Apr 29, 2017

Carnac Eurocat 2017: Day 1

Yesterday the fleets had a course racing day, F18s, C1, FPs and flying cats , Dart 18s among others. Check results for course racing: : yccarnac.com/eurocat_r%C3%A9sultats.html
Long Distance was held today Sat, but no results specified yet.

Caterwaul Regatta 2017 @St Andrews Bay YC , Trailer by Nick Bowers

Kettle Cinema & Nick Bowers are back after a 'Sabbatic' year spent on a super special project. Now Nick is back to the public game and sent this teaser for this weekend Caterwaul Regatta 2017.

Hyeres World Cup 2017: Medal Races Live

This coverage is top notch with tracking included. Congrats to World Sailing on the Live coverage, lets see if ACEA does the same for Bermuda.
Tracking here
Live coverage starts at 12:00 CEST with Medal Races scheduled at:
12:10 - 49er
12:50 - 49erFX
13:30 - RS:X Men
14:10 - RS:X Women
14:50 - Nacra 17
15:30 - Formula Kite

Apr 28, 2017

IKA Formula Kite Foil @Hyeres WC 2017 by Jesús Renedo

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2017: Day 4

GC32s ESS Qingdao 'Mazarin Cup' 2017: Day 1

Photo: ESS Press. Full day 1 report at extremesailingseries.com
Extreme Sailing Series Qingdao Mazrin Cup - 28.04.2017
Qingdao went from calm to classic in a matter of minutes today as Act 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series™ got off to an exciting start.

China’s Olympic Sailing City is renowned for its tricky weather conditions that can catch sailors off guard with sudden changes – and the opening day of Act 2 Qingdao “Mazarin Cup” was a prime example.
As the fleet of seven international crews hit the water the wind was down to just a couple of knots, delaying the start of racing for almost two hours.

But just when it looked like Race Director John Craig would have to give up hopes of running scoring racing on day one the weather gods woke up and, from nowhere, delivered an unexpected but welcome 15 knots to the race course outside of Fushan Bay.

The new wind was more than enough for the fleet of super-fast GC32 catamarans to ‘fly’ on their hydrofoils providing a stunning spectacle for the crowds that lined the shore.
Full report at extremesailingseries.com/news/view/challenging-qingdao-tests-extreme-sailing-series-fleet

Position / Team / Points
- 1st Alinghi (SUI) Arnaud Psarofaghis, Nicolas Charbonnier, Timothé Lapauw, Bryan Mettraux, Yves Detrey 34 points.
- 2nd SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Jes Gram-Hansen, Rasmus Køstner, Mads Emil Stephensen, Pierluigi de Felice, Richard Mason 30 points.
- 3rd Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara, Hans Peter Steinacher, Stewart Dodson, Adam Piggott, Will Tiller 30 points.
- 4th NZ Extreme Sailing Team (NZL) Chris Steele, Graeme Sutherland, Shane Diviney, Leonard Takahashi Fry, Josh - Salthouse 26 points.
- 5th Oman Air (OMA) Phil Robertson, Pete Greenhalgh, James Wierzbowski, Ed Smyth, Nasser Al Mashari 24 points.
- 6th Team Extreme (CHN) Liu Xue (Black), Bernardo Freitas, Martin Evans, Rob Partridge, Tom Buggy 23 points.
- 7th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) Rob Bunce, Chris Taylor, Will Alloway, Adam Kay, Sam Batten 22 points.

Apr 27, 2017

Nacra 17 @Hyeres 2017: Day 3 , Vaireaux & Audinet lead

F18 Worlds 2017 @Denmark: Mitch Booth will race the 'Scorpion F18'

Back in 2012 we were doing some initial CFD tests to the F18 Open Project hull, the boat already had a name since day one: 'Scorpion'. Rest of the story known, with Mischa sailing it at Kiel 2015, a 4th overall here in BA, Brewin some good races in Aus Nats and for 2017 Worlds in Denmark, legend  Mitch Booth will be racing it long Tornado multiple World Champs Paschalidis & Trigonis.

