Jan 31, 2018

Long Distance @Punta del Este: A-Cats vs N17

Short informative video I received from a Long Distance regatta held in Punta del Este past week. Short but good to see how close the As (1 D3 & 2 F1s) were against a Nacra 17 MKII.
The Nacra 17 was crewed by two talented youths , Majdalani & Bosco from Arg. It was a gusty / patchy race but the As managed to lead the upwind and reach legs establishing a nice gap.

Near the finish line, a gust came in giving the N17 crew the chance to take advantage from the Spi and won over Ian's Dna F1 over the line , Sergio on the D3 finished over the line with him, and the other F1 a bit behind but well paced too.

Also Ian marked 26,8 knots max on his F1, that's pretty high speed considering the max records I have from DNA F1s & Exploder D3s.

The N17 Arg youths have complete their pre season and now will be heading to Europe to race at Palma.

Mate & Euge are the campaigning for Rio and will fight for a place to Tokyo against Lange & Carranza.

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