Dec 31, 2016

This is how we end 2016 in the Southern Hemi

Great F18 session in flat perfection today, went out with new guys on the Class. The Worlds and the local racing brought attention for new guys and it's always great pleasure to introduce people to cats. A while I didn´t went out on the F18 just for fun, and it was an excellent feeling, more looking forward to the convertible F18 project.

After several smooth spi runs I grabbed the A abd went with the F1 gang to continue enjoying the last day of 2016. Read my Year in review plus coming 2017 projects in previous post:

Best wishes for 2017 from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016: A Great Year in Review

All photos copyright labeld in each photo watermark. Sailing Energy, Capizzano, Morels, van der Borch, Orsini , Kleijweg  and World Match Racing Tour. Click images for larger size & Slideshow.
I wrote at the beginning of the year that 2016 was going to be a great year, and it resulted even better than expected. A new baby, this time a girl born in June , the Argentine flag at the top at Rio and a ten year project , the local F18 Class, reaching its pinnacle in November with the crown going for two great local kids, Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez was a perfect ending for the biggest & toughest project I've embarked in my 44 yrs.
It was also the most rewarding and a team effort of the entire Argentine F18 Assoc members.

The F18 has seen its glory days in the past and now will remain as a performance class anyone can enter & enjoy. Focus and development has moved on to other classes and projects, but the F18 is now the most leveled field of the beachcat Formula racing classes.

Until 2013 the As had the same even scenario until Mischa went flying while racing circa 2013, those first steps were taken to the next step by Ashby / Team New Zealand and Outteridge/Exploder in Takapuna 2014 Worlds.

Already in 2015 the flight performance discussion was over and this year we saw the first A-Cat

Dec 30, 2016

'Código Rojo Racing': GC32 Racing Tour first Argentine Team

What a great way to finish 2016 and start a new year for the Argentine Multihull community. After Lange & Carranza grabbed Gold  at Rio in the Nacra 17 Class, and the 2016 F18 Worlds held in Buenos Aires went to local youths Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez,  another catsailor formed in the Arg F18, Federico Ferioli,  has launched his own GC32 project...!

Federico will participate in the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour with his own boat and Team, 'Código Rojo Racing' which will be completed by 6 Argentine sailors plus Jason Hess from Guatemala.

Lucas Gonzalez Smith, who sails with Ferioli in the F18, and also was key for the creation of the local F18 Class,  will lead the project as Team Manager.
The other sailors will be Facundo Olezza (9th at Rio Finn Class) , Jason Hess ( Gold Panams H16 plus N17/F18 sailor) , Nicolás Chernobilsky, Jordan Rivas & our own F18 born & bred youth catsailor Juan Cruz Benitez.

The new GC32 will be handed in March and the trainings will begin in April towards the first event at Garda.
Lucas will also travel to Oman, for the 2017 GC32 World Championships to build up some boats and also to participate of the regattas.

What a great project and challenge for Fede, who beyond the F18 also sails A-Class and with Lucas they both have some good hours on Federico's Nacra F20FCS which will help a lot in my view, but we all know the GC32 is a different beast altogether.

For 2017 , the idea  for the team is to participate in Garda & Copa del Rey events as preparations for full schedule in 2018.

For me just an unbelievable news & feeling, seeing all the guys that started in the F18 going nuts for cats and evolving to foiling double handers ,  As and now to a GC32 Arg team.

What else we could ask for? Well we are missing an Americas Cup Team, and if we've reached this far from nada/zero in terms of local catamaran racing scene & community ten years ago (beyond Lange/Espinola lone Tornado campaign in Europe) we can surely accomplish everything the local guys can dream off.

Photos left (click for bigger size & slideshow): Lucas & Federico at the F18 Worlds prize giving, they finished 5th place. Above both racing the F20FCS.  F18 pics by Matias Capizzano.

