Mar 31, 2017

St Thomas International Regatta 2017 : HH66-03 'Nala' 1st

Photo: St Thomas Int. Regatta / Dean Barnes - Press release sent by Lauren Battaile.
HH66-03 Nala Pounces at the St. Thomas International Regatta "Stunning the fleet and taking 1st in Offshore Multihull Class

HH Catamarans latest launch, HH66-03 Nala, took 1st Place in the Offshore Multihull Class at the St. Thomas International Regatta over the weekend, beating three Gunboat 60s and the previously unbeaten Bieker 53. The event marked Nala’s racing debut, and the strong performance out of the gate left little room for doubt that Nala will be a formidable opponent for the fastest amongst the Offshore Multihull fleet.

St. Thomas, USVI, March 29, 2017
A spectacular weekend of racing at the St. Thomas International Regatta wrapped Sunday, with the

Mar 27, 2017

Nacra 17s @Palma 2017: Day 1

Photo: Jesús renedo / Sailing Energy / Sofía - First event of Nacra 17 Class, still sailed in Nacra 17 MKIs. Foiling MKIIs will be delivered in June. Now there is a schedule and delivery tiers programmed, for more details check

After 3 races Lin Cenholt & Peter Lubeck lead, followed by Tom Phipps & Nikki Boniface.
Iker Martinez  is back after the injury which left him out of Rio qualys for Spain. Fernando Echavarri & Tara Pacheco continue their past campaign too.

Henri Demesmaeker is present and now fully involved in the major leagues after years of dominating the youth arena.

Current Gold medalist, Santi Lange is training in BA and looking forward to the foiling mode. Representing Argentina, we have a new crew formed, simply the future of local Sailing with Mateo Majdalani (AC45 Youth Helm & Lange assistant coach) and another great talented youth like Eugenia Bosco, who is one the most experienced catsailors crew by now with several seasons in the F18 and Nacra 17, and coming from successful 29er years.
Mateo also has some flying hours on the Moth and has sailed with us in the A-Cats a bit.
More than proud than having them representing us trying to follow Grandpa Gold Lange and Ceci Carranza.

30 boats racing at Palma, full results & official web at

AC35: Martin Fischer, Head Designer Groupama Team France

Video by Americas Cup - - Plenty said of this great guy in previous Team France posts and through the years here in CSN. Check above good profile clip by ACEA and how he describes all teams reached similar foil shape solutions, leaving proprietary foil sections as one the 'secrets' the teams can hide* from the rest to copy.

AC35 @Bermuda Practice Races Results, March 22-26 2017

Images by Austin Wong / ACEA & Artemis Racing - Following the rumours on performances and issues for each team the practice race results are showing available info was right on the spot, at least for now.
Nice to see Artemis keeping the pace.
This Cup is going to be plenty more fun than last one, less surprises for sure, and lets hope for TNZ to be on par or above the Bermuda squad to have an even greater show.

Full report by Artemis here:"...
Artemis Racing had a tough start on Friday losing their first two races in windy and wavy conditions. But the team finished the day with a win against Oracle Team USA, and then went on a strong winning streak, grabbing every point available on Saturday and the first three races on Sunday.

”It got much lighter, and I was really pleased with the way we were able to step it up”, said Nathan Outteridge. He continued, ”It all came down to our final race with Oracle. We started strong, lead for the majority, but they got a shift on the last beat, and managed to get in just ahead of us. We’ve certainly learnt a lot, and now we have a bit of time to start working on improving the way we sail the boat, the way we race the boat, as well as installing a few upgrades.
Practice Races results  source:

Practice Races period  22-26 March 2017: Unofficial Results

Oracle Tam USA 9 2 82.00%
Artemis Racing 7 3 70.00%
SoftBank Team Japan 2 2 50.00%
Land Rover BAR 2 8 20.00%
Groupama Team France 1 6 14.00%

Mar 26, 2017

Updates for A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot

Nice to see Adam May (head design of Artemis) returning  and I think the AC gang should return in masse too with the A-Class going full foiling and slowly becoming the fastest single handed out there. Weekend racing here in BA, and above 12knots upwind foiling is a winning card.
Those not able to foil in Sopot in that wind range will be left behind a la Punta Ala in 6/7 knots downwind mode.

