Jul 30, 2016

F18 Worlds Arg 2016: Low Entry fee period ends July 31st

Photo: Marcela Zapiola. Arg Nats 2011. Low entry fee ends tomorrow. For those who are looking forward to join the container Nacra is preparing,  which the IF18CA through its President Olivier Bovyn, is supporting economically on my request,  I advice to those same sailors to take advantage of the low entry fee alternative , as it doesn´t seems right the IF18CA putting money to support the container cost to those who are not willing to take the advantage of this fee discount.

Registration: www.f18worlds2016.org.ar/entry/register/
Direct link to pay entry: yca.org.ar/product/f18-worlds-2016/

Charters: No more charters available at the moment, I'm trying to get some more offerings, I might have an additional Infusion MKI but with MKII longboards to offer, for those interested contact me directly catsailingnews gmail.

- I also need a charter for St Barts or a local crew, let me know too,

Extreme Series 2016 @Hamburg: Day 3 Live

Source & results at extremesailingseries.com

Jul 26, 2016

Red Bull Foiling Generation 2016 Netherlands: Images by van Staveren

Groupama Team France: AC45 Turbo Sailing

All images published by Groupama Team France -

F18 Europeans 2016: "Best of" Clip by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride

Video sent by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride Videos. Manu and his team are specialists sport filmmakers and they have deliver some of the best material I published since 2008. I remember those days..,! but seriously back in 2005 when I searched the web for info on the F18s for my own project I could only find 5 ?  at the most of a Hobie Tiger.

Now in 2016 if  I'm proud of anything this web has ever achieved (if any) is encouraging media awareness and investment from the Catracing Classes, major events and later for the new projects. All with the final goal of promoting the sport.
Just search the web for cats images and 99% you'll get a picture published here of any project / class courtesy of the Pro Photographers work. We also set here the dedicated portfolio posts , which I see now other webs are publishing too.

Its a pleasure to watch this reel and the others Easy Ride has made for the F18, specially those from St Bart. Manu is also one of the first to shoot video and take out quality images from that same footage, a task not easy to achieve.

Check the F18 label below to watch Manu's clips from the Europeans plus the great stills also captured.

To contact Manu go to www.easyridevideos.com & www.facebook.com/easyridevideos

Jul 19, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 Argentina: Low Entry fee ends July 31st

First image: Watch scenes from our North, specifically Cafayate, Salta at wherethetrailends.com - Secong shot from our South/Patagonia: Glaciar, Perito Moreno.  Pre Worlds events & Argentina additional travel guides: catsailingnews.com/2016/03/f18-worlds-2016-pre-worlds-events.html
F18 2016 Worlds Early entry fee ends July 31st. Check additional data below.
Many scattered inquiries for charters US west & east, AUS, NZ , Europe  but we are sorry to confirm no more available  at the moment, last one I'm closing it for Mike Drummond.
(1 Tiger left  though)

Remember Gunnar Larsen setup a container from Nacra headquarters in NED, which is being supported now by the IF18CA with some funding.
Also remind another one can be gathered from Poland if more people interested from Europe.
If charters arise I will inform, Any inquiry you can contact me directly to f18argentina gmail com or catsailingnews gmail com.

Entry fee payment: yca.org.ar/product/f18-worlds-2016/
Official web: f18worlds2016.org.ar/
NOR f18worlds2016.org.ar/notice-of-race/
4. Fees
4.1 Entries received until 31st July 2016 will qualify for the early entry fee Euros 250.
4.2 Entries received from 1st August and not later than 14th October will qualify for the late entry fee Euros 350.
4.3 The Entry fee has to be paid via the entry form online.

5. Format
5.1 With more than 80 boats the competitors will be divided in two fleets and in that case the regatta will consist of a qualifying series and a final series.
5.2 With less than 80 boats the competitors will run all together in one fleet. There will be not a qualifying series.

6. Schedule

F16 Worlds 2016 @Knokke: No racing for Day 2

All images sent by Jasper van Staveren - Click for slideshow & HQ. Full gallery at web.facebook.com/f16worlds2016 - Jasper 's comments for the day:
 "‘After 3 attempts no race could be held on Tuesday. Wind shift of 90 degrees combined with the strong current (spring tide) made it impossible today. Tomorrow at least 4 races will be sailed in expected 3-4 bft conditions... showtime! :-)’"

 Current results after Day 1 : catsailingnews.com/2016/07/f16-worlds-2016-knokke-day-1.html

Jul 17, 2016

1M World Match Racing Tour 2016 Final: Q&A with James Wierzbowski

Photos: Ian Roman / WMRT - Official web  wmrt.com --  James Wierzbowski, one of the recent members of the Team that won the 1Million Dollar World Match Racing Tour Final, started his carrier sailing Hobie 16 later F16s & F18s, I remember him being featured here in many occasions, just put James Wierzbowski in the search box to the right and you will find plenty of results on the different classes he has been involved into.

I put emphasis in his sailing background as its clear you can build a career upon racing cats, of course the more classes you race the better, but as Catsailors we are glad major sailing event right are now being held in Multis, being the Americas Cup or the WMRT.

