Apr 22, 2018

Alter Cup 2018: Day 3

Photo by Fort Walton Yacht Club, 200 pics available at their fb page.  Report sent by Bob Hodges / John D Farris / Fort Walton Yacht Club.

US Multihulls Championships web: ussailing.org/racing/championships/adult/multihullchamps/
Top ten, full results here.

Pos Sail   Skipper  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Total Pos
1   437   Randy Smyth    2   3   3   3   1   4   1   [5]   2   1   20   1  
2   1193   Mike Krantz    1   2   1   4   [20]   1   7   2   1   2   21   2  
3   1003   Robert Hodges    3   4   2   5   4   [14]   2   4   3   10   37   3  
4   1190   Jonathan Weston    7   5   4   2   2   [10]   9   3   5   4   41   4  
5   254   Keith Rice    5   6   7   6   3   2   6   [8]   6   3   44   5  
6   1199   David Berntsen    10   1   5   1   12   21   [23]   1   4   9   64   6  
7   622   Carey Jones    4   [15]   10   12   13   7   3   9   10   7   75   7  
8   362   Richard Stephens    8   12   6   10   [18]   3   8   14   14   6   81   8  
9   1197   David Bacci    9   10   8   7   24   13   [26]   11   7   5   94   9  
10    007 Cam Farrah    14   19   [20]   16   7   11.5/TIE   4   10   8   8   97.5   10

Day 3 Summary Saturday, 21 April 2018
US Sailing Multihull Championship at Fort Walton Yacht Club

Four races attempted, three races completed. US Sailing Hall of Famer, two-time Olympic Sailor & Coach, Randy Smyth said, “It’s completely rare to start a race day with 20 knots of wind and big waves, and then end the day towing everyone back to the club in zero winds.

Day 3 of the 2018 US SAILING Multihull Championship was true to the weather forecast 15-20 knots of breeze early lighting throughout the day. The first race started in a fresh easterly and was shortened by race four due to the breeze steadily dropping to zero and race committee abandoning race four.

West coast sailors, especially Jonathan Weston, accustom to high wind conditions really took off in the first two races but the winds died off and he and other ‘westies’ had to compete in the lighter wind conditions that really slowed everyone down.

Day two leader Randy Smyth showed he knows the way around Choctawhatchee Bay the best and had a great 5-2-1 for the day and now leads the series. Mike Krantz was 2-1-2. Bob Hodges is in third and had a 4-3-10 for the day, and Jonathan Weston was 3-5-4.

The real story of this class and the ability to learn to sail a Weta is exemplified in 17 year old Fort Walton High School junior, Cam Farrah. She is sitting at 10th place overall. She is mixing it up with male sailors with National, International, and Olympic Championships under their belts on a day that a third of the fleet stayed onshore because of the conditions. Fort Walton Yacht Club is extremely proud of her standing in this competition.

The forecast for the 4th day of racing is chance of showers and thunderstorms likely after 11am with southeast wind around 15 knots, with gusts as high as 25 knots. Race Committee will be looking to get at least 2 races tomorrow.

John D. Farris / Fort Walton Yacht Club

Apr 21, 2018

Alter Cup 2018: Day 2

Photo CeCe Stoldt. Report sent by Bob Hodges. Official web: ussailing.org/racing/championships/adult/multihullchamps/
2018 US SAILNG Multihull Championship - Day 2 Wrap-up.

Day 2 of the 2018 US SAILING Multihull Championship was true to the weather forecast with three races completed in 4-7 knots of breeze. The first race started in a dying northeasterly and was shortened by one leg due to the breeze steadily dropping in strength. After about an hour wait, racing resumed with the wind shifting to the southeast and holding steady at 5-7 knots.

Randy Smyth showed he knows the way around Choctawhatchee Bay the best and had a great 1-4-1 for the day and now leads the series. Previous series leader Mike Krantz had a stumble in the first race of the day with a 20th but finished the day with a 1-6 to hold on to 2nd in the regatta. Bob Hodges is in third and had a 4-14-2 for the day.

The forecast for the 3rd day of racing has a decent easterly gradient setting up in the morning and dropping off in strength from mid-day on so it could be a mix. Sunday’s forecast is for 12-18 knots of wind but with rain and possible thunder so the race committee will be looking to get at least 3 races today in case Sunday’s weather is not safe for racing.

