Sep 18, 2017

A-Class 2nd Trofeo Univela @Campione del Garda: Images by Martina Orsini

Great images by Martin Orsini / Campione del Garda  . Full gallery by Martina here
Stefano Casaidei won the  2nd Trofeo Univela, followed by Luigi Camisotti & Bruno Zorzan.
Full results here.
Campione del Garda is one of the most beautiful places to sail in the World, we are planning a trip for next season with the local A-Class bunch.

Let me say something that might bother many, but every time I see the long time A-Class sailors sailing  whatever the Class throws at them is clear that  we  F18 sailors are a bunch of whiners in the end.
Not even start talking on floating to foiling (feature no one wants for F18 racing) , but in the F18 we make problems without any technical knowledge or proven advantage whatsoever as happened with the hull paint issues or now making waves for a simple and rather old news sail cut, from people that never ever sailed one to make any credible assessment before proposing a ban.
If Ken Marshack (66) and his son dominated the F18 US fleet past week in the breeze where is the issue on the DS sail I really cannot comprehend. If Ken tells me he scored all those bullets inspite the DS , well, I will surely review my current position on the matter.

Hats off to the long time A-Class sailors still putting the racing hours and enjoying big time after many years on the Class. My only wish in life aside Family good care , is being able to sail (&surf) until the last day.

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