Feb 26, 2019

A-Cat. St Petersburg NOOD Regatta 2019 Results

CSN Classifieds web Updated

Slowly our Classifieds section has been growing, I updated the classifieds web this week , work done along an update coming for Catsailingnews.

Personal Classifieds Ads will continue to be free to publish till March 15, 2019.  Then the cost will be 45us for a 12 month period.  No registration or additional hassle needed, you just send a mail with info and pics, we do the work for you.

In the future the idea is to offer new products too, and as always you can contact us for honest recommendations on any Catsailing subject, products or even personal & commercial projects you want to embark, if we don't know the answer we will forward you to the right person as we've been doing  for more than 10yrs now, helping any way we can and growing our great Catsailingnews Network.

Send your Classified Ad or Contact us at catsailingnews@gmail.com

Classifieds url is shop.catsailingnews.com

Americas Cup 36: American Magic & Airbus partnership

Video & text sent by American Magic Media / Team web  www.americanmagic.com
When Airbus partnered with American Magic, some of the world's leading aerospace engineers joined our team. On the ground from the early stages, they are making us faster and safer every day while also considering what foiling innovations could eventually make their way into aircraft that sail the skies.-

Feb 25, 2019

Americas Cup 36: Testing AC75 Foil Cant System

Video & Newsletter sent by Americas Cup Media. More stories at www.americascup.com
AC36 NEWSLETTER #1 -22nd February 2019
They say the years get faster and this is guaranteed in every America’s Cup cycle. 2018 has just flown by and it has already been almost one year since the AC75 Class Rule was published. More than enough time for teams to have dissected every detail and produce designs for their build teams to be well into production of their AC75.

Synonymous with the America’s Cup is secrecy and at this crucial time most of the work is going on

The World Sailing Show 2019: Programme 2

Video sent by Sunset Vine TV/News. We start following Spindrift 2 Jules Verne Trophy attempt, but we didn't posted on their abandon, check video above at 8:04 for details.

Feb 22, 2019

Nacra Infusion F18 FCS: Convertible first flights teaser video

Video sent by Bob Hensen / Nacra Sailing. Teaser flights from same photo session published past Monday. Looking good and looks stable enough, is clear it has a different inertia than say Nacra 17 on its weight. Bob assigns having more stability on being heavier, which is indeed an asset for target intended for the F18 Convertible Concept.

Of course we already asked Bob the due uncut takes, just to see how the platform flows around. But we don't need to see much to declare the F18 Convertible as a complete success in terms of concept proven. Then hours on the boat and fine tuning will improve any initial flights.

A process which is immensely more fun and rewarding  that having automatic wand foiling system. Still the S9 or ifly are suited for those wanting to fly or demand less physical boat handling.

Feb 21, 2019

Sail GP: F50s Boat Speed vs True Wind Speed Data

Photo by Sail GP ,  Data graph courtesy of Scott Babbage / Sail GP , Click image for larger size - .  Last week we commented on trying to get actual data from the first Sail GP event in Australia. Visually the F50s did good but seemed a bit behind in light winds vs TNZ Bermuda AC50.

Graphical data above depicts BS (Boat Speed) vs TWS (True Wind Speed), and its impressive to see how the F50s reached the 30knots realm from 6 to 10knots TWS. Click image for larger size.

We'll gather next data from Bermuda to compare but wanted to publish as Scott Babbage / Sail GP were kind enough  to supply actual data from Sydney Sail GP two days of racing.

We requested Lift off speed too, and Scott commented: "Lift off speed doesn't change much upwind to downwind, on the light air boards we're seeing liftoff at about 15 knots BS."

Official Sail GP web  sailgp.com

Feb 19, 2019

Nacra F20 FCS: BA Session, 19 Feb 2019

While the F18 Tanks are on their early stage for recreational fun, foiling beasts like the Nacra F20 FCS continue to deliver overwhelming speed and power. I sailed and helmed the F20 FCS here in BA , and at first glance the height is rather scary, you need to get use to it. The FP has a lower ride and smaller platform, the F20 feels massive beast, easily 3 can sail or foil on board any F20 FCS.

Flight is quite stable in mid winds and rather flat water, with more breeze and chop/waves you need a pretty active experienced crews.
Both sailors here come from the F18, and also have plenty hours on the F20. Excellent clip  form late past Sunday from our friend Juan Faustín.