When I started sailing cats I looked up to Mitch , having him sailing the Scorpion is like a joke.
Lets see what the platform can deliver for him, Mitch has 1D Sails from Marton Balazs and the new Exploder mast.

This time around the boat is not being launched 2 days before the Worlds as Mischa had to in 2015, so preparation for the major event will be better. Exploder sent the boat to Mitch some weeks ago with some new looks and Scorpion logo done by Jakub.

Pics: Mitch sailing with his daughter Rita who is racing Nacra 17 at Hyeres with Jordi Booth. For the Worlds dad wll sail with son Ruben.

2017 F18 Worlds Denmark official web www.f18worlds2017.dk/
Registration: www.f18worlds2017.dk/entry-registration/
Entry list: www.f18worlds2017.dk/news/entry-list/ .

A-Class France: Critérium Regatta 2017 @Sete, May 25-28

Info sent by the French A-Class Assoc AFFCA -
The Critérium National Classe A will be held in Sète, South of France, from the 25th to the 28th of May.

This new regatta on the AFCCA calendar replaces the French Nationals that were traditionally held on this Ascension week-end. Nationals that are for the first time move back to early November to enhance the sports interest throughout the season and conclude it in the best possible manner, crowing a French champion.

The Critérium will be the 1st main regatta of the 2017 season on the AFCCA calendar. The sailing club Voile Fun Sete, organizer of the event, is putting great effort to make this regatta one to remember.

And with such a playground as the bay of Sete and traditional warm and windy conditions in late May, we bet they can be right!
Open and Classic rankings will be set and additional prizes will also be given to the 1st Junior, 1St Senior and 1St Woman.

Besides the competition, this event will also be a chance for all sailors to meet up after sailing with drinks and food in a chilled atmosphere, to discuss boat tuning and settings, share ideas on the future of the class and gather once all together with a sailors diner organized by the sailing club.
Here’s the regatta programme:

Date Time Event
- Wednesday 24th May 14:00 – 18:00 Registration
- Thursday 25th May 9:00 – 12:00 Registration
14:30 Fleet racing
- Friday 26th May 13:30 Fleet racing
- Saturday 27th May 13:30 Fleet racing
-Sunday 28th May 10:00 Fleet racing
12:00 Last warning signal
Prize giving

A maximum of twelve 12 races is scheduled and no more than 4 races may be sailed per day.
A promotional movie of the AFCCA and the A Cat in general will also be shot during this regatta and done by a professional filmmaker. This movie is partially financed by the AFCCA members themselves and by our class partners Proust Sailing and Landenberger One Design Sails. A chance for everyone to actually see how they you look when sailing!

Less than 2 hours from the Spanish border and 4 hours from the Italian one, Sète is a great place for sailing and we hope to see many foreign sailors joining us.

Notice of Race and Entry Form here.
More info on accommodations here.

And in case you have any questions, feel free to contact us AFCCA: classaafcca@gmail.com
Or you can alternatively send an email to the sailing club Voile Fun Sète: voilefunsete@wanadoo.fr
The AFCCA bureau.

Apr 25, 2017

Nacra 17 MKII: Ultimate Racing Foiler?

Photo: Laurens Morel saltycolours.com - courtesy Linda Bomhof  / Magic Marine. -
Great pic by Laurens of the Olympic Nacra 17 Champs 2016, Argies Santi  Lange & Ceci Carranza. Nacra is currently putting the MKII for Olympic sailors to test it. You've seen videos from Bora Gulari, also Arg Majdalani & Bosco and plenty others.

Foiling gybes by Bora, smooth first rides for the Arg youths and some impressive foiling spi hoist clip are hard proof of how good the new 17 MKII is doing.
Additionally I got feedback from Fer van West (Morrelli & Melvin / Nacra) and they are pretty happy with performance and feedback. Some friends in Ned report seeing live how the MKII foils upwind like nothing in 6-7knots.

Concerns till now is how the platform will perform in wavy locations, foiling will not be as smooth surely but it will another process for the crews to learn as they did with the semi foiling downwind mode of the MKI.
The A-Class Zs can handle chop pretty good, and in any case you can set up a skimming mode,  and we aer seeing the new 17 is providing easy stable flight out of the box, an asset still pending for the As. (always speaking here of racing Cats, recreational wand foilers are another complete category) The ideal trim for the updated olympic cat version will be found by the fleet after they start receiving and racing the MKIIs by June/July 2017.

