Stunt 9: Benchmarking Stable Flight

The Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci has not raced yet and it is not aimed neither to perform in a regatta. 
The goal is to provide rock solid stable flight for recreational & skilled sailors alike.
And that is what the this boats delivers.

But with the decision the US AClass Assoc has taken yesterday on eliminating Rule 8 (See previous post below),  T foils solutions might now have a place in US regattas, although active trimming like wands are definitely not allowed. Thus the chance to develop an Eagle 20HF T Kite foil without any active hardware trim, 

 relying only on design & sailors input.

This is not happening in the video above, the Cat is going like on rails, perfect flight with little or none sailors active trim as we need to exercise in the A-class and even the FP or F20.

Great achievement by Michele, currently on Stunt 9  production series. 

To contact him go to his 'catamaran Stunt' , fb page:
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A-Class: US Association votes to eliminate Rule 8

A-Class Rule 8:
8. 8.1 No part of each hull or hull appendages below the waterline shall be less than 0.75 meters from the centre line.
8.2 Movable and retractable hull appendages shall be inserted from the top or be capable of being fully retractable into the hull.//

Current A-Class Rules:

Report by Bailey White, US Class President posted at USACA fb page:

"Big day today. We had perfect racing conditions and an excellent class meeting for Canada and USA members. We have voted to suspend rule 8 which limits foiling technologies for our regattas for two years to learn more about foiling.
We have not modified any other rule. This is a change just for our two countries before we make a proposal to the world members.

The A-Class is the fastest growing and possibly largest foiling class of any kind in North America. This has happened in the last year alone and the growth in unprecedented. We have almost 50 foiling boats and have now voted today to allow boats to put foiling boards in from the bottom and eliminate all other restrictions to encourage all members to experience the incredible sensation of flying. Whether you have a new boat or an old boat, you will be able to inexpensively fly".

If you want to fly, join us!


Just yesterday I was talking with a well known A-Class & Moth sailor on how at this point with a no return to floating mode I had many sailors here thinking twice on joining the As, as they are all waiting on what just happened in the US fleet yesterday.

The spirit is "If you gonna Foil, Foil good" , thus many young talented sailors are looking to go Moth instead of A.
And I think is time to go in that direction, kudos to the US Assoc members on stepping up an acting according their will.

Bailey told me they are having so much fun, that they saw no point on keeping current foil aimed restriction.
This a really good reference for IACA , as the US Class might have the most varied type of A-Cat designs actually racing together, as there are lots of custom built boats and old design now sailing against the latest tech from Europe that arrived to US fleets last within last year.

Of course I don´t know if this will conflict in any manner with IACA, as in Italy they just formed anther Class to go full floating.

In the US Class reign, eliminating this rules means you can put a J board a la FP from the bottom of the hull, and there is no restriction on how far inboard the foil can go.

This will not make a J board A-Cat an instant winner, as the US Class will continue to race in 5knots (I hope) and there the TNZ /FP style Js are quite draggy as seen with the FP in mid to low wind range conditions, issue that can only be fixed with added sail power as reported with the F20FCS.

An if there is something the A-Cat lacks , is raw sail power in the low range. Thus today at least and in my view a TNZ/ J will struggle bad time in 5-6knots. 

Now in the mid range we might see a well refined foil perform. But that is something yet to be seen in a race.

Current DNA, Exploder & Scheurer design foiling packages will keep an edge in the overall as they are doing against the floaters now even in 5-6knot regattas as seen at last French Nats past weeks. Note that 'cassettes' foil cases boats are racing at this North Ams, and also raced at Takapuna. Current leaders at St Andrews Bay Yacht Club are racing Exploder, DNA, Exploder production foil setup.

Additionally we might not need to insert from bottom, just check Arno´s full foiling concept (one under current IACA official rules) published some weeks ago. I will surely go for a solution inserted from the top or a good way to keep foil leveled with bottom for our special coast launching conditions.

