Sep 28, 2016

AC34 Cup @SF: Oracle Team USA Shore Crew

Good to see some production for a video lasting more than 1 min. Oracle has been publishing great tech 2 mins clip though. But so much stories behind the Americas Cup that is a pity not having deserved recognition, like Artemis shore crew work to put a new boat on the water after the accident , Oracle's own team was fundamental for Spithill , Ainslie and the rest of the sailing team final charge to retain the Cup.

F18 US Nats 2016: Robbie Daniel & Gary Chu Champs

Photo: US F18 / Jill Nickerson, not much shots available. - Robbie Daniel & Gary Chu (C2) were crowned past weekend as the 2016 US Champs. The Giuliano bros were second and Sam Carter who finished 3r overall with Luke Ramsey as helm, reports a light air event where their were the first Infusion, and the only team in the top 3 not carrying lead.

More info and reports at the F18 US Class web: /

30 boats fleet. Top ten below. Crew info not available. Full results at

Pos Sail   Skipper
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  Total
1   USA 225   Robbie Daniel   Gary Chu [13]   4   3   1   1   3   1   3   8   24  
2   USA 316   John Giuliano   Giuliano 5   7   [12]   6   10   1   2   2   1   34  
3   1601   Luke Ramsey   Sam Carter 7   3   1   3   [19]   5   6   4   6   35  
4   USA 7   Todd RICCARDI  
3   2   7   2   2   [ocs]   8   8   10   42  
5   1719   Sandra Tartaglino  
2   [19]   5   17   8   3/rdg   4   1   3   43  
6   USA 192   Ken Marshack  
4   9   10   7   4   2   3   [18]   7   46  
7   1720   Steve Stroebel  
1   5   8   5   5   7/rdg   7   [ocs]   13   51  
8   USA 11   Ben Moon  
9   6   2   15   3   13   5   [ocs]   5   58  
9   USA 317   Chris Tuckfield  
6   8   14   4   6   7   [ocs]   10   4   59  
10   1952   Anderson Brunsvold  
[19]   13   6   9   11   4   15   11   9   78  

F18 Worlds Buenos Aires 2016 pre events: BA Week

Taking the boat early today to Downtown BA, where the YCA is located, rib trip from San Isidro up North with two boats in each side. BA Week 2016 starts this weekend, with two weeks of racing, later Arg Nats and finally the Worlds in October 28.
I will race finally a lent infusion from my good friend Javi Poclava as I couldn´t complete my own Exploder, but we will have good crew like Agustín Krevisky & Billy Lopez Segura racing one.
Favorites are Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser and Esteban Blando & Nico Quagliotti.
Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez going for it too.
Matías Buhler will race with Sergio Mehl and will be another crew to watch.

Need to catch up a bit after some long time not sailing Fs. Local fleet is super focused with a full month of racing ahead.

Emirates Team New Zealand: AC45 Training

Short video but just check TNZ foiling tack... Last time at San Francisco Team New Zealand led development and even the Cup Final itself, we all thought it was a done deal for them. For Bermuda their tech will be upto par no doubt, but their sailing team might be the benchmark this time around with Burling at the helm and Ashby as skipper, along the rest of the squad.

Sep 26, 2016

RBSC Championships 2016 by Jasper van Steveren

Extreme Sailing Series @Madeira 2016: Alinghi 1st

All pics Lloyd Images /  ESS. Check video above of Alinghi losing its mast. Press release by Extreme Sailing Series below:
Swiss team Alinghi came back from a dismasting to win Act 6 of the Extreme Sailing Series™ in extraordinary circumstances on the waters of Portugal’s Madeira Islands.

A high-speed collision with Red Bull Sailing Team yesterday resulted in the 16.5-metre mast of Alinghi’s GC32 catamaran falling down. The damage, in the third race of the day, forced the veteran crew to retire from the remaining four races and threatened to keep them off the water for the final day of Act 6.

But thanks to the heroics of their shore team Alinghi were back in action when racing resumed today. The sailors then repaid their land-based teammates by sealing the Act 6 victory with wins in both races, which were held in light winds.

