Nov 21, 2018

Santi Monjo, In Memoriam

A-Class and Tornado sailor Santi Monjo passed away last Friday while sailing his A-Cat at the Barcelona Sailing Center. He was found adrift on board his boat. This is the second known sailor that pass away sailing, remember Carlito Favre also, Santi was did not went out alone though.
Sailing out on the A is a great rewarding and peaceful experience and Santi left his way as Carlito did.

A beloved and appreciated experienced sailor within the local Spanish fleet as pointed by  Jaume Soler article on Santi in his blog:  "...Santi Monjo was Soling 88 Olympian , later prepared a Tornado campaign for Sydney 2000 . Santi was an avid regatta participant , specially Copa del Rey with his own yachts or sailing with others..."

A thought and a prayer for Santi Monjo, a sailor that embraced many sailing projects through his life. He will be always remembered by his many friends, fellow competitors and family and that is the best mark a human being can leave in this World.