Jul 31, 2017

GC32 Racing Tour. Copa del Rey @Palma 2017 : 2–5 August

Photo & Video by F18 , F20  & A-Cat sailor and good friend Juan Faustín, who travelled specially to Palma to shoot & Film our GC32 Código Rojo Racing. A Team which can be traced back to the Argentine Formula 18 Class, with Federico Ferioli, Lucas Gonzalez Smith and Juan Cruz Benitez coming directly from it. Such pride seeing these guys sailing in the GC32 Tour, a great legacy from the local Arg F18.
Palma will be their second event to continue gathering experience and flight hours towards next season.

Copa del Rey will start August 2, and will be the 3rd stop of the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour season.
Follow the regatta here & on the official Tour web www.gc32racingtour.com

These teams will on the starting line:

.film Racing (AUS) – Simon Delpozzo*
Argo (USA) – Jason Carroll*
ARMIN STROM Sailing Team (SUI) – Flavio Marazzi
Código Rojo Racing Team (ARG) – Federico Ferioli*
Team ENGIE (FRA) – Sebastien Rogues
Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco (MON) – Pierre Casiraghi*
Mamma Aiuto! (JPN) – Naofumi Kamei*
Movistar (ESP) – Iker Martinez
Realteam (SUI) – Jérôme Clerc
Zoulou (FRA) – Erik Maris*
* = owner-driver

Nacra 17 Europeans 2017: Day 1 Images by Sailing Energy

Nacra 15s @Circolo Vela Arco: Bjarne Bouwer & Eliott Savelon Champs

Jul 30, 2017

Hobie Worlds 2017 @Zvnoordwijk: Final Day

Update: Video by vrsport.tv  .  Drone still photo Enki Production , some more by Enki here , all unofficial shots. --
Hobie continue to gather hundreds boats to their events, they just need to get some photo to promote it. 14 press pics available here

Many short videos in the official fb web facebook.com/Hobie2017Noordwijk/
Official web hobieworlds.com/

Below report sent by press Zvnoordwijk.nl
Rough conditions on final days of Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & EuropeansSaturday July 29 was the last scheduled racing day of the European and World championships catamaran sailing in the Hobie Cat classes. The past ten days, sailors from 24 countries competed in the Hobie 16 Open,

Moth Worlds 2017 @Garda: Paul Goodison Champ

Jul 29, 2017

Nacra 17 MKII Europeans: Practice Race by Sailing Energy

Superbe images by Tomas Moya & Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy. Full gallery at their Fb web 
Check the first one, after seeing that epic shot every Moth and 49er shot falls to a second category, sorry...! No wand , sky high foiling , no active rudder trim. Pure speed Bronco style.
Click images for hd  & Slideshow.

Just getting a mental image of the Scorpion convertible flying like that Nacra 1 MKII with 4pt Z foil and a Decksweeper...Weapon!

Those N17 foils look oversized, rudder blade seems F20 in chord, winglet is also massive, will publish pics next week. Zs are nowhere near in legnht to A-Cats neither.
This adds more height and more thrill to the Nacra 17 racing, Fer van West comments they went for more control in the end.
We'll make a Q&A with him after the Euros.

Powerful shot taken by Tomás Moya showing the new Nacra 17 MKII flying high. Already some details with foils delivery and else, but we hope as always they can  resolve any issues asap. The good thing MKIIs are being delivered finally.
Racing starts tomorrow.

Moth Worlds 2017 @Garda: Day 5

Jul 27, 2017

Nacra 15s racing @Circolo Vela Arco: Day 4

Posted by Circolo Vela Arco on jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

Video filmed by Emilio Santinelli . Photo: Jacobo Salvi / Circolo Vela Arco. More pics & video source Circolo Vela Arco Fb page.
Great clip of the Youth fleet racing Nacra 15s at Circolo Vela Arco . Nacra Worlds current Results at ircolovelaarco.it/regate-icagenda-menu/30-nacra-worlds.

Pity people keep using the poor facebook platform for uploading videos, also placing banners all over the place for such good footage it's a 'crime' , specially the "DAY4" text .

Top ten below. Full results here.