Apr 20, 2018

Alter Cup 2018: Day 1

Photo by CeCe Stoldt -  More pics by Nick Tomecek  here.  Day 1 report below sent by Bob Hodges. Results not available yet, check US Mulithull Championship official web for updates: ussailing.org/racing/championships/adult/multihullchamps/
2018 US SAILING Multihull Championship
Day 1 Wrap-up

The opening day of the 2018 US SAILING Multihull Championship hosted by the Fort Walton Yacht Club was blessed by the champagne sailing conditions of a 10-16 knots seabreeze on Choctawhatchee Bay. There were 41 competitors (33 singlehanded, 4 doublehanded) racing 14’ Weta trimarans with four races completed.

Racing was tight amongst the top five at the end of the day with only a 7 point spread between the first and fifth place boats. Mike Krantz from Flowery Branch, GA is in the lead with 4 points. He is followed by Dave Bernsten (San Francisco), Randy Smyth (Fort Walton Beach), and Bob Hodges (Covington, LA) with 7, 8, and 9 points respectively. Jonathan Weston (San Francisco) rounds out the top 5 with 11 points.

The forecast for Friday’s racing looks challenging. A cold front has passed the area and light northeast to east winds are forecast for most of the day so the light air specialists in the fleet are looking forward to challenging the front runners. A stronger easterly gradient is forecast for Saturday and that is forecast to veer to a stronger southeast gradient with rain on Sunday, the final day of racing.

Apr 18, 2018

A-Class: Scheurer G7, 2018 Foils upgrade

A-Class: Updated G7 2018 upwind foiling

Video sent by Sandro Caviezel. Check how he is forcing nose up, as you normally don't foil upwind in those conditions. More details and pics from Sandro later.
If they can nail the foil design, I think in the future all A-Cats will have that forward beam placement.
DS Sail is Landenberger by Felix Egner , quite smooth looking cut too on a short mast (8,3mts).

Apr 17, 2018

F18 Argentina: San Isidro Labrador 2018. Krevisky & Benitez 1st

Some official pics from the regatta pics results by Jorge Cousillas / El Ojo Nautico,  as informative material mainly , as Im wainting a response from the photograher to send some HD ones.
Info on the three major open F18 events this year : F18 Worlds , Europeans & Archipelago Raid --
 This past weekend we had two great days of racing here in Buenos Aires. Like the old good time, we put 20 boat on the water, with at 5 rookie crews. Together with the top guns using the latest DS sails, it was an excellent combination of what we've been saying about attracting back the old guard with updated equipment and still getting new sailors onboard.

Perfect wind conditions for Saturday & Sunday, around 12-15 knots with only the last race held in 5 knots which made for a super close finish.  Agustín Krevisky & Juan Martin Benitez (Phantom F18 / 1D DS / boom) won over  Pablo Volker & Sergio Mehl (Exploder Scorpion F18 / Mischa DS / boom) over the line, within a 1mtr gap in the last race, a win meant the event for any of them.

Third place overall for Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (Infusion MKII / 1D DS boomless).

It was the first regatta in Arg where all the top guys were using DS, and results showed how close it was. On Saturday Cruz & Mariano scored two bullets, while Krevisky & Benitez two of their own.
Volker & Mehl were getting used to sail again and took the day to get some coordination towards the next day.

Sunday perfect Northerly with some small chop, first two races were all for Volker & Mehl, they got the needed trim and pace and were untouchable in the breeze, for the last race they made a tactical mistake and almost got the calm wind master Krevisky, now sailing with 2016 WChamp Crew  Tigre Benitez. Agustín had no issues sailing the DS in 5-6knots as when he dominated with the standard rigging in those conditions, like the Arg Nats 2017 held in calm weather mostly that he won with Billy Lopez Segura with std top square sail past November vs some top crews already with DS.

Local talent
So it was a pretty even race all in all, for the top three. As always I like to remark about our top sailors, imagine the level we have here when Cruz & Mariano, that I can objectively affirm are top 6 sailors in the World only on their 2017 Worlds position, finish in 3rd place on a local regatta.
Watch out for Krevisly & Tigre Benitez  and Volker-Mehl if these crews attend to Europeans or Sarasota Worlds, the intention is there to join Cruz & Mariano on their annual World touring.

Boomless DS debut
4th place for Hernan Salerno & Andres Grimaldi (Phantom F18 / SI std) and in 5th place and really good result for Fran Venetucci & Agustín Ross. I handed them a brand 1D boomless DS 1 hour before the racing started, helped them a bit placing the omegas on the tramp for the added spi crickets and their were off.