This local rule change (I don´t know how IACA can react with US Class)  will not allow active trim a la Stunt 9 , but now for instance you can fit (at US regattas) a Kite refined T foil a la Eagle 20HF (checking you are inside the 2,30 width limit).

A-Class North Americans Day 3: Struble marks distance with Mahoney

Images: Walter Cooper . Full gallery at NA Official web -  Matt put pedal to the metal again to score 2,1,1 after his 4th from Race 5. Bruce got the first bullet of the day, but with the discard now available Struble put some distance (4pts)  with Bruce.
White consolidated his 3rd overall over Cope & Brown.

US Assoc also went to important decisions on their managed Class territory. Check next post.
Top ten below. full results at

Rank SailNo HelmName R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Nett
1st 3 USA Struble, Matt 1 1 1 1 -4 2 1 1 12 8
2nd 311 USA Mahoney,Bruce -2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 14 12
3rd 320 USA White, Bailey 3 3 4 3 -5 3 3 4 28 23
4th 350 USA Cope, Woody 7 5 (dnf) 7 3 4 6 5 79 37
5th 193 USA Brown, Christopher 6 4 3 4 2 -23 5 22 69 46
6th 1122 USA Bello, Joseph (42 DNC) 7 5 8 8 8 7 6 91 49
7th 135 USA Oliver, Tracy 5 6 7 6 10 -11 9 11 65 54
8th 192 USA Marshack, Ken 9 8 11 9 7 5 -13 8 70 57
9th 17 USA Batchelor, Chris 20 11 9 10 12 -28 10 3 103 75
10th 994 AUS Pitt, Nigel 11 15 6 16 (dnf) 7 12 9 118 76

Portugal: SadoCat Raid 2015, May 23-24 @Setúbal Bay

Report sent by Rui Duarte: "Next weekend (23-24 of May) in Setúbal, Portugal we will have SADOCAT2015 / XIII JOGOS DO SADO / XVI RAID BICASCO, that will be inaugural race for Clube de Vela do Sado's new facilities. Setúbal's bay is one of 30 most beautiful in the world and is a great venue to sail in.
Around 30 catamarans are expected ,divided in classes like F18, Dart 18, HC16 and Interseries, coming from all over the country.

The wind forecast is 10 to 15 knots on Saturday and from 5 to 10 knots on Sunday, with temperatures between 25 and 30ºC and plenty of sun!
The races will be medium distance raids with around 15 nm, starting at 14h on Saturday and 13h on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, during the prize giving ceremony, we will have the official inauguration of the new facilities with the presence of Town's Mayor Dra Maria da Dores Meira, Councilmen Dr Luis Liberato and Dr Pedro Pina, the President for Setúbal's Districts' Union, Dr Rui Canas and general manager of Águas do Sado, Engª Ana Oliveira.

SADOCAT2015 / XIII JOGOS DO SADO / XVI RAID BICASCO is supported by Bicasco, Rockalot , 100 Entrada, Heineken, Lobo Wines, Águas do Sado and City Hall.
Information updates and past editions pics at "

F16 Charters available for 2015 Europeans @Cesenatico , July 18-24

Formula 16 European Championship 2015 will be held Saturday July 18 to Friday July 24 at Circolo Vela Cesenatico , NOR at

- Registration at

The class is organizing through Stephane Etienne charters for the event, details below:
"The charters boats will be Bimare F16 which finished 2nd (pic left) & 4th overall at the Eurocat this year. We are offering up to 5 boats ready to sail, dispatched at the sailing club facility. Price 1 200 € for the event. With a possibility to add insurance and also some additional days.
Contact : stephane.etienne/at)orange(dot)fr

Charters Boats available for 2015 European Championship:
Full boat ready to sail dispatch at the sailing club.
Week Rate 1 200€
Insurance full coverage : 240 €
Additional days : 150 €/day

UK: East Coast Pier Race 2015 Sponsored by Zhik: June 27-28

Sent by Andrew Dowley - East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik 
"Three course options for Catamarans and Dinghies
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June

There is just five weeks to go now until this years East Coast Piers Race weekend at Marconi Sailing Club on the 27th and 28th June.
Open to fast dinghies and catamarans, the East Coast Piers Race has been running since 1987 raising money for charity every year.

