May 31, 2018

Bol d'Or 2018: Foiling M2

Photo: M2 Speed Tour / Benoit Fallot. The Ventilo M2 is a floating Cat Class sailed in Switzerland, a size smaller than the M1 D35 Cat Class. Both cats always get together along other hundreds boats for the annual Bol d'Or , biggest in Lake race in the World and filled with Multihulls.

Last year a foiling GC32 attempt to dethrone the mighty D35, but it did not succeed , even with good breeze for the round to Lake Geneve.

Pierre Bachelin has upgraded with M2, with a 3pt foil system to aim a better performance for the 2018 Bol d'Or edition. Foils look much like Artemis first AC45 version from San Francisco, and they are reporting flights at 8 knots, with pending tests in more breeze.

Photo published by the M2 Speed Tour here

May 30, 2018

La Stampa interview with Bertarelli: " America's Cup has become a game for engineers. I will not be there"

Photo: Pedro Martinez / GC32 Worlds. As we wrote past week Ernesto Bertarelli can actually sail & helm on a good level of performance a foiling GC32s or D35s for the matter.
Something not many AC level team owners can match.

So aside his AC deeds Bertarelli is a sailor you can respect on his own skills. On an interview made by La Stampa , he remarks how engineers will win the Cup now (remember our Push Button Foiling article from last Cup, not even to start addressing again new monohull awkward monster by TNZ & Luna Rossa)  and  praise the GC32 Class, (as we have done since day one too) which is in our opinion the best Class out here combining performance with sailors own power handling.

In other comments Bertarelli confirms also he wont be participating in next Cup, he calls the new monsters "Multis disguise as Monohulls" and will continue to participate in the GC32 Class (we add along current & future new D35s design).

For more details on his own words check Sail-World translation and detailed comments by Richard Gladwell here and original Italian  Stampa Interview here

May 27, 2018

GC32 Worlds 2018 @Riva del Garda: Team Tilt crowned first World Champ

GC32 Worlds 2018 @Riva del Garda: Best footage so far

After two uninspiring 20 secs video, finally some footage we are used to get from the GC32 Class & Icarus Sports.

May 25, 2018

GC32 Worlds @Riva del Garda 2018: Day 2

Multihull Foil Factory

Looks like DNA have closed development for the DNA F1x foil versions. Vox populi rumour was that they did some mods on the original. F1x main foil hanging along F1x L rudders , Nacra 17 and DNA TF10 foils.

The one missing is the G4/F4 Js/T rudders to complete Holland Composites Multihull Foiling  manufacture range.

Just One

Just One , was the title that came with this photo sent by Christophe Launauy / . A Lonely view for former Oman Sail Trimaran main hull, platform designed by Nigel Irens. With current foil tech older multis might find a new life? This one is hanging outhere for someone to out her on the water again.

Left, better days pic by Lloyd Images / Oman Sail. More at

May 24, 2018

GC32 Worlds @Riva del Garda: Day1

Photo: Pedro Martinez / GC32 Worlds - Report & images sent by GC32 Class Press /
INEOS Rebels UK surprise with early GC32 World Championship lead
GC32 World Championship preview issued on 24 May 2018

Towering clouds over the towering mountains surrounding Lake Garda made conditions challenging for competitors and race management on the opening day of this inaugural GC32 World Championship.

After a delay as the wind off Riva del Garda went through its normal transition from northerly Peler

May 20, 2018

Flying Phantom Series: Baie de Quiberon 2018 Results

Flying Phantom Hull updates

Excerpt from Phantom International press release from May sent by Alex Udin/Phantom International. In short:  Flying Phantom Ultimate & Flying Phantom Essentiel will use new designed hulls. Click images for orig size. Ultimate's new hulls are the ones presented some months ago.
Also check below also their nice Windsurf foiling / Essentiel clip below by Wanaii Fims.
Phantom International , May News  : On track for another foiling summer

- A clarification about Phantom design rights:Phantom’s ability to design, produce and deliver foiling catamarans

Following various publications in the sailing media, Phantom International would like to clarify the situation. The Flying Phantom Essentiel and Ultimate are designed in collaboration with D3 Applied Technologies and are not concerned by any court issues. Phantom has the full ability to produce and deliver these boats.

