Jul 27, 2017

F18 Decksweeper : New Mainsail by Goodall Design

Photo: Goodall Design.  - Mischa Heemskerk & Stephan Dekker Title filled with bullets  have shook the F18 development  grounds and status quo. Although Steve Brewin was the first to use a DS officially at the 2017 Australian Nats, it was only until Mischa's Decksweeper sail win at Denmark that the rest of the Lofts and sailors got convinced to follow suit.

In the A-Cat the concept is super proven in any condition, the first to use a modern DS was Pete Melvin in Takapuna Worlds 2014, sail by Glaser. Pete reported having excellent upwind perf but was suffering downwind.

Check Pete's comments on Decksweepers & sealed tramp Endplate effect at catsailingnews.com/2015/10/a-class-pete-melvin-on-new-sail-tramp.html

Again heads were turning only after Mischa sailed his own DS previous the 2015 Worlds. He raced his DS sail at home weeks before Punta Ala and he killed Ashby on the same DNA platform.
After that , Glenn literally chopped his own sail to adapt it to Mischa's DS concept.

That emergency cut was key weeks later when Ahsby could race 1 to 1 against Heemskerk. Both were playing a game apart in that event we reported Live.

At Denmark after a slow start Heemskerk & Dekker racing the Exploder  Scorpion with Mischa Sails DS, got 7 straight bullets and a 2nd in the final race to establish a new devel stage in the somehow stagnated Formula 18 Class.
This happening after some 'no change'  advocates (within a development Class) were aiming to make sails and masts in the F18 a defacto One Design  aspect on some rejected proposed rules changes.

Now you have all sailmakers going back to their desktop stations and workshops to develop new weapons mainsails, which is only fresh air and brings more fun to this great Class.

Note that older sails can be cut and adapted no problem as we did in the A-Class and even Glenn Ashby did to win his 2015 World Title. Glenn & Mischa original DS : catsailingnews.com/2015/09/a-cat-worlds-2015-punta-ala-day-2.html

Brett Goodall has acknowledge and recognized in a public way Mischa's devels while linking to their new sails announcements. That's the spirit of a Formula Class, they just joined the game and play with it. Which is the way to go on a development , box rule Class like the F18.

On Decksweeper sails R&D I've been exchanging thoughts and planshapes on the F18 DS with Marton Balazs from 1D for a while, even before the Worlds, as my idea for the convertible was to use a DS mainsail: catsailingnews.com/2017/03/f18-open-project-convertible-stage.html ,
which would serve also for the flying fun. Now after Brewin's first official test and lately on Mischa & Stephan title the concept is proven in legal F18 racing. Imagine what a good feeling having a main sail cut oriented for aero foiling efficiency to work also in the most competitive floating racing Class outhere.
Alternatives are Mischa sails, Brewin Sails, 1D and another loft offering DS is Landenberger based on their extensive A-Cat devels. Simon Northop will also go for his own DS sails, more news soon on his loft. Finally lets see if Peter Vink (Performance Sails / Nacra) joins the move.

On planshapes, check always with your sailmaker alternatives to make your crew life a bit easier with a shorter foot, as reference  DS mainsails in the A-Class have only 1mt foot. Also review batten placement , which Goodall have addressed in the right way also raising the last horizontal plus a wider diagonal one compared to Mischa's DS.
On a personal view I really would like to have room to tack & gybe, and Pete Melvin's / Glaser small foot can be a good compromise alternative.

Check Goodalls comments on their DS devels and contact them for your Goodall DS at goodalldesign.com.au/Catamaran/index.php/about-us/news/118-goodall-design-f18-decksweeper