Feb 20, 2017

Phantom Essentiel stable flight in 7 knots

Finally a good video of the Essentiel showing how efficient 4pt / A-Cat Z foils are. Essentiel foils were designed Gonzalo Redondo. The video crew is even seated on the wing, which for me limits a bit crew weight compensation, but they are having a smooth easy ride without much adjusting, which in the end is the purpose of the Essentiel. More info and additional videos at facebook.com/PhantomInternational/?fref=ts

The FP (now called Elite) with J foils is super stable and fast, but still needs crew motion as there are no 'kid wheels' like Moths wands. So with the hours we have foiling A-Cats, I'm looking forward to sail a double handed equipped with same Z type of foils as the Essentiel and Nacra 17.
Regarding wands stay tuned for next post with a foiling gybe for  Michele Petrucci's S9 from the US S9gang.

Also coming info on the convertible F18 project I've been writing for a while which in my case will use Z foils. The Viper F16 which was tested initially with TNZ Js, now will be production launched too with Zs (info grabbed from a dealer public post in fb)

There is also another known builder who will be launching a production Convertible F18 soon.
The idea I presented last year is becoming a reality and it will be a boost for the Class based on the double program alternative.

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