Aug 10, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017: Heading to Sopot

Photos: Mischa's / DNA ready to travel, and the Scheurer team with latest G7s 2017 loaded at Garda after some days of testing.
Although we've been quite on the A-Class lately, lots going on the background. Personally we were helping some friends to get involved with the As. One had doubts, but after 2 days of flying at Garda... he just couldn't help it to join. Upwind foiling on his 2nd day might have something to do with that decision!

Much devel towards Sopot from all yards but sadly Thilo Keller's AC Nano concept canting dagger case was ruled illegal as informed by IACA fb page today.
We agree with the simple IACA / WS interpretation that boards need to comply span rules at all times, if when sailing they pass through the 75cm limit to the platform centerline, you will achieved the magic additional span that will give you a more efficient foiling.

Thilo's solution can be implemented though on any other foiling class.  Not much Box Rule Formula Classes out there outside the As, but you'll see one taking form soon....

And as span has proven to be the holy grail, not by Thilo alone but previously by the Nacra 17 MKII & Essentiel, I think any new box rule foiling class should leave span restrictions out. Think of a double handed box rule where the N17 , FP or  any other  18 footer can race no handicap and no span restrictions.

Thilo was  preparing a special production video to send us and show the AC Nano, and that's the reason we haven't posted on it yet. We'll get in touch with Thilo to see which are his next steps in terms to complying with span limit rules and if the system can still work inside the IACA rules frame. He is a constant innovator and he will be continue his pursue for more effcient sailing. Check the Wing Thilo built back in 2012.

Check IACA and final World Sailing interpretation on Thilo's canting boards at

Stay tuned to see coming days towards the Worlds for some really cool devels on foils and systems.

Sopot Worlds official web, dates are  August 19th to 26th.
More on devel and our contenders preview next week.

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