But we are also sometimes obligated to point some flaws in Multis, and the M32s tacking features is one o them. Analogy for a golfer is being obligated to score bogeys as best scores or a Tennis player having only one serve, but we all want to see Mickelson scoring birdies & eagles and aces for Federer or Novak.
Same for Match Racing, we want to see both teams nailing those tacks and pushing each other to the limit without restrictions, as Stenson & Mickelson (what a Match Play today..) did in the 3rd and 4th round of the Open.

Adding jibs to the M32 will only bring more fun, more tasks to the crews, so I don´t see any harm in adding it, all the contrary, also will give sailors a deserved tool to match their hardcore efforts put in those great Match Races, more if you are competing for a Million usd.

Watch the the great final again here with teams sending it hard and the M32s showing to be well suited to race in any condition.
Knowing James was involved in the winning team we got in touch for him to tell us how was experience such a great event, and to inspire other beachcat sailors to follow him.

Check their official Team fb page facebook.com/PhilRobertsonRacing/
- CSN: Past weekend you were part of the team who won the and historic 1M WMRT at Marstrand . Name the crew/positions and when the team was gathered ?
James Wierzbowski: We have sailed together with this team since the June Newport event. Before that it was Phil and I with various crew.
Phil Robertson NZ - Skipper
Stewart Dodson NZ - Traveller
James Wierzbowski AUS - Float
Will Tiller NZ - Mainshee

- You have experience sailing and racing beachcats, how was the transition to sail bigger cats?
JW: I’ve come from Hobie 16, Viper/ F18, N17 and 49er. The first big cat I sailed on was the AC45 for the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup. The transition was quite easy, the skills are the same. The hardest part was learning to deal with high loads and winches.
Will, Stewart and I all competed in the RBYAC and then the Extreme Sailing Series. Stewart is currently Trimmer for Red Bull and I am Bowman for Oman Air. Phil got his big cat time in some Americas Cup World Series and with Gazprom in the Extreme 40’s. I think we can attribute a lot of our success to this. Not only for the big cat experience but the tight boundary fleet racing experience is priceless.

- The M32s in the breeze look fast and with lots of pitch margin, which max speed you have achieved?
JW: Martsrand was the most breeze we have ever sailed with the M32. We were getting easy to Mid 20’s before we had to throw another gybe. They bear away is incredibly forgiving even in the big waves we had. We could sail in even more breeze with a bigger race course, but it was definitely close to the limit for the final race.

- How is the handling, I mentioned in the web before about the need for a jib for the M32s,

Foiling Week 2016: S9 Camp Report

Photo: Martina Orsini / Foiling Week 2016. - Report from the S9 Team, which was  present with 4 boats at the Foiling Week 2016 Edition held past week at Garda. Interesting comments on the S9 matching some powerful double handed foilers like the FP to the windward mark, will check more feedback on this.

Michele Petrucci's recreational foiler has become the standard and benchmark in that niche with some other similar boats  coming out to the market soon that copied his entire concept, and when any of us follow trends for our own projects is clearly that the guy being copied is leading the way, the cycle hopefully continues to the benefit of final customers and sailors , given you haven´t mold or substracted propietary info from the competition of course...

To me the S9 has the perfect size for this type of boat, and if they can make the thing race, well the better. In this aspect outside pure recreational flight and based on the S9 team comments a more powerful rig might be needed after what I saw at Punta Ala.
Below by leading the camp within the recreational market foilers
TFW 2016 - S9 team Report.
"Fraglia Vela, Malcesine, proved to be an excellent location for The Foiling Week 2016 with easy access to the sparkling waters of Garda lake for all the foilers both small and large.   The club house and facilities together with the organizational skills of TFW team proved to be a real winner with both the Stunt S9 team and everyone we spoke to.  Smiles on faces, is a real indicator of the success of an event and there was plenty of happy faces around.

This year Four Stunt S9s were rigged and ready for their first blast by midday on Thursday 7th July,

Kitefoil Gold Cup Italy 2016: Day 3

Image: Alexandre Baranescu - Press Release sent by Icarus Sailing Media
By Ian MacKinnon - KiteFoil GoldCup Italy Day Three
French Teenager Almost Flawless KiteFoil World Championships Opener

Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria — The young French rider Axel Mazella showed his class and growing pace at the KiteFoil GoldCup with a string of bullets on a day when all the top racers found themselves competing in the same fleet for the first time.

Mazella used his Taaroa Sword2 foil and F-one Diablo2 kite to clinical effect taking three wins from

Jul 16, 2016

F18 Cruising Finnish Archipelago

Olli Jarvas and his friends decided to take a cruising trip though the Finnish Archipelago sailing an F18 Hobie Tiger. F18s as the French always recall were made for Raids or Long distance. But this is no racing, but pure cruising joy.

Here in Arg for those new readers we designed & built a special 3mt wide Cruiser winged version based on our first F18 platform.
These were handed to cruise Patagonian coast thus were fitted with wings, jib & main roller furler, special inspection ports and else.