Pos Sail Nr Helm
Tota R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
1 NED 27 Bjarne Bouwer Eliott Savelon 23 7 4 1 6 1 3 1 (18)
2 BEL 49 Lucas Claeyssens Gauthier Verhulst 29 2 3 4 (9) 7 1 5 7
3 GER 39 Silas Muehle Romy Mackenbrock 42 1 1 (21) 17 2 2 13 6
4 ITA 29 Leonardo Morelli Flavia Saveriano 46 4 6 7 (16) 6 10 11 2
5 AUS 45 Georgia Payne Daniel Brown 50 (dnf) 5 2 7 4 4 15 13
6 GBR 4 Theo Williams Will Heritage 54 (ocs) 7 3 13 dnf dnf 3 10
7 SUI 35 Max Wallenberg Nicolo Barenghi 65 (dnf) 8 17 3 18 8 8 3
8 GBR 19 Benno Marstaller Chloe Collenette 66 6 2 12 4 (dsq) 17 10 15
9 BEL 38 Frédéric Vandewalle Morgane De Vos 69 3 14 5 10 (22) 13 16 8
10 FRA 18 Benjamin Golliet Valentin Golliet 71 (ocs) 20 10 8 13 11 4 5

F18 Decksweeper : New Mainsail by Goodall Design

Photo: Goodall Design.  - Mischa Heemskerk & Stephan Dekker Title filled with bullets  have shook the F18 development  grounds and status quo. Although Steve Brewin was the first to use a DS officially at the 2017 Australian Nats, it was only until Mischa's Decksweeper sail win at Denmark that the rest of the Lofts and sailors got convinced to follow suit.

In the A-Cat the concept is super proven in any condition, the first to use a modern DS was Pete Melvin in Takapuna Worlds 2014, sail by Glaser. Pete reported having excellent upwind perf but was suffering downwind.

Check Pete's comments on Decksweepers & sealed tramp Endplate effect at catsailingnews.com/2015/10/a-class-pete-melvin-on-new-sail-tramp.html

Again heads were turning only after Mischa sailed his own DS previous the 2015 Worlds. He raced his DS sail at home weeks before Punta Ala and he killed Ashby on the same DNA platform.
After that , Glenn literally chopped his own sail to adapt it to Mischa's DS concept.

That emergency cut was key weeks later when Ahsby could race 1 to 1 against Heemskerk. Both were playing a game apart in that event we reported Live.

At Denmark after a slow start Heemskerk & Dekker racing the Exploder  Scorpion with Mischa Sails DS, got 7 straight bullets and a 2nd in the final race to establish a new devel stage in the somehow stagnated Formula 18 Class.
This happening after some 'no change'  advocates (within a development Class) were aiming to make sails and masts in the F18 a defacto One Design  aspect on some rejected proposed rules changes.

Now you have all sailmakers going back to their desktop stations and workshops to develop new weapons mainsails, which is only fresh air and brings more fun to this great Class.

Note that older sails can be cut and adapted no problem as we did in the A-Class and even Glenn Ashby did to win his 2015 World Title. Glenn & Mischa original DS : catsailingnews.com/2015/09/a-cat-worlds-2015-punta-ala-day-2.html

Brett Goodall has acknowledge and recognized in a public way Mischa's devels while linking to their new sails announcements. That's the spirit of a Formula Class, they just joined the game and play with it. Which is the way to go on a development , box rule Class like the F18.

On Decksweeper sails R&D I've been exchanging thoughts and planshapes on the F18 DS with Marton Balazs from 1D for a while, even before the Worlds, as my idea for the convertible was to use a DS mainsail: catsailingnews.com/2017/03/f18-open-project-convertible-stage.html ,
which would serve also for the flying fun. Now after Brewin's first official test and lately on Mischa & Stephan title the concept is proven in legal F18 racing. Imagine what a good feeling having a main sail cut oriented for aero foiling efficiency to work also in the most competitive floating racing Class outhere.
Alternatives are Mischa sails, Brewin Sails, 1D and another loft offering DS is Landenberger based on their extensive A-Cat devels. Simon Northop will also go for his own DS sails, more news soon on his loft. Finally lets see if Peter Vink (Performance Sails / Nacra) joins the move.

On planshapes, check always with your sailmaker alternatives to make your crew life a bit easier with a shorter foot, as reference  DS mainsails in the A-Class have only 1mt foot. Also review batten placement , which Goodall have addressed in the right way also raising the last horizontal plus a wider diagonal one compared to Mischa's DS.
On a personal view I really would like to have room to tack & gybe, and Pete Melvin's / Glaser small foot can be a good compromise alternative.