FREE camping is available all weekend within our huge grassy fields. As an added bonus, one of the event sponsors are Adnams, the more beer you drink, the more we make for charity.
There will be inshore racing on the Saturday and then the long distance races on the Sunday. With three different course options, full ECPR (48miles), Colne Point (27miles) and Bradwell (13miles) there is something for everyone.

The Colne Point Race is open to the slower catamarans and fast dinghies, the Bradwell race is open to dinghies only which have a PY of 980 or faster.
Although long distances, the courses are marked with cruiser "mother ships" flying

A-Class North Americans 2015: Struble & Mahoney , head to head.

GC32: Alinghi reaches 39.21Knots

Image: AlinghiWith the Eagle 20HF reporting 36.8 knots is was times for the GC32 to show some teeth! Check Report details at Alinghi's web

A-Class North Americans 2015, Day 1: Matt Struble leads

Practice Race Images by Walter Cooper / North Americans official web --
Matt Struble leads the 2015 North Americans at Panama City, FL with 3 bullet under his belt. Racing Ben Moon's Ronstan Exploder, Matt has being able (after much work on the boat as I've been told) to grab the pace of a foiling A for the first time. But Matt knows 1 thing or two about racing & technical details, he is 2013 NA Champ sailing with his own built design.

Second place for 2014 North Americans Champ, Bruce Mahoney, with a DNA 2015 latest tech, Bruce scored three seconds behind Matt. Still much to go but Bailey White, Class president & currently in third place (3,3,4)  and also with Exploder told me he was impressed on how Matt adapted to a new boat and foiling mode so fast , he is faster and pointing better foiling downwind than the rest of the fleet.

Top ten below. 40 boats fleet. Full results at NAs Official web

Honoring Olympic & Multihull Sailor Charles 'Carlito' Favre

Charles Favre sadly passed away last Thursday while sailing an A-Cat. I saw condolences for from several sailors, and realized he was a beloved friend by his peers, and he got plenty, just analyzing the boats he sailed : Olympic 470 & Tornado, X40s, D35s, M2s and A-Class among others.

I didn´t knew him as I know other sailors in Europe, but I do remember him from 2014 Bordeaux A-Class Europeans, Why? Because he was always smiling and was the most cordial sailor to us newbies/rookies of the Arg team.

On some mails I exchanged with people who knew him  I told exactly that to Arno earlier today before getting Kris Jonsson words minutes ago.
Reading how Kris describes his friend Charles, confirms the impression I had from him.

There is a good picture from that event taken by Paula Kopulowicz on Favre getting inside Waterhouse & Landy at the upwind mark at Bordeaux Europeans 2014.
First image left: At helm onboard Tilt M2 by Loris von Siebenthal. 2nd Pic: Sailing A-Class , image by Gianluca Mini.

I received several requests to publish on his passing but I wanted someone who knew him well to write some lines to honor 'Carlito' as he was also known. Sandro Caviezel & Charles Bueche contacted Kris Jonsson.

Charles passed away sailing an A-Cat, and we don´t know the cause yet. But the Multihull and sailing community will remember him on the several projects embarked through his good sailing Life. This is our humble way to honor him.
Sail On Charles.

Below words by his fellow A-Cat sailor & friend Kris Jonsson:   "Charles Favre left us unexpectedly last week on Thursday. Our thoughts are with him and his family. We still can't accept that he is no longer with us here. He was a great sailor and friend who we admired for his passion, kindness and desire to evolve, learn and win. It will take time to digest.

He was out practicing on his new A Class, one of three new boats we recently received. We had spent a good deal of the past week-end together preparing the boats. We were all very excited about the new boats and eager to get on the water. While I had to travel during the week he had already been out on Wednesday trying it out. I got a happy email in the morning from him explaining the previous day of sailing. This was Charles' third A Class having sailed already on two earlier generations.