-Test Tour update
Next stop: Quiberon (France) this week-end for the FP Series and Extreme Sailing Series. The opportunity to test the FP Essentiel whilst watching the fantastic show that the FP Elite and GC32 will offer on the water.

Then Phantom will be heading to Germany, Holland, Italy and Switzerland.
All dates and details here

To book your test, please contact Jessee Besson :

-Defi Wind wrap-up
It’s been an extraordinary event again this year with 1200 windsurfers gathered in Gruissan (southern France) for 4 days of competition. Phantom International showcased its windsurfing line and received a strong interest from the public and the professionals thanks to its technological approach and price philosophy.

We have a new stock available, ready for delivery.
Check out our website and order your gear asap. We have limited quantities.

-What's next?
Phantom R&D and engineering team is currently working on a windsurfing foils line. These foils will feature the latest technology and materials available in the industry. We can’t wait to tell you more about it soon.

For now, check out this test session VIDEO with Benjamin Tillier in Dinard!:


Defi Wind 2018

Another epic edition of Le Defi Wind, clip above is not as good as this masterpiece we published in 2014, but still great scenery and event, only Texel could pair this I think, but now they have limited cat fleet numbers due to safety reasons.

May 16, 2018

World Sailing Confirmed pending events for 2024

One of the most interesting events for 2014 could be the Foil Windsurfing event. Currently being pushed by Argentine top Windsurfer and winner of last PWA Foiling event in Japan, our friend & truly great person, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, through Star-Board . Their aim is to replace Neil Pryde RSX. As current PWA Foiling also works in floating mode, and are getting airborne (as reported by Gonza and video above) in about 6-7knots I see it as a convertible option being able to works boats ways as the Nacra 17.
Check this Windsurf Foiling race from the recent Japan event: here

2016 Nacra 17 Gold Medal by Lange & Carranza has a strong windsurfing background behind, as Lange's former crew was double Silver Windsurfing medalist Camau Espínola, who later helped Lange to get his first two Olympic medals (Tornado), totalling 4 (2 Mistral & 2 Tornado) for Espinola

M2 Speed Tour @GP de Nyon 2018: Swiss Medical Network 1st

May 13, 2018

F18 & F16 German Nats 2018 held @TSG-W Lindau - Zech

German F18 & F16 Nats report sent by long time CSN reader & F18/F16/A-Cat sailor Johannes Kemler. Although I always reply to mails I would like to thank all the supporters and followers through these 10 years, specially those putting the time to promote their local regattas sending pics or reports. Big thanks to Johannes, Alberto Ballester for previous post Spanish A-Cat report, and all others, keep them coming.

On the racing, nice to see Bob Baier, racing F18s, former Tornado sailor and of course top European A-Class performer.  I'm seeing several A-Cat sailors now racing F18s, it might be the Class has becoming cool again, and recently much faster of course.

Also good having our friend Gill de Bruyne , Falcon F16 European dealer/builder, racing solo in the F16 Class. Read Johannes Kemler report below for details of the event & results.
German Nationals in Formula 16 and Formula 18 2018 sent by Johannes Kemler

"The 2018 German Nationals in Formula 16 and Formula 18 were held in the Bavarian part of Lake of Constance as a combined event from 10th to 12th of May. The sailing club TSG-W Lindau – Zech, which can be seen as the center of catamaran racing in the big Austrian/Swiss/German Lake due to the enthusiastic work of some local sailors, was proud to welcome 33 teams to the event as the final highlight a Lindau catamaran week: The well-known catamaran regatta Katpokal for multiple classes with a big F18 fleet took place a weekend before followed by the annual F16/F18 clinic given by the former F18 world Champions Christian and Helge Sach earlier the week.

The event started with a really bad weather forecast for the first day: A lot of rain, wind and even thunderstorms were expected. But the race committee managed to do two races in better than expected conditions. In the first race the breeze was close to 20 knots, during the second the wind was already going down to light wind conditions at the end. In F18 class the always fast Swiss Andy Lutz and Raymond Schlatter (Falcon with Landenberger decksweeper) take the lead showing again the speed potential of a decksweeper main in the breeze and that it seems also competitive at lower winds.

