Mar 30, 2018

A-Class: New DNA F1 "x" in Detail

A-Class: New DNA F1 'X' preview

Latest update for the DNA F1. After the Exploder D3 Team dominated 2017 Worlds at Sopot, DNA and Mischa Heemskerk felt the need to update an already great platform. Mischa has published this shot today in his fb (follow for updates) while waiting for wind to race at Campione del Garda.
I'm preparing an interview with Mischa on his career and latest developments he has been involved, included this new F1.

New foils, rudders, rake trim controls and case position are the possible modifications from the original F1, along a hidden mainsheet plus the no boom setup.
Sail is small pinhead by Mischa Sails, which were proven at the past North Americans.

Note how he force camber on the upper sail section (on the reduced chord) with a pretty flat entry at foot/tack height.

Will be interesting to see how the sail performs in light winds for him against top European / Aussie D3 riders.

Mar 29, 2018

America's Cup 36: AC75 Class Rules revealed

- Reading TNZ fb that the soft Wing they are developing will "Trickle Down"...  not even close, as many sailmakers have been playing around with the concept for years, lately Heru Sails with their A-Cat & I-Fly 15 soft wings among their long  time Windsurfing development. Same for the entire Windsurfing industry and the double luff sails.

We highly respect the talent, professionalism and level of the designers of the AC75 rule, but if this concept was proposed say on an Internet forum or here or anywhere else, it would have been labeled as ridiculous complicated solution just to please the old guard with  a visual Monohull central platform.

And now this Soft wing "breakthrough"  to replace the hard wing, along supplied foils, OD mast tube and else. In the end it was better to keep a simplified multihull platform and leaving the hard wing , instead of over complicating with a ballasted 3pt monohull foiling dangerous experiment.
On their reduce cost but maintain foiling goals, best alternative would have been an scaled GC32 or updated softwing AC50 without all the playstation controls.

Don't let aggressive sailors drive these things on the chance of destroying and hurting their fellow competitors, not on their actions but only on the new Rule creators and Team owners/Leaders stubbornness on a single hull Cup.
I like Classics & Tradition too, but this AC75 monster is nowhere honoring the old good times

New Rules: The America's Cup AC75 Class Rule Official details below & video sent by America's Cup Media.
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Circolo della Vela Sicilia, together with their respective teams Emirates Team New Zealand and the Challenger of Record - Luna Rossa, published the AC75 Class Rule for the 36th America’s Cup today.

The AC75 Class Rule defines the parameters within which teams can design a yacht eligible to compete in the 36th America’s Cup. It regulates all aspects of the boat to ensure fair and exciting racing, whilst leaving plenty of freedom for innovation to flourish.

The development of the Class Rule has been a four-month process led by Emirates Team New Zealand, working together with Luna Rossa Challenge.

“We are pleased to publish the Class Rule on time as per the Protocol. It has been a detailed collaboration with the Challenger of Record on all aspects of the rule, including the one design and supplied parts. We feel we have done a great job containing costs on certain aspects, while leaving the rule open enough for the America’s Cup to continue as the driving force of innovation and technology in sailing,” said Dan Bernasconi, Design Coordinator for Emirates Team New Zealand.

Highlights of the AC75 Class Rule include:
Strict limitations on the number of components that can be built including hulls, masts, rudders, foils, and sails, thus encouraging teams to do more R&D in simulation and subsequently less physical construction and testing
Supplied foil arms and cant system to save design time and construction costs
Supplied rigging
One design mast tube

In addition, the ‘soft wing’ mainsail concept that has been developed for the AC75 Class Rule is expected to have a trickle-down effect on sailing in the future.

“The AC75 Class Rule sets the parameters for the teams to develop and race the fastest sailing monohull on earth. The rules are the result of a close collaboration and a true partnership between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa,” said Martin Fischer, Design Coordinator for Luna Rossa Challenge.

“This marks a definite milestone and a turning point from developing the rule to developing the boat,” said Dan Bernasconi. “Overnight we have to completely change our thinking, from trying to write a fair rule, to doing our best to design the fastest boat within the constraints of the rule. We have to stop thinking about what we intended the rule to mean, and start trying to pick it apart for what the words actually say - and see where there might be room to squeeze some advantage.”

