Oct 31, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Day 1 by Matias Capizzano

+70 super shots by Matias Capizzano at his fb page. All excellent shots, how good to see these images from today, great visual report from Matías! Check the rest some real gems.

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Day 1

All images Matias Capizzano / www.capizzano.com - So proud seeing a Worlds at home with the fleet pushing the limits, mission accomplished!
3 races held today. First was cancelled first upwind. First that counted 6 knots , second increasing wind and changing direction from North to West and third with 16-17knots.

Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (Inf MKII) lead , followed by Federico Ferioli & Lucas Gonzalez Smith (INf MKII) and Matías Buhler-Sergio Mehl (Phantom) . 4th for Volker-Benitez (Phantom & 1,1,14 for the day) 5th Krevisky & Lopez Segura (Exploder)
Really close for the top 3. Check full results at f18worlds2016.org.ar/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/f18-WC-2016-Results3110-1829.htm
Super competitive racing, just review top 5.

For us it was, R1: top 5 first mark and a blown layline x 3 second upwind,29th.
R2: Powerful downwind final leg, 100mts to finish going 12th behind Ian , I called my crew in for a final gybe... wave dig & capsize! R3: 5th at the mark ahead Cruz, full power double trap, we raised spi and halyard got stuck with a bad placed trap from the capsize mess.
No excuses and plenty of speed, need to sign on paper those good moments and some planets to align!  Happy also to be sailing with my good friend and super crew Gonzalo Nieto.

Some breakages and capsized for several boats, including a mast down on a cable failure. All in all great to see the F18 Fleet racing the Worlds at our local waters, after the racing we had  a 'happy hour' courtesy Arg F18 Class with beers, pizza and empanadas.

More racing tomorrow. Later video of the day and more pics. Just came from the Club.

Oct 30, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Practice Race by Capizzano

In Argentina we are proud of hosting the 2016 F18 Worlds and having the Nacra 17 Gold Medal in Rio in the same year, but we are also very proud on having talented Professionals like Matías Capizzano. Some more pics at this Fb page , his web www.capizzano.com.

All sailors focused and good vibes all around, today we had the open ceremony and a coctel by the Club. Later or tomorrow some pics & video.
We will have Capizzano and some days of video and drones too.

Official Racing starts tomorrow Monday 12PM. Good SE conditions today and Light winds expected for tomorrow and strong offshore for Tuesday/Wednesday.

Official website for results tomorrow: f18worlds2016.org.ar
Fb of the Worlds by YCA: facebook.com/F18Worlds2016

Oct 29, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Measurement Day 2

More pics at Catsailingnews facebook page - Tomorrow more measurement and the Practice race.

Oct 28, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016: Measurement Day 1

Work time for F18 founding fathers Pierre-Charles Barraud & Olivier Bovyn. I arranged with them that many sails and boats were going to be measured first time, and today we have plenty , even some made by North Argentina to measure.
Great disposition and attitude by Pierre specially as beyond being founder of the Class with Olivier he is the Official Measurer.
A local team of measurers help him and Olivier and he had some intense work with excellent attitude and I saw him happy on how assistants were learning his special indications for the F18 sails.
Olivier meanwhile also organized racing aspect with super Pro local racing crew from the Yacht Club Argentino.

Atmosphere and climate is quite good in Buenos Aires for the weekend too, and we expect light wind on Monday followed by +20knots Tue/Wed.
Tomorrow more measurement of sails and boats , which will follow till Sunday included where we will have the practice race.

Worlds Cups are not only about sailing. Yesterday we took Mike Drummond and his wife Caz , along Mike's brother & crew Ian, to a traditional Argentine grill (Parrilla) . They tasted lots of local different meat asado 'cuts' as we say here and of course a first class Malbec and local deserts.
Having Mike coming here is a great honor, such a talented designer / sailor , several ACup winner and also AC hall of Fame racing F18s with us for me is a humbling experience and always a chance to continue learning from him.
We spoke a lot of many subjects on Arg & NZ , but of course he didn´t let go the Team Japan wing breakage (remember Mike was the main man behind Oracle's Trimaran Wing among other AC innovations) , watch the video again and take a look at 4 secs, to see what you can identify as the origin of the wing's implosion.

Great times and mood in Buenos Aires , Preparations for the Worlds will continue till Sunday , first racing signal is scheduled for Monday 12pm.

Grafham Cat Open 2016 by Jodie Bawden

All Images Jodie Bawden - Full gallery at her Fb page. Contact Jodie for your pic at www.jnbimages.co.uk

Oct 27, 2016

SoftBank Team Japan breaks Wing in 20-23knots of wind

The new upwind foiling mode is bringing additional challenges to the AC teams, these wings were super proven, till now. All crew is safe. Video & excerpt Soft Bank Team Japan: softbank-team-japan.americascup.com/en/news/296_LEARNING-FROM-THE-UPPER-LIMITS.html
...“We were pushing the boat hard today in 20-23 knots of wind”, said Skipper and CEO Dean Barker. “We were doing an upwind run with Oracle Team USA and heard a loud bang as the lower flap of the wing broke and blew off the back of the main element. Fortunately there was no injury to any of the crew and we managed to get the boat back to the dock and avoid any further damage.”

One of only a few testing days to date in this Cup cycle that have seen wind speeds at the top of the design threshold for these boats, the breakage creates a unique learning scenario for team’s designers as they fine-tune their heavy-air wing control systems for the next America’s Cup.

“Any issue like this is always good to happen now as opposed to next year”, continued Barker. “As we learn more about these boats and push them further up the wind range, the loads get increasingly higher. Understanding how hard we can push is a key part of being successful next year.”

Oct 26, 2016

HH 77/88 @Fort Lauderdale Boat Show , Nov 3-7, 2016

Sent by HH Catamarans , more info at hhcatamarans.com/hh77/  , below nice clip on the concept hand drawings.
"We are excited to announce HH Catamarans will be attending this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and we will have a model of the HH77/88 on display.
The event starts on November 3rd and ends on the 7th. Show exhibits range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts.

Paul Hakes and other members of the HH team will be available at the show and to discuss specifications, options, and to offer technical and operational advice for optimizing your HH Cat, whether it be for cruising, racing, or both!

Please contact us today at sales@hhcatamarans.com so that we can schedule some dedicated time with you during the show.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our quickly growing HH Catamaran family - the HH77/88. HH Catamarans are the only 100% all carbon, luxury catamaran on the market today. Our HH77/88 catamaran is ready to go into production and this design is all about customization. The hull can be build to sizes ranging from 77' to 88' according on the needs of our clients and everything from the dimensions of the boat to the interior layouts and finishes, can be tailored. The result is a truly unique vessel handcrafted to suit individual requirements and desires.

She will have good upwind speed, a generous sail area down wind, and will be built from carbon fiber, ensuring safety and strength. She'll cruise with ease at speeds of 25+ knots in most oceanic conditions. At sea she will provide a smooth and powerful ride and, once docked in the marina or anchored in the bay, she becomes a floating palace.