Dec 28, 2016

A-Class vs Moth vid by Mathias Borreskov

I found this little gem  reviewing my last Exploder A14 flight on CSN yt channel.
Video embedded above shows some impressive foiling on a Exploder A15 equipped with a Landy standard main sail. On the match , the Moth should be faster, but either way, an excellent A-Cat Flight by Mathias
Mathias personal page at

A-Class: French Assoc new Website

AFCCA new web sent by its new President , Jean Darnaude, pictured above on a shot I took at Carnac. Jean is an avid A-Cat fanatic and tries to attend to every regatta. From my latest trips to Europe he was there: Carnac 2014, Bordeaux 2014 Euros & Punta Ala 2015 Worlds. All the best for Jean on this great challenge, which is leading and holding current flying & floating A-Cat fleets together.
The new website is online but url remains. , below new devels and features:

1. The ads are published in a dedicated site: Wanaboat, bringing more exposure on the net with full ad management
2. The home page is simplified and evolves according to news
3. A "Practical Info" section to answer questions from members, especially for new members
4. The membership form is enriched for new information on vessel tracking / gauge, and simplified for renewals
5. The members area is expanded to accommodate follow-up and gauge certificates, offers and partnerships, forum, documentation, and much more to come ...
6. The forum is now reserved for the members and it is enough to be logged only on the space members to access it.
7. The page "A Question?" Is created to leave open space for non-members.
8. The site is perfectly compatible with mobile devices.
9. It is possible to contribute easily to news, which is actually a blog. Any member can contribute with previous request to the webmaster.

Jean Darnaude
President AFCCA

Dec 25, 2016

Thomas Coville breaks Solo around the World Record

Images by Sodebo & Thomas By Christophe Launay: "Captain Tom just passed the line!!
49 DAYS 3 HOURS . Such a fantastic record and a beautiful Christmas present for Tom
Christophe will be at Brest for the arrival.
Below Press Release with complete data  and references from previous record sent by Sodebo Voile  – 25 December 2016
Solo Round the World Record Attempt: Day 49

At 16h 57mn 30s GMT this 25 December 2016, Thomas Coville crossed the finish line situated some six miles offshore of Le Créac’h lighthouse on the island of Ushant (Finistère), to complete the singlehanded round the world race against the clock under sail aboard a multihull, the large trimaran Sodebo Ultim’.
In so doing, he set a new singlehanded record in a time of 49 days 3 hours 7 minutes and 38 seconds (subject to approval by the WSSRC), improving on the previous record set by Francis Joyon by 8 days 10h 26 mn and 28s. Thomas covered 28,400 miles at a remarkable average speed of 24.10 knots (52,596 kilometres at 44km/h).

In the half-light of the remains of a day obscured by a mist that totally enveloped the cliffs of the Breton island of Ushant, the 48-year old skipper put in two last gybes (change of tack with the wind on the stern, which is a manoeuvre as technical as it is physical) before finally enjoying deliverance. Right till the last, he drove his 31-metre long, 21-metre wide trimaran at an infernal pace, sparing no effort in manoeuvring his massive boat as if he was sailing fully crewed. Along the way, the solo sailor secured the third best time around the world, whether it be contested in singlehanded or crewed configuration (1).

On 6 November 2016 at 13:49 GMT, Thomas set sail on his fifth attempt at breaking the record set by Francis Joyon in January 2008 of 57 days and 13 hours. This performance was quite simply exceptional at the time. The skipper of the trimaran Idec greatly improved on the record held up to that point by Briton, Ellen MacArthur. In fact, it’s worth noting that there are only three people in the world to have dared to attack the singlehanded, non-stop, unassisted round the world record aboard a multihull: Francis Joyon, Ellen MacArthur and Thomas Coville.

After seven weeks at a furious pace, Thomas Coville has pulled off a crazy gamble: singlehandedly driving his 31-metre long and 21-metre wide trimaran equipped with a 35-metre high mast carrying up to 680 square metres of sail area, to become the fastest man around the world in solo configuration.

Discover the first reactions from Thomas Coville below.
In 2015-2016, the large trimarans Spindrift (ex-Banque Populaire) and IDEC Sport (ex-Groupama 3), made a bid for the Jules Verne Trophy (crewed round the world record) held by Loïck Peyron with a time of 45 days. Both managed to circumnavigate the globe in 47 days, but not being records, these times were not officially approved.