Dagger cases being moved forward are facilitating flying to windward, and Sopot will become another milestone event like Takapuna 2014 and Punta Ala 2015.
With current R&D finding a limit on some aspects like how forward the dagger case can go and other optimizing aspects, hopefully for 2018 the As will find a new stable period agian (never say never..!) for the rest of the fleet to catch up to the new 100% airborne racing.

Meanwhile enjoy the learning process in this historic times and go to Sopot to be able to tell your grandchildren you were a pioneer of the foiling A-Cat Era, not up there in importance as the Wright bros in aeronautics! but nevertheless all sailors going for A-Cat flight learning process can feel really lucky to be a part of it.

Below updates from Sopot send by Jacek Noetzel plus links to registration and official web. Sopot looks a great spot and having Jacek and the local fleet hosting the Worlds is a guarantee of good vibes and work for the class. 
Jacek Noetzel , Sopot Worlds Org: "It is going to be a great event. Poland will host Catamaran World Championships for the first time in the history. However, organizers are sure that A-Class sailors along the sailing spot with beautiful sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere of Sopot will help to make a this regatta a success. 4 weeks after start of registration, there are already 60 participant registered and we know this is not final number. 

We have got verbal commitment from many top sailors, including Americas Cup participants. There are well known names among sailors already registered: Mitch Booth, Paul Larsen, Konstantinos Trigonis, Mischa Heemskerk, Manuel Calavia, Sandro Caviezel, Adam May and many others A-Class enthusiasts. We want to remind you, that championships are held in high holiday season so it is good idea to reserve accommodation in advance.

M32s: WMRT Perth 2017: Final Day Live replay

Official web -

Mar 24, 2017

Groupama Team France AC50 flying @Bermuda

Photos and video by -  Martin Fischer literally stating "to do crazy things" its a priceless moment. The only way to innovate is to think different from what others have done. That cliche phrase "if you are not ready to fail you'll never succeed" is 100% true, and a situation Martin has gone through. Now if you analyze current state of sailing: The Foiling A-Class, the GC32 show, the FP (first produciton foiler project) and the foil race concept in the AC, all can be tracked back to this man.

Mar 23, 2017

A-Class: Learning upwind foiling in the breeze, The wave smashing method...

Banging the Corners published an hilarious video of BAR smashing the AC while docking at Bermuda,  it made me laugh like their Oracle flip at SF bay one. Check their yt channel here
Seeing that one reminded me on the dock post I hit here in the F18 Worlds.. And to continue laugh I thought on posting this onboard cam I made this Tuesday. Not much quality and lens blurred on condensation but worth to post, it was a harsh day to sail As, we went out with two friends in their F1, one had a frontal flip.

Although we can sail in the breeze and chop, we always prefer to take car of equipment.
While we were all going back, I decided to push a bit upwind, and I got my real first upwind small airborne time along smashing some breaking chop...!

It was pure adrenaline , the J/Z foils are great from midrange winds to above, coupled with my assy winglet I can manage pretty decent flights downwind as posted.
But upwind foiling is a whole new game, and this was the first step to of the steep learning curve, is the downwind foiling process all over again.

This process is easier with newer platforms with a more forward cases/beam position and updated Z foils, and also on retrofitted platforms.

The A14 I sail has no modification made, so its a little more hard, but surely a great training for the day I'll be able to upgrade at least mainfoils, also might cut case and move forward after the feedback I got from Brayshaw who along Brad Collet did the same on their respective A15 and A13 for the 2017 Aus Nats.
The Decksweeper sail (re cut or news) is also fundamental and will provide more stable and sustained flights.

Americas Cup: AC50 Bermuda Squad vs Team New Zealand (II)

Photo: Richard Gladwell / - Gladwell reports in Sail-World on Oracle's mainfoil breakage (check pics on links below) forcing a late protocol changes regarding the racing foils use and repair rules which were pretty restricted till now.
Added to the actual racing taking place at Bermuda, its rather a shame all those teams literally working Oracle to retain the Cup.

You might say they are benefiting themselves too, but best way would have been them training together exlcuding the Defender. Read detailed report by Gladwell at:

Great Photos from TNZ trainings and the 2up grinders at:

Mar 22, 2017

Americas Cup: AC50 Squad vs Team New Zealand

AC50's lining up already?
America's Cup Class race boats lining up already?
Until this week it was prohibited by the protocol, but now allowed after yet another rule change.
Working together to protect their future AC framework agreement?
Posted by Emirates Team New Zealand 

Video above and comments posted by Team New Zealand - The AC having the Defender being helped in such manner is contributing to kill Cup tradition and transforming it in standard pro level event. Which is Oracle's goal with their new framework.

