Jan 31, 2018

Long Distance @Punta del Este: A-Cats vs N17

Short informative video I received from a Long Distance regatta held in Punta del Este past week. Short but good to see how close the As (1 D3 & 2 F1s) were against a Nacra 17 MKII.
The Nacra 17 was crewed by two talented youths , Majdalani & Bosco from Arg. It was a gusty / patchy race but the As managed to lead the upwind and reach legs establishing a nice gap.

Near the finish line, a gust came in giving the N17 crew the chance to take advantage from the Spi and won over Ian's Dna F1 over the line , Sergio on the D3 finished over the line with him, and the other F1 a bit behind but well paced too.

Also Ian marked 26,8 knots max on his F1, that's pretty high speed considering the max records I have from DNA F1s & Exploder D3s.

The N17 Arg youths have complete their pre season and now will be heading to Europe to race at Palma.

Mate & Euge are the campaigning for Rio and will fight for a place to Tokyo against Lange & Carranza.

Jan 29, 2018

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2018: Waterhouse & Darmanin 1st

Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin won the event before the Medal race. But the Aussies did not relaxed for the final race and scored another bullet. 6 out of 10 races at Miami WCup 2018.

The podium completes with Lange-Carranza and Zajac-Matz.  5 sailors who were medalists in Rio sailing the Nacra 17 in floating mode were also leading the pack  in this MKII foiling mode regatta.

Asides Jason & Lisa performance, the highlight of the Medal race were Santi & Ceci impressive recovery coming from way back in last leg. Check the Live replay above. But to appreciate it better later review the SAP tracking .

Top ten results, full rankings here
Pos Sail Number Crew Race
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Net
1 AUS 2 Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin 1 4 -12 1 1 1 3 2 1 2 28 16
2 ARG 1 Santiago LangeCecilia Carranza Saroli -10 10 7 4 2 2 1 3 4 6 49 39
3 AUT 3 Thomas ZajacBarbara Matz 12 1 4 -16 7 4 2 5 2 12 65 49
4 GBR 21 John GimsonAnna Burnet (dnf 3 3 2 3 6 7 6 5 14 69 49
5 ITA 363 Lorenzo BressaniCecilia Zorzi 3 2 6 13 5 3 14 (ufd 14 8 88 68
6 GBR 257 Chris RashleyLaura Marimon Giovannetti 13 7 8 -19 18 10 6 1 3 4 89 70
7 GBR 366 Rupert WhiteKirstie Urwin 7 6 13 -15 9 15 5 9 6 10 95 80
8 GBR 91 Ben SaxtonKatie Dabson 8 14 (bfd 6 15 8 4 4 7 16 102 82
9 USA 392 Ravi ParentChristina Persson (dnf 5 11 3 8 7 10 10 ret 18 112 92
10 USA 360 Bora GulariHelena Scutt 2 -16 5 10 6 11 9 13 16 dnf 110 94

F18 Martinique Cata Raid 2018: Martin & Gaté, Champs

All images by Martinique Cata Raid , more pics here -  Orion Martin & Charles Gaté (Cirrus R/ Nortrhop DS) won 5 out  6 stages to take the crown of the 2018 Martinique Cata Raid edition.
Below Press release sent by Martinique Cata Raid , translated from French.

Top 5
1 132 MARTIN Orion   GATE Charles      11:58:31      11:58:31:00
2 901 BOULOGNE Emmanuel   BOULOGNE Vincent   12:14:43      12:14:43:00      00:16:12
3 1508 CHAMPANHAC Benoit   DHALLENNE Hugo    12:28:37      12:28:37:00      00:30:06
4 FRA 29 GILLET Nicolas   POIX Nicolas       12:36:32      12:36:32:00      00:38:01
5 SUI 10 LUTZ ANDREAS   SCHLATTER Raymond    12:48:31      12:48:31:00      00:50:00

Full results here
With a 5th stage victory, Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE wins the Martinique Cata Raid 2018!

The last leg of the event was due with only 13 miles to go.
At the start with 20 knots of wind, the leaders of the classification were placed immediately at the forefront, without taking any risks, as except material breakage, the overall classification is unlikely to be modified, given the gaps created in the previous stages.

