maurer and then Jentsch.

The forecast for tomorrow shows lighter winds approaching.
Tonights highlight is the invitation onto the old ship Passat for dinner."

Tornado Europeans 2014: Day 1, Paschalidis-Trigonis lead

Moth Worlds 2014, Day 6: Nathan Outteridge lead

Image Tom Gruitt / yachtsandyachting.com Americas Cup helm and flying Moth / Multi Maestro, Nathan Outteridge is leading the 2014 Moth Worlds after 6 Races.
Full results, pic gallery & event coverage by Y&Y at www.Yachtsandyachting.com
Check also this interesting post by Y&Y on the Moth Home Builders.

Pos Nation Sail Helm Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 Pts
1st AUS 2 Nathan Outteridge (DNC) 3 2 2 1  4 1 2 1 2 2 16
2nd GBR 7 Chris Rashley 1 2 1 1  5 1 4 4  6 3 1 18
3rd AUS 4142 Josh Mcknight 3 1 3  5 3 5 3 3 2 1  7 24
4th AUS 3 Scott Babbage 2 2 3 4  6 9 12 1 3 7  18 43
5th GBR 4 Ben Paton 5 3  7 7 5 2 5 5 10  12 3 45
6th AUS 6 Rob Gough 1 5 7  23 2 15 2 6 5 4  16 47
7th GBR 5 Robert Greenhalgh  8 1 1 1 2 11 14 (DNC) 9 15 5 59
8th GBR 4038 Tom Offer 3 8 6 3 (DNC) 7 8 12  15 9 4 60
9th GBR 4147 Michael Lennon  19 4 2 2 6  14 9 9 11 10 11 64
10th GBR 4123 Dylan Fletcher  12 4 8 6 9 3 10 7  13 13 8 68

Viper Worlds 2014 @CVBErquy Day 3: Le Chapelier-Le Bouedec in Control

F18: English Channel Crossing Record Attemtp

Video & Tetxt sent by Hugo Lavayssiere - Report of the English Channel Crossing on a Sirena-Voile Shockwave MKII F18. This is the 3rd attempt on an F18. The Shockwave on its volume it is for sure a good choice to do 100miles on a 18' cat.
Report by Hugo Lavayssiere : "Hugo Lavayssière and Joris Cocaud crossed the English Channel on a sport catamaran on Sunday, July 13, 2014! With a time of 07h11mn they rallied Roscoff, after departure from Plymouth at 9:49.

This navigation record originally, was taken from Brittany Ferries that were crossing the English Channel at its widest point, around 100 nautical miles.
In 2011, Yvan Bourgnon and Karine Baillet were the first to show the way on a catamaran sport, they put 7:42 min. Brittany Ferries record had never been attempted before on such a small boat. In 2013, Pierre-Yves Durand and Eric Defere through in 6:57 in tough conditions.

During the F18 Worlds 2014 at Ireland, we were following the evolution of the weather. The ideal weather window for crossing the Channel was on Sunday, July 13. Models gave essentially the same thing: Northwest wind 12 to 14 knots gusting to 18 knots, the ideal state of the sea with a swell of less than 1m. The state of the sea is a very important for boat speed. All conditions were met for a beautiful journey; routings gave a crossing in 6h30min at an average speed of 15.5 knots.

We unloaded the boat the day before our departure in a marina in Plymouth. Our llogistic man took the evening ferry to Roscoff with the trailer, so there was no escape. The next day we had to cross. Stressful and existing at same time. Obligations and the sea do not mix ...

After an uncomfortable night (all Plymouth hotels ware booked due to a swim meet) we complete our waterproof bag filled with our clothes, allocate safety equipment, attach the bag : lets go !

Conditions were perfect. Mostly the wind has turned in the night, as expected, and the sky was clear. We left Plymouth through, and then we hoist the spinnaker we were in the thick of it.
If we go for 100 miles on an F18 is only to go downwind with the spinnaker! A dream, these boats are so good at downwind sailing!

We did double trapeze with the spinnaker in the first 1:30hrs, then the wind picked up around 18-20 knots, not allowing us to take over the road with the spinnaker. However, these boats are very fast in reaching. We capsize when the wind got a little stronger. Before the capsize, the average speed was around 16 knots.

After 1hr across without the spinnaker, the wind turned and we never dropped the spinnaker up to 15 miles from the finish. Then wind was lighter and more left to approach the coast, dropping our instant averaging around 10 knots. We finally pass the line at 17:00. So we lost the record for 14 minutes!

We intend to find another opportunity to try to beat the record! Spinnaker, again and again!

We were equipped with a Mk2 Shockwave designed by Yves Loday and distributed by Sirena Sailing a catamaran F18 5.5m long without cab. Formula 18 is a renowned international series, originally, a French initiative to racing on coastal courses. The Shockwave is comfortable in unbridled paces to "attack" WITH margin, a perfect feature for a Channel crossing under reaching and downwind.

