Apr 27, 2017

F18 Worlds 2017 @Denmark: Mitch Booth will race the 'Scorpion F18'

Back in 2012 we were doing some initial CFD tests to the F18 Open Project hull, the boat already had a name since day one: 'Scorpion'. Rest of the story known, with Mischa sailing it at Kiel 2015, a 4th overall here in BA, Brewin some good races in Aus Nats and for 2017 Worlds in Denmark, legend  Mitch Booth will be racing it long Tornado multiple World Champs Paschalidis & Trigonis.

When I started sailing cats I looked up to Mitch , having him sailing the Scorpion is like a joke.
Lets see what the platform can deliver for him, Mitch has 1D Sails from Marton Balazs and the new Exploder mast.

This time around the boat is not being launched 2 days before the Worlds as Mischa had to in 2015, so preparation for the major event will be better. Exploder sent the boat to Mitch some weeks ago with some new looks and Scorpion logo done by Jakub.

Pics: Mitch sailing with his daughter Rita who is racing Nacra 17 at Hyeres with Jordi Booth. For the Worlds dad wll sail with son Ruben.

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