Santi Lange reports "We had a great and very interesting week in the Netherlands, and we've learnt plenty. The MKII is quite sensitive and demands great coordination and anticipation. It will be a great challenge to sail it at Olympic level.
The actual regattas will be held with every type of waves and chop, so the question will be how we'll be able to handle the boat in those conditions"

For the actual deliveries we hope Nacra being able to fullfil the new announced build quality, for a start foils are being made by Holland Composites. Platforms this time around will need to support much higher loads than the MKI, and we'll see the olympic fleet pushing the limits of the new platform. Great times ahead.

There is another Morelli & Melvin foiling project out there is still in test & development stage , its called the "Super Foiler" and well known by now, but for the moment the Nacra 17 MKII is taking the honors for top flying performance. Chances are the MKII might beat the F20FCS/FP Elite around the course. Situation still to be proven , but if it becomes a reality then the MKII will surely deserve to be called the "Ultimate Racing Foiler".

Team New Zealand Showing Off @Bermuda by MyislandhomeBDA

Great set of daily videos from MyIslandhomeBDA user at his YT Channel. It looked reat already in first sail at Bermuda pusblished by TNZ, those foiling tacks....

HD Portfolio: Northern Brittany with Pierre Le Coq by Launay

Apr 23, 2017

Team Malingri, Dakar-Guadalupe: Record Achieved

Photos & Press release below by Team Malingri.
We waited till having their official press release and confirmation to post the news. Vittorio and Nico Malingri have broken the previous Dakar-Guadalupe record on a 20' Cat specially designed by Balance Arquitectura Naval.

Special cruising cats like the one used by the Malingri Team offers a bit more stability and a rather safer ride than coastal beachcats. I've built 3 special cruisers with our first f18 hulls, we added 3mts beams , wings , rollers furler jib / spi and even one for reefing the main over the boom.
They are being sailed on our Patagonian Coast and the guys have endure some storms and tough days,  but nothing can compare to these two brave sailors crossing the Atlantic.
Other 'nuts' in the same league are Beto Pandiani and Yvan Buurgnon. Check Beachcat Cruising label for more cruising posts.

Below press release by Team Malingri confirming the record:
This adventure is one of the most important Citroën Unconventional Team challenges of
2017, of which Vittorio and Nico Malingri are part of. The challenge is supported by Citroën, their main partner, and by OneSails, their
technical partner.

Vittorio and Nico Malingri, cut off the Point-à-Pitre line on April 20th at 12:19:47 UTC. Father
and son crossed the Atlantic from Dakar to Guadeloupe in 11 days, 1 hour and 9 minutes, taking
10 hours and 16 minutes less compared to the record time earlier held by the French duo Moreau and Lequin.

After a long and exhausting sailing on a non-inhabitable six feet long beach catamaran, Vittorio and Nico made another big adventure and brought the record back in Italy.
Vittorio and Nico departed on the morning of April 9 at 11:10:45 UTC. After initial difficulty in

Apr 22, 2017

TNZ AC50 Launch @Bermuda

Images & video and report sent by Team New Zealand.  We like Artemis, but we cheer for Team New Zealand, specially after their past foiling and current continued innovation , plus their lone wolf 2017 campaign, plus untouchable Burling and mainly & simply enough cause Glenn Ahsby is sailing with them.
Look last secs on foiling tack and speed.... scary good. Lets see how they match up vs Bermuda squad towards the LV
"It is just over three weeks since Emirates Team New Zealand was sailing in New Zealand, and today the teams America’s Cup Class race boat was out sailing on Bermuda s Great Sound for the first time under inquisitive gaze of an armada of competitors chase boats getting a first hand glimpse of the kiwi boat in what has inadvertently become one of the most anticipated events of this America’s Cup cycle.

Late in the day, an ideal 10-12 knots on the tropical blue flat water, perfect sailing conditions that Bermuda has become renown for, the evening was more about a recommissioning of the systems and components to make sure everything was working properly before getting back into the mindset of pushing the development hard day after day.