There were several boats on the water during the afternoon on Thursday but when the others went ashore early evening Charles decided to do one more tack over towards the other side before reaching back to Corsier. I recall many times where one of us would stay out a bit longer to take advantage of the conditions to get another run and then to find our friends back ashore after a good day of sailing. This was not the case Thursday unfortunately.

Charles was found shortly thereafter next to his capsized boat off Corsier Port, on his back unconscious still hooked in to his trapeze, and later passed away.. The exact cause of the accident is not known. The guys did an exemplary job rescuing him by boat, trying to save him followed by transportation in helicopter to the University hospital - but It was too late. Charles left us and his family, far too early.

When I speak to Charles' friends that grew up together there are endless stories about friendship, regattas and championships. I was fortunate enough to get to know him over the past years, first during the D35 series during after sail recaps at Madame L'Huillier's cabin and then later when we started sailing A Class together a few years back.

Many memories stand out, one of my favorites being coming from windy and cold November conditions on the A Class jumping straight in to Schneiter's outside jacuzzi and sharing on the water experiences with jokes and smiles - shared passion. He was such an enthusiastic and positive person, fun to be around, and as we know he could also be quite serious on the water at times with a certain temperament!

He had a long career in sailing including the 84' Olympics in Los Angeles in 470 and then the 92' Olympics in Barcelona on Tornado and many victories on the lake and abroad. He raced with numerous teams and boats on the lake through the years. He was tactician on the yellow Alinghi when it all started, he was with Cardis' D35 team and with team TILT on various boats. Highly appreciated he was regularly invited back by the teams he had sailed with for the occasional regatta.

The father of three children and the father figure to another three, our thoughts go to his family - he will be immensely missed by us. We will remember him and keep being inspired by him. "

Funeral was done on Wednesday 20 and it was very emotional.-

Sail On 'Carlit'


A-Class North Americans 2015: Practice Race Short Film

Sent by Bailey White . Excellent  work once more by Nick Browers / Kettle Cinema for the 2015 North Americans Practice race. Nick was the guy behind the GC32 great clip from Key West

If I labeled that one best shooting ever, this comes quite close and it is only the practice race....
This clip shows the joy of sailing & racing an A-Class.

--Australian Winter East Coast Championships are coming this June 6-7, check preview report by Bob Griffits at  , couldn´t agree more with him on the Moths, All Ok with flight development as mentioned many times, but the As must maintain at all costs the 5-25knots wind range to start a race.

French F18 Nats 2015: Frederic Duthil & JC Mourniac Champs

A-Class French Nats 2015: Micky Todd Champ

Image by Denis Lucci , check first day gallery in previous post.  Full  set of images at Denis Lucci Sports Fb page & -
No more races could be completed at Cub Nautique Berrois, and standings stay put for Micky to grab the 2015 French Nats over a 56 ACat fleet.

Conditions were light wind racing and Todd won with a foiling A (Scheurer G7, confirmed by Sandro & René Meier) over 8 'Classic' in the top ten as can be seen in official Results page. Although the win was too close against the floaters: 0,5pts gap with Luc Catineau (French Crown 2015) on a redress in first race for Todd.

This remark on how efficient current conf still is in light winds as we saw Live at 2014 , and how 'Classic' setup can win a event within current Class status.

Top ten below, Full Results at

A-Class French Nats 2015: Images by Denis Lucci

Florida 300 2015: Day 3

Image:  Full sequence at their web.---
John Case & Colin Page on the Nacra F20 FCS still in command with another 30mins gap in Leg 3.
The info published in reports I've seen at GT300 fb page is that till now legs were mainly upwind. Last one on unstable conditions with the F20FCS power providing the means to get through some lulls and extend lead- 

Read these reports and also check at GT300 FB that Tomko-Billing sadly crashed the FP while beach landing on a wave. Mast broken, they have a spare as reported in same page
Photos at The Beach Cats Fb page & full album at their web

On the overall floating fleet Key Sailing Team leads over the older Nacra 20s and an F18.

