Dec 31, 2017

A-Class Australian Nats 2018: Day 3 Results

Photo from day 1 by Wangi Amateur Sailing Club. - Three races held today in 8-15 knots as reported by Gavin Rietman/Forward WIP Australia. Gavin also reports close racing which can be seen in his fb videos.

Steve Brewin scored 6,1,1 for the day to maintain lead just by 0.5pts over Glenn Ashby (2,2 & 2.5). Highlight of the day was Brad Collet placing a bullet on the fourth race, a 6th & a tie in 2nd with Ashby in the last race of the Day. Brad finished 3rd last year and he is always in the top spots, being one of the best A-Cat sailors in Australia.
The special aspect fir this event is sailing a DNA F1 vs a full fleet dominated with Exploder D3 sailed by the other top contenders. So it is good to see he could take two top spots today as a proof the F1 can still deliver with it Z foils from 2014.

The other sailor to my knowledge (not much pics sadly from Australia ) sailing a DNA F1 is Matt Homan, currently in 5th place. Will confirm this later.

Rest of the top ten Stephen Brayshaw holds 10th overall but an ocs gets him a bit back on positions, with a discard he will raise to top 5.
Outteridge getting top tens but not enough to push the leaders. Hope he can enjoy the new devels in the Class and continue to race As in the future.

On a New Year post, take this one, nothing better to celebrate a great 2017 following this regatta. Still to start 2018 a new cat design might be revealed next week. Renders I've been receiving look like a special new weapon. (Not A-Class related)

Top ten below, complete results here

Dec 30, 2017

A-Class Australian Nats 2018: Day 2

Photo & data of the day by Gavin Rietman / Forward WIP Australia:  "Very fickle breeze today for race 3 at the A Class Nationals. 3 laps in a dying NW breeze that was fighting the sea breeze. Glenn Ashby & Steven Brewin nearly lapped half the fleet.
Only 1 race today so we are now 3 races behind schedule"
In the video Gavin published, Brewin came back to the pin to restart the race. Dave Shaw from NZL had a great Worlds at Sopot and continues to perform among a top talented fleet in Australia. Dave holds 3rd place overall maintaining himself close to Brewin & Ashby plus a good gap with the rest of the fleet.

Brayshaw had an OCS so went back in the overall. Outteridge yesterday in the breeze scored 4 & 4, today a bit behind with a 18th.

Top ten below, full results here

Dec 29, 2017

A-Class Australian Nats 2018 @Wangi: Day 1 Results

Two races held today, Steve Brewin scored two bullets and leads over Ashby & Dave Shaw.  Good sailing conditions as seen in a video posted by Gavin Rietman / Forward WIP Australia. Even upwind foiling just from the start for Ashby and others. On a second clip he posted Outteridge leads at the windward mark followed by Glenn Ashby and Brewin,   still the 2017 World Champ, won that race too, we assume with superior downwind speed/handling.

Update: Complete performance & conditions report for Day 1,  by Bob Griffits at IACA official web

Waiting for some pics to be available, but with the sailors involved plus the conditions seen in Gavin's video the Australian A-Cat sailors are having a blast.
Got conformation on platforms from Simon Nelson, Ashby is on Exploder D3 & Z22.

50 boats racing at Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club Top ten below, full results here.

Dec 28, 2017

Catsailor Quiver

As Surfers have their board quiver selection nowadays for Catsailors is just the same. When planning vacations you need to select which one will travel with you, this time the F18 & F20 stayed home...!

Know Arg hardcore catsailor arriving to Punta del Este for his holydays with his new Leopard 40 & the  Exploder D3 A-Cat racked on top.

This scene was unthinkable some years ago down here.

Catsailing is definitely an unique Way of  Life .

World Sailing Show - January 2018: Grant Simmer on TNZ AC75 Foiling Mono

World Sailing Show series are quality made news clips, follow their releases at WS yt channel -
Video link clicking image above or embedded below : Grant Simmer discuss on the new AC design features, including the full on battery system to move the Foil Ballast around...

IMOCA 60s, Quant 23, MW680 are more suitable foiling concepts and at least follow some monohull basics , some even maintain floating mode capabilities.

