May 28, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda : Louis Vuitton Qualifiers Day 2 Results

Day 2 video sent by Emirates Team New Zealand. Official wrapups are nonexistent or 1min cuts. Lucky enough here in Arg we are seeing it through ESPN TV & Play.  I folowed Tracking thanks to Mike Drummond's app Tactical Seagull V2. Photos: Groupama Team France , Ricardo Pinto / Gilles Martin-Raget / ACEA -
What a good  feeling seeing the French win over Artemis. Incredible how they held speed (vs Day 1), clearly still lacking hours on the boat. Only one challenger will be out for the Semis, now is not granted to be the French boat.

TNZ is  Machine as expected even in spite being 'slow' reports from practive races. BAR was not as fine tuned as yesterday neither, and lost easy to USA & TNZ.
Artemis had a tough defeat by France, and later an easy commanding win vs USA, I received some messages on Spithill sandbagging that one, hard to tell.

What is certain that USA racing the RR it's a shame and wasted handicap in favor the challengers,  with all the new tech , ways to handle the boats, upwind foiling and tacks and plenty to learn for all teams, these LV Series would have pure gold gain for them.
Imagine how TNZ sailed solo and they are smoking on the excellent work done back home. Now Oracle has time to adapt and  to improve. If they did it in two days... now they have a lifetime till the Finals.

Team Japan has the fastest boat, but missing some handling and tactics, course was not easy today neither. They have speed so room to improve.

Detailed Results at

Results Sunday 28th
R1 FRA 1 vs SWE 0 - 03 Secs
R2 USA 1 vs GBR 0 - 39 Secs
R3 TNZ 1 vs JPN 0 - 33 Secs
R4 SWE 1 vs USA 0 - 39 Secs
R5 TNZ 1 vs GBR 0 - 1:28 Mins
R6 USA 1 vs JPN 0 - 54 Secs

5pts Oracle Team Usa 4 1 1 5
3pts Land Rover BAR 1 3 2 3
3pts Emirates Team New Zealand 3 1 0 3
2pts Artemis Racing 2 2 0 2
1pts Groupama Team France 1 2 0 1
1pts SoftBank Team Japan 1 3 0 1

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