Oct 30, 2018

Gitana Team Maxi Trimaran: "Floating to Foiling , User's Manual"

Didactic video by Gitana Team putting the hours to get a visual mode to explain how the flight is achieved. More tech details at Gitana Team website article

Oct 25, 2018

A-Class French Nats 2018 @Cercle Voile Bordeaux: Benoit Marie leads

Vampire M20 @Ronde Tiengemeten 2018: Report by Simon Northrop

Photo: Laurens Morel - Salty Colours. More pics by Laurens at  Hellecat fb. . Report sent by Simon Northtrop. Vampire website: vampire-project.com
Ronde Tiengemeten 2018 by Simon Northrop
Having been invited to sail Kyle Stoneham’s M20 Vampire at his recent wedding in Lake Garda I met up with Kyle for a training session at Thorpe Bay after the recent F18 nationals at Brightlingsea.

As a seasoned F18 sailor and helm it was essential we put some hours in together for several reasons,

Oct 19, 2018

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Day 4 video highlights

F18 Worlds Day 4
The final day of racing is here! Who will be the World Champions? Stay tuned as the Greeks, Americans, Netherlands and Austrailian face off for the podium!
Publicado por F18 Worlds 2018 en Viernes, 19 de octubre de 2018
Final Day on its way, I will be out so check F18 Worlds Fb and Jill Nickerson / Robbie Daniel / Red Gear Sailing streams.

Current race status and results links in our previous post below.

Oct 18, 2018

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota: Day 4

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Day 3 video by Dasher Films

F18 Worlds Sarasota, Day 4
With just two days to decide the world championship, the F18 class is bringing the heat to Sarasota Bay!

Another good video by Dasher Films, Day 3 (Wednesday) published in F18 Worlds 2018 fb

Oct 17, 2018

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Day 3 Results

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota: Day 2 Video

F18 Worlds Sarasota, Day 3
Click that HD button and get in on all the action of Day 3!
Publicado por F18 Worlds 2018 en Miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

That habit on posting videos only in facebook.. but well, great video anyway! Published by F18 Worlds 2018 filmed & edited by Dasher Films.

Later info on Day 3 about to start.

Class 40 & Route du Rhum: Training Session with Yoann Richome & 'Black Mamba' by Launay

A-Class Pizza Open 2018: Alex Meister 1st

Image & report sent by Guido Schulte:
Alex Meister A-Class, Sven and Jesse Lindstaedt F18 Pizza Open Champ Vol. X 2018
The 10th Pizza Open will possibly be remembered for years to come. Outstanding weather conditions

Oct 15, 2018

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Day 1 photos by Ellevated Creative

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Day 1

2018 F 18 worlds championships
Published by F18 Worlds 2018

Video published by F18 Worlds 2018 Org at their Fb web facebook.com/F18Worlds2018

Update R1: Above live stream of R1. Prov results provided by Ellinor Gaillard:
1. 72 Burvill-Puttman
2. 20 Paschalidis-Trigonis
3. 63 van Dam-van Dam
4. 36 Dioszeki-Jankovics
5. 01 Tuckfield-Brattinga

Only one race completed today.
Results at http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/14553#_newsroom

Oct 14, 2018

F18 Worlds 2018 @Sarasota YC: Practice Race

SailGP: Australian Team annouced: Slingby & Waterhouse on board.

Best Sail GP Team announced so far:
"...The five members of the Australia SailGP Team are: Slingsby, 34, of Sydney (helmsman); Kyle Langford, 29, of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales (wing trimmer); Jason Waterhouse, 26, of Sydney (flight controller); Hurst, 37, of Gold Coast, Queensland (grinder); and Sam Newton, 32, of Sydney (grinder). In addition, Kinley Fowler, 30, of Perth, Western Australia, will serve as the reserve..."

