Feb 28, 2018

Gunboat 68: Boards Design & Construction

Excellent technical series done by the new Gunboat company. A detailed description & report of the Gunboat 68 boards design alternatives weighted by VPLP & its final construction, sent by Gunboat.  Renders of the G68 here. More details at gunboat.com/series/gunboat68
Gunboat 68 . Putting the Power Down
Counting down to the launch of the all-new Gunboat 68 next fall we continue to share insight into the design and build of this long-awaited, cutting-edge performance cruising cat. Construction is proceeding on schedule at our new state-of-the-art facility in La Grande Motte, France. So far in our series of articles we have looked at the hulls, the "skin", and the internal structure, the "bones". This time we’re looking at the all-important daggerboards – the means by which the power of the rig is transferred through the structure and into forward motion through the water.

“When we started thinking about daggerboards, in addition to speed and comfortable motion, two

MOD70 Maserati breaks Hong Kong-London Record

Photos: maserati.soldini.it - Old news by now, I'm  quite busy again now finalizing coastal rowing lines to be routed but didn't wanted to left this record out.

New Record achieved by Maserati: 36D 02Hs 37Mins 02Secs
Previous Rcord by Gitana 13 : 41D 21Hs 26Mins 34secs

Official report by maserati.soldini.it:

They have done it. At 13h20’26” UTC, Maserati Multi 70 crossed the Tea Route arrival line between Hong Kong and London passing under the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Giovanni Soldini and trimaran’s crew composed of Guido Broggi, Sébastien Audigane, Oliver Herrera Perez and Alex Pella took 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and 2 seconds to cover the 13.000 nautical miles of the theoretical route between the Chinese port and the capital of the United Kingdom. They have improved the record by almost a week (5 days and 19 hours) that previously belonged to Gitana 13, the 100-foot maxi catamaran that completed the route in 41 days in 2008. On the ground, the Italian trimaran travelled 15.083 nautical miles at an average speed of 17,4 knots.

Just after the finish line, the skipper Giovanni Soldini comments: ”We are super happy but also very tired. The last 48 hours have been very tough. Sailing in the Channel upwind with a lot of breeze, a lot of sea and a terrible cold. The record went very well, we are very happy with our route. The most difficult part was the last one: with more favorable weather conditions in the Atlantic we could have gained another 3 or 4 days, but that’s okay. Indeed it could not have been better, technically the boat is perfect. From the last time we put Maserati Multi 70 in a yard, we have sailed more than 19,000 miles and everything is fine onboard, surely there is the work of preparation by Guido and the whote team. An excellent crew”.

We are currently waiting for the ratification by the World Sailing Speed Record Council, the organization that validates the ocean records.

Feb 26, 2018

Nacra launches the Infusion MKIII: Epoxy & Convertible.

Those who have been reading the web since day one , will know that the Nacra Infusion, designed by Morrelli & Melvin is one of our favorite cat designs.
The Infusion is the quintessential F18 , and along the C2 (evolution of Fischer orig Capricorn) have established the new status quo the Class got after the reign of the legendary Hobie Tiger.

Since its launch in 2006 the Infusion has grabbed several World Titles: 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 & 2015 and keeps being a performer.
Latest report we posted on the Infusion equipped with a DS showed the platform, hull & appendage designs are quite upto date and responding to the new speeds provided by the Decksweeper mainsails.

Still Nacra decided to offer our own recipe mix: Epoxy & Convertible. A concept I presented to the F18 World Council in 2016 and was later put on a formal proposal by James Baeckler (FRA), Sanyi Roka (HUN) & Gianni Fantasia (ITA) , all representing their respective National Associations, the proposal was later voted almost unanimously and the epoxy resin rule will be in place just before the Europeans 2018 regatta.

For the convertible part (an F18 being able to be equipped with lifting foils while not racing) it was ruled that as long the F18 is fully class legal while F18 Class racing, there is no need to add any specific rules on the matter, thus any F18 carrying a convertible dagger case is 100% legal.