After a brief run towards the exit of the bay of Vauclin, Martin / Gaté, are now in the lead followed by the Swiss Lutz / Schlatter, Vincent and Emmanuel Boulogne and the crew Martinique GFA Caribbean Gillet / Poix.

The boats head towards Ilet LoupGarou, the gap is widened on this very technical edge.

Once passed the buoy LoupGarou the boats plunged to the Robert, under spinnaker.

At the finish, Orion Martin and Charles Gaté, took their 5th victory in 6 staged, timing 52 min and 46sec. The Swiss Andy Lutz and Raymond Schlatter take a nice 2nd place, at 48 sec, followed by Emmnuel and Vincent Boulogne at 1min 31 and by Nicolas Gillet and Nicolas Poix at 2min27.

Jan 28, 2018

F18 Australian Nats 2018: James Clark & Max Puttman, Champs

Photo: Jervoise Bay Sailing Club. James Clark & Max Putnam completely dominate the 2018 Formula 18 Australian Nats. Eight bullets out of 10 races... not much to add on their performance. What I heard is that they trained plenty for this event, and remember they were the guys who discarded the new DS Jib & Snuffer system.
Their Windrush Edge built by Brett Burvill confirms again it is a winning platform, the Champs equipped it with a Goodall DS Main (boom setup) plus a Jib & Spi of their own, Nextgen Sailmakers

Second place overall for Gavin Colby & Jaiden Dalton (Scorpion / Brewin DS)  and third place overall for Lachlan Gibson  & Josh Fugill (Edge/ Brewin Sails)

On the snuffer system & DS jib, it was finally used by Burvill & Duffield , after race 3 they discarded the supporting high dyneemas acting as support bridles, so they raced fully legal the rest of the event.
They were protested by the org requested by the IF18CA officials and those first 3 races were disqualified. Thus putting them in 10th place, on the water they raced for a third overall.

In the end the DS Jib & fibeglass aero chite prototypes worked good but clearly didn't gave the former Aus Nats Champs any key advantage on their scores in this breezy regatta.

Still much to refine and test, and many will find this new devel might suit their needs or preference, and in spite many don't get it, when people start developing and pushing the envelope again, it is the first sign of renewed interest in the Class.

Top ten below, full results here. Later info on the Nacras 17 Miami WC & Martinique Cata Raid.

Pos Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9

1 James Clark Max Putnam 1 x35 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 Gavin Colby Jayden Dalton 2 1 2 x7
2 3 2 3 4 2 1 22
3 Lahclan Gibson Joshua Fugill 7 5 3 3 2 5 4 8
2 41
4 Michael Guinea Brian Torpelund 6 2 5 8 3 4

7 5 3 5 48
5 Steve Brewin Amy Brewin 4 4 5 6 8 7 5 8 5 4 56
6 Gavin Parker Mark Parker 3 3
5 13 9 6 6 4 9 4
7 Kerry Stevens Greg Wiers
6 9 14 9 8 5 3 8
7 3 72
8 James Mc Donald Adam Coe 5 4 x12 10 8 x11 9 10 10 10 9 7 82
9 Chris Boag Tom Salt 15 7
11 6 7 11 12
7 8 6 90
10 Brett Burvill Ryan Duffield 35 35 2 4 3 2 5 2 3 6 97

Jan 27, 2018

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2018: Medal Race Live

Nacra 17 Medal Race is scheduled for today. 12PM GMT -5.  - Waterhouse & Darmanin established a good gap and are set for winning the event. Top ten below heading to the Medal after 9 races.  Full results here

Jan 26, 2018

Martinique CataRaid 2018: Day 4

Photo: Martinique Cata Raid , more at martiniquecataraid.com.  - Orion Martin Charles Gate (Cirrus R2 / Northtrop DS) continue to lead at Martinique.

Lots of racing this week, but also some pending work for one of my RC16s  I need to finish assembly to deliver. Just came back from the workshop. so no time to review press release translation from French.

More info tomorrow on this regatta, Nacra 17 in Miami and Aussie F18 Nats.