Check Goodalls comments on their DS devels and contact them for your Goodall DS at goodalldesign.com.au/Catamaran/index.php/about-us/news/118-goodall-design-f18-decksweeper

Moth Worlds 2017@Garda: Day 3 by Martina Orsini

Hobie Worlds & Europeans 2017 @Noordwijk

Video by VRSport.tv /- 240 Entries for a massive Hobie Worlds at Noordwijk. Plenty of short videos in their Fb page facebook.com/Hobie2017Noordwijk/ but not much pics, strange for such an event and fleet numbers.
Official web & Results www.hobie2017noordwijk.com/

A-Class Belgian Nats 2017

Report  sent by Philippe Muyzers / Michel Warlop. Philippe continues to race Classic mode showing good perf. There will be a Classic official division or ranking for coming Worlds at Sopot.
We had 10 competitors including 2 French, 1 German and 7 Belgians.
Conditions were tough, at least for those not used to sail on choppy waters as the wind ranged from force 3 to 5 in the first three races and even force 6 in the last race on Saturday. The latter race forced the foilers to sit tight on their boats whilst going downwind.
On Sunday we had again very nice weather and a sustained force 4 throughout the day.  4 courses were completed on Sunday which, combined with the four races on the day before, obviously led to a valid championship.

Differences between foilers and c-boards (like Philippe Muyzers) were not that big as expected, probably due to the choppy conditions which forced them to be more kissing the waves like navigation than really hovering above the waves. Fantastic organization by the Royal Belgian Sailing Club hosting the event again. A big thanks to the sailors that came from as far as 900 kms to join our event! And finally, congrats to Philippe Muyzers who prolongs his title as first Belgian.

Final result (see picture): 1.  Emmanuel Dodé (France, DNA F1), 2. Hervé Ledue (France, Exploder 2016), 3. Philippe Muyzers (Belgium, Vision)


Jul 25, 2017

Fast Fibres 20' Foiler ready to sail

 Photos & text sent by Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres. This 20' looks really good and excellent quality finish for a custom built, clearly pro level .  Read comments below sent by Bruce on the Fast Fibres H20 platform.
Good to see another render becoming a reality, kudos to Bruce on compelting such a weapon. Past posts on the project here & here.
Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres: "Its been a while, since my last post so apologies to all those who have been waiting. With plenty of sailing action at home and abroad especially from AC34 and Team NZ taking a brilliant and deserved win I have been somewhat distracted. Add to this my the need to build our own mast for the H20 foiler and this post is like the project is over due.

The professional home built platform is now complete and with mast and rigging in basic tune I’m only waiting on sails before real testing begins.

All foils (and other parts) are made by myself, Bruce Beca of Fast Fibres in Tauranga NZ. The foils were designed to lift platforms up to 370Kg. The idea being these foils will suit a multitude of platforms from A to R class, F-16 to F20’s. The foils are vacuum infused rubber toughened epoxy. So too are all the parts of the structure, designed to be home/kit built.

Sails are currently being cut by Doyle Sails. A big thanks to Sam Burton from Doyle’s sail loft in Tauranga, Sam’s a really knowledgeable sailmaker with really competitive prices for an advanced sail technology. I’ve chosen Doyle’s Startis fabric, as it yields a lighter sail, each of the panels are custom made in the Auckland Loft to suit shape and specific load paths.

I’m currently working on the plan book for home and or professional builders to purchase. Plan book price and availability will be published in a few months. All the hard to make parts will be made by to order by Fast Fibres.

With foiling cats becoming ever more popular you’ll been interested to see the H20 progression so I’ll be sure to post more soon. Watch this space!

Please email bruce@fastfibres.co.nz to register your interest. Thanks

Nacra Worlds 2017 @Circolo Vela Arco

Today was an unforgettable day at the Circolo Vela Arco. We offer you some moments of start 3
#Cva #Nacra Nacra Sailing International Nacra Class Association - INCA
Posted by Circolo Vela Arco on lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

Photo & Video: Emilio Santinelli / Circolo Vela Arco.  What a nice start filmed of the Nacra 15 fleet , which is the strongest Class in the even  with 28 boats. Bjarne Bouwer & Elliot Savelon lead after 4 races. Current results circolovelaarco.it/images/Risultati_Nacra15.pdf