This will be the same for the best minds in yacht design and technology across all of the teams who will begin to reveal their innovations 31 March 2019 when the first AC75 yachts can be launched.

*The America's Cup AC75 Class Rule

Mar 28, 2018

Scorpion F18 Training Camp by Paschalidis & Trigonis

Video by Paschalidis & Trigonis Sailing Team. The experienced Greek crew is now full immersed with the Formula 18 after their debut together at the 2017 Worlds. Later they won a competitive lineup at St Barts and they continue to put hours on the Class.
They have organized their first F18 Training Camp with five Exploder Scorpions equipped with 1D Sails. More info on the camp here.

Video above in flat waters, but nevertheless super smooth rides. Which is the common feedback I have from many different sailors, specially the "floating/foiling" (sic)  sensation, that can be assigned to the combination of a flat transom with more rounded forward crossections.

When you assign flat crossections to bow specially , you will feel an annoying splash in small chop or waves. A feature I had in mind when designing the Scorpion. Glad it worked as intended.

2018 F18 Europeans  & 2018 F18 Worlds at Sarasota coming this season.
Epoxy rule , as informed is now approved and in place. Epoxy F18s will be allowed to race the 2018 Europeans and the 2018 Worlds.

Mar 27, 2018

Moth Worlds 2018 @Bermuda: Day 1 Results

Volvo Ocean Race 2018, Hung Kai / Scallywag : Updates on John Fisher

Official update sent by Volvo Ocean Race media on man over board incident.
March 27 - Race Control for the Volvo Ocean Race was informed by Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag of a man overboard incident, on Monday afternoon (26.3.18) at approximately 13:42 UTC on day 9 of the 7,600nm leg from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajaí, Brazil. The incident took place approximately 1,400 miles west of Cape Horn. The remaining crew are reported safe.

The team, along with the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), conducted a search and rescue operation to recover the missing crew member, John Fisher (UK), who was wearing survival equipment when he went overboard.

An update on Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag crew member John Fisher, from Richard Brisius, the President of the Volvo Ocean Race:

This morning I am extremely sad to inform you that one of our sailors, John Fisher, from Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag, is now presumed to have been lost at sea.

This is heart-breaking for all of us. As sailors and race organisers losing a crew member at sea is a tragedy we don’t ever want to contemplate. We are devastated and our thoughts are with John’s family, friends and teammates.

Yesterday, just after 1300 UTC, Race Control for the Volvo Ocean Race were informed of a man overboard situation by Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag.

We immediately coordinated with the team as well as the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, who have located a ship and diverted it towards the scene. But at current speeds it remains over a day away.

With the rest of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet approximately 200 miles downwind, sending them back upwind to assist, against gale to storm force winds, was not a viable option.

The Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag team conducted an exhaustive search for several hours in extremely challenging weather conditions, but they were unable to recover their teammate.

Given the cold water temperature and the extreme sea state, along with the time that has now passed since he went overboard, we must now presume that John has been lost at sea.

All of us here at the Volvo Ocean Race organisation send our heartfelt condolences out to John’s family, his friends and his teammates and we will do everything in our power to support them in this very difficult time.

Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag has now resumed heading in a north-easterly direction.

In fact, the team is currently in a challenging position – the weather is deteriorating and is forecast to be quite severe over the course of today.

The crew is, of course, emotionally and physically drained after what they have just experienced.

Our sole focus now is to provide all the support and assistance that we can to the team.

We are sure that there will be many questions about how one of our sailors was lost overboard yesterday.

We can address those after the team has been fully debriefed.

Today, our thoughts and prayers go out to John’s family and the entire Scallywag team.

Mar 22, 2018

Alter Cup 2018 to be raced in Weta Trimarans

Photo & information sent by Bob Hodges, President of the Weta Class North America, and also an experience A-Class sailor. For those who think sailing performance Cats is the only thing some of us have in mind Bob is a good example on the fun scope Multis have.  I could spend a whole day sailing a Hobie Wave with a bit of wind no prob, even more with a Weta Tirmaran.