The maiden sail in Bermuda came with an air of relief for skipper Glenn Ashby who has been like “a cat on a hot tin roof” waiting to get back out on the boat named New Zealand Aotearoa.

“When you look at the calendar it actually hasn't been too long since we last sailed in Auckland, but everything that has happened between times, packing up, flying the boat here and rebuilding it has made it seem a lot longer, the team has done a huge push to get us on the water as soon as possible.”

“But it was really fantastic to get back out there and get a taste of the race course first hand for the first time. It is pretty apparent already that this is going to be a really great regatta up here.”

Emirates Team New Zealand relaunched their race boat with their replacement daggerboards while the finishing repairs continue to be made to their race boards which were damaged in Auckland.

“We would have preferred to have our race boards back in the boat, but we need to be sure the repairs are 100% right so we don’t want to rush the repair. Hopefully we will have them come back online very shortly.” said Ashby.

With just 34 days to go until the first race of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers the urgency for continued development looms large and the team will be making the most of each day, the varying conditions as well as new equipment coming on line.

“As a team it is important we remain totally focused and flexible to learning as much as we can from ourselves but also our competitors.”

“From what we have seen in the past few days, the other teams all look to have strengths as well as some weaknesses. We will be no different so the race effectively has started as to who can make the most of these next five weeks to maximize all the speed they can in preparation for racing on the 26th May.”

Another official race training period begins on Monday in Bermuda, with all of the other teams likely to participate. When questioned with the Emirates Team New Zealand participation Ashby said:

“We will see how we go. We need to take our time to make sure we are happy with where we are at before starting any racing. But it will be good to get into some action with another boat as amazingly it is something we have not done at all yet.”

FP Essentiel 2 mins ride clip

Last video from from the FP Essentiel. Not the FP (now 'Elite') but you can appreciate my previous comments on Alex's kite. Crew can work on body trim and just leave the spi sheet 'stuck', I think you can even put a clam in controlled wind conditions. This is exactly what I reported from my experience crewing the FP 'Elite' here in BA. No wings for the racing version so crew body trim is more effective.
See also how Gurvan changes heading angles pretty hard and the spi maintains shape.
On the flight , not much wind available and the Essentiel continues to show you can foil pretty good and relaxed while seated on the wing, fulfilling the goal of this specific boat about the best Z foil conf can provide now a days.

Remember the Essentiel has an alu mas, weights at least 173kg and basically has an F18 hardware setup in materials and dimensions, it even has 2.55 width. Nevertheless hull construction, which is same mold as the F18 / FP Elite version, has a special dedicated laminate Epoxy & S-Glass combo for better strength and durability to sustain foiling loads.

Apr 21, 2017

F18 Windrush Edge production heading Europe

Sailing Pic: Alex Mckinnon, Australian F18 Nats 2017 - Brett Burvill's Windrush Edge is by now a established performer in the Formula 18 Class. With top results in the competitive Australian fleet and also in Europe with Sunnucks / UK crews and in Italy Lorenzo Bianchini. We've been following this project since day 1 and we are quite happy for its success. As Brett describes below, small yards building cats its a labor of love, you only make big profits if you sell plastic recreational cats. Building F18s for a small yard? breaking even is a joy.
F18s, A-Cats and else racing cats are refined built machines aside its components.

Imagine a yard building and selling Laser or Optis, you just have two molds to bond and you are set.
The internal structure and all being x2 in racing beachcats have a great overhead of man labor hours and dedication. So always appreciate the work and hours Brett and many others invest behind your boat.

For 2017 Worlds data check video made by Jasper showing some shots the venue at Denmark which seems a great place to race: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oLRiPNk_Eo&feature=youtu.be
Registration link: www.f18worlds2017.dk/entry-registration/

Build pics & updates sent by Brett Burvill: "Some new Windrush Edge F18's recently completed and on their way to Europe/ UK. Its great to be busy with building these boats and a healthy F18 fleet in Australia with lots of interest.
We have 1 new Tornado to build now and then a few more Edges to fill current orders. We set a target to do 12-15 Edges this year, with 6 now built since December.

