Oct 10, 2017

Fast Fibres 20' Foiler: First Sail

Photos sent by Bruce Beca - Its always nice to see how a project starts with a cad and ends sailing, which is indeed a major achievement already. Past posts on this project here.
Boat looks solid and well built. Color too, as the first I assigned to the F18 OP renders.
Bruce Beca from Fast Fibres: "We finally got our sails and eagerly hit the mid winter waters of Tauranga’s upper harbour last Saturday to try them out.

The results were filmed and you can catch up with the action by following the link.
The neat thing about the trial was almost everything worked the way it should and even though we haven’t got the boat “set-up” properly yet and don’t have any on-water time - foiling was easy, stable and fun. Max speed was a mere 19.9kts from 8-10kts of wind but that felt totally irrelevant, we kept it right side up and enjoyed sailing and foiling our new beast.

Watch the fun and enjoy as we did the first sail and first flight of Vitamin B - the new FAST FIBRES hydro20 as she takes to the water.
Some onboard footage of first try out: youtu.be/racoYIDtb6U

Bruce Beca
Fast Fibres