May 18, 2017

Celina Burlin & the FP Essentiel

Best styled cat ever for sure. Top production by Alex Udin. The guy knows how to sell his products. All shots by Master Photographer Pierrick Contin, click images for HD & Slideshow. Video Wannaii films.
Celina Burlin? She just became a Star. Celina participated in the FP Red Bull series , and Alex invited her to sail the Essentiel. since she was there... (?!) they decided to launch and sail the new Phil Ashcroft painted Essentiel along 60s '007' styled swimsuit.

This production should be exhibited in Paris or NY Modern Art Museum along the Essentiel itself.

Below more details on press release sent by Phantom International
When glamour and art meet foil sailing

"Celina Burlin is one of these young sailing athletes who is changing the future of sailing. At the age of 17 she bested the best of Sweden’s young sailors and
won in Malmö Red Bull Foiling Generation Sweden, becoming the first female sailor in the world to win a foiling event with the Flying Phantom Elite. She accomplished a fantastic performance with a 5th place during the world finals in Newport-Rhode Island, USA end of 2016 against the world’s best competitive sailing youth from fifteen nations.

Phantom International invited Celina to test the new Flying Phantom Essentiel that was launched during the last Paris boat show. Whereas the Flying Phantom Elite is a full carbon, high speed foiling catamaran for experienced sailors, The Flying Phantom Essentiel is a foiling sport catamaran designed not only for a handful of top sailors, but for all sailing enthusiasts.

In order to promote this new fun way of sailing, a short movie was filmed in Dinard, Brittany-France with Celina and the Flying Phantom Essentiel. This was also the opportunity to present the new artistic collaboration with British artist Phil Ashcroft.

Since the inception of Phantom International, Art has been part of the company's DNA to bring on water new liveries and designs and make a clear change from the traditional beach catamaran white sails and hulls. To go further beyond, Phantom CEO Alex Udin initiated a collaborative work with painter and graphic artist Phil Aschroft to produce the 2017 'Oligarth' Limited Edition.

Phil Ashcroft lives and works in London. He studied at Harrow College of Art and Design London and St Martins School of Art London. His work is held in The New Art Gallery Walsall’s Permanent Collection and in private collections worldwide.

Oligarth, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 92cm © Phil Ascroft - 2009 & Flying Phantom Essentiel Phil Ascroft edition - 2017
Celina Burlin

« After the first practice-day at the Red Bull Foiling Generation tryouts 2 years ago in Malmö I knew foiling was the thing for me. To be given the opportunity to try the Flying Phantom Elite was fantastic and it changed my way of looking at sailing.

That was a great opportunity to visit Phantom International to test and try the new Flying Phantom Essentiel. To compare: the FP Elite is a lot more physical! The Essentiel was a lot calmer and a lot easier to sail. It was no problem sailing in heavy wind with the Essentiel and not at all as intense as with the Elite.

In lighter winds I like to sail without the wings because it is a great feeling to foil standing in the trapezing. But when it is more wind I prefer the wings because it feels more safe.

I would love to keep foiling in the future. It is such a great feeling when the boat takes off and it gets all quiet! In the future I really hope I get to sail a foiling boat because it is the best way of sailing. »