Nacra 17 Worlds 2015 @Aarhus: Day 1 Results

Update: Images above by Morgens Hansen, more photos including dismasted boats at Nacra 17 Class Fb ,
Pic left: Nacra 17 Class  twitter updates. No live tracking neither will be available. Top contenders are confirming their favoritism and past  performance on the first day of racing. Sunday they had no wind and today it was a blown out until the organizers managed to complete 2 races for each fleet, Blue & Yellow.
Nice to see Carolijn Brouwer back in the 2 hulls game coming from a VOR break. Lange is back also after some months of no activity. Billy Besson-Marie Riou & Bissaro-Sicouri tied with one bullet and a 2nd each. Waterhouse & Darmanin continue to accelarate in every new event and they are becoming a known face in the top 3, the Australians won last major event at Weymouth weeks ago.

Top ten overall below.

Official website:
Full results  here

13FRA 001Billy BessonMarie Riou2133
22ITA 262Vittorio BissaroSilvia Sicouri1233
31AUS 003Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin1344
411SUI 220Matias BuhlerNathalie Brugger2355
58NZL 222Gemma JonesJason Saunders5277
610NED 244Mandy MulderCoen De Koning3477
717DEN 281Allan NørregaardAnette Viborg641010
85GBR 254Ben SaxtonNicola Groves381111
94AUS 242Darren BundockNina Curtis481212
1015ITA 209Lorenzo BressaniGiovanna Micol751212
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The Foiling Week 2015: Day 4 & 5

Images: Martina Orsini & The Foiling Week. Existential doubt: Does this monohull above is faster than the FP or the Vampire in any sort of wind condition???  Cause I will never get the concept behind such complicated foilers if not the case.
Long distance race for Kites, no surprise there, Gabart with an FP finished ahead Sunnuck's White Bear, but not much info on the report.  I will seek details later as they had mixed wind conditions and no waves a la Texel for instance, making a perfect foiling scenario to prove the effcieny of flying concepts while racing.

Update from Udin, Sunnuck's view later: "Francois Gabart fisnished more than 10mins in front of the Vampire , Two foiling kites were leading, then one moth and then Francois.  All the FPs and Moths were ahead the 20.
Gabart did had bad luck on the last upwind tack, as ge he got caught in dead calm without any wind and was surpassed by a Moth.
The monohull foiler did not race."

Report sent by Domenico Boffi / The Foiling Week
Kites claim bragging rights on Lake Garda , By Jonny Fullerton on behalf of Foiling Week 2015
Long Distance Race Weekend at Foiling Week 2015
A real mix of foiling craft competed for bragging rights in the Long Distance Races at Foiling Week 2015over the weekend of 4 - 5 July at Lake Garda. Saturday was hot and steamy all day with very patchy breeze and too light to race long distance but ideal conditions for sailors to test sail the variety of foiling craft on display. All around the boat park at Fraglia Vela sailors, builders and designers were checking out the foilers on display.

Racing on Sunday was rescheduled for an early start to try and take advantage of the morning ‘Peler’
breeze. Another warm humid morning with just enough breeze to sail a 22 nm course starting from Fraglia Vela taking in mark roundings off Capo Reamol, Malcesine and Campeone with a finish off Fraglia Vela. But the usually reliable ‘Peler‘ only built to around 12 knots before shutting down by mid day.

Two kite boarders from Australia, Torvar Mirsky and Jordan Girdis shot out into an early lead

Nacra 17 Worlds 2015 @Aarhus, Denmark: Schedule

Images Morgens Hansen / Full gallery at his FB page. This 2015 Worlds will grant 3 spots for Rio, US, ESP  ARU teams among others are still to get their ticket for 2016.
Countries already qualified: 1 FRA , 2 ARG , 3 AUS ,4 ITA, 5 NZL, 6 SUI, 7 GBR, 8 DEN, 9 AUT, 10 NED

Racing starts today, no Live Tracking link till now. Event ends on Friday , one day before F18 Worlds at Kiel 2015. Nacra 17 Entries at Aarhus> 66 boats.
Official web:

Day 3 Saturday 4 July 09.00 – 18.00
09.00 – 13.00 Race office open for registration
13.30 Equipment inspection
14.00 First briefing for coaches and team leaders
18.00 Practice Race
Opening Ceremony at the venue