Thomas Coville will spend the night at sea with his shore crew, who joined him two hours after crossing the line. We contacted him by telephone. He told us about the minutes that follow the conclusion of such a feat:

The finish
"Nobody was planning to sail a sub-50-day time in solo configuration.
The finish is something that builds in you, something very dense. It’s a very weighty sensation that overwhelms you. I felt a sense of anguish about the final hours, of the final days, of hitting something and all that was putting pressure on me. All of this was combined with a great deal of fatigue. My sleep deprivation is very real.
It’s a very big day for me both as an athlete and as a man. I’m proud of the journey I’ve been on to get to this point. I’ve fallen, I’ve picked myself up and all that has given me this mental strength. Experience is what one does with one’s failures. I can say today that I’ve enhanced the value of them.
That’s what I’m proud of.”

A colossal amount of work to get to this stage
“Forcing yourself to put in so many manoeuvres means that we’re not far off the crewed records. Sometimes I had blood in my mouth as I carried sails, which weigh 150kg and are full of water that you have to drag 10cm at a time on a moving trampoline. There were nights outside, laid out in the cockpit, in the cold with a sheet in your hand, ready to ease it if the boat flies a hull too high. It’s not a very elegant job, but it works. With the speeds you reach, you’re always on a razor’s edge. You have highs and lows. The South Atlantic was very hard. I managed to content myself with minor victories on a daily level. Physically, I cannot take it any further.”

And now?
"Right now, I want just one thing: to sleep and let my mind rest. I want to go to sleep telling myself: All’s well!”

Patricia Brochard, Co-President of Sodebo:
Heading out to welcome the boat in and pay homage to Thomas Coville’s performance, Patricia Brochard, Co-President of Sodebo made no secret of her delight at the passage of the line: “I feel a great sense of relief and pride. I’m happy and it’s a happiness shared with Thomas’ teams, with his family, with the media and the team who take care of the communication.
I’m happy for the company and the employees. With this record, Thomas is highlighting the values that we all share together.
What’s beautiful is the journey you take to get here, everything that you put in place to build a story. The result is a consequence of this." 

Record data:
SODEBO ULTIM' ROUND THE WORLD: click on the cartography
Start on 6 November at 13 hours 49 minutes and 52 seconds GMT
Passage of the equator: on 12 November at 07h 04min 54s GMT
Time from Ushant / Equator*: 5d 17h 15m 2s
Passage of Cape of Good Hope: 20 November at 18h 33min 40s GMT
Time from Ushant / Good Hope*: 14 days 4 hours 43 minutes and 48 seconds
Passage of Cape Leeuwin: on 27 November at 16:59 GMT
Time from Ushant / Cape Leeuwin: 21 days 3 hours 9 min and 8s
Indian Ocean Record* (Cape Agulhas /Tasmania): 8d 12h 19m on 29 November at 06:51 GMT
or 23h 47min faster than the previous record set by Francis Joyon in 2007 (9d 12h 6min)
Average speed: 25.16 knots for 5,325 miles
Time from Ushant / Tasmania: 22d 17h 1m 23s – or a lead of 2 days 5 hours 4 mins over the record set by Francis Joyon
Pacific Ocean record* (Tasmania/Cape Horn): 8d 18h 28m 30s or 1 day 19h 58min better than the previous record set by Francis Joyon in 2007 (10d 14h 26min)
Time from Ushant / Cape Horn: 31d 11h 30m 8s – Or a lead of 4 days and 59 mins over Francis Joyon’s record
Record Equator/Equator: 35 days 21 hours 38 min 6 sec - Or 5 days 11 hours 36 minutes better
Time to beat: 57 days 13 hours and 34 minutes,
Which equates to a finish before 3 January 2017 at 03 hours 22 min and 57 sec GMT.
*awaiting WSSRC confirmation

More info at

Phantom Essentiel first Ride

Video source: Phantom International Fb - Four foils down is the way to go for new foilers, recreational or racing alike. Yesterday the Phantom International team launched the Essentiel within some pretty good waves, so a nice chance to see out of the box how the boat reacts with it's new conf as it has the same hull as the Flying Phantom.

