Dec 7, 2017

Gunboat 68: First Hull out of molds

So good to see this brand going forward. Peter Johnstone did a great job establishing it. Sadly some fantasy marketing like the G4 been offered as a cruiser-racer (since day one I remarked that was not the case for a foiling 40'cat)  , plus others mgmnt/factory issues created a perfect storm that caused bankruptcy.

But his legacy on the concept / brand lives on. Now Gunboat is being managed by a French multihull operation. Their new launch is the gunboat 68, which looks fantastic. When Johnstone launched the 72'renders I told him the A-Class / G4  bow style was not suited for cruisers of that size and they needed to do something diff.
68 above looks like an scaled Scorpion.

This 68 profile looks perfect, of course having 68' helps the lines, but still a great designed cruising cat.

Source Gunboat Twitter , more info on the Gunboat 68 at

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