Sep 20, 2018

Alinghi D35 Team story

Source Team Alinghi - Beautiful video on Alinghi's D35. An oldie design but still the fastest Lake racer ever built. New D35 Foiling version has a tough job matching this beast performance in light winds racing.

Sep 16, 2018

Nacra 17 World Cup Series Enoshima 2018: Waterhouse & Darmanin 1st

GC32 Racing Tour Villasimius Cup 2018: Cammas / Norauto 1st

Photo by Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour - Video & report sent by GC32 Racing Tour media. Official web:
Cammas fights back from the brink to clinch GC32 Villasimius Cup
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 16/09/2018

Light winds on the GC32 Villasimius Cup’s final day may not have provided the same top speed

Sep 12, 2018

2019 WS Cup Series Enoshima R1: Day 2 Results

2018 F18 Worlds Sarasota: 2 Windrush Edge available for charter

Photos: 2018 Europeans by Marc Gonzalez Alomá - Windrush Edge built by Brett Burvill have proven to be super competitive. Not only in Australia, with several Nats behind, but also this year at the 2018 Europeans, where Brett & Max Putnam finished in 2nd place winning some races and contending for the title.

There will be two of the weapons along Next gen DS sails ready to sail at Sarasota. Those interested in charter or buying them contact Brett directly at

Boats pics and info sent by Brett Burvill : "Hi Martin, we still have 2 of the brand new Windrush Edge's available for charter in Sarasota. We plan to have them there Monday before the event and assembled ready to go on Tuesday.

The boats are complete with Next Gen sails as we used at the F18 Europeans and Eurocat earlier this year.  We are also looking to sell these boats on after the event so a good chance for competitors to look to take home a new boat. Windrush is prepared to sell these boats prior to the event or post charter, either way a good deal is available on these great boats. "

F18 Worlds web :

Sep 11, 2018

Macif Foiling Tri: 48hs Run for Gabart & Spithill

Francois Gabart is the Solo Round the World Record holder aboard Macif Trimaran. Preparing for coming challenges James Spithill joined the French multihull sailor for a 48hs run.
Source Macif Trimaran.

A-Class Belgian Nats 2018: Philippe Muyzers 1st

Sep 9, 2018

New Foiling D35 Prototype Foils tested

Some months ago we reported that the D35 Class was planning a new foiling platform for the future. Now the news are becoming real with this Unofficial fb video  published by Jan Eckert, (check it below, if you cannot watch it or not loading here is the direct fb link) a D35 helm who races the D35 Trophy with his team Django. Jan reports being the "TF35" Prototype, this cat featured in the video is actually an Easy to Fly platform fitted with the new T Foils developed by a known group of designers.
Foils are 3pt conf running system, and all 4 foils are T Foil types, vertical section has an inverted curved and its features flaps and seemingly full electronic flight control system.

The info I have that this setup will surpass any current multihull foil conf, and they are targeting calm winds racing too, as D35 Regattas are mostly held in light winds. Early lift off is targeted along matching current D35 floating performance in light winds, which will be a tough task to achieve, as the D35 is simply the unbeaten beast in those conditions.

Foiling looks pretty stable in this teaser, but remember the foils will need to have an efficient drag component in calm weather racing.

More info when available officially. Video below (click "Continue Reading") :

F18 Nordic Championships 2018: Stroebel & Morris 1st

Spanish Catamaran Championships 2018, F18: Migoya & Parcerisa 1st

Spanish Catamaran Championships 2018, A-Class: Manolo Calavia 1st

Polish Catamaran Championships 2018, A-Class: Maciej Zarnowski 1st

Sep 5, 2018

A-Cat French Nats 2018: October 23-25 @Maubuisson

Info sent by Jean Darnaude / French Association /
One week, two races, three good reasons to come racing !
What is the best way to end the A Cat season than having two regattas in one week!

Thus, the “Régates d’Automne” in Cazaux taking place on the 20th and 21st of October will be the ideal training for all and a general repetition before the French A Cat Nationals organised then by the CVB in Maubuisson from the 23rd to the 25th october.

If the arguments of why participating in two regattas so close to each other is no longer to demonstrate, we wish to share with you three good reasons that will surely convince you to come and join us before storing your boat away for the winter.

First: Proximity and quality
In that same week, you will be able to participate in two regattas before the winter break, less than 100km away from each other, on two sites well known from A-Cat competitors and offering ideal conditions to maximize pleasure both on and off the water. Sailing Clubs’ warm welcome, easy launching, sandy beach, freshwater, nice tactical playground with mostly flat water conditions will allow everyone to play out their favorite game with pleasure or performance and most often a mix of both.

Second: A large and mixed fleet
Last year, the French Nationals attracted 49 competitors including 15 foreigners resulting in an ideal balance between Open and Classic divisions. No doubt this figure will be greatly exceeded this year, counting on the “Cercle de la voile de Bordeaux”expertise in organising great and fair regatta to make this 2018 Nationals a new success. Moreover, this 2018 edition will not be combined with the traditional Grand Prix de l'Armistice, which means that the whole lake will be ours!