Just a teaser and more footage coming but we can appreciate it is a safer flatter ride, on the FP / F20 you need to be on trap and you can fall to windward with a possible capsize, the short clip doesn´t show long stable flights but we can appreciate the versatility of the 4pt foil conf.

Needless to day you can modify rake and go skimming / floating mode as we can do on the A-Cats with a clear deck in contrast with the 3pt foil conf which maintains a dangerous trailing edge exposed.
Together with its price, the Essentiel will have a broader market than the specialized FP racing machine.

Dec 24, 2016

Thomas Coville to secure New Record by Christmas Night arrival

The Drive behind characters like Thomas Coville is outstanding. When you think on new horizons and challenges  here in Earth and in a near future say Mars...  this is your kind of guy, the one that push the limits and risks everything to reach their goal. Same applies for the Vendeé Globo crazy nuts...

Below Press release sent by Sodebo voile , Follow record track at
 24 December 2016
Solo Round the World Record Attempt: Day 48


Boat: SODEBO ULTIM’ – trimaran measuring 31 metres long and 21 metres wide
To view the plan set up to follow the arrival of Thomas Coville, skipper of the trimaran Sodebo Ultim’: click here

Sodebo Ultim’ is expected to cross the finish line under sail aboard his multihull early evening tomorrow Sunday 25 December. Since last night, his lead of over 7 days in relation to the current record time has been continuing to increase. Having set sail 48 days ago, Thomas Coville is set to pass below the historic 50-day barrier.

The skipper of Sodebo Ultim’ is powering along at high speed and on a direct course towards the finish line, which lies to the North of the island of Ushant situated some 700 miles (1,296 kilometres) ahead.

Yesterday morning, Thomas Coville hit the winds from the low pressure system that he’d been hunting down to the North of the Azores and for the past two days he’s been racking up what are astounding average speeds for a solo sailor. In so doing, he’s been continuing to increase his lead over the official record time, which stands at 57 days and 13 hours. These strong winds have been propelling him along on a direct course bound for Ushant, which he’s set to reach on Christmas night with a truly unimaginable singlehanded race against the clock. Today, a time of under 50 days is a very distinct possibility.

To secure a sub-50-day time, he must cross the finish line before Monday 26 December at 13:49 GMT.
Some dizzying average speeds over the past 24 hours confirm, if need be, the true extent of the sailor’s concentration and the exceptional potential of this boat. On a downwind point of sail and on flat seas, as is currently the case, the instrument panel on Sodebo Ultim’ is displaying distances in excess of 650 miles (1,200 kilometres) over the past 24 hours.

Since setting sail 7 weeks ago, the skipper of Sodebo Ultim’ has already covered over 50,000 kilometres and only has a little over 1,300 kilometres to go before crossing the finish off Ushant.

It’s a finish that is synonymous with deliverance for the singlehanded sailor, who has been chasing down this record for nearly 10 years. Exhausted, completely worn out even after these past 48 hours alone manoeuvring his gigantic trimaran, Thomas Coville is continuing to focus hard on his sailing.

Though he’s still making very fast headway, Thomas will also try to rest up a little today so he can negotiate his finish off Ushant tomorrow as best he can. Indeed, as he closes on the coast and Brest in particular, the maritime shipping will inevitably increase.

Following the passage of the line, Thomas Coville will spend the whole night at sea with his team, who will join him aboard, an essential phase of decompression after 7 testing weeks alone at sea.

Sodebo Ultim’ will head to the entrance of the Brest narrows on Monday morning for an arrival alongside the pontoon on Quai Malbert in the early morning (timetable to be specified).

Goodall Design Viper Foiler: J or Z?

Goodall Design has announced officially past months (
they were preparing a foiling version, along a hull redesign (deck/bow mostly), of their successful Viper F16.

Today this pic was published in GD Fb, and it has a catch or at least it was intentionally selected in my view. The prototypes were tested with TNZ Js (3pt foiling)  and this pics shows 4 foils down, but looking closer those are Js a la FP/F20.

Wonder if Goodall has recalculated on the Nacra 17 & Essentiel 4pt foiling option or they might stick to the original J/V foil plan.  In any case a new production foiler will be available sooner or later from the builders of the World Champ designs (and built quality we can add) C2 F18 & Viper F16.