- Official Report at

- Official Web
- Day 3 Tracking replay Here
- Leg 3 Foiling boats times below.
- Full Results overall at

Rank Boat HelmName CrewName Fleet Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Rocket Casey, John Page, Colin Foiling Nacra 20 FCS 0.839 04:22:00 05:12:17
2 Lupe Tortilla Tomko, John Billings, Ian Foiling Flying Phantom 0.878 05:10:36 05:53:46

F18 French Nats 2015, Day 2 Images by Eric Bellande

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Record Entries confirmed

Image Jasper van Staveren -  Kiel registered entries confirms beyond final nrs that is going to be one of the major F18 Worlds ever.
For  2016 Worlds the local Class & the organizing Club, Yacht Club Argentino, are already working locally and with the IF18CA to start promoting the event. Club official 2016 FB page at
On Kiel, German Class Chair Jens Uwe Tonne comments on the success of the 2015 Worlds:
Press Release IF18CA. Full report at " Kieler Yacht-Club is heading for a new World Record. The Formula 18 World Championship (11-18 July 2015) has already registered 194 entries from 24 countries at the end of April. 

The maximum available slots of 200 catamarans is close from being reached. This has already exceeded the previous record of 185 crews that participated at a previous World Cup in Kiel-Schilksee. The Formula 18 catamaran class is more active than ever for this edition of the F18 Worlds and will give an even bigger push for the future.

“We would be very delighted if there are really going to be 200 teams at our Worlds. But it’s already clear that this will be a great event”, says the German chairman Jens Uwe Tonne. The cause of this strong growth can easily being explained from his point of view. “Germany itself has a large and active fleet with over 55 boats. But it’s also the ‘Call for Kiel’. The famous Kieler Woche is favorite among sailors worldwide and easily to reach by a big fleet of Scandinavian crews.”...

A-Cat European Spring & Italian Nats 2015 @CV Arco: May 31st-June 2nd

Image: Robert Vuilleumier --- Italian Nats 2015 will be held along the European Spring cup at Circolo Vela Arco, Lake Garda. Many top riders already registered like Thilo Keller, Bob Baier, Jacek Noetzel and of course several Italian riders. This year Arco will also have Argentine presence.

2015 Worlds will be also held in Italy but at Punta Ala,  Tuscany region: Worlds web

Worlds venue  preview with Stefano Sirri at

NOR & Registration links
The entry fee is of € 150,00. If the pre-registration trough the web site and the payment is made within 15th May 2015, the fee will be of € 120.

- NOR:
- Entry List:

Official Web:

Below 2014 event Highligths won by Mischa Heemskerk.

Florida 300, Day 2: Casey-Page, (Nacra F20FCS) win Leg 2

No pics available. Official Website & their FB page . Live coverage a --
Another win for John Casey & Colin Page, this time from Isla Morada to Key Biscayne.
Check top 3 below. Key Sailing Team with a F20 floater wins again over the FP.

- Average speed is 2 knots more for the F20 Foiler over the FP. Max speed 15,99 vs 15,19.Knots
- Gap +40 mins in 3:30hs for the Leg winners. Nrs below.

- Full leaderboard & Kattack Track replay here
- Day 1 Results

Name Finish Time DTF (NM) DTF - rhumb (NM) Sailed (NM) Avg Speed (KTS) Max Speed (KTS) Avg VMC
Rocket (Nacra F20FCS) 5/14/2015 3:26:46 PM 0.0 0.0 66.8 15.03 15.99 15.03
Key Sailing (Nacra F20) 5/14/2015 4:04:53 PM 0.0 0.0 65.8 12.95 14.13 12.95
Lupe Tortilla (Flying Phantom) 5/14/2015 4:10:44 PM 0.0 0.0 66.6 12.86 15.19 12.86

Artemis AC45 'T' @Bermuda

All Images Artemis Racing. Pics For those design fanatics who follow the web. A nice view of Artemis 'Turbo' mods, Click images for HQ. BAR calls theirs just 'F'.  
What a beauty this new AC45 is, getting close to perfection. All functional modifications that brings great refined looks also.
We pointed out them already, but here you can see them better, like beam/case more forward, aero mods, cockpit flare , wheel, grinders etc, and the bowsprit cut like new AC48 Rules. Compare with BAR & Groupama on previous posts.