Day 4 Sunday 5 July 09.30
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
12:00 3 Qualification Races – Yellow Fleet
14:00 3 Qualification Races – Blue Fleet

Day 5 Monday 6 July 09.30
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
11.00 3 Qualification Races – Blue Fleet
14.00 3 Qualification Races – Yellow Fleet

Day 6 Tuesday 7 July 09.30
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
11.00 3 Qualification Races – Yellow Fleet
14.00 3 Qualification Races – Blue Fleet
19.00 Midway Party

Day 7 Wednesday 8 July 09.30
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
11.00 3 Final Races – Gold Fleet
14.00 Final Races – Silver Fleet

Day 8 Thursday 9 July 09.30
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
11.00 3 Final Races – Silver Fleet
14.00 3 Final Races – Gold Fleet

Day 9 Friday 10 July 09.00
9.30 Briefing for coaches and team leaders
11.00 1 Final Race – Silver Fleet
12.30 Final Race – Gold Fleet (except top 10)
14.30 Medal Race (top 10)
asap Prize Giving / Closing Ceremony

F18 Worlds @Kiel: July 11-18, Ashby goes for the Title

Iamge: Jasper van Staveren - Past week we informed that Glenn Ashby will return to the F18 Worlds  after a near miss at Bangor 2014. Glenn has 3 titles with Bundock but he still has one pending achievement: grabbing the crown as helm. He already helm in 2009, 2010 with  Spithill, and last year at Bangor with Brett Goodall where they missed an excellent chance on hardware failure. Together with Brett, Ashby is back for 'revenge' at Kiel, they are the Nr1 favorites  followed by defending  champs Larsen & van West that will have to put their crown at stake, but this within a 200 boat fleet.

Glenn will be racing A-Class Worlds at Punta Ala in September. Nothing to prove on those grounds, as he has shown last years he is the A-Class Master by excellence. Still many contenders and new flying techniques / equipment might challenge his reign, but fact remains that he always wins no matter the development stage the A-Class has been through.

At Kiel F18 Worlds next week other challengers for the Australians are these top ten candidates (over 200 boats): Sach-Sach (GER /Inf), Zeekant-Begemman (NED/Inf), Reiss-Whitehead (US/C2) , Paschalidis-Dyrssen(GRE-SWE/Inf), Gosche-Pegel (GER/Phantom),  Robert-Riwan (FRA/Inf) , Mitch Booth (AUSNEDESP/Wildcat) , Mischa-tbd (NED/?) , Easton-Burd (US/Falcon), Veenman-de Ward(NED/Inf) and I will add the only Arg team this time as 2015 "Dark Horses" : Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (Inf) are 2x Arg Champs and currently dominating the local scene, plus a 2nd place at 2014 North Americans.

Argentina 2016 Worlds website will be launched next week and we expect to have some additional big names back as it will be held in October after Rio Olympics .
This year Nacra 17 Worlds are going to be held again in the same or previous days as the F18 Worlds. I still don´t get what is going on with this overlapping, last year was the same for Bangor.......

Official 2015 Worlds Web at
Entry List

At Kiel several Goodall C2s  are ready for a sail, check this time lapse

The C2 has one title till now with Bundock-van Leeuwen wining at Balatonfured Worlds 2011 in Hungary . Goodall as a brand has 2 titles with Sach bros / Capricorn in 2006.

The Hobie Tiger dominated the first years of the Class with big names onboard. The Infusion  launched in 2006 and designed by Pete Melvin grabbed first title back in 2008 also last Worlds in Ireland and it continue to perform for many years to come as we envisioned even before the MKII launch. The same with all latest designs.