Dec 23, 2016

Americas Cup 2017, AC50 'OD': BAR unveils the 'R1'

AC72s had different 'personalities' driven by each design team. But for this AC edition all the platforms Edit: will be the same exact shape as the Wings exterior shape and cross structure data, all one design. Correction data courtesy of Pete Melvin. --.
I didn´t realized that the AC50 were actually OD, and not pseudo box rule restricted.

The BAR 'R1' seems   IS   a clone of Oracle AC50 model we once published (photo left). So no chance for any design surprise a la Team France and  their stick to their AC45 Turbo modified bow with rails.
Boat looks photo and structure / scene is rendered.

I have the 3d cad  of the Oracle AC48/50 will publish next week. R1 photo/render source: Land Rover BAR fb

Dec 20, 2016

Whisper Foiler : Q&A with Henry White

Images & video sent by Henry White.  - Two weeks ago Henry sent me some pics of the Whisper to publish, and as we didn´t publish much info on the Whisper till now we took the chance to know more about the UK double handed foiler using 2x a la Moth wand systems. Along the S9 from Michele Petrucci and now the new IFly, they complete the lineup of production foilers going for 4x T Foils instead of the Team New Zealand J setup or the Z foil setup of the A-Class / Nacra 17 MKII.
The Whisper fills the gap of easy foiling for a double handed flying cat and looks as a great alternative to experience some great rides.
- CSN: You are building the first double handed production foiler using Moth wand system, 
Which is the main target of your customers and initial design goal of the project (Racing or recreational or both) and who designed it ? The Whisper looks fast but also easy to fly on its 4pt T foils
Henry White: The Whisper was designed by Ron Price a Senior Lecturer in Naval Architecture at Southampton Solent University. The initial aim behind this project is to produce a very stable foiling platform which can be sailed by all but still be fast enough to be enjoyed by experience sailors. We have found that are main clients are the older generation who want to foil but feel that the FP or F20 would be to much to handle, also with the option to go sailing single handed.

- I've published also some pics of the Whisper racing at Carnac, the diff I'm seeing with the FP or F20, is hull volume and the ability to sail floating skimming mode for those. How the Whisper manages high breeze & waves?
HW:The Whisper manages the waves well, especially the short sharp chop, Four foils and the automatic trimming on the main foils help this.

- Performance match if any so far?
HW: The Whisper was not designed with the same aims as the FP and F20 of out right speed. As it has a lot more stability but that does come at the cost of speed. However we are able to foil up wind continually. There are Whisper owners hitting 25knt. This is fast enough for over 90% of sailors

- FP/F20 are not boats for everyone above certain wind speed, how about the Whisper and does the platform has a manual rake beyond the automatic trim of the wands?
Because the Whisper is such a stable platform its relatively safe in all conditions. Also it has both ride high and rake adjustment allowing the sailors to reduce lift and ride height in heavy conditions, helping to keep the boat on the water.
So we are able to trim the foils with both ride high and board rake. The board rake uses a worm drive system.

- Wands are placed behind foils, and the Moths are now using poles for a more forward position, which is the reason then for that placement, easy of built or structural convinience?
HW: One of the reasons for this is just for easy of use allowing the whole foiling system to kept simple and allowing the boards to be pulled up easily, making launching and recovering as easy as a non foiling boat.

- Any special care or restriction to launch the Whisper ?  The FP / F20 have boards down but are tough & heavy boards.
HW: With the Whisper the foils need to place in from the bottom when rigging but they are designed to stay there until you want to tow the boat away. When launching its just a case of dropping the foils down when its deep enough.

- The info I got from the built process is that the moulds are two vertical halves, which are the structural benefits on this method?
HW: Correct, this allows us the make a very stiff platform, because the beams are part of the hull, they can not twist. Keeping the boat stiff and stable while foiling.

- Materials used and overall weight with foils included?
The hull is full carbon epoxy as are all the spars and foils. All up sailing weight is 110kg

- How many boats have been built to date and which countries?
HW: We have build 40 boats now after being in production for 18 months. With boats in: Uk, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and America.