Many didn't get the idea towards it first,  but now is clear how this will push new sales for F18s and will contribute to keep the F18 "Spirit" alive , which basically is:  Leading in fleet numbers & platform alternatives ad Infinitum (& beyond) .
Any other concept assigned to  that "Spirit", and  you are simply sailing the wrong Class.

We launched the idea on the Scorpion , and was firstly implemented by Cirrus on their R2, now Nacra adopts the convertible concept in the F18 and adds the epoxy component to it.

On the MKIII features, hulls are kept unscathed. A new dagger case shape is put in place to be able to load straight boards or Z ones (a la N17 or A-Class). Epoxy as noted and a modification of the daggercase position more forward (in front of shrouds) following the trend initiated by Martin Fisher in the Wildcat, later on the Phantom and also adopted by us on the Scorpion.
Also a targeted 173kg, which is Class legal limit.

Add to that package a nice looking DS, established in the F18 by Mischa Heemskerk 2017 title, but also tested by Steve Brewin, and you'll have the coolest & most versatile double handed Class out here.

Sarasota Worlds 2018 will be one key event, as all major brands will be following Mischa's Scorpion & DS from past Worlds. So we will be seeing a leveled field in terms of sail development. Still Danny Paschalidis & Kostas Trigonis won at St Barts on a Scorpion / DS vs some top designs/riders also using Decksweepers, but the real Design test will be next 2018 Worlds to be held in the US East Coast.

Word is Larsen will be back to defend his 2015 title obtained with Fer wan West in Germany. The Infusion MKIII will be their weapon of choice and we hope to see another epic battle.

The F18 is quite alive and we are more than glad to contribute in any way we can to its perpetual success. As the 2016 draft proposal asserted : ..."the F18 can become the only double handed cat you'll ever need."

Feb 25, 2018

Americas Cup: Team New Zealand Sail devel

Source Team New Zealand emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/ . Most of the stuff we see as new has already been tested by someone, but the real breakthrough is always assigned to those making it work on the race course. Lets see if this above reaches to a regatta start line, if not,  the only way to find out if works or not is doing the actual test as done by the experts for on the water testing, Team New Zealand (as opposed to other who rely 100% on CFD simulations with known results)
So good seeing Asbhy & TNZ using a Farrier Tri ,  looking to mimic the monster monohulls foils they have designed / proposed for next Cup? Lets wait for their own real life testing for that crazy & dangerous ballasted foils.

A double sail conf has been tested already, for ie I have Marton Balazs from 1D sending me a pic from some 2012.

But instead from a complete double sail cloth (which would be expensive to trickle down)  I would like to see more R&D on the double luff sail , like Windsurfing ones. Like Arno Terra's  A-Cat or Ifly 15 soft wing by Heru Sails

Feb 21, 2018

Olympics: Nacra 17 secures a spot for Paris 2024

Photo: Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing. - Nacra 17 Class will no be in revision for 2014 Pariis Olympic Games. This is good news for the sailors campaigning and a reassurance on their investment.
Hopefully the N17 wont be touched again, at least the new MKII platform. In terms of performance finally the N17 MKII has shown great downwind foiling but still missing flying to windward.

Some informal tests done here in Buenos Aires vs a D3 A-Cat , sadly I couldn't be there as I was busy delivering one of my cats, but the info I have is Mehl outperformed Lange & Bora on the N17s by a good margin upwind.
Downwind was the same but for the N17s and its gennaker, going faster and deeper.

To our knowledge no one has consistently foil upwind while racing, not even in the breeze as seen at last Miami WC Live stream. Simply is not worth to fly upwind.
Hope sailors can find a way to get the MKII airborne upwind in the future , to make the Class even more fun and more technical of course.

Below World Sailing politics report sent by Bem Remocker / Nacra 17 Class.
49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 In For 2024!
World Sailing announced today that it has put up for review the events represented by the 470 M/W, Finn, and RSX M/W. By choosing not to review the other 5 events; Laser/Radial, 49er/49erFX, and Nacra 17, these events and the current equipment will remain for the games in Paris.