Regarding Cazaux, the “Régates de printemps” which was a first experience gathered 18 competitors in exceptional weather conditions. There too, this figure should be largely exceeded for this Autumn regatta, with a continuous ambition to gather both Open and Classic divisions on a same event.

Many foreign competitors of all levels have already expressed their wish to come and mix it up with the French. Thus, we will have to count on Belgians, Swiss, Spanish, Germans, with certainly more countries and names to come....

Third: Friendliness and celebrations ashore
The French A cat National is not only the opportunity to race, to tune his boat or to attend the AFCCA general assembly ; it is before all the opportunity to meet enthusiasts of the class around several events that will be proposed to all sailors. We can not reveal the whole program yet, but it is planned that on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd , between the two competitions, an extra special A Cat program will be available either on the water or ashore. A welcome drink, a sailors diner, opportunities for technical and tactical talks, collective training, ... and many other ideas are being prepared. A Cat is above all spending good moments with friends, making racing even more interesting and fun !

The Notice of Race is here:
Registration online will be available here from the 15th of September

Trophies and other prizes are waiting for you! Who’s coming for it?

Sep 4, 2018

GC32 Racing Tour TV: Episode #3

The GC32 Racing Tour has the best course racing out there and also some of the best quality media coverage by Icarus Sports. Still sometimes so little footage is published, here a great exception with a 23mins short doc of the GC32 Racing Tour Class.

Icarus Sports were responsible for the takes I put together back in 2016, 10 mins of raw sailing reel:

Aug 31, 2018

Americas Cup. Team INEOS UK: Foiling Mono footage

Source Team Ineos UK. Although we still think this concept by TNZ it's an awkward tinkering exercise, INEOS is showing that it might work. Stable flights and looks super fast.
Only issue we see is the sudden dropdown tendency a la FP/F20 (0:45).
The AC50 did not had such tendency at all, and if so the entire windward hull delivered a smoother recovery.

I see some problems on this aspect for future AC foiling monos, not even to speak again on close Match Racing, one of the ever criticized points for racing Cats, who showed indeed you can MR Multis no problem.

Now the monohull "purists" have delivered this monster that will require teams to stay a well marked distance from each other, a fact that will take out part of the MR fun and aggressive moves.
I don't see famous hardcore helms going against each other full bore this time around.

Notes apart, the tinkered Monos is flying pretty good. Congrats to team INEOS UK on the work done implementing such strage concept.

Aug 22, 2018

Tribute & Trophy to recognize Lallo Petrucci

Recognizing those who forged our sport it is a mandatory duty for all the sailors that came after them, benefiting from their hard work and passion for Catsailing.
Lallo Petrucci is without a doubt one of those special characters, and a Trophy with his name its a well deserved tribute.

Info on the Trophy sent by Gerard Letrenne.
Tribute and trophy L. Petrucci
The Sanguinet sailing club & partners, BIMARE France and sailing class associations ACCF (A Cat Classic France) , AFTOR (French association Tornado), will pay tribute, during the GPA regatta on October 13 and 14th to the man who dedicated 40 years to the promotion of sport catamarans.

Michelangelo « Lallo » Petrucci founded his shipyard BIMARE in 1970.

Though his first productions were Olympic Tornado’s, on which he sailed himself, it was in 1985 that he began constructing A class catamarans, inspired by A Lions and Newzelander SCAL designs. This new single-handed catamaran met with rapid success among competitive helmsmen. New A class catamarans were seen in Hyères (1990), Berre (1992), and Mandelieu (1994), but already in 1985 at Sanguinet where, still today, there are 23 A class, among which 19 are BIMARE.
BIMARE have won 3 world championship titles, and since 1987, 19 French national titles.

A class remains BIMARE’s legendary design though another of his designs (18HT) was declared « the world’s best boat » (Bateau de l’année) in 2003 and his F16 is extremely popular.

Numerous BIMARE designs (Bim 2000, Javelin, XJ,V1,V1R, Zero) have answered the needs of the constantly developing A class racing catamarans.

Lallo, after 40 years in Bellaria, passed the torch to BIMARE France, located in Bordeaux, to continue the Petrucci tradition.

Bordeaux already has the necessary infrastructure to satisfy the demands of racers in terms of platforms and appendices for numerous designs.

Let’s make for a beautiful race to honor the man who created and internationally known brand and whose name is legendary among sailors.

Aug 21, 2018

MV Design Draft : Windsurf Foil Board

Windsurf Foil Board design Draft V1. August 21, 2018. I've been busy past weeks so not much news updates were possible, plus my latest project: I'm working on is a WS Foil board design. I tried to get some production ones, and also you can retrofit older Formula boards to achieve good initial costs, but as always I decided finally to solve the problem from its roots, and went to design one myself (as done with the first F18 here and alter with the Scorpion). I designed in 2016 a recreational WS/Sup foil, but this board will be targeted for racing and thus will be fitted with a dedicated racing foil.

Above first foil board quick draft concept, a foiling oriented board with hard rails back transitioning towards the solution done for racing Kiteboards. Of course less rocker than traditional Formula boards ,  with less volume on the bow to minimize aero drag.  Also straighter outline as carving will be done in the air, thus no need for a rounded shape.
Just a teaser, more details as the project advance, some talks already with some to produce it.

