Sep 9, 2018

Polish Catamaran Championships 2018, A-Class: Maciej Zarnowski 1st

Sailing Photos: Paula Kopylowicz , more at Exploder Fb. Local Polish racing at UKS Navigo, the club that hosted the 2017 Worlds and is the home training waters for the Exploder team.

Maciej Zarnowski won over Jacek Noetzel and Marcin Badzio. Maciej has been elevating his game latest seasons and is already one of the top Polish riders.

Along his sailing skills, he is also the responsible behind Bryt Sails, the Polish loft which has make some noise with the top Polish riders using them.

Not much info on the event or complete results available.

Below report sent by Jacek Noetzel:

From 7 to 9, the Polish Catamaran Championships for classes A, F-18 and Open took place in Sopot. During the three days of the regatta, 5 races were held up and down in separate starts.
70 boats participated.  In spite of very difficult wind conditions - lack of wind on Friday, variable wind on Saturday and very light wind on Sunday, the Regatta Commission conducted 5 races.

18 players competed in class A, the competition lasted until the last race. Maciej Żarnowski definitely won the first place. The second place went to Jacek Noetzel, and third place (on the spot draw with Jacek) was won by Marcin Badzio. Everyone from UKS NAVIGO.

In the category A-class CLASSIC, the first place went to Marek Żebrowski (UKS NAVIGO), the second - Kacper Wysocki (YK Stal Gdynia), the third - Ewa Górska (UKS NAVIGO).
The first place in the Junior category was won by Kacper Wysocki (YK Stal Gdynia), in the Master class Jacek Noetzel (UKS NAVIGO), Grand Master class - Jarosław Bętkowski (RJKP Poznań), Ewa Gorska (UKS NAVIGO).
In Formula 18, Krzysztof Bassak and Piotr Siciński (YKP Warsaw) won. The second place was taken by Michał Surowiec and Daniel Dołęga (UKS NAVIGO), Łukasz Wroczyński and Rafał Schleifer (UKS NAVIGO) took third place.

21 catamarans competed in the OPEN category. Classification was carried out according to the Texel conversion rate. Tymoteusz Bendyk and Anna Świtajska (UKS NAVIGO) won the Olympic catamaran Nacra 17 unbeatable, followed by the crew of Maja Niemir and Oskar Niemir (UKS NAVIGO), third - Zuzanna Szadziul, Szymon Cierzan (UKS NAVIGO). In the YOUTH OPEN category, the podium sequence was: Maja Niemira and Oskar Niemira (UKS NAVIGO), Zuzanna Szadziul, Szymon Cierzan (UKS NAVIGO), Tymoteusz Cierzan, Mikołaj Chłopek (UKS NAVIGO).
The organizer of the Polish Catamaran Championships was the NAVIGO Student Sports Club. The regatta took place under the patronage of the City of Sopot and under the auspices of the Polish Sailing Association. Delicious salmon on the grill was funded by ALMAR.

We invite you to the next regatta to Sopot from 22-23 September this year. These will be catamaran regattas for the UKS NAVIGO Cup.
NAVIGO Catamarans Sailing Club

Photos sent y Jacek of the Polish Catamaran Championships by  FotoSurf  / Rafał Czepułkowski.

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