 Info & pic sent by SailGP media , official web sailgp.com
Eight-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist Tom Slingsby to lead Australia SailGP Team in new global racing league
National team headed by Tom Slingsby features some of Australia’s most decorated sailors and Australia’s most successful Ironman Ky Hurst
Australia to host first SailGP race in Sydney Harbour, February 2019
Teams will race identical wingsailed F50s – supercharged catamarans capable of breaking the 50-knot barrier – competing for championship trophy and US$1 million prize
SYDNEY - Tom Slingsby – Olympic gold medalist, America’s Cup winner, eight-time world

GC32 Racing Tour 2018 @Toulon: Ainslie-INEOS 1st & Cammas-Norauto Tour Champs

Oct 13, 2018

Nacra 15 Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018: Dante Cittadini & Teresa Romairone (ARG) , Olympic Champs

GC32 Racing Tour @Toulon 2018: Day 2

Video & report sent by GC32 Racing Tour / www.gc32racingtour.com
Three bullet INEOS soars ahead at GC32 TPM Med Cup
After the storms, torrential rain and general greyness of the last days, the Rade de Toulon was in an entirely different mood for day two of the GC32 TPM Med Cup, the final event of the GC32 Racing Tour, held with support from Toulon Provence Mediterranée and the city of Toulon.

A swell remained rolling in from the east, drummed up by the previous days’ strong winds, but it had decreased and conditions were otherwise those for which the Cote d’Azur is world famous, with 10-15 knot winds and the sun in a clear sky.

Star of the day was unquestionably Ben Ainslie and his America’s Cup crew on board INEOS TEAM

Oct 12, 2018

Nacra 15 Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018: Overall after 12 Races

Results update: 3 races held today, Cittadini & Romairone continue to maintain lead, now establishing a 10pts gap towards the Medal Race, but it this is not over yet and Netherlands youths, Laila van der Meer & Bjarne Bower were only 3 pts behind today after winning race 10.
Belgians formed at the RBSC, Henri Demesmaeker & Frederique van Eupen keep scoring low and they have recovered from a so so start (54UDF,7,11) to a series of seven top 3 results and a 5th to give themselves a good chance for tomorrow.
French crew Tituoan Petard & Kenza Coutard also putting pressure for the medal places finishing the day with a bullet to stay only two points from 2nd & 3rd overall.

Super competitive fleet for this Youth Olympics Multihull edition, Tomorrow last race, the Medal one which cannot be discarded.

Official Buenos Aires 2018 Nacra 15 web here.
Later images from Capizzano when available.

Oct 11, 2018

A-Class: Humpybash Spring Regatta, October 20-21 , 2018

Photo Lox Pix / Queensland A-cat Association  /  Queensland States Championships 2017 held at Humpybong YC. - Below Humpybash Sprign Regatta info sent by Mark Dawson.
Top Australian and International sailors head for Humpybash Spring Regatta.
Australian and International sailors are expected to gather in Brisbane on October 20 and 21 for Humpybong Yacht Club’s annual Humpybash Regatta.

The event in Bramble Bay attracts hundreds of competitors and their families to compete in monohull and catamaran classes.
Humpybash this year is also one of the last key tune up regattas for the Australian and World championships of the high performance A class catamarans which is seeing the arrival of top sailors

Oct 8, 2018

Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018, Nacra 15: Day 1 Results

GC32 Racing Tour @Toulon 2018: INEOS pushing the limit

Like how Ben Ainslie and Team INEOS continue to race in the GC32 Racing Tour, excellent  preparation for their AC campaign. Entire capsize sequence from their trainings at Toulon at INEOS UK Twitter account

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild : Teaser Route du Rhum

French sailors , designers & builders always establishing new limits for offshore racing. Coming edition of Route du Rhum will be a Maxi Foiling fest. Atlantic crossing start Nov 4 , more info at routedurhum.com - Gitana Team official web : gitana-team.com

Oct 5, 2018

Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018: Training by Capizzano

Photos by Matias Capizzano / World Sailing. More at Capizzano fb. Sailing will be held here North of downtown Buenos Aires City, at the Náutico San Isidro , venue of the 2008 Tornado Worlds.

Great lineup for the Nacra 15 with many candidates including the locals, but on his experience Henry Demesmaeker will have the pressure without a doubt.

Good to have Capizzano taking pics, one of our favorites Photographers. We will be reporting on the Games.