- Any plans for an OD Class , or racing teams for Long Distances?
The Whisper OD class is building and we are looking to have a Europeans in 2017 and some Archipelago racing in the future. A Calendar of Whisper event will be published shortly.

- Which is the current demand and prod schedule?
We currently have a back orders until June. With 5 boats going out in January. We are considering building another mold to help with production.

- Costs for a full boat?
It is ready to sail at £21,000 inc vat

- Any optionals?
We also offer and single handler package.
The boat is available in any colour and the foils and sails can be coded to match. We also produce trailer boxes for all the equipment to be store in, this can also be colour coded.
More info at

Dec 18, 2016

Nacra 15 Youth Worlds 2016 @Auckland: Mourniac & Dorange Champs

All Images Georgia Schofield / Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy / World Sailing . Click images for HQ & slideshow. --

French crew dominated at Auckland. Tim Mourniac and Charles Dorange were crowned 2016 Nacra 15 Youth World Champs after 12 races, 3 held today (Monday in NZ) .
Tim is son of long time F18 sailor Jean Christophe Mourniac, and he has been sailing and racing F18, Flying Phantom and Diam 24 OD himself. Winning over Henri Demesmaeker is great indication on his level along Charles, and so easy to envision Tim has a great future ahead.
Foiling experience on the FP and the competitive racing in the F18 along this new Nacra 15 Class will fill all the blanks towards a possible qualification for Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

The French Catracing scene has Billy Besson back to the game plus Franck Cammas & Team Groupama France preparing for the Americas Cup in Bermuda next year.

At Auckland  Youth Worlds in Nacra 15, second was place for Italians Gianluigo Ugolini & Maria Maria Giubilei , and third overall for Roman Screve & Ian Brill representing the US.

Official web & Full Results

Pos Sail HelmName CrewName R1
16 Dec
16 Dec
16 Dec
17 Dec
17 Dec
17 Dec
18 Dec
18 Dec
18 Dec
19 Dec
19 Dec
19 Dec
Tot Nt
1 FRA Tim Mourniac Charles Dorange 2 (dsq) 3 1 2 2 3 3 2 1 3 1 44 23
2 ITA Gianluigi Ugolini Maria Giubilei 4 (dsw) 7 4 9 6 1 1 1 5 6 2 67 46
3 USA Romain Screve Ian Brill 7 2 -8 3 3 5 4 2 8 6 2 5 55 47
4 BEL Henri Demesmaeker Isaura Maenhaut 9 dsq) 5 2 4 4 2 5 3 3 7 6 71 50
5 AUT Angelika Kohlendorfer Matthaus Zochling 5 (dsq) 10 6 12 9 10 6 4 7 4 13 107 86
6 NZL Jackson Keon Tom Fyfe 3 (dsq) 2 10 7 10 6 11 13 8 15 8 114 93
7 GBR Jack Butters James King 6 (dsq) 4 5 5 12 11 8 9 9 14 11 115 94
8 SUI Max Wallenberg Guillaume Rol (ret) 4 9 ufd 1 1 13 20 6 12 1 9 118 97
9 DEN Anna Munch Jakob Precht Jensen 1 (dsq) 21 DNF 13 11 16 5 4 16 2 5 4 119 98
10 BER Cecilia Wollmann Michael Wollmann 8 1 6 (ufd) 6 15 8 9 11 11 12 17 125 104

Foiling Long Distance BA Dec 17 2016

Yesterday we had multiclass Long Distance, this time around many were out on vacations or work to race but we had 3 F20FCS , the FP , 3 F1s & 3 Exploders A14s and 3 kite foils and 2 F18s.
Before the start some good pressure was still present and the top F1 went matching one of the double handed foilers, around 12knots gusts super flat Northerly. The interesting to see was that the A-Cat Z foil had better speed, again nothing scientific, but rather an eyeopener on the 4pt foiling system replacing in the future 100% the 3pt TNZ setup.

Once racing, last year winners Juan Faustín & Nico Aragones (Nacra F20FCS) got ahead of the pack and managed to foil in decreasing winds speed. It was a reaching course from Buenos Aires to downtown BA near where we held the F18 Worlds and back x 2.