On latest devels check for instance latest devel by Starboard below, 2019 Foil boards designed along top notch Argentine sailor Gonza Costa Hoevel. Starboard is at the top of devel but we will follow a different path regarding overall outline along bow shape & volume distribution.

Racing Kiteboard: Photo Pedro Martinez/ Sailing Energy.  --

I went for a more Kitefoil board oriented design, and I found yesterday Exocet have done the same on their 2018 Foil racer version. Review their design talk video below and compare vs Starboard solution.
Clearly we favor the Kitefoil board /Exocet path.

On width new PWA rules call for a 91cm width limit thus will be the standard from now on.

Starboard 2019 board quiver :
Exocet Foil boards:

Aug 19, 2018

The 2019 Worrell Reunion Race; a Crucible Reborn

Photo: Mike Worrell gazes out over the Jensen Beach checkpoint on May 8, 2001 – Credit Walter Cooper Photography //

John Williams have been racing and working for the US Catsailing scene for years, including 2012 F18 Worlds org at LA, plus his involvement in H16, and F16 Classes. Official CV reads: "John Williams is a four-time national champion catamaran sailor, a former member of the US SAILING Development Team, represented the United States at the 2011 Pan American Games, and will be the principle race officer for the 2019 Worrell Reunion Race. "

John is one of those key guys you need to have in any fleet to get things going, and it's no wonder he has been appointed as PRO for the coming Worrell Reunion Race, a regatta to honor and relive the Legendary Worrell 1000.

We will be following this project with great interest. Official web . Below some insights on the new Worrel sent by John Williams.
John Williams
18 August 2018
Seal Beach, CA

The 2019 Worrell Reunion Race; a Crucible Reborn
“What do you think, Johnny?”

I stood, leaning against the boardwalk’s wooden rail, squinting against the blowing beach sand. The onshore breeze was a flag-snapping 20 miles per hour and the surf seemed to roil rather than break. I was gripping my VHF radio a little too tightly. I’d been reminding myself to not grind my teeth when Mike Worrell casually matched my posture against the well-worn rail with a smile and a mild tone that didn’t at all reflect my internal DefCon 3 anxiety.

“Will you race them in this?” I asked.

Mike didn’t answer right away. He turned to look out across the shoreline, but it seemed to me he wasn’t seeing what was in front of us. He was thinking. Maybe he was replaying in his mind the hundreds of other mornings he’d stood on a beach with a decision to make. Maybe he was thinking about what he’d had for breakfast. It was an uncharacteristically private moment with a busy man.

“Let’s see what it looks like in an hour,” he said in that unmistakable drawl, patting my shoulder in encouragement and walking away.

It was May 8, 2001 in Jensen Beach, Florida and I was working for the Tommy Bahama Sailing Team in the Worrell 1000 – a brutal, punishing year in the almanac of the endurance sailing race from South Florida to Virginia Beach. The course was 1000 miles of open ocean on a beach catamaran that tested, and sometimes broke the men and women that dared the challenge. It was only my second time at the event; I’d previously been the manager for a 1st-year team that made it to the finish line. That experience and some good friendships had been enough to land me the manager position for a much higher profile team with significant resources. I learned that more hands don’t always make the work easier, but the experience solidified for me that the race was something special. I knew I wanted more.

In 2003, a cascading series of circumstances saw the event cancelled. There were bad feelings, broken hearts and broken friendships that year. People lost money, confidence and sponsor relationships. In the intervening years between the last event in 2002 and Mike Worrell’s death in 2010, other events were organized and attempted, and Mike himself worked doggedly to rekindle the fire from ashes. Events like the Tybee 500 gave offshore distance catamaran sailors a “fix” for a time, but nothing approached that pinnacle – the Worrell 1000 remained the Tour de France, the World Series, the Super Bowl of the beachcat community. There are catamaran sailors in the current fleets who weren’t yet alive the last time the Worrell 1000 was run, but even they have heard of it.

Now a dedicated core group has resurrected that spark. The 2019 Worrell Reunion Race is a reality in a way that previous organizing efforts couldn’t quite achieve. The team has been quietly working for a year with strong headwinds from an aging fleet’s long memory and understandable skepticism. The focus has been not “if,” but “how?” They decided to focus on the logistics; nailing down checkpoints, dates, permits… whatever had to happen to make the race possible, with a hope that if it were built the fleet would come. The mistrust, the old resentment, all were set aside as unresolvable without the tangible: a start line and a race committee. Maybe in the end, the strongest driver was simply that the clock was running out – nobody’s getting any younger and it seemed like now or never.

Like any family reunion, I expect there will be some tension. But that’s going to fall well short of the nostalgia, stories and warm greetings between old friends, and that’s the part the new blood will be left with after the beach is cleared and the last trailer leaves the parking lot in Virginia.

And now, inexplicably and beyond any imagined future, I’ll be standing in the Florida beach sand next May with a decision to make. And it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone whose voice will be in the back of my mind…

“What do you think, Johnny?”

fb video