The question now is are we going to see new foils a la 'Kite' , like the Eagle 20HF?

When Oracle AC72 was launched I referred at it as "Alienware", and beyond the cliche comparison to Starwars,  take a look at Nathan's helmet,..  (I cant believe how good production Designers of that saga were, as their creations still look updated & modern aftet 30 yrs?)

Hey  Remi, you need to launch a new model asap!

BAR Launchs their AC45 'F'

Image BAR - This shot is revealing on the height the AC boys are flying. If the Nacra F20 felt too high imagine a ride not on the AC45 but the AC72? The platforms are bigger & different, thus the feeling might not be the same, still flight 'altitude' is one to respect.

While Oracle / Artemis are on the Turbo versions , BAR & Groupama are in the 'pre historic age' first 45 foiling steps. Nevertheless it might interesting to know  how the new Aero and  beam/case placement mods affects final performance on a matchup between OR/AR AC45 'Turbo'  vs the spartan BAR/Groupama version.

2015 F20 vs FP Race, Florida300, Day 1: Casey-Page lead (Nacra F20FCS)

No racing pics available yet, More info & details Later. - Check  Official Website & their FB page .  They are also offering Live coverage a
Finally one official Long Distance race. This time in Florida US. Casey-Page won with margin first Day of racing at the 2015 Florida 300. Followed at the end of the race by a standard floating Nacra F20 with Newkirk-Whitehurst and 3rd the Flying Phantom with Tomko-Billings.  I need to confirm wind conditions.

Interesting to see the progression, Really good, check it-
- Race Track replay
- Entry & boat List:
- Day 1 Results

Below progression of leadership. Click images to see larger size and references.
Rocket = Nacra F20FCS
Key Sailing = Nacra F20
Lupe Tortilla = Flying Phantom

AC45 & A-Class Training @Bermuda

Nice shot from Bermuda byOracle Team USA. I think that is Nathan Outterdige on a DNA. The A was the missing 'link' in previous Bermuda Oracle toys image.
At current state of development I need to repeat that the As are most indicated flying toys to develop an scaled solution.

With all the resources available, we might expect a quantum leap as the one seen at Takapuna Worlds with New Zealand squad foiling DNA R&D.

But remember Jakub Kopylowicz from Exploder delivered a weapon the low & midrange for Nathan on his own development. So having  unlimited resources is not always the ultimate source of innovations, but it surely helps!  Just ask Oracle at AC34..

Swiss A-Class: Sascha Wallmer dominates season starters

Oracle Flying Toys @Bermuda

Moth, AC45 & Flying Phantom at Bermuda. Image Oracle Team USA. "3-Up!! ORACLE TEAM USA hit the Great Sound for training today with James Spithill at the helm of the AC45S, Kinley Fowler and Graeme Spence were on the foiling Phantom with Tom Slingsby flying solo on the Moth. ‪#‎bermuda‬"

Diam 24OD @Grand Prix Guyader by Christophe Launay

Foiling Beachcats on the Run: Eagle 20HF reaches 36.8knots

Image: Michael Ehlers  from past weeks sessionS --. 
When I told you a new Formula Foiling Class was coming it was no joke or wishful thinking. 
Although getting airborne and even final speed does not grant you the meanings to win Course of Long Distance races (Hydroptere, White Dragons, Stunt9  etc) as we've been preaching for long time with the new era of beachcat foilers , this is really an impressive nr from the new Eagle 20HF

Above T wing setup being used at the speed session.
The Flying Phantom was the first efficient foiling racing beachcat then followed by the Nacra F20.

Now If this Eagle HF20 system a la Kite/Windsurf foiling kit can be refined to match FP/ Nacra F20 pointing abilities we will see a new paradigm in foil design.
At least it has demonstrated,  based on reports, that without a complicated Hydroptere foiling kit it has achieved maybe a speed record for small cats.