Blue ribbon went for the Kite foilers (wing and foil) by far. On the cats the F20FCS sailed by Juan & Nico was superior to the other F20s and the FP which also broke spi haylard but while being behind the leaders. Juan & Nico showed their hours together onboard the F20 & the F18.

The start was floating mode for the rest and the F1s hold ground with the double handed foilers, but as stated the leader F20FCS was gone airborne as soon as they got extra pressure.

Juan & Nico Sailing shot from 2015. No pics of this edition as I sailed myself on the A14 / re cut Decksweeper & J/Z.
The interesting thing to report  was how another A14 with original A14 foils and square top main and a rookie onboard was clearly doing really good in floating mode, in fact he passed me coming from behind, later I realized I had some weeds, but nevertheless his speed was excellent , and confirmed again that we need an hybrid Decksweeper, as the Glaser one Matt Strubble is sailing.

In floating mode and with gusts / lulls later I could catch two F1s on better pressure ,  but  1 to 1 they were gone again as in past course racing we did weeks ago, Nothing to do even in floating mode.
I will try to get a D3 next year, in parallel I'm analyzing to built a platform here and fit with latest Exploder foils.

So not much to analyze this time around, as we didn´t had stable conditions and teh A fleet abandoned... I finished though as I like to keep learning to sail & race the A in marginan conditions. For Long Distance racing clearly the As suffered downwind in non foiling conds vs the spi cats, upwind or reach they hold really good and what left me wondering was the F1 little matchup vs 3pt TNZ double handed foiler. Specially thinking on the new Essentiel and the convertible F18 project.

We'll try to do more Long distance in February. January is vacation time and people leave BA for a month or two.

Dec 14, 2016

CSN Boat of the Year 2016: DNA F1 A-Class

Top notch F1  video filmed & Edited by Francisco Vignale - Rider: Sergio Mehl , Rio de la Plata, Dec 2016 (Video has some device restrictions due to soundtrack , you can watch it embedded though from a cel. The author will upload tomorrow to an alternative channel . Update: Watch Vimeo version embedded below)  ----
Winning on its first Worlds was achievement for Mischa and the F1 team, although the boat already had the actual legacy of the previous 4x World Champ design, the new bet from DNA had some design risks.
In fact the first series of boats had some built issues and its now a well known fact (after Medemblik  measurement) that the F1 is built overweight, around 85kg.  I remember a boat it was discarded, not even sailed in Barcelona 2013 on being 10kgs over 75kg min.

Beyond the looks, the F1 has some serious design hours behind (and some concepts taken out and fully improved  from the cad/render I did for Arno Terra's Flying Carpet, like hidden tiller bars, angular front beam, more forward beam & case position and aero oriented smaller hulls) , a forward beam & dagger case position from the DNA 2015 version and some pretty impressive functional features as the on the water clamps trim for the rudders rake plus an aero oriented platform, from winged front beam to the continued lines from back beam to crossbar combined with a super tight tramp.

All in all the F1 is a weapon in looks , design and performance. But one of the key aspects I've seen here live, is that the boat is easier to foil than previous Dnas, this proven with rookie owners and experienced ones coming from the 15 design.

In all its glory, we need to remark that the boat had some issues as reported above, and it has still an bottom insert failure/problem , which is costly to fix and you have to even remove a fiberglass addon bonded permanently to hull exit case on the bottom.

I wrote to DNA / HC on the matter, and they told me they are working on it. As always customer service is the ultimate solution , as all boats from any brand and class have issues, but is the way the vendor resolve those issues which actually defines the reputation in the long term.

DNA / HC keeps innovating , building and leading the A-Class development, we want them to continue that great path along providing top notch customer service to their valued clients who are spending +30k on brand new F1s.

I can tell you the boat worth it but keep an eye on post sale services. PJ and his partners are wise guys and will surely continue to improve their products and services in the same way
along World Champ Mischa Heemskerk , they have taken the A-Class to literally new heights.

Just watch Sergio Mehl's video above and judge for yourself the performance this boat can deliver.
Top notch video filmed & Edited by Francisco Vignale.

For more info and details of the F1 check

Below Vimeo version for cell phones:

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