Jul 20, 2017

Anonimo F16 Europeans 2017: Day 3 report by Gill de Bruyne

After the short version, here is a longer version 😄 enjoy

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Posted by Voile libre Morges on jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

--- Video filmed by Guillaume Fischer. ---

Excellent number of of boats for the 2016 Europeans (43) , below Report sent by Gill de Bruyne, Falcon F16 distributor in Europe. theboatshop.be
"Hi Martin , sort report from the first three days of racing (in between racing and taking care of my 2 kids !

First of all it is great. Super professional organization and you cant make people feel more welcome than this.
Sunday we had 2 practice race in light 6 to max 8 knots. At the evening the welcome dinner was at the castle nearby which was a great setting and good food.

The 43 boats (46 subscribed but couldn't participate) then stayed on shore on Monday as there was no wind. A good call of the race committee not to make us wait on the water. They really adapt to the F16 needs to find a balance of getting as lich as possible racing but keeping a true holiday spirit.

On Tuesday we waiting on shore again in the morning and got 4 races in 6 to 8 knots again. Fairly stable winds so great racing (if you like the light stuff). The usual suspects (Lechapelier and Bague) were up there together with Eric Proust sailing with his son. Swiss champion Andi Lutz managed good races and some lesser ones as the starting line was quite short making it extra challenging. But showing mixed, youths, masters are all in the mix in this class.

Yesterday we got 4 races again in stronger winds (18/20 knots going down to 14 knots). The Dutch teams climbed up the ranking in these conditions.
Unbelievable quick the wind and wave conditions can change here.

Today the fleet including all female teams and 4 solo sailors have an early morning start at 9h30 as the wind is expected to die towards the afternoon.

Current results: here

F16 PR, BEL666