Some said the same when going from monos to racing Cats, but not quite . Cats and now foiling ones are fastest sailboats with latest tech (pardon me the control panel button foiling) which is conceptual AC tradition since day 1: Fastest boats, latest tech.

Americas Cup should remain an unique event, pro leagues can be done in parallel no problem.
Changing rules at will by the Oracle Squad teams is only benefiting Oracle in the end like the participation of the defender before the Finals, all aspects reducing chances for the challenger themselves.

Team New Zealand stated some months ago: "TNZ & Prada were working together to dethrone the Defender!" replying to Oracle's "you guys trained with and even had clone boats with Prada"

In contrast a vote towards favoring Challengers would have been all teams but Oracle voting to modify the rule and excluding the defender from these lining ups.

-Update: More details from Gladwell on additional protocol changes at

- On the video itself, great action , these boats are more agile and fastger than the AC72s, still that extreme nose down trim (which is fasf mode) is scary...

Back on track for Billy Besson

One of the most heart breaking sailing  stories I've seen was Billy and Marie from last Olympic campaign, the French crew dominated the  Nacra 17 Class at will for 4 consecutive years. But before Rio 2016, Billy suffered a back injury who left him handicapped to compete at top level, he was literally put onboard his boat from a wheel chair every day.

After back surgery Billy is back and will sail wit Amelie Riou, Marie will go for the Volvo Ocean race along Carolijn Brouwer.

The Nacra 17 MKII will be a full foiling boat, and Billy has experience in foiling the Hydros C-Class and some A-Class flights plus the mode top sailors found for the Nacra 17 MKI, he has an excellent background to re gain his competitive drive.

Video above made by our friends from Forward Sailing.

Mar 21, 2017

C2s ex charters for sale after Denmark F18 Worlds 2017

Photo: Jasper van Staveren , Glenn Ashby & Brett Goodall , 2014 Worlds held in Ireland. 2017 F18 Worlds official web at - Below announcement  by Goodall Design on the chance to buy chartered boats after the Worlds with 1 week use.
"Goodall Design will have a very limited number of charter boat packages for sale after the Worlds in Denmark.

These will be sailed only at the World Titles, hence only have about 10 days on the water. All boats will be ready for pickup from Denmark at the end of the world titles (July 15).

To ensure that these charter boats are properly cared for during the Worlds and that you have everything you need for your new racing machine, we will be supplying a package that includes:

Complete 2017 C2 - Fully assembled and ready to race
Stern Supports (Bum Cups)
EuroTrax beach trolley
Heavy duty boat cover
This packages has a retail value of over € 21,500 plus VAT!!!

Goodall Design will be offering this package to you for €17,990 (ex VAT)

Interested?? So here's what you need to know:
Boats need to be picked up from the Goodall Design support trailer at the end of the F18 World Championships in Denmark. Delivery/alternative pickup arrangements can be organized. Arrangements MUST be made BEFORE June 27 and may incur extra costs.

Payment terms will be:
- €2,000 holding deposit payable immediately.
- 50% due May 14
- Balance due June 27

There is definitely limited numbers available, so get in quickly. Boats will be allocated in order of holding deposits received.

Please Contact Helen at Sales (at) to place your order"

Mar 19, 2017

F1 A-Class flight: "Buenos Aires Sailing" by Juan Faustin

After some videos of the D3 Camp, have another good Dna F1 beautifully filmed by F18/A-Cat/F20 local sailor Juan Faustín. F1 Ride Sergio Mehl.
This was filmed this Saturday at sunset, as we wait for better winds but this time I had to leave early. Juan went out with his F20 and later filmed clip above.
We don´t have blue waters here in BA, but Rio de la Plata is such a great place to sail. Great clip by Faustin, drone latest dji one. This is a revisited cut he just sent with some extra takes from the one published in Fb.

On the actual foiling, check the hopping (pitching) stance , been talking with Sergio on loading rudders to put nose down, he already tested and it changes trim for good. Yesterday he had a super light  winds weather setup.  He can get airborne in around 7knots wit the F1 and he flies for miles non stop as seen in his past clips.