Performance for them vs some other good Infusion crews sailing std sail was noticalbe, scoring some 4th & 5th only behind the most experienced crews also with DS.
The interesting aspect was it was a boomless DS, thus no investment on curved boom & gooseneck for those who were worried on added costs.
It was a 5th place out of the box literally within a 17 registered boat fleet (as we had more on the water).

Boom & DS
On the boom no boom discussion, I have my own preference, but bullets distribution noted above showed it lays down to actual racing.
Is important to remark though that a boom will also help you to achieve a better mast rotation.

I got a call Friday 9pm to crew for my good friend Charly Bohn, thus we raced again on his Phantom F18 with the DS custom cut I made this summer.
Placing was always behind the top 9 crews, and well ahead of the rookies, as Charly is also on his 2nd year in the F18 and 2nd regatta as helm (I'm no Stephan Dekker crewing neither.. haha) , but I can affirm again that the re cut DS from a standard square top sail works really good. Which is another point against those complaining on added costs (when we all know that top crews buy new sails every year almost no matter the trend cut design in place at any given time..)

Rookies & two Fleets
We have many rookies sailing this weekend, it was nice to have new faces, lots of DNF on their laps timing but we will implement  from now on an A & B fleet , and will also score those unable to follow or complete the course in the assigned time limit.
This will put numbers on their score sheet, and will give newbies an additional incentive to continue racing and improving.

F18 Formula
Happy to see the IF18CA now going forward, we had some uniformed "no change" motto stubbornness past years (look how cool & efficient are F18s these days, post Mischa Scorpion/DS 2017 Title) , but now there is a clear path again and you can see from this regatta how allowing controlled development withing the rule box will keep the top guys involved and will continue to attract new members.

When you have so many performance alternatives, the F18 with latest DS devels has become attractive once more. Many of the top guys are selling their current top working F18s, to go for the new Infusion MKIII epoxy convertible for instance, an scenario not seeing here since 2013.  This will put their former used boats on the market at good costs.

A cycle that is the core of success Formula & Box Rule devel classes. To be clear once more, no one wants to fly race in the F18, but anything within the box rule should be allowed without further useless discussion.

Top Ten:

Pl Sail # Crew From Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 66 Agustin Krevisky & Tigre Benitez CNP- YCA 9 1 2 (3) 1 2 2 1
2 NED007 Pablo Volker & Sergio Mehl Aguila 11 3 (4) 2 2 1 1 2
3 7 Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser YCA 13 2 1 1 (3) 3 3 3
4 6 Hernan Salerno & Grimaldi Andres CNMP 29 (9) 3 5 4 4 4 9
5 1985 Francisco Venetrucci & Agustin Ross
33 4 6 (9) 5 6 5 7
6 1843 Christian Vilate & Octavio Dorbessan CUBA 36 5 (8) 6 7 7 6 5
7 1706 Nicolas Vottero & Sebastian Cristina YCSF 37 (8) 7 4 6 8 8 4
8 NZL Juan Grimaldi & Matias Grimaldi CNMP 41 6 (9) 7 8 5 7 8
9 44 Diego Baialardo & Gustavo Manso YCSF 44 7 5 8 (dns) 9 9 6
10 20 Carlos Bohn & Tomas Mon Aguila Club 59 (10) 10 10 9 10 10 10

Photos by Jorge Cousillas / El Ojo Nautico / Club Nautico San Isidro.:

Apr 16, 2018

GC32 First World Championships: Riva del Garda, 23-27, May, 2018

First ever GC32 Worlds, info sent by the GC32 Class / www.gc32worlds.com
GC32 World Championship preview issued on 16 April 2018
Formidable line-up for first GC32 World Championship

A record-sized fleet of foiling catamarans is set to descend on Lake Garda in northern Italy at the end of next month where crews from across the globe will fight to become the first ever World Champion in the GC32 one design foiling catamaran class. This first official World Championship has come about following studious work by the GC32 International Class Association to gain itself ‘World Sailing recognition’ which it achieved last autumn.

The 15 boat fleet competing off Riva del Garda over 23-27 May represents the coming together of the two GC32 circuits: The GC32 Racing Tour, which comprises five events in top venues for foiling across southern Europe and the Extreme Sailing Series - an eight-stop global Stadium Racing championship, starting in Oman and finishing in Mexico.