Rest of Nacra Classes & official web  circolovelaarco.it/regate-icagenda-menu/30-nacra-worlds

Moth Worlds 2017 @Garda: No racing for Day 1

Jul 24, 2017

GC32s ESS Barcelona 2017: Oman Air 1st

Tornado Europeans 2017: Final Day

DNA TF10 Foiling test video

More footage will be published on internet soon this week, for now enjoy this preview !
Posted by Pieterjan Dwarshuis 

This Trimaran designed by Morrelli & Melvin and built by DNA Performance Sailing is flying out of the box. Impressive work. Mischa at the helm showing what the TF10 can achieve in its testing stage. Pete Melvin also drove the Tri on the ongoing tests made by MM & DNA.
Comments by PJ Dwarshuis:
"This week great fun testing the new TF10 trimaran built by DNA performance sailing and designed by Morrelli and Melvin
The goal was to develop an fast, safe and comfortable foiling class, bringing the foiling technology in reach of wider public.
DNA performance sailing is proud to see that the original 'z foil' configuration which we developed in 2014 for the A class is working on bigger scale too ! After te Olympic Nacra 17, now this 10,2 x 7 meter trimaran works !''

Jul 23, 2017

Italian Moth Series 2017: Day 2

Tour de France a la Voile Act 7

Tornado Europeans 2017: Day 3

Images , video & report sent by ITA .  More pics here
Day 3 - Official Class Report ,  Centro Vela Dervio, Lake Como . 22 July 2017
Centro Vela Dervio, lake Como, Italy

After the thunderstorm and a lot of rain last night a clear sky and a wind of maximum 13 knots made the ideal conditions to complete another 2 races back to back. The wind was very shifty, ranging from 160 to 200 degrees. The race comittee did an amazing job coping with these changes, considering that the depth of the lake is around 200meters!!

It was even better for the Hellenic Police team! Mavros and Tagaropoulos dominated again today, finishing 1st in both races, leading now with 6 points difference for the second one, SUI 1.

The Steiner brothers, Marcel and Joerg, SUI 1 and Martin Rusterholz – Michael Gloor, SUI 228 complete the top 3 places after scoring a second and a third each.

A damage on the spinlock for Ingo Gebhard and Benedikt Wachsmann made them retire from the second race of the day, droping them in the 4th place overall..

Jürgen and Sarah Jentsch are still leading the Mixed division. The fight will be tight tomorrow, the last day of the championship for this title as the CZE, Pavlis and Pavlisova are just 5 points behind the first and only 1 point in front of the Salzmanns.

Andrea Ciavatta, crew of the ITA 46 boat mentioned: ” It is nice to sail in my country as we are a bit more familiar with the condition and closer to our home. Today though the race was hard because of the shifts that made us score a 12th and an 8th place. Hoping for some better results tomorrow.”

Allan Gamble saying :” In the 5th race we had a perfect start which is essential for sailing on lake Como so we were 3rd for most of the race but Martin got us on the 2nd downwind. Obviously we are very pleased with our speed but we should keep up with the wind better. The 6th race…. hero to zero in 3.5sec which is how much too early we were for the start. OCS! Oops! Apologies to all those boats that we created catastrophy including Nick and Alex. From SML (Stone Motherless Last) we chased the fleet and peeked up 3 boats per lap trying very hard but it was very difficult as everybody has good speed and the wind conditions are tricky. Lake Como lives up to every expectation with challenging sailing conditions! ”

Jul 20, 2017

Anonimo F16 Europeans 2017: Day 3 report by Gill de Bruyne

After the short version, here is a longer version 😄 enjoy

#anonimowatches #f16europeans2017
Posted by Voile libre Morges on jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

--- Video filmed by Guillaume Fischer. ---

Excellent number of of boats for the 2016 Europeans (43) , below Report sent by Gill de Bruyne, Falcon F16 distributor in Europe. theboatshop.be
"Hi Martin , sort report from the first three days of racing (in between racing and taking care of my 2 kids !

First of all it is great. Super professional organization and you cant make people feel more welcome than this.
Sunday we had 2 practice race in light 6 to max 8 knots. At the evening the welcome dinner was at the castle nearby which was a great setting and good food.

The 43 boats (46 subscribed but couldn't participate) then stayed on shore on Monday as there was no wind. A good call of the race committee not to make us wait on the water. They really adapt to the F16 needs to find a balance of getting as lich as possible racing but keeping a true holiday spirit.

