Sep 18, 2017

F18 Delta Lloyd Dutch Open 2017: van Dijk & de Waard 1st

All images Klaas Wiersma / Delta Lloyd ODC , full gallery here.  Jolbert van Dijk & Frank de Waard continue their performance streak , this weekend they won the F18 Delta Lloyd Dutch Open ahead of Patrick Demesmaeker & Gilles Tas. Both crews repeating the duel for the top spots at past F18 Worlds at Denmark.

8 races held, in a very closed score Jolbert & Frank won by 1pt only ahead of the top Belgian crew. Third place for Philip Hendrickx & Filip Olyslager.
Cannot copy results here so check them at  here

2018 Worlds will be held at Sarasota Sailing Squadron , enter your regsitration at

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