Riders: Juan Faustín & Cuco Benitez
Video Film & Edit Juan Faustín
Closing text Translation: "What you see is Not what you feel"

Feb 15, 2019

Feb 14, 2019

Team New Zealand unveils how they introduced foiling in the Americas Cup

SailGP Sydney: Helmsmen Press Conference

7 hours left for first Sail GP event to start. Check exact times at sailgp.com/races/sydney/
Where and how to watch by zone at https://sailgp.com/watch/

Diam 24, EFG Sailing Arabia: Stadium racing in Duqm

Americas Cup: Team New Zealand vs SailGP

With one day to spare for the first SailGP event in Sydney, Emirates Team New Zealand is posting in their social networks like Twitter & Fb a teaser which will depict how they invented foiling for "Gran Prix Sailing" (sic)  in clear reference to the SailGP  F50 circuit.

While the freak and complex AC75 have shown to be fast and surely the final product will perform, we are still worried on the safety & handling stability of the concept. (TNZ top notch engineers wont be sleeping today on this comment..:)

From a start those hanging huge & ballasted T foils are a strange way to mimic the almost perfect righting moment available in multihull platforms. Straight line speed of the AC75 protos are looking fast and we hope they can solve the maneuverability and handling issues even seen in public AC team videos.

Still we don't get why the SailGP is making noise & waves to the next AC organizers,  maybe their engineers have seen the F50s practice racing past days at Sydney?

In our view the SailGP cannot compete with the Americas Cup, monohull foiling tinkering included, so Team New Zealand should leave SailGP to their own game, only possible concern will be the F50s being far superior in performance to the AC75s around the course.
Until first AC75 we wont be able to fully compare both foiling platforms.

Below text accompanying Emirates Team New Zealand coming video promotion:

"Gather around for the untold story of the birth of foiling in the America’s Cup and Grand Prix sailing. 
As quiet as it seems from all the America’s Cup teams, you can rest assured there are plenty of innovative ideas being tested within design offices around the world. Ideas that could be the next quantum leap forward in technology on or off the water.
This is the story of one such idea, when at this stage of the campaign prior to the 2013 America’s Cup, we were just doing a little thing, like inventing foiling in Grand Prix sailing. #Sailing #Foiling #AmericasCup"

Feb 13, 2019

Atlantic Crossing: Team Ocean Cat capsizes

Photo: Ocean Cat - The Italian crew continues their route to Guadeloupe after a capsize and quick recovery. We published details on the crossing here.
Live Tracking: sgstracking.com/live/oceancat2018.php
Below official report by Alessandro Mei  / www.oceancat.it
Ocean Cat Atlantic Crossing Feb 11, 2019
Capize at 4.20 UTC, a morning in search of the wind and committed to dodging spots of the Sargasso. So began the sixth day of navigation for the Ocean Cat team. Then in the afternoon the wind rose allowing Tullio and Giammarco to resume a regular course for 270 ° at an average speed of 12 knots.

But let's go over the day. A night with a weak wind accompanied Tullio and Giammarco who tried to get the max out of the Cat.
Five days of sailing that saw them busy looking for speed to dodge expanses of the Sargasso along the route have certainly weighed this morning around 4.20 UTC (5.20 Italian), when Ocean Cat capsized about 1300 miles from the finish line . 

The uprighting system, repeatedly tested in our seas, has worked perfectly even in the open ocean. Once verified that there were no damages, Tullio and Giammarco resumed their course. In the afternoon the wind strengthened. Ocean Cat managed to intercept it and is now pushing to always reach an average speed around 12/13 knots. According to the routier estimates there are still possibilities to reach Guadeloupe within 11 days 1 hour 9 minutes and 30 seconds: Tullio and Giammarco are going to really beat that record! Follow them on www.oceancat.it

GC32 Racing Tour: Combined fleets for the 2019 Season

No more details than the Title on the "combined fleets" staement, but word is teams from the Extreme Series will compete together with the GC32 Racing Tour ones. We've seen that already at the first GC32 Worlds held last year, but the "combined fleets"  this time might be joining both circuits, or at least in selected events aside the 2019 Worlds.
More details when they announce the 2019 teams.

2019 Season preview sent below by the GC32 Racing Tour.
Combined fleet to compete on  GC32 Racing Tour in 2019
"The GC32 Class sets sail into 2019 with a circuit stronger than ever thanks to its teams consolidating on one circuit, the GC32 Racing Tour.

For its sixth season, the five event series for ultra-high performance one design catamarans will once

Feb 12, 2019

Diam 24: EFG Sailing Arabia - Masirah stage results

SailGP: Media App (iPhone only) launched

SailGP App only available for iPhones on the time being.. Android version to be launched later in the season.
These guys can produce and deliver latest tech 50knots almost autonomous flying cats, but hey an Android app version to follow the action is too much to ask, more is the funding comes from an IT Tycoon like Larry Ellison...