Top 5 below. Full results at martiniquecataraid.com/fr/pages/La_course-Classements_2018/

1 -  MARTIN Orion GATE Charles 11:05:45
2 -  BOULOGNE Emmanuel BOULOGNE Vincent 11:20:26 00:14:41
3 - CHAMPANHAC Benoit DHALLENNE Hugo 11:31:42 00:25:57
4 - GILLET Nicolas POIX Nicolas 11:41:19 00:35:34
5 - LUTZ ANDREAS SCHLATTER Raymond 11:54:57 00:49:12

F18 Australian Nats 2018: Day 3 Results

No pics / video available. - Three more races held today and 2 more bullet for James Clark & Max Putnam (Edge/Goodall DS/ NexGen  Jib/Spi) . Colby & Dalton (Scorpion / Brewin DS) keep second overall with Burvill & Duffield (Edge/1D DS)  starting to get the rhythm for the new DS Jib/chute set up.

Just got a mail from Gavin. yesterday on the capsize he hurt himself badly, cutting his wrist exposing ligaments.. , got a pic on that.  He "fixed" on the water with tape and continued for race 6.
Today he continued to sail after several stitches done in Hospital , yesterday.
Sorry  to hear on this for Gavin & Jayden, but today the kept pushing the same.

Top ten below, full results at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club fb.

Jan 25, 2018

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2018: Day 3

F18 Australian Nats 2018: Day 2

No pics available. Top one is still from anothe Video by creativedroneworx.com. Check footage above to see increasing windy conditions , same as yesterday.

Day 2: Total domination for James Clark & Max Putnam (Edge/ Goodall DS) today, 3 bullets to take the lead after the first discard. 5 first places out of six races.
Second place overall for Gavin Colby /7 Jayden Dalton (Scorpion/Brewin boomles DS) , another good day for Gavin sailing in the breeze with Jayden Dalton That's the beauty of the Open format which needs to be implemented in the Nacra 17 too.

Sadly they had a capsize , relegating some key points, check video above.  Still many have capsized in at least one race, including the leaders.

Third place overall for Brett Burvill & Ryan Duffield (Edge / 1D ) . The formers Aus Nats champs are not winning races but keeping an average to stay in the top three.  The new Jib & snuffer  system are not providing an edge in the breeze and they are surely getting the new equipment trimmed.
Will be inteesting to see some races in the mid range to asses if this new aero setup is providing any advantage.

Top 10 below, full results at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club Fb.

Jan 24, 2018

F18 Australian Nats 2018: Day 1

No pics available.  Video by creativedroneworx.com shared by Aus F18 Assoc.  - Gavin Colby & Jayden Dalton (Scorpion/Brewin DS boomless) are leading the 2018 Aus F18 Nats being held at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club. Three races completed yesterday with increasing wind conditions. Last one with many capsizes. Colby & Dalton were the most consistent crew , establishing a 10pt gap already with second place.

One of the Windrush Edge that was testing the new jib/snuffer system discarded it at last minute and scored 1, 35, 1...!   James Clark & Max Putnam (Edge / Goodall DS ) are currently in 9th position but their two bullets will play big if they maintain performance when discards enter the scene.

Brett Burvill & Ryan Duffield  (Edge/1D) had a capsize in last race (34th) but also scored a 2nd & a 6th with their new  DS jib/snuffer system , which had some minor teething issues.
More wind expected for today, an early start (10AM) is scheduled.

Top 5 below. Full results embedded below (jpg) & at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club fb .

F18 Official Ruling on Decksweeper Jibs / Rigging

Official Ruling by the IF18CA on the new Decksweeper Jib , mainly on double bridles , cables or dyneema. I agree on the ruling,  if someone wants to lower tack needs to reinforce hulls and prove the system with lower bridles.
Only concern for me is as noted yesterday is that bowsprit vertical pre bend and lateral lines system also provides support to the mast. Basically is good tension on the bowsprit support lines you can disconnect bridles and that system will hold you mast up.
Which will have the same effect as the disguised lines from ruling below.
Jib & new snuffer system pics at catsailingnews.com/2018/01/f18-new-decksweeper-jib-interated.html

Eitherway the ruling is due and correct in my view ,  but with concerns above mentioned.
Best way to solve this  is to propose a rule change to lower jib tack, or reinfornce hulls and bet your chances with lower bridles.

IF18CA official annoucement here and embedded below:

Jan 23, 2018

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2018: Day 1

Martinique Cata Raid 2018: Day 3

Sadly no more pics coming from Martinique this year as previous ones from Contin. But even if you don't have a pro photgrapher anyone can take some photos, specially for these events promotion. Below daily report sent by the Org translated from French.
Orion Martin & Charles Gate (Cirrus R2 / Northtrop Sails) continue to lead after 3 stages.

Official web martiniquecataraid.com
01/22/2017 Communiqué n ° 3: Tuesday 22 January 2018
Victory of the 3rd stage went for Nicolas Gillet and Nicolas Poix, Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE remain at the top of the rankings.

Start of the 3rd race was done in front of LE PRECHEUR on Tuesday, January 23rd. The start was

Jan 21, 2018

Martinique Cataraid 2018: Day 1

Pib by Pierrick Contin / 2017 edition. No photos of the day yet. below press release sent by the org translated from French. Official web : www.martiniquecataraid.com
Martinique Cata Raid 2018, 1st stage: The Robert - La Trinité
Winds of 15 to 18 knots for the this first stage, which was held in perfect conditions. However, passing the peninsula of Caravelle posed problems to some competitors causing several capsizes.

After a great start at the end of the

A-Class, Reaching 25knots @Punta del Este 2018

Jan 18, 2018

Hong Kong-London Record attempt : Maserati crossed the Starting Line

Photo , maps & text by maserati.soldini.it/
GPS Tracking: maserati.soldini.it/cartography/
Record to beat: Gitana 13 -   41D 21hs 26mins 34secs
"Maserati Multi70 has left today
Hong Kong crossing the starting line positioned between the Tai Long Pai and Nga Ying Pal lights, at the exit of the Tathoong canal, at 10: 43′ 24” UTC (18:43 in China, 11:43 in Italy).

To beat the record Giovanni Soldini and the crew of the trimaran – Guido Broggi, Oliver Herrera Perez, Alex Pella and Sébastien Audigane – have to complete the course and cross the finish line under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge over the Thames before the 1st of March at 8: 9′ 47” UTC.

Complete report at maserati.soldini

GC32: Código Rojo Racing training @Punta del Este

Photo: Código Rojo Racing Team -  The Argentinean GC32 team has been training since November 2017 in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Aside being summer in the Southern Hemi, sailing near home is the only way to gather the team and prepare themselves for the 2018 GC Racing Tour season.  This year will mark their 2nd season on the tour, although in 2017 they only participated in Garda & Palma.

GC32 Racing Tour 2018 Schedule:
23 – 27 May: GC32 Class Championship / Riva del Garda, Italy
26 – 30 June: GC32 Villasimius Cup / Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy
31 July – 4 August: 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE/ Palma de Mallorca, Spain
12 – 16 September: TBA
10 – 14 October: TBA

More info on the Tour at www.gc32racingtour.com

Jan 17, 2018

MV680: Coastal Rowing Concept

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay, Australia: Notice of Race

Photo: 2018 Worlds web www.sailherveybay.com.au. The  2018 A-Class worlds will be held at Hevey Bay , Australia and hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club.

Sunday 11th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Registration & Welcome Function
Monday 12th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 1
Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 2
Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 3
Thursday 15th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 4
The Pre-Worlds race days may constitute a regatta for the Australian National

Complete Notice or Race below, official web: www.sailherveybay.com.au

International A Class Catamaran World
Championship 2018

11th to 24th November 2018, Hervey Bay, Australia
The Organising Authority will be Sail Hervey Bay Inc. in conjunction with the
International A Division Catamaran Assn (IACA) under the authority of
Australian Sailing (AS).

Hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club located at 427 Charlton Esplanade, Torquay,
Queensland 4655, Australia

[DP] denotes a rule for which the penalty is at the discretion of the Jury. This changes RRS 64.1.