“Having the opportunity to bring together the two fleets will make for some fantastic racing and a

Martin Fischer vs Phantom International: Phantom 18/FP Court Rulings

I received this Docs from Martin Fischer. On the Court of Appeal ruling regarding a conflict between him and SI/Phantom International on the Phantom F18 / FP series design rights. For more info and details on the matter contact Martin at martin.ncl@gmail.com  and Phantom International at phantom-international.com/contact-us/


(M. Fischer V Sail Innovation/Phantom International)

In its decision dated 16 March 2018, the Paris Court of Appeal held that the companies SAIL INNOVATION and PHANTOM INTERNATIONAL have committed copyright counterfeit acts against Mr Martin FISCHER by building and marketing the sail boats PHANTOM 18 and FLYING PHANTOM based on Mr Martin FISCHER’s plans of the hulls and appendages and has condemned those companies to indemnify him for the incurred damage.


---- French Orig Version-----


«Par décision en date du 16 mars 2018, la cour d'appel de Paris a notamment jugé que les sociétés SAIL INNOVATION et PHANTOM INTERNATIONAL ont commis des actes de contrefaçon de droits d’auteur au préjudice de M. Martin FISCHER en fabriquant et en commercialisant les voiliers PHANTOM 18 et FLYING PHANTOM sur la bases de plans d’architecture des coques et appendices de M. Martin FISCHER et a condamné ces sociétés à l’indemniser en réparation des préjudices subis.»


Les Voiles des St Barth 2018: Final Day

Apr 14, 2018

Banque Populaire IX Trimaran Capsized

Photo credits: Yvan Zedda / BPCE - Théo Reynal / BPCE -  Just back from a great racing F18, to read a mail from James Baeckler on the BP IX Trimaran capsize .

 Below g + custom translate, original source Banque Populaire Voile web : www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/news/ . More info in French sent by James Telegramme  & Le Figaro
After the capsize of the Maxi Banque Populaire IX last night at Morocco coast, the crew was helped by the Moroccan army. Armel Le Cléac'h, Pierre Emmanuel Hérissé and the cameraman arrived to Casablanca where they were taken care of by the Consulate of France. Armel, joined by his team on shore in the late afternoon, tells of his capsize:

" That night we sailed on port tack towards Cadiz. We left  Tuesday from Lorient, we had made a big edge along Portugal. To train, we went to find a crossing point in the northwest of the Canaries. We were returning to Cadiz to pick up the crew for the rest of the program.

The sea and wind conditions were pretty good, we had 18/20 knots of wind at the time of the

Apr 9, 2018

Gunboat 66 "Phaedo" @Les Voiles de St Barth 2018

Gunboats @BVI Spring Regatta 2018 by Acqua Films

Video filmed by Acqua Films Aantigua/ -  For more Gunboat news check their fb web.
New Gunboat 68 drone preview here

Left: Nigel Irens designed Gunboat 55-60 Series, a truly Cruiser Racer, just  impressive. Shot from video above.

Apr 6, 2018

Nacra 17s @Palma 2018: Day 5 Results

Photo: Tomás Moya / Sailing Energy / Trofeo Princesa Sofia - Final stage has ended today after 15 races held in total.  First two held in 8 knots aprox, and the last race of the day in 15knots offshore tricky conditions.
Top ten crews for the Medal have been decided today. Tita-Banti and Saxton-Boniface kept two first places unscathed from past days with the Italians establishing a 34pt gap.

Both  Spanish finished the series stage in 3rd ,Echavarri-Pacheco , and 4th overall for Martinez-Maslivets.

Last race of the day was won by Majdalani-Bosco, showing once more how this talented youth Arg crew can respond under pressure to secure a spot in the top ten.

Full results at trofeoprincesasofia.org/en/default/races/race-resultsall

Apr 3, 2018

Paper Tiger Internationals 2018

Report sent by Alex Craig , video shot by Stephen Brayshaw. Check the footage , great sailing for these little fast cats. Paper Tiger official web : www.papertigercatamaran.org
Paper Tiger Internationals – Kiwi Clean Sweep
The 2018 Maersk Line Paper Tiger Internationals were dominated by a strong New Zealand contingent, claiming all podium positions, and outsailing the Aussies to win the coveted team’s trophy.

