Mar 26, 2017

Updates for A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot

Nice to see Adam May (head design of Artemis) returning  and I think the AC gang should return in masse too with the A-Class going full foiling and slowly becoming the fastest single handed out there. Weekend racing here in BA, and above 12knots upwind foiling is a winning card.
Those not able to foil in Sopot in that wind range will be left behind a la Punta Ala in 6/7 knots downwind mode.

Dagger cases being moved forward are facilitating flying to windward, and Sopot will become another milestone event like Takapuna 2014 and Punta Ala 2015.
With current R&D finding a limit on some aspects like how forward the dagger case can go and other optimizing aspects, hopefully for 2018 the As will find a new stable period agian (never say never..!) for the rest of the fleet to catch up to the new 100% airborne racing.

Meanwhile enjoy the learning process in this historic times and go to Sopot to be able to tell your grandchildren you were a pioneer of the foiling A-Cat Era, not up there in importance as the Wright bros in aeronautics! but nevertheless all sailors going for A-Cat flight learning process can feel really lucky to be a part of it.

Below updates from Sopot send by Jacek Noetzel plus links to registration and official web. Sopot looks a great spot and having Jacek and the local fleet hosting the Worlds is a guarantee of good vibes and work for the class. 
Jacek Noetzel , Sopot Worlds Org: "It is going to be a great event. Poland will host Catamaran World Championships for the first time in the history. However, organizers are sure that A-Class sailors along the sailing spot with beautiful sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere of Sopot will help to make a this regatta a success. 4 weeks after start of registration, there are already 60 participant registered and we know this is not final number. 

We have got verbal commitment from many top sailors, including Americas Cup participants. There are well known names among sailors already registered: Mitch Booth, Paul Larsen, Konstantinos Trigonis, Mischa Heemskerk, Manuel Calavia, Sandro Caviezel, Adam May and many others A-Class enthusiasts. We want to remind you, that championships are held in high holiday season so it is good idea to reserve accommodation in advance.