Mar 18, 2017

A-Class Exploder D3 training clip by Chris Rashley

Fun few days in the Solent, A-Class training with Paul Larsen. The A-Class is proving to be a good test bed for the Nacra17F. Zhik Bryt Sails eXploder Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware Royal London Yacht Club
Posted by Rashley Racing
Excellent training video by Rashley Racing, published in his fb page as stated above. Chris Rashley is Moth vice World Champ 2016 and also UK A-Class Nat Champ. Great stable video filmed surely with an Osmo Dji.
Comments on training for the Nacra 17, and been telling to the two Arg teams, the Nacra 17 MKII adopted A-Cat Z foil tech , and there is no better training weapon, more now that N17 MKII  will be delivered in June, even after delivery As will continue to be a key part of the race for 2020 Olympic Gold.

I'm seeing also how A-Cats are slowly over performing Moths with latest upwind foiling. There is an impressive video from Anton Paz that I will publish on Monday, but I'm seeing the performance match here Live in BA.

A-Cats will become sooner than later the top notch and fastest course racing single handed dinghy.

Mar 16, 2017

Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18: Carolijn & Marie will sail for Dongfeng

Photos Dongfeng Race Team: Carolijn Brouer & Marie Riou - With  VOR rules for next edition encouraging women sailors to be part of the crew, Charles Caudrelier, the skipper of Dongfeng, selected two of the most talented and experienced he could get. This guy has an eye for recruiting. Catsailors Carolijn Brouwer & Marie Riou are the perfect selection, and any wise skipper would select them without any special incentive. More than 'girl power' for us is simply Sailors Talent at its best.

Carolijn has been our hero for years on her Tornado, F18 and now A-Class campaigns, plus her Volvo SCA all girl participation. Marie has simply dominated the Nacra 17 Olympic Class during 4 years along Billy Besson. The catsailing sailing community is more than proud to have them racing the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018.
Below exceprt from Dongfeng official statement "Girl Power"
Caudrelier says Dongfeng Race Team will be stronger with the addition of what he described as two exceptionally gifted women sailors. “I chose Carolijn because she beat us many times during the last race when she helmed Team SCA in the in-port races,” he said. “She has a big Olympic past which I respect and this has turned her into a very fast driver. She knows where to put the boat.”
Image credit: Bu Duomen / Dongfeng Race Team

On Riou, Caudrelier again stresses the benefit of years of Olympic class racing and training. “She is strong, she has a good spirit – which is the most important thing for me – and she is used to sailing with the guys,” he said. “For her the Volvo Ocean Race is a dream and, like Carolijn, Marie is focused on a strong performance.”
Brouwer, who has a six-year-old son and currently lives near Sydney, says winning the Volvo Ocean Race has been a goal for some years and she is delighted to be joining a Chinese team which she admired during the last race. “I’m very proud to be part of the team. One of the reasons I wanted to join Dongfeng Race Team is because of the strong team spirit,” she said. “I like adventures, I love challenges and I am very passionate about sailing. The Volvo Ocean is unique. It’s the ultimate challenge physically and mentally and because you are in a team, you get the best out of each other.”

Riou, meanwhile, will be making her debut in this race. “I have wanted to take part in the Volvo Ocean Race since I was 10 years old,” she said. “Although my main experience is in inshore racing I have always wanted to race offshore and for me the Volvo Ocean Race is a new adventure and the pinnacle of fully-crewed offshore racing.”

Mar 15, 2017

First F18 Raid Worlds: Stockholm Archipelago, August 5-9, 2017

This year we'll see the first edition of the F18 Raid Worlds. to be held by Lars Linders and the organizers of past years Stockholm Archipelago raid. One of the best regattas on the venue and format. Check great images from last editions at .
Note apart for North American F18 sailors check previous post on a mast extrusion batch avaialable at good price.

Entries for these Raid Worlds are limited. Details and registration at
Key features for the 2017 Stockholm Archipelago and Raid Worlds:
The raid will be tough and demanding with 4 intense days of sailing and 2 to 3 legs per day (at least 9 legs planned).
A spectacular course out into the wilderness of the archipelago, three base camps on different islands and finish line in the heart of the Capital.
A maximum of 50 teams (subject to change).
Prices for best teams overall, mixed, female and youth teams. The best team overall wins the title.
Meals are included during the race days and there will be sauna and good food and music at all base camps and a final party with dinner after price giving.