The second day our Lake was showing his best side. Five races could be held in nearly perfect sailing conditions with the typical westerly winds at a sunny and warm day between the impressive mountain scenery and the Lindau Island with its famous lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion. Steady 10 to 12 knots during the first three races, less winds in the last two made possible tough racing in both fleets. Before the last day the result was still open in both classes. In the F18 class Manuel and Fabian Wunderle (Nacra with standard Performance Sails) could take a close lead over the new in class but well known catamaran sailor Bob Baier and his son Marc (Windrush with 1D decksweeper). In Formula 16 class the local Sailor Marc Kühn assisted by Carmen Wenz could hold the lead over the Gill de Bruyne, who was showing how to sail a F16 singlehanded in a competitive way.

At the last day of the event again the typically westerly winds occurs, but unfortunately not to strong this day. Two races were held, the first in around 8 knots, the last race of the event in steady decreasing wind making it a though mentally game for the leaders. In F16 class Gill could take the lead after a win in the first race, but Marc Kühn strike back in the last race: Winning this 9th race means also the overall win. In the F18 fleet the local heros Gerd Schmitzer and Tina Vercouteren (Nacra with standard Performance Sails) could climb to the stage with two second places at this final day. The overall win was open till last meters, finally the Wunderle brothers after a win in the first race of the day could hold a 1 point lead over the Baier family, securing the well-deserved title International German Formula 18 Champions 2018 for the young sailors from the Munich Yard Club Lake Starnberg!

Top 5 Formula 18:
GER 33 Manuel Wunderle / Fabian Wunderle (Nacra)
GER 15 Bob Baier / Marc Baier (Windrush)
GER 10 Gerd Schmitzer / Tina Vercouteren (Nacra)
SUI 10 Andi Lutz / Raymond Schlatter (Falcon)
GER 12 Kim-Patrick Tolsdorf / Vreni Vorderwülbecke (C2)

Top 3 Formula 16:
GER 2 Marc Kühn / Carmen Wenz (Falcon)
BEL 666 Gill de Bruyne (Falcon)
SUI ??? Dominik Leuthold / Stefan Wieser (Falcon)

Full results at club page:
More pics, videos and infos at facebook, will be published at the club homepage later.
Report written by Johannes Kemler
Pictures: TSG-W

A-Class Spain, Valencia Region Championships 2018: Manuel Calavia 1st

Spain has gathered a solid fleet of A-Cats, attracting Olympic sailors and providing one of the current very best International A-Class sailors, Manolo Calavia. The level of the local fleet is getting better every year.

Below a complete report sent along pics by Antonio Ballester on the Valencia Championships held past weekend:
Valencia Region Championship of Catamarans (5th-6th may 2018)
"Last weekend the Valencia Region Championship of Catamarans was held in Pobla Marina (Valencia-Spain), and event scheduled within the Spanish A-Class circuit.

A total of 23 A-Class enrolled in this regatta that is by now a classic on the local calendar. The Championship began on Saturday May 5th and concluded on Sunday 6th, having completed a total of 6 races: 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. In this edition, the Foiling and Classic fleets competed together, the classifications were separated, having participated the best of the Catalan, Galician, Andalusian, Murcian and Valencian fleets.

The weather conditions were awesome on Saturday, starting the first leg of the day with approximately 6 knots of wind and finishing the fourth race with about 12 knots. On Sunday, it was much more difficult because the wind did not exceed 7 knots all day, with descents up to 5 knots.
In the Foiling Fleet:
Already from the first legs of Saturday Manuel Calavia ESP-11 with his Exploder 2018 and Abdón Ibañez ESP-74 stood out in the classification. In the first race on Sunday Abdón arrived in first place with his DNA-F1 2017, being only one point away from Calavia (which was first in the ranking).

In the penultimate downwind of Sunday's last race, a starboard side of Calavia, together with a hard fight in the last upwind and a no less fought downwind, made Abdón lose all possibility of beating the gold (although winning the last race of the day, Ibañez would have been together in points with Manolo).

