Mar 15, 2018

Construction / Parts : Old vs New School

AClass custom inserts vs Traditional Frames cut to build the Coastal type rowing hull to be routed next week, just like I built the RCF18 back in 2005 which was fully hand made with wood frames. Above some A-Class foil inserts I'm preparing to upgrade an A14.

Entering & learning nowadays the 3D printing realm, will use one of a friend , but already ordering one. I've been investigating a bit, and the majority of Desktop 3D printer and materials lack structural needs I look to create some working parts. But found some good solutions and think it will good, plenty of small parts to print in the A or F18, even recreational cats.

I always tercerize those delrin/nylon parts for my cats to local turner or routing guys. But as 3D printing methods & materials evolve, its is easy now to build those specific parts yourself. All this aside prototyping, small molds etc you can create with 3D printing.

For Professional services for your Sailing parts , former Tornado sailor, Will Howden is offering some structural parts printing. Check his FB web at

Edit: Just been told that Tripp Burd also works in the 3D Printer business, at Markforged, which is precisely one of the companies offering structural solutions & carbon / kevlar printing filaments.