We would like to thank Jean-Christophe and Pierre-Yves from “Sirena Voile” www.sirena-voile.com/  and the whole team for their help during the preparation of the boat and the road transport to Ireland.
Jean-Marc Roue, Brittany Ferries, for ferry crossings and hospitality in Roscoff,
Yves Loday for his valuable advice, Marguerite, our logistics group “Espace Voile Peyron, and our loved ones and families who have followed this project. "

Peyron's vintage racing project, "Happy", by Christophe Launay

ISAF Youth Worlds 2014, SL16: Flament-Dorange 1st

The work done by the French sailing Federation keeps bringing them results. In Ireland they put at least 4 youths helms in the top 10. Now Louis FLament & Charles Dorange win the 2014 ISAF World Championships on the SL16.
Mitch Booth sons, Jordi & Fernando in second place and Brazilians Kim Vidal & Anotonio Lopez 3rd.   US F16/F18 rising star Ravi Parent with Nicholas Schultz in 4th.
F16 World Champ, Henry Demesmaeker ends 12th overall with  Emile Vanholsbeke, showing the level of the other youth crews.
No much pics available from ISAF, they publish 2 per class per day.... Official website isafyouthworlds.com/home.php

R Cty Helm Name Crew Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 Total Nett
1st FRA Louis Flament Charles Dorange 1 2 6 3 1 1 1 (ocs) 1 1 9 3 1 47 30
2nd ESP Jordi Booth Ferrando Ruben Booth Ferrando 3 -8 2 1 2 7 6 7 3 3 5 1 2 50 42
3rd BRA Kim Vidal Antonio Lopes 4 1 1 7 7 5 8 (ocs) 7 9 4 5 4 79 62
4th USA Ravi Parent Nicholas Schultz 5 5 4 -12 4 2 10 6 9 6 2 8 6 79 67
5th NZL Micah Wilkinson Jack Rogers 2 4 3 13 8 -14 11 5 6 4 8 10 3 91 77
6th HUN Flora Virag Balazs Gecse -11 10 11 2 11 6 4 10 5 5 7 2 7 91 80
7th CYP Onisiphoros Neophytou Nikolas Protopapas 10 9 8 4 6 9 3 2 10 -13 6 11 10 101 88
8th AUS Michelle Bursa Chelsea Haynes 8 3 5 11 5 11 9 11 2 -12 1 12 11 101 89
9th SIN Ryan Teo Joshua Matthew Lim 14 13 -15 5 3 3 7 4 11 2 12 4 15 108 93
10th RSA Brandon Wijtenburg Todd Fisher -13 12 13 9 10 8 2 1 4 7 13 8,5rdg 9 109.5 96.5
11th GBR Oliver Greber Jessica Eales 7 6 9 10 -14 4 13 9 13 10 10 7 8 120 106
12th BEL Henri Demesmaeker Emile Vanholsbeke 9 7 10 8 13 12 5 (ocs) 8 11 11 6 12 129 112
13th ITA Gianluigi Ugolini Giulio Zizzari 6 11 7 14 12 13 12 3 12 15 3 9 (dsq) 134 117
14th POR Vasco Rocha Salvador Taveira 12 14 12 6 9 10 14 12 14 8 14 (ret) 5 147 130
15th DEN Martin Holm Schwensen Peter Mehr (dnf) 15 14 15 15 15 15 8 15 14 15 13 13 184 167
16th ARU Cees Van Asselt Sil Grijpma 15 -16 16 16 16 16 16 13 16 16 16 14 14 200 184

Americas Cup 35th: Fiasco Challenger x 2...

Image TAUS. End of the journey for Team Australia. When we labeled the recent released Protocol as a Fiasco, it was mainly on how the Challenger accepted many impositions that were out of common sense for any Club wanting to actually Challenge Oracle for the Americas Cup. After the critics Ian Murray, Team Australia CEO, said it was the fairest protocol ever.. days after many changes were proposed by Oracle.
Check IM comments by Sail-World at Sail-world.com/index.cfm?nid=124684

One of the most strange points was, and is still is, not having a defined venue. Making life hard for contenders to get the desired funding. Now the 35th Challenger, Team Australia, has abandoned the ship just like Onorato did in AC34. In both occasions the next Team in the line is a rather a partner for Oracle than a tough Challenger as maybe Team NZ could become.

The only ones looking bad in each occasions are the Clubs that put their names for becoming the 'Fiasco Challengers'...
Below Press Release by Americas Cup: "The America’s Cup organizers have received notification from the principals of Hamilton Island Yacht Club of their intention to withdraw Team Australia from the 35th America’s Cup.
“We are very disappointed to be receiving this news,” said Russell Coutts

Bimare S.9 at The Foiling Week

Report sent by Bimare -- "The rapid process & evolution of 'S.9 could not miss the presentations and concept testing of the Foiling Week.
A brilliant event of the 'third dimension' of sailing: Flying above Water!
I've never seen so many designers sharing and illustrating their "secrets" like in this Forum and those chats were even posted by the Foiling Week YT Channel.

The pioneering spirit of these exciting times has no equal in the history of sailing except perhaps the mythical winglets of Australia II.

The America's Cup is the source of inspiration for this S.9 creation by Michele Petrucci, who was among the first to believe in the full range of foiling catamarans without exceeding in complicated gadgets.

The boat had to be an allrounder and manageable by one person, with the wand systems the goal has been fully achieved, making customers & newbie testers alike to enjoy the feeling of flying in a few hours of testing in water.

The platform and the volumes of this new  medium size cat allows to foil in a very easy , lightness and manageable way.

What were the lessons learned by the TFW Festival? That the platform is great and that development can be limited to profiles easily interchangeable with T wings foils to increase the speed (Final phase of the project planned after the reliability period) as has recently been done with Moths.,

The S9 new profiles are already in the production phase. We want to thanks some lessons learned from  Foiling Masters as Grogono and the always available Edo Bianchi.
Thanks also to the excellent idea and organization of Boffi, Rizzotti and Fraglia Vela Malcesine. A big thanks to photographer Martina Orsini with always perfect shots.

Last but not least, the satisfaction to have the request to test the S.9  by Sebastien Col. Within his sailing experience on the boat he has kindly dispensed useful advice as only true champions can do.
As an additional gift for us we had the first and second place in the cat category !
See you next Year, as we are unable to to resist the Unique sensation of sailing at Lake Garda ...."

AC35: Oracle Foiling Camp

Full flying is now defacto standard training for ACup sailors. But I would like to see them training an 'A-Cat Foiling Camp' too, as with current legal As, you don´t have much additional controls than your body trim. Moths are not easy to learn but once flying you have an automatic bow wand to control height plus fine tuning on the hand held rudder flap control. 
Stable flight with the As now requires training and skills, but I also saw at Bordeaux some incredible rock solid stable flights from Jason Waterhouse in his Exploder, also Ashby in the Dna and Sandro with the G7.

The Foiling Week: Foiling Pioneer James Grogono

When you look back carefully in history you can backtrack almost any ailing/hydro/aero recent development to a previous attempt or achievement. Glad to see foiling pioneer James Grogno (Icarus foiling Tornado) was present at the Foiling Week at Garda.  The major improvement these days is having this technology applied to course racing effectively.

Read full Grogono background at foilingweek.com/people/james-grogono/
Full interview list at  TFW at foilingweek.com/tag/interview/

F16 Europeans 2014: July 26th-August 1st @Le Touquet

Sent by F16 Press: - Taking on the challenge in France -
"With the F16 worlds, A-cat Europeans and Round Texel just past, the F18 worlds and Nacra 17 Europeans ongoing and the F16 Europeans coming in just over 2 weeks cats seems to be all over the place at the moment. Nice fleets, fun competition, a true boost for catsailing world wide.

To continue the momentum we currently have in catsailing and in the F16 class we are happy to annouce to have Kim-Anne Le formal and Benjamin Amiot will be competing at the F16 Europeans. We are convinced that having a top French team on the boat will boost the interest in the F16 class in France.

France is an important catsailing country, so also for the F16 class. The French F16 fleet has been dominated by

UK: East Coast Pier Race 2014 sponsored by Zhik

Sent by Andrew Dowley --
East Coast Piers Race sponsored by Zhik
"On the weekend of the 5th and 6th July 55 competitors took to the water at Marconi Sailing Club for the annual East Coast Piers Race in aid of The Cirdan Trust and Essex Air Ambulance.

The event sponsored by sailing clothing company Zhik, sees sailors from across the country take part in a long distance race from the club, out of the Blackwater Estuary and along the Essex coastline.

Two consecutive races are held, the Piers Race which requires catamarans to sail as far as Walton on the Naze and the Colne Point race which goes half the distance.

With camping available all weekend free of charge many of the competitors arrived on Friday to get set up early for Saturdays first races...

F18 Worlds 2014 @Ireland: Final Day Images by Jasper van Staveren

F18 Worlds 2014 @Ireland: Final Day , Larsen-van West Champs.

Gunboat 55, US Built

Images: Billy Black / Chris Grooby - Good to see the final product of the new GB factory in the US after  they opened it in 2012. Pics from 'Rainmaker' at NY sent by Lauren Battaile: The 55 pictured is the first of the series to launch, and the first US built GUNBOAT. ‘RAINMAKER’ was delivered early June, and is based in Manhattan for the summer. Subsequent hulls are following closely behind, with Hull 02’s launch anticipated in August.

Early feedback for the series has been stellar, “The 55 has enough sail area to make even a Lagoon get up on a plane, and speeds that climb through a consistent linear increase without any humps. Trucking on a reach at 20% above wind speeds in the light stuff, and moving along at an easy 18kts once the breeze hits the teens.” Capt. Chris Bailet

Rainmaker will be headed to Newport to catch the end of race week July 18-20. The slick cat is expected to turn heads, and may very well become a fixture at NYYC events.