Trying to mimic a Multihull without actually building one is truly a complicated solution. But that is what we will have for next Cup. Still doubtful on how efficient this three leg monster can deliver.

Dec 25, 2017

SuperFoiler Grand Prix: Euroflex Dream Team

Photo: Beau Outteridge Productions  . Ashby,  Nathan Outteridge & Jensen will be racing together onboard the Euroflex Super Foiler. The SuperFoiler Grand Prix is gaining momentum securing many top notch sailors. Clearly the platform is flying much better now than those early tests.
I don't see people like these above mentioned joining a Foiling series not worth of or that cannot deliver a min of flying performance. 
Ashby & Outteridge will be racing the Australian A-Class Nats this week, more info at IACA official web:

Still I see a demolition Derby coming in the breeze, but is part of the fun targeted for this new platform.

Making a shortlist for CSN Boat of the Year and the Superfoiler enters on its latest shown performance.

Fer van West from Morrelli & Melvin is preparing a report on the boat, will publish as soon is ready.
Below press release by Superfoiler Grand Prix
America's Cup 'Dream Team' Ready to Catapult on Euroflex SuperFoiler

(Sydney) They’ve been dubbed the “Dream Team” and today a powerhouse trio boasting 24 world championships between them christened their Euroflex SuperFoiler - the machine many believe will propel them to victory in this summer’s SuperFoiler Grand Prix.

Glenn Ashby has had a remarkable 12 months, skippering Emirates Team New Zealand to victory in the America’s Cup as well as being named Australian Sailor of the Year. The Victorian wants to continue winning in 2018 – and is eager to do so on home shores.

“Being able to race back home in summer was too hard to ignore. It is going to be bloody fun, but also physically challenging,” said Ashby.

The Euroflex SuperFoiler is further bolstered by the addition of Olympic Gold medallists and America’s Cup campaigners Iain Jensen and Nathan Outteridge – who make this formidable line-up a salivating prospect.

“If we hadn’t sailed the America’s Cup boats I would be petrified. You are just on the trapeze ready to get catapulted,” said Nathan Outteridge, “There is expectation on our shoulders, but at the same time it is a massive learning moment – this is the 18-footer on steroids.”

The sky-blue livery of Euroflex is perfectly suited for a machine threatening to take off into orbit and having been the first SuperFoiler to crack the 65km/h barrier when they were ‘holding back’ Euroflex’s reputation as the team to catch is swelling by the hour.

“Euroflex makes the hard jobs simple. Already our crew on board the Euroflex SuperFoiler are making the incredibly difficult look effortless. I think that is a wonderful omen for sensational performances across the circuit,” said Euroflex’s Australian CEO Graham Dunlop.

SuperFoiler COO Jack Macartney is also surprised by how quickly the Euroflex trio have mastered the machines - “Given the SuperFoiler has parallels to flying many have christened the sailors, ‘pilots’, but after seeing the Eurfoflex trio in action I think it’s not a stretch to call these blokes aquatic astronauts – they really are ready to blast off.”

The Euroflex and Kleenmaid will be joined by four other SuperFoilers set to be launched in time for a 2018 summer Grand Prix circuit. All six machines will be vying for glory and the storied Ben Lexcen Trophy - which will be presented to the boat with the highest cumulative total after the five regattas.

The racing will be livestreamed on Plus7 with immersive post produced coverage airing on 7mate. Channel 7 will also air a half an hour special on the SuperFoiler journey on December 26 as part of their Sydney to Hobart race coverage.

Euroflex looks to simplify housework and change the way customers clean - offering a more cost effective and environmentally conscious solution than any market competitor.

The Italian designed steam and exothermic mops are the only floor cleaning systems that capture the perfect balance of heat and moisture – thanks to innovative technology achieved through a determined commitment to research and development.

The SuperFoiler Grand Prix will be contested over five weekends at five iconic marine locations across Australia (South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales) from February 2018.

The first regatta will be held on Adelaide’s Outer Harbor from February 2nd- 4th

The Summer series will see the best sailors from around the world compete for the Ben Lexcen Trophy.