For more information, follow the event on Facebook.

F18 Mast extrusions batch deal available in the US

There is a batch of an F18 wing mast section available for those interested in having a spare or setting up a new mast. If interested please contact Matt from Falcon Marine directly at mmcdonald (at) -

Here we already bought recently a batch of bare tubes to replace those broken at the F18 Worlds and also to have spares, if we would have contact Matt for those.
Mast are bare tubes only at really good prices and might be required to buy a certain qty, but maybe the US/CAN sailors can get together and take advantage of the deal.

Exploder D3 R&D Camp @Ría de Arosa, Spain

Video Gonzalo Redondo / D3 Applied Tehcnologies. -  Several top sailors including Tornado gold medalists Fernando Echavarri & Anton Paz, also Manuel Calavia, Tara Pacheco, Tamara Echegoyen (Gold Match race) , Santi Estevez and José Manuel Perez. All testing & flying the Exploder D3 A-Class near Gonzalo's own office.
Gonzalo recognize and I know for a fact he hasn´t the A-class sailing hours that Mike Drummond or Pete Melvin might have for ie, so seeing him flying quite stable at 3:25 its a good test for his own designed D3 foils and platform (along Jakub Kopylowicz/Exploder).
Not that they are short of feedback...! with the lineup above along Bundock, Brewin and the Polish Armada.

Been talking with many lately on the need to keep pushing flight devel towards more stable and easier flights, so the rookies and maybe older sailors can join the foiling A-Cat club with less effort.
Latest devels are showing we are slowly getting there, along Dna , Scheurer and others own r&d..
In this aspect many of us are targeting easier and more stable flight, not to bypass the great learning process  which I enjoyed and still learning plenty, but to have more people involved in the game.

R&D continues towards Sopot Worlds 2017 to be held August 19-26:
We asked Gonzalo to know a bit more of the training and setup/equipment devels:
Hi Martin
"We did host a training camp in the Ría de Arosa, at the Centro Galego de Vela.

This place is a huge estuary with flat water no matter the wind conditions. Without waves it is easier to get leveled with your training partners so we can run speed trials and test different equipment and setups.

Jakub is doing a fantastic job both building plenty of boats and feeding the team with prototypes. Still Z10 is a very good all-around foil which is why it is in production. The rib was carrying different prototype sets and we were hot-swapping them.

This camp was also very good for testing different setups:

- Ruder rake rake: Right now with upwind foiling we are going with up to 1.0deg positive rudder rake. If you are not foiling upwind then a touch less works good as well. It also depends a bit on body weight.
- Foil rake: downwind ranges from 0.5 to 3.0 degrees depending on conditions.
- Mast rake:  somewhere between 3.5 and 5.0 is also working alright with our boat, the Exploder AD3.

What's great about the sailors line up we had for this training camp is that these guys and girls are pros, and they learn so much quickly than everybody else!
This could be seen in just 4 days of sailing and the last day's performance and overall setup was so much better.

For us as a design office this brings very valuable input later enriched by that of the Australian and Polish squads. Plus since I sail the boat myself I can go gather it on my own too!

Exciting times, foiling more stable every day and pushing the boats harder. Most importantly, having fun!"


Mar 14, 2017

Groupama Team France AC50 launch clip

Cammas & Fischer comments on the French team AC50 launch. Source AC Twitter account. Youtube I guess they use it to post 140 char messages...

All the best for the french team, Cammas as always looks like a great guy beyond his legend level and Martin also, just a humble talent.  Also some F18 sailors and Worlds Champs like Arnaud Jarlegan & Matthieu Vandame are part of the team, so we will be looking for them and the whole Groupama project to be able to put some good races in spite of their lower budget compared to the rest of the teams.

New custom F18 from Italy

Good to see Italian sailors going for a new F18 design. Past years another custom F18 was born there designed & built by Luca Filippi, the 'Banga' . Banga looks great and had good performance and travelled to St Barts also. But Luca is now busy building the Nr 1 racing Kitefoil , named 'Banga' too.

This new F18 , named "Bullet" from Pescara , Italy, was published by the Croatian F18 Assoc , announcing they will attend the third edition of the Murter Challenge , sailed in a great local venue.

