Jan 21, 2017

AC35, Artemis Road to Bermuda: Push Button Foiling

New large and hard L foils are bit radical as we know so they need a dedicated trim control panel to work properly. Check video above an explanation of such system by Francesco Bruni . Artemis engineer, Matt Davis, talks about people saying this Cup has gone "too technical" and I think they went too far this time.
For those of us who have the luck to learn to foil beachcats without any wands or automatic control, say 'foiling purist', an automatic button system providing you the stability the foil design cannot deliver is simply a shortcut.

More thought, testing, CFD and drawing board hours (more engineering finally) are needed to achieve an all round stable flying foil design.
Needless to say even more hours and brains, were due if you take the imposed One Design out of the game. Someone in the AC needs to race F18, latest A-Cats or even Moths to know box rules work just perfect and adds major interest and development which were part of the AC since Day 1.

Better Bring on the GC32s at Garda, that is sailing at its pinnacle right now. Long Live TNZ Js and A-Cat Z foils.
With this AC45 Turbo / AC50 Foil control panel you still have to push the right button at the right time, but this feature right there belongs to motorsports.

Next Cup just made them unmanned and for a sole 'sailor' to control the boats from shore with a virtual sight eyewear + remote control , just like those drone races...