Also in this edition, the Olympic Luis Martínez Doreste ESP-92 with his 2014-refitting DNA shone in third place behind Calavia and Ibañez and the Olympic and gold in Beijing, Antón Paz ESP-32 with his Exploder 2017, which it was in fourth position.

Behind were sailors like Santi Nieto ESP-84 with his Exploder 2017 and Toni Ballester ESP-75 in sixth position with his DNA-F1 2017 and Pepelu López ESP-52. Interesting was the participation of Kiko Espí ESP-100 with his Exploder 2018 Fiberfoam short mast, Brewin boomless sail that had brilliant moments on Saturday in the most wind pressure legs but could not finish on Sunday, punished by a rigging that apparently hurts him in the low pressure races.

In the Classics Fleet:
The Scottish Micky Todd ESP-7 once again shone in this edition obtaining a first place with his blue Scheurer after a lot of pressure from Enrique Cornejo ESP-5 Exploder 2017 with curved foils and Santi Monjo ESP-2 with his DNA-2013, who did not stop fighting until the last moment.

• 1º Manuel Calavia ESP-11: Exploder 2018; mast FIBERFOAM; SAIL NORTH SAILS (SATURDAY) Brewin Boomless (SUNDAY)
• 2º Abdón Ibañez ESP-74: DNA-F1 2017; mast FIBERFOAM; SAIL HAMMER
• 3º Luis Martínez Doreste ESP-92: DNA 2014 REFFITTING; mast FIBERFOAM; SAIL NORTH SAILS
• 8º Kiko Espí ESP-100: Exploder 2018; short mast FIBERFOAM; Brewin Boomless

Complete Rankings
• Foiling Fleet & • Classics Fleet:

May 10, 2018

Nacra 15s @Dutch Youth Regatta 2018


Video By Nacra Sailing fb - Many of the crews who participated in recent Nacra 15 Worlds are also racing at this year Dutch Youth Regatta.  Today I received a message from Nico Aragones,  now training the kids along Nicolas Schargorodsky. Happy to see for the first time  Argentinean youths racing cats at the highest level, and from thi air as nacra 15 Worlds were their 2 regatta at most on the Nacra 15. Now with that major event behind, where Dante Cittadini & Teresa Romairone finished 4th overall on a 60 boats fleet, the two Arg crews are leading the Dutch Youth Regatta after 4 races. This time Massimo Contessi & Agustina Castro Fau in first place ahead their fellow crew.

Third place for the 2018 Nacra 15 World Champs, Henri Demesmaeker & Frederique van Eupen. Still much to go but what a start for the Arg crews, so proud to see next generation racing Multis and happy for their coaches, Aragones is one of the top F18 crews and several Arg Nat Champ, and  Schargorodsky finished 3rd with Jason Hess in 2016 Worlds.

So the F18 experience is paying off and being passed away to the kids, who are learning fast to sail & race cats.

Top ten below, full results at

May 9, 2018

D35 Trophy, Grand Prix d'ouverture 2018: Video footage by CINE Margot

D35 Trophy web Not a Short film , but excellent video production by CINE D35s are Lake racing weapons as no other.

D35 Trophy: SNG Grand Prix d'Ouverture 2018 by Loris von Siebenthal

F18: New DS Aero snuffer chute ban proposal by the IF18CA

The IF18CA Exec Co is about to propose a voting to ban the snuffer fiberglass spi chute Brett Burvill developed for his Windrush Edge F18 for recent Australian nats.
The event was won by an Edge without this chute, second place neither used it. So the new chute which provides an endplate effect for the Jib (like the tramp for the Main) did not showed any noticeable performance gain so far.

Crews actually sailing with one have remarked that they facilitate the in front mast tack , now in place due to the Main sail DS shape, that leaves a smaller space for the crew to pass below as with previous straight low boom main sails.

With Epoxy and convertible concept being approved by an overwhelming majority, and with DS mainsail here to stay, I don't the see this new chute to be that critical on being allowed.
Changes above have revamped the Class, new boats and sails are being sold all over the F18 Worldwide community, confirming our intentions on proposing epoxy / convertible, and later supporting the DS development by Mischa.

