Aug 30, 2017

Bora Gulari injured while taining for Nacra 17 MKII Worlds

Photo: Bora & Helena Scutt siling past weeks at Garda by Martina Orsini where they had a training camp with Santi Lange & Cecilia Carranza among others  -

So tough to read news today on Bora being hurt badly after a capsize at La Grande Motte, venue of coming Nacra 17 MKII Worlds. The direct info I got is that the US crew  had  a hard pitchpole at the windward mark and Bora went flying hard towards the bow hurting his hand in the process.
US Sailing reports on 3 fingers being hurt with 'rigging' , at the same time Bora through US sailing press release announced he will be  coming stronger, same comments for Helena , who gladly didn't suffered any accident as far as we know and she confirmed herself.

For US Sailing press release plese check

Bora and Helena are favorites for this Nacra 17 MKII flying cycle , specially on Bora's Moth & A-Cat exprience.
We wish Bora a rapid recovery and we are glad that he has the inner strenght to already be thinking about a quick comeback.

We spoke with him some months ago on his views for the new Nacra 17 foiling mode, with helena they were the first to nail foiling gybes of the new Olympic cat:

Get well soon Bora, entire sailing community sending you and Helena all the best.

Nacra 17MKII: Spi use Upwind allowed

Photo: - So yet another aspect of the new Nacra 17 MKII that affects the integrity of the platforms. It is clear that Olympic sailors push the limits of any equipment, but if you flatten spi design  on the new foiling speeds, plus the experience on the 2008 Olympics plus the use of gennakers upwind by the Flying Phantom Series Fleet for a while now, you have to wonder why the use of spis upwind in light winds was not foreseen by Nacra. One of the issues was that Nacra 17 MKII first spi versions were not flat enough to handle foiling speeds, as we pointed out here from just looking tests videos, and of course was also told by top riders to Nacra.

Still the Nacra 17 MKII seems to be a good platform overall, with solid and stable flights, bearing failures are being solved right now without much technical hassle aside the already mentioned money spent in flights , hotels and travel expenses on the delivery delays or the forced non sailing periods.

The Class mgmnt has discussed the use of spi upwind and have no rule or sailing instructions will made for coming Worlds at La Gran Motte, which to me is the right decision. Spi upwind should not be forbidden and sailors will need to asses the risks themselves.

Is like if in the F18 a full loose mainsheet works better for say 15knots downwind, now its your decision to put your mast at risk of breakage towards a speed or perf gain benefit. Nothing the Class or rules should do on such decisions.

Below an excerpt of the article pusblished today at Nacra 17 Class official web:
"...The counter argument is that the boat was not built to handle the loads of a gennaker upwind. The masts themselves are the original design and have not been redesigned to account for upwind gennaker sailing. To be effective, teams will need to flatten their mainsails by applying cunningham, which further stresses the masts. Using kites upwind will raise the average crew weights, a negative in a mixed class, and all the hardware would need to be reinforced and upgraded to handle the loads. Finally, the crews would need to act as human cleats, or cleats be added to the boats.

From a technical point of view, and Nacra have made explicitly clear, the mast is not designed to handle these loads. When it gets trimmed properly the mast loads are too high and the kite, pole, and the hardware components, are not rated for these loads either..."
Full text at

Aug 29, 2017

GC32s ESS @Cardiff 2017: SAP Extreme Sailing 1st

Image & report sent by Extreme Sailing Series. Check some nice shots from Cardiff by Jodie Bawden Here
28/08/17  - SAP Extreme Sailing Team triumphs in Cardiff to reclaim 2017 leadIt went down to the wire between SAP Extreme Sailing Team and Alinghi in the thrilling finale of Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 6, Cardiff, but the Danes pipped the Swiss to the post in the final throes of battle. The Danish squad claimed its third win of the season to go top of the overall leaderboard.

Oman Air was forced to settle for third and hand over the 2017 lead to SAP Extreme Sailing Team, after Phil Robertson and his men struggled to find their form of the previous two Acts.

Over 90,000 spectators turned out over the Bank Holiday weekend to watch the international fleet in

Nacra 17 MKII: New rolling bearing replacement details

Seems the new bearing will solve the breakage issues reported. Change looks easy to do, as the original was designed to be replaced with some screws.
Worlds are going to be held in La Gran Motte as planned. More info at

Nice video to see the new part and how is made and fits.

