Jan 17, 2018

MV680: Coastal Rowing Concept

Photo longhorndave  / original here : Club Regatas La Marina , Tigre, Buenos Aires Argentina. -  I've been working for some months on a rowing Coastal type boat for my brother who builds Kayaks K1/K2 & Canoes. I made the MV590WP Surfski for him, but he hasn't finished the wood functional model yet although a custom home made proto was built in the US by Walter Kirchhoff.

This Coastal type rowing above is not World Rowing Coastal regulation, it is thought for Long Distance racing organized in our Delta rivers in Tigre, where thousands of wood Thames Skiff type dominate the scene for hundreds years now. Our local rowing club in Tigre, Regatas La Marina (photo above) , was for ie founded in 1876.

Some years ago wood these Thames skiff (narrower than the original English versions) were molded to be built in fiberglass. Recently one of the new builders went to modify the ancient design with a viking bow and some nice molding, also they took advantage of the local Long Distance rules (Remo Travesía) and have enlarged Singles and double to max lenght/weight ration permitted.

One of the local Long Distance races is named after our grandfather, Raul F. Cassina, a shell builder, expert carpenter and Coach. We will try to honor him with this new boat, but is going to be a tough endeavour matching his craftsmanship.

To go for the next step the idea is to leave the Thames Skiff legacy behind, now that tradition with fiberglass has been established, and design a totally new concept for our local waters , inspired a bit of course on Coastals Class legal CX1 & Cx2 but this above is quite unique.

The idea later is to go for the double, and after those target Coastal Class legal ones maintaining the looks but with a lower freeboard.

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