But for Kiel 2015 I'll go with Ahsby-Goodall on Brett's C2

On Brands/Model we have:
Hobie 7 (6 Tiger , 1 Wildcat)
Nacra 4 (Infusion)
Goodall 2 (Capricorn & C2)
Boulogne 1 (Cirrus)
Phantom 1

Below complete list of F18 Worlds , Champs & Designs. For an historical 2nd & 3rd check the list I published in 2009

Year Location World Champs Boat Brand
2000 CVB d'Erquy FRA Mitch Booth & Herbert Dercksen Tiger Hobie
2001 Parkstone YC, GBR Mitch Booth & Herbert Dercksen Tiger Hobie
2002 Luebecker YC, GER Mitch Booth & Herbert Dercksen Tiger Hobie
2003 Koksijde Yacht Club - BEL Emmanuel & Vincent Boulogne Cirrus BCM
2004 Puntala, CN Follonica, ITA Darren Bundock & Glen Ashby Tiger Hobie
2005 Hoek van Holland - NED Darren Bundock & Glen Ashby Tiger Hobie
2006 Hyeres, France Helge Sach & Christian Sach Capricorn AHPC
2007 Yeppon, Australia Darren Bundock & Glen Ashby Tiger Hobie
2008 Nigran, Spain Coen de Koning & Jeroen van Leeuwen Infusion Nacra
2009 Royal Belgian Sailing Club BEL Coen de Koning Tijs Visser Infusion Nacra
2010 CBV Erquy , FRA Olivier Backes & Arnaud Jarlegan Wildcat Hobie
2011 Balatonfured, Hungary Darren Bundock & Jeroen van Leeuwen C2 AHPC
2012 ABYC San Diego , CA, USA Olivier Backes- Matthieu Vandame Phantom SI
2013 Grossetto , ITA Billy Besson & Jeremy Lagarrigue Infusion MKII Nacra
2014 Bangor , Ireland Gunnar Larsen & Fer van West Infusion MKII Nacra

Foiling Week 2015: Day 2

Photo Martina Orsini. Windursfer left use no wand whatsoever to control flight. And those pushing for wands in small beachcats racing specifically, do not realize that current foiler As and even the FP are controlled in the same way, body trim mainly anlong sheet handling and steering. The F20 is a quite bigger/little bit heavier and do not react in the same way but still crew placement is key.

That is the reason I  see a future for this wand less type of foils for small cats, like the one used in the Eagle 20HF.

Below Foiling Week Day 2 report sent by Domenico Boffi. On the OD FP racing an open class will have more boats in the lineup and  next year we might have a new foiling Formula Class being created.
Malcesine Lake Garda, July, 3rd 2015
Second day of Foiling Week

After 24 races, 10 presentations and 2 days of the most generous in terms of wind and weather that the Garda has given this season, Foiling Week is in full swing.
Satisfied faces wander around the “Fraglia Vela Malcesine”. The busy program does not

SL33s @Auckland

Past week I published a video posted by Gladwell at Sail World from a SL33 sailing in the breeze with Ashby at the helm, but the cat was struggling to achieve constant or smooth airborne time. Two  SL33 are sailing currently in NZ, the ones used by TNZ to test their revolutionary foiling development, and as I know one of the sailors sailing them I asked him about the foil conf and why the other boat was not that stable on Glenn-s footage.

The reasons are somehow first generations J foils targeted for final speed over stability, also 25knots of wind and 1,5knot current against and the rudders are rather shallow too, making for a low drag but fast foiling package.

This setup (similar in both SLs) force the crew to be more proactive in handling and settings , giving the  possibility to  achieve a major degree of control and knowhow over the foiling physics of a 30' foiler cat, experience which will be a great asset to have once they'll upgrade the appendage setup.
The crew has reported racing the SL33 in 28knots of wind with good control overall,  but as this experienced sailor remarks, better stability would also mean better speed, so they might be upgrading foils sooner or later.
A stable  foiler GC32  is expected to arrive in Auckland later this year, and they-ll be able to match SL against it.

Foiling Week 2015: Day 1 Racing & New OD Moth Launched

Moths, FP, Stunt 9, Kite Foil all sailing at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy
Pictures at

A new OD Moth style foiler has been launched by Andrew McDougall , MACH2 designer, the 'WASZP' I like the the ability to  raise rudder and main foil, that's a more practical solution that having to launch at should deep on current Class legal Moths.  Video of his presentation below.