The Weta will be the Multi of choice for 2018 prestigious US Multihull Championship / Alter Cup in April 18-22 at For Walton Yach Club. Below data provided by Bob Hodges
Join the Weta Swarm at the 2018 US Multihull Championship also known as the Alter Cup!
April 18-22 at Fort Walton Yacht Club
US Multihull Championship for the Alter Trophy

The Weta Class of North America is geared up and excited about hosting for the first time the US SAILING Alter Cup National Multihull Championship. The regatta is being hosted by Fort Walton Yacht Club in Fort Walton Beach, FL April 18-22. This championship is also concurrently the 2018 Wetafest. The Wetafest regatta was started several years ago by FWYC member and multihull and general go fast guy Cliff Farrah (J-30 to Corsair trimaran to Weta and throwing in a Viper 640 and also cruises around in a Tesla Lamborghini Killer). Cliff was so enthused after he got his first Weta that he took the idea to FWYC and Wetafest is now probably the most popular Weta event on the annual Weta North American calendar.

This year’s championship already has 33 entries pre-registered and as of today still has two charter boats available. The Weta is typically raced singlehanded but some entries are doublehanded . For the Alter Cup, all entries will be scored for the podium finishes and there will be separate awards for singlehanded and doublehanded entries for the Wetafest portion of the event. FWYC has a full schedule of dinners and breakfasts during the course of the regatta and there is even an afternoon Weta seminar with Olympic medalist Randy Smyth who will also be racing the event.

As someone who also sails and races a foiling A-Class catamaran, I still really enjoy sailing and racing the Weta. The Weta is one of the most fun and easy to sail high performance boats that is also very forgiving for smaller sailors like women and juniors. Last year the class held its National Championship at the Columbia River Gorge and all the racing was held in 15-22 knots of breeze with two days having gust bands up to 30 knots. No racing was cancelled and the Weta sailors showed how fast and tough the boats and sailors were.

Check out the links at and
Bob Hodges –
Weta North America Class President

Super Foiler 2018 Grand Final: Sydney , March 23-25

Mar 21, 2018

A-Class: Pushing the D3 in the breeze by James Clark

Really good onboard video by James Clark, I saw it published in the USACA fb page, and ask for Bailey & James to upload it to yt to share it here. Just great foiling rides while racing by James, specially the upwind ones.

You can feel the speed and adrenaline watching it. The Exploder D3 platforms looks super stable letting you pushing the limits, which is helping top sailors to achieve 30knots range and providing more reliable flights to the rest of the fleet.

Additional videos by James here  & here

Mar 20, 2018

Yacht Racing Forum 2018: Lorient, 22-23 October

Photos by Red Bull & Emirates Team New Zealand.-- I received this newsletter below today from the Yacht Racing Forum proposing some interesting discussions, specially the Foiling & latest AC tech topics. On gender equality, I think people is pushing too much on political correctness nowadays in every little aspect in life & sports.
Genders are not equal, thus there is not one gender. Opportunity should be equal but not forcing the envelope or relegating better sport person on the pursue of equality.   Those pushing the agenda for equality in - terms of performance - need to acknowledge there are differences that cannot be solved by bureaucracy or forced rules.

Any sailing Open Class event will show you that in a great percentage.  Still you will have Carolijn Brouwers showing you the way, that's the beauty of the Open format.

Equality needs to be as today in Sailing,  having the same number of events for men & women.
We don't need to reach the point where the podium in an open event must be formed by at least one x,y or z gender, to exaggerate (or not much nowadays) the equality concept.

But in terms of performance the real hands down opportunity for all it is an Open gender qualification and racing. Which of course will never be implemented and don't think it is the way to go eitherway, in sailing or any other sport.

- On Foiling compared to the evolution that killed Windsurfing golden 80s Era, it presents a good

Mar 16, 2018

GC32 Extreme Sailing Series Muscat 2018: Day 2

All photos by Lloyd Images - Report & pics sebt by ESS. Official web  Jason Waterhouse is helming NZ Extreme Sailing Team and Pierre Le Calinche is on the Flying Frog Flying Phantom Seties.
Extreme Sailing Series™ veterans and victors given a run for their money on day two of Act 1, Muscat
- Top dogs Alinghi, SAP Extreme Sailing Team and Oman Air face fierce competition from the newly formed crews
- Land Rover BAR Academy, Red Bull Sailing Team and NZ Extreme Sailing Team prove tough competition with a series of strong results from the day's six races
- Flying Phantom Series sees Team France Jeune emerge victorious once again
Series veterans and victors were given a run for their money today, Thursday 15th March, in day two of the 2018 Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 1, Muscat.

