May 7, 2019

AC36, American Magic Flight School: Figuring out the Foiling Monohull

Video sent by American Magic media -  Excellent footage by American Magic, they are doing an excellent job with their media release. Video includes foiling gybes, speed runs and sideway capsizes... The TNZ guys behind this concept are some genius no doubt, but this 2 point foiling monohull solution is simply unpractical to say the least, although with the info I have, the AC75 could be faster or more efficient and faster than the AC/F50s Cats.

I like Dean Barker's atittude in the video above, he goes something like : well this thing has it good aspects and some low points, but we are trying to figure out this concept the best way we can..
American Magic - Flight School May 7, 2019
With Pensacola excelling as a winter base for the test boat, American Magic sailors, designers and shore crew put the Mule through its paces. The groundbreaking foiling monohull proves itself to be a smooth and fast ride for the U.S. America’s Cup Challenger, while foreshadowing the full-size AC75 boats still to come."

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