Will get more info on this new 'Bullet' project soon which has a Wildcat looks with its bow rails and similar bow cut., Great news having another F18 out there.

For the 2017 Worlds 115 entries so far, and surely more coming, updated preview next weeks as more top guns have registered.
Denmark 2017 F18 Worlds official at

Mar 13, 2017

Groupama Team France launches last AC50 with different main foils.

Photos Austin Wong / ACEA - Being OD platform we cannot comment much besides the colors...  The design game this time was focused on foils and hydraulics system optimization. On foils we've seen several shapes been tested, with the most radical being TNZ ones.

Now Gorupama Team France has implemented a new configuration for their mainfoils which is using two different shapes for each tack.

Teams are allowed to use two set of boards for the AC50 (check rule description below on this), and after getting feedback from Melvin & Drummond it seems the teams will be able to use specific foil shapes for any given wind condition, now Groupama goes a step further and they decided to even use different foil shapes for each hull! Maybe others have done the same, but I haven´t seen them.

See main image above with the french AC50 fitted with two alternative main foils. Good to see someone finding room to innovate in this closed and restricted Cup edition, lets see if the concept pays, but surely the logic behind it is well thought.

Top Notch innovator Martin Fischer and the guy who initiated the actual Race & Foil movement with his A-Class prototype back in 2011 and currently head designer for the French Team, explains below on an article excerpt published by Groupama Team France web.
The foils are made up of two elements.

The upper section of the appendage called the SHAFT
The lower section is called the TIP.
The junction between the two is called the elbow or knee.
The class rule imposes a maximum number of Shafts and Tips:

On the training boat, the team can build 6 Shafts and 12 Tips
On the AC Class, just 4 Shafts and 8 Tips are permitted.
The lower section, the Tip, must not represent more than 30% of the foil weight, but its length is not restricted.

Groupama Team France, like its rivals, is adapting the foils according to the wind ranges and is building two types:

Foils for light to medium airs, whose Tip is longer
Foils with a shorter Tip, optimised for higher speeds

Martin Fischer: “The rule does not require the boat to be configured symmetrically when racing. As a result, our port and starboard foils can be different. This is an interesting element, because when you run the race simulations, you notice that the course is not symmetrical. There’s more emphasis on starboard tack than port tack. There are two high-speed reaching legs on starboard tack.

Mar 12, 2017

GC32s Extreme Series @Muscat 2017: Minoprio / SAP Champs

Powerful images by Lloyd Images / ESS - Check Live Replay from the final Day at .
Below report sent sent by Extreme Sailing Series press. Official series web:
SAP Extreme Sailing Team clinch opening win of 2017 Extreme Sailing Series™ in wet and wild Act 1 finale

Muscat delivered classic conditions in an electrifying finale to the opening Act of the Extreme Sailing Series™ that saw SAP Extreme Sailing Team become the first winners of 2017.

Clear blue skies combined with a blustery north-easterly breeze gusting 25 knots as nine international crews hit the uncharacteristically choppy waters of Oman's capital city.

The action was nothing short of spectacular as the fleet of foiling GC32 catamarans flew round Muscat's stadium racecourse off Almouj Golf.

With boat speeds hitting upwards of 31 knots the crews were pushed to the limit as they fought to tame their bucking GC32s over six nail-biting races.

After 26 races over four days three teams - SAP Extreme Sailing Team, Oman Air and Alinghi - went into the final race, worth double points, capable of taking the overall win.

But after a fast and furious race SAP Extreme Sailing Team, helmed by Kiwi Adam Minoprio, clinched Act 1 victory with a second-place finish, crossing the line behind young wildcard crew Team Tilt.

It is the first Act win for SAP Extreme Sailing Team since May 2015 when they took the top spot in Qingdao, China.

"It was a great day and a fantastic achievement for the team," co-skipper Rasmus Køstner said. "We knew we were in the lead going into the last race and we really wanted to win the Act.

"It was full-on racing and we had to fight until the last race but it was fantastic to cross the finish line winning the regatta. It's been a little while since we've won but it's nice to be back on the top of the leaderboard."

The final race also saw 2016 Extreme Sailing Series champions Alinghi snatch second place overall from Oman Air right on the finish line.

Alinghi needed to beat Oman Air with a boat in between them to leapfrog them on the scoreboard and they did just that, as Tawera Racing overtook Phil Robertson's home team at the last minute.