Press Release sent by Domenico Boffi  – Malcesine Lake Garda, July, 1st 2015
The WASZP unveiled
Last year at the Foiling Week Andrew McDougall presented the development process that started back in 2010 to a keen audience and decided the TFW Forum would be the perfect place to let the WASZP hatch: “Foiling week just rocks, because it brings sailors and designers together to exchange ideas and of course race at a beautiful spot.”

Today, Andrew McDougall launched his latest creation, the WASZP, at the foiling week.  Compared to his Mach2 foiling Moth, this single-handed, one design foiler is accessible to a wider range of sailors in terms of cost, weight and skill. The choice of three rigs provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors and the adjustable wings that fold up for storage also translate into a stable platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers. 

The retractable alloy foils make launching and retrieving as quick and easy as any other dinghy. Sailors will find that even in non foiling conditions, this new boat is fast and fun to sail and race. The aim is to quickly establish the WASZP as an ISAF international manufacturer controlled class and make it a fun racing class with new disciplines.

More information on the WASZP
TFW Forum
At the Forum designers and builders meet the sailors to share their ideas, projects and achievements. A meeting to exchange ideas, evaluate, compare solutions and develop concepts.

More about the programme:
All presentations will be available online on the 8th July 2015.

New Zealand & BAR Training & Racing the AC45s

Yesterday I sent a Q&A to Pete Melvin, one of the question was specifically about the performance gain of the aero package, I guess with current BAR & TNZ status on their 'turbo' addons we will find out (maybe) if the oracle & Artemis Aero packages/beam placement mods will have have an edge on a more Spartan AC45 BAR & TNZ 45s. ... or sailors can even that design gap on pure sailing skills. Interesting Series coming next weeks.

Images of the training/racing session at
TNZ AC45 photo sesion at Cowes by Mark Lloyd at

The Foiling Week 2015: Forum Schedule

The Foiling Week is becoming the innovation forum by excellence. Great work done by Domenico Boffi and the organizers.  Below people & projects to be presented this year. More info at

July 1st
09:30Andrew Mac DougallMach2The Wazp
10:15Bobby KleinSchmitETNZ naval architectETNZ foil development process @ AC34
10:35Will SunnucksThe Vampire project: tilting foils applied to catamarans
10:55Coffee Break
11:10Friso Bergsma
Van Ossanen
Foil altitude control
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end
July 2nd
09:30Quentin Lucet andXavier GuibautVPLPVPLP foil experience from Orma 60 to the new Imoca 60
10:15Marvin BaumeisterKite Foil Circuits and developments
10:35Andreas Suar(Artemis Racing AC34 method4design) Marc Menec (Artemis Racing AC34/is3de)Innovative design methods applied to an accessible foiling catamaran
10:55Coffee Break
11:10Larry Knauer
Designer and Director of RAVE V
The Rave V Windrider. a trailerable foiling Tri
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end
July 3rd
09:30Doug Schickler (ST-YD) and Shannon Falcone (Oracle Team AC34, Luna Rossa Team AC35)The Gunboat G4 : the engineer and the sailor views
10:15Vlad Murnikov
Foil configuration for monohulls and catamarans
10:35Alex Udin
Phantom International
the flying phantom development
10:55Coffee Break
11:10John Downey
Sentient Blue C-Class Team
Sentient Blue. Developing a new platform for 2015 Little Cup
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end

Raid Emeraude 2015 by Charles Dheret

MV605 Surfski design: Model Wood Work

You can´t ask for more having Pros like Jakub building the new F18 with latest router tech and plenty of building experience, but also viewing the model building process of the Surfski design done the old good way is as rewarding and a joy to see.  Wood is the noblest material around and a pleasure to work with. The first F18 model we made here back in 2005 was done the same way as the RC16. Lots of shaping & sanding involved, and mostly final lines are finished by naked eye. My brother builds kayaks here in BA and currently is working again to finish it, my grandfather should be approving with a smile up there...

On this design I had some inquiries from Australia, and one guy in the US is working on it.
The first Wave Piercer SurfsSki / Kayak I saw was Magnus de Brito Point 65 Bourbon Orca.
Nelo has now released an Olympic K1 with a wp profile , but I need to check  cross section to see if its pure cosmetics.
In flat water racing I can see a wp bow cross section resutling in less pitch motion on the paddlers movements and cadence, if you look closely to K1s they are constantly submerging and floating up on paddlers rythm , specially at the start. Thus a flatter bottom section might reduce that providing a better support on the paddling down force and re direct that inertia into a more forward motion.

