Dec 5, 2018

A-Cat Worlds 2018: Extra shots by Paula Kopylowiczv / Exploder

All images Exploder D3 team riders photos by Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder. Source: Exploder fb . First images shows how Ashby goes footing for more speed to fly upwind. You can compare the pointing angle vs the rest of the fleet. Top sailors are achieving or getting plenty more out of the same or quite similar equipment. This is has always been the case even in an all flying fleet like Moths, but when you can foil upwind while others float the gap is huge.
The point being designers and builders have the challenge to provide upwind foiling for the rest of the fleet in such windy conditions.

Ashby , Tuke & Burling had a custom rudders rake system that permits a differential setup as we've seen and discuss plenty on the AC50 at Bermuda.

Now with the adoption and  formalization of the Classic division I don't see a reason to maintain the inner span limitation. I would still maintain insert over the top and no wands (wands are  like riding bike with little wheels) but with the adoption of a fully foiling division separated from Classics now the As might achieve more performance if span limits are removed from the rules.