Photo Credit - Beau Outteridge

Dec 24, 2017

State of Mind

After an exciting 2017 its time to cool down & relax a bit. I'm always full throttle , is like the only mode I had for years. But as you get older, you learn to manage your inner drive in a more efficient  way. Nothing better to get in that mood than this picture taken by Sander van de Borch at Bermuda.

Have a nice Christmas Eve. Enjoy time with Friends & Family.

Dec 22, 2017

Cruiser Cats Arg: Changing the Status Quo

So nice seeing the Cat cruiser market growing from zero here in Buenos Aires. Thousands of monohulls fill local marinas, but that scenario is starting to change.
Two of the above cruiser cats are owned by sailors who entered the Catsailing realm through the F18 & my Beachcat cruiser based on the first RCF18 hulls.
One has established now a Leopard dealership & the other is finisheing the built of a full Alu 46' Cruising Cat, designed by Volker Sr.  Mast will be 18mts aprox.

3rd is a Fusion 40 kit, assembled here by another F18 sailor & Naval Eng, Sebastian Mazza-Campos. Another 52'Custom one is being built from scratch in Paraná too. More info on that one soon.

In the future, beachacts & cruising cats will be the only vessels able to sail at our Rio de la Plata , on the constant low draft being generated by the Paraná river huge Delta system.

We have both ends now of the Catamaran range spectrum (F18 sailors formed the GC32 Código Rojo Racing Team, thus we have that one covered too) but I want the middle sister, a 30' Performance  Cruiser/Daysailer . A great design in that range is being drawn by a known designer, prelims drafts are already too good. More on the 30' project soon.

Dec 20, 2017

Francois Gabart - Macif Tri: Solo Round the World Record in Numbers

All images sent by Christophe Launay /
Click images for  orig size & Slideshow. Portfolio was already published before the record attempt, when he spent 24hs sailing with Francois and Macif shore crew.  But provides a  good glance of  Gabart's tasks onboard Macif. Complete gallery by Launay here

Below hard numbers of this impressive record, short 2 days of the Jules Verne one, which was achieved by Francis Joyon & his IDEC crew.  Macif Trimaran is a foiling equipped Maxi Trimaran, IDEC was not, either way is 1 sailors vs a Team and all the implications on rest times, navigation, handling etc. Just incredible what Francois did.

Right now Gabart is not Sailor of the year, but sailor of this 21st Century.

Below Solo round the World Record Data sheet , source Macif Course au Large


Arrival Sun Dec 17, 2017
Departure Sat Nov 4, 2017

Data Sheet

Max Speed 47 knots
Solo Round the World Tour 42D 16h 40min 35s
Average Speed 27,2 Knots
Equator/Equator 30D 4h 45min
Max Average in 24hs 35,2 Knots
Ocean Pacific Crossing 7D 15h 15min
Max dist traveled 24hs 851 NM
Reference Time Records
Max advance vs Coville's Record 2799,8 NM
Ouessant / Good Hope 11D 20h 10min
Max -gap vs Coville's Record 217,5 NM
Ouessant / Cape Agulhas 11D 22h 20min
Actual dist traveled 27859,7 NM
Ouessant / Cape Leeuwin 19D 14h 10min
Nr of Winch turns 104,23
Ouessant / Cape Horn 29D 03h 15min
Nr of Winch turns in Km 164km
Ouessant / Equator turn around 36D 01h 30min
Max Temp 32,5 c
Cape Horn / Equator 6D 22h 15min

Dec 18, 2017

Nacra 17: Gimson-Burnet training towards Tokyo 2020

Nacra 17 MKII looking good once more, would like for the crews to get all the juice possible out of the MKII platform, to see how efficient (or not)  upwind foiling while racing can become with more hours on the new Olympic cat. Z foils also look more reliable that Js, a local  Arg onboard video circulating here is showing scary handling in the breeze for 3pt Js.

