Oct 10, 2017

"Le Defí Bimedia": Yvan Bourgnon, Northwest Passage 2017

Yvan Bourgnon is simply Nuts. after a round the World completed in Solo mode, this year he went for the Northwest Passage, named Challenge Bimedia (Defí Bimedia).
Official web for Yvan:  facebook.com/ybourgnon/ 
Defi Media web:  ledefibimedia.com/
A Mythical Route
The North West Passage

Since the 15th century  there was a conviction that there was a sea passage connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific by the North, the Northwest Passage is a mythical route for adventurers from around the world. During the Renaissance, it was the Venetian navigator Giovanni Caboto who realized that this path existed, unable to go to the spot to prove his theory. It took dozens of expeditions and even more sailors killed or disappeared before the Norwegian Roald Admusen reached in 1906 to sail from Greenland to Alaska with a fishing boat and two on-site winters .

During the 20th century, the Eskimo villages of the great north of Canada, on the Northwest Passage, saw boats, often accompanied by modern icebreakers. But this navigation remains particularly perilous and the accidents frequent

North of the Arctic Circle
More than 600 Km of Navigation
From Nome (Alaska) to Ingsugtusok (Greenland), Yvan will cross the Beaufort Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Baffin Sea. Sailing more than 600 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, Yvan will face cold and icebergs. Premature cooling of the area would immediately lead to a reconstitution of the pack ice and a risk of blocking its catamaran pure and simple. The risks of collisions with the ice and the pack ice will oblige Yvan to a permanent active watch.

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