"This is a really good start to the season for us," said Alinghi helmsman Arnaud Psarofaghis. "I'm a little disappointed about how I sailed this week, it wasn't at the best level, but every day we caught up a little bit and we ended up with second which is good. The crew did a fantastic job and I just need to be a little bit better next time."

Oman Air skipper Robertson, who replaces Morgan Larson this season, said he was disappointed to have been knocked off the runner-up spot in the last race but that his new-look crew had much to take from the Act.

"We were in some strong positions today and just managed to slip in the last race which is a bit of a shame, but that's yacht racing and it's what we've got to get better at," he said.

Austrian crew Red Bull Sailing Team had to settle for fourth place ahead of Team Tilt and Team ENGIE in fifth and sixth respectively.

Chris Steele's Tawera Racing, who join the Extreme Sailing Series this season, finished seventh, with Land Rover BAR Academy in eighth and NZL Sailing Team in ninth.

Despite finishing at the bottom of the table NZL Sailing Team were awarded the Zhik Trophy for the fastest boat speed in the Act after they notched up an incredible 31 knots on the penultimate race today.

The four days of thrilling racing were the perfect start to the 11th year of the Extreme Sailing Series that sees eight Acts held in three continents culminating in a season finale in Los Cabos, Mexico, in December. The Extreme Sailing Series excitement will resume with Act 2 in Qingdao, China, from April 28 to May 1.

You can replay the live from day three and four on the official Facebook and YouTube channels.

Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 1, Muscat standings after Day 4, 27 races (11.3.17)
Position / Team / Points
1st SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Adam Minoprio, Rasmus Køstner, Mads Emil Stephensen, Hervé Cunnigham, Richard Mason 286 points.
2nd Alinghi (SUI) Arnaud Psarofaghis, Nicolas Charbonnier, Timothé Lapauw, Nils Frei, Yves Detrey 270 points.
3rd Oman Air (OMA) Phil Robertson, Pete Greenhalgh, James Wierzbowski, Ed Smyth, Nasser Al Mashari 270 points.
4th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara, Hans Peter Steinacher, Stewart Dodson, Adam Piggott, Will Tiller 247 points.
5th Team Tilt (SUI) Sebastien Schneiter, Jéremy Bachelin, Nils Theuninck, Arthur Cevey, Jocelyn Keller 235 points.
6th Team ENGIE (FRA) Sébastien Rogues, Gurvan Bontemps, Jules Bidegaray, Antoine Joubert, Benjamin Amiot 199 points.
7th Tawera Racing (NZL) Chris Steele, Graeme Sutherland, Shane Diviney, Leonard Takahashi Fry, Josh Salthouse 195 points.
8th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) Rob Bunce, Owen Bowerman, Will Alloway, Adam Kay, Oli Greber 173 points.
9th NZL Sailing Team (NZL) Logan Dunning Beck, Harry Hull, Isaac McHardie, Matthew Kempkers, Luca Brown 142 points.

Extreme Sailing Series™ 2017 overall standings
Position / Team / Points
1st SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 12 points.
2nd Alinghi (SUI) 11 points.
3rd Oman Air (OMA) 10 points.
4th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 9 points.
5th Tawera Racing (NZL) 8 points.
6th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) 7 points.

Mar 11, 2017

GC32 Extreme Series @Muscat 2017: Final Day Live Replay

String wind conditions for the final day at Muscat Extreme Sailing Series stop. Past week was the first GC32 event gathering both circuits.

Mar 10, 2017

GC32 Extreme Series @Muscat 2017: Minoprio / SAP leads.

Images by Lloyd - Press release sent by ESS
SAP Extreme Sailing Team nudge ahead in remarkable penultimate day in Muscat
An epic finale to the opening Act of the Extreme Sailing Series™ is on the cards following an extraordinary penultimate day in Muscat that saw the overall lead change seven times in nine nail-biting races.

Danish crew SAP Extreme Sailing Team, home team Oman Air and 2016 Extreme Sailing Series

AC Endeavour program & Hobie Regatta: Dutch Girls selected for Bermuda

Sent by Kees Krijger & van Houwelingen from Catclub Zeeland . Nice to see two youth catsailor girls getting stoked saling cats and having the chance to going to Bermuda. Club work is fundamental for youth & kids sailing and is always good to see them behind these projects.---------
Dutch Hobie girls go to Bermuda
A few days ago, Fay and Mae got to hear the great news from David Brookes, executive director of the International Hobie Class Association (IHCA). The were selected to compete in the America’s Cup Endeavour Hobie Regatta.