Re this new chute devel any Exec Co official and the F18 Class itself needs to consult at least those who actually have sailed this new equipment to provide a vote with some substance behind. Or make some onsite tests as done with DS.

If not it will be like those expressing their terminal opinions on DS mainsails without ever sailing one. Of course we all have the right to have X or Y position, but always better to have all the information over the table.

For instance remember how the IF18CA once called for a banning on painting before receiving a technical report saying clearly no advantage was involved.

In short, I don't have a formed opinion on this new chute devel, but I would like for all parts involved to be able to show Pros & Cons if any.
Without epoxy, convertible, DS or this new chute, F18 prices have gone up plenty last years, so I don't see it as a factor, and again, no performance gain has been proved till now.

Read the official annoucement by the IF18CA at

French Classic A Championship @YC Martigues: May 20-21, 2018

(Note: This regatta is organized by a separate association from the IACA)
Info sent by Gerard Letrenne:  "We would like to you publish the announcement of our second A Cat Classic Championship, which will be held at Etang de Berre, and organized by the Yachting Club of Martigues ( near Marseille) during the Pentecôte week-end.

We are looking forward to this event at least 30 french and foreigner A classic sailors . Also at same Martigues venue, from August 23  to 26 , our association ACCF will organize the first leg of A Cat Classic European championship (the second leg will take place in Calambrone (Italy) in September from 6 Th to 9 Th .

In advance many thanks for relaying our regatta news.

Best regards,
Gérard LETRENNE ( ACCF treasurer )

May 7, 2018

Windrush F18 @Carnac & European Season 2018: Brett Burvill's Report

Photos: Eurocat 2018 / YCCARNAC & still from one of this year Eurocat videos. Brett Burvill is one of the best sailors in Australia, along being the builder of one of the top performers F18s,  the Windrush Edge (Aus Nats Champ 2018 design)  he also builds the Windrush Tornado.

Like last year Brett also sent months ago a container of Edges to Europe , and this time he took the chance to race also. Below his  report sent describing his experience at Carnac 2018 past week plus F18 Euros attendance plans and sail devels for the 2018 European season. Will be nice to have Brett & Max Putmann (2018 Aus Nats Champ) racing with the Edge at the coming F18s Europeans in July.

Check Widrush Edge web at
Brett Burvill's 2018 European Trip report:
We just got back from the quick trip to the UK and France to deliver 4 new Edges and sail in Carnac due to the fortunate and almost coincidental timing . It was only about 3 weeks ago when walking the dog with my wife on a Sunday morning that I remembered I had seen an advertisement for the Eurocat event on the F18 web site. On returning home that morning and looking it up on the web site it turned out that it was on the weekend after the container was due to arrive.

Unfortunately the competition was not very strong this year at Eurocat with just 17 x F18’s racing but

May 5, 2018

Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2018: Goodall Design C2s available for Charter

Photo by Jasper van Staveren , video by Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2017 -  Charters for the 2018 edition will be available thanks to Goodall Design and their network dealer worldwide. GD is the brand who most supports major events with charters C2s every year.  Check data below sent by Lars Linder:
"The Stockholm Archipelago Raid is very happy to announce a partnership with Goodall Design. Two C2 in great condition will be available to charter for a very reasonable price of 2000 Euro. The boats will be shipped from the European factory in Belgium to Stockholm and set up by Laurent Verbeck who will also support the sailors in any way possible. This is great opportunity for sailors who woud like to join the adventure without having to bring their own boat.

The Stockholm Archipelago Raid (SAR) attracts F18 sailors from all over the world. In early May 28 teams from 11 countries had enlisted for the raid that takes place on the 23rd to 26th of August. Teams include multi hull World Record hoders like Pierre Yves Morau (FRA), young guns like Rasmus Rosengren winner of SAR 2016 and helmsman of Artemis Youth in AC, F18 experts like Leff Dahl winner of SAR 2017 as well as club sailors, both men and women, from all over the world who just want to be part of the adventure and experience the unique archipelago right outside the capital Stockholm.

