Mar 25, 2019

F18 Argentina 2019 season: March 24 Weekend Racing: Volker & Mehl 1st

Photos: Jorge Cousillas / El Ojo Náutico - Pablo Volker & Sergio Mehl (Scorpion / 1D) scored 5 bullets out of 8 races this weekend to grab the first place overall on a local  Regatta. Conditions were 8 to 10 knots flat Northern but a bit shifty on Saturday, 1 to 2 trapeze. And Sunday was a full offshore blown out from the South West, super gusty and challenging conditions which left half of the fleet ashore.

Only the most experienced crews raced the second day. Many rookies participating, with the long time crews getting new boats the second hand market is offering great alternatives once more to enter the Class.
This was the cycle that make the F18 World wide fleet strong, and we are happy to see a renewed interest in the Class, from the old guard due to new boats/ devels /  DS sails and on newcomers discovering the Catracing realm, many former Laser sailors among them.

The stars of this regatta were Federico Reim & Nico Aragones (Scorpion / 1D). Fede had not been racing F18s for a while and recently got Mischa's 2017 WC Scorpion. First time on the boat and thanks to key help of Nico Aragones (F18 Arg Champ x2 / N15 Coach) they managed to take on the local established crews both days. Impressive performance that puts pressure to the old guard towards Costa Brava Worlds in July.

Top 8 crews with even performances for the Scorpions & Phantoms, all equipped with 1D DS mainsails. Quite competitive fleet for the most experienced sailors and we expect some more top crews coming from Santa Fe for next regatta with two more Phantoms and another Scorpion.

The local fleet will continue to target Costa Brava as key event, last year there were some equipment issues for the Arg crews and Sarasota Worlds had a crazy week on conditions, same for all of course, but it was a tough Worlds where the Pro Greeks prevailed followed by two local US crews.

Costa Brava 2018 Europeans delivered one of the best events the Class has seen, and the org was awarded with the 2019 Worlds. 5 Arg crews already registered, and I'm happy to see many Australians going for it, an Aussie charge led by Burvill & Puttman excellent results last years Euros & Worlds on their 100% Aussie  Edge / Nxt Gen Sails platform.
Still the Class management has not implemented any economical help for those organizing containers to attend European events, and I think the Australians deserve support on their efforts.
The Arg crews will charter this time around.

Goodall Design is offering charters, contact them at
Brett Burvill is offering Edges too, contact him at
For Scorpions let us know and will get you one.

100 teams already registered for Costa Brava 2019 Worlds, check entry list and official web at:

Results for this weekend Arg racing. Below a video  from Sunday, just to show some windward mark takes, poor quality on the zoom used, informative only:

Mar 18, 2019

America's Cup: Test boats 'Rock'

Already seen footage from American Magic & INEOS prototypes but good to have them in one video. Source America's Cup media.

Loick Peyron on board Figaro Benetau 3 by Launay

Mar 17, 2019

New Phantom Essentiel 2019 flying footage

Foils & L rudders remain as the original Essentiel version, hull now is updated as duly reported. New hull is designed by D3 Applied Technologies in collaboration with Phantom Int, major changes are a lower freeboard and optimized to fly compared to the original Phantom FP/F18 hull and maintains look & feel of the Phantom line.

Flight looks quite stable for a recreational foiler, the seat wings add comfort but are not that efficient as going trapeze mode for mainsheet handling as can be seen in the video above, basically you cannot pull as hard or as quick as being out on the trapeze, but again, this is a recreational foiler. Either way the Wing seat its a great feature for the Essentiel, a solution that can be back tracked to several Hobie models (H17, H18 and even Hobie Tiger).

The Essentiel maintains also a standard main sail cut (No Decksweeper) which is a good decision for a recreational targeted foiling beachcat.

For a racing oriented foiler, a Decksweeper is now mandatory in foiling or floating mode.

More info on the Essentiel at

Essentiel it's a great cat, but what we are eager to see is the new FP Ultimate, which will feature the latest foil tech & devel for the TNZ 3pt foiling systems.

Mar 14, 2019

America's Cup 36: Arbitration Panel rules Late Challengers valid

Statement sent by America's Cup media. AC web
Arbitration Panel rules Late Challengers valid , 15th March 2019
The America’s Cup Arbitration Panel decision finding all three Late Entry challenges to be valid has been released today.

The Challenger of Record and the Defender had already reached a settlement agreement under which

Eagle Class 53: Ready to Fly?