Video sent by John Gimson: 
"Thanks for sharing our Nacra 20 foiling gybe video from Bermuda earlier this year. We are now well in to our Nacra 17 MKII foiling campaign for 2020. We picked up our boat the day before the europeans and scored a 5th overall, then managed a 6th overall at the Worlds in la Grand Motte. Quite happy the prefrmance achieved as we were one of the last teams to receive our boat before the big summer events.
Attached latest video on the N17 trainings.

Many thanks John Gimson & Anna Burnet". 

Our Instagram and twitter handle is teamgbnacra.

Dec 17, 2017

Solo Round the World: Francois Garbart destroys previous record by 6 Days

Video & pics by Alexis Courcou / Jean Marie Liot / Marine Nationale / MACIF -  If Thomas Coville's record from Dec 2016 was a special one, imagine breaking it by 6 days. Francois Gabart sailing the foil assisted Macif Trimaran has completed an immense achievement, on the record itself, on being Solo, on the weather conditions and specially being 2 days apart from the Jules Verne Trophy, which is held by Joyon and his IDEC crew, record broken early this year in January.

To view Macif foils setup check this previous posts :  Macif wins Centennial Transat  & Macif launch by Launay.
Excellent on board shots taken by Christophe Launay, who spent 24hs sailing with Gabart, here.

This record is a milestone for offshore racing. Gabart seems such a good guy, always smiling with good vibes. Well deserved Record for Francois who is also sails & race FP, F18 & A-Class, also a former Tornado sailor.

The French offshore teams are still pursuing more Round the World voyages, Spindrift 2 is on stand by to attempt the Jules Verne Trophy record.

Relive gps tracking at

Below translated official report  by
François Gabart pulverize Solo round the World Record.Journey started Saturday, November 4 at 10:05 am departing from Ushant.
François Gabart reached this Sunday, December 17 at 2:45 (French time) to the finish line of his solo world tour, located between Cape Lizard and Ouessant.

For his first attempt, the skipper of the trimaran MACIF sets a new record of the solo round the world in 42 days 16 hours 40 minutes and 35 seconds, imptoving by 6 days 10 hours 23 minutes and 53 seconds the time set on December 25, 2016 by Thomas Coville (49 days 3 hours 4 minutes 28 seconds).

Francois time is the second absolute, crew and solitary combined, around the world, only IDEC Sport (Francis Joyon) having done better on January 26, 2017 on the Jules Verne Trophy (40 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds).

MACIF trimaran has actually traveled 27,859.7 miles, its actual average on this course is 27.2 knots.
During this round of the world, François Gabart has marked the spirits, knocking down virtually every reference time in his path.

The most significant being the distance traveled alone in 24 hours (851 miles between November 13 and 14 against 784, a record that already belonged to him), but also those, crew and solitary combined, on Ouessant-Cap de Bonne sections. -Experience (12 days 20 hours and 10 minutes), crossing the Pacific (Tasmania-Cape Horn in 7 days 15 hours and 15 minutes) and Cape Horn-Equator (6 days 22 hours and 15 minutes).

Questioned Friday, François Gabart had confided to the evocation of the record he was about to beat: " I never dreamed of this time. On paper, with the weather, with what I was able to do with this boat, it was possible to break the record, but in the best scenarios, one or two days. It's pretty amazing . The new record holder around the world is expected in the morning in Brest, the trimaran MACIF will be moored dock Malbert.


Francois Gabart breaks Solo Round the World Record

Image sent by Christophe Launay / Check Launay's 24hs photo session done with Francois before departure here.   - World Record smashed :  42 Days , 16hs, 40mins , 35 secs.   Previous by Coville: 49 Days, 3hs, 4mins, 28 Secs.

More info & pics tonight. Official web

Dec 16, 2017

VOR 2017/2018: Wipeout recovery in the Southern Ocean

Time to get the VOR done in Multis. Enduring this weather on giant Tri is not walk in the park either but at least you wont get this situations above and it will be faster. Lets see Verdier's hybrid for next edition... footage Sent by VOR Press. Additional footage here.
"As the Volvo Ocean Race fleet continue the 6,500 nautical mile leg from Cape Town to Melbourne the sailors are experiencing one of the most hostile enviroments the ocean has to offer.
Thousands of miles from land, people and more importantly help - watch this incredible footage of the Turn the Tide on Plastic crew recover from a classic Southern Ocean wipeout.

