Jan 29, 2019

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2019: Day 1

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2019: Day 1 Live Tracking links

Photo: Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing , Miami  WC 2018 Winners Waterhouse & Darmanin.

The Australian will be present to defend their last year title. World Champs Tita & Banti are not registered on the Entry List.
Legend Mitch Booth returns to Olympic Multis with his daughter Rita.

The Nacra 17 MKII is already aging, even an F18 looks cooler now!  That is the double edge sword for Olympic Classes, even though the N17 never got momentum outside Olympic circuit.

Time for a new Olympic Cat?

2019 WC Miami Class Racing schedule / list: wcs2019-miami.sapsailing.com

Race 1: Sap Live Trakcing here
Race 2: Sap Live Tracking here
Race 3: Sap Live Tracking here


Martinique CataRaid 2019: Day 1 by Pierrick Contin

Jan 28, 2019

A-Class Worlds 2019 @Weymouth: Registration Open

Info sent by by Gordon Upton. registration links for the Worlds and British Nats at acatworlds2019.uk/registration . Full NOR document available here

World Championships
Weymouth and Portland, UK
23rd to 30th August 2019
The Organising Authority is the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy in
conjunction with the International A Division Catamaran Association

British National Championships
Weymouth and Portland, UK
17th to 21st August 2019
The Organising Authority is the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy in
conjunction with the British International A Division Catamaran Association



6.1 British National Championships
Saturday 17 August 0900 – 1700 Nationals Registration
Sunday 18 August 1030 Competitors Briefing
1230 Racing
1900 Sailors supper
Monday 19 August 1100 Racing
Tuesday 20 August 1100 Racing
Wednesday 21 August 1100 Racing
As soon as possible after racing Prize Giving
6.2 A total of EIGHT races are scheduled
6.3 No more than THREE races may be sailed per day.

6.4 World Championships
Friday 23 August 0900 - 1800 Registration/Inspection

World Sailing Show: Feb 2019 Edition

Sent by World Sailing media: Best media effort done by the sailing governing body, the World Sailing Show are a great series with quality footage and due time to address each subject. Feb Edition:

• The Golden Globe – The race that changed the world
• IMOCA & the new Ocean Race goes public
• SailGP - The fastest racing cats in the world
• Battle of the big guns – The Rolex Sydney Hobart Race

Jan 27, 2019

F18 Australian Nats 2019: Brett Burvill & Max Puttman crowned Champs

Jules Verne Trophy, 'Spindrift II' record attempt: Day 11

Photo: Spindrift Racing.  Jules Verne Trophy Round the World Record atttempt status:

Time: 11Days 00hs 35mins
Distance from Start: 7061NM
Average Speed: 22Knots
Ahead of Record: 394NM

Live Tracking: spindrift-racing.com/jules-verne/en/live

Jan 26, 2019

F18 Australian Nats 2019: Final Results

Quick update with final results, later full report: Brett & Max obtained yet a new Aus Nats title. Top ten below, full results available here.

Jan 25, 2019

SailGP F50 flight Controls Walk through by Tom Slingby

F18 Australian Nats 2019: Day 3 Results

No photos from today available yet. - After a no racing day on Thursday due to a 50 deg Cel heatwave the Australian F18 fleet were able to complete four more races. Burvill & Putman continue to lead with 3,10,2,1 for the day. Colby & Dalton climb to second overall (2,6,5,2) and are closely followed by McDonald & Coe only one pt behind scoring 5,1,4,5.

Best performance of the day was for the Cirrus R team, Chris Boag & Tom Salt got two bullets and 2nd & 4th which put them from an 8th overall on the first day to their current 4th position.

Four different platforms in the top 5, another display of how fun and even the F18 Class is.

Top ten results below, complete list here

Jan 24, 2019

Goodall Design Viper flying test in Belguim

F18 Australian Nats 2019: Racing cancelled for Day 2

Too much hot temp in Australia right now, a heatwave reaching 50 deg Celsius and no wind called to postpone races for tomorrow.

Leaders and result published in previous post: catsailingnews.com/2019/01/f18-australian-nats-2019-day-1.html

Photo left by Canvas Sails, plenty more from yesterday sailing available here

Jan 22, 2019

F18 Convertible: Daggerboard case placement explained by Martin Fischer

Photo: Jasper van Staveren , Render: Scorpion Convertible, using same exact case position as Martin Fischer's Hobie Wildcat F18 (2008) , also featured in current Scorpion standard F18 . - With many builders going for the F18 Convertible concept and discussions on daggerboard placement for the foiling mode I contacted Martin Fischer once more to remind us (already explained in his past CSN interviews/articles)  why he placed the daggerboards in front of shrouds already back in 2008 with the Hobie Wildcat F18.
Fischer is one of our main references in terms of Design & Tech development and he is always willing to give us insights and didactic explanations.

Below his comments on the Convertible & technical background on current defacto daggerboard case overall position in Cats, being foilers, F18 convertibles or A-Class. Martin did it first in the Wildcat F18, later Phantom F18 / Flying Phantom , GC32 and also in the A-Class with the Mayfly.

I followed suit with the Scorpion and all the A-Class builders have also followed his original work done with the Mayfly dagger case position back in 2011. Important to remark that this placement has been a winning one in floating mode too with the Wildcat, Phantom and Scorpion World Titles.