"We are thrilled with this result," said president of 49er and Nacra 17, Marcus Spillane. "The political security this decision provides will allow us to focus on serving our sailors and sport by providing fair and entertaining racing for all to enjoy!"

The decision itself was very close, with 21 for and 17 against, showing how divided World Sailing Council is on the future of the sport. Just a few months ago, Theatre Style Racing format was defeated 20 to 21 by the same body, which was in some ways a precursor to this vote. How sailing comes together over the next two phases of this process will have a major impact on the strength and stability of Olympic Sailing for years to come.

The impetus for reviewing events derives from two IOC initiatives:
The IOC now reviews events, not just sports - each event must stand up to that level of scrutiny.
World Sailing has agreed to both participation and event gender equaility - since the 2020 events do not balance, change is required to comply. Putting events up for review is the first part of the process World Sailing has agreed to in order to make the change. There are three major sections of work:

Phase 1 - Decide what to review, and by default what would remain. The minimum number of boats up for review, by rule, was 4. The decision today is to review 5.

Phase 2 - Decide the Events (high level description of what the racing should be) for the
balance of the 5 events. This begins in Mid-March and concludes in a vote at the World Sailing mid-year meeting on May 15th in London.

Phase 3 - Decide which equipment should be used by the nominated events. This vote can occur at the November 2018 meeting, with provisions to extend for an additional year if new boat designs are required. Of the ten events and 350 athletes destined for Paris 2024, half are now known. The work begins to select both the Events and Equipment to fill the remainder of the slate.

The next step is the high level phase, where sailing will decide what to aim for while balancing a huge variety of factors. As we enter a phase of uncertainty for many current and aspiring Olympic sailors, and sailing as a whole, the task was outlined beautifully by Athlete Representative, Yann Rocherieux: "We trust in council to select events for 2024, where all sailors can have an opportunity to chase their dreams of becoming an Olympian, even if some sailors will have to change those another event than the one they are sailing now."

Feb 20, 2018

2018 St Petersburg NOOD Regatta: Bruce Mahoney 1st

The "Mothquito"..

Strange looking mini foiler, say a la SuperFoiler style, but it  might work too. Press Release sent by Mothquito Sailing Catamaran. More information: www.mothquito.com &
An original minifoiler catamaran design with an innovative foiling system

The IIFS Foiling company enters into the flying boats nautical market with an innovative project that provides new systems and solutions to the high performance sail foiling world, thanks to IFS patented system (Increased Foiling System), that is the result of a hard work of I+D that will see its first application in the Mothquito, a concept which was born in 2015 and is currently in development and manufacturing to carry out his first sea trials next spring 2018.

The Mothquito, which is the name in honor of the pioneers minifoilers, the MOTH International, for their close relationship in terms of size and appearance, is a high performance flying catamaran one-design with an innovative design and full carbon construction, which it's also able to increase its stability and dynamic performance thanks to the IFS system, a system that increases its dynamics length and beam, to achieve a significant increase righting moment (reducing heeling) and a decrease in pitch-pole risk, which in turn enables to oversize its sail area equating to benefits boats of greater length, but with less weight, which promises high speeds, with the maximum control and safety.

In short, it's a surprising foiling catamaran, fast and easy foiling to handle for any sailor regardless of their physical shape or technical knowledge, even for those who thought flying would be impossible for them.

Mothquito has an original and innovative hull design, with soft and organic lines, characterized by flat and curved bows upwards to minimize the risk of pitching that can cause pitch-pole, favoring the bounce on the surface without lost speed, and an hydrodynamic planing hull like high performance surf style, optimized to favor a quick takeoff facilitating the passage of waves under the hull, and a deck with an elevate forward, and work area with longitudinal stops (forward/backward) for sure footing on tacking at high speed, which in turn serve to house inside for a adjustable extensors arms of the T-Foils rudder. This hull design favors and provides a fast and effective transition with glide to foiling mode.