Oct 4, 2018

F50s upgrades preview over AC50s

Above , the work in progress I did for the orig AC50 / Bermuda. Now the the Sail GP series/circuit will upgrade these weapons. Lets see what can they achieve, Coutts is talking over 50knots.
Whichever the case and the initial lack of confirmed teams (or info about them) , upgrading and developing further the AC50 will be more than interesting to follow, more if an innovator like Mike Drummond is involved. We'll try to get more details on the F50 project in the future directly with him.

As per GP Sail claims:
"... These boats have been redesigned, re-engineered and rebuilt from the inside out."

Wing re design, and foils? Latest trend have been T foils and flaps, wonder if they will stick to J/V designs.

The Alien AC75 might have some competition after all, lets see how this project evolves, as straight line speed seems to be an asset the AC75 will achieve, but early INEOS proto testing as noted looks so fragile in terms of stability for handling & maneuvers.

Below release published by Sail GP / sailgp.com on F50s planned upgrades.

Sail GP -- Supercharged: Why the F50 is the perfect boat for SailGP

SailGP’s new F50 wingsailed catamaran will be an incredible high performance racing machine.

The F50 is predicted to break the 50 knot barrier as the most challenging, high-tech one-design racing boat ever produced.

At a glance, one could be forgiven for thinking it looks familiar to the AC50 used at the last America’s Cup in Bermuda. But in reality, there is a huge difference in performance between the two classes.

These boats have been redesigned, re-engineered and rebuilt from the inside out.

Take, for example, flight control. This is the command and control system so vital to maintaining stable flight to keep the boat sailing at pace. And here the F50 designers have really gone to work.

For the F50 both the foil and rudder pitch will be actively controlled. This should make the flight of the boat through the manoeuvres significantly more efficient.

The foils have been produced in higher modulus carbon fibre, producing a thinner section which has less resistance at high boat speeds. The geometry of the boards has been extended outside the maximum beam of the boat which provides more righting moment and a smoother transition between the vertical and horizontal sections of the foil. All of this translates into significantly higher ultimate boat speeds, where the onset of cavitation on the board occurs at a much higher speed as compared to a foil designed under the AC50 class rule.

Batteries have been brought in and are connected to a new hydraulic accumulator to power the foil and rudder pitch control, the jib sheet, and the wing twist control freeing up the two grinders to work on providing power to the wing sheet.

The flight of the boat can be controlled from the twist grips on the steering wheel or from a joystick controlled by the crew member sitting in position 3 (flight controller). The ride height of the boat can be adjusted independent of the fore and aft bow down pitch.

What seems like miles of hydraulic lines stitched inside the hulls and under the floorboards are used to distribute power to cant the boards to the most efficient angle and activate the rudder pitch control system.

The helmsman can control the ride height, the jib sheet, and the rudder differential from push buttons on the steering wheel. The helmsman can also adjust the speed at which those functions are adjusted by adjusting a dial in the centre of the steering wheel. Teamwork and communication will be key to achieving speed and efficiency.

Top speeds are expected to be 53 knots when the boat is reaching in 20 knots of wind speed. The onset of cavitation is predicted to occur at approximately 48 knots of boat speed – a process where high speed causes the water to bubble near the foil, reducing lift and ultimately limiting the ability to fly the boat efficiently once the cavitation becomes excessive.

With battery power on board the teams will have more freedom to tack or gybe more frequently. Skippers and tacticians won’t find themselves waiting for grinders to build power in the system before they can call for the next maneuver.

The F50s will sail with just five crew, the batteries freeing up one grinding position on board. This has led to a complete redesign of the cockpit layout.

Six F50s will be on the water for the first event in Sydney, Australia in February 2019. Three have been extensively modified using parts from parts of the previous AC50 models. Three sets of the F50s hulls are complete new builds. All of the work was done at Core Builders Composites in New Zealand.

F50 Blueprint
These boats will start life – and remain completely – one-design. But crucially, unlike nearly every previous one-design class, the F50 is an active development class. The shared design team will continuously research and implement innovations to ensure that the F50 class remains at the cutting edge. Where new components are introduced the will be applied equally across the fleet. The boats will be identical in every respect apart from the crew who sail them and the colors on the livery.

SailGP has employed veteran designer Mike Drummond to lead the design effort, and he’s supported by some of the most respected names in foil and aerodynamic design, including Hal Youngren and Tom Speers.