16 teams of young sailors from all over the world will compete on Hobie Waves as part of the America’s Cup. Qualifying races will be contested leading up to the main event: the Hobie Wave halftime race in front of the America's Cup TV cameras and thousands and thousands of spectators on June 24, 2017. In their clip below, Fay and Mae introduce themselves to show their skills and tell the organizers why they would love to go to Bermuda and be part of the biggest and oldest sailing event of the world. Which 13 year old girl wouldn’t dream about that? Sailing Hobie is their way of life!"

Fay and Mae go to Bermuda from Youth Cat Racing on Vimeo.

Americas Cup Endeavour program:
The America’s Cup is teaming up with some of the biggest names in the marine industry to launch an ambitious youth education and sailing program - the AC Endeavour Program - with a focus on leaving a sporting legacy in Bermuda.

More details on the project at

Mar 9, 2017

Oracle Team USA: Handling Wing twist

Excellent video from Oracle for their Tech series , wing twist and diff trims explained by Kyle Langford.

Youth Americas Cup: Team France Jeune by Easy Ride

Video sen by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride Videos. Team France Jeune Official web here. French youth team training on GC32s & FPs.

Groups for Bermuda 2017 AC Youth below, additional info at

Artemis Youth Racing (Sweden) Team BDA (Bermuda)
Team France Jeune (France) NZL Sailing Team (New Zealand)
Kaijin Team Japan (Japan) Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR)
Youth Vikings Denmark  Spanish Impulse Team (Spain)
Team Tilt (Switzerland) Next Generation USA (USA)
SVB Team Germany (Germany) Candidate Sailing Team (Austria)

Mar 2, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot: Registration Open

Video from Sopot 2016 local regatta , all images Sopot Worlds Org - In 2016 the Class went to Medemblik, home for Dna, and in 2017 IACA has selected Sopot in Poland as the venue for this year A-Cat major event, which is home sailing waters for Exploder, and the Polish Armada. Jacek Noetzel , Tymek Bendyk, Marcin Badzio , Kuba Surowiec among others young guns are raising the level every year, as seen in 2016 season. Jacek is also organizing the Worlds.

As a preview, Mischa continues as favorite with his Dna F1, Ashby participation might be possible as the regatta will be after Bermuda. The Exploder team will aim high for their first title and Jakub will not have to travel thousand miles with a dozen platforms this time around. Brewin & Bundock plus Jacek & Tymek will be D3 top riders and from Spain Manolo Calavia is confirmed to participate.
Manolo was 3rd at Punta Ala and will be one to watch closely.

In terms of development and technique we'll see a gap on those foiling upwind, right now flying to windward is paying above 11/12 knots, in that range those not being able to foil will be relegated as in the past we saw with downwind foiling in light winds ( Ashby & Mischa , Punta Ala 2015).
Equipment is slowly stabilizing, Dna F1 still use 2014 Zs, and last year D3 Z10 boards are still the proven ones.

Dagger case position continues to move forward but builders have found a limit on its overall efficiency.  What we'll see is maybe some rig development other gadgets I've seen from several builders, but foiling upwind technique will be the key asset to win the Worlds at Sopot. A-Class is on the verge of full foiling and what  we are seeing here and feedback from abroad, A-Cats are slowly catching Moths in the overall performance fo course racing vmg.

Below  dates & Schedule , official web, NOR and registration link.
A-CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 19-26 August 2017, Sopot - Poland Organized by UKS Navigo Sopot (OA) in conjunction with Polish Yachting Association (PYA) and International A-Division Catamaran Association (IACA).

- Registration Link
- Complete NOR available at

5.1. Races and events are scheduled as follows:
Date Time Event
19.08.2017 09:00-18:00 Registration
20.08.2017 09:00-12:00 Registration
15:00 Practice Race
21.08.2017 12:00 Fleet Racing
22.08.2017 Fleet Racing
23.08.2017 Fleet Racing
24.08.2017 Fleet Racing
25.08.2017 Fleet Racing
18:30 Price Giving & Closing Ceremony
26.08.2017 Reserve Day