Red Bull Sailing Team claimed the runners up spot for the third time in six Acts as Madeira made its

Foiling Maserati MOD70

Photo: Guilain Grenier / / Maserati MOD70 Team - Gitana already went flying mode ( for the MOD70 and now Maserati Team follows suit. The IMOCA 60s have failed till now, but then again, having a foiler offshore monohull ...
MOD70s seem to be a perfect platform for next generation of ocean crossing records like Jules Verne. In the future and as discussed with Peyron and others here in CSN, we might see the Volvo being raced on a fleet of flying trimarans?
More info on the Maserati MOD70 project at

Sep 25, 2016

Diam24 One Design: USA Launch & Demo

I've been publishing on the Diam 24 OD French circuit for a while cause I think is a great platform to race with friends, monos have plenty of alternatives in that aspect. The Diam Tri looks plenty of fun. Check Diam 24 label for more pics of this great racing Mutlihull Class.

Press release and images sent by Diam 24 - More info on the US  launch & Demo at - US Call +1 401 662 7658
Dare to be different - the Diam24 One Design launches in the USA!
Representing a revolution in concept this new one design sport boat multihull is seducing its audiences across the world. Why?

Conceived carefully to correspond to the needs of the market - it is an exciting fun modern (strict) one design sport boat multihull that is affordable and technically accessible to a wide audience of both mono and multihull sailors through its innovative design and simplicity.

Well-constructed, the rigid, robust, low maintenance platform gives you the ability to experience high performance multihull thrills in complete safety. Why go slow..?!

The boat is everything you would expect, designed by the renowned Naval Architects VPLP in France; it assembles the best technological developments and innovations of the multihull world over the last 20 years. Elegant modern design, a two part sleeved Carbon mast, well thought out efficient systems, quality hardware, good sails, solid composite engineering and appropriate construction techniques, (carbon and epoxy where you need it), an electric motor and its delivered complete with all mandatory safety equipment to boot.

The boat is “ultra” easy to assemble and dissemble needing only 55 minutes from trailer to ready to launch. Its components are designed to be handled by 2 people without need for mechanical assistance or external infrastructure. It launches from a ramp or beach.

It’s no surprise it’s been selected by the Iconic Tour de France a la Voile for its new spectacular “stadium and coastal race” format and is powering forward into the 21st century – rupturing a 36 year run of mono hull participation.

But more than a product it’s a concept.
The product is supported by a class organisation and a simple set of easy to apply class rules.

The regatta schedule is developed around regional geographic pockets giving all sailors the opportunity to compete at their level be they amateurs or professionals. Carefully selected venues together with local, national and international (Tour De France) events cater to a wide range of regatta aspirations.

Stimulating participation and removing constraints to one design racing is achieved by offering turnkey regatta service packages for rental and rigging while innovative solutions like the “D Box” facilitate transport.

So whatever your reason – if it’s the Affordable price, beautiful lines, simplicity, performance, speed, pure thrills, inherent stability, accessibility to all skill levels, support network and regatta schedule or just the opportunity to day sail with your family - this is very attractive package.

Visit us at Annapolis Boat Show DOCK C - (special offers available)

Grab your opportunity - demos by appointment NOW available in the USA - call +1 401 662 7658

GC32 Racing Tour @Sotogrande 2016: Minoprio / Norauto 1st

Video sent by Icarus Sailing Media . All images Jesús Renedo / GC32 Racing Tour.  Full gallery here. -  5 former top F18 sailors on the podium at Sotogrande: Jarlegan, Vandame (Norauto) and Bontemps, Amiot & Joubert racing obaord Team Engie. Offical Press release below:
NORAUTO dominated the final day of competition in Spain to win the GC32 La Reserva de Sotogrande Cup. Racing in a light westerly Levante wind, Adam Minoprio’s desire to win the leeward position on the start line put NORAUTO in front in all three races, and he went on to win two of them.

