Mar 7, 2018

AC45 Sail Devel: Balaton Lake Racer Sail devel

In Hungary the Lake Racer overhauling continues. Annual Balaton Lake Rounding attracts many teams aiming to grab one of the most pretigious Blue Ribbons in Europe.
Last year the race was won by a D35.

For 2018 edition a local team will be working with Marton  Balázs on upgrading a pretty reliable weapon, and one of our favorite cats, an AC45.
Below details sent by Marton on the work to be done on the plaform. Brett Ellis, top AC level Engineer will be also involved in the project as the mods include structural changes.
AC45L - Lake Racer
We've been working for the RSM sailing team RSM Sailing Team with Steve Bali from Balli Racing for many years now.

Last year we did an upgrade to transform their GC32 into  a light wind machine with a huge Code 0. For 2018, the team has decided to get a new boat to compete in the Balaton Lake race.

The main idea upgrade their AC45F towards a more  powerful setup for light conditions for lake rounding regattas, which means even racing  below 5kts of wind.

We are gong to modify its rig too with to be able to improve handling on shore and on the water too.

This upgrade includes two key elements. One is a 23mts high modulus carbon mast with a 100sqm decksweeper mainsail and a gigantic Code0.
The other is reducing the weight of the platform, re designing and rebuilding the platform for the new loads adapting its dimensions to achieve a more efficient package.

The boat will able to use straight boards and foils as well.

The design will be made by MBSDES the design division of 1D Sails, the construction will be made by Bali Racing, the sails obviously from 1D One Design Sails.

Marton Balázs
Head of design