​But undoubtedly, the most striking in this boat is the innovative IFS system (Increased Foiling System). A system that implements and combines a number of solutions to significantly increase the dynamics length and beam of the boat, improveing longitudinal and transversal stability, to achieve increased performance with greater safety at high speeds.

The Mothquito incorporates a long foils in V facing outwards and provided with "double lift", whereby an increase of the dynamic beam up to 200% with respect to the sleeve hull is achieved, providing great lateral stability and a significant increase righting moment, which translates into a safer and more comfortable foiling with a considerable reduction in heeling. This allows the Mothquito to oversizes its sail area to equate to a larger boat, but with much less weight, which gives us an idea of the potential speed and adrenaline that offer this small flying insect of just 3.05 m length, able to increase its dynamic beam up to 4.80 m.

The IFS solution to increase dynamic length, is based on two advanced main V-foils and a extendable arms that can regulate the working distance of the T-foils rudder beyond the transom. This increases the distance between dynamic lift points (main V-foils and rudder T-foils), extending the boat length in flight too up to 50%, specifically 3.05 m hull length to 4, 50 m in length overall in flight. With this it´s possible to delay the weight of the crew to move the center of gravity further aft and to be able to regulate, correct and improve the dynamic trim or longitudinal balance with an improvement also in the rudder response.

Their foils in V have the advantage of auto-adjust the height navigation automatically without flaps or sensor, since the higher boat speed increases the lift force while the wet surface of the foil is reduced until the weight of the boat itself prevents the foils to go out of the water and collapse, thus automatically adjusting the height of foiling. In other words, if the boat rises too high, the submerged V provides less lift, while if the boat descends, the V submerges providing more lift and raising the boat again.

These foil in V also have two sines, the main or conventional sine V, and a second sine in the wingtip and directed downwards called by IFS as double lift, which has the function of increasing the lift due to its design, to reduce the transition time to flight mode. This double lift also acts as a barrier to minimize vortexes generated at the wingtips by difference preassures, subtracting performance. This solution also increases the safety of the boat, since these sharpened points facing down, do not pose a risk to the integrity of the crew in case of man overboard.

The Safe Foil System of IFS that is incorporate in the Mothquito, is an integrated box-foil with its lower outlet above the waterline. When hoisting the V-Foils, their wings are elevated above the waterline, allowing the Mothquito to beach without risk of damaging their foils by contact with the ground. This system also provides the possibility to launch the boat on the shore itself, without having to carry it to find enought draft because it also allows you to navigate with openwork minimally foils. Due to its small size and low weight the Mothquito can be transported over the car.

Currently the Mothquito is in the manufacturing phase and will carry out its first tests in spring. The IFS Foiling team is betting that this small minifoiler will be a true revolution, with a competitive price and capable of offering high doses of adrenaline and fun with maximum safety.

Seeing this boat, with their long V-foils facing outwards, the extension arms of their T-foils rudder protruding from the stern and wings as standard for hike out replacing the classic trapezes, then, the vision of a mosquito comes to mind, hence his designer Toni Blanc has baptised it with the name of Mothquito.

More information:

Feb 18, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix @Queensland: Euroflex 1st

All images Thierry Martinez Sea & Co / Andrea Francolini / Super Foiler Grand Prix. More pics here & here.  Euroflex , with Nathan Outteridge, Glenn Ashby & Iain Jensen dominate the third event of the first Super Foiler Grand Prox season. But the other teams are catching up with more hours on the SF machines. Paul Cambpell James (IDintranet) manage to win a race when Jensen fall out and almost got cut in half below Euroflex SF ama.
It was the most dangerous situation I've seen so far in the series. Check here for the footage.

Aside that the series are providing much entertainment and it will be even more fun to watch when the rest of the teams put more hours on the beasts.
Tech 2 also was too close to win a race on Saturday over Euroflex, when the Outteridge gybed in front of them on the finish line, Tech 2 headed up to avoid collision and finished 1 sec behind.