Being a small company and all being built in house this is not really profitable but it is also great fun and very satisfying to see them on the water and getting great results . Time for some US customers... "Colouring the World one Edge at a time 😎"

Apr 20, 2017

F16 Worlds 2018 @Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Melbourne, Australia

Photo: Jasper van Staveren / F16 Worlds 2016 held @Knokke - The Formula F16 Class will organize their 2018 Worlds at Royal, Brighton Yacht Club, located in Melbourne , Australia. Nice for the F16 Class managemen to support since day 1 overseas attendance: "The F16 Class Association will support overseas competitors. Shipping facilities from central Europe will be provided in Bordeaux after the GPA in November. Book your flights and your accomodation early!"

I've been informed that the Class is also experimenting with some parallel foiling tests, will get in contact with  Brett , Gill or others involved to know more about it.
F16 Europeans 2017 will take place in July at Voile Libre Morges, Morges Switzerland. Official web: f16europeans2017.ch/   , NOR for Euros 2017 here.

For the 2018 Worlds check details of the event at rbyc.org.au/sailing/regattas/f16-world-championships/
Complete NOR rbyc.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2018-F16-Worlds-NOR-Final-2017-04-13.pdf

6.1 Registration and Measurement and Inspection will be conducted on Monday & Tuesday January 22 & 23, 2018 from 1000-1700hrs. No initial measurements are available.

6.2 Dates of racing:
January 23 Practice Race
January 24 Racing
January 25 Racing
January 26 Lay Day – Provision for resails after 1430hrs
January 27 Racing
January 28 Racing

6.3 12 16 races are scheduled with a maximum of 5 races per day.
6.4 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 1200hrs.
6.5 The latest time of the warning signal on the final day is 1500hrs.

Nacra 17 MKII Tests Flight by Gulari-Scutt (II)

Update: Just informed by Bora Gulari that he put down the Video as it was not intended for public view (took it as referenced below from their own public fb Team Page.) Sorry, but no way to see it now, it was really good footage.
Video posted by Gulari-Scutt Racing -  This is by far the best Nacra 17 MKII video posted till now. Flat waters indeed, but much can be appreciated. Like Bora's foiling hours, vs some other videos of the MKII out there, and how Nacra seems to have missed a bit the gennaker draft/shape (if this is the new prod one for foiling).
They had the same issue with the  Nacra F20FCS, first spi was unusable on high speeds achieved, now the F20FCS has an updated spi design.

Check how Bora has to bare away to maintain spi shape flowing.  For a valid comparison , not much work if any is needed in the Flying Phantom, I crew in the FP  here in BA and I remember just almost being 'stuck' with gennaker sheet, not much to do as the kite flies really good and keeps its lfowing shape in a wide range of angles,  which also permitted to concentrate in body movement to balance pitch.  Alex Sail Innovation FP 'Elite' gennaker it is also a high aspect ratio spi which goes to mast top.

Nacra is on the limelight for being Olympic, so they are exposed widely. Those are the good and bad things of becoming an Olympic boat.
On the flight, the Nacra 17 MKII looks really good on Gulari-Scutt hands, and fast too. Bora made his way to represent the US at Rio, and I think he will have an edge over others crews without any foiling experience as we discussed in his interview a week ago.
Some drop-offs, but I see the kite playing against a better sustained flight and forcing dome heel too, they look pretty gentle also in those flat conditions, I 've seen some harder ones with chop/waves.

The MKII flight is impressive, any catsailor capable to foil his A, will have a fest on the new Nacra 17, a statement based only in how other crews without foiling hours are flying the N17 like expert pilots. Thoug Bora's foiling gybes and smooth rides are till now the best I've seen.
The longer span boards are making their job too. Excelent design package delivered by Morrelli & Melvin.

Lange & Carranza are testing the boat right now in Ned. Will get Santi's impressions next weeks.