The hydraulic and electrical control systems and software are being developed and improved at Artemis Technologies, where former America’s Cup skipper and Olympic medalist Iain Percy manages the team..

The next area of development will be with the wingsails, where the second-generation wings are expected to be modular set-ups that will allow the teams to use different size wings in different conditions, thus broadening the wind range that the boats can effectively race. It is expected that there will be three different sizes of wing span, 18m, 24m and 28m.

The first heavy-weather wings could be ready for testing as early as the event in Cowes, and could conceivably be used for the final event in Marseille.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The F50 will launch as the fastest, most exciting one-design racing class in the world and the development pipeline will likely keep it there for years to come.

The F50 catamaran: speed, reimagined.

Oct 3, 2018

"Sail GP" launched with former AC50s

Photo Sander van der Borch / Bermuda AC35. Just in, later our view on this new event.

Annoucement sent by Sail GP. Web sailgp.com - SailGP setting out to redefine sailing with thrilling new fan-centric grand prix racing circuit
• International league to feature six national teams, visiting five iconic, inshore venues starting with Sydney in February 2019
• Teams will race identical wingsailed F50s – supercharged catamarans capable of breaking the 50-knot barrier
• Season culminates with single, $1 million match-race final between top two teams

LONDON – SailGP today set out to redefine sailing with the launch of its new global racing league: five grand prix events featuring six national teams on identical wingsailed F50s – the world’s fastest, most technologically advanced catamarans. Spearheaded by Larry Ellison and Sir Russell Coutts, in season one, SailGP will bring intensely competitive, high-speed inshore racing to fans in Sydney; San Francisco; New York; Cowes, U.K.; and Marseille, France, as world-class crews compete for the championship trophy and a $1 million prize.

Kicking off in February 2019, SailGP’s inaugural season will feature teams representing six countries

DNA TF10 Tri Foiling @Newport

The TF10 is a proper foiling platform designed by Morrelli & Melvin, basically a "convertible", a multi that can float no problem and foil at will. Reason I like the IMOCA 60 or Wilson-Marquinez and Quant monohull concepts vs the alien setup of latest AC75 foiling freaks. If one of the platforms named above drop down hard from a high flight they will have a safer "landing" vs  the incredible flips and capsizes we've seen from the next Americas Cup monohull foiling proto.

TF10 Video sent by Holland Composites / DNA Perforamnce Sailing : "We wish to share a few of our latest video’s with you of the DNA TF10 foiling trimaran. Our TF10 trimaran was sailing at the Newport waters last month in the USA during the Newport International Boat Show 2018."

Oct 1, 2018

F18 Arg Nats 2018: Pablo Volker & Sergio Mehl, champs

FP Series 2018: Zephyr Team vid.

Credit: OC SPORTS / TIGERPROD. Video sent by Charles Haineville on his 2018 season at the FP series. The FPs are racing a Qingdao this week , more info here

F18 UK Nats 2018: Hans & Marius van Dam 1st

Sailign pics by Brightingsea YC,  more pics at their fb page. - Data sent by Simon Northrop / Northtrop Sails. Simon wont be attending to Sarasota this year but he is planning ahead towards 2019 Worlds to be held in Italy , possibly at Punta Ala.
Impressive win for the van Dams, winning over such lienup of talented UK sailors.
UK Nats 2018 report by Simon Northtrop "This weekend we had the 2018 UK nationals at Brightlingsea SC on the East Coast which is home of the famous White Family.
We had some great racing with 3 days of fantastic winds and sun.

The Van Dams came over and gained a Dutch Revenge on the Brits for Texel (where the Piggots got the 1st place) and completely dominated the racing here winning every race.

Summary positions :
1st Hans and Marius Van Dam (C2/Goodall DS)
2nd Simon Northrop / Caleb Cooper (Edge/ Northtrop DS)
3rd Grant Piggott / Simon Farren ( Edge / Piggot DS)
4th William Sunnucks / Freddie White -Regs Grandson-  (Edge/ )

Full Results available here
The F18 UK Nats were held along the 2018 Cat Fest . Complete event report at sailbrightlingsea.com