In the process two crews where literally expelled from the boat, the inertial force was too much to bare for the sailors.

The Super Foiler is delivering , unique & interesting project in spite of the initial skepticism. Maybe not the most refined or best looking weapons , but these boats are achieving 35knots already, it is tricky to handle , requires finesse and concentration for the 3 crews onboard and plenty of physical demand.  Definitely as special Multihull foiler racer.

Will be interesting to compare against the coming "Speed Foiler"  project from Roland Gaebler , a powered up 20' cat designed by Fischer.

Results from Queensland & more info at superfoiler.com/events/gold-coast/

Live replays links worth to watch: Saturday & Sunday.
Highlights at Super Foiler Youtube Channel
Official web : superfoiler.com/


Super Foiler Grand Prix @Queensland: Day 3 Live Replay

Feb 15, 2018

Maserati Hong Kong-London Record attempt : 1300NM Ahead

MOD70 Maserati keeps ahead of the previous Hong-Kong - London route record established by by 'Gitana 13': 41D 21H 26M 34S

For Maserati its on Day 28 for this attempt with 2000NM to go.

Pics & Source & more info:  maserati.soldini.it/cartography/

Feb 13, 2018

Stunt 9 : Smooth Foiling Gybes by Vicenzo Sorrentino

Video sent by Vicenzo Sorrentino. Those are some smooth foiling gybes on the Stunt 9. Being pioneer on 4pt T Foiling system, the S9 established an alternative path which brought Moth tech to cats for recreational & easy relaxed flying.
Now the T foils will get in the racing Cat realm, many projects to be launched featuring T Foils. Sunnucks/Eales M20 Vampire was the first racing cat attempt featuring T Foils.

Now the S9 owners have formed a Class too. The boat looks fun, but I still prefer load over the top and the capability to raise boards fully up for our shallow coasts.
Now, once sailing, the T Foiling wand system is like riding a bike with kids wheels, way easier and more stable out of the box than any other 4pt Z or 3pt J setups.

Ltest Z devels are providing great speed and improved stability, but we still have to see an A-Class doing a foiling gybe.

Cruising Arg Patagonian Coast @15 knots

My friends from South Arg continue to cruise their Patagonian coasts each year. Two RC Cruiser I built for them in 2011, first was in 2007, which was the second boat we built for a client. 3mts wide and first version of our F18 hulls (plenty of volume) plus all the reefing options and seat wings are just perfect to sail down there.
We built in vinylester but these were done in Polyester resin, with 3 layers of 300gr Roving, 15mm. thickness airex bulkheads & subdecks. The client keeps sending material of his trips, and well I like to re publish as I think it is catsailing at its best, no strings attached.

Clip shows rather calm seas, still cruising at relaxed 15knots its  what  they requested. First version I fitted an 8mts mast for safety, but for these two above,  I was required to fit standard F18 9mts mast, as you are safer getting out of trouble fast and reaching destination in advance.

Feb 10, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix @Geelong: Day 3 Live

Super Foiler Grand Prix @Geelong: Day 2

No racing today at Geelong, after a postponement for no wind, the racing was cancelled to excess of winds. Live replay of Day 2 below.  Above Race 1 highlights from yesterday.

Report sent by Nick Vindin / Super Foiler GP :
"Dangerous wind and hail stones have blanketed Corio Bay forcing the cancellation of the second day of the Geelong edition of the SuperFoiler Grand Prix.

Three boats can take the lead with victory in the first race tomorrow, with double points now on the line for a rebooted Sunday Session.

More details at superfoiler.com

Feb 9, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix @Geelong 2018: Day 1

Photos by Andrea Francolini. Second event for the SUper Foiler Grandprix. This week being held at Geelong , home of Glenn Ashby.

Livestream will be available on the weekend only. Check starts footage at SuperFoiler fb
Pics & text sent by Nick Vindin / Super Foiler GP

Results at superfoiler.com/events/geelong/:
"Just two seconds split Euroflex and Pavement in the final race of the opening day of the SuperFoiler Grand Prix on Geelong’s Corio Bay – with Euroflex finishing supreme.

