May 28, 2017

America's Cup: Mike Drummond's Custom Track App: Tactical Seagull V2

Mike Drummond's Custom Tracking App: "Tactical Seagull"
Mike Drummond has developed a really cool tracking app in excel, for those not being able to follow stream or TV broadcast or acea app:

The excel app is developed to display ACEA public race data for teams or anyone to build up their own tracking system.

Find below some steps to install it, you will need excel too. We'll try to stream a screen too if possible on his blog. Latest version "F" is doing pretty good after the tests done yesterday.

Really necessary app for this Cup when there is no open stream like past Cup. On ways to see locally check   , Official App is restricted too , check availability in previous link. Donwload here

For Mike's own app which has no restriction for personal and non commercial use follow steps below:

Mike Drummond's Tactical Seagull V2
1: Go to
Download "F" Version of Tactical SeaGull app by Mike

2: Go to ACEA web and download PeliSimInstall.zippy
Rename .zippy to .zip

3. Read Mike's excell app pcompanion TacticatSeagullInstructionsV2.Doc
and ACEA pdf in PeliSim package-

Read Mike's comments too: