Feb 25, 2018

Americas Cup: Team New Zealand Sail devel

Source Team New Zealand emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/ . Most of the stuff we see as new has already been tested by someone, but the real breakthrough is always assigned to those making it work on the race course. Lets see if this above reaches to a regatta start line, if not,  the only way to find out if works or not is doing the actual test as done by the experts for on the water testing, Team New Zealand (as opposed to other who rely 100% on CFD simulations with known results)
So good seeing Asbhy & TNZ using a Farrier Tri ,  looking to mimic the monster monohulls foils they have designed / proposed for next Cup? Lets wait for their own real life testing for that crazy & dangerous ballasted foils.

A double sail conf has been tested already, for ie I have Marton Balazs from 1D sending me a pic from some 2012.

But instead from a complete double sail cloth (which would be expensive to trickle down)  I would like to see more R&D on the double luff sail , like Windsurfing ones. Like Arno Terra's  A-Cat or Ifly 15 soft wing by Heru Sails