But if you are not making that kind of extreme cruising, the standard F18 platform is good enough to endure coastal cruising with due structural check ,sailing skills, survival kit, comms et all.

Finnish Archipelago cruising pics and links sent by Olli jarvas, read his detailed journey at positroni.fi/2016/matkapurjehdus/en.html

Olli Jarvas Logbook in short:
- The boat: Formula 18, two-person crew, 5.5m long racing catamaran.
- Journey: 155 nautical miles through fairways, 203 nautical miles (376km) total.
- Weather: 9% downwind, 70% upwind, 21% close hauled. Mostly sunny, some rain.
- Navigational hazards:On our route over 700 rocks and 150 shallow areas we had to consider when

KiteFoil GoldCup Italy: Day 2

All Images Kitefoil GoldCup Alexandre Baranescu / Icarus Sailing Media. Ckick images for slideshow & HQ - Nice to see  F18 sailor  & builder Luca Filippi's Banga Foil doing the work for youth (u21) Mario Calbucci on a 4th overall. Lucas will be also launching a new WS Foil soon.

Report and images sent by Icarus Sailing Media. Full results at kitefoilgoldcup.com/images/documents/2016_KFGC_Italy_Results.pdf
Former Title Holder Gruber Revels in Tricky Conditions at KiteFoil World Championships Opener

Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—Germany’s Florian Gruber shrugged off the mixed bag of weather that played havoc with the racing schedule at the KiteFoil GoldCup in Italy to snatch a flawless two victories from two races.

In a break-neck dash for the line in his day’s final race the former Formula kite world champion crashed spectacularly just as he crossed to see off rival, reigning International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) KiteFoil GoldCup title holder, Maxime Nocher (MON).

It was the second time of the day the invariably imperious Nocher had just lost out to Gruber, who feels he is finding his a winning grove on his prototype Flysurfer Sonic foil kites and Levitaz Aspect Bionic hydrofoil in the shifty and gusty conditions that mirror his home training spot.

Day two of the four-day competition, the first of a four-stop world tour, began with light on-shore breezes that built quickly to allow the three fleets out on the track off Gizzeria’s Hang Loose Beach on their biggest 15m and 18m kites.

But after three races, one for each fleet, racing was suspended with the approach of squalls that swirled around the Calabrian hills overlooking the venue. Racing recommenced when the showers cleared, with the on-off wind steading to between 20kts and 25kts.

It was not to last and the flukey winds forced organisers to call a halt to racing after just another three races. With a total of seven races for each fleet, the riders will now be seeded into “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” flights for the medals races of the concluding two days.

Stellar performances again were put in by Riccardo Leccese (ITA) and Axel Mazella (FRA). Each scored bullets in two races in their respective fleets, adding to their perfect tally from day one and leaving them joint top in the standings.

Despite Nocher coming of second best to Gruber, the Monegasque rider lies in third place overall and is well positioned to find a new gear on his clearly fast F-One Diablo foil kites and Taaroa Sword2 hydrofoil.

Gruber’s sheer pace and tactical nous around the two laps of the windward-leeward, in winds that varied during the day from 8kts to 25kts, propelled him up the leaderboard to sixth spot.

“Up until the end of last year I was still on both the course board and the foil,” said Gruber. “Now it’s just foil and I really love it. The equipment is really important. I’m lucky that both Flysurfer and Levitaz are just a couple of hours’ drive from home, so I can easily discuss technical changes with them.”

Gruber’s strong showing left him just adrift of Mario Calbucci (ITA) and Olly Bridge (GBR) who again both had good days in their fleets, leaving them fourth and fifth respectively overall. Like all riders they will start the medals races with a points deficit of two times their position from the qualifying series.

Poland’s Balzej Ozog also put in a good shift on his Moses Vorace foil and Flysurfer Sonic kites after a shaky start to the day, eventually taking a second in his day’s final race that pushed him up the standings to tenth spot.

“In the first race I made a mistake at the downwind gate,” he said. “I was trying to catch to many guys and crashed. My fault. But I like these difficult conditions. The harder it gets with wind shifts and big waves, the better I get. Then it’s more about the rider than the equipment.”

Among the women, who are racing among the men, one of the surprises in that multiple world champion Steph Bridge (GBR) failed to make it to the “silver” fleet, where Jade O’Connor (IRL), Alexia Fancelli (FRA) and reigning Formula kite world champion Elena Kalinina (RUS) will occupy slots as they sit neck-and-neck in the standings.

Overall standings after seven qualifying series races (one discard).

1 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/MikesLab) - 6 pts
1 Axel Mazella (ESP, Elf/KFA) - 6 pts
3 Maxime Nocher (MON, F-One/Taaroa) - 8 pts
4 Mario Calbucci (ITA, Elf/Banga) - 13 pts
5 Oliver Bridge (GBR, Elf/Levitaz) - 13 pts

1 Jade O'Connor (IRL, Elf/Banga) - 76 pts
2 Alexia Fancelli (FRA, Airush/Taaroa) - 76 pts
3 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Moses) - 78 pts
4 Steph Bridge (GBR, North/Levitaz/Volvo) 83pts

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