F18 UK Nats 2017: Simon Northtrop & Freddie White Champs

Third consecutive F18 UK Nats for Simon Northrop, this time around sailing with Freddie White. 7 bullets out of 13 races for them , sailing a Windrush Edge with Simon's own Hyde Sails.
Simon has been dominating the F18 UK scene for a while and also performing at European level, at past Worlds in Denmark he was having a great performance also, and was about the few to led Mischa in the Finals.

His comments from the event : "UK Nationals started today in glorious weather with a slowly increasing sea breeze.  I'm sailing a Windrush Edge this weekend and first impressions are good ! Event held by a small volunteer club but a great venue in the Solent - Hayling Ferry.
I'm sailing with Freddie White (Reg Whites grandson).
Obviously it's been a very difficult week with losing dad but I got the trophy for him ! "
Past week Simon's dad passed away so it was a special regatta for him, as his father also taught him & his brother how to sail cats on a Condor cat, this new title was dedicated to him.

Check names (click for bigger size) on that UK Nats trophy plate like Larsen, Heemskerk, May, Styles, Colby, Piggot , Phips and of course Simon Norhtrop x3

Aug 25, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Steve Brewin Champ

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 4 Vid + Day 5 updates

Day 4 video above, report & current results here.
Updates Day 5: racing is postponed due to high winds 26 knots) -
No more races were held today, Steve Brewin World Champ 2017!  Full report later.

Aug 24, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot, Day 4: Steve Brewin extends lead

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 3 Vid + Day 4 Updates

Day 3 Video above. Report from yesterday here.
Day 4 Updates:  Bad day for Manolo Calavia, a 55 on the 7th race puts him by now back from the title race, as he had an ocs in the qualys. With 9 races a second discard will play form him.
Same for many in the top ten for the last race, but they were able to discard. Brewin stays safe with a 2nd to extend overall lead.

Today's races:

Aug 23, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot Day 3: Steve Brewin leads

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 3 Updates

Photos: Awesome shots by Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder. Click for HQ . Check her full gallery at Exploder Fb.

Update 1: Two qualifying races programmed in the morning plus a final in the afternoon.
Update 2: Harsh conditions at Sopot, with 20 knots , gusty and huge waves, have reports of many foiling downwind sitting down, even some top guys.

Partial results by Race below:

Aug 22, 2017

Route du Rhum 2018: 'Acapella' by Christophe Launay

TF10: Class Members on the Foiling Tri concept

The sailors behind the project and their views on the TF10. Wise guys always adapt, you can cruise or race in your 60' monohull or whatever, but this group of owners decided also to enjoy ultimate foiling fun on a well thought package. Lets see how the TF10 goes, but first tests look good.

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 1 vid

Another great clip by - Day 2 racing postponed for the moment due to thunder storms.
Fist Photo by  Wiktoria Ossowska / Sopot Worlds Notice board.  Second pic sent by Mehl , mins ago. Competitors waiting ashore.
Update: Racing cancelled for today due to thunder storms.

Aug 21, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 1, Bundock & Brewin lead

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Day 1 updates

Live pic by Gordon Upton/  IACA . Bundy killing it upwind. Wind finally came when most needed, so good to start the Worlds this way. Gordon reports upwind foiling pays now.

Gusty and strong winds for first day.
More images later. Updates below:

Top 5 Race 1 by Sopot Worlds Fb

Race 1 Fleet A:
1. Steven Brewin AUS 4
2. Mischa Heemskerk NED 7
3. Manuel Calavia ESP 11

Aug 19, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot : Polish Nats 2017 Final Day vid

Great deal of material coming out of Sopot. Videos, interviews, plenty of pics. Video  Polish Nats final day from last Thursday won by Manolo Calavia, racing footage plus comments by Bundy , Polish Armada, and Manolo.

More info at official Worlds fb Including a nice clip by Helena Darvelid on what many top sailors use for their settings.
Will transcript later , but take as reference only. You will see few use the same, so you need to find your numbers but it is always a good starting point.

Aug 18, 2017

DNA F1s @Garda 2017

Quality film prod by DNA for this clip made at Garda European Spring 2017, held at Circolo Vela Arco. Sopot Worlds starts on Monday, our preview on candidates tomorrow.