Dec 15, 2017

Nacra 15 Youth Worlds 2017 @Sanya, China: Finals Results

First GC32 Worlds to be held at Garda , May 23-27 , 2018

Sent by GC32 Class . First official Worlds will be joining GC32 Racing Tour & the Extreme Series crews, web
First GC32 World Championship will be held on Lake Garda

GC32 World Championship preview issued on 14 December 2017

With the GC32 officially receiving World Sailing recognition last month, the GC32 International Class Association is pleased to announce that its first World Championship will take place in Riva del Garda, Italy on 23-27 May, 2018. This will see the fleets of the GC32 Racing Tour and Extreme Sailing Series competing on the same race track.

GC32 International Class Association President Simon Delzoppo commented: "On behalf of the GC32 International Class Association I would like to thank World Sailing for making the GC32 a recognised class. The World Championship will be the pinnacle event in the GC32 season. It is a great endorsement for the GC32 class and will help attract a record number of foiling catamarans to compete on the same start line." Delzoppo, who comes from Australia, will be helming his GC32 .film Racing at the event, having joined the GC32 Racing Tour in 2017 as an owner-driver.
GC32 International Class Association promo Learn all about the GC32 World Sailing-recognised foiling one design catamaran Also returning is defending champion Oman Air, winner of the first GC32 Championship held in Muscat, Oman in March. The Omani team recently finished a close third overall in the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series following its final event in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Oman Air’s mainsheet trimmer Peter Greenhalgh commented: “I think it is a great step for the Class to have an official World Championship. Last year we won the ‘Class Championship’ with Oman Air and it was a fantastic event. The GC32 is a great boat and extremely fun to race on. Put more than 12 on a start line and you could have some of the best racing in the world."

Greenhalgh is also looking forward to competing on Lake Garda. “Riva will be an amazing venue to showcase these foiling boats in their first World Championships."

Returning to Garda for the first time since winning the GC32 Riva Cup and the overall GC32 Racing Tour in 2016 is French America’s Cup skipper Franck Cammas with NORAUTO powered by Team France. The former Volvo Ocean Race winner is pleased the GC32 has received World Sailing recognition: “This class is very nice because it is the only international foiling catamaran ‘big boat’ class and it is good to have all of the people who like to fly on it here.” Cammas is already a flying catamaran champion, having won the last two International C-Class Catamaran Championships in Falmouth and Geneva.

Having finished second to Oman Air at the GC32 Championship in Oman, Alinghi, of two time America’s Cup winner Ernesto Bertarelli, is returning with the aim of going one better in 2018. The Swiss team recently concluded the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series in second overall.

“First of all – the Class has done a fantastic job class to get the ‘World’ label from World Sailing - the GC32 is the most recognised foiling catamaran class above 30ft,” says Alinghi Team Leader, Pierre-Yves Jorand. “It is a great achievement to have finally done that. We are all looking forward to a great World Championship on beautiful Lake Garda. Holding a championship in the middle of Europe is a good idea since it will ensure as many participants as possible take part. Hopefully we will get some good breeze and high boat speeds.”

The GC32 Riva Cup held out of Riva del Garda has been the opening event of the last two seasons of the GC32 Racing Tour and for GC32 Racing Tour participants the World Championship will double as the first event of their 2018 season.

Giancarlo Mirandola, President of host yacht club, Fraglia Vela Riva, welcomed participants to Lake Garda. "I’m very happy that Riva has been selected as the venue for the first GC32 World Championship. The organisers and Fraglia Vela Riva have successfully run two editions of the GC32 Riva Cup. We enthusiastically welcome the foiling catamarans and their crews again in 2018.

“Through the GC32 we have had the opportunity to welcome some of the world’s most famous sailors from the America’s Cup and Olympic classes. Here the most advanced sailboat racing mixes with the club’s and the city of Riva’s tradition and history. Lake Garda-Trentino once again will be centre stage of state-of-the-art sailing, as it has been in the past, hosting new classes and racing formats.”