On Tuesday we waiting on shore again in the morning and got 4 races in 6 to 8 knots again. Fairly stable winds so great racing (if you like the light stuff). The usual suspects (Lechapelier and Bague) were up there together with Eric Proust sailing with his son. Swiss champion Andi Lutz managed good races and some lesser ones as the starting line was quite short making it extra challenging. But showing mixed, youths, masters are all in the mix in this class.

Yesterday we got 4 races again in stronger winds (18/20 knots going down to 14 knots). The Dutch teams climbed up the ranking in these conditions.
Unbelievable quick the wind and wave conditions can change here.

Today the fleet including all female teams and 4 solo sailors have an early morning start at 9h30 as the wind is expected to die towards the afternoon.

Current results: here

F16 PR, BEL666

Jul 18, 2017

Americas Cup 36th : Constructed in Country & Nationality for crews

Just in from Emirates Team New Zealand press.


The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Circolo della Vela Sicilia as the Challenger of Record, together with their respective representative teams Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Challenge, are pleased to announce that the Protocol establishing the parameters for the 36th America's Cup will be released in September 2017.

The proposed dates for the event will be further detailed in the Protocol but the Defender and the Challenger of Record are considering the possibility of the 36th America's Cup Match and the preceding Challenger Selection Series being conducted in Auckland in early 2021 during the New Zealand summer.

In recognition of the fundamental condition of the Deed of Gift that the Cup be preserved as a perpetual Challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries, the Protocol will contain a "constructed in country" requirement for competing yachts and a nationality requirement for competing crew members.

F18 Open Project : "Scorpion" by Exploder, World Champ 2017 Design

Jul 15, 2017

F18 Worlds 2017 @Vallensbaek: Mischa Heemskerk & Stephan Dekker World Champs

Photo: F18 Worlds , Video Hartas Productions. Pics from today pending  ----
FINALLY !!!- June 2008 we started this blog and the F18 was always had a privileged place. Just look and the labels raking to the left. 10yrs now  reporting on F18s Worlds , also on  Mischa Heemskerk career.
From a close call in Spain to 2008, to another one in 2009 and so on that I lost the count on near misses. But we always said the F18 Title would come its way.  A quick shout to Baastian Tentij, Mischa's partner for years in the F18.

Later two A-Cats Worlds for Mischa trophy shelves on major events, but we all knew the F18 Title was missing for the big guy.

Now is 2017 Mischa & Stephan Dekker  (Exploder Scorpion / Mischa Sails DS) grabbed the 2017  Worlds Title held at Vallensbaek, Denmark  with epic flare in the last 8 races.
It  was not  that easy , they dropped mast the first day,  average scores in the qualys, but improving. In the last qualy race in 5 knots they finished 3rd, marking a no return point for their performance. They were getting the pace of the boat/rig .
Breeze came for the Final stage and it was total domination for them, first day 3 bullets,  second day 2 more to end the event in  6-8 knots also scoring 2 bullets and 2nd for a change.

Special note to Stephan Dekker, having to endure those in front of mast tacks and tricky gybes on the DS was a challenge , but they clearly had all well coordinated!

One of the most competitive Worlds I can remember. Leaders and podium chancing every minute. My laptop was burning with excel calcs!

Patrick Demesmaeker & Gilles Tas (Goodall C2)  maintained the Title at hand at all times, even to race 7. They had the pressure on being favorites and act accordingly, it was too close.
US will be another Chance for them.

Same for Jolbert van Dijk- Franck de Waard (Infusion) , 3rd overall. This team is serious stuff and Jolbert guided by Frank will become even better world class sailor
Mitch & Ruben Booth finished 4th overall  and Danny & Kostas 5th , both sailing a Exploder Scorpion with sails 1D sails. In the top 5 whole event, fighting back after a bad result is not easy and they had many comebacks. It was soo close thinking on final score was tough results for any of the top 5.
Just review final results to see how close these teams were.

Good to see Mitch racing with Ruben again, they were second overall after R7, same for Danny Paschalidis  & Konstantinos Trigonis. great effort for them towards the Title being new to the boat and racing together in the F18. It was too close for them also with  lots of work  and devel involved previous weeks, all worthwhile work done with Marton Balazs / 1D sails.
Hope they continue to race in the Class.

