Mar 5, 2018

DNA G4: Updated automated foil control system Test

All high quality images,a s usual,  taken by Jasper van Staveren / -Thijs van Riemsdijk  toldus that "vthese G4 pictures are from a sea trialing in freezing cold - between ice weather. They were testing new functionalities of the automated foil control system like the hydraulic oil operating main sheet, traveler and board up and down movements".

Nice to see this project going forward and getting updated, it will be remembered in the future as a milestone on the performance racing/cruiser migration towards foiling platforms.

I asked Jasper van Staveren who took the pics about how stable the G4 was on that session: "It did sail stable indeed (and fast)  the further they sailed from Lelystad towards the West it got bumpier and they had an amazing steady course. We were doing 30+ knots in the rib but couldn't overtake them anymore at that stage"

More pics and details at DNA web: