Dec 27, 2018

F18: Goodall Design C2 Convertible 2019 preview

Goodall Design has taken note on the convertible concept and they have embraced the concept fully as done already by Cirrus & Nacra. With a tradition of quality and functionality the Goodalls opted for an add-on daggercase, which in our view is the way to go along Z boards design.

Their Z foils are a combo of Nacra 17 one integrated with Exploder / D3 Applied Technologie development for their winning A-Class. The concave diagonal section shape has proven superior in the As and adopted also by DNA for latest F1x foils.
For rudders they have chosen T styles ones, another good selection in our view towards stable flights. Photo to the left is from their Viper F16 kit but C2 will be same scaled if needed.

Check video above made by Brett Goodall, showing the 2019 C2 platform. Changes include moving the case forward, this new C2 case position  is now the defacto F18 legal racing placement (Martin Fischer's Wildcat/Phantom F18 legacy)   and will serve for as a great flying feature for the 2019 C2 convertible.

Along the convertible package, Epoxy hulls and daggercase placement , new F18 legal daggers will be fitted (tested at Sarasota as proto), so all top F18s are converging once more to a quite similar gral diagram on main features.

Excellent development by Goodall Design once more. We expect to see the new  Epoxy Convertible C2 racing at Costa Brava Worlds in 2019, it will be a great test for the convertible concept in terms of F18 legal racing.

For those wondering why we haven't seen F18 convertibles flying videos yet, stay put that they will come in masse, if you have been reading my comments on the matter you will know by now that these platforms by Cirrus, Goodall Design & Nacra will foil no doubt.

In fact it is a secondary aspect by now, key one will be how they behave for F18 legal Racing, the Cirrus R2 has already passed that test no problem in 2018.

More info on the new C2 Convertible visit

Dec 25, 2018

New Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

F18 Convertibles are all over the place. Cirrus R2 was the first production boat, C2 will be delivering the updated version for 2019 (more on that one next) and now Nacra re launches theirs, as the MK3 was advertise already as Convertible.

Received this material from Nacra, new CEO Bob Hensen confirms that these two platforms featured in this post are full foiling versions only, as they come equipped as seen in renders above. Upgrade kits and F18 legal rudders/foils are not included on the price below, just foiling equipment and we assume hulls,beams, mast and rest of platform are F18 Class legal and the owner can fit a set of straight daggers plus standard alu castings and straight rudders and go F18 legal racing.

Note the L rudders a la Phantom Essentiel. Alex went for Ls based on a safety feature mainly.
Z foils are surely Nacra 17 ones or scaled (if).

Many have doubts that F18 platforms can foil good, but all area missing how Nacra and Goodall Design have moved their dagger cases forward to match what we've done for the Scorpion (in front of side stays) which was already proven by Martin Fischer on the Wildcat & Phantom F18.  Cirrus R2 also has a similar case position.

In terms of weight, the Phantom Essentiel declares 171kg and features also alu beams & mast.  F18s are racing with Decksweepers sails already, not even the Olympic foiling cat features one. F18s are Epoxy and min boat total weight is 173kg (you have to add lead to race legally)

Key will be the convertible box, which had some issues on the Infusion MK3 for legal F18 racing.
Goodall Design and Cirrus have done a great job to solve that aspect.
We don't have more info on these new Infusion FCS though.

2019 Worlds at Costa Brava will be a nice test for the Convertibles dagger cases , Cirrus R2 have raced already no issues, C2 2019 Convertible will debut there and we expect to have ones of the Infusion FCS racing too with F18 legal kit. (Note again that Nacra is selling this new FCS as full foiling foils only, which is a strange move as you are not getting F18 legal foils to race)

Bob commented that more info is going to be released soon. Contact Nacra for more details at /

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS
The most all-round F18 is going to fly!
Here she is, the Nacra F18 Infusion FCS! Proudly presented by Nacra Sailing, manufacturer since 2009 of foiling and semi-foiling boats, such as the Nacra F20 Carbon, Nacra F20 FCS, Nacra 15 and the full foiling Olympic multihull Nacra 17.

As the 5 time F18 world champion and multiple winner of almost every other event Nacra F18 now is ready for full foiling. Nacra F18 Infusion FCS has been designed to fly in a wide range of weather conditions and to make competitive cat sailing accessible to even more sailors. The open multifunctional dagger board case has been designed to easily transform this foiling Nacra F18 Infusion FCS back to a class legal F18 in 30 minutes.
Nacra F18 Infusion FCS has been built to meet the highest safety standards and the standards of a wide range of - more or a little less - experienced sailors.

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS offers the ultimate sailing experience, but beware: sailing F18 FCS is addictive!
Nacra F18 Infusion FCS starting at €24.832

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS limited edition will be available for €28.632, complete with race package and limited edition wrap design. This distinctive wrap design will be available in orange and apple green. Custom designs can be discussed.

Boat length: 5.52 m/18 ft
Boat width: 2.60 m/8.5 ft
Mast length: 9.15 m/30 ft
Area DS mainsail: 17 m2/182 sqft
Area jib: 4.15 m2/44 sqft
Area spi: 21 m2/226 sqft
Dagger board: Full foiling Z dagger board
Rudder: Full foiling L rudder

For more information or to pre-order contact your local Nacra dealer or Nacra Sailing at


Dec 24, 2018

Season's Greetings 2018

Little slow on updates this week as I'm spending some vacations time with family. A joy being able to teach my kids how to surf. Today we had another great session, they are in their initial steps, learning how to catch waves and ocean handling but so happy to see them having an awesome time.

All the sports I learnt as kid were thanks to an excellent oriented sport school/high school , a healthy life at our local rowing club and the endless 3 months summers spent at the sea, where I start surfing with a fiberglass board at age 12 by myself.
Our generation had a freepass to do what we wanted, thinking it out today I wouldn't leave mykids on the water alone, crazy.
Those in their 40-50's today did what we wanted without much parents overlook or restrictions, it was a different era of course , and it build self confidence and drive to do things on our own, risky way indeed on occasions but priceless childhood.

With current kids depending much on tech depending, its fresh air having them out there.
Today I feel so good being able to pass my kids some knowledge & experience, and to look over them in the process. Great feeling that all those who can should experience.

On the sailing aspect 2018 was another great year, some great news still pending and  we will make a wrap-up later next week.

Have a nice Christmas & better 2019.

Route du Rhum 2018: Yoanne Richomme's Class 40 Project wrap-up

We followed Yoanne Richomme's Class 40 project since its inception thanks to our friend Christophe Launay. We are happy for both, and a pleasure to receive and promote Launay's top quality photo reports. Video with Yoanne's recollection above. Photo progress for this winning Class 40 design by Christophe clicking the Class 40 label.

Dec 17, 2018

Nacra 17s @Vilamoura 2018: Gem shot by Soren Wiegand

Photo: Courtesy of Soren Wiegand. Follow him on Instagram.  Tremendous capture by Soren from the first breezy day at Vilamoura. The boat height / heel, crew & helm stance, the windward foil, the breeze. Perfect shot.

He also reported on the conditions & the dangerous crashes of the foiling N17, and he nails out how early we are on foil devel yet, for those who ask me to go airborne on the F18 legal racing.. not a chance we will lose the Class best asset which is sailing almost in every condition, you have pitch poles plus capsizes too, but nothing compared to foiling ones.
Soren Wiegand comments :
"Today was the first day of the regatta here in Vilamoura.
The sailors got thrown straight into heavy breeze from the get go, that combined with a big swell ofc made for some spectacular racing and tough conditions for the sailors to tackle.
Not to forget the crazy crashes!! Much for the pleasure of me. 😁

Sometimes you can't understand how this sport have even more serious injuries than it has.
I know the foiling has brought about a new type of injure. However it's still very rare for a foil strike to happen.

Let's just hope better equipment and gear can at least help minimize the severity of the accidents".

Top ten results below, complete list here.

Dec 13, 2018

Wilson-Marquinez MW680F launched

Photo: the MW680F flying at Garda. - Back in August 2017 we presented a cool project from two local talented Argentinean Naval Architects, F18 sailor Laureano Marquinez & his partner Nahuel Wilson.

The concept was shown first here in CSN and  later was spread in other media, generating an overwhelming response.

Laureano & Nahuel have been working in  the backgro Wilson-Marquinez Naval Architecture firm, but they were rather unknown to gral public.

When Laureano sent me their concept, I said : "Now you guys will make a name on their own".
The concept of monohull foiler following the IMOCA concept is the way to go, as its like a Convertible, a platform that can saill in floating and foiling mode with almost transparent transitions.
Compare to the complicated solution TNZ envisioned to back to monohulls... this platform is more reasonable and a proper logic design. No need to re invent the wheel as current tinkering AC monohull foilers are doing.

I even got them a known  yard to review their project, but those visionaries didn't pushed forward. My friends were a bit annoyed at the time , but I told them taking concepts to the water takes time and no doubt this one was going to be built.

In the end I was right, and this weapon its  already flying smoothly +25 knots.

Later more details and insights, we will do a QA with the our friends soon.
The Mw680F looks like a real Weapon, specially those hulls lines.

Yet another project "born" in CSN. Proud on them for following their own path, now the Wilson-Marquinez name will be known all over the place.

Dec 10, 2018

Video: Best of St Barth Catacup 2018

Source - Final video footage by Easy Ride  / KWT Studio /nSaint Barth Flycam. Post & results for 2018 & past editions here.

Dec 3, 2018

RORC Transat Race 2018: Maserati arrives in 1st place

Photo & report sent by Negri Firman Media for Giovanni Soldini / Maserati  Multi 70. RORC Transatlantic Race web :
Maserati Multi 70 and Giovanni Soldini cross first the finish line of the 5th RORC Transatlantic RaceThe Italian Team arrive in 6 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes and 34 seconds . PowerPlay arrives at 07.40 12” UTC

At 06.54 34” UTC (02.54 local time), Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70 cross first the finish line of the 5th edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race in Grenada, Caribbean, with an elapsed time of 6 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes and 34 seconds. The Italian Team places first in Line Honours Multihull (first boat to cross the finish line in the multihull category) and second in the MOCRA class (which keeps in consideration the Time Corrector Factor, with a corrected time of 14 days, 23 hours, 32 minutes and 28 seconds). Their direct rival PowerPlay, Peter Cunningham’s English MOD 70 skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield, crossed the finish line at 07.40 12” UTC (with an elapsed time of 6 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes and 12 seconds, and a corrected time of 14 days, 20 hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds).

Aboard Maserati Multi 70, alongside skipper Giovanni Soldini, are 6 professional sailors: the Italian Guido Broggi (mainsail trimmer), Nico Malingri and Matteo Soldini (both grinder and trimmer); the Spanish Carlos Hernandez Robayna (trimmer) and Oliver Herrera Perez (bowman); the French François Robert (pitman).

A few minutes after crossing the finish line, Giovanni Soldini commented: “It was a very close race: for days and days we sailed at close distance and we even crossed routes on sight for three times in the middle of the Atlantic. PowerPlay is a very strong team, they know the boat really well, it was a fantastic experience for us: we were able to carry out many tests, to enhance and improve the way we sail Maserati Multi 70. We learned so much in these days and we’re very happy about this result. Really, a hard but exciting race!”

GC32, Extreme Series 2018: Alinghi crowned Champ

Nov 29, 2018

Sail GP: F50 Training @NZ

Short clip published by Sail GP but good to remind us on the handling the F50s can endure. US & China Teams sailing at New Zealand's Northland region.
The new official flying Americas Cup monos will have to match the F50s speed and also maneuvers. Some will need to organize a match up, at least after the next Cup.

Nov 27, 2018

A-Cat Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay: Final day video by David Shipton

A-Class Worlds 2018 , Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia. The kind of video we like , just long haul raw takes , Final Day footage by Sail Herve Bay / Daniel Shipton.
Final results published here.

Nov 26, 2018

Sint Maarten YC to organize 1st Caribbean Multihull Challenge

Photo by Rachel Jasperen , Gunboat Elvis racing @St Maarten circa 2014 - Multihull racing keeps growing at every level, now the Sint Maarten Yacht Club will organize the annual Caribbean Multihull Challenge. Chek details below sent by SMYC /
Caribbean Multihull Challenge - St. Maarten announces strong technical team. Simpson Bay, St. Maarten – November 26, 2018

The Sint Maarten Yacht Club is pleased to announce a strong technical team to manage the first annual Caribbean Multihull Challenge that is to take place 8-10 February 2019 in Sint Maarten. The club recognizes that multihull sailing has some different potentials and some different challenges and has mandated the team to optimize the race management to match these hurdles and potentials.

The chairman of the race committee is Robbie Ferron, the founder of the Heineken regatta and longest ever serving President of the Caribbean Sailing Association. He has found International Judge David de Vries willing to chair the Jury. David is the only Caribbean racing judge to have been invited to serve at two Olympic Games. The Principal Race Officer will be Andrew Rapley who has run all on the water components of the Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta and who has officiated at every premium event in Sint Maarten.

The organizers are now 12 weeks before this event actually takes place but already there are 20 entries. The entries vary from the magnificent R-6, includes Orma 60’s, classic Spronks, Robertson and Caine cruisers, day boat cats and the venerable Newick “Tryst”. The development of a new feature on the Caribbean sailing calender where the fastest growing vessel type (multihulls) are promoted, celebrated and exercised.

For free weighing, to enter or more information go to

Nov 22, 2018

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay: Final Day update

Photo: Gordon UPton Photography. - Directo rerpot from Hervey informs that winds are calmer today , waves remain from past blown out onshore days and the ramp is gone.. they will need to launch the As one by one. 3 races scheduled for today but I don't see any room for changes for the title.

Darren Bundock will attack in lighter winds, he is in 4th place now behind Ashby, Mischa & Tuke. He got a bullet on day 2 light first race, and will target the podium as he stated in his fb page.
We would like to see Bundy on the podium again, we pushed him to sail As again and he got hooked himself with the new foiling mode.

I will try to make some updates as they come.

Current results remain as Tuesday -

Sail GP Challenge AC Mono Foilers: Aussie F50 reaching the 50knots realm

Video Source Tom Slingby Fb, uplaoded to yt to embed here. Old news from a week ago, but still one of the most impressive clips I've seen: Tom Slingby , Waterhouse on board AUS Sail GP seeking the 50knts realm. Hope the AC experiment with the "flying cows" can top and beat the F50s , if not it will be a plain Fiasco.
OD F50s cannot be faster than coming AC75s, that's main goal for AC to maintain its credibility and historic legacy.

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay: No racing either for Day 5

Three days of no racing already for this 2018 Worlds edition. yesterday it was a +20knots wind and +25knots gusts. Today an onshore blown out plus roller coasters waves.
Current results after 6 races here

Nov 21, 2018

Martinique Flying Regatta 2018: Day 1

A-Class Worlds 2018 video: TNZ Mid Regatta update

Footage of the TNZ Team sailing at Hervey Bay. Source Emirates Team New Zealand.

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay: No racing for Day 4

Photo by Gordon Upton. As The Admiral reports, Australian winds blow too hard for the A-Cat fleet to go out racing. For some action check Video from Day 3, a series good drone shots of  three races held in progressive building breeze, published by David Shipton , check his fb as cannot be embedded.
Worlds current results here.

Day 4 report by Ben Hall:
"Today we woke up to a building Northwesterly  breeze which created a big shore break. The AP went up at 9 and the wind kept building. When they finally called it for the day it was blowing a steady 25 knots. And after that it built to puffs over 30. And they say tomorrow will even be windier...welcome to Australia. Friday looks light so we should be able to get in a couple of races. Then the flurry to load the container.

Tonight we have the “ Pink and gray galah”.  Lots of walking around the boat park measuring stuff, talking smack and all agreeing that a day of rest was much needed. Probably more of the same tomorrow...and of course full on preparation for our Thanksgiving feast with 30 guests...more pictures to follow.

Next report when the wind dies down.
Wind blown in Oz
The Admiral

Santi Monjo, In Memoriam

A-Class and Tornado sailor Santi Monjo passed away last Friday while sailing his A-Cat at the Barcelona Sailing Center. He was found adrift on board his boat. This is the second known sailor that pass away sailing, remember Carlito Favre also, Santi was did not went out alone though.
Sailing out on the A is a great rewarding and peaceful experience and Santi left his way as Carlito did.

A beloved and appreciated experienced sailor within the local Spanish fleet as pointed by  Jaume Soler article on Santi in his blog:  "...Santi Monjo was Soling 88 Olympian , later prepared a Tornado campaign for Sydney 2000 . Santi was an avid regatta participant , specially Copa del Rey with his own yachts or sailing with others..."

A thought and a prayer for Santi Monjo, a sailor that embraced many sailing projects through his life. He will be always remembered by his many friends, fellow competitors and family and that is the best mark a human being can leave in this World.

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