The young pros on board Land Rover BAR Academy, as well as the newly formed crews NZ Extreme Sailing Team and Red Bull Sailing Team, chased their experienced counterparts around the racecourse with tenacity.

An array of strong results from some of the new kids on the block peppered the leaderboard by the end of racing. Land Rover BAR Academy took their first race win of the season, finishing third in the two races that followed. Skipper Will Alloway was pleased with his team's results.

"The guys did a great job of powering the boat up and getting us moving, and our results improved throughout the day. We're pretty happy overall but we won't stop building on this. We want to go into the final day in a strong position."

The Kiwi challenger NZ Extreme Sailing Team also proved tough competition on the glistening Omani waters. Starting and finishing on a high, the team took second place in the first and last races of the day, demonstrating their skill, determination and potential. Australian Skipper Jason

Mar 15, 2018

Construction / Parts : Old vs New School

AClass custom inserts vs Traditional Frames cut to build the Coastal type rowing hull to be routed next week, just like I built the RCF18 back in 2005 which was fully hand made with wood frames. Above some A-Class foil inserts I'm preparing to upgrade an A14.

Entering & learning nowadays the 3D printing realm, will use one of a friend , but already ordering one. I've been investigating a bit, and the majority of Desktop 3D printer and materials lack structural needs I look to create some working parts. But found some good solutions and think it will good, plenty of small parts to print in the A or F18, even recreational cats.

I always tercerize those delrin/nylon parts for my cats to local turner or routing guys. But as 3D printing methods & materials evolve, its is easy now to build those specific parts yourself. All this aside prototyping, small molds etc you can create with 3D printing.

For Professional services for your Sailing parts , former Tornado sailor, Will Howden is offering some structural parts printing. Check his FB web at

Edit: Just been told that Tripp Burd also works in the 3D Printer business, at Markforged, which is precisely one of the companies offering structural solutions & carbon / kevlar printing filaments.


Mar 14, 2018

Spithill returns to Luna Rossa

Video & QA by Red Bull - Spihill returns to the AC Circus and to his former Luna Rossa Team. At Bermuda he lacked power to push further against Team New Zealand. 1 to 1 it could have be tough for Burling to overcome his drive & experience under pressure.  Below QA sent by Red Bull Media.
Two-time America’s Cup-winning skipper aims to bring the Auld Mug to Italy.
Australian skipper and helmsman Jimmy Spithill will be on-board Italy’s campaign for the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2021.

The two-time winner has joined Luna Rossa Challenge, a team he previously helmed to the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Finals in 2007.

Spithill first debuted in sailing’s pinnacle event at the age of 20 before enjoying back-to-back America’s Cup wins with Oracle Team USA in 2010 and then 2013 in what was one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.

The 38-year-old, a multiple world champion in fleet and match racing, is now hungrier than ever to win back the Auld Mug after losing out to Emirates Team New Zealand in 2017. Read Spithill’s first interview since the news broke:

- How does it feel to reunite with Luna Rossa Challenge after you helmed them to the Louis Vuitton Cup Finals at the America’s Cup in 2007?
It’s great to be back with Luna Rossa Challenge – I have a lot of great memories from the four years we spent in Valencia during AC 32, and this time I have been impressed with the tools, technology and people they have in place. It’s a great mix of experience, new energy and enthusiasm in an open environment – the makings of a great team.

You have a vast amount of experience and, presumably, a lot of learnings that you bring to the table?
Of course as a competitor you’re always learning, and since the last race of AC 35, I’ve been thinking every day about the America’s Cup. Naturally, you go over the previous campaign piece by piece, focusing on all the key moments and decisions during the four years. Lately I’ve been able to understand how a lot of the other teams operated, and that in itself is very educational.

Any conclusions?
Ultimately, two things stood out for me: trusting my instincts is key, and the hunger has only gotten stronger.