Minoprio was pleased to have pushed the starts hard and made it work: “If you win the starts you put yourself in a good place to win the race. Today we wanted the pin end of the line which is pretty high risk. It either works if you get it right or it can go badly wrong if you’re late because the other boats will roll you. But we defended that position pretty hard, especially in the last race against ARMIN STROM.”

Where NORAUTO really dominated was in the strong breeze at the start of the regatta, taking the

Sep 24, 2016

GC32 Racing Tour @Sotogrande 2016: Day 3

GC32 Racing Tour @Sotogrande 2016: Day 2

Image: Jesús Renedo / GC32 Racing Tour - Video sent by Icarus Sailing Media. Event Official web
Owner/Drivers show the Pros how it's done
Lighter winds on day two of the GC32 La Reserva de Sotogrande Cup opened the door of opportunity, and the two owner/drivers in the fleet wasted no time in seizing their advantage.

It was an afternoon of soft southerly breeze blowing from the northern tip of Africa a few miles

Sep 20, 2016

Mitch Booth's BlackCat 50mts Superyacht updates

Sent by BlackCat SuperYachts. Updates on Mitch's 50mts Mega Cruising Cat project launched in April 2016: 
"BlackCat Superyachts is proud to announce an exclusive alliance with a selection of the industry’s leading suppliers in a move to reinforce the benchmark already established by BlackCat Superyachts in the large luxury cruising catamaran market.

Baltic Yachts is the world’s leading boatbuilding yard specialising in high performance carbon fibre yachts custom made to meet customers' needs in design, performance and technical innovation.

North Technology Group (a global industry leader that includes North Sails, Southern Spars and Future Fibers) are recognised as the world’s pioneers and leaders in sailmaking, rigging and spar construction and offers BlackCat a fully integrated, high-performance solution by using the North Design Suite, a powerful set of analytical tools that allow sail, rig and yacht designers to analyse loads and improve boat performance.

M2 Atelier, the international architecture and interior design studio, will provide the sleek styling and finishing details.

The BlackCat brand is strengthened substantially with this group of premium suppliers and together

Sep 18, 2016

A-Class North Americans 2016 @Sail Newport: Matt Struble Champ

All Images Rod Harris  / USACA . Full gallery at Rod Harris fb.  - Another North Americans for Matt Struble after his win last year. In 2015 Matt sailed a lent Exploder, grabbed as was and went learning to foil and winning the event, just like I might grab my car and go to the Club, easy stuff, no worries.. (?!)
For the 2016 NA edition Matt came little more prepared, 'little' if  can be said about building you own A-Cat platform. At Panama City the battle was against Bruce Mahoney (who didn´t participate this year) and at Sail Newport another sailor/builder like Lars Guck  put the pressure over the current top North American A-Class sailor.

In the end it was a 2nd consecutive title for Struble (Custom A). Guck (Melvin A3, own built) finished second and Bob Hodges (Exploder) in 3rd place.   Bora Gulari (Dna F1) was racing for the podium but a capsize and mast broken after turtle denied the Moth & Olympic sailor the chance to sail the whole event. Bailey White racing the new AD3 had some issues also an missed several races.

Check equipment details for top two boats in previous NA post:

For the Classics sub rankings Ken Marshack won over Rush Bird ,  both also in the top ten (6th & 10th) plus salig in the Great Grand master category, confirming the rule the great 'life racing span' the Class has along the floating boats racing no problem in a foiling fleet. Check Phil Muyzers win also at the first Belgian Nats held 2 weeks ago.

Check results below and report by Matt, including the discarded race which he won by 7 mins.
More info on the event go to US A-Class Assoc

Lets see if we can have Lars and Matt racing at Sopot with their custom and own built A-Cats, along Bora and the other top US sailors. Lars went to Punta Ala but his boat was stuck on the US container, nevertheless racing a lent boat he finished 12th overall.

Matt is also sailing Moths, and past week he participated in the Moth NAs and the Foiling week.
Like we did in  2015 NAs   I contacted Matt to know from his experience on the racing course and the Moth sailing also at the TFW.