Alternative broadcast zones published yesterday here.
SAN FRANCISCO – February 12, 2019 – SailGP today released a next generation mobile application as advanced as the supercharged F50 boats taking flight this week on Sydney Harbour. Fans will be
 in full control of the way they consume the world’s fastest on-water racing, with the ability to

Feb 11, 2019

Eagle Class 53 First Sail

SailGP Sydney: Where to watch

Photo Sail GP - Seems Sail GP is arranging a late global broadcast & Stream scheme, with days for the first Sail GP event ever, the organizer have announced today some possible channels (as some to be defined yet):
Fox Sports (Australia), Canal+ (France), BT Sport (UK), DAZN (Japan) and SKY Sport (New Zealand) .  In the US an other countries stream might be available through a new Sail GP to be announced App or Facebook stream.

We hope they can arrange a global stream, don't get the reason to launch such new big event to restrict

Feb 7, 2019

Sail GP: Sydney 2019 preview

FP vs FP Ultimate: Winglet & Main foil comparison

Photos: Phantom International , click to enlarge - The  'FP Ultimate' was named after an article we posted asking if the Nacra 17 was going to be the "Ultimate" foiler. Initial feedback and videos vs Nacra 17 MKI floating version showed they could foil upwind killing the MKI for good in every aspect. Later we realized that the Nacra 17 MKII foiling version was an excellent flyer downwind but not an effcient one upwind while racing. In fact we are not seeing much use of it as the VMG is not paying at all.

Thus the 'Ultimate' label is still vacant for the beachcat foilers. The Nacra F20 FCS & original FP can foil upwind with a better vmg but still far from ideal or matching early lift off on their own downwind modes.

Even the GC32 which uses same system developed by Fischer and trickle down from TNZ Js 3 pt system, cannot foil efficiently upwind while racing. More on the GC32 later with  an interview done by the GC32 Class last year with Fischer.

Going back to beachcats, A-Class with 4pt Z systems are improving upwind foiling but not there yet either on the 100% flying mode.

Photos to the left show the comparison of the 'FP Ultimate' vs original FP  winglet and mainfoil. Click to view orig size.

The target for the "FP Ultimate" is to achieve 100% foiling time as reported by Alex Udin on a QA we did back in Dec 2017. This goal is still to be proven, but surely the size, shape and evolution of latest hydrofoil sections might offer a chance to outperform all current foiling racing beachcats.

These foils were designed by D3 Applied Technologies along the FP Ultimate new hulls, which maintain same look & feel but are new hulls wit a lower freeboard and other changes optimized for a 100% flying oriented platform. Remember the the original FP was designed along the Phantom F18 thus they shared same hulls.

One thing is for sure, the "FP Ultimate" will be a pro or seasoned foilers only. Lets see if can live up to its name. We hope it will.

Feb 6, 2019

Sail GP: F50 Appendage & Wing walk-through with Slingby

Another episode of the walk-through series, short but excellent clips by Sail GP Team Australia like Wing Table revealed and details of Flight Controls.

On this one a close view of the high & light wind mainfoils and rudder winglet shapes and size.

F18, Mar del Plata Sailing Week 2019: Krevisky & Tigre Benitez, 1st

Feb 5, 2019

DNA Performance Sailing launches TF10 #5

We contacted PJ to know about the status of the TF10 project with the launch and shipment of boat #5 heading to San Francisco. 4 already in New York will start racing soon. DNA is also opening the game beyond the original core group project. More details below on the update report sent by DNA performance sailig BV.

TF10 January 2019 Updates.
Small recap; a group of 5 NYYC members including commodore Phil Lotz wanted to go foiling to

F18, Mar del PLata Sailing Week 2019: Day 3

Image by Matías Capizzano. More at his fb page. Conditions today were 8 to 10 knots and flat seas. Calm weather specialist and former Opti WChamp Agustin Krevisky  & Tigre Benitez (Phantom / 1D) took the lead from Dante Cittadini & Cuco Benitez (Infusion / 1D), who are currently holding second place overall.
The Benitez bros are having a personal match also putting their great experience to serve two different generation of talented Argie World Champ helms in Opti & Nacra 15 Classes.

Third place overall for one of the local Mar del Plata teams, Hernan Salerno & Andres Grimaldi (Phantom / 1D) scored two bullets to climb to 3rd overall. Several different winners making great competition which always raise the level of local sailors.

Multiple Arg Nats champs and top Arg crew, Cruz G Smith & Mariano Heuser (Scorpion / 1D) are trailing a bit this week in the winds, after winning the first in 20 knots the experienced team is having a hard time to get in rhythm.

Results below:

Feb 4, 2019

Sail GP: Team Australia first sail in Sydney

Source:  Australia Sail GP Team. Nice preview of things to come. Those F50s are looking so smooth. Which platform will foil earlier , more stable and faster, the F50s or the AC75...

Sydney will be the inaugural Sail GP venue, four more will follow this year.
Schedule at sailgp.com/races