Ullman Sails (ex Mad Max) wins Airlie Beach Race Week 2017

All photos by Shirley Dodson Photography. Report sent by one of our favorites cat Multihull designers, Tony Grainger , check his web at
Two very different boats, a 24’ trimaran and a 33’ cat, both well sailed and well prepared find themselves hotly contesting Airlie Beach Race Week 2017 thanks in large part to an effective rating rule.

It’s sometime said of exceptional surfers or kite boarders “they could have won the contest riding the dunny door” and there have been some pretty humorous film clips playing on exactly that premise.

Sure it’s an exaggeration but it’s there to make a point. For a talented sports person it’s primarily about preparation, focus, and a coordinated team effort. As long as the equipment is good enough and you have the mind set to win on the day you can get the job done.

Airlie Race Week 2017 was a case of two very focused skippers with good preparation and presumably well coordinated crew work (I wasn’t there and I don't know the crews on a personal

Aug 17, 2017

A-Class Polish Nats 2017 @Sopot: Manuel Calavia 1st

Patín a Vela, German style

All images & video sent by Andreas Bredendiek / .  . I've seen pics of the Patín a Vela many times but never published or received info about it. Now Andreas got an excellent web , video and promotion ,
On his mail he commented we publish many technical stuff, but that is only a part of it.
In the end what we all want is to go out  and have fun.  When someone ask me about the A-Cats, I do comment on tech, carbon , foiling etc.. but  always tell them that biggest asset is simply to go out and sail no worries and enjoy floating mode.

Watch video above by Andreas sailing the Patín a Vela, really cool , nicely done.
Below some comments from his experience sailing el Patín.
Patín a Vela: Rudderless Love! 
"I'm Andreas Bredendiek from Germany , 53 years, and I have been sailing Lasers, Hobies (16 & Tiger) , F18s and a bit of A-Cats. I was lucky to meet all the great guys like Mitch, Glenn, the Sachs and a lot more. But now we have a company, kids, a house and stuff so time for sailing and racing is more restricted.
When my best friend and crew left to Brazil , I started searching for a simple and interesting single handed boat. In my holidays in Spain I saw again the Patins and its Racing Tradition there.

So now I am Patin Sailor for some years and it is absolutely great.

With the Patin they do races with 25 knots of wind in Spain and big waves, in the North Sea they do racing with 20 knots of wind and you have to pass the white water, which is quite frightening…
They also organize racing on 2 or 3 meter waves, which is cool but also not to easy…

But honestly, Patin sailing is much easier than most other boats, because the platform is very stable (it is a Catamaran after all) and the boat length of 18,3 feet (5,60 m) is very comfortable for a single crew.
For instance I never did a pitchpole. So the basic handling is super easy for a cat without rudders: 
Move your bodyweight forward and slightly open the sail = luff. 
Move your bodyweight backwards and close your sail = bear away.
Then the width (beam) of the Patin is only 1,60 m , so you can fly one hull already in 1 Beaufort!!!
Just move to the leeward hull and the windward hull flies immediately…
Also you can trim the mast backwards and forwards. Backwards on the upwind, the stronger the wind blows, the more backwards. 

Downwind you fully pull the mast forwards (like on a Star boat!!!). That makes the boat bear way and sail deep and fast..."

Well, as  you see I am sailing fanatic and specially with Patin Sailing!

Andreas Bredendiek

Aug 16, 2017

A-Class Polish Nats 2017: Day 2

Images by Gordon Upton , full album at IACA  Fb. 1 race completed today, after delays due to no wind. Many didn't participated on the only one held today. Results at
Check Mischa's extreme wildthing, that one is tricky to do well.

SL33 Black Jack @Lake Balaton 2017

Video sent by Roland Gaebler who helmed Black Jack SL33 in this year edition of round Lake Balaton

Aug 15, 2017

A-Class Polish Nats 2017 @Sopot: Day 1 video

Great video by of today's two races, showing starts, conditions, comments by Kuba Surowic & Brewin plus the right takes. Excellent teaser for next week Worlds. All the best for our friend & great person & racer Jacek Noetzel who is organizing this Worlds along the locals UKS Navigo Club. Worlds Official web

Jacek also helped to spread the news of the orignail Exploder A-Cat  A13 with an excellent 3rd place on 2013 Europeans.

Day 1 Results
Photos by Helena Darvelid here
Photos by Gordon Upton here