And speaking of your past experiences, your collaboration with Oracle Team USA resulted in some iconic sailing moments. When you look back at it, what comes to mind?
What an amazing ride, with some amazing people. Without Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts, there is no way I could have gotten to this point in my career. I’m fortunate to have been able to work alongside some of the most successful people in sport and business, and lucky to be able to call them good mates. I look forward to catching up with them in the future.

It’s been announced that the boat for America’s Cup 36 is an AC75 monohull. First thoughts?
The boat is going to be a beast. It reminds me of America’s Cup 34 and the AC72 foiling catamarans. Nothing like this had been done before, and this boat is on the cutting edge of technology. There are a lot of unknowns with the AC75, which will push people to the limit and really challenge all the teams involved. However, this challenge and difficulty is really appealing, and I’m really excited to be back in the game.

And what are your thoughts about moving to Italy?
Last time with Luna Rossa challenge it was the Valencia campaign and we moved straight to Spain – this time I’m looking forward to living in Italy. Personally, I’ve had a lot of success racing and competing in Italy, and lifestyle and especially the food are awesome! I love the Italian culture, the landscape and the people. I have to admit, though, that I will need to work on my Italian.

Speaking of the culture, time for some quick-fire questions . . .

Your favourite Italian dish? Margherita bufala.
Pasta or pizza? Both.
Your favourite gelato flavour? Stracciatella.
Can you swear in Italian? Exceptionally well!
Your favourite Italian phrase from what you can speak of the language so far? Va bene.
Your favourite Italian football team? Juventus.
Public transport or Ferrari? Ducati.

Mar 13, 2018

New DNA G4 Foiling footage

I'm reparing an interview with Mischa Heemskerk, including the G4 project, and just received this vid from Thijs van Riemsdijk of the the updated DNA G4.
The sailing session took place at the Markermeer – the lake was frozen over two days later so we were just in time for the ride and shooting the flights. More info on the DNA G4 updates at

Mar 12, 2018

F18 Europeans 2018 @Costa Brava: June 29-July 7

Photo by 2017 Denmark Worlds.  - 2018 F18 Europeans are going to be the first major event with top Europeans teams all using  Decksweeper mainsails. We've seen a good matcup at St Barts plus the Australian Nats 2018, but this will be a perfect preview of coming 2018 Worlds to be held at Sarasota.

On the Europeans participants we already have Burvill (Edge)   , Booth , Paschalidis (Scorpion)  Boulogne &  Northtrop (Cirrus R2)  registered. Full Entry List here.
Nacra teams, Gonzalez Smith & Heuser will be attending, possibly with an MKIII, we expect some other Europeans Nacra riders to be testing the platform too, towards Sarasota.

Official F18 Europeans web

Europeans 2018 Schedule:
- Thursday 28th June 09.30-18.30h Registration and measurement
- Friday 29th June 09.30-18.30h  Registration and measurement
- Saturday 30th June 09.30-18.30h 15.00h 19.00h Registration and measurement , Warning signal for practice race. Opening Ceremony and reception
- Sunday 1st July 14.00h 19.30h  , 1st warning signal of the day.
- Monday 2nd July 12.00h 1st warning signal of the day.
- Tuesday 3rd July 12.00h 1st warning signal of the day. – Mid week party, dinner and music
- Wednesday 4th July 12.00h 1st warning signal of the day.
- Thursday 5th July 12.00h 1st warning signal of the day. Prize giving ceremony and reception
- Friday 6th July Official departure day

Mar 11, 2018

Super Foiler Series 2018 Grand Final: Sydney , March 23-25

Photo: Andrea Francolini - Super Foiler Grand Prix 2018 final stage preview sent by Nick Vindin / SuperFoiler. Series standings after Busselton:

1) Euroflex 19pts, 2) Tech2 17pts, 3) Pavement 16pts, 4) Record Point 12pts, 5) iD Intranet 11pts,  6) Kleenmaid 10pts
February 12th - Recovery for Bruised tech2 Ahead of Explosive Tilt at Glory
(Sydney) World Champion Ayden Menzies believes his tech2 crew will savour the rest week to recover from their injury niggles before launching a final challenge for the SuperFoiler Grand Prix’s top prize – the Ben Lexcen Trophy – set to be awarded following the Expr3ss! Super Foiler Grand Final in Sydney.