In any case this wp Surfski is an open water design, I'm an amateur ''designer'' and all my written thoughts have to be taken with that in mind,  So in my view this Surski wp shape (cross section mainly as tried to explain in this wp/volume distribution article) might deliver a good paddling drive specially in short chop upwind as well as downwind and surfing chop/waves in open waters, which is basically the mode Surfski races are held.

This is a proto to prove the concept, thus a shorter lenght and little wider for better stability, we made some CFD tests with Ralph Moolenaar against a the reference Epic and results were quite even:  Next project to be built is a Racing 12'6 SUP.

Team New Zealand's foiling AC45 by Mark Lloyd

UK: 2015 East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik

Photos & report sent by Andrew Dowley - 2015 East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik --
"76 boats made their way to Marconi Sailing Club for this years East Coast Piers
Race weekend.
The East Coast Piers race is a long distance sailing event for fast dinghies and catamarans. The race weekend raises money for The Cirdan Trust and Essex Air Ambulance.
With a fantastic forecast and free camping available all weekend many competitors arrived on Friday evening to set their boats up.

On Saturday two races were held inside the River Blackwater starting from 1pm, these were both medium distance to allow for a warm up ahead of Sunday. In the first race Olly Harris and his son Ben took the race win sailing their Spitfire catamaran.
It was Simon Northrop and Sam Van Barker who won the second race. It was a day for the F18’s with the overall races showing an F18 1, 2 and 3.

After the official race briefing on Saturday evening the competitors all enjoyed a BBQ

F18s @Kiel Week 2015: Helge & Christian Sach 1st

Image: Kiel Week press. The organization provided the best racing stream so far for any beachcat event, they even reached AC level. You wonder how X40s or GC32s cannot provide such coverage. Only little critic is the lack of photos, just a detail for the investment made.
The Sach brothers (Nacra Infusion) are on a mission for the coming F18 2015  Worlds at Kiel beginning July 11th. The best German team and former 2005 World Champs (Held at Germanny sailing a Capricorn) won over Danny Paschalidis- Gustav Dyrssen, also targeting to perform at the next major event, 3rd place for the other German crew with chances to defend the local colors next weeks; Joerg Gosche & Hanns Pegel (Phantom).

With 200 boats the 2015 Worlds are already a success, having Ashby onboard is pure bonus, Glenn wants his own F18 title as helm (he already have a pair crewing for Bundock). Last year along Brett Goodall they had bad luck with hardware failure giving freeway to Larsen & van West to grab the 2014 title at Ireland.

Report by Joerg Gosche: "We were using the SI sails and a Ullman/Pablo kite. Our speed in general was mostly better than the result shows but we are still learning about the Phantom as we were sailing three different F 18 designs (Wildcat, C 2 and now the Phantom) within the last year.
Downwind we had great speed under all conditions. Sach/Sach did the best overall performance and their knowledge about the area paid. Dany and Gustav had some great moments.
All in all it was a good fleet and great racing but of course the Worlds will be much tougher.
We are looking forward to meet the big F18 community here in two weeks. Everything is well prepared."

Check 2015 Worlds Entry List here
Official Website
Below top ten for Kiel Week, Full reuslts here

NrSail NumberSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10TN
1GER 310Helge SACHLYC122-3133-6212415
2GRE 77Dany PASCHALIDIS(dns)16721113-87322
3GER 11Jörg GOSCHECKA74-131(dsq)429439034
4DEN 18Magnus DAHL NICOLAISENKBL4314(ocs)-211987411450
5GER 17Eckart KAPHENGSTSLRV61542(ocs)-176.0DPI76611252
6GER 278René SCHWALLKYC-1178-16487105108659
7GER 276Robert SCHÜTZKEV13520-23(ocs)211211113165
8GER 309Sven LINDSTÄDTYCSO51712(dnf)61084-18512867
9NOR 55Harald BLOM-BAKKEKNS1285611-136119(bfd)12468
10FIN 5Mikko RÄISÄNENHSK2103-2519-2441710912374