Jul 25, 2017

Fast Fibres 20' Foiler ready to sail

 Photos & text sent by Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres. This 20' looks really good and excellent quality finish for a custom built, clearly pro level .  Read comments below sent by Bruce on the Fast Fibres H20 platform.
Good to see another render becoming a reality, kudos to Bruce on compelting such a weapon. Past posts on the project here & here.
Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres: "Its been a while, since my last post so apologies to all those who have been waiting. With plenty of sailing action at home and abroad especially from AC34 and Team NZ taking a brilliant and deserved win I have been somewhat distracted. Add to this my the need to build our own mast for the H20 foiler and this post is like the project is over due.

The professional home built platform is now complete and with mast and rigging in basic tune I’m only waiting on sails before real testing begins.

All foils (and other parts) are made by myself, Bruce Beca of Fast Fibres in Tauranga NZ. The foils were designed to lift platforms up to 370Kg. The idea being these foils will suit a multitude of platforms from A to R class, F-16 to F20’s. The foils are vacuum infused rubber toughened epoxy. So too are all the parts of the structure, designed to be home/kit built.

Sails are currently being cut by Doyle Sails. A big thanks to Sam Burton from Doyle’s sail loft in Tauranga, Sam’s a really knowledgeable sailmaker with really competitive prices for an advanced sail technology. I’ve chosen Doyle’s Startis fabric, as it yields a lighter sail, each of the panels are custom made in the Auckland Loft to suit shape and specific load paths.

I’m currently working on the plan book for home and or professional builders to purchase. Plan book price and availability will be published in a few months. All the hard to make parts will be made by to order by Fast Fibres.

With foiling cats becoming ever more popular you’ll been interested to see the H20 progression so I’ll be sure to post more soon. Watch this space!

Please email bruce@fastfibres.co.nz to register your interest. Thanks