The event, hosted by Frankston Yacht Club in Victoria, Australia, saw a fleet of 48 boats take to the waters of Port Phillip Bay over the Easter long weekend.

Hayden Percy, from Napier Sailing Club in New Zealand, sailed an impressive regatta with six heat wins to be crowned 2018 International Champion. With outstanding boat speed in all conditions, Percy’s success was driven by a refined rig setup, using a North Sail and stiffened mast, along with a dedicated training program leading up to the event.

The kiwi domination continued with Derek Scott and Dylan Taylor claiming second and third overall respectively. Greg Williams was the best placed Australian, finishing the series in 5th place overall.

This year’s event saw a keen contingent of eight junior sailors represented in the fleet. Tom Maidment from New Zealand took home the Junior title, with Bailey Hord from Australia keeping the pressure on to finish second. Both sailors finished in the top 20 of the open fleet, and will be ones to watch in the future!

The event was made possible by Maersk Line, who generously shipped the 20 boat New Zealand Team to Melbourne for the event. Supporting sponsors included Permex, Bluestreak Sail Battens, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Ronstan and Redhead Sails.

The Paper Tiger class continues to provide a great social atmosphere and affordable racing, with half of the top 10 boats, including the winner, home built by their skippers. Professionally made boats are available through Australian Fibreglass Composites.

The 2019 event will be held over Easter at Napier Sailing Club, New Zealand.
Full results available at: here

Some great video footage from the event can be viewed at: /www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zBw0PmKJfo

For more information on the Paper Tiger Class:

UK: East Coast Piers Race 2018: 100 Days to Go

Sent by Tom Brooks ----- 100 days to go until the East Coast Piers Race sponsored by Zhik!
With 100 days to go until the East Coast Piers Race, top sailors from across the UK and Europe will begin preparations to tackle the various long distance courses the ECPR weekend offers.

Held at Marconi Sailing Club in Essex on the 7th & 8th of July, the weekend is open to fast dinghies (PY980 or faster) and catamarans, with inshore racing on Saturday and three different courses on Sunday with distances of 13, 27 and 48 miles.
Part of the Allen Endurance series, the race weekend is all in the name of charity with all funds raised donated to The Cirdan Sailing Trust Charity.

What can you expect from this top weekend of sailing?
Off the water
· Great prizes from our headline sponsor Zhik
· Superb sponsored ales from Mighty Oak - with all “proceeds” from their ales going to charity
· Live SKA band on Saturday night
· Free camping from Friday to Monday
· BBQ Saturday night (included in entry price)
· Raffle tickets on sale, with great prizes for the winning tickets

On the water
· Live GPS tracking from SailRacer
· Two inshore races on Saturday – briefing at 12pm, racing at 1pm
· Three long distance races on Sunday - 13, 27 and 48 mile distances
· Racing for monohull and multihull sailors
· Mother boats (yachts) at every mile of the course to help if needed - on top RIB support

Thanks goes out to all our sponsors - Zhik, GJW Direct, The Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Sailing Chandlery and Allen Brothers.

Have any questions?
If you have any questions about the weekend then please email info@eastcoastpiersrace.com or check out the race website www.eastcoastpiersrace.com.

For the latest information and updates follow East Coast Piers Race on Facebook or Twitter.

Nacra 17s @Palma 2018: Day 2 Results

Mar 30, 2018

A-Class: New DNA F1 "x" in Detail

A-Class: New DNA F1 'X' preview

Latest update for the DNA F1. After the Exploder D3 Team dominated 2017 Worlds at Sopot, DNA and Mischa Heemskerk felt the need to update an already great platform. Mischa has published this shot today in his fb (follow for updates) while waiting for wind to race at Campione del Garda.
I'm preparing an interview with Mischa on his career and latest developments he has been involved, included this new F1.

New foils, rudders, rake trim controls and case position are the possible modifications from the original F1, along a hidden mainsheet plus the no boom setup.
Sail is small pinhead by Mischa Sails, which were proven at the past North Americans.

Note how he force camber on the upper sail section (on the reduced chord) with a pretty flat entry at foot/tack height.

Will be interesting to see how the sail performs in light winds for him against top European / Aussie D3 riders.

Mar 29, 2018

America's Cup 36: AC75 Class Rules revealed

- Reading TNZ fb that the soft Wing they are developing will "Trickle Down"...  not even close, as many sailmakers have been playing around with the concept for years, lately Heru Sails with their A-Cat & I-Fly 15 soft wings among their long  time Windsurfing development. Same for the entire Windsurfing industry and the double luff sails.

We highly respect the talent, professionalism and level of the designers of the AC75 rule, but if this concept was proposed say on an Internet forum or here or anywhere else, it would have been labeled as ridiculous complicated solution just to please the old guard with  a visual Monohull central platform.

And now this Soft wing "breakthrough"  to replace the hard wing, along supplied foils, OD mast tube and else. In the end it was better to keep a simplified multihull platform and leaving the hard wing , instead of over complicating with a ballasted 3pt monohull foiling dangerous experiment.
On their reduce cost but maintain foiling goals, best alternative would have been an scaled GC32 or updated softwing AC50 without all the playstation controls.

Don't let aggressive sailors drive these things on the chance of destroying and hurting their fellow competitors, not on their actions but only on the new Rule creators and Team owners/Leaders stubbornness on a single hull Cup.
I like Classics & Tradition too, but this AC75 monster is nowhere honoring the old good times

New Rules: The America's Cup AC75 Class Rule Official details below & video sent by America's Cup Media.
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Circolo della Vela Sicilia, together with their respective teams Emirates Team New Zealand and the Challenger of Record - Luna Rossa, published the AC75 Class Rule for the 36th America’s Cup today.

The AC75 Class Rule defines the parameters within which teams can design a yacht eligible to compete in the 36th America’s Cup. It regulates all aspects of the boat to ensure fair and exciting racing, whilst leaving plenty of freedom for innovation to flourish.

The development of the Class Rule has been a four-month process led by Emirates Team New Zealand, working together with Luna Rossa Challenge.

“We are pleased to publish the Class Rule on time as per the Protocol. It has been a detailed collaboration with the Challenger of Record on all aspects of the rule, including the one design and supplied parts. We feel we have done a great job containing costs on certain aspects, while leaving the rule open enough for the America’s Cup to continue as the driving force of innovation and technology in sailing,” said Dan Bernasconi, Design Coordinator for Emirates Team New Zealand.

Highlights of the AC75 Class Rule include:
Strict limitations on the number of components that can be built including hulls, masts, rudders, foils, and sails, thus encouraging teams to do more R&D in simulation and subsequently less physical construction and testing
Supplied foil arms and cant system to save design time and construction costs
Supplied rigging
One design mast tube

In addition, the ‘soft wing’ mainsail concept that has been developed for the AC75 Class Rule is expected to have a trickle-down effect on sailing in the future.

“The AC75 Class Rule sets the parameters for the teams to develop and race the fastest sailing monohull on earth. The rules are the result of a close collaboration and a true partnership between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa,” said Martin Fischer, Design Coordinator for Luna Rossa Challenge.

“This marks a definite milestone and a turning point from developing the rule to developing the boat,” said Dan Bernasconi. “Overnight we have to completely change our thinking, from trying to write a fair rule, to doing our best to design the fastest boat within the constraints of the rule. We have to stop thinking about what we intended the rule to mean, and start trying to pick it apart for what the words actually say - and see where there might be room to squeeze some advantage.”

This will be the same for the best minds in yacht design and technology across all of the teams who will begin to reveal their innovations 31 March 2019 when the first AC75 yachts can be launched.

*The America's Cup AC75 Class Rule

Mar 28, 2018

Scorpion F18 Training Camp by Paschalidis & Trigonis

Video by Paschalidis & Trigonis Sailing Team. The experienced Greek crew is now full immersed with the Formula 18 after their debut together at the 2017 Worlds. Later they won a competitive lineup at St Barts and they continue to put hours on the Class.
They have organized their first F18 Training Camp with five Exploder Scorpions equipped with 1D Sails. More info on the camp here.

Video above in flat waters, but nevertheless super smooth rides. Which is the common feedback I have from many different sailors, specially the "floating/foiling" (sic)  sensation, that can be assigned to the combination of a flat transom with more rounded forward crossections.

When you assign flat crossections to bow specially , you will feel an annoying splash in small chop or waves. A feature I had in mind when designing the Scorpion. Glad it worked as intended.

2018 F18 Europeans  & 2018 F18 Worlds at Sarasota coming this season.
Epoxy rule , as informed is now approved and in place. Epoxy F18s will be allowed to race the 2018 Europeans and the 2018 Worlds.

fb video