“It is the Grand Final so it is going to be explosive. Sydney is our home regatta. We are really looking forward to doing it in front of a few more family and friends,” said tech2’s mainsheet Ayden Menzies.

The tech2 SuperFoiler roared into championship contention after winning the Busselton Grand Prix

A-Class Victorian States Championships 2018: Day 2 Results

Steve Brewin leads the 2018 Vic Sates Championships being held at Mc Rae Ycht Club. No wind on the first day followed by good flying conditions on the next one.  Stephen Brayshaw  (who published a 28.6 knots max speed on his Velocitek ) is currently second overall followed by David Brewer.

Max speed I have direct reports are around 29/30knots for an AClass , so the pros are slowly entering the +30knots range realm.
Reaching the speeds of   the double handed foilers.
Here in Arg for an A-Cat we have 26.8knots as max recorded speed.

More info at Australian A-Class AClass Assoc fb - Full results here

Pos Sail Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Tot Net
1 AUS 4 Steve Brewin -2 1 1 1 1 6 4
2 AUS 25 Stephen Brayshaw 1 -2 2 2 2 9 7
3 AUS 1035 David Brewer -3 3 3 3 3 15 12
4 AUS 7 Hamish Sinclair -8 6 5 4 6 29 21
5 AUS 16 Mark Bulka 9 5 4 (dnf) 4 53 22
6 AUS 44 Simon McKeon 4 15 -17 6 5 47 30
7 AUS 1050 Stuart Scott 11 4 11 5 (dnc) 62 31
8 AUS 1042 Neil How -13 10 12 7 7 49 36
9 AUS 986 Miles Millward -18 13 7 10 9 57 39
10 AUS 1017 Mitch Meade -14 12 9 11 8 54 40

Mar 9, 2018

MOD70 Maserati: Hong Kong-London Record Recap

The Hong Kong-London record has been ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council , details at The platform has also re entered the yard for foiling improvements. Verdier himself explains the mods in below video:  Basically they were having stalling issues on the rudders,  so he will seek better control and a more rigid built. Additionally they will implement a 'kick-up'system for eventual rudders collisions but trying to keep some degree of control.

A-Class French Calendar 2018

Report & main regatta schedule of the French A-Class Association sent by Thibault Laudren. Next week info on the Europeans & UK Worlds 2019 to be held at Weymotuh.
2018, year of the A Cat in France!
Spring isn’t far ahead and as temperatures rise and days extend, the French A Cat fleet is looking ahead to the start of a new sailing season. Following an intense year 2017 full of innovations and novelties with a record of 40 new members joining in, the French A Cat Association (AFCCA) committee has been working all winter to make 2018 a year to remember for the national A Cat community. A year we want to be devoted to serenity, sportsmanship and fair sailing. With these objectives in mind:

-  All 2017 partners have renewed their support to the class and AFCCA
- The official AFCCA website ( has new categories and features to help new comers get their boat sorted and ready for racing.
- Training camps are multiplying over France with 3 dates already scheduled in March & April.
- The sailing calendar develops with a 3rd national regatta in Eastern France, at the Lac d’Orient.
- The regional trophies have been reshaped by splitting the Med & East areas to keep emulating the regional fleets.
- Two new memberships are available, supporter & sponsor, to open the class to those who don’t have a boat but also to our foreigner neighbours who are regularly joining us on our regattas and to those who wish to donate more, to help the AFCCA do more.
- A grant of up to 500€ is available for the youngsters (under 30) to help them finance their participation to international events such as the European or World Championship.

The AFCCA is already enjoying the benefits of these with a record of 91 members who have signed up since the 1st of January, among which 11 of them are new to the class. On that basis, the threshold of 100 members should be exceeded by the end of March. A good sign proving how attractive and dynamic the class is, with members who are evenly happy to race and share their experience than to welcome and advise new comers on how to the get the most out of their boat.

The sailing begins in about 2 weeks from now, starting in Hyères on the 24th & 25th of March with La Baule and Strasbourg to follow.