For information about the Stockholm Archipelago Raid, contact .
For inquiries about chartering a C2, contact Laurent Verbeck,

D35 Trophy: New Foiling Platform coming

Just a teaser from the official fb web of the D35 Trophy.

A new D35 foiling platform equipped with T foils. When allowed to be distributed we will have all the details as usual.

Toughest challenge will be maintaining the peformance in lighter winds, as we wrote yesterday the current D35 is the Nr1 performer in those conditions, proven over an over again on the Bol d'Or and last year at Round Balaton Lake.

May 4, 2018

Bol d'Or 80th Edition: June 8-10 , 2018

Video: Bol d'Or footage from 2017. This is the most challenging inland Lake regatta in the World, where you can spend , depending on the conditions, up to 24hs to complete the Lake Geneva round on a D35, the undisputed Lake racing machine.

Foilers have attempted past editions to win over D35s without success , even with breeze. The D35 has prevailed last year at Lake Balaton round also, where all kind of designs & platforms are specially prepared each year.

At the Bol d'Or beachcats like F18s are allowed to race.

2017 Edition Reference times:
- D35 Alinghi 5:11:00hs
- D35 LadyCat 5:12:34hs
- GC32 RealTeam , Foiler 5:19:23
- F18 Hobie Wildcat: Clement Peduzzi & Maxime Blondeau: 8:01:09 for a 30th overall.Only 5mins behind of a Ventilo M2 and 10mins of an M1 and ahead two Diam 24OD.

More info of the race at

Bol d'Or 80th Edition Programme
-THURSDAY, JUNE 07, 2018
10:30 Press conference
17:00 - 21:00
Registration confirmation, sailing instruction, race decal and geo-tracking beacon pick-up

-FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2018
08:00 - 17:00
Registration confirmation, racing sheet, race decal and geo-tracking beacon pick-up
18:00 - 19:30
Gathering at the Rotonde: 2017 photo competition prizes awarded, briefing, Météosuisse weather update, interviews
From 19:30
Participant's opening aperitif on the clubhouse terrace
Opening cocktail party for sponsors (1st floor SNG)

From 20:30
LIVE concert on the Neptune at the SNG honor dock presented by our partner, the Montreux Jazz Festival

-SATURDAY, JUNE 09, 2018
06:30 - 08:30
Breakfast for competitors prepared by the SNG restaurant
From 07:00
Competitors' boats leave the SNG
Press boats leave the SNG
Start of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud
10:00 - closing
Geo-tracking of all boats with beacons via
10:00 - closing
Real time and delayed images on and on the screens available at the clubhouse

On arrival
Display of winning boat of each class at honor dock and winner interviews
19:00 - dawn
Snack offered to participants stopping at the SNG after crossing the finish line
From 19:00
The “Night of the Bol”: Live DJ sponsored by the Montreux Jazz Festival. The SNG restaurant will stay open all night.

-SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2018
Dawn - 16:30
Snack offered to participants stopping at the SNG after crossing the finish line
Close of the regatta
Closing ceremony: prizes and aperitif offered to competitors

May 3, 2018

D35 Trophy: 2018 Regatta Schedule

Photos: Phaedo Team training for the first event of the 2018 season to be held at SNG. Full calendar below. Phaedo has gathered a strong team, including Chris Draper, and they have being sailing and racing together at St Barts some weeks ago on their Gunboat 66.

D35 Trophy Official web

Dates Event Organizing Club
4 au 6 mai 2018 Grand Prix d’ouverture Société Nautique de Genève
19 au 21 mai 2018 Open de Versoix Club Nautique de Versoix 
2 juin 2018 Genève-Rolle-Genève Yacht Club de Genève
1 et 3  juin 2018 Grand Prix Realstone  Club Nautique de Versoix
9 juin 2018 Bol d’Or Mirabaud Société Nautique de Genève
31 août-2 septembre 2018 Open du Yacht Club* Yacht Club de Genève
7 au 9 septembre 2018 Grand Prix Alinghi de Crans* Club Nautique de Crans
21 et 23 septembre 2018 Grand Prix de Clôture * Société Nautique de Nyon

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