Australian Youth Nacra 15 Championships 2017

Photos: Australian Sailing, Beau Outteridge - I contacted Darren Bundock last week and he told me he is currently working with Australian Sailing for the Youth squads and also Nacra 17. Bundy continues to train in A-Cats and checking chances to attend to Sopot Worlds.
Helping kids out as he did with AC Youth in San Francisco its a great addition to his immense career and a task not many are willing or eager to do.
Aussie Youth Nacra 15   Report source Australian Sailing.:

"Western Australian siblings, Shannon and Jayden Dalton, have won the Australian Sailing Youth Nacra 15 Championship, hosted by Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club over the Easter long weekend.

Former Optimist and 420 sailors, Shannon and Jayden relished in the conditions on Lake Macquarie, winning seven from ten races over the course of the regatta. Having only spent the last four months training in the Nacra 15, the duo negotiated the light and tricky conditions on the Lake flawlessly.

“A lot of hard work has paid off,” said Jayden. “No one has really had the boats long enough to train and be really prepared, so it was really good to just get out here and see how we went with everyone else.

“We have been training hard at both South of Perth Yacht Club on Swan River, and on the ocean in the lead up to this event.
“The regatta was really quite light and shifty, and the water was really flat which we are not used to. We haven’t trained in the light breeze that much back home (Western Australia).”

Jake Liddell and Emma Jones from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia flew the flag for the east-coast of Australia winning three races across the weekend to take out second place. Local Wangi sailors, Jed Fatches and Karma Randall, also capitalised on the conditions finishing the regatta in third place after posting consistent results across the four-day event.

Australian Sailing Performance Pathway Manager, Mark Robinson said the first Nacra 15 Championship event was a great success.

“The Nacra 15 is a new multihull that youth sailors are climbing on board across the country to experience the speed and versatility that it offers,” Mark said. “We’ve received comments both from experienced multihull sailors and those new to the discipline that this is a great balanced boat ideal for our youth sailors.

“The multihull is a great pathway option for junior sailors coming from Optimists, Open Bics, Sabots and the like, and the event on the weekend highlighted that with such a competitive yet diverse fleet background.”

Next stop for the Daltons will be the 2018 Youth World Championships to be hosted in China this December with their training as a part of the Australian Sailing Youth Team to commence shortly.

“Shannon and Jayden now complete the Australian Sailing Youth Team that will travel to Sanya in China,” Mark said. “The other team members have been training in their home states since their selection earlier in the year and will come together as a team later in the year for training camps with the three appointed team coaches.”

Event Results – CLICK HERE
Event Video Wrap-Up – CLICK HERE
Event Images – CLICK HERE (All Credit – Australian Sailing, Beau Outteridge)

Apr 18, 2017

Team Malingri, Dakar-Guadalupe Record Attempt: Day 9

Seems Beto Pandiani is not the only nuts crossing oceans on 20' beachcats. Vittorio & Nico Malingri continue their attempt to break the Dakar-Guadalupe Atlantic crossing record held by the French navigators Pierre-Yves Moreau e Benoit Lequin: 11 days, 11 hours and 25 minutes.

Live Tracker fro Malingri Team on a 20' Cat designed by Balance Arquitectura Naval at: vittoriomalingri.geovoile.com/dakarguadeloupe/2017/tracker/?lg=en

Below Press release from today from Team Malingri , official web: vittoriomalingri.com/EN/index.html
Atlantic, April 18th 2017 "Vittorio and Nico Malingri, after a weekend of tough sailing, are 440 miles to arrival and continue to be in advantage on the record-time of Pierre-Yves Moreau e Benoit Lequin. 

This adventure is one of the most important Citroën Unconventional Team challenges of 2017, of which Vittorio and Nico are part of. During the weekend Nico and Vittorio Malingri had to deal with difficult days: 

Saturday they had a close encounter with two whales, then capsized and were forced to swim in order to retrieve all their belongings that fell in the water. Unfortunately, this left them with the electrical system damaged. 

Due to this, we did not manage to speak with them on Sunday but yesterday yes: “It’s an exciting finale; we can’t predict anything till the very end. With the average of today we will not make it for sure, we will see tomorrow. Now it is the worst moment, we were waiting for it. The wind blows at 5 knots, we are doing well because Feel Good is amazing, we have a huge sail. In this part of the Caribbean Sea, it is full of seaweed that keeps being stuck in the helm; and we keep needing to take them off every 5 minutes. 