Dec 13, 2017

Nacra 15 Youth Worlds 2017 @Sanya, China: Day 3 Results

New Flying Phantom version for 2018 : The 'Ultimate'

In April  2017 I published an article wondering if the new Nacra 17 MKII was going to become the ultimate racing foiler. Preliminary tests & footage looked great, specially the foiling gybes by Bora Gulari & Helena Scutt. That great initial drive later was put down a bit on the actual performance of the MKII on the course race, with reports on being slower than the MKI upwind for ie in some conditions. Flights downwind remained really good, and the Live racing we saw from Kiel were excellent.

But Upwind foiling performance is not there yet , neither in the A-Class or other foilers. The Ultimate foiler cat needs to achieve 100% upwind flights which were only done by the AC45 Turbo & AC50s (the AC72 did not foil 100% upwind by any chance).
That is the target of this new Flying Phantom. Neither the FP Elite or the Nacra F20 have reached this tough goal.

The massive mainfoils , reduced weight and windage plus new DS sails might provide this new FP 'Ultimate' version, with the holly grail many designers are searching for beachcat racing foilers.

It will achieve that goal as seen at Bermuda by the AC50s? We don't know yet, thus the question mark remains.
Lets see if  the 'FP Ultimate' can walk the talk of its branding name. Looks a weapon , so it could be the case. We'll see.  Hulls & Foils were designed by  Gonzalo Redondo / D3 Applied Technologies.

Below a QA I did with Alex Udin on the announcement of this new FP Ultimate version:

- Which was the main reason to launch a new FP version? This looks like the Ultimate production foiler, aside its branding name.
Alex Udin: The last AC50 have achieved a major mile stone for foiling cat especially in therms of the upwind performance and in maneuvers. We believe it was a good opportunity to introduce some of these new design features and adapt them to small foiling cats.

- Main goal is to foil 100% upwind , from which wind speed you guys foresee an efficient foiling upwind VMG ?
The Ultimate has a lot more righting moment as compared to the FP Elite due to the new boards, it is making a big difference up wind. The VMG is up 15% higher upwind as you can see on the plot. The boat starts foiling upwind efficiently from 8 knots of true wind speed.

- Z boards solution are still not providing a 100% upwind solution in the A-Class nor in the Nacra 17 MKII. That was the reason to keep developing over TNZ 3pt foil system orig concept? Were Z foils even an option for the intended 100% upwind foiling target?
AU: From day one we believe 4 points set up with Z boards is great for a more user friendly program

Dec 12, 2017

In Memoriam: Ian Farrier

All images - Ian Farrier passed away this week. If there is a sailor & designer who has influenced the Sailing community and market towards Multihulls, Farrier is at the top of that list along Hobie Alter, as his F-27 American Sailing Hall of Fame introduction duly acknowledge.

The other day discussing a new project with an experienced designer he used Farrier's innovation as an example to follow and told me when I was trying to keep some conservative approach : "Remember no one on the planet had heard of a folding trimaran until Farrier built one. They’ve sold over 3000 production boats - not counting home builds and custom builds."

A folding Trimaran is such a clever solution, here in Argentina, where we have a huge monohull sailing market, all Marinas are only prepared for monos, and getting for a cruising multi it's pretty expensive, same scenario Farrier found back in 1974 when he launched his Trailer Tri and later patented his own designed folding system.
Neither to speak on trailering such a fast multi over the road. Just a perfect solution and greatly implemented.
1st image above depicts two trailerables boats, the choice is more than obvious.

I've visited his web plenty when I start getting into multis and our first builts. Ian shared lots of technical info. His plans helped many to build their own Trimaran. Getting people building their boats its not easy, so his expertise & experience were key to the home builder movement success.
That blue Dutch built F-22 by Menno van der Zijpp was always one of the coolest Multis I could find on the web. Check Menno's building blog at Labor of  love as few others.

He also was the designer behind the Corsair line, you can read the complete history at his web in links below.

Latest years Farrier stop selling plans for home builts and put focus on a quality production series of his F-22. A foiling version was also tested and offered.
His legacy is immense, and he truly deserves a special place in Sailing & Multihull history.

Read more about Ian Farrier work & history :