New Zealand's Phil Robertson’s Record Point turned the final marker ahead and looked destined to shatter the stranglehold of the ’dream-team’ - only to be snuffed out as the sky-blue bolter finished with her nose in front and pointing to the heavens

More information - superfoiler.com

Feb 6, 2018

Falcon Heavy: SpaceXploration

Came back late to home after a long day of  work one of my cats parts preparation for final assembling (all custom, hand made classic drilling, cutting, sanding ..a la Forged in Fire without the forge, although same heat with +35 Celsius) ... to watch Elon Musk's creation was a great reality check on the times we are living in.

Seeing those boosters returning and landing so smooth (at least two of them) was one of the most impressive things I've seen. For future space exploration I only hope we can find places with wind and waves, at least some snowy Mountain ... cause aside the ultimate goals in life which are raising a family and working hard for personal / society progress,  what would be the meaning of life without them?

Feb 5, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix, Adelaide 2018: Euroflex 1st

Photo: Superfoiler Grand Prix. Video: Day 3 Highlights. Day 3 Live Replay here , Day 2 here.
Official event web superfoiler.com.-

When everything called for a crash and burn show... just watch Friday's  Tech2 spectacular capsize & dangerous capsize above (looking closer though is clear an equipment failure caused the sudden uncontrolled lift off) ,  the Super foiler Grand Prix delivered some smooth controlled rides, specially by 3 of the most talented sailors around. Outteridge, Ashby & Jensen (team Euroflex) demonstrated how to sail & race the Super Foiler machine.

Perfect coordination plus downwind in 4pt foiling configuration which allowed easy paced foiling gybes paired with deeper angles for the mild sailing conditions from Sat/Sun.

Since Day one many of us have been skeptical on the SF concept , design & implementation. The initial tests were not encouraging at all, but slowly the project got on its foils and improvement was visible.

For the first event of the SF Grand Prix , Team Euroflex  dominated , with ID Intranet, skippered by Paul Campbell James, managing to lead the Aussie Top Guns in the first upwind leg of the final race. A fact that will put pressure on this first Adelaide stage winners, as the crews will get more time on the beast racing will become more even and fun to watch.

- Safety
Injuries are still a concern, previous pitch pole footage, Tech2 crash along this weekend Nacra 17 foil strike where Christian Lubeck got a deep cut in his leg by the rudder after falling from his trapeze ,  should place safety as a Nr 1 priority for the organizers.
The crews are been equipped with Forward WIP gear, I know the brand well and they really target to protect foiling sailors, but logistics, safety boats, paramedics etc will need to be there to provide an integral support for the crews.

- Design & required Skills
I've been speaking with Fer van West, from Morrelli & Melvin who designed the SF, through the whole development process,  and he was always confident on their design.

More wind will put extra pressure for the crews , and we might see more spectacular capsizes. Still as we wrote past days, crews onboard are Pros, and the Super Foiler handling is not for rookies or weekend sailors.

Fer van West  remarks this his comments about the below on the pitching tendency we've been seeing previous the first race :
"In particular I think it’s due to the teams just starting to learn how to sail the boat. As with any new

Feb 4, 2018

Nacra 17: Christian Peter Lubeck injury details

Sailing pic Didier Hillaire. We received this mail below from Marcus Spillane Nacra 17 Class President.  Digging a bit more I found this pic to the left and additional details at Sejlerlandsholdet / Danish Sailing Team fb, it seems Christian fell from his trapeze and the rudder blade cut made a serious cut in his leg. Also that surgery went well and he is recovering. Good to see him in pic to the left along Coen de Koning.

Christian along Lin Ea Cenholt were the deserved representatives for Denmark in Rio 2016, but the usual ugly Mat Racing tactics to put your opponent down without you getting a better result in the last qualifying event left them out of Olympics.