Matt by now might be the fastest sailor in North America and right there at the top also globally, add to his titles the 2016 Ice Yachting North Americans.
2017 A-Class & Moth North Americans will be held at San Diego Yacht Club, more details soon.
A-Cat NAs 2016 & Foiling Week Report sent by Matt Struble:
Photo: Martina Orsini / The Foiling Week Newport 2016 --
Matt Struble: "Foiling Week / Moth NA’s was really interesting with the forums in the mornings and sailing in the afternoon.
 We raced around the buoys and a distance race on Saturday, with a run what you brung format. Around the bouys, Bora makes sailing a moth look like an art form, pretty impressive. I was using foils that Doug Halsey and I designed and built.

 This added a little more interest for me to see how my boat speed lined up with the best guys. In the Moth NA’s I finished second and was very happy with my result and what I had learned. The most interesting and exciting day was the distance race, where there was one start and you sailed what you brung. 17 mile race into the open ocean and then back up Narragansett Bay around an island and back to the New Port harbor.

 The wind was 5 - 12 knots and all over the place directionally. I led a fair bit of the race and was just passed near the finish by the Phantom and Nacra with the light shifty wind inside the harbor. The three boats finished about 3 seconds apart. Upwind the moth was king for angle and boat speed, down wind in under 10 knots the catamarans were faster with there spinnakers up. I never thought I would distance race my moth, but it was very fun.

The Moth NA’s ended Sunday and the A cat NA’s started Monday. No rest or tuning for my A cat program, I assembled the boat and went racing.

A-Cat North Americans
 After last years NA’s I began construction of the boat I sailed this year. I moved the daggerboards forward, incorporated a Glaser deck sweeper sail, and cleaned up the controls. Four days of racing, with three of them with winds 15-20 knots and one 5-12 knots.

All the top boats were there with DNA F1, latest Exploders, home built and good sailors. I had a good couple of days winning the first 5 races with good upwind speed and very good downwind angle and speed.

Upwind was really fun to experiment with foiling and managing control with the conditions. Downwind was extremely challenging with the sea state, wind speed, and boat speed. In these conditions it was very difficult to foil for long runs and was quite physical. Overall, I am very happy with how my new boat performed in all conditions.

The last day I sailed the first race that was later thrown out do to RC problems on the water. My boat was able to foil downwind when the others were floating and this was very satisfying for the entire project.
I won that race but  the SI’s said they could only race two races on the last day and the breeze was lighter finished a long way in front and was talking to the RC after my finish.  The RC confirmed they would only run one more race, so instead of waiting around, I sailed in.  Later I heard they would throw out the race, but I could use two throw outs anyway, so no problem.  In the lighter air, my boat was really fast.

 Overall a great year and can not wait for the 2017 NA’s in San Diego. San Diego will host the 2017 A cat and Moth NA’s in early October, so make your plans.

I would like to say thank you to the folks who have helped me out in the Moth / A cat fleet:
- Harken
- Glaser Sails
- North Sails
- Nissan
- Zhik sailing gear

Matt Struble.
A-Class North Americans 2016 - Top ten below, full results at

Pos Bow Sailor Sub Class Tot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 37 Matt Struble Foiling 9 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 (dns) (dns)
2 58 Lars Guck Foiling 11 2 2 (3) 2 2 1 1 1 (dns)
3 39 Bob Hodges Foiling 32 3 (8) 6 6 5 5 5 (12) 2
4 47 Matthew Keenan Foiling 41 14 5 7 5 4 3 3 (23.5 Tie) (26)
5 56 Andrew Gaynor Foiling 53 13 7 5 14 6 4 4 (18) (15)
6 10 Ken Marshack Classic 56 9 (12) 8 (11) 9 9 8 3 11
7 57 Andy Kolb Foiling 57 12 13 10 9 (14) 6 6 (15) 6
8 43 Luke Ramsay Foiling 62 11 10 (16) 12 7 8 7 8 5
9 44 Larry Woods Foiling 69 7 4 4 4 3 (dnf) (dns) 27 20
10 29 Rush Bird Classic 74 (dnf) (dns) 9 10 11 15 20 5 4