Oct 3, 2018

DNA TF10 Tri Foiling @Newport

The TF10 is a proper foiling platform designed by Morrelli & Melvin, basically a "convertible", a multi that can float no problem and foil at will. Reason I like the IMOCA 60 or Wilson-Marquinez and Quant monohull concepts vs the alien setup of latest AC75 foiling freaks. If one of the platforms named above drop down hard from a high flight they will have a safer "landing" vs  the incredible flips and capsizes we've seen from the next Americas Cup monohull foiling proto.

TF10 Video sent by Holland Composites / DNA Perforamnce Sailing : "We wish to share a few of our latest video’s with you of the DNA TF10 foiling trimaran. Our TF10 trimaran was sailing at the Newport waters last month in the USA during the Newport International Boat Show 2018."