Yesterday we cut the route by hauling off north, even though the forecasts suggested keeping south

Oracle AC50 'Bow Down attitude' explained by Slingby

Video source: Oracle Team USA. -- As I don´t get much from Slingby aussie accent for some words in video above , and Tom also speaking as a 'trade off' to level platform upwind, I went directly with Guru Martin Fischer to get a second thought on the matter.
We covered the bow down attitude here since first pic/video was shown that I remember, also we explained how is possible to achieve a more controlled and faster flight in beachcats with a similar trim.

But AC45T and AC50s are another league so I wanted to confirm again what Groupama Team France lead designer (and flying A-Cat/FP/GC32 pioneer) had to say on how they apply the bow down 'attitude' / trim, he confirms Slingby gral concept but more clear to read/understand:
Martin Fischer: " It's not just a trade off. With the bow down trim you reduce the wetted surface of the rudder. This reduces frictional drag and therefore increases speed.

As of the trade-off Oracle is talking about: we want to sail with maximum elevator differential, which means that the net angle of attack of the elevators with respect to the boat cannot be changed.

Therefore the trim of the boat changes as a function of boat speed (more bow down if the speed goes up). As the result the boats sail downwind with more bow down than upwind. Ideally we would like to have the same bow down trim downwind and upwind, but due to rule constraints we cannot achieve that - if we want to keep the full rudder differential."

Stunt 9 new Jib 'Turbo' package

Michele Petrucci decided to maintain current S9 mast / main sail area and a jib package to the S9. To keep previous S9s under the same conf is a good move, adding a jib on a single handler should be worth only on the added perf if any. Michele reports his experience racing at Vele di Pasqua vs other Cats. One thing is certain leaving any performance comparison , the S9 in above video looks super smooth, providing easy / stable foiling  taken to the extreme.
Comments from Michele: "This past weekend we had the first races for the new S9 Class. We had seven S9s on water , plus some Tornado , Hobie 16 and  A-Cats in the same event .
Wind was too light, 3-7 knots , good conditions for the A-Cat in floating and flying mode , but when wind was up to 5 knots the "S9T" was faster downwind.

Upwind it was better no to foil with 5 to 7 knots of wind as the pointing angle was very bad , so we prefer to use floating mode for that wind range.

In 6-7 knots the S9 has almost same performance than an  A-Cat upwind.
Quite happy on the new jib , still much tuning and setup left. This was  only  he third time we tested the new Turbo kit on the S9 , so I'm sure that we can make better in future.

When wind increased ,  S9 showed really great performance. Many people liked the boat , and told us they want joint the new class.

Sailors from Moth , A-Cat , and F18 competed on this first S9 regatta and all have find this boat to be really cool and many are thinking to join us.

Above video of me and flying A cat in downwind , 5-7 knots.
S9 versus foiling A-Cat , really ligth wind , more deeper and faster.

On second movie the team UK show a foiling jibe , test sailors are from 49er and skiff , thay was on boat only 30 minutes: https://vimeo.com/213461013

Apr 17, 2017

A-Class France (AFCCA) , Cata Cap Atlantique 2017: Emmanuel Dodé 1st

The official French A-Class Association held this past weekend the 2017 Cata Cap Atlantique at Cercle Nautique La Baule / cnbpp.fr. Emmanuel Dodé on his F1 dominated the fleet with 8 bullets out of 10 races (two discards). Emmanuel has been training hard in the A-Class for a couple of years now and he is on a mission to improve his performance from Medemblik towards Sopot Worlds 2017 to be held in August 28 : /aclassworlds2017.pl

At La baule second place for our friend and 2014 Europeans organizer Hervé Ledue and third overall for Albert Roturier.

Note this event was organized AFCCA (Association Française des Catamarans de Classe A / www.afcca.org)
, Asswhich gathers sailors under the International A-Cat Association (IACA / A-Cat.org) official rules.
The recently formed French "A-Classic" is a totally separated Class and do not belong to the IACA realm.

