May 11, 2017

DNA G4 Automated Foil control system.

After some capsizes DNA has been working towards a safer ride for their innovative big foilers. Read previous Oracle capsize post on different foils shape vs control offered. Even though DNA G4 is using a 3pt TNZ J system (super stable and reliable setup for racing cats), offering the boat also as a 'daysailer' , DNA needed to work on additional systems to provide a smoother & more secure sailing experience.

Gyroscopes (explained here for past Cup here at page bottom) are used to tell the system about the overall trim of the G4. Feedback is generated in an automatic way, thus there is no need for sailor or crew input as is happening with the AC50 (...we like to believe..) push button control panel.

For yesterday's Oracle capsize theoretically this G4 developed system by DNA / Holland composites would have released wing mainsheet and trimmed both foils to reduce lift and level the platform.
On the AC50 beyond the high skills of Spithill and crew the button push or sheet release might not be quick enough. The gyroscope or inertial system can detect and almost anticipate a hard pitch or sideways capsize and react accordingly in a faster way.

Check pic above for the new modified J foil, with an horizontal tip. Personally I would equipped the G4 with Z foils to have an even more smooth ride.

See video above for details on the new automatic trim systems , great work done by PJ and the Holland Composites Team. From building an A-Cat to lead innovation at the highest level it has been a great journey that we've been following here in CSN since day 1.

The TF10 Foiling Trimaran is also on production, more news on that project soon.
More info on DNA performance Sailing projects at