Martin Fischer is always leading innovation and showing the path for the rest. We are also happy to hear he is behind a 50 foot daysailer foiler project.
Martin Fischer: Convertible & Daggerboard case position explained:
"I think the F18 convertible is a development into the right direction. I don't see any reason why the concept should not work. The A-Class Z-foil configuration is surely a configuration that works, but I think also the J-foils, as on the Phantom, could be an option; surely more difficult to sail but it would

SailGP F50s: One Design & Focus on Sailors skills

Jan 21, 2019

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 sets Ushant-Equator record

Photo: Yann Guichard - Donna Bertarelli's Sprindrift Team has embarked on an new attempt to break the Jules Verne Trophy Record (Round the World):
4 Days, 19hrs, 57mins

We'll be following their progress. Meanwhile check video series above featuring Bertarelli. Donna is an experienced catsailor, mainly in the D35 fleet as helm. She funds Spindrift Racing Team but also has the guts to get on board Spindrift 2 global journey as she did last time. Nice clip above focusing on her sensations but shows some great footage of Spindrift past attempt, also pretty didactic.

Francis Joyon / IDEC are the Current record holders: catsailingnews.com/2017/01/jules-verne-trophy-francis-joyon-idec_26.html

Spindrift came short in their first one, but it took Joyon 3 attempts to finally break the Jules Verne Trophy record.

Spindrift official web: spindrift-racing.com

Jan 18, 2019

Gunboat 68 launched

Americas Cup 36: Stars & Stripes unveils design & build details.

Release sent by Stars & Stripes Team USA media.

LONG BEACH, CA – January 17, 2018 – Stars & Stripes Team USA, American flagged Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, today released additional details outlining their boat build and design process.

This information comes less than one month after the team revealed, as part of their entry

Jan 16, 2019

Convertible or dedicated foiler? Alex Udin's view

Above: Latest FP Essentiel video featuring its new hulls. - Phantom International has contacted us to chat about the Convertible F18 concept vs their own series of production specialized Flying

Jan 11, 2019

Tornado Worlds 2019: Burvill-Puttman Champs

Super Foiler Grand Prix: 2019 Season On?

Super Foiler Grand Prix has released this video today with a text reference to a 2019 season. With the AC and F50s they might be re arranging their schedule, not much specific news at the moment if we will see some events coming weeks.

What's certain the Morrelli & Melvin machine did put on a show on its first season and the Super Foiler flew upwind and downwind pretty fast and stable, at least for Outteridge, Ashby and Jensen! But as we know this vessel was to put on an show, and even the creators know that, like Master Multihull designer Pete Melvin caring for SF crews when being trapeze catapulted as never seen before!

Jan 9, 2019

Tornado Worlds 2019: Day 4

Grainger R42: Building process pics

Tornado Worlds 2019: Day 3

Photo: Suellen Davies – Live Sail Die - Report & pic sent by the Tornado Class Association
2019 Tornado Worlds – Day 3Those that managed to out shift the shifts were the winners on the day for Races 5 and 6 of the 2019 Tornado World Championships Powered by Candida Stationery. Racing on the waters offshore from Takapuna Beach, the south-westerly caused some frustration amongst the fleet, with the results being blown wide open on Day 3 of offical racing.

Race 5
After leading the race for most of the way, Jurgen Jentsch (GER), sailing with his wife Sarah Jentsch

Jan 6, 2019

First Goodall Design Viper 2019 Foiling footage

Video & info sent by Laurent Verbeeck / Goodall Design. First footage of the foiling Viper already looking good. Check how helm is sheeting a bit to hand mainsheet to his crew and the Viper starts to fly effortless and quite smoothly.

This platform will add more alternatives to those wanting to fly and I see it as a more apepaling platform than the Nacra 17 for those not doing the Olympic circuit. The updated foil design plus the

Hobie 16 Australian Nats 2019

Photos & info sent by Gavin Colby, more at hobiecatnationals.com.au. Gavin  doing some long distance to attend Hobie & F18 Aussie Nats. -
On established fleets Hobie 16 racing might still be about the most competitive racing out there.

Gavin Colby: "As much as the boat is not flash and modern, the racing is close, tactical, one design and cheap. Great bunch of young kids at the regatta. We used a boat that I sold for 6000 AUD at the end of the event.

With a Great bunch of friendly people racing was fair and competitive. Testing conditions as we lost a day with too much wind.

Temperature range from 41’c to 22’c on the last day. The event was also qualifying for the upcoming Hobie 16 Worlds in Florida: https://hobieworlds.com

Next is F18 Aussie Nationals also in Adelaide in 2 weeks time.


Above: A couple photos crossing the Nullarbor on the way over. 16 and F18. 2800km route.

Tornado Worlds 2019: Day 2

Tornado Worlds 2019: Day 1

Jan 3, 2019

Goodall Design Viper 2019 Foiling

Photos by AJP Photography / Goodall Design, click images for large size. - Brett Goodall & Goodall Design published these past two days shots of the new Viper F16 foiling version. The concept is a convertible too, as the F16 Class does not allows to foil. The F16 Class has a lighter weight rule than the F18 so we expect the Viper to fly early and pretty well.
Eager to see their C2 flying tests. For the F18, you need to understand that is recreational foiler, performance flights need to be discussed for other dedicated foiling platforms not for a convertible F18 or F16 for the matter.

Viper looking like a weapon, new hulls updated last year plus Z foils derived from latest Exploder D3 devels and T winglets for the rudders (see foils here) plus no span limitation (as the As currently have) the Viper might deliver some nice flights.

Brett Goodall commented on his fb :
"I couldn't be prouder of this boat!!!
My father, Greg Goodall, designed the Viper to be the best F16 available and it is!!! No other design has won more major titles than this boat.
Just over 2 years ago I had a dream to put the Viper on foils... After alot of thinking, trialing and testing we have a production foiling Viper!!!

I really want to thank everyone who believed in the dream and supported the process.

This is just the beginning of things to come!!!"
More info contact Goodall Design at www.goodalldesign.net and their fb page.

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