20 boat fleet, top 10 below. Full results at AFCCA fb page www.facebook.com/afcca.Classe.A/

Pos Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 Tot
1 Emmanuel Dode 1 1 1 x2 1 1 1 x4 1 1 8
2 Hervé Ledue 2 x7 2 x5 3 2 2 2 2 3 18
3 Albert Roturier x7 2 3 1 4 x5 5 1 3 2 21
4 David Remy 3 3 x6 3 6 4 3 x11 6 6 34
5 Olivier Ballevre 6 6 5 x14 6 x11 9 6 5 7 50
6 Gilles Guitard 5 8 4 x13 8 6 4 12 x13 4 51
7 pascal Tetard x13 dns 10 10 2 3 6 3 10 10 54
8 Eric Cochard 4 10 8 6 5 8 8 8 x11 dns 57
9 Alban Dalibard 8 4 7 7 x13 x13 10 10 4 12 62
10 Arnaud Passelac 9 12 x14 4 9 7 x13 7 9 11 68

Oracle & SoftBank AC50s: 36.5knots in 11knots TWS

Onboard vid rib speed + wind data published by Americas Cup. Actual data is 42mph  for reference rib max speed and 13mph for wind speed.

For a quick status of the teams check Russell Coutts weights each Bermuda team after latest practice races: www.americascup.com/en/news/2486_-Artemis-Racing-have-made-a-massive-jump-in-the-last-two-or-three-weeks-Russell-Coutts-QA.html

M32s WMRT Coconut Grove Cup 2017: Evan Walker 1st

Photos & Videos: WMRT.com. Video above shows an excellent Match Race coverage , lets see what ACEA has for Bermuda in some weeks, at least to see the replays, if available. meanwhile the WMRT continues to provide complpete media coverage
At Coconut Grove the M32s have their second US event of the season:
 " Miami, USA (April 15th, 2017) – In a day filled with leaderboard upsets, the event winner was decided rounding the final mark in the final race of the regatta. Australia’s Evan Walker and his Team KA Match struck lucky on the last beat to win the final cross and pop a wheelie on the finish line to take the win in style..."

Full report at wmrt.com/evan-walker-steals-coconut-grove-cup-at-final-turn/
Coconut Grove 2017 Overall
1 Evan Walker
2 Nevin Snow
3 Anthony Kotoun
4 Jeremy Wilmot
5 Harry Price
6 Daniel Bjornholt
7 Marcus Edegran
8 Jo Aleh
9 Chris Poole
10 Viktor Serezkhin

Apr 16, 2017

Diam 24OD @Spi-Ouest 2017

Photos: Thomas Brégardis & Marc Ollivier / Spi-Ouest France http://www.ouest-france.fr/spi/ -
33 Diam 24OD racing at La Trinité uur Mer for the 39 Spi-Ouest Edition. Diam 24 OD is currently the flag ship for multiple crews Multihull racing. GC32s are putting on a show and good numbers, but it is totally another budget. This class has found the right balance in performance and costs and I see no
reason for any slow down in the future, they don't even need foiling at all. Diam 24iD are perfect in theri current form. Many French F18 sailors and youth talens participating too like the Haineville bros and Valentin Bellet.

Below top ten , full results at www.ouest-france.fr/spi/resultats/ , -> Resultats par Course -> Choisir Classements -> Diam 24

Place Pts Sponsor/Skipper C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10
1 29.00  Lorina Limonade - Golfe Du Morbihan M. SalomonFRA11 6
2 41.00  Fondation Fdj Des Pieds Et Des Main D. Seguin/D. IehlFRA13 4
3 46.00  Trésors de Tahiti T. PlichartTAH118 9
4 48.00  Sfs S. Bouvet25 1
5 60.00  Lorina Mojito - Golfe Du Morbihan S. Robert09 16
6 60.00  Oman Sail T. DouillardOMA 1 (17)
7 61.00  Team Vivacar.Fr Cefim M. Souben12 10
8 63.00  Beijaflore V. Bellet11 8
(ocs)  6
9 82.00  Team Coved A. DucrozFRA 74 2
10 84.00  Cheminees Poujoulat
B. StammSUI 29

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