Video sent by Eagle Class 53 / . Later some additional pics. Not much 'flying' on their  "beginning to fly" statement but surely nice speed, lets see if they achieve full foiling on one of their foils setups. In terms of overall design it has some special looks.  Previous posts on the 53 here & here
Eagle Class 53, fitted out and beginning to fly
The completed Eagle Class 53 has now sailed in various conditions off St John in the U.S. Virgin

Mar 10, 2019

F18 Worlds 2019 @Costa Brava: 80 entries already confirmed

Photo: Marc González Alomá. - 2018 F18 Europeans were held at Ballena Alegre, Costa Brava, in Spain. Many attendants reported the event as one of the best ever on the sailing course, venue & organization

Around 80 entries already confirmed and we expect an excellent fleet size. With the DS main sail devel introduced by Brewin and later by Mischa with the Scorpion at the 2017 Worlds,  plus the Convertible project the Class is experiencing renewed vibes. Here in Arg new boats are being bought for the first time since 2013, putting again used platform on the market at accessible prices for new sailors to start sailing F18.

This was the turning wheel during the best years of the Class, seeing this cycle come to life once more is a great objective sign towards the future.

Ballena Alegre Resort at Costa Brava will host the 2019 Worlds. All is set to become a great championship.
If there is a must attend event for the 2019 season, this is the one.

Early entry fee till March 15.

Registration link here
Entry list here

F18 World Championship 2019 27th June to 4th July 2019
NOR & Schedule here

Mar 9, 2019

AC36: Sail-World Interview with Terry Hutchinson by Richard Gladwell

Photo copyright Armory Ross & Will Ricketson / American Magic. - Excellent insights provided by Richard Gladwell / Sail-World, a great  QA with Terry Hutchinson on the American Magic foiling mono prototype, aka 'The Mule'. Check portfolio we published on the AM38 past months here.

Gladwell's interview confirms our fears on the no or little error margin for these new AC beasts. They look super fast even without a Wing, which is a major achievement, and also quite stable. But Hutchinson comments confirms what we've seen and reported on the unexpected wipeouts which can result in a lottery of capsize modes. With cats you have a frontal pitch or sideways and stop counting.

These AC mono foilers have a complete repertory of how to go down as they are constantly depending on their oversized mainfoils and a central T rudder which presents a perfect scenario for catastrophic wipeouts. In contrast is clear any Multihull have plenty more options to transition from full foiling to a flat sudden dropdown or foils failure, cavitation , ventilate etc.

Add that they expect to be quite dragy in light conditions and if they heel in flaoting mode they might stay down (??) and they need to be put back in position a la capsized Multi, you wonder which is the benefit of going monohull...?

A short excerpt of Terry Hutchinson's comments below, read the entire interview by Richard Gladwell at Sail-World : :

“You just have to be very mindful that the rudder elevator cannot come out of the water. It's no more complicated than that. If the elevator breeches, it is all over Rover. She'll just go where she wants to go. Managing the ride height is pretty critical,” he adds.

“Down-speed we have had our biggest snafus - getting off the tow,” he chuckles.

“But quite honestly once the boat is up and going it is at its safest time when you are foiling. You don't feel that vulnerable. There is going to be a lot of technique to learn on how to manoeuvre the boat.

“We are pretty far away from any semblance of a foiling tack or gybe. You can see that there will be heaps to gain in that regard.”


Mar 6, 2019

69F upwind Foiling, Feb 2019

Designed by two talented Arg friends this project finally became a reality, currently being produced in Italy and commercialized as 69F the original MW680F is now flying full bore.  What we like about this concept is the ability to sail standard mode which is a great asset, just like the current beachcat foilers or the GC32 can do. Versatility at its best.

More info on the 69F at

2 Years until the first 36th America's Cup Match

Video & release sent by Americas Cup Media. Official web
Only 2 years until the 36th America's Cup Match.
24 months, 104 weeks, 730 days
It seems like a long time, but this is the America’s Cup and time is the biggest issue - you never have enough of it.

Every day is important. Is two years long enough?
"Not even close, we could use four,” explains America’s Cup veteran and Skipper of American

Mar 4, 2019

Americas Cup 36 update: "Outstanding Issues" & "Plans are Progressing"

Relase sent by Americas Cup media. Official web:
Defender and Challenger Of Record progress AC36 planning  5th March 2019
The plans for the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada are progressing, with clearer guidelines now set for the future.

Following on from meetings held in Auckland last week between the Defender and Challenger of Record, an agreement has been reached to resolve a series of issues in the best interest of the event.

Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the Prada Group and Chairman of the Challenger of Record met with the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, in Auckland and an agreement was reached to resolve a number of pending issues, some of which were already before the Arbitration Panel.

Together they have agreed all current outstanding issues including a mutually agreed settlement to the

Mar 3, 2019

Archipelado Raid 2019: Registration Open

Photo: Jasper van Staveren. - Info below sent by the Archipelago Raid org.
17 teams from 10 countries signed up in 36 hours
High level of competition to be expected

Since registration opened yesterday 17 teams with sailors from 10 countries already signed up! Among the registered teams there are sailors from Greece, Germany, Austria, France, Morocco, Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and of course Sweden. The Stockholm Archipelago Raid is

Phantom International Class announces 2019 Calendar

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