Just looking at Mischa history in the F18 or Lange in the Olympics is a target to keep in mind, things sometime are not that easy,  and it takes time.

For Mischa this F18 Title took more than 10years in the  making. Check great video above and see how much it meant for him.

To crews above add the great  performance of our Argie mates Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (Infusion) ,  finished 6th overall  and had chances for podium too. We praised them highly yesterday and today the closed the event with a 3rd. Hats off to them one more time.

7th overall for Simon Norhtrop-Sam Barker (Infusion / Hyde Sails Kent by Simon).
 Simon did  lots of work last seasons with his Loft , now equipping Cirrus R2 (Boulogne went to Tour de france a la Voile) Simon & Sam were fast and even led Mischa around the course in F1.

The surprise of the event were Philip Hendryckx and Filip Oyslager those scared many top notch renown riders! And will be a treat next F18 events.
Final what to say about the Sach bros, I only wish to be able to sail that much, not een to dare racing at top level for decades.

Youths World Champs 2017: Antoine Ferrec & Foucauld Delaplace from France, followed by Jordi Booth & Joan Costa Estiarte.
The Aussie kids Lachie Hughes & Harrison Rietman got some really good races results, and we'll hear from them in the future no doubt.

Formula 18Next days we'll review the Scorpion F18 Open project path (more than happy to contribute a bit on the Title!)  along Mischa's technical comments on DS and else.
But today is sailors time only. It was all them putting together a Weapon as never seen in the F18 and sailing the Scorpion to highest level of perf. Boat built and delivered by Jakub Kopylowic / Exploder who bet high in time and investment to make the project a reality.

Congrats Mischa & Stephan , well deserved. As Mischa comments in the video and we wrote the whole week, so much fun racing and even following F18.
Great Worlds by Penny and the Vallensbaek Sailing Club, great videos by Hartas Productions and lots of pictures every day.

The F18 keeps being a great class, this Worlds and devels / new boats will revamp interest in the Class which will keep going forward No matter what. No need foiling though to have max racing fun, just review pics & videos form this week.

So contact your local F18 dealer and get your Goodall C2, Cirrus R2, Infusion, Hobie Wildcat , Windrush Edge, Falcon F18,  Mattia, Shockwave , Exploder Scorpion and many more and join us in Formula 18 Racing.

Coming Worlds will be in the US, Sarasota 2018. Argies we are planning to attend en masse as we did in LA 2012 (11 boats) maybe we'll take two containers this time around.

Keep racing & sailing Cats. Hopefully we'll see you all at Sarasota 2018.

Official F18 Worlds Fb & pics / videos gallery facebook.com/F18worlds2017/
F18 Worlds 2017 Top Ten  - Complete results at f18worlds2017.dk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Results.htm

Pos Bow # Sail Helm Crew Nat Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 tot Net
1 108 7 Mischa Heemskerk Stephan Dekker NED 8 -dnf 15 9 9 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -2 116 51
2 113 1 Patrick Demesmaeker Gilles Tas BEL 1 1 -dsq 3 8 10 5 5 3 10 5 -21 14 5 154 70
3 41 4 Jolbert van Dijk Frank de Waard NED 12 -15 7 3 4 2 6 3 7 -20 3 2 20 1 105 70
4 32 11 Mitch Booth Ruben Booth ESP 2 4 3 6 1 -14 10 7 5 12 11 -25 3 8 111 72
5 15 7 Paschalidis Iordanis Trigkonis Konstantinos GRE 3 3 5 4 -10 4 8 -20 2 18 4 9 8 4 102 72
6 63 1912 Cruz González Smith Mariano Heuser ARG 25 2 4 10 -28 6 3 2 10 2 2 (bfd) 10 3 170 79
7 136 51 Simon Northrop Sam Barker GBR 5 6 -8 2 7 4 2 19 -20 7 8 4 9 14 115 87
8 129 111 Philip Hendrickx Filip Olyslager BEL 4 -12 1 1 3 3 14 10 27 3 6 (bfd) 16 13 176 101
9 22 9 Finn Heeg Tom Heinrich GER 9 5 13 -24 8 13 7 13 -17 5 7 14 2 7 144 103
10 89 336 Helge Sach Christian Sach GER 1 -16 2 5 6 1 18 14 14 27 -31 3 11 10 159 112