Feb 13, 2019

Atlantic Crossing: Team Ocean Cat capsizes

Photo: Ocean Cat - The Italian crew continues their route to Guadeloupe after a capsize and quick recovery. We published details on the crossing here.
Live Tracking: sgstracking.com/live/oceancat2018.php
Below official report by Alessandro Mei  / www.oceancat.it
Ocean Cat Atlantic Crossing Feb 11, 2019
Capize at 4.20 UTC, a morning in search of the wind and committed to dodging spots of the Sargasso. So began the sixth day of navigation for the Ocean Cat team. Then in the afternoon the wind rose allowing Tullio and Giammarco to resume a regular course for 270 ° at an average speed of 12 knots.

But let's go over the day. A night with a weak wind accompanied Tullio and Giammarco who tried to get the max out of the Cat.
Five days of sailing that saw them busy looking for speed to dodge expanses of the Sargasso along the route have certainly weighed this morning around 4.20 UTC (5.20 Italian), when Ocean Cat capsized about 1300 miles from the finish line . 

The uprighting system, repeatedly tested in our seas, has worked perfectly even in the open ocean. Once verified that there were no damages, Tullio and Giammarco resumed their course. In the afternoon the wind strengthened. Ocean Cat managed to intercept it and is now pushing to always reach an average speed around 12/13 knots. According to the routier estimates there are still possibilities to reach Guadeloupe within 11 days 1 hour 9 minutes and 30 seconds: Tullio and Giammarco are going to really beat that record! Follow them on www.oceancat.it