A new rule from WS has established that the only way you can Match Race a fellow crew in fleet racing is when the boat pushing for the MR will get a direct reward on that specific regatta, say you are fighting for the title against the match raced boat or to get yourself a better position overall.

We wish you a promptly recovery CP.
Marcus Spillane , Nacra 17 Class President

Dear Sailors and Friends,

We have been made aware of an incident that occurred while racing in New Zealand yesterday. Danish crew member, CP Lubeck fell overboard and was struck by the rudder foil of his Nacra 17. The injury required surgery. Thankfully CP is recovering well and will be back in action soon.

We have been in contact with World Sailing and Nacra Sailing and are investigating the facts. This is a priority for the Class and as find out more we will keep you informed.


Marcus Spillane
President, International Nacra 17 Class Association

Super Foiler Grand Prix: Day 3 Live Replay

Feb 3, 2018

SuperFoiler Grand Prix: Day 2 Live Replay

Live stream replay from Saturday.Official web & stream source: www.superfoiler.com -
Just watched R2. Incredible handling by Outteridge, Ashby & Jensen. Just perfect smooth in those mid range conditions. The most interesting part of their strategy was putting both daggers down for downwind , getting a deeper angle and providing the need support and stability for foiling gybes.

So a boat designed to foil 3pts is being used in 4pt mode downwind. That mode I doubt can be used with more wind, but still an aspect favoring 4pt Z foil setups downwind.

On the platform , lots of work needed for the crews along a high demand of coordination. Like the AC45s or GC32s, that kind of sailing is what we need for the AC , of course bigger cats need more power, it is more interesting to see a smaller boat like the AC45 with all the demand for the crews going 30-40 knots, than an AC50 with playstation controls & cyclists or an awkward tinkering foiling balast AC75 monohull foiler... doing 5-10knots more.

Maybe for the lower wind range a code zero on the SuperFoiler will bring even more fun?

The SuperFoiler looked really good in stream replay above, specially sailed by these 3 top notch sailors.

Excellent contrast vs Tech2 frightening photo from yesterday by Andrea Francolini

Feb 2, 2018

SuperFoiler Grand Prix: Day 1 , Race 1

Photo: Superfoiler.com / Andrea Francolini - First and only race completed for the inaugural series of the Super Foiler Grand Prix. Euroflex with Outteridge, Ashby & Jensen finished first.

Waiting for more info, team members & full results. Meanwhile read about the tough crash for Tech2 (photo above) at SuperFoiler web official report.

These are powerful machines and are delivering the Show everyone expected, still on the constant pitching attitude and the required time to handle the beast the SuperFoiler is definitely a pretty dangerous foiler.
More time on the water for the teams will bring more control and safer rides, but the fact remains.

I'm all for the show and high speeds, but not to the extent of watching actions like photo above... floating pitch poles and crashes on 18' Skiffs are one thing, going berserk on the SuperFoiler at 30knots on such sensitive platform it is another game altogether.

I've seen dangerous situations on the FP or F20s , even on A-Cats my self, but nothing even close to the constant trapeze high trips , pitchpoles and again , situations like above.

But then its the SuperFoiler , sailors onboard are experienced and they know what they are upto.
Tomorrow they have announced Live Stream.

Fer van West from Morrelli & Melvin has prepared and sent a complete technical doc on the platform, we'll publish next week.

More info on the first event at Superfoiler.com  & SF fb web facebook.com/SuperFoiler/

Feb 1, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix: 2018 Event Schedule

Photo & more info at Superfoiler.com - The Super Foiler Grand Prix will start tomorrow Friday Feb 2nd. Event schedule for this 2018 Summer in Australia:

Adelaide: Friday 2nd Feb - Sunday 4th Feb
Geelong : Saturday 10th Feb - Sunday 11th Feb
Gold Coast: Friday 16th Feb - Sunday 18th Feb
Busselton: Friday 2nd Mar - Sunday 4th Mar
Sydney: Friday 23rd Mar - Sunday 25th Mar

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