What was again the speed achieved by the Moth some time ago?? And this is quite near the GC32s one too.

The Eagle 20HF has reached 36.8knots as reported by the yard through Michael Ehlers.
"Hi Martin
In Germany finally the sailing season started and the conditions improved.
Here an update regarding the 20 HF:
"36.8 knots / 68.15 km/h!..... "Is this a new record for 18-20foot double trapeze multihulls?"
May, 16th. 2015, Altmühlsee, Germany, wind velocity 25 knots, EAGLE 20 HF, half wind, NO Spi, just the regular jib - 5-sqms...
Congratulations to helmsman Timo Späth and EAGLE´s Mastermind Heiner Wolfshoefer...


Ehlers Media
Kommunikation | Medien | Design
info (at)

Nacra F20 Power in the Low & Midrange: Matchup vs FP II, 8-12knots.

Image from Feb in BA, Cruz & Mariano foiling in 5-6knots. Update: Pete Melvin's coments on the F20 light weather performance at the end of the post.
Summer long gone here in BA, but we are lucky on being able to sail the whole year,  also climate has been really good last months,  till past 2  weeks when we 'suffered' a 'cold' front ,  of course nothing like Northen Europe Cold..

On Sunday we had light winds with only some F18 training, on Sat we went out will all the toys: 2 Nacra F20s, the FP & 4 As & an F18.
I was on the A training so I watched the informal match ups from time to time, but far away to report  first hand. It was 12kntos decreasing to a light 9-8knots when we all came back.

Once in land again, I talked with crews.
The Nacra F20 confirmed what we've saying for a while on size/power logic,  in the low range is all for the F20 upwind & downwind.
12knots  good foiling conditions the Nacra boys reported a total massacre and the FP guys confirmed than in 8-9knots there is nothing to do, but maintained they were doing par or better on 12knots...

As you can see.... there are always different opinions on the same situation. As when I published the first informal test video (discussions were on my pointst of view on the whole day, video simple shows facts)
In fact those sessions accelerated the new Spi design for the F20, Which was been used yesterday,  and the crews report a much better downwind foiling ride. 

Before the first test, the F20 here didn´t even used spi.
Although Fer van West was fully focused on foiling with spi when he came here for the Clinics

On yesterday's informals tests reality marks that the F20 has a real noticeable edge in lower

D35s: 'Tilt' wins 2015 first Grand Prix

Sail On Bart

Photo Getty  Images. -  Two Years already on Andrew 'Bart' Simpson passing away. Good on his mates and AC team mantaining his memory Alive.

Percy remembers him at CNN article.

Groupama Cammas AC45 flight at Lorient

Image © Yvan Zedda / Groupama - Sadly Prada is gone but Franck might have secured their participation for Bermuda.
The Bertarellis bros now playing with the GC32s & D35s & Diam OD24 could take where Patrizio Bertelli & Prada left and launch an Spindrift/Alinghi funded challenge. 

 On a possible new team , Japan's SoftBank Challenge has been accepted.
Cehck below video of the ride at Lorient & Interview with Cammas (in french)

Nacra 15 is selected as Youth ISAF Multihull

Nacra 15 has been selected by SAF as new ISAF Youth Multihull as just being informed by Nacra in their FB page. --  I didn´t supported Nacra this time around as with the 17 but you need to recognize their work, in fact they are the only ones pushing forward for all range of Classes: From Youths now with the 15, to the F18 and F20 foilers and was pushing for the F16, not anymore of course. This definitely grounds Hobie as the past leader of the Industry.

So dads go hurry and buy anther new OD Class for the kids, throw those SL16s away.
Great opportunity missed to use current world wide F16 fleet, as the 15' is hull cut version from their own F16, and the F16 had a broader post use than a targeted Youth boat. ISAF as always nailing the whole picture....

I think the 15 is a great little boat though, but not to force top performers Youths to buy it over say