Regattas will then take place on an average of one event per month per area, West, South or East, with three national highlights on the calendar that should gather between 30 and 60 boats and open to any foreigners happy to join us:

  • The European Criterium in Sète: 10th to 13th of May 
  • The National Criterium at Lac d’Orient: 1st to 3rd of June 
  • The French Nationals at Maubuisson to end the season: 24th to 27th of October 
Worth noting that all regattas forming the AFCCA Calendar will be run under the double ranking system allowing both the “open” and “classic” discipline to sail together with a common start but enjoying separate rankings and prizes. This to provide fair racing, satisfy both disciplines’ interests while maintaining reasonable levels of logistics and resources for the organizing sailing clubs.

In addition, a group of French sailors is already forming and very much looking forward to taking part in the 2018 European Championship at Warnemünde, Germany, from the 7th to the 14th of July. A good opportunity to meet the worlds elite, share experiences and raise their game before returning home for the 2nd half of the season.

And before the year ends, a handful of AFCCA members will possibly travel down under to enjoy champagne sailing conditions and Aussie hospitality at the Hervey Bay Worlds from the 11th to 23rd of November.

All in all, 2018 is certainly shaping like an exciting and exhilarating season to come with plenty to enjoy and play for. May all AFCCA members and A Cat sailors make the most out of it.

For more information, visit our class website or find us on facebook at

And in case you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to send us your questions at

The AFCCA committee

Mar 7, 2018

AC45 Sail Devel: Balaton Lake Racer Sail devel

In Hungary the Lake Racer overhauling continues. Annual Balaton Lake Rounding attracts many teams aiming to grab one of the most pretigious Blue Ribbons in Europe.
Last year the race was won by a D35.

For 2018 edition a local team will be working with Marton  Balázs on upgrading a pretty reliable weapon, and one of our favorite cats, an AC45.
Below details sent by Marton on the work to be done on the plaform. Brett Ellis, top AC level Engineer will be also involved in the project as the mods include structural changes.
AC45L - Lake Racer
We've been working for the RSM sailing team RSM Sailing Team with Steve Bali from Balli Racing for many years now.

Last year we did an upgrade to transform their GC32 into  a light wind machine with a huge Code 0. For 2018, the team has decided to get a new boat to compete in the Balaton Lake race.

The main idea upgrade their AC45F towards a more  powerful setup for light conditions for lake rounding regattas, which means even racing  below 5kts of wind.

We are gong to modify its rig too with to be able to improve handling on shore and on the water too.

This upgrade includes two key elements. One is a 23mts high modulus carbon mast with a 100sqm decksweeper mainsail and a gigantic Code0.
The other is reducing the weight of the platform, re designing and rebuilding the platform for the new loads adapting its dimensions to achieve a more efficient package.

The boat will able to use straight boards and foils as well.

The design will be made by MBSDES the design division of 1D Sails, the construction will be made by Bali Racing, the sails obviously from 1D One Design Sails.

Marton Balázs
Head of design

Phantom 'Ultimate' new feature : Aero snuffer/chute

Latest addition to Phantom line foiler, the 'Ultimate'. It is an aero snuffer/chute , which looks quite similar to the one Brett Burvill showed at the recent Australian F18 Nats.
Alex comments they have it designed over a year ago.
Still looks a clon of Burvill's Edge implementation

Brett's aero package was tested in a breezy regatta and we didn't saw the chute/lower DS Jib cut adding any performance gain, at least in those windy conditions. But Brett remarked the new hardware also provided excellent support for the crew to tack in front mast, due to the DS main sail configuration reducing space to tack under the sail.

Alex comments that the aero chute was not featured on first renders as they had concerns as the carbon package was not parallel to the air flow, but they are implementing it the same on facilitating life onboard for the crew, as noted by Burvill's own comments.

Being a copy or not is secondary, we all grab best features of proven platforms, I think the main thing is recognizing those who did it first, in this case Brett Burvill / Windrush Edge.

Phantom affirms they have it designed a while ago, the important aspect is that crews on the FP 'Ultimate' will have an additional step and possibly a anti wipe out device, which is a key safety feature for foiling cats.

The main  functionality I want to see from the 'Ultimate